ER s05e18 Episode Script

Point of Origin

Previously on ER: You know this, but it's okay for you to miss him.
Hell, I miss him.
It's possible that he may need surgery.
Do you know what happened to Mobalage? He was tortured in Nigeria, right? Mr.
Ekabo came into the country on a forged visa.
He's an illegal.
- Send him back to Nigeria? - INS will start a deportation hearing.
You'll need money if you accept a cardiothoracic fellowship.
Deciding to track down your birth parents isn't something to do lightly.
You're what? I'm pregnant.
Carol? Doug? - Mom? - Oh, you're still here.
I knocked before I used my key.
I thought you had left.
I was just resting.
What time is it? - 8:30.
- Oh, man, I'm late.
- Where's Doug? - He left.
- I thought you went in together.
- No, not anymore.
I had extra golubtsy from Yvonne's shower.
I know he likes it.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I don't know how you stay healthy working there.
- Have you eaten? - Not hungry.
Call in sick.
I'll make breakfast.
Ma, I've gotta go.
Lock up when you leave.
- Carol? - Yeah? Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine.
We'll talk later, all right? I'll call you.
Why was it rescheduled? You're kidding.
Here you go.
I'm going to a new school for Reece.
They only have open house monthly.
I've missed it twice.
Tell Romano you called and I wasn't home.
No, hey, no, no, no.
I don't want Dr.
No, listen, I'm off this morning.
The earliest I can get there is noon.
Yeah, I know, but I can't Hold on.
Hold on.
Reece, no! No, Reece! This is no.
That's no.
Hey, hey.
Here, take that.
Play with that.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I have an important appointment.
I can't Yeah.
All right, I'll be there in half an hour.
Reece?! No, Reece, not your hearing aid! No! Oh, damn! No.
Deluz, time for your meds.
Need some help here! - Just a minute.
- No, now.
I need O-2.
We don't provide that.
Then I need pillows to prop her up to help her breathe.
Of course.
She's really altered.
Is that her baseline? No, Mrs.
Brennan was agitated.
I've got a PRN order for Haldol.
She's hypoxic.
Have you listened to her lungs? We don't do that.
We're strictly board and care.
You should have called somebody.
She's got pitting edema.
Davis increased her Lasix from 40 to 80 milligrams.
- And he hasn't seen her since? - No.
- We've gotta push IV meds.
- I'm an LVN.
I can arrange for an RN to come tomorrow.
Tomorrow? She's in congestive heart failure.
Call 911.
- She's DNR.
- Call 911 now.
- You're not her doctor.
- No, I'm her daughter.
Group therapy in your first week? I only observed the first weeks of my Psych rotation.
I believe he used the words "sink or swim.
" He's trying to scare you.
I'm actually good at this stuff.
- Mental illness? - Shut up.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- That's okay.
Now that you're out of management, you can slack off.
- Hey, Carol.
- Hi.
- So, Carter, where do you want me? - I don't know.
Let's see.
Why don't you take the hematuria? - Later, we'll discuss your plan.
- Okey-doke.
- Did I miss something? - Carter is Senior-for-the-day.
- For your Chief Resident application? - Yeah.
For the next eight hours, if you have a problem, go to him.
- Peachy.
- Good luck.
Jerry, where are all the pens? Some idiot's idea of an April Fool's joke.
Well, listen, go down to Supply and steal a couple.
I got you.
- 1.
5 volts.
It's pretty cool.
- Real mature.
- Come on.
It's April Fool's.
- I'd watch my back if I were you.
I've got a hemorrhoids in Four, a kid with a fever in Triage.
- Talk to Dr.
- Dr.
- How did it go? - We got a problem.
- Did you get my affidavit? - Yeah, that's fine.
I get a continuance for disability if Mobalage remains hospitalized.
Urology still has him on the surgical service.
INS confirmed he was discharged this morning.
Where'd you get that? Elizabeth Corday.
I thought you had an open house.
