ER s05e19 Episode Script

Rites of Spring

Previously on ER: Give him back to me! Give him to me! Group therapy in your first week? All I did was observe.
I'm going to have a baby.
I heard there might be a surgical trauma fellowship run out of the ER.
It was my idea.
I brought it to Greene and Weaver.
I need time for Reece.
- Don't make him an excuse to screw me! - I'll find something else! I don't want you to forfeit it to me.
If you want it, go for it! I'll still get it! - Morning, Carol.
- Morning.
Did you see that beautiful blue sky? I came in when it was still dark.
Cracker? No, thanks.
What are you doing? I woke up with a sudden urge to clean.
Do you realize this peritoneal lavage kit expired in 1996? If your symptoms persist, maybe you could work your magic on Admit.
I think I've been cured, thanks.
Well, it was worth a shot.
Good morning, Ron.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I wasn't looking.
You're looking bright.
I'm presenting on a panel at the Chicago Society of Trauma Physicians.
I'll stop griping about attending.
What's your topic? Ultrasound versus CT in blunt abdominal trauma.
I've had good findings.
I'll look forward to it.
Hey, man! You want to try giving it to me next time? The proper way to throw a Frisbee is off the middle finger, sidearm.
For me, it's the flick of the wrist that gives it that rotation.
Great catch.
For me, the key to Frisbee is a light touch.
So you're on your way to work.
My shift begins in 15 minutes, and today's my last day.
I thought things were going well with the INS.
Oh, it is.
I got amnesty.
Thank you.
I'm going to school to get my civil engineering license.
You and IKubby gonna stay here in Chicago? - Great.
- Carol? Do you know anything about this woman, Coco Robbins? Her and her baby are coming into the clinic.
She's schizophrenic and Social Services is having us monitor her baby care? To make sure she's taking her meds.
- That's a pretty risky proposition.
- She deserves a chance.
So this was your idea? I'm in touch with the halfway house where they are living.
I'll volunteer for her appointments.
You asked me to be responsible for the clinic.
I didn't know anything about this.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you about it.
No, Carol.
You should've asked.
She's due in a few minutes.
What are you doing? - Drafting teams for baseball.
- Want in? - Can I draft IKen Griffey? - He's mine.
I've got Sammy Sosa.
Because he's got the "cutest buns in baseball.
" How would you like to perform a righteous act and make me a happy man? Dean signed us for a mentoring project at the Math/Science Magnet School.
They put some of their top students into area hospitals like an independent study program.
I need you to hold his hand and give him a few errands to run.
- Okay.
- Good.
It is a public school, but I'm assured he's not a convicted felon.
When is this happening? Anytime now.
The kid's name is Antoine.
- Oh, today? - Yeah.
Don't leave him unattended around the drug lockup.
- Thank you.
- What's wrong? Nothing.
Are you back with us? No, I'm still in Psych.
You'll be back soon.
Don't get used to the cushy life.
Yeah, I won't.
Sally MclKenna? Did they get the glass out? The doctor is still with your husband.
I'm a student doctor in Psychiatry.
Can I ask a few questions? Michael's been very stressed out.
He's in law school.
He's never done anything like this.
The doctor said he attacked a car? He was working on a paper for the last few days, so I left him alone.
And today I woke up and he was in the street smashing our car with a bat.
Does Michael have any history of psychiatric problems? - Not at all.
- Michael ever use any drugs? No! Never.
I mean, well He'll drink a few beers.
A few beers doesn't make a person freak out like that.
I think it's just a buildup of stress.
I will talk to your husband as soon as the ER docs are done.
Hey, Jeanie.
Still doing triage? - So how are you feeling? - Not bad.
Any side effects from the ribavirin? - Nausea, fatigue - Peter, please.
I'm fine.
You look a little tired.
Why don't I check your LFTs? If the meds don't work, we need to know.
I've got a lab appointment today.
Listen, if you need me Thanks.
Excuse me, I've got patients I need to triage.
Carol, your appointment hasn't shown up.
- What? - Coco Robbins and her baby are late.
- Did she call? - I tried calling her.
No one has seen her.
Maybe I should go over there.
Maybe you should call Children and Family Services or the police.
I didn't think she'd do this.
If she doesn't stay on her meds, there's nothing we can do.
There's someone here to see you, a Coco Robbins.
Coco, are you all right? Where have you been? On my way.
