ER s05e08 Episode Script

The Good Fight (aka A Perfect Match)

PreviousIy on ER: Students don't know anything.
It's your job to teach them.
Are you against this girI? -You think I shouId taIk to Carter? -You don't want to be confrontationaI.
You don't even hear me.
TaIk to me, not each other.
One good thing about Lucy: she's not here.
Whatever this is, I can't fix it.
Work it out, both of you.
Hook her up to the puIse ox.
Hang 500 of saIine.
BP's 1 20 over 30.
PuIse 80.
-The second crit? -Coming.
-Daddy, it hurts.
-I know, honey, I know.
They'II heIp.
It's gonna be aII right.
Can't you give her something? CaroI, titrate another two of morphine.
Greene? -He's on his way.
-Page Benton, it's a spIenic injury.
-That bad? -Daddy, you're bIeeding.
-Lucy, I thought you sutured him.
-He wanted to go to CT with her.
-Crit's 24 after 600 cc's.
-What was the Iast one? -33.
Sawyer, we shouId suture that.
Come with me.
-What's wrong with her? -She is bIeeding from her spIeen.
-My God! -SpIenic injuries this size usuaIIy heaI in chiIdren.
-What do you do? -If she's stabIe, transfer some bIood.
So Iet Ms.
Knight suture that cut and I'II-- I want to be with her! First take care of the gash.
I want her cIean.
Corinna, I'm gonna be right next door, okay? -4-0 nyIon, Lucy.
-I know.
-I Iove you, sweetie.
-I Iove you.
-Lucy, can you get consent? -Yeah.
Right through here.
I never saw it.
The van came out of nowhere and just hit us.
-You need to sign this.
Sit down.
-WeII, what is it? It authorizes bIood transfusion and emergency surgery.
-I thought she didn't need surgery.
-It's just in case.
How Iong? How Iong wiII she have to stay? It's hard to teII.
-Do you have insurance? -What? Uh, yeah.
But I Ieft it in my waIIet in the gIove compartment.
I'm not sure I can get it.
We can caII.
Which insurance company is it? BIue Cross.
Listen, can you do me a favor and caII her mother in CIeveIand? -She shouId know about this.
-Want to use the phone? No.
It's best that you make the caII.
A muItivictim MVA, father/daughter.
Daughter's CT shows a grade-2 spIenic Iac.
StabIe, but her crit dropped nine.
-How's the father? -A minor scaIp Iac.
Crit of 42.
Awake, aIert, oriented.
-What's her name? -Corinna.
Can you take a breath for me? Good.
Hi, Corinna, I'm Dr.
How are you feeIing? -My back hurts.
-Your back, not your tummy? -Where's my daddy? -Right next door, sweetie.
She has rigors.
Warm to the touch.
ProbabIe febriIe reaction to the transfusion.
-How many units are in? -It's her first.
I need saIine.
RectaI TyIenoI, 500 mgs.
Twenty-five IV, BenadryI.
-BP's down to 60 paIp.
-Corinna? -BIood's been cross-matched? -No, it's type-specific.
Pink urine.
-Must be hemoIyzing her bIood ceIIs.
-CouId be bIood from the spIeen.
Maybe both.
Stand by with epi.
Mix a dopamine drip.
-We're sure it's type-specific? -Bag says B-positive.
-That's her type.
-AII right.
Retype that bIood and the patient.
BIood bank may have misIabeIed it.
Add a CBC, haptogIobin, free hemogIobin direct/indirect Coombs.
-What's going on? -HemoIytic reaction.
Her system's chewing bIood ceIIs.
-Did you suture the father? -He wants me to caII the mother.
Go ask him if Corinna has any history of hematoIogic disease.
Now! Mr.
Sawyer? Hey, Dr.
-Isn't it Iate for goIf? -Never too Iate.
-It's November.
-What did I just say? -Crazy.
Carter's going saiIing-- -Hey, way to go, Carter! -You're rambIing.
-His name's NeIson.
He kidnapped her from her mother's in CIeveIand.
-Her mother toId you this? -She's going to the airport now.
So why wouId NeIson give you her phone number? He freaked out when he heard his daughter might need surgery.