Weinstein pushed up a lung resection.
- The cardiothoracic guru? - Yeah.
He got tickets to a game, so Reece has to stay in daycare for another month.
It was only in there for a few seconds.
I want to make sure that the water didn't damage it.
Reece's hearing aid.
- How much? - Don't ask.
I know, but is there any way to test it? - Peter, Weinstein's ready for us.
- Hold on.
I know.
I can't - Hey! - I said, let's go.
- Don't do that.
- I said, let's go.
I'm trying to fix my son's hearing aid, okay? One word, Peter.
" I can think of a word of my own.
- Get out now, Elizabeth.
- What do you mean? Soon you'll have your license and your pick of fifth-year Residencies.
I think I've found a way to limit my Romano exposure.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Garlic? Trauma surgery.
Fellowship run out of the ER.
It'll start in July.
- I didn't know there was one.
- There wasn't.
Trauma's the reason I came to the States.
The hours are better, and I'd have a semblance of a normal life.
We got disconnected.
I had the hearing aid in the toilet.
I meant to speak to you.
The INS called about Mobalage.
- Did you discharge him? - I didn't volunteer information.
But I couldn't lie.
He was afebrile.
His wound was clean and intact.
- Did you discharge him? - Yes.
When did he leave? I don't know if Transport's taken him down yet.
Why? We're trying to get a physical disability continuance.
On a pudendal artery bypass? If he's hospitalized, we avoid a deportation hearing.
Now he has to see the judge.
One look at the scars and the judge'll grant him asylum.
It doesn't work that way.
Mobalage has to testify, describe the torture.
- Isn't it obvious? - Apparently not to the government.
- They need a sworn statement.
- And Mobalage refuses to give it? I don't think he can.
He was a upset.
I thought it was a nightmare.
- But he wouldn't stop crying.
- Temp's 101.
Now I can't wake him up.
- Is he on any medications? - No.
- Has he ever been hospitalized? - Never.
He's a healthy kid.
- He could be septic.
- What does that mean? We need to treat him with antibiotics.
Then perform tests to find the source of the infection.
- Jerry, is Trauma One open? - Yeah.
You're in early.
Be right back.
- Hey, who's this? - Critical patient.
Pulmonary edema.
BP's borderline and 95 after a fifth nitro spray.
You should only give three.
- I gave it to her.
- You doing a ride-along? Set up a nitro drip.
Hurry! I don't want to intubate.
No extraordinary measures.
She's a DNR.
Set up BiPap.
We'll go from there.
How's you're breathing, ma'am? I'm I'm She's altered, Carter.
On my count.
One, two, three, gently.
Call upstairs.
See if we have an ICU bed.
Let's get some admit labs.
Chest film, EIKG, blood gas.
BP's 100/75.
Resps 20.
Tachy at 130.
I can take it from here, Dr.
- Where's my 12-lead? - I can take it from here.
- This one's mine, Carter.
- I'm Senior-for-the-day.
- I'm running the big board.
- Go run it.
- Carol, where's the nitro? - I gotta clear an air bubble.
Then give her another sublingual spray now.
Sadowinski is an expert in this kind of case.
I want you to meet him.
- I already talked to a psychiatrist.
- But talk to this one.
- Mobalage, they will send you back.
- He's not been through enough? - IKobe.
- I don't understand it either.
I'm not an immigration expert.
I do know that you telling your story is the only way that you can stay.
Let me just get you a little time to think about it.
I'll take you down to the ER.
You're feverish, pulse is tachy.
If anybody asks you, you're experiencing belly pain.
I never imagined frozen sperm would be a good investment.
It's tricky.
You gotta buy the best.
Good of you to join us, Peter.
I had to rearrange my schedule.
In 10 years you get to set the schedule.
So you only inseminate Arabians? No, Thoroughbreds too.
Remind me, I'll get you a brochure.
- You like horses, Peter? - Yeah.
Neither did I.
They got a big upside once you know what you're doing.