I know I'm early.
I wasn't sure I should bother you.
- Early? - Twelve noon.
Yeah, they wrote it down for me.
They must have written it down wrong in the book.
- Is it still okay? - Yes, she'll take you into the clinic.
How's he doing? Good.
He's so beautiful, isn't he? He is beautiful.
- Morning, Peter.
- Hey.
I understand the trauma fellowship's going to happen.
Look, I'm sorry I came down so hard on you about your interest.
It was really silly of me to be so proprietary about it.
Apparently, they're expecting at least 15 applicants.
Really? Have you given up the cardiothoracic? I haven't made up my mind.
Well, feel free to apply for the trauma fellowship.
I appreciate that.
If you do, we have the inside track.
You know, home-team advantage.
Are you planning to go to the Trauma Conference this afternoon? I couldn't get away.
Romano has me doing a keyhole cardiac bypass.
Very fancy.
I don't think you'll be missing much.
I understand it's a dull affair.
Yeah, probably.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a partial gastrectomy to get to.
Tell me about the patient who smashed his car.
- I was just going in.
- You haven't worked him up? The ER just got done with him.
I need you to pull the information together and present the patient so I can decide to admit or medicate.
How long will it take? - Fifteen minutes.
- I'll see you in 10.
- Enjoying your Psych rotation? - You heard.
As a med student, your job is to get to know patients not work up all your Resident's patients for him.
Students who help their Residents get better grades.
Now's the time to learn about talking and listening to patients.
Don't let that get lost in the shuffle.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
She'll need to stay for an albuterol treatment.
She'll be fine.
Nita, it's Reverend Lynn.
Would you cancel my morning appointments? Yep.
I'll give you a call.
Yeah, right.
Sorry this is taking so long.
You're obviously busy.
I can wait.
How'd you do that to your thumb? Hammering the gutter on my church.
Hurts like hell.
I'm Matthew Lynn.
Jeanie Boulet.
You're a minister? South Street AME.
You know it? I'm not a churchgoer.
I had my fill of being told what I couldn't do.
I hear you.
You have a subungual hematoma, a collection of blood under your nail.
We'll drain it.
I'll call a doctor and give you something for the pain.
It looks like you also have swollen joints.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
I've had it for years.
I take pills for inflammation, then more so the first don't cause an ulcer.
That's not much fun.
Oh, I'm pretty lucky.
I've seen worse.
I'd lay off the hammering.
Don't want you having anther accident.
I don't believe in accidents.
If I hadn't hit my thumb, we would never have met.
- This is a divine intervention.
- Something like that.
You Antoine Bell? I'm Dr.
How are you doing? You'll be spending some time with us.
Let me show you around.
It's a little slow now, but that can change.
Sorry I can't make the conference.
I have a conflict with the committee.
I'll cauterize that bleeder in the abdominal wall.
If you like, I can leave a copy of my talk in your office.
I found the positive predictive value of ultrasounds higher than reported.
By the way, what did you think of Peter's study? He told me he wasn't presenting.
I'm talking about the sternal saw paper he and IKerry got accepted by the Annals of Emergency Medicine.
Quite provocative.
- Really? - Yes.
It could attract the grant money we'll need for the trauma fellowship.
I look forward to reading it.
Michael? Hi.
I'm Lucy IKnight.
How are you feeling? Pretty embarrassed.
I'm from Psychiatry, and I want to talk to you briefly.
Law school's been pretty rough going, your wife said.
Yes, but I got out of my system what I needed to get out.
I'm fine now.
I've felt like smashing things before.
What got you to the point where you actually did it? You know, pressure, things.
How have the last few days been? Just formulating my thoughts.
And how do you cope with your stress usually? Not much can be done.
Do you ever have a drink? Maybe a few beers? I do.
And have you been drinking more recently to cope with the stress? How much in the last few days? Drinking helps.
Oh, God! It helps you relax? It helps them be more quiet.
Who does it make more quiet? The demons.
You don't believe me.
But I hear them.
Are you hearing them now? Michael, I'll call Dr.
I would never hurt my wife.
I'm stronger than they are.
I wouldn't do what they said.
I hit the car instead.
They wanted me to do it to her but I hit the car.
He took three ounces of Enfamil 20 with iron at 4:25 this morning.
He burped at 4:47.
He peed at 5:05.
You're writing this all down? - Is that okay? - Of course.
