ER s04e19 Episode Script

Shades of Gray

ER Previously on ER Gamma, if that is all you think of me, then you can keep your money.
As you wish, John.
Cancer's back.
Your bone marrow failed to match the last two potential donors.
I don't want any more chemo.
- Gather all the charts and the tape.
- The tape? We often tape laparoscopic procedures.
Don't pull so hard with the Babcock.
You'll tear the gastric artery.
- I'm not pulling.
- Oh, son of a bitch! - He's lost too much blood.
Let's open.
- We're losing him.
Doctor, it's been three minutes.
He's dying.
Move! "Shades Of Gray" Cubs fan, huh? - Please don't touch that.
- Right.
I'm sorry.
Before I make any decisions about your loan application I have to clarify a few points.
Yeah? You only included one tax return, as a surgical resident with an annual salary of $28,000? Yeah.
Before taxes.
We'll need your other returns from previous years.
There aren't any.
Before that, I was a med student.
No summer jobs? Well, I - crewed in the Whitbread in 1990.
- Where was that? Capetown.
Capsized between Sydney and Auckland.
It's a yacht race.
And you earned? A few thousand.
But after living expenses I spent more than I made.
You're a Resident in emergency medicine now.
Is that correct? Yeah.
When I shifted from surgery, I agreed to do so without pay.
But I'm gonna ask for a paycheck next year, for sure.
I would hope so.
What about this trust fund? The holdings are in my grandfather's name and I am no longer drawing funds from it.
Would he be willing to cosign for your loan? I want my application to be judged on its own merits.
- On its own merits, I must reject it.
- Why? Either talk to your grandfather or acquaint yourself with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
- Peter? - Dr.
I looked over your report for the Morbidity and Mortality Conference.
It was quite evenhanded.
Well, I just charted what happened.
Sometimes these things can become so "he said, she said.
" - There's no need for that.
- No, no.
Lizzie and I did an aortobifemoral bypass in 2 hours, 20 minutes.
Well, that's wonderful, Robert.
Is M and M still on, or can I buy Lizzie a five-egg omelet? It's still on.
Looks like you're not out of the hot seat yet.
Will Anspaugh be there? No.
He requested that I messenger the meeting notes over to his house.
Is the funeral today? - Yeah.
- I sent flowers from the department.
Well, looks like a cruller and a Coke is all we have time for.
My treat! Mark? I'm going to a surgical M and M.
Can you cover for an hour? Sure, what's going on? It's the Swanson laparoscopy.
Peter's case.
It's actually Dr.
Have fun.
I'll hold down the fort.
I thought you said - he's the best.
- He is! He rolled my med school loan into a Sallie Mae, Fannie Mae, Ellie Mae, whatever.
All I know is I don't have to eat meals out of a can anymore.
- Did you catch that Sox game? - Missed it.
Center fielder, pop fly, catching a few z's.
Pay up! I'm short right now.
Can I get you? Sure.
I know you're good for it.
My aunt made a killing selling Tupperware.
- Tupperware? - Those little plastic storage things- - I know what Tupperware is.
- How about Amway? - You're really enjoying this.
- Yeah, a little.
- Heads up, doctors! - Carter, you're up.
This day gets better and better, doesn't it? Grabarsky, who do you got? Mike Lembreaux.
Doesn't know when to say when.
Fell over a curb.
A curb? Maybe we should have those removed.
His wrist looks pretty bad.
Well, from the smell of things, we can skip the pain medication.
Let's check out that wrist, Mr.
I wanted to eulogize him somehow, but I I never felt comfortable in his mother's church.
So austere.
No pomp and ceremony, just silent judgment.
I thought the silence was for contemplation.
It's just Well, you can imagine how her Quaker parents felt when she brought home a West Point man.
Well, you ended up getting married.
The hawk and the dove.
Long time ago.
Scotty wanted you to have the stuff in this box.
Green Day.
I'm surprised he didn't burn a hole through this one.
- What? - Soap Opera Digest.
I knew he was getting those future plots from somewhere.
The most important aspect of M and M is not to linger on our missteps but to analyze every case as a teaching tool.
Thank you.
- Gonna need a reduction.