- IKeep that in mind.
- Thanks.
Your office is on the phone.
A sales rep from Symatac is waiting for you.
Oh, damn! I forgot.
The guy's gonna comp me a new thoracoscope.
Okay if we push this back to 1? Yeah, sure.
No sweat.
I'll see you then.
- End of shift? - Oh, no.
Just started.
- You? - Post call.
Six hours to go.
- This internship's never gonna end.
- It always feels like that.
That looks really good.
I'm famished.
I just can't eat anything, you know? I'm trying to keep something down, but Here.
- Morning sickness? - Yeah.
And I'm really, really tired.
Have you seen your OB? You've not made a decision.
Three months ago I worried that I couldn't get pregnant.
And now here I am, all alone.
I wanted to have a baby with Doug.
I don't want to be a single mother.
Do you have to be? Have you spoken with Doug? I see all these pregnant women parading through here Iost, frightened, not knowing what to do.
And what do you tell them? I say, "Go with your gut.
Most of the time it's right.
" So, what does yours tell you? I don't know.
I need somebody from Surgery onboard.
You discharged Mobalage.
So according to bounce-back rules, he's yours.
I know, but there's nothing wrong with him.
The incision looks a little erythematous around the sutures.
- Could be wound infection.
- Mark.
I don't need you to take him.
Sign the readmit orders and we'll observe him down here in the ER.
- You want me to falsify his chart.
- I'm just trying to buy him some time.
His lawyer's on his way to the judge to tell him he's being readmitted.
You're asking me to sign my name to a lie.
I'm asking you to help him.
Give it to me.
Thank you.
Mark, can I get you to see a couple of patients? In a second, Carter.
- Did you steal my stethoscope? - No, haven't seen it.
- Why will they pick that pen? - Because it's shiny.
Malik, I need postural vital signs on Bed Three and you can discharge Mr.
- Jerry, I need it.
- What makes you think I took it? - Come on, man! - Stealing stuff? Where's the creativity in that? There must be a contact person for the Board and Care.
No, her fees are paid for out of a pension.
Thank God you found her.
She was abandoned.
She was gonna die there alone.
Sometimes they're gone before we find them.
Can you do more? Find out where's she from? Any other children? Maybe find my father? Sure, I'll check it out.
Page me if you need anything.
Is that you, Claire? No, my name is IKerry.
You were having trouble breathing.
We had to bring you to the hospital.
Hospital? Don't worry.
We're gonna take very good care of you, I promise.
He's still tachycardic.
Let's add a blood and urine tox screen.
Could he have ingested something from the medicine cabinet? No, I don't think so.
I thought it was an infection.
His pupils are dilated.
BP's up to 170/90.
Anything? Cold medicine, nicotine, bug spray? - All that stuff's put away.
- Your house is childproofed? No, I only have him every so often.
He sleeps in my room.
- Oh, my God.
- What? - No, the drawer was closed.
- What was in it? There are different treatments for different toxins.
If I don't know what toxin, he could die.
- It was only like half a gram.
- Half a gram of what? Cocaine? Get Dr.
NG tube, activated charcoal, start IV.
Esmolol, 50 mics per kilo per minute.
- You should wait outside.
- I want to be with him.
- This is going to be messy.
- That's all right.
- Haleh? - Out.
I need an ICU bed.
She needs aggressive diuresis.
I thought the beta blockade would do it.
If you must, add phentolamine.
It was a good pickup, though.
Weaver, did you hear about this? Guy leaves his cocaine where his 3-year-old can find it.
Did you call DCFS? What the hell?! - Jerry.
- Jerry.
Greene, Mobalage is asking for you.
Is Dr.
Sadowinski here? Yes, but Mobalage wants you there.
He trusts you.
Red-blanket baby on the way.
A schizophrenic delivered in the street.
- Carter, you got it? - Sure.
Give me a hand? I don't know.
There was a hood over my face.
Were you frightened? I thought I was about to die.