I just want to make sure people see that I'm getting it all right.
Could you listen to his heart? It beats so fast.
Babies' hearts beat faster than adults'.
- It's perfectly normal.
- Oh, good.
I thought maybe something was wrong which is why I came early.
No, he's fine.
Aren't you? Sometimes he spits up a little after he eats.
Which is perfectly normal for a happy, healthy baby.
You can relax.
He's doing great.
And you're doing great.
I think he's a very lucky little boy.
I have to do right with this.
Better than right.
I know.
And you are.
If something goes wrong, I know I'll lose him.
Are you taking your meds? Yeah, it's here.
Look at my journal.
Everything's good at the halfway house? Great.
There's another woman there with a 2-month-old girl.
Everyone's so nice.
They love having these little babies around.
What's not to love? Any questions? - You'll be back in two days? - Two days, 10 a.
I'll be here.
You'll have to control your temper.
No more feet through picture frames.
My passion got the better of me.
What can I tell you? She's lucky that's all I put my foot through.
You married? - Divorced.
- Dating anybody steady? Not right now.
There you go.
Fast and loose.
Don't let them get their hooks in you.
From the age they grow boobs till they die they can make you crazy.
Do I tell the truth? All right.
Stay off this foot for a couple weeks.
No, doc, I can't do that.
I gotta get back out on the dance floor.
I go ballroom dancing a couple, three times a week.
- Really? - You dance? Dancing will turn you into a chick magnet.
I'd like to dance.
I just never learned how.
Except for my wedding.
I learned to tango.
Oh, the tango.
You know what I mean.
All right, Mr.
I'll check in with you later.
- Two weeks? With the foot? - Two weeks.
Where's your "Scared Straight" kid? I want to show him the morgue.
He's from the Math/Science Magnet School.
- Really? - Who said he was? No one.
My mistake.
Tell him I'm looking for him.
We got a trauma coming in.
Paramedics are bringing in a stabbing victim.
We'll take him there.
I want you to follow along.
Hang back.
- Seth Willows? - Here we are.
- Mrs.
Willows? - No.
I'm Leila Morgan.
This is my foster son, Seth.
Hi, Seth.
I'm Nurse Hathaway.
What happened here? He put his hand through a window.
Can I take a look? It's not gonna hurt.
Seth, stop! Now, stop this! Carol, you okay? - Why don't you take a seat? - Sit down right there, now, please.
I'm so sorry.
We're having such trouble with him.
I'm gonna get him into an exam room.
I'm also gonna call for a Psych consult.
We got a 55-year-old man stabbed in the neck.
BP's 135/82.
Pulse 110.
Airway seems okay.
Got a zone-two neck injury.
A good carotid pulse.
What else about the third man? Was he big? Small? - Skinny.
Not big.
- Are you usually hoarse like this? - No.
- Could be a nerve injury.
Or expanding hematoma.
Call X-ray.
I need a neck film.
Pulse ox 96.
- Want to explore him in the O.
? - He's stable.
Skinny and what? What was he wearing? - I don't know.
Dark clothes.
- On my count.
He needs a tetanus booster.
Gram of Ancef? Give him three of Unasyn.
- Why wasn't I paged? - Didn't need you.
Okay, here's the plan.
Chest is clear.
We need angiography, esophagoscopy laryngoscopy.
We should protect his airway.
I'm covering the ER, all right? Fine.
I'm finished here.
Draw up four of Versed and 10 of Norcuron.
Sir, we're gonna put you to sleep.
We're putting a tube in your mouth and you won't be able to speak.
I gotta get the descriptions.
He needs to be intubated.
His wife was DOA at the scene.
The killers are at large.
All right.
- Was he dark-skinned, light-skinned? - Medium.
Going my way? If you're going up to the O.
, I am.
Why so glum on this bright spring day? I've got a lot on my mind.
- Would that be the trauma fellowship? - Yeah, it might be.
I'll invite myself to sit on the selection committee.
Anspaugh says you've got a fighting chance.
I did have before Peter decided to apply.
He applied for the trauma fellowship? Yeah.
Hadn't you heard? No! I must be out of the loop.
I'm sure he was planning to tell you.
I'm sure it was just an oversight.
I am so sorry for the wait.
Someone will be in soon.
The sun is shining, the birds are singing and after that Vicodin, I'm feeling no pain.
