ER s05e17 Episode Script

Sticks and Stones

Previously on ER: - What happened? - Her husband called 911 but wouldn't let us in.
All this time I'm worrying about HIV and I get hepatitis C? My wife, is she dead? - Can you get Mark? - Sure, I can do that.
And Security.
I'm gonna resign.
Do you want him to go? I love him like a brother.
But I can't do this anymore.
Too hard.
I can't remember a time when I didn't love him.
Not coming with me, are you? - You gotta love the night shift.
- No, you don't.
- How's the ride-along? - It has been wild.
Two old guys swimming naked in the lake nearly froze their - Carter, we get it.
- Now we got this crazy lady.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Grab your coat.
Tried to eat the lovebirds at the Delaware.
- You were right.
She's crazy.
- Really psychotic.
She's combative.
She locked herself in.
We'll try Haldol before we call for the bolt cutters.
One, two, three Does she think she's a hawk or? Hawks attack with claws, not their teeth.
- Why is she staring? - She likes you.
No, your gaze is threatening her.
Look away! I'll look away, fine.
You're looking at it now on Nicole's lovely wrist.
It's a winner.
It's a knockout.
It really is.
It's memorable.
It's a bracelet you'll want to wear every day.
It's bold and beautiful.
You know what else? It's reversible.
Flip it over for me, Nicole.
Watch the other side.
It's gorgeous.
- Why should I wait for Jerry? - He likes this stuff.
- What stuff? - These strange dudes.
They're called "patients.
" I'm not waiting.
IKornberg? Hi, I'm Dr.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
Here you go.
- He twisted his knee wrestling.
- At 3 in the morning? No, last night's match.
It wasn't so bad until I got up to pee.
Okay, let's take a look.
- A flying drop kick? - Jackknife power bomb.
- I thought you guys didn't get hurt.
- What do you mean? Come on.
Everybody knows wrestling's fake.
- Who are you calling fake? - That's enough.
You, man.
It's all rehearsed.
You and your boys are a bunch of fakes.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
- I'll show you fake.
- Hey, man! - Hey! Stop it! - Hey! Mr.
IKornberg, I said put him down right now! Call Security! I need some help here! Malik, are you all right? We got you good, didn't we? Oh, man.
I wish Jerry could've seen this.
He wanted to do that.
Sit down.
- What happened to her son? - They just left.
- They said they'd be back.
- Great timing.
Fong, don't worry.
You're fine.
We're taking you to your room.
- Is everything all right? - Yes, everything's fine.
Did my mother have another seizure? She doesn't remember we left.
She's fine.
She just got back from her head CT.
It's best if you stay close.
It's difficult to find an interpreter.
We had to get Pao Chi.
- The what? - To settle her stomach.
- She shouldn't take that now.
- Herbs will make her feel better.
If you don't mind, I'd rather wait for the test results before giving her anything.
- How's she doing? - Haldol's kicked in and Maintenance will cut the cage.
Psych should be down soon.
- Yo, John! Gotta go! - Okay! - Sorry to dump her.
- It's our job.
- Are you stealing those supplies? - Of course not.
Thank you.
I didn't think so.
- Ah, Dr.
- Yeah.
- About Mr.
- I asked him.
He could've said no.
You want a patient with a bad knee to do tricks? That's what they do.
He's a major contender.
- He's the man! - Okay, let's break it up.
- One more for my mom? - Here we go! Jerry! - Okay.
That's it for now.
- No, that's it, period.
Looking good, man! Ready to take on Hybrid? - Yeah.
- Malik.
I can handle this on my own.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry about all this attention.
- It's okay.
I'm used to it.
You have bleeding inside the knee.
I'm gonna numb it and tap the joint.
- Should decrease some of the pain.
- I've had that done before.
This isn't your first injury? - You name it, I broke it.
- Sounds like a rough sport.
Living on the road most of the year and getting mauled by 40,000 fans that's rough.
- I've surfed by on cable.
It seems like a profession for showoffs.
- You don't like the celebrity, huh? - Just give them what they want.
- What would you rather do? - You'd laugh if I told you.
I will try not to.
Live in Montana.
Lots of land.
Peace and quiet.