Then what? They took you to a cell? Yes.
What kind of cell? It was cold.
What did it look like? I don't know, sir.
They kept the hood on your head? Yes.
Then what? They came and got you? How long before they came back? Mobalage, what happened next? I cannot tell you.
Why? Because I do not remember.
She was in the street holding the newborn baby.
It was still wet with amniotic fluid.
BP's 140/90.
- How much blood loss? - About a pad since we found her.
Start an IV.
Call OB.
Good breath sounds.
Where's my baby? - How did she cut her forehead? - She fell on the sidewalk.
- Did they find the placenta? - She said a dog ate it.
Okay, irrigate this scalp lac.
Get me a speculum.
I'll do a pelvic.
Please, please, please.
Where is my baby? Where? I'll go check on him right now.
All right? Okay? Give her five of Haldol, IM.
I'll be right back.
How's the mother? She needs her head sutured.
And I'm putting her on Haldol.
How's it going? Mottled and lethargic initially.
He's warming up.
Good color, good tone, pulse 140.
- Looks full-term.
- What is that? - Is that a garbage tie? - At least she knew to clamp it off.
Get me an umbilical clamp and some Betadine.
- Need to do a heel stick? - Yeah.
- Where are the 22 butterflies? - Pedes.
Let's get a newborn screen and a cap gas.
She stole my baby.
Give him back to me.
Honey, you have to go lie down.
- No! - Haleh, call Security.
You can't have him.
He's mine.
We're taking care of him.
Can I hold him? Not now.
Let's go in the other room and stitch that cut on your forehead.
Then you can see him.
I promise.
- I love my baby.
- I know.
- I love my baby.
- Yeah.
No! Give him back to me! Give him to me! - Coco, let go of me.
- He's mine! - Let go.
Coco! - No! No! Help! He's my baby! He's my baby! No! You can't have him! He's mine! No! No! - Any signs of trauma? - No, he seems okay.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- IKerry, you got a minute? - Lf you want to walk with me.
What'll we do with our sternal saw study? As soon as I've finished compiling the data, I'll pass it on to you.
We should write a paper together.
I assumed that you'd want to write yours separately.
- Why would you think that? - Different specialties and journals.
A joint study should be a joint paper.
It's suited for an emergency medicine journal.
- Sure, Peter, that'd be great.
- Okay, I'll call you.
Hey, IKerry, you know, I heard there might be a surgical trauma fellowship.
- Did Romano tell you that? - No.
Why? Confidentially, we're trying to go around him.
Oh, well, that makes sense.
Is it an open application process? Anspaugh's taking it to the board next week.
Interested? - Well, I might be.
- Okay.
I'll let you know.
I had him readmitted.
The judge suspects we're stalling.
Which we are.
- I'll talk to him.
- Doesn't matter.
Government prosecutors come tomorrow to take a deposition.
Then the court will make its decision.
He won't be able to tell them anything.
If he wants to stay, he'll have to.
- He doesn't remember.
- Anything? - The abduction.
Not the torture.
- They've seen posttraumatic stress.
People claim it all the time.
That's the problem.
- We have physical evidence.
- I'm not arguing.
I'm simply telling you what the reality is.
Without a sworn statement specific to the torture, it can go either way.
- How is the baby doing? - Blood glucose is good.
Up to 68.
He's eating like a champ.
- Good.
How are we doing in here? - She's throwing PVCs.
She's gorked out.
- How long? - What? Has she been throwing PVCs? - I don't know.
- You should've called me.
- She's DNR.
- I'm working on an ICU bed for her.
- Did her family change their mind? - No.
There isn't any family.
Well, that makes it easier, less complicated.
- Why is that guy still in Four? - He's waiting on a cab.
For 55 minutes? Come on.
I need the bed.
- Dr.
Greene told me to talk to you.
- Make it fast.
- Time clock's broken.
- Call Administration.
I did.
I can't work until they fix it.
- Note the time on the card.