- An open reduction.
- Internal fixation in the O.
- Not so fast.
You're not in surgery.
I got my real ones knocked out in Joliet.
He can't breathe! He can't breathe! - I'm showing him something.
- Keep breathing on the nebulizer.
- Leave this kid alone.
- Get him out of here.
- Put your teeth back in your mouth.
- I can talk to anybody! Take deep breaths.
Don't tell me what to do.
Leave me alone! Guys, get the soft restraints! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Stop it! Leave me alone! Please help him! You'll be fine.
He's cyanotic! I'm gonna intubate him.
- Check his right wrist.
- I'm intubating.
- Get me 40 of ketamine.
- Forty of ketamine What are you doing bringing a psycho in here? - I didn't realize.
- This boy is a critical asthma patient.
Nobody cares about Pedes.
- I'm really sorry.
- Here we go.
Give me suction.
Morgenstern's attempt to control the hemorrhage by incision was futile.
Bleeding obscured the operative field, but we were controlling it.
- It was difficult.
- What did you do next? Called for additional suction.
Then you decided to change course and open the chest.
Who made that incision? I did.
Morgenstern allowed you to crack the chest? - Not exactly- - I didn't feel it- Gentlemen, one at a time.
Benton? I took over the surgery.
What do you mean, "take over"? In the heat of the moment, Dr.
Benton became agitated.
Benton? I pushed him aside.
What was your justification for such an action? The man was bleeding out.
The midline incision was adequate.
It was the varices.
He needed to be cracked immediately.
And that justifies committing battery? The man was dying.
Would you have stood there? I would have assisted the Attending.
After three minutes of arterial bleeding cross-clamping the aorta was the only alternative.
No, Peter.
I don't think it was.
No, it was the only alternative! Gentlemen, it's best to adjourn and convene a resident review at 12:30 to discuss it.
I agree.
Morgenstern? Yes.
I think that would be for the best.
What do we have here? A 28-year-old woman, 18 weeks pregnant, found unconscious.
- GCS 11, multiple lacs, vitals stable.
- Let's go! The Chicago Reproductive Center was bombed.
The abortion clinic? They also do prenatal care.
They're still pulling people from the rubble.
Blowing up clinics.
Bastards! - How many we got? - No idea.
It's chaos down there.
We got a 17-year-old, second trimester.
Chest pain, shortness of breath.
BP's real low, 80/50.
Pulse 120.
Resps 24.
You're gonna be okay.
You're at a hospital.
- Donny? - I'm right here.
- Her name? - Zoe Kearney.
A wall fell on her.
- How far along is she? - Six months.
Clear Trauma 1! We can't release patient information over the phone.
The hospital has no official comment at this time.
It's the Trib.
They want to know if any abortion docs died.
They're "gynecologists.
" We don't have any information.
A vanload of protesters with minor injuries came in.
Triage them.
We're swamped with criticals.
Something's wrong with my ears.
No one is helping me.
We're really busy, but someone will get to you as soon as they can.
Please! I've been in a bombing.
I know.
We'll get you a room as soon as we can.
Have somebody look at that.
- What? - Your head.
Thirty-two French.
- Urine dip's negative.
- Blood gas? PO289.
PH 7.
29 on 10 liters.
Borderline, but okay.
Resps down to 27.
Fetal heart rate 140.
No contractions.
Mom's 110/60.
- Where's my boyfriend? - He's outside.
Is he okay? - He's fine.
- Still want the blood? Hang a unit of red cells.
Get her to CT.
- Come on, let's go.
Got it? - Yeah.
Send her blood to Radiology.
- Where's she going? - Taking her to CT.
- What's on the scope? - Sinus tach at 120.
- Let OB know where we're going! - I'm right behind you, okay? Was she in for an abortion or prenatal care? She's 18, 19 weeks.
Kind of late for an AB, don't you think? We've got fetal heart tones, 145.
CBC, type and cross for four units, and cath a urine.
Pulse ox 98.
BP 90/70.
Good cap refill.
Also get a chest.
Shield her abdomen and let's prep her for a pelvic.
I've got her chart.
Brianna Thomas, - In for a suction extraction.