Why don't you do my What did you call it? Subungual hematoma.
I see you're a physician assistant.
I'm working triage.
You said it's a simple procedure.
To tell you the truth, I'm not doing procedures anymore.
Anymore? I have hepatitis C, Reverend Lynn.
I don't want to risk infecting you.
How could you infect me? - Well, if I cut myself - Cut yourself? On what? I thought you just needed to drain the blood blister.
That's true.
If you're careful, shouldn't be any problem.
Remember, I don't believe in accidents.
What happened to the kid? Blood freak him out? Maybe the cop freaked him out.
What was he locked up for? Antoine is not a juvenile offender.
He attends the Southside Math/Science School and he's here for a project.
I'm Lucy IKnight.
And this must be Seth.
How are you doing in there? I've only had him a few weeks.
He got kicked out of the group home.
I took him on.
I've handled tough ones.
Why was he kicked out? Too much of a handful.
He's been shuttled around for three years.
How are you feeling, Seth? I'm sorry about him kicking the nurse.
I gave him Inderal.
- He shouldn't attack.
- Inderal.
That's the latest.
What other medications is he on? This is what they gave me: Tegretol for his impulsiveness.
Ritalin and clonidine for attention deficit.
Mellaril at bedtime to calm him down.
Sounds like he's being overmedicated.
Hey, Seth? You want a cookie? - So how are things going? - Okay.
Do you ever get dizzy sometimes? Sometimes I do get a buzzy feeling in my head.
Do you find that he's clumsy? That's what happened here.
He fell against a window and put his hand through.
This wasn't from an outburst.
I've been looking for you.
You took off right in the middle.
Was it the recurrent laryngeal nerve? You said he had a nerve injury making him hoarse.
Was it the recurrent laryngeal nerve? Yeah, probably.
Supplies the vocal cord muscles.
That's right.
I like this book.
Puncture wound below the nipple.
Tripped and fell on a sprinkler head while jogging.
BP is 95/65.
- Decreased breath sounds on the left.
- It hurts to breathe.
Set up for a chest tube, 32 French.
- Where's my wife? - On her way.
Okay, everybody, on my count.
One, two, three.
- You okay? - I just pinched my finger.
- It's all her fault.
- Betadine.
Number 10 blade.
And one of Versed.
It's all whose fault? My wife.
Forcing me to exercise.
I should've stayed on the couch.
Carol, chest tube tray.
"It's a beautiful day," she says.
"You should be out.
" - Last time I listen to her.
- Okay, just relax.
You should finish your rounds.
I'll be admitting this patient anyway.
All right.
Chest impalement, sixth intercostal space.
Possible injuries below the diaphragm.
Ultrasound? Abdomen's soft and non-tender.
I think it's just a chest injury.
Well, we can't be too sure, Peter.
Tube's in.
Hook up the Thora-Seal, Carol.
Where's Carol? Pressure's 110.
No way he got the spleen.
Better safe than sorry.
- 200 cc's out of the chest tube.
- No fluid in the abdomen.
- What did I tell you? - Still could've nicked the diaphragm.
- There was no possibility of that.
- Are we taking him up to the O.
? I'm gonna give him a laparotomy.
I prefer a less invasive laparoscopy.
You might miss a viscus injury.
Why don't you take a moment and figure out what you want to do? I need your help.
- Are you okay? - I was cramping.
Now I'm spotting.
Is it time for your period? No, Mark.
I'm pregnant.
Do you see a heartbeat? I can't tell.
It's hard to get a good view.
Come on, Mark.
I don't see a heartbeat.
Oh, man! Carol, it's not necessarily a blighted ovum.
It's probably just too early to see with this.
I'll call Radiology and set up an appointment for a vaginal ultrasound.
Are you planning on going through with the pregnancy? I was hoping to, yeah.
What does Doug think? I figured I'd wait on that one.
Get through the first trimester.
If I miscarry, there's not much to tell.
- He'd want to know either way.
- Yeah, I will.
I'll tell him at some point.
I'm trying to get used to this myself.
Things are complicated enough.
- I'll call for that appointment.
- Thanks, Mark.
You say he's been irritable? Off and on.
IKind of grouchy.
From all the spitting up and his stomachache.
Has he lost any weight? I think so, now that you say that.
His pants used to be snug.
- Where do you live? - Apartment on Cottage Grove.
- Pretty old building? - Yeah, I'd say so.