- Can't.
They're afraid we'll cheat.
- Clock in upstairs then.
- It's on a different system.
Nice try.
April Fool's? - You blew it.
- He was getting mad.
- Chuny, I thought better of you.
- Malik put me up to it.
- Blame the brother.
- Have a pen.
What's the deal with CT? I got three patients holding.
Computer guy's working on it.
- How long? - Four hours.
Four hours?! You serious? When am I not serious? Jerry, we're closed to neuro trauma.
- I'll call Weaver.
- No, I'm Senior-for-the day! - CT's down.
We're closed to neuro.
- Whatever you say.
We got another one.
Four-month-old female.
High fever, cough.
I'll be right there.
Sam, don't go anywhere.
I may need a wet read on a chest film.
What are you doing? We need to massage your uterus to help shrink it.
- It closes off all the blood vessels? - That's right.
I read that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to attack you.
I get crazy without my meds.
I understand.
How's my baby? He's great.
He's in the nursery, and they're taking good care of him.
But he's healthy, right? There's nothing wrong with him? No, no, no.
He's perfect.
I went off the drugs for the pregnancy.
I know.
I didn't want them to hurt him.
- I know.
- I thought about it.
I knew what I was doing.
I knew I was taking a risk.
That I could get out of control, end up on the street.
But it worked.
I made it.
You got lucky.
But it's not over.
I can go back home.
I'll stay on the medication.
I know that I have to.
Not for me.
For him.
Coco, we're not talking about a month, or six months, or a year.
You can't ever stop.
I won't.
I love him already.
I loved just the idea of him.
That's all that really matters, right? They'll let me keep him, won't they? - We'll see.
- No, no! They can't take him away.
- Please.
Please help me.
- You need to rest.
My name is Lucy IKnight.
I'm a student.
How are you feeling? Michael! Stop it! Be still.
- You want a fourth tube? - Might as well.
Fluid looks pretty clear.
- That's good? - Yes.
If it's a bad infection, the fluid can be cloudy.
We still need to send these tubes to the lab.
Michael! - You got a second? - Be with you in one minute.
Hold him still.
I will be right back.
Gram's stain and culture in One.
Glucose and protein in Two, and cell count in Three.
- What do we got? - You tell me.
What's wrong with this picture? - Are those rib fractures? - Four.
One, two, three, four.
Any signs of abuse? I didn't see any ecchymoses.
Bruises heal on infants pretty quickly.
- Chuny? - Yeah? Get DCFS on the phone and call Security.
I want a full bone survey.
Skull, long bones, the works.
Let's take them now before the inquisition.
Leason, there's a problem with the chest x-ray.
- What kind of problem? - Don't worry.
It's fuzzy.
Maybe she moved.
But we need to try again.
- Can I go with her? - It's better if you stay here.
I said, stop it! Your sister is sick! Mrs.
Leason, take it easy.
I'm fine.
What's this? We found old fractures that look like the result of trauma.
- What? - By law, I'm required to report them.
I thought you said the x-ray was fuzzy.
- We need to document a complete set.
- Document what? How did Michael break his arm? He fell off the bed! A representative of the DCFS is coming to talk to you.
- The hell they will! I'm leaving.
- Not with your children.
I brought my baby because she's sick.
And now you want to take my children? She doesn't leave with this one.
- I'll call the police.
- You call the police! You don't know what you're saying! You can't do this! Yes, I can! They let Mobalage live for people to see him broken.
To set an example.
Why? What did he do? He wrote a short story.
They saw it as a call for revolution.
Was it? I didn't know he was a writer.
He's an engineer.
But he was a romantic to me.
Not as you see him today.
He was warm and funny.
IKobe, I need to know things about the torture.
Anything that could help spark his memory.
We don't speak of it.
You must know the sort of things they did.
You can see the sort of things they did.
I was thinking more of where, how long, when? - Details.
- I cannot give you details.
I wish I could.
When will we have to go? Your visa's valid.