- An abortion? Looks like they didn't finish.
BP's dropped, 80/50.
Pulse 110.
She's hemorrhaging.
Complete the AB.
Grab a gyn tray.
Grab a tray! We need to evacuate the uterus.
- Now, doctor.
- I can't.
Speculum! Betadine! Set suction on high, and get me a size 14 cannula.
Let's go! - Second liter's in.
- Hang a third and repeat a crit.
Anna? Can I speak to you for a moment? Sure.
- Kerry, you want some coffee? - No, thanks.
What happened in that trauma today? - I'm sorry.
I froze.
- That can't happen.
I couldn't complete the abortion.
- Why not? - I don't know.
The fetus was so far along and- What about Brianna Thomas? Your patient was hemorrhaging.
I don't know.
I didn't ex- The baby had a chance, you know? There are patients and procedures that we might find distasteful- Distasteful? Come on, Kerry, I'm not squeamish.
It just felt wrong.
We can't allow our feelings to dictate our standard of care.
- I don't.
- But you did.
Your moral objection to abortion- I don't have a moral objection! Well, something happened in there today.
I'm his son, Burke.
He lives with me.
How long has he been wetting the bed? Maybe two days.
He smelled pretty bad.
- He's had urine infections before.
- Right.
Temp's 102, and he looks dehydrated.
We try to get him to eat or drink, but he won't.
Let's start a line of normal saline.
Give him a 500 cc bolus.
CBC, Chem-20, blood cultures times two, urine CNS.
You got it.
I don't think that's necessary.
Before, they just gave him antibiotics.
We need to do a full evaluation.
- If you're worried about being sued- - It's nothing to do with being sued.
You'll poke him and prod him and then thousands of dollars later, you'll give him antibiotics.
Go have a seat while we work on your dad.
Unbe-friggin-lievable! Grab a blood gas kit and show Mr.
Newton to Chairs.
I can show myself.
He's a charmer.
When's the last time anyone bathed this guy? From the looks of these bedsores, about the same time they turned him.
So much for "honor thy father.
" I don't understand your argument.
The decision has been made.
Benton allowed his emotions to get a little out of hand.
Otherwise, he's a good resident.
Who committed battery.
Peter's a good surgeon.
But you can't let this stand.
Like you said, Dr.
Weaver, the decision's been made.
Unless you have a problem with it? No.
Debra, would you ask Dr.
Benton to come in, please? Dr.
Benton, we have reviewed Dr.
Swanson's chart and the autopsy.
I thought the autopsy was inconclusive due to the state of the body.
Regardless, this committee feels the matter warrants further investigation.
I don't know what to say.
Everything I saw and did is in this report.
Chart aside, you pushed an Attending.
You're out of the rotation pending a formal inquiry.
You're suspending me? Until Dr.
Anspaugh returns and there's a full investigation.
When can I return to my job? We don't know yet.
- And this is effective? - Immediately.
She threw three PVCs, unifocal, no R on T.
Should I give her lidocaine? Three? No.
Let's observe.
Her chest tube stopped draining.
Resps are a little high at 26.
Zoe, we looked at your CT.
There's no evidence of organ damage.
We still want to admit you for observation.
- For how long? - We're not sure.
It's kind of hard to breathe.
- Pulse ox always 94? - No.
It's down.
I'm fine.
What about the baby? You have fetal heart tones, which means that the baby is alive.
As for kicking, you tell me.
- We should name him Lucky, huh? - "Her.
" - I have a feeling.
- Do you want to see him or her? - We're gonna do an ultrasound.
- Yeah, cool.
Zoe, what's wrong? - BP's down to 60 palp.
- Are you in pain? - Pulse ox 90! - She's bradying down! Let's go! Hang on.
Step back! Pulse is 40.
You gotta give us room to work here.
Oh, no! No! - Pulmonary embolus? - Probably.
- Repeat a gas,.
5 atropine.
- Damn! All right.
Start CPR.
This one is almost to the bone.
I've seen all I need to see.
I'll put this paperwork through.
Hopefully, we'll get him into an extended care facility.
- I'd appreciate it.
- I just need you to sign this.
I'll run it down to the courthouse.