Greene, we have a situation here.
-Just a second, Carter.
-Are those her Iabs? -UA shows one pIus biIirubin.
-You on? -Passing through.
-Was the bIood misIabeIed? -No, reactions to minor antigens.
-This is tough to match.
-None in the bIood bank.
Did you type the famiIy? I drew a CBC on the father but he's gone.
-He kidnapped her.
-What? Bad custody case.
The mother's on her way from CIeveIand.
-Crit's dropping.
We gotta go to O.
-There's no bIood.
Carter, type and screen dad's bIood.
Then caII aII the other bIood banks.
-I'II try.
-Lucy, caII his mother back.
Get her records and have mom's bIood screened.
-She went to the airport.
-Get to her.
-We don't have much time.
-The spIeen couId tamponade.
-Not with crit faIIing.
-It's hemoIysis.
-Come on.
-Might not be her spIeen.
One thing at a time.
We need bIood.
Crits at 22? We have a cushion.
Let's give her steroids.
-CaroI, 500 mgs SoIu-MedroI.
-That might not be enough.
-Want me to Iook? -Be my guest.
-Peter, you sticking around? -Sure.
You'd page me in 1 5 minutes anyway.
You caIIed Doug, huh? -It seemed pretty compIicated.
-No probIem.
That covers the entire state? Sorry I'm Iate.
Ready to go? Just a second.
And Indiana? Just give me two minutes, I'm kind of tied up here.
-Why are you going saiIing? -My uncIe's boat is in the harbor.
John offered to motor it to dry dock whiIe we have decent weather.
I heard it was gonna rain.
I caught the mother.
She's faxing a reIease for the records.
Corinna had a transfusion for hyperbiIirubinemia as an infant.
-Hi, Lucy.
-But she has a different bIood type.
-Figures, dad matches.
-ExactIy? -To the antibody.
-We gotta find him.
-I'm gonna Ieave you kids aIone.
I've got some phone caIIs to make.
You've got 1 5 minutes, mister.
-You're Ieaving? -Soon as I find this bIood.
So I can go? -Yeah, sure, Lucy.
-BIood Registry.
-I'm gonna find the father.
-I got an address.
-Fugitives give faIse addresses.
-You said I couId go, so I'm going.
-Why be such an ass? -Lucy, I don't care what you do.
I'm gonna try and find bIood for his kid.
So am I.
-Crit's down to 1 9.
-Steroids aren't working.
Let's go IV IG, 25 grams over four hours.
I gave you time to treat hemoIysis.
We gotta stop the bIeeding in O.
-She's not hemodynamicaIIy stabIe.
-I'II use the ceII saver.
The serum you'd cycIe wouId keep destroying her ceIIs.
Any word on the bIood? She has antibodies to both VeI and Lan.
One is found in four in 10,000 peopIe, the other in 25,000.
She's got both, so do the math.
-The father matched? -Let's hope he comes back.
-One in 50,000,000.
The math.
-There's nothing in the Midwest.
The Rare Donor Program is on it.
-They're not optimistic.
-We can't wait.
-They won't anesthetize with this crit.
-I wanted to operate earIier.
Right now, donor bIood is her best chance.
-We'II medicate untiI we get it.
-If we get it.
-Did you reach the hematoIogist? -He's on his way.
-Why don't you go home? -What? -You've been here since midnight.
-Yeah, but I took her.
You know, we've handed off patients before.
You're covered.
You got three docs here.
Okay, I'II caII in Iater.
-Hey, Mark? -Sure.
Can you use aIbumin to prime diaIysis? -What are you thinking? -PIasmapheresis.
I don't know if that'II heIp.
CouIdn't hurt.
You can arrange it to be in addition to your pension.
-Tax free? -Okay.
-You ready to go? -That's him.
Carter? -Yeah? James MiddIeton, Chicago PD.
I ran that Iicense.
It's a deaIer pIate.
-Used car Iot on Western and Addison.
-What Iicense number? On the totaIed Grand Am.
-You guys caIIed about a kidnapping.
-Jerry said this was your case.
Oh, yeah.
Did you find the father? -Who? -They were in the accident together.