It's only Mobalage.
When will we have to go? I don't know.
Thank you.
For what? You've been very kind.
I want to help him.
So do I.
- Hey, IKerry.
- Hey.
I was checking vitals on Mrs.
- Chart says you pushed lidocaine.
- That's right.
Did her DNR status change? "Do Not Resuscitate" does not mean "Do Not Treat.
" - You treated an arrhythmia.
- Yeah, that's not resuscitation.
So you won't intubate? She's my patient, and I'll make a judgment call if it comes to that.
A "judgment call"? Isn't that hypocritical? What? Doug made judgment calls, what he thought was best.
- Carol, Doug created his own problems.
- You didn't help much.
Is that what you think? That I drove him out of here? No.
But I know you wanted him out.
I won't have this conversation.
He didn't go against their wishes.
- No, this is different.
- How, IKerry? She is my mother.
Brennan Mrs.
Brennan is my mother.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
I was adopted.
And I hired I hired this private detective to find her.
I never imagined it would happen like this.
I didn't expect to find an old woman.
I always thought that she was probably some scared teenager who couldn't keep me.
I I thought that I would have more time, have some kind of meaningful conversation, ask her questions.
But the minute I find her, she's dying.
IKerry, I'm so sorry.
It's not your problem.
She's hemacult positive.
Crit's down.
I'm gonna call for a GI consult.
Type and cross-match two units, okay? You know your way around a resection, Peter.
But do more homework.
We keep him busy.
Want some coffee? No, thanks.
I can make the third inning.
- Always a pleasure, gentlemen.
- You bet.
Take care.
See you later, you jerk.
Don't worry.
I didn't know the answer to that question.
- No, I should be more prepared.
- Go home.
See your munchkin.
- His name is Reece.
- Oh, like "Reese's Pieces.
" Cute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd it go? - Fine, I guess.
Not exciting enough for you? No.
It was interesting.
So why did you feel the need to poach my meager ambitions? What? I spoke with IKerry Weaver about the status of the fellowship.
There might be a selection committee.
There is other interest.
Was that you? I mentioned something.
Peter, I told you in confidence.
I wouldn't have said anything if I thought you'd try and steal it.
It's already yours? It was my idea.
I brought it to Greene and Weaver.
I'm sorry.
You didn't tell me.
Look, I didn't say I wanted it.
I was just asking.
Then let me know when you decide.
I'll go ahead and plan my life.
Elizabeth, it's not like that.
It's just that Things aren't working out right now.
I don't like cardiothoracic.
Oh, what? So trauma's a backup? No.
I just thought that this might make sense.
I can't spend five years as an indentured servant.
I need time for Reece.
- Now, that's low.
- What? I know you love him, but don't use him as an excuse to screw me over.
Take it! I don't want it! I'll find something else! I don't want you to forfeit it! If you want it, you go for it! I'll still get it! How are those films? Come in.
You're gonna want to see this.
- Whose is this? - I don't know, it's been here all day.
I've looked everywhere for this.
Twenty-eight different fractures total.
Not all calcified.
Bilateral humerus.
Left femur.
Right tib-fib.
Linear involvement of the skull.
What did she do to this kid? We should get a head CT.
There's some pleural scarring.
Possibly a spontaneously healed pneumothorax.
Wait, what is this? Fracture of the eighth rib.
I thought there were only four rib fractures.
There's five here.
- You sure this is hers? - Yeah.
I took a whole new set.
Where's the old one? - Same technique? - Yeah.
So where's the fifth fracture? - There isn't one.
- What? It happened in the ER.
- Did you press on her chest? - I held her down to do the LP.
It could be osteogenesis imperfecta.
I did it? - The bones break like glass.
- Oh, man! Oh, man! I went right to abuse.
I didn't even think about OI.
- Did you call Social Services? - The cops are talking to her.
Well, honest mistake.
Better to be safe, right? How do I go from "Sorry I accused you" to "She has a terrible disease"? You should put on a jacket.