Thank you for taking care of this so quickly.
I'd say it was my pleasure, but see how people treat their own parents? Yeah.
Carter, what gives? I've been sitting here forever.
Your father exhibited textbook signs of neglect.
- That's crazy.
- He hasn't been bathed for weeks.
He's covered in feces.
He's got bedsores to the bone.
I've recommended that he be placed in an adult-care facility.
You don't have any say.
I have power of attorney.
The hospital has claimed temporary guardianship.
Really? Who'll pay? I handle the Medicare.
His Medicare payments will be transferred to the facility he's in.
Expect to hear from my lawyer.
Look forward to it.
It feels like there's something in there.
With all that glass flying after the explosion I didn't want to take a chance.
No, you did the right thing.
It's so sad.
These extremists blowing up buildings with people inside.
It's pretty stupid if the idea is to save lives, huh? Exactly.
I marched with Dr.
King in the '60s.
I thought the world would learn something from him.
Would you put your chin up here for me, please? Must be hard on you as a doctor, and of course a young woman to know that for every life you save, they're taking one away in that clinic.
I don't think about it like that.
I don't think a lot of people do.
It's like that old poem about the Nazis.
You know.
First they came for the Jews then for whoever, and when they came to take me- Doctors who perform abortions aren't Nazis.
Of course not.
But if you sit around while they're taking the children, who's next? All right.
I see something in there.
I knew I wasn't crazy.
Hold real still for me.
I got it.
You're all set.
If you have any discomfort, you can take some ibuprofen.
Use these drops four times a day.
Come back tomorrow for a re-check.
Thank you.
This is some information on our group.
We hold strategy meetings every Wednesday.
- The address is on- - No, thanks.
Oh, can't forget this.
STOP ABORTIONIST GENOCIDE Hey, Miss Martinez! You forgot this.
- I thought we felt the same.
- No, we don't.
You're not a peaceful protester.
That sign is a call to arms.
The bomber saw it, or one like it.
It's reality.
If it upsets you, then it's done its job.
The only job it's done is to encourage violence.
And, yes, that upsets me.
She was okay before.
She was fine.
She was talking.
She had a clot in her lung.
It deprived her brain of oxygen.
There's no way to predict it would happen.
Are you sure? We're gonna do an EEG and a brain scan to confirm it.
So she's in a coma? It's like a coma, yeah.
People come out of comas.
Not when the brain has been deprived of oxygen as long as Zoe's has, no.
What about the baby? The baby appears to be fine.
Can you save her? Probably.
I think so, yeah.
And it's a girl? Yes.
You hear that, Zoe? You were right.
It's a girl.
- Wanted to talk to you before I left.
- Aren't you on till 7? - No.
I've been suspended.
- You're not serious? - Yeah, well, I wish I wasn't.
- We need help here, now! I'll call you later, okay? What have we got? She's my trainee.
She got crushed underneath some unstable debris.
- We took care of all the traumas.
- People were trapped underneath.
BP 60 palp.
Pulse 150 and thready.
IV's infiltrated, poor cap refill.
- Dr.
Corday? - Oh, my God! Allison! - Clear Trauma 1! EBL on scene? - Half a liter.
Hope you didn't mess up my beautiful graft.
- We need X-ray in here now.
- Blood bank on their way.
A 48-year-old custodian.
Multiple lacs to the chest and back.
BP's 70/30.
Pulse thready at 144.
Sir, are you with us? - Peter? - I'm on my way home.
- Very funny.
- I'm not joking.
I've been suspended.
Not by me you haven't.
I need you! All right.
Let's get 6 shooters O-neg.
Call the trauma team, we're on our way.
All right, let's roll him.
Open pneumothorax.
Let's tube him.
Damn it.
We got a pumper! - No pulse! - All right.
Start CPR.
We need to crack him.
Thoracotomy tray.
- Cricoid pressure? - Here's your 10 blade.
A 7.
5 ET tube.
Let's go.
- Suction.
- There it is.
Dramatic aortic dissection and rupture.
I'm in! Hyperventilate him.
Can you get the Satinsky in? No.
I'm sticking my finger in.
Don't let go.
You stopped the bleeding.