Roaches be having family reunions.
Peeling paint? Peeling everything.
I bet Lonnie likes to put things in his mouth.
Yeah, he do.
Has he been screened for lead? Lead? No.
What's wrong with him? We'll run more tests, get a better sense of what's wrong.
- So let's get a CBC and a lead level.
- Right.
We're gonna see if his symptoms are a result of lead poisoning.
Maybe from eating flecks of paint, which kids do.
The lead-level results won't be back for a while but we can learn some things from the blood work.
Just make him better.
Aesop, down.
Dissect and mobilize the internal mammary.
- Got it.
- Excellent, Peter.
You definitely have the dexterity for cardiothoracic, no doubt about it.
This is amazing.
- It's like operating a marionette.
- Cutting edge in cardiac bypass.
- Didn't I tell you? - You told me.
All right, let's keep flooding the field with CO2.
We'll spoon up the artery and lift it off the anterior wall and anastomose the mammary to the anterior branch of the coronary.
Make an end run around the diseased artery.
You're familiar with the concept of an end run? - Of course I am.
- Yes.
I know that you are.
High levels of lead can cause basophilic stippling in the blood cells.
And there it is.
See this? The red cells are hypochromic, or less red than normal red cells which is a sign of anemia.
That's low iron in the hemoglobin.
That's right.
Red blood cells need iron so they can deliver oxygen to the tissues.
IKids who are anemic lack iron which makes it very easy for the lead to bind to the red blood cells.
So you can see how this puts kids like Lonnie in a doubly bad position.
How? Poor children are more likely to be anemic because of inadequate diet.
And poor kids are more likely to be exposed to lead paint - Because they live in older buildings.
- Yes.
- So this kid's got lead poisoning.
- Looks like a pretty severe case.
Are you upset about something? Why would I be upset? I've been talking you up for the cardiothoracic fellowship to anybody who will listen to me.
And today I find out you're vying for the ER trauma fellowship.
It's a bit confusing.
Well, I wasn't taking the cardiothoracic fellowship for granted.
So the trauma fellowship is just a fallback.
I see.
And if you were selected for both, you would choose? Cardiothoracic.
Any indecision you're feeling about your future, I can help.
Just say the word and I'll take the cardiothoracic fellowship off the table.
That's my first choice.
Just be clear, Peter.
For your own sake, and mine.
Radiology can see you at 5:00 for the ultrasound.
Why don't we get out of here? Take a walk, grab a movie.
I thought you had to go to a Trauma Conference.
Who wants to hang out with a bunch of doctors? Go to the conference.
I'm fine.
I just thought we I could use this time by myself right now.
All right.
But I'm around if you need to talk.
- I know.
- I told IKerry you were feeling ill.
So if you have to take off early Thanks, Mark.
Nurse Hathaway? Coco, what are you doing back here? If I didn't do something right with the baby, would you have to tell on me? How are you doing, Seth? - Got any more cookies? - Sure I do.
I was talking to your foster mom.
She seems like a pretty nice lady.
What do you think? She's new.
She said your natural mom died a few years ago.
I never knew my dad.
It's hard to grow up without a parent.
She died in a car crash.
It was my dad's fault.
That's an awful thing to happen.
Do you think about it a lot? No.
Does it make you mad sometimes? You got any more cookies? That was my last one.
If you don't want to talk about your parents, we don't have to.
Why do you want to? I like talking to you.
I want to know what's on your mind.
My dad gets drunk a lot.
That why you have to stay with foster parents sometimes? He's an alcoholic.
A lot of people have that problem.
It makes it kind of tough on you, though.
I only wish that my dad would come and see me sometime.
Taxi! Taxi! Come on! Taxi! Hey! - Taxi! - Thanks a lot, buddy.
Hey! Hey! Thank you very much! Elizabeth? You all right? I cannot get a cab in this bloody city.
Listen, we can take the EI.
It goes right near the hotel.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I wasn't sure about the bath.
Nobody showed me.
I didn't know what to do.
Yes, you did.
You knew to come back and ask for help.
I was afraid to look stupid.
Well, you did the right thing.
Just support him with your hand like that.
And then just gently wash him with a mild soap.
You're good at this.
You must do it a lot.
No, not really.
You'll get good at it too.
Why don't you give it a try? Hey! - Hey, Dr.
Carter, did you need me? - Yeah.