It's still nippy out here.
I'm ready for spring.
I got your page in the car.
- How is she? - She's dying.
I got some preliminary info for you.
You want to hear? Cathy Brennan.
She was a stewardess when they called them "stewardesses.
" Married two years after you.
Not to your father.
I'm still working on that.
Divorced six years later.
One child, a daughter Claire.
Died in a car accident in her mid-20s.
Are you okay? Did you know that her blood type was O-positive? We don't usually get that information.
I typed her blood since I was gonna put her in the ICU.
She didn't want that.
But somehow I thought I had the right.
It's a natural reaction.
I'm AB.
It's impossible for that woman to be my mother.
- Are you sure? - It's basic hematology.
"A" plus "B" equals "AB.
" There's no "O" in the equation.
I'll call my guy at the office.
He stole a peek at the file.
He must have read it wrong.
- You should be more careful.
- The info's there.
I can get it.
You're not gonna quit? It's my fault.
Don't let it undermine your resolve.
You're fired.
- Hey, Carter.
- Hi.
- How many patients do you have? - One.
I got a good case.
- A schizophrenic had a baby.
- Yeah, I know.
I was there.
- Right.
How's Senior-for-a-day? - Not over yet.
- Lucy.
- Yeah? Have you called your Resident about Coco? No, I have to complete a comprehensive mental status exam.
- I'm presenting her at Chief rounds.
- You need to call your Resident now.
Is something wrong? Coco's dealt with a lot of psychiatrists.
I bet.
She feels you're too inexperienced.
A schizophrenic thinks I'm unqualified? She's asked for someone else.
Can she do that? She's got a lot at stake, Lucy.
She's worried.
Call your Resident.
Greene, can I ask you something? Sure, Jerry.
What does it mean if your piss turns blue? Just out of curiosity? My piss is blue.
Dark blue.
Somebody got you.
How could they change my bodily fluids? - Did you eat anything you didn't make? - Brownies in the lounge.
Oh, man! It's not toxic, is it? It's probably methylene blue.
Let me know if it starts burning.
- Burning? - Just kidding, Jerry.
You'll be fine.
Well, look, how long am I gonna pee like this? Day or two.
Man, someone's gonna pay.
I told you to watch your back.
You're here.
You came back.
That's right.
Claire? Claire? Yes.
I love you.
I love you too, Mom.
It's okay.
It's a bathroom.
Yeah, it's just a bathroom.
Three stalls.
A couple of sinks.
For a long time I had trouble even coming in here.
I used to dream about it.
It was my nightmare.
I was standing right here at the sink.
Someone had just left.
I was washing my face.
Suddenly I feel a pain shooting through my skull.
And I realize that my head has hit the porcelain as I'm crashing into the mirror.
My mind is one step behind.
Someone's attacking me.
I end up on the ground here.
And he's gone.
So I crawl out, and I try to stand up.
And he's on me again.
And he's kicking.
And punching.
And kicking.
And this sharp pain shoots through my hand as he stomps on it.
I can still feel it.
I'm lying there in the middle of the floor.
I can't stand.
I can't talk.
I just keep thinking: "Why didn't I do anything?" "Why didn't I fight back?" You cannot fight back.
You cannot move.
There's no window there.
Only a bright light in that corner.
Someone lies over there.
You know him.
A friend.
He's dead.
There are voices.
A scream from over there.
A chain.
You hang from a chain right here.
Right here.
There is laughter.
Fire over there.
They heat their long blades.
Hold Holds it to you.
It burns.
You cannot breathe.
It comes again, harder.
You smell it.
You smell your own flesh burning.
I wish for death.
But my wife My family My family - Hi.
- Hi, can I help you? I was hoping to catch Dr.
She left for the day.
Are you a patient? - Yes.
Carol Hathaway.
- Is it an emergency? No, I just need to see her.
Can I make an appointment? Sure.
What's it for? I'm going to have a baby.