- I'm holding CPR.
Carotid pulse? - Faint.
Pump in more O-neg.
Get him upstairs.
Malik, you stay with us.
Keep bagging him.
Let's go, people! Go, go, go! Alert the bypass team.
You set the pace.
We're following you.
Watch that IV.
Call the O.
, tell them we're coming! Dr.
Benton, I thought you understood- Not now.
He's tamponing an aortic tear.
- Don't jostle the gurney.
- Carry on.
All right, hit five.
- We need four units O-neg.
- What's up, Lizzie? Decreased breath, hyper-resonant, hemopneumo.
I got the chest tube.
Can we give her morphine? - Check the BP first.
- It hurts! You've got rib fractures.
Try not to talk.
Where have I heard that before? Thora-Seal's filling.
We need an abdominal CT.
She's unstable.
Do a peritoneal lavage.
Type and cross for eight.
Pulse ox is down, 90.
Here's the O-neg.
You want me to do it? No.
You do it.
Hey Hi.
I'm sorry to wake you up.
I was just resting my eyes.
I brought you juice and a sandwich.
I figured you'd be hungry.
You feeling okay? Fine, considering.
Were you my doctor? No.
That was Dr.
Two docs, no waiting, huh? My boyfriend brought my clothes.
I'll give you your bed back.
- Are you feeling well enough to go? - Like I said, I'm fine.
I'd just rather be at home.
If you don't mind, I'm gonna get changed.
Doctor? Hi, Mr.
How are you feeling? I'm tired.
That's from the dehydration.
Malnutrition, mostly.
Where Where's Where's Burke? He left.
He deals with the paperwork.
Your son is no longer your guardian.
For the time being, I am.
Why? What? The elder abuse unit is filing paperwork to put you into a home.
But I have a home.
You have some very serious medical problems resulting from what we believe is very serious neglect.
I'm 86 years old.
I've slept in the same bed for 70 years now.
I'm just trying to help you.
I want to die in my own bed.
You're not sterile.
Go scrub.
I'm not letting go.
Get 10 units packed cells.
Let's move.
Okay, people, on my count.
One, two, three.
Move this gurney.
Mark, help me roll him.
Open the instrument tray.
- No one's gloved and gowned.
- Just do it.
Get gloves, gowns, masks and caps in here now.
- Okay, 10 blade.
- Get him a mask.
Tonsil sucker.
All right.
I'm gonna mobilize the aorta.
Metz! - Let's move, let's move.
Come on.
- What's going on? Peter's got his hand on this man's aorta.
Potts' clamp.
I'll do a revised clamp-and-run.
Got a second Potts? Stand by.
Got it.
Take your finger out now.
- Set up the Bovie.
- Pulse is stronger.
Okay, let's go for a BP.
Here we go.
Suction, please.
Somebody Hoover that.
Systolic's up to 80.
Okay, we can take over now.
Bovie, please.
A 30, please.
Keep them coming.
Retractor and Bovie.
Four-by-four and a sponge stick, please.
Cut that.
Good, good, good.
A 30, keep them coming.
It's looking very good, very good.
- Oh, sweet Jesus! - There's gotta be another test.
- My angel, sweetheart.
- What's he doing here? - He was with her during the bombing.
- I bet he was.
- We were getting a checkup.
- You killed my daughter.
Proud of yourself? If she'd stayed with you, she would've killed herself.
Calm down.
He needs to get the hell out of my daughter's room.
I love her.
You guys treated her like crap.
We're calling an OB consult.
Come with me.
Give them some time alone.
All right? Come on.
Here we go.
Come on.
She's been in asystole for 20 minutes.
- Another 7 of epi.
- You already had 10.
- We got a response.
- Two beats is not a response.
- Start an epinephrine drip.
- And a heart transplant too? Stop being such a prick.
Get me two units of packed cells! - Dr.
Weaver? - Yes.
I wanted to say thanks for all you did.
The abortion and all.
You're welcome.
It's the most memorable one I ever got.
- You've had others? - A few.
I thought Earl would want this baby.
Like he'd get serious about us, but he hit the roof.
Our clinic can advise you on family planning.
Earl doesn't like that stuff.