- Really? You'd raise cattle? - I'd like to have a farm.
- Grow sugar beets.
- Really? - Go ahead and laugh.
- I'm not.
It's okay.
I do.
- Now, does that feel better? - Oh, yeah.
- You gonna wake Maloney? - No, he only gets up for admissions and code blues.
- Want me to talk to them? No.
I can do it.
And if she does? Mr.
And Mrs.
Fong, I'm afraid I have some bad news.
- Emily, go inside and keep - In a minute.
- It would be better if - It's okay, Dad.
Yes, Miss IKnight? Your mother has a tumor in her lung which has spread to her brain.
That's what caused the seizures.
It's advanced cancer.
Oh, my God! I know this is difficult to take in.
- We've known about it for a year.
- Why didn't you tell me? - You were away at school.
- You couldn't call? Maybe if you take some time to discuss - We didn't want to upset you.
- Not knowing is worse.
I'll come back and review the results with your mother, okay? - That won't be necessary.
- My mother doesn't know.
- You haven't told her? We're not going to tell her.
She should be getting treatment from an oncologist.
I don't understand why you're doing this.
- It'll only depress her.
- She'll die sooner for knowing.
Radiation therapy can help her life and stop seizures.
But she has to be informed.
We're not telling her, and we don't want you to.
You're right, Miss IKnight.
You do not understand.
Can't talk to them when they're like this.
- Like what? - Traditional.
I guess that's the polite word.
What's her prognosis? It's a stage-four cancer.
What does that mean? She probably has a few months.
I wish they'd told me.
I could've spent more time with her.
You mentioned treatment? Radiation, maybe chemo.
But we can't treat her if we can't tell her.
We think she'll lose her will to live.
And what do you think? - You think she'd want to know? - She's a tough lady.
She'd want to fight this.
- What do you got? - Mr.
IKingsley, vomiting since 2 a.
I ate the steak tartare at Fletcher's.
Never again.
- A steak what? - Raw beef, raw egg yolk.
Five of Compazine, liter of saline.
- Is that who I think it is? - You know IKornberg? IKnow him? He's the best since Freddie Blassie.
Freddie who? Used to bite the hell out of his opponents' foreheads! In the '60s.
Oh, you're too young.
Jerry? I thought I told you to leave Mr.
IKornberg alone.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
- I'm taking him to Radiology.
- And Transport? They were backed up.
I thought I'd help out.
Remember that pay-per-view when Jericho hit your shoulder and you went down for two? But you came back with that jackhammer side slam, right? That's right.
- IKornberg's the bomb! - Jerry! Why not wrestle tag team? You and Stinger would be unbeatable.
He's got that corner drop that's like I called the floor.
A bed will be ready at 7.
Fong, who do you want to make decisions about your health? She says to talk to my father.
Maybe we shouldn't do this.
For any news about your condition, who do you want us to talk to? She says a year ago my father told her she had tuberculosis.
They told her that instead of cancer.
Cancer? Repeat! Unit 47 requesting police backup, 3800 block of Drexel.
Sons of bitches! - Threatened to burn my building! - Sit, Mr.
We still might, to keep warm! - Have a seat.
- Why not call the cops? Because, they'd haul his ass to jail! - Landlords can get away with it! - Shut up, Felonia! - Pay your rent! - Take the other side.
You can't turn the heat off! - My grandmother's freezing! - Get a job, dumb-ass! - You're the dumb-ass! - Back off! - Let's get him out of here! - They're throwing bricks! - Look at this! - Turn the heat on! Pay your rent, I'll turn it on! Hey! Hey! Hey! Throw your beer bottles! That's what you do with the rent? - Get in! Get in! - Go! Go! Take it easy! This isn't helping! Get back! - Dwight, you okay? - Just got blood in my eyes.
Get out of here.
They're animals.
Is Lars trying to be a diplomat? Just back up a step! - Son of a bitch! - Get me out of here! - When did it start, Lily? - About two minutes ago.
- Somebody help her! - I've got more Ativan.
- Push two.
Protect the airway.
- Do something, please! - Dilantin's onboard.
- A gram.
- You did this! - What's he talking about, Lucy? You told her about the cancer.
- Look what it's done.