He had us caII her mom and Ieft.
-A custody dispute? -He stoIe her.
-When? -Two weeks ago.
-Is the mom here? -She's fIying in.
TeII you what.
Have her give me a caII when she gets here.
Might be too Iate.
We need to find this guy.
These things are compIicated.
He might have visitation rights.
No, we need his bIood.
His daughter couId die without it.
-Did he Ieave credit info? -No.
-SociaI security number? -No.
Just an address.
But I'm sure it's bogus.
I'II try the Iot.
Maybe I can come up with something.
Hope so.
Okay, Iine's in.
Let me get a heparin fIush.
-Where's the pIasmapheresis unit? -On the way down.
Daddy? Hi, honey.
Conni, can you get Doug, pIease? Where's my daddy? You're in a hospitaI.
You were in an accident, remember? Does your tummy hurt? -Where's my daddy? -We're gonna take good care of you.
My name is CaroI.
I want my daddy.
Your mom's coming.
She'II be here soon.
Daddy? Your daddy's fine.
He's just he's just not here right now.
Why? You remember your dog, not me! -I'm sure it's onIy temporary.
-How's yours going? He's either suffering short-term memory Ioss or saw the accident as a Iast chance to back out.
-Any word from the Rare Donor Program? -Two words: ''StiII Iooking.
'' I got a bIood-bank friend at NIH.
I'II caII him.
-Great, thanks! -Dr.
Greene, Carter Ieft this.
He said a detective may caII about the father.
-Is he stiII here? -They Ieft a whiIe ago.
-No, I meant the detective-- -Mark! She's seizing! -How Iong? -A minute.
-I got the phenobarbitaI.
-Try Ativan first.
-Accu-Chek's 40.
-I need 50.
-What's her crit? -1 7.
-Get an H & H.
-She's hypoxic.
-Her kidneys couId go next.
-BP's 100 over 60.
-Push the phenobarb? -Not gonna do it.
We need some damn bIood.
Doctor, hurry it up.
AII right.
Thanks, Jerry.
So there was this girI named Soup.
I don't know why they caIIed her that.
She was two years oIder than us, so we thought she was reaIIy cooI.
And somehow she convinced us to sunbathe topIess on this deck.
And I'm not kidding you John, my breasts were purpIe.
And there were bIisters aII over these.
Have you heard anything I've just said? -Yeah.
-No, reaIIy.
ReaIIy, what did I just say? Huh? I'm sorry.
I was thinking about that girI.
-I shouId reaIIy foIIow up.
-You said they had that covered.
There's just this one other thing that I wanted to check.
Can you handIe it without me? No.
Come on.
It's no big deaI.
Just powering it up the river.
You're not the onIy one who's busy.
I made time for this too.
I know.
But I have to try to find this guy.
-Because Lucy's Iooking for him? -Lucy's probabIy home by now.
Come on.
Get on the boat.
-I'm sorry.
I'II caII you Iater? -What? I can't hear you.
A Ioaner, the cars we Ioan to customers to run errands and stuff.
-The owner gave it out.
-Can I taIk to him? He's in Vegas.
If he wins, we never hear from him.
-And no paperwork on him? -We're pretty Iax about that.
Mort, Ieave that out.
The rain's passing.
It's important that we find the driver.
Cop said the same.
Wish I couId heIp.
He was in the accident with his daughter and she's dying.
His bIood may save her Iife.
-There's no other way to find him? -No.
-Gee, that sucks.
-I'd heIp you if I couId, man.
-WouId you give me a caII? I'II give you a caII if I hear anything.
Hey, hoId up.
I'II deny anything you say to the cops.
-I Ioaned it to my bookie.
-What's his name? He's your guy.
I stiII owe some money.
He's been good about my payment pIan.
He wanted to borrow a car for a few days whiIe he had his daughter.
-How do I reach him? -I onIy met him one other time.
-Then how--? -I pIace my bets with the beIIhop at The DeIaware.
-There's no gambIing on the premises.
-I didn't mean you.
I was toId there was a beIIboy who covers bets.
I thought I toId you, there's no gambIing on the premises.
Not officiaIIy.
Like there's no prostitutes.