Pills make me fat.
There are preferable forms of birth control than abortion.
Why are you being such a bitch? Because you're being irresponsible.
More likely, it's because you don't get any yourself.
It's a very difficult decision.
Neither of which will bring Zoe back.
It's true.
But if the decision is to keep the baby you have two options: The first is we perform an emergency C-section.
We deliver a very premature baby, and we take Zoe off the respirator.
The baby would have to go in an incubator, right? That's right.
Probably months of intensive care.
What's the other option? The other option is that we keep Zoe on life support until we can deliver the baby full-term.
And what do you recommend? I recommend the later delivery.
You're suggesting that our daughter be made into a human incubator.
Even though she has no chance of recovery.
It's the baby's best chance.
I don't want to see Zoe left lying there like some kind of vessel.
She wanted this baby more than anything in the world.
You have no say in this matter.
I'm the baby's father.
I'm Zoe's father, and you and she are minors.
The decision is mine and her mother's.
They can't do this, can they? I'm sorry it took us so long to get to you.
I understand.
I was just really freaked out.
It's not every day the room you're in explodes.
You're all set.
Keep it elevated and dry, and come back in two days for a re-check.
- Okay? - Yeah.
You left your insurance form blank.
I left my card at home.
- Can you call someone to get it? - No, I'll pay cash.
That's not necessary.
Your insurance will cover this.
No, I know.
I just don't want my husband to know I was at the clinic.
I thought I was too old for this kind of thing to happen.
Then I started to puke up corn flakes every morning.
Now I have to find a new clinic.
Preferably one that is not ticking.
- You haven't had the abortion? - No.
And if my husband finds out, he just won't have the heart.
Our youngest daughter's in college.
He put all four kids through college.
He worked five years past his retirement to be able to pay for it.
I've never kept anything from him, but- What if you told him what you told me? I can't.
I'd love to but I can't.
Anyway, what do I owe you? Don't worry.
Bring your card tomorrow.
I could leave a license or something as collateral.
- It's all right.
I trust you.
- Thanks.
If anybody asks you can get a laceration like that from a dog bite.
Have you seen Corday? She's still in O.
3 with Beaumont.
Okay, thanks.
She made it, huh? What's wrong? You okay? Yeah.
It was scary.
You can put them back together, but you can't keep them that way.
Scotty always had such great school spirit.
I think I can speak for the whole team when I say we're really going to miss him.
I was gonna sing a hymn.
But as I'm sitting here, thinking of Scott there's a song that he loved.
And it'll always remind me of him.
Zadro, I fancy seeing you on the surgical floor.
I wanted to tell you, we appreciate what you did for Allison.
She's a fighter.
With a damn good guardian angel.
Lizzie I want to apologize for when I spoke during the Beaumont surgery.
I know that she means a lot to you.
I just hope you forgive me.
Of course.
It's been a crazy day for all of us.
I get off in about an hour.
Do you want to get a drink? Decompress? Look, I'm knackered.
Any other day.
Okay? I understand.
If you change your mind, you have my number.
Yes, I do.
David? I forgot what this place was all about.
The teamwork.
The well-oiled machine.
What? I've let this situation get completely out of hand.
I told myself the varices were too friable.
That my field was obscured.
That I was protecting Dr.
Swanson's dignity.
I wasn't.
I was covering my own ass.
Look, if you make a mistake, that's all that it is.
It's more than that.
What are you watching? What am I not watching? That's the question.
This is the tape of Swanson's laparoscopy.
Where did you get it? I took it right after the surgery.
I've been too chicken to look at it.
I guess I thought we could avoid a confrontation.
A resident can take a note in his file, right? Peter's got so much less to lose than- I can toss this right now.
No one would be the wiser.
You wouldn't have called me if that's what you were going to do.
Jeanie? I wondered where you'd gotten to.
I'm just sitting in here.
It's very peaceful.
Yes, it is.
When Scotty was going through the worst of it I went into his room.
Found his journal.
I know I shouldn't have looked at it but I wanted to understand him the way you and his mother seemed to.
He loved you very much.
He said, "Jeanie just gets it.
I don't have to explain anything to her, because she already knows.