Cracking the whip on you, Toine.
- All right.
- All right.
- Friends of yours from school? - Friends from the neighborhood.
You don't have to worry about the tie.
It's not necessary.
Well, my mom said to wear it.
- You ever had a job before, Antoine? - No.
This isn't a job, but there are things I feel I ought to tell you.
Not to give you a hard time, but You're bright, you'll learn it anyway.
Might as well be now.
- All right.
- All right? With any job you have in the future, things will be expected of you.
- That means no hanging with buddies.
- I had a reason.
I don't want to hear it.
I'm not giving you a hard time.
Just letting you know what I expect of you.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
- What's next? - Specificity.
I got Sensitivity.
It's a little crumpled.
I'll take it.
- Methodologies? - No.
False Negative Rates? Bingo.
Outcomes? It's got a footprint on it.
Looks kind of interesting.
Oh, it's not very sexy.
Just meta-analysis.
Thought it might help me bag the trauma fellowship.
- Yeah.
Can't hurt.
- Be better if I had it published.
I'm sorry about that chest wound today.
Why are you sorry? You did a great job.
Trauma shouldn't be a battleground for surgeons.
- Oh, you mean Peter.
- Yep.
- Well, that must be tough.
- What? - Competing with your boyfriend.
- Not boyfriend.
Just competing.
- I thought you two were - History.
I gotta get better sources.
This is us.
- Think they'll still let me speak? - Ten minutes? That's nothing.
I was supposed to go first.
Well, you were busy saving someone in the ER.
- Four hours ago? - Work with me.
- So why aren't we stopping? - Guess it's not a weekend stop.
We can get off at the next stop.
- Does that feel better? - Much.
You should be taking care of people not working up front, checking pulses and doing paperwork.
I'm sorry I took so long.
I got held up.
- Reverend, how are you? - Can't complain.
- She's been taking good care of me.
- You two know each other? Since Peter was a little boy with straight A's.
I haven't seen you around lately.
Well, I've been pretty busy here and taking care of Reece.
My mother used to attend Reverend Lynn's church.
Are you the Jeanie that helped Mrs.
Benton? - I am.
- She spoke of you.
Just before she passed.
She told me you were her angel that you brought her comfort.
I'll never forget how much you meant to my mother.
You see? I told you we didn't meet by accident.
So Dr.
Benton and I are both in your debt.
I'd like to offer some healing prayers.
I need all the help I can get.
- You mean right now? - The spirit has moved me.
That wasn't so bad.
Conference Room C.
- Which way? - I don't know.
- You been here before? - I don't know the rooms.
Conference rooms.
But I'm serious.
I'm gonna marry this girl.
- Sorry.
- Let's get out of here.
Can you tell us where the Trauma Physicians' Conference is? - Did you check the directory? - Conference Room C, but it's a wedding.
That's Ballroom C.
Conference C's on the lower level.
Where's the elevator? - Through the bar.
- That makes sense.
- Thank you.
- Want a drink? - Sure.
We got time.
- Look! A giant pig ice sculpture.
Oh! Sorry.
She's had a little too much to drink.
So you here for the conference? It's taking too long.
- Let's take the stairs.
- Good idea.
- You're terrible.
- Who? Me? You ran into them.
- Hurry up.
- I'm in heels! Well, take them off, woman.
- "Woman"? Did you call me "woman"? - Who? Me? I'll let it slide.
You did rush to my rescue.
- I haven't saved you yet.
- At least we can make an appearance.
It's a dead end.
Uh-oh! - Very funny.
- No, really.
It's locked.
You've got to be kidding me.
I think somebody didn't want us to make this conference.
Carter? Could I see you over here for a minute, please? This is Sharice Haines.
And this is her son, Andre.
I think he has lead poisoning.
Could you take a look? Sure.
- Hello.
- Hi.
He's been feeling sick.
I don't know why.
I sent some of my friends to go bring Andre and his mother in.
- I can examine him now.
- And do those blood tests? If it's needed.
First thing is to take a history and do a physical exam.
May I see your son? Let me ask you a few questions.
Carter? I know it's past 4:00 but can I hang around and see how this goes? Absolutely.
Thank you.
Does it hurt when I do that, Andre? When I press right here? Seth is overmedicated, sent from one foster home to another.
Each time, he gets a new med without regard to the old ones.
You found out just in time.
The credit really goes to my student