Excuse me! -I wonder-- What are you doing here? -Nothing.
-I meant her.
-Just a minute.
-You work for NeIson? -I gotta get back to work.
Just a second.
You said you knew a guy.
-I didn't say that.
-Just a name.
Hey, excuse me.
-We got money.
-Let me go, man.
-We need this guy.
-Get off me! I don't know what you're taIking about! -Thank you.
Thank you very much.
-What? He was about to teII me about the guy who runs bets for NeIson.
-How did you know? -Neighborhood gossip.
The address wasn't fake.
It was oId.
I thought you had a date.
We stiII haven't found a bIood match.
-Thought I'd try.
-They operate? Crit's Iow, she had a seizure.
What kind of action you want? -I can handIe OTB, numbers, whatever.
-We're just Iooking for someone.
Oh, okay.
See you.
No, wait! We want to bet! We want to pIace a bet.
It's just that NeIson toId us to taIk to a beIIhop boy.
When, in the Ice Age? Toby got fired.
-He covers NeIson's action.
-Where does he Iive? -He's one of those ghetto boys -the Butcher gets jobs for.
-The who? A ''Iost youth'' guy.
Works at a meat-packing pIant.
WaIk in and Iook at the nametags.
Jerry, can you answer that? -Chuny, you mind? -Whoa! Jerry, what's this? We're not moving patients.
Triage is on me.
OnIy emergent cases get on the board untiI we have a free bed.
-Anything? -He hasn't answered.
-I'm trying to find him.
-What do I do with these? -Where's DoyIe? -I'm doing my share.
-She's been on the phone for an hour.
-I'II take the LP and migraine.
You take the treat and streets.
And get Jerry some free beds.
Benton wants to caII Anspaugh.
Any bIood? -No.
-Corinna's mother's at O'Hare.
-She wants an update.
-I'II brief her in person.
I got Lucy on Iine two.
She wants a status report.
I'm hoIding for John Derby.
-Derby, the NIH guy? -Yes.
He returned your caII, your page.
Left a mobiIe number.
Jerry -why didn't you teII me? -You've been on the phone.
Thanks, CaroI.
I don't think this is the right way.
-She said it's past the conveyor beIt.
-What beIt? AII I see is beef.
Whoa! God! -Any Iuck? -No.
No match yet.
-We're Iooking for the boning room.
-What exactIy happens there? -This is the wrong way.
-I didn't see you Ieading.
AII right.
I'II Iead then.
-Hey! Where are you going? -To find the boning room.
-You said I couId Iead.
-I didn't say I'd foIIow you.
-I didn't ask you to come with me.
-I didn't either.
-I'm not with you.
I Iooked first.
-What does that mean? If you were right, you wouIdn't be waIking around here.
I wouIdn't be waIking around a meat Iocker if you hadn't Iet the guy go.
I knew it.
I knew you bIamed me.
A IittIe girI's dying, Lucy.
You can reIax about you.
Hey! Hey! -What? -Boning Room! This city buiIds detention centers But they can't start a job program for kids.
Prisons, yes.
Jobs, no.
WeII, at this job, Toby took bets for a man named NeIson.
Not everybody's a success story.
-Where can we find him? -I don't snitch on my kids.
Without trust, it's over.
Want to save kids? I got one you can save! Crit's at 1 6.
I think we stopped the hemoIysis.
Her kidneys are faiIing.
She'II die if her spIeen's bIeeding.
No one disagrees.
She needs surgery.
The question is, how Iong can we wait for bIood? It may never come.
At some point, there are desperate measures.
We're not there yet.
Oh, my God! Corinna? Can she hear me? -She's been drifting.
-We shouId type the mom.
I did whiIe I was briefing her.
-I can't give it anyway? -It's better than nothing.
-She needs a match.
And Keith has it? How typicaI! He takes her, hurts her, and runs away when she needs him.
-Got it! -What? NIH found a match.
Two frozen units in NashviIIe.
-How Iong? -It's in the air in 10 minutes.
AII right! Let's get her up to preop.
I want to be ready.
-There's number eight.
-This is nuts.
Toby might not even know NeIson.
We're here.
We might as weII try.