" That's very sweet.
He told me what he wanted to be when he grew up.
Some kind of rock 'n' roll star, probably.
He wanted to join the Army.
He did? I paged OB.
They'll send somebody to discuss your options.
We've decided to keep the baby and wait until it's closer to term.
Good, I'm glad.
Donny will be glad too.
This is no longer any of Donny's business.
Give it a little more time.
I've contacted our attorney.
My wife and I are filing for sole custody.
Is this to teach Donny a lesson? Nothing could teach him what he deserves.
I've seen parents twice his age who weren't responsible enough to seek care.
Responsible? Getting a 16-year-old girl pregnant.
Forcing her to leave home.
Drop out of school- - Please, Miles.
- No.
- The doctor thinks he's an expert.
- No, it's just- It's just what's best for the child.
We let Donny into our lives once and he took our daughter away.
He's not gonna take our granddaughter.
- I don't want to go.
- Everything will be fine.
This is for the best.
I'm not sure it is.
You filed a legal report.
You can't rescind that.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
If you won't listen to me, listen to him.
Someone being abused can't always determine the best course of action.
This isn't a hypothetical.
This is an adult human being who's deciding to go home.
Your report said he was non compos mentis.
He was severely dehydrated.
Once we ran fluids in him, he's become lucid.
Newton, I know you're scared.
But I'm scared about what's going to happen to you if you're not cared for.
I'm fine.
Carter, call Burke.
He'll explain.
Don't force me to get the police involved and press charges against your son and daughter-in-law.
Can she do that? - Please don't let her do that.
- I'm sorry.
Don't let her do that! - I'm sorry! - I want to go home! Kerry.
What happened today, it threw me.
It's been on my mind.
- I wanted to talk to you about it.
- Same here.
I should have explained myself better instead of flying off the handle.
- You were right.
- No, just let me explain.
I did some overseas work in Africa where abortion is illegal.
And I saw 15-year-old girls in septic shock from botched procedures.
And there was nothing we could do.
I've made it a priority to be the best doctor I can be and to support all my patients' choices.
If you had asked me when I got up this morning I would've said the same thing.
But in this case, she was so far along.
What if another Brianna Thomas comes in? I'd love to be able to tell you that if the same case came in tomorrow I'd do the procedure without a second thought, but I don't know.
Peter, I'm glad I caught you.
I was on my way to your apartment.
I'm sorry about that surgery, but I already had my hand in there.
No, you did the right thing.
You were thinking on your feet.
That's not what I want to talk about.
I wanted to let you know that one of my last two acts as Chief of Surgery is to rescind your suspension.
What do you mean? That's Swanson's laparoscopy in full living color.
The mistake wasn't yours.
I cut the gastric artery.
My last act as chief will be to resign.
- It was just one incident.
- No.
When I saw you in that trauma today, the passion that you exhibited it's been years since I felt that.
It might have something to do with my heart attack.
The pressure of feeling that I just don't belong here anymore.
What do you mean? You're a great surgeon.
You taught me everything I know.
I was a great surgeon.
But what happened what I allowed to happen it just proves that I'm not a very great man.
That's what I gotta work on.
- You smell that? - What's that? The smell of spring.
All green, and full of possibility.
Ramen Delight.
You feeling suicidal? No, I'm just poor.
John Truman Carter, poor? It's a long story.
I've had a bit of a long week.
I overdid it with a patient.
Thought I was doing what was best.
Better to overdo it and be wrong, than not do anything at all.
I'll tell you what.
Dump that liquid sodium and I'll buy you a burger and a beer.
- I don't know.
- Come on.
It's not an option.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Jeanie.
Is it still raining? It's not so bad.
It's kind of nice, actually.
Peter? I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Come on in.
I'll turn the music down.
- Let me take that.
- Oh Here, look, you're soaking wet.
Cheap umbrella.
What possessed you to come out in these elements? My day, my week, my life.
I heard about Morgenstern.
I'm really sorry.
I lost my mentor today.
And the hospital they lost a great surgeon.
You can be so close to somebody and then they're gone.
And you've never even told them that you- You know, how What you- I'm sorry, I'm babbling.
I'm not making sense.