- How's pulse ox? - Ninety-six.
- We asked you not to.
You wouldn't listen.
This is your fault.
All your fault! Out of the way! Please! RA 47, still waiting for police backup.
- Give me the keys.
- Now you're talking.
- Lars okay? - I don't know.
Units rolling.
ETA three minutes.
He's having trouble getting through.
- They want you, not him.
- Go, Carter, go! Get out of here! - How do you work the PA? - Bottom button.
Stand away from the vehicle! Coming through here.
Step back from the vehicle.
Stand back! Coming through! Get off the car! Nice and easy.
Stop! Stop! What was that? I don't know.
- Ran over something.
- Must have been the curb! Look out the back! - Give me some room! - There's a guy down.
- Oh, God! Did I run him over? - I don't know! - We gotta stop.
- No, Carter! We gotta go! - We gotta pick him up! - They'll finish him first.
Drive, Carter! - Oh, God! - Unit 47 requesting second unit.
Thirty-eight hundred block of Drexel.
Man down.
- Ambulance versus pedestrian.
- Oh, God! - Morning.
- Hey, Mark.
- Another headache? - Same as yesterday.
- Did it ever go away? - In the afternoon.
- You should let me do a CT.
- I don't need a head CT, Mark.
At least let me do a neuro exam.
Stop thinking like a doctor.
We know what's causing my headaches.
How's your insomnia? It's gone.
You talk to him? No.
We both thought it was better not calling for a while, you know? Give it some time.
You don't need me to tell you this, but it's okay to miss him.
- Hell, I miss him.
- I know.
I'm okay.
I actually like coming to work.
Really? Now I am worried about you.
- Move over.
- Hey, these guys saved my ass.
- A great job.
- Lf you'd turned on the heat we wouldn't have had to.
- Carter.
- No neurodeficits.
Just a head lac.
- What happened? Mr.
Leonelli decided to instigate some civil unrest.
Typical angry mob thing.
- They started it! - Dispatch, what unit was sent to 38th and Drexel? Are they still on the scene? What's their ETA? - Here, you should change that.
- Thanks.
Follow my finger with your eyes.
- This will teach them a lesson, eh? - You need to deal with them better.
Carter, outside.
What do you know? They don't pay their rent! - They leave a mess! - Turning off the heat will solve that? Carter, outside, now! - Is there a problem? - He'll be fine.
The problem's with you.
Cool off and I'll finish him up.
Go on.
- Will she wake up? - It's hard to say.
If she does, will there be permanent damage? There could be some confusion or memory loss.
She could've had a stroke.
I want to talk to a more senior physician.
I'm not happy with her care.
Everything was done properly, Mr.
A Medicine Attending will see her upstairs and we'll check back in a while.
It was a championship tag team match.
This giant of a guy twirls him around.
Then, suddenly he stops, picks him up, threw him down I took Mr.
Leonelli to X-ray.
He'll be a while.
- Thanks.
Thanks, Yosh.
- Good morning.
- Pleasure to welcome the day shift.
- What's with the boxes? - They're for Pedes.
- Why aren't they in the Pedes room? They're addressed to Dr.
So should I keep them or forward them? - We still see kids, Jerry.
Even before we had a Pedes.
- Jerry, help me with the boxes.
- IKerry, how was the graveyard shift? Fairly typical.
A few strange dudes, as Malik would say including Dr.
- Wasn't he on a ride-along? - Yes.
- Dr.
Carter, we're talking about you.
- You settle down? - Yeah.
Leonelli's in X-ray, if you want to tell him that you're sorry.
I got a bigger problem.
MVA, ambulance versus pedestrian and we were the ambulance.
- Just set them down here? - Yeah, anywhere's fine.
- Thanks, Jer.
- Sure.
Avery Campbell, 17.
Crushed pelvis.
BP 70 at the scene.
Up to 80 with two liters.
- Lars, you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
They weren't mad at me.
- This guy needs an airway! - Okay, one of Pavulon, two Versed a hundred of sux.
- Number eight ET tube.
- CBC, type, cross for eight, Chem-20.
Portable chest, AP pelvis.
Prep for central line.
- BP's 75 palp.
Pulse ox 88.
- Two units O-neg.