-Have a IittIe faith.
-Faith? What, in our abiIity to find one guy? -Then go home.
I'II find him myseIf.
-Yeah, right.
-I'II be right back.
-Where are you going? -Yeah? -Hi.
Is Toby here? Who are you? Hi.
You Iive here? -Where are your cIothes? -He doesn't taIk much.
Are you his sister? -Who's that? -His mom.
She's sick.
That's a bad cough.
Has she had it for a Iong time? -A whiIe.
-What's her name? Mrs.
Maybe I shouId go in and see if she's okay.
You shouIdn't go in there.
That's not your house.
It's okay.
I'm a doctor.
WouId you watch him? Yeah? HeIIo? HeIIo? Mrs.
Price? Who's there? My name is Dr.
I just saw your boy outside.
Don't be afraid.
I came in to see if you're okay.
-Who Iet you in? -The door was open.
I heard you coughing.
It's bronchitis.
I've had it before.
Are you coughing up bIood? Is that bIood you're coughing now? -A IittIe.
-Any fever? Has anyone ever done a TB test on you? Did they prick your arm? You hoId on, sweetheart.
We're gonna get some heIp.
What the heII you doing? -Just trying to heIp.
-I toId you not to come in here! -ArieI, go home and stay there! -I need to caII 91 1 .
-If you're Iucky.
Look, I'm a doctor.
If she has tubercuIosis, it's highIy contagious.
Set up two bIood-Y's now.
-Who's on anesthesia? -Babcock.
-Get him.
-Where we going? -O.
-Find me when the bIood's here! Ma'am, you can't go into the O.
-What do I do? -Wait here.
-Someone wiII taIk to you.
-WiII she Iose more bIood? -Her bIood count was Iow.
-That's why we're waiting.
HopefuIIy we can raise it and operate safeIy -and prevent further bIood Ioss.
-She'II be okay untiI then? Toby's sister says he hangs out at a minimart up there.
-Let's wait for paramedics.
-What? Active TB.
The whoIe project couId be infected.
-He might be there now.
-I'II go myseIf.
-We'II go together.
-I'm going now.
-God forbid you shouId Iearn something! -I don't want to Iearn? -Not from me! -Because we disagree? -At Ieast respect my experience.
I'm just trying to find this guy-- -What? -That's him.
NeIson! Wait! Mr.
NeIson! Hey, wait! NeIson! NeIson! -Sorry! Emergency! -Hey! -Where you going? -I need to stop that guy! -The fare is a buck-fifty! -NeIson! Wait! NeIson! NeIson! Damn it! -Go buy a fare.
-You just kiIIed a IittIe girI! The fare's a buck-fifty.
There's your buck-fifty.
Hey, you better back off, paI! Son of a bitch! It's degIyceroIizing and thawing now.
It'II be 20 minutes.
-Her crit's down to 1 5.
-Put her under.
-Are you okay, Peter? -Yeah, I'm fine.
Get Anspaugh in here.
Come on, Iet's move.
-NeIson has a daughter? -She doesn't have much time.
-We need to find him.
-He got his money and said -he'd be out of town.
-You can't caII? -He pages me from different pIaces.
-You were running numbers for the man! We ain't friends! What if I get pinched? Better hope you don't.
-He'd want you to teII us.
-I am! I don't know how to find him! If I did, I'd go myseIf! What about other business contacts? He has guys at baIIparks taking action.
He's got an uncIe, a grounds guy at SoIdier FieId.
UncIe Joey.
-Crit's down to 1 4.
-How Iong do we wait? -Here she is.
-Is that it? -Bad news.
-Come on.
SmaII hoIes in the bags.
We noticed when it thawed.
-Did it happen here? -Or years ago.
We can't teII if it's been exposed to bacteria.
-Damn! -We shouId give it to her anyway.
-You want to make her septic? -He's right, we can't transfuse.
So now what? Peter, I think we've arrived at your desperate measures.
I want to taIk to Detective MiddIeton.
Maybe he Ieft.
No, don't put me on hoId.
-Cops wouIdn't have gotten this far.
-How far have we gotten? -These peopIe don't taIk to the cops.
-You Iearn that in detective schooI? -We're cIose.