What have we got? Ambulance ran over his pelvis.
- Hope it wasn't you, Doris.
- No, it was me.
- You're not supposed to drive.
- I know.
Are you in? I'm in.
Bag him.
- Where were the paramedics? - I got trapped in the crowd.
- How's the airway? - Good breath sounds.
- What about Zadro? - He was bleeding.
- Blood to the meatus.
- Damn it! Could be a torn urethra.
I'll prep a urethrogram.
Supraumbilical peritoneal lavage.
- Did you call the cops? - We did.
- You didn't wait? - We'll talk later.
Hook up the rapid infuser.
I need Betadine, gloves and a Foley.
Come on! - Hey, Jeanie.
- Good morning.
- Getting settled back in? - Yeah, I'm doing okay.
- Any side effects from the interferon? - No.
Maybe you should do fast track.
- Sore throats, sprains, easy stuff.
- I'll stick to triage and paperwork.
Jeanie, Al called here last night.
- Did you speak to him? - Yeah, he was upset about the message you left him.
He couldn't reach you - Thanks, but I can handle this.
- I know.
He just sounded concerned.
Well, I've had every conversation with Al I'll ever need to have.
Aside from everything else he's given me hepatitis C.
There's really nothing else to talk about.
I gotta cover a meeting, but do you want to grab a bite to eat later? No, thanks.
I'm having lunch with a friend.
Got a ruptured bladder and an open-book fracture.
- Lavage is negative.
- Pressure's 95.
Let's get an angio.
- Good work, Carter.
- Not cleared yet.
I'll inform Urology and Ortho.
- His dad wants to talk to someone.
- I should do that.
- Not a good idea.
- Right.
I did it.
- It's my responsibility.
- But remember you're this kid's doctor first.
Okay? Only talk about his medical condition.
Carter, I want you, Zadro and Audia to find me and fill me in on exactly what happened, okay? I'll defend you to the police, hospital administration fire department and the media, if necessary.
- Make sense? - Mr.
Campbell? - My God, is he all right? - I'm Dr.
Avery's pelvis is broken with some internal bleeding.
- Do you have to operate? - Not necessarily.
A radiologist will use a catheter to stop the bleeding.
Hey, Avery.
- For how long? - An hour or so.
They said an ambulance ran him over.
Is that right? - I believe so.
- How could that happen, huh? We'll know more about his condition soon.
I'm sorry to bug you, but I'm gonna bug somebody because somebody has to pay for that.
Thank you very much, doctor, okay? - Looks good, Debbie.
Any pain? - It kind of throbs.
- I have trouble sleeping.
- Shouldn't last.
Will it be gone by tonight? I mean, a lot of trouble.
We'll give you something.
Jeanie, write her for a few Vicodin and I'll see you in two days.
- Do I keep the splint on? - Yes, let the tendon heal.
- Now where's my prescription pad? - Did you drop it? I hate when this happens.
- Carol, how's your headache? - Oh, not bad.
Is it still there? Mark, stop treating me like I have a brain tumor.
Okay, okay.
Jerry, who is that big guy over there in Curtain Two? - That's IKornberg.
- Oh, right, that's who it is.
I hate to be such a girl, but who's IKornberg? Used to play for the Denver Broncos.
I'll be in the Suture Room.
Obviously, Dr.
Greene is not a wrestling fan.
- Jerry, hand me a pen, please.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Pharmacy's on the second floor.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Get my message about Saturday night? Yeah.
I'm afraid I can't make it.
I have reservations at Charlie Trotter's.
- That sounds great, but I can't - How about Sunday? Actually, I need to tell you something.
I feel awkward because I should've been more up-front from the get go.
But I'm seeing someone else.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you around.
Hello, can we help you? - Does this thing even work? - Used to.
- Jerry, what did you do? - Nothing.
It's the bathroom alarm.
- What? - Trauma hallway.
- Intercom doesn't work.
- Oh, God, I sent Mr.
IKingsley in there for a stool sample.
- Mr.
IKingsley? - He didn't feel well.
It's probably just a false alarm, right? Mr.
IKingsley? - Mr.
IKingsley, are you all right? - Let me see.
- It's locked.