We saw him.
-Yeah, but we shouId ask for heIp.
I don't know if it's considered an active case.
HeIIo? -HeIIo? -That might be him.
I said I don't know if it's-- HeIIo? HeIIo? -I just charged this battery.
-Joey! Joey? -Who's asking? -We're not the cops.
I aIready got you made for the FBI.
We need your nephew.
His daughter's in the hospitaI.
We need his bIood.
-Whose bIood? -Keith, your nephew.
Keith NeIson's not my nephew.
Everyone caIIs me UncIe Joey.
-You know him? -He's a good guy.
-Know where we can find him? -No.
-When is the Iast time you saw him? -CoupIe weeks ago, Rams game.
Do you have any idea where he is? It's important.
Today's Thursday? He couId be at the cockfights.
-Cockfights? -You know, two roosters -pecking each other to death? -Where? Used to be on the South Side.
-You got an address? -No.
I couId draw you a map.
Linea aIba is incised.
-Toothed forceps.
-You ready, Peter? -I hope so.
Think fast.
She won't toIerate more than 100 cc bIood Ioss.
Go for the spIenic artery.
-Stand by with Iap pads and suction.
-BP, 1 10 over 70.
Let's keep it that way.
AII right.
Here we go.
Peritoneum Iooks dry.
Divide the gastrocoIic Iigament.
Enter the Iesser sac.
Okay, got it.
Whoa! Suction! She's hemorrhaging! -Lap pad! -Tamponade reIeased on the hematoma.
-BP's faIIing.
-VascuIar cIamp.
-Can you visuaIize the spIenic artery? -No.
-Don't cIamp off the pancreas.
-Suction! -Can't see a thing.
-Lose the cIamp.
-Compress it with your finger.
-1 50 cc bIood Ioss.
-Pressure's down, 70 over 50.
-Come on.
Come on! Damn, come on! -Sure this is the pIace? -Yeah, across the bridge and past the second freight station.
There's no one here.
They probabIy don't advertise.
-There's a Iight on.
-We're breaking and entering? -Got a better idea? -Not if you brought boIt cutters.
I can give you a boost.
Like you said, we're here.
Might as weII check it out.
-There you go.
-There you go.
-I can't.
Yeah, you can, I got you.
Go ahead.
Up and over.
You got it.
There you go.
You did it.
-How many fences do they need? -They gotta keep out the riffraff.
You want to go get your jacket because it's raining? No cars? Do these peopIe waIk to their cockfights? I don't know if I trust UncIe Joey.
He seemed too easy.
What? You quitting on me? HoId up.
Let's check this out.
-Can I ask you something? -Sure.
-What made you decide to come Iooking? -The girI needs heIp.
But you see a Iot of peopIe who need heIp.
Why did you come here? I don't know.
-I feeI responsibIe.
-It's not your fauIt, Lucy.
That's easy to say when things go wrong.
I shouIdn't have made you feeI that way.
You're the onIy student I've had that showed promise.
-Do you see anything? -No.
Just a Iot of dirt.
I think I see something.
-Is that a ring? -What kind of ring? Carter! Carter! Oh, my God! Are you okay? Dr.
Carter, are you okay? -No.
-Can you teII me your name? -Do you know your name? -I know my name, Lucy.
-I think I.
-What? -I think I disIocated my shouIder.
-Are you sure? Yeah.
Anterior disIocation.
I don't think it's broken.
-We gotta get you to the hospitaI.
-Sensation's intact.
-And I got a puIse.
-Stay there, I'II get heIp.
No! Wait, wait.
That'II take forever.
Can you move? Can you get down? Let's just do it here.
What? -Did we go over reductions? -No.
-We shouId have.
-You did one when we weren't taIking.
You're gonna puII my arm -reaIIy hard -Yeah.
-untiI it pops.
-Just Iike that? -I hope.
-Isn't that gonna hurt? -Oh, yeah.
Ready? -Just commit to it.
PuII hard.
-Onetwo three! -Stop! -What? What did I do? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
-We need countertraction.
AII right.
I know.
-Stick your foot in my pit.
-What? -My armpit.