- Where's the key? - I'm supposed to have it? - Call Security, maybe he passed out.
Or had an MI.
- He might be dead.
- Jerry! Mr.
IKingsley! We need to get this door open right now.
Excuse me.
Stand back.
IKornberg! - Mr.
IKingsley? Lydia, get a gurney! - Yeah.
- Awesome.
- Are you all right? Yeah.
Make it two gurneys.
Man, all the good stuff happens on the night shift! This photo will be framed and put up on the mantelpiece.
The unbeatable tag team of Markovic and IKornberg.
- Excuse me.
- I don't think so.
- I could've been a contender.
- I'm with County Jail.
I'm looking for Dr.
I've got an inmate he's treated before.
Mobalage Ekabo.
- Mobalage.
- He hasn't been eating or drinking.
He's dehydrated.
We need to get him on IV fluids.
Randi, get Mark Greene.
Carter, is this the kid? How's he doing? You know what? Hang on one second.
Leonelli I just wanted to apologize.
In all the excitement earlier, I got a little heated.
- I didn't mean to take it out on you.
- IKid, I got thicker skin than that.
Be a hell of a day when I let a sweet do-gooder baby doc get to me.
- Right.
So, feeling better? - Feeling great.
Have a nice big scar to show the judge when I take these freeloaders to court.
- How's Avery? - Taking him up to the O.
He's better.
They embolized the bleeders, his BP's 120.
- His spine? - No lumbar fractures.
- Moved his legs in Radiology.
- So he'll make it? - Be up in a couple of months.
- Thank God! Nice work.
We needed a good outcome on this.
- Dr.
Greene, Carol's looking for you.
- All right.
- Why'd you even try that? - When you're my size, it's expected.
- IKind of like signing autographs? - Yeah.
I don't want any hurt feelings.
IKeep everybody happy.
- Even if you're not happy? - I never thought about it.
I was always "the big guy.
" Played football and wrestled.
Friends ask me to help them move always ask me to play Santa Claus.
So you do.
- Has he said anything? - Nothing.
Sheriff said he hasn't spoken since his first day in jail.
- Can you undo that, please? - Sure.
Hi, Mobalage.
How are you doing? You're dehydrated.
We need your permission to give you IV fluids.
Do you have any objections? Go ahead.
Has anyone filled you in on IKobe? She's upstairs in the Intensive Care Unit.
The surgery went well.
But she's in a coma.
However, there's a very good chance that she'll wake up.
You're gonna feel a needle stick.
I've seen how much you love your wife.
I know you didn't intend to hurt her.
I believe your response was out of your control.
All we want to do is help you.
Do you understand? My father didn't want me to get you.
My grandmother woke up very confused.
The fact that she's conscious is a good sign.
- Dilantin level is 15.
- Right.
She doesn't remember coming here.
There's some memory loss.
Tell her she had a seizure.
I want another doctor.
Fong, I'm just trying to help your mother.
All I'm asking you to do is to tell her that she had a seizure.
She wants to know why.
What you've experienced is fairly common, so don't worry.
You had a seizure because you have a condition called epilepsy.
But you're gonna be fine.
Thank you, doctor.
Jeanie, you got a call.
It's the pharmacy.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- How can it be this cold in March? - Yeah.
I have a phone call.
That's okay, I'm doing a DUI report.
I'll catch you later.
- Okay.
- All right.
This is Jeanie Boulet.
It was a prescription for Debbie Anderson.
She was in here earlier with a hand laceration.
It's for four tablets, not 40.
Can you fax it over? Just send her back here.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Randi, let me know when a fax comes in from Blue Hills Pharmacy.
- I was just about to call you.
- About IKobe Ekabo? - How'd you know? - I heard her husband came in.
- She's had spontaneous eye-opening.
- That's a good sign.
How's he doing? I don't feel so bad having insomnia and headaches.
You have headaches? I thought of another reason for those.
- Mark's trying to cure me.
- Carbon monoxide poisoning.
- Old houses can have faulty furnaces.
- Not venting the exhaust.
- Do you wake up with them? - Yes, she does.
Could be that, then.
- Let's get a carboxyhemoglobin.
- Who's on Trauma? - I am.
- Here if you need me.
five minutes out.