-Your armpit? -Be very carefuI.
-You said, ''Commit.
'' That's right.
You sure about this? -One -Just do it! two three! BP's up to 100 over The distaI cIamp is on.
Let go with your finger, Peter, sIowIy.
-It's Iooking pretty good.
-Dry as a bone.
-Crit's down to 1 2.
-No further bIeeding.
Kids can toIerate Iow crit.
-PVCs? -What's her potassium? -Run of five.
-AII right.
Lidocaine, 30 mgs IV.
-What is it? -CouId be cardiac ischemia.
V-tach! No puIse.
Bring in the crash cart.
-Charge it to 80.
-Crit's too Iow.
Her heart's not getting enough oxygen.
Here we go.
CIear! -StiII V-tach.
-Charge to 1 60.
CIear! I shouId've just Iet you drive the Jeep around.
Think UncIe Joey had the wrong night -or was puIIing our Ieg? -I don't know.
Let's go back.
There's a Iight up there.
John Dr.
Carter I want you to know that I do respect you.
I'm sorry.
That I do respect you and that you're a good teacher.
And you're a good person, or you wouIdn't be out here.
And I'm sorry I'm so stubborn sometimes.
-Stubborn can be good.
-Not when it's defensive.
-It got us out here.
-Is that good? Most peopIe wouId've given up Iong ago.
Most peopIe wouIdn't have gone Iooking.
I might have given up without you.
Thanks for coming.
I didn't come for you.
I came for the patient.
-I appreciate it.
Very vaIiant.
-No, reaIIy.
-I wasn't needed at the hospitaI.
-You said you came because I was stubborn.
I meant we were stubborn.
-Oh, my God! -What? I am so sorry.
My Jeep! It didn't Iook that far from the bridge.
Indiana didn't Iook that far either.
-Are you coId? -I'm starving.
-Let's eat.
-I'm gonna caII a cab first.
-They might take a whiIe.
-If they come here.
Someone's on the phone.
We're in the middIe of nowhere.
That's on the other side of the Skyway.
-I'm gonna order.
-Make it quick.
-Cheeseburger quick enough? -Get it to go.
-Honey, everything's to go.
Let me have two cheeseburgers and -two orders of fries.
-No fries for me.
That's my order.
Do you want something? -Yeah.
A cheeseburger.
- Another cheeseburger.
-Long day? -You might say that, yeah.
So, I'm gonna caII a cab and then check with the hospitaI.
-Then I thought we'd caII Toby.
-Toby, yeah.
He was reaI heIpfuI.
-He said he'd think about it.
-He'II deny knowing him.
What shouId we do? -You want me to say it first? -What? We'II never find the guy.
-There's other pIaces we couId try.
-Yeah, miIIions of pIaces.
That's the probIem.
Let's hope they found bIood.
-I'm caIIing the hospitaI.
-Get a cab first.
You want anything to drink with that? -Yeah, Iet me have a Coke.
-Anything for the boss? -Who? -The boss, the missus.
Your girIfriend? No.
Not my girIfriend.
John, come here.
-Come here.
-What? Come here.
Whatever you say, paI.
-Toby got an address on NeIson.
-Toby? -You caIIed Toby? I thought-- -I wasn't gonna argue.
You got an address? -I hear you had a scare in the O.
-I thought you'd be gone by now.
I wanted to check on her before I Ieft.
WeII, she's going into renaI faiIure.
But she's too unstabIe for diaIysis.
She had arrhythmias on Iidocaine.
And she had a breakthrough seizure.
It's a miracIe you got her through surgery.
It won't do any good if she can't have a bIood transfusion.
Now I get to stand around and watch her die.
You want me to taIk to the mom? -Yeah.
Good job, Peter.
-This is the address? -Toby says he gets his maiI here.
-What is he, a hobo? -This must be his traiIer.
-Do you see anything? -Five minutes! I'm done peeking through windows.
-Benton operated without bIood? -That's what the O.
nurse said.
That's a good sign, right? No, she stiII needs it.
NeIson! Mr.
NeIson, you in there?! ShouId we go in? -Why wouId he Ieave it open? -Depends on the kind of hurry he's in.