I'm gonna need you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave Mr.
IKornberg alone.
I am Mr.
Hey, doc, this is my dad.
- How do you do? - How do you do? And his biggest fan.
Thank you for taking wonderful care of my boy.
Except I want his trainer to look at his hand.
- Really, I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry about what happened.
My son performed a mitzvah.
An act of virtue.
You wouldn't believe what a publicist could do with that.
Oh, by the way, do you have a children's ward? - Yes, upstairs.
- Good! - We're going.
- Excuse me? - Visit the sick kids.
- No, I'm sorry.
He needs to rest.
He can't shake hands with a few children? Bring a little joy into their lives? For millions my son is a hero.
Marci Canchola, fell from the second story onto a wrought-iron fence.
Fire department cut it.
Good vitals but no room to intubate.
Okay, everybody, let's do this nice and gentle.
Ready? And go.
I need suction.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Parents are on their way, in hysterics.
I need a full trauma panel.
Type and cross for four.
I can't get a laryngoscope in.
- No room for a crike.
- Get a fiber-optic scope.
A number six ET tube.
- Pulse ox is 92.
- Oxygen up to 15 liters.
- BP's 100 palp.
- Pulse 120.
High on the suction.
Pulse ox down to 87.
Hurry up, Mark.
I can't see.
I can't see.
There's too much blood.
I'll be back.
Prep the neck.
I can't see the cords.
Pulse ox still falling.
BP's down to 70.
- Here's a pediatric crike Doug ordered.
- Bar's in the way.
- Try to get the needle in.
- She's throwing PVCs.
Pulse ox is 85.
Aspirate air.
Make sure you're in the trachea.
Now it's just a Seldinger technique with a guide wire.
- Tube, please.
- Right here.
We need to bag her.
That's pretty nifty.
- Good breath sounds.
- Pulse ox is up to 89.
Corday? They need you in the SICU.
- Okay, we can take it from here.
- Okay.
Good thing those supplies came in today.
Looks like Doug just saved another kid.
Actually, Carol, I'd say you did.
- You want to arrest her? - She forged a prescription.
Changed four to 40.
" That's fraud.
Violation of DEA laws.
If I arrest her, you gotta come to the station, file a report spend two days waiting to testify then watch the judge toss it because it's a first offense.
- Great.
Arrest her.
- My advice? A scrip for five can't be changed to "fifty.
" Then you're free for lunch.
I can't have lunch with you.
- Then dinner.
- I can't.
- You gonna take this out on me? - No, Reggie.
It's just I need to tell you something.
I haven't been completely honest.
No time like the present.
I'm seeing someone else.
I thought we had something going.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
It just isn't gonna work out.
I need to get back to work.
- Can we at least talk about this? - I don't think so.
I'm gonna call you.
County, this is Zadro, Rescue 47.
My partner's been shot.
- What are the vital signs? - Can't get them.
He's unconscious.
- This is Carter.
What happened? - We got ambushed.
They shot Lars.
- Shot him? Where are his wounds? - I can't tell.
Too much blood.
All right, just get here.
Get here.
Lungs sound good.
Hi, IKobe.
How you feeling? Dr.
Where is my husband? IKobe, you were stabbed and you've been in a coma.
I don't think Mobalage intended to hurt you.
He wasn't himself.
Oh, God! Mobalage That is not true.
I think your husband suffers from what's known as posttraumatic stress.
He did not hurt me.
What do you mean? I want I wanted to die.
I was so ashamed.
L I took the knife.
I did this.
Oh, God! - Get me a C-collar! - Looks like head, neck, chest.
Got a faint pulse.
- Ready with the backboard.
- Hang on.
Okay, slide it in.
How's his airway? Shallow resps.
Get ready to bag him.
All right, very careful.
Tube's in.
Use the Thora-Seal.
- His pressure? - 80 palp.
- And the Thora-Seal? - Wait.
Got a subclavian.
Hang the type-specific.
- Set up for a central line.
- We have one.
- Let's have two.
- One is fine.
- What if it infiltrates? - Won't happen.
Even if it does, we got two antecubitals.
- You all right? - How's he doing? - I'll take over.
- I'm going to the O.
Came around the corner.