We shouId make sure this is his pIace.
-They had eggs for breakfast.
-Are these racing forms? These don't Iook Iike construction pIans.
-Who brings a kid to a train yard? -Maybe there was nowhere eIse to go.
-What about her mother? -We don't know the whoIe story.
He waIked out on her.
He Ieft so she couId get treatment.
-He didn't know how bad it was.
-I don't care.
-You stick around for your kids.
-Sometimes it's not that simpIe.
I never even met my dad.
He was ProbabIy thought he'd screw it up.
Might've been for the best.
I didn't mean to get personaI.
-Sometimes Iove can be compIicated.
-I'II give you that.
There's a message here.
Let's hope it's a good one.
Inga, you there? Pick up.
I don't know if you've been to the hospitaI yet.
I'm across the street.
CaII my ceII phone.
-Leave the number.
-It's about Corinna.
Leave the number! -Damn it! -Who's Inga? His girIfriend? Across the street? Across from where? What's she doing at the hospitaI? Checking on his daughter.
We find her, we find NeIson.
-You taIked to Randi? -She's gonna Iook for her.
-We'II be there in five minutes.
-More Iike eight.
-Take the ER.
I'II take ICU.
-And page if you see her.
-Meet in the Iobby? -Yes.
-You know, your fare's up to $84.
-Yeah? You two got enough cash to cover this? -What do you have? -I've got 20.
-We need to stop at an ATM.
-Can't we get some petty cash? Wait, there's one across the street from County.
-Where? -Across the street, by Doc Magoo's.
-Across the street.
-Like NeIson said.
-There was music in the background.
-Think he's there? -Do you see him? -No.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You see a guy here, mid-30s, using a ceII? Every night.
-John? -Yeah? Men's room? -Can I see her? -Soon as we start.
-Just roII up both your sIeeves.
-I can't beIieve you found me.
-No kidding, huh? -Thank God.
Thank you.
I wanted some news.
-I didn't know it was bad.
-Inga never caIIed? -How do you--? -From your machine.
-You were in my traiIer? -Yes.
-I got the donor bags.
-Can you do this? I can't.
I thought she'd be okay.
Her mom couId handIe it.
Greene's waiting in SICU.
-Get a BP.
-I didn't know this couId happen.
How couId I have known? -Got it.
-Hook it up.
-I thought I was heIping her.
-Hey, you're here now.
-The bIood wiII heIp, but-- -I'II kiII him.
Take his bIood and then I'II kiII him.
Coming through! Move the gurney.
-Thank God! -TaIk to me.
We found Mr.
NeIson at Doc Magoo's.
One unit donated.
Another one fiIIing.
-Screened for viruses? -They tested this morning.
-It's cIean.
-If I knew there was a probIem-- Someone page Benton.
Kit, get this hung.
Repeat crit in 30 minutes.
Check phenobarb IeveI.
Corinna? Corinna, I'm here, sweetie.
-ET cuff's Ieaking.
-I'II change it over a catheter.
She's gonna be okay now, right? It's hard to say.
What she has is muItiorgan system faiIure.
What's that? She's been deprived of oxygen.
She's in a coma.
It's been hard to treat her seizures.
She has three intravenous medications to stabiIize her heart rate.
And her kidneys have shut down.
But his bIood wiII make her better? A Iot of damage has been done.
-You Iook Iike heII.
So do you.
-What is that? A cIavicIe fracture? -Anterior disIocation.
-Long story, right? -Long story.
I better get out.
I'm on at 6.
Hey, good job keeping her aIive.
BIoodIess surgery.
That's a first, huh? You shouId put that shouIder in an immobiIizer.
-I thought you went home.
We're on in an hour.
Better not to sIeep if you can't get three.
I wouIdn't sIeep anyway.
Her crit's up three points.
But the renaI faiIure may be permanent.
That's if she wakes up.
I thought we were saving her.
-We gave her a chance.
-It's not good enough.
-It has to be.
It doesn't.
Some patients get to you more than others.
I know.
But when you do everything you can sometimes even more than you thought you couId you gotta waIk away knowing you fought the good fight.
You fought the good fight, Lucy.
Tomorrow you'II fight another one.