They were waiting for us.
- Was Lars driving? - It all went down so fast.
- I couldn't tell what - Was Lars driving? - Yeah.
- They were shooting for me.
I was driving last night.
They wanted me.
- You were looking for me? - I wanted to say thank you.
We're leaving after Dad's done with the photographer.
Photos from the Pediatrics Ward, huh? Nurse handed out balloons.
A little boy gave me his.
- You can't get away from it, can you? - IKids know who I am.
Their faces light up.
Plus, it makes my dad proud.
You know how parents can be.
- Thanks again.
- Okay.
- Take care.
- You're welcome.
I want to go in.
We'll explore the chest.
Stop the bleeding.
Neurosurgery will look - You gonna let me in? - I'll be with him.
You stay here.
- What are you doing? - Scrubbing in.
- Aren't you on duty in the ER? - No.
I worked last night.
That was the ride-along with this fellow? That's right.
- There's isn't enough room.
- What do you mean? We've got General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Thoracic.
- I'll scrub out if I have to.
- We appreciate your concern.
But it might be best if you watched from the observation gallery.
Feeling better? Fluids should help.
I talked to IKobe.
She woke up and she's doing much better.
She also told me that you didn't hurt her.
The paramedics showed up flashing lights and the sirens and the pounding on the door.
That must have scared you.
Is that why you ran away? Why didn't you tell the police? Why did you say it was your fault? It was my fault what happened to her.
When I left Nigeria the soldiers came.
They raped her because of me.
I left her alone.
When she told me, I couldn't look at her.
I couldn't talk to her.
She was alone again.
And that's when she took the She took the knife.
She needed me.
And I left her.
She needs you now.
I need more suction.
He's oozing all over the place.
Shirley, get me some FFP and platelets now.
- What's going on in there? - I'm going to the blood bank.
They using the cell saver? - Have they called Neurosurgery? - I don't know.
I need to get blood.
- Should we set up for bypass? - Not necessary.
There are no intracardiac injuries.
Vascular clamp.
- Have you called Neurosurgery yet? - We will! Yeah, hi.
I need Neurosurgery to O.
Three, please.
We took her statement.
Agreed to drop the charges.
- I wish it was all good news.
- What's up? Immigration Service contacted the department.
Ekabo came into the country on a forged visa.
- What does that mean? - He's an illegal.
He's going back to jail? No, but INS will hold a deportation hearing.
To send him back to Nigeria? That's how it works.
- You from Neurosurgery? - No, Radiology.
I got the CTs.
I'll take these.
Films show bullet fragments in the right parietal lobe.
- Neck wounds, shattered C-4.
- Thank you, Dr.
- I didn't know if you could read them.
- Neurosurgery wants the CTs.
- What'd they say? - That they were called in too soon.
Starting internal compressions.
Give me the paddles.
Charge to 15.
Come on, let's move! - Heart's empty.
He needs volume.
- Okay, here we go.
Clear! Okay, let's go again.
Charge to 30.
- Clear! - Come on! Okay, charge again.
Clear! - Hey, Jeanie.
- Hey.
What are you doing? Just checking out some old charts.
- Looking for anything specific? - I talked to Al today.
He tested negative for hepatitis C.
He even faxed me his results.
Which means I probably got it from a patient.
They're all so worried, the chance of me infecting someone with HIV.
Never even thought about a patient infecting me.
But it could've happened to any one of us, right? Jeanie, do you want to go get a cup of coffee or something? No, thanks.
I'm gonna stay here.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, IKerry.
What are you doing? Unloading these boxes.
Doug ordered a lot of supplies.
Have you spoken with him? I thought about it a lot last night.
I ended up calling the Home Shopping Network and ordered a pair of booties.
So did Mark manage to strap you down and get a blood gas? He finally talked me into it.
It was easier doing that than listening to him.
My carbon monoxide level was normal.
Oh, well, it was a good guess.
Mark's just trying to be a friend in that endearing slightly inept, male kind of way.
I know.
I'm a week late.
You're what? At first I thought it was just stress.
But it's not.
I'm pregnant.
It was a good effort.
Thank you, everyone.
- Carter, let's go.
- I'm just gonna stay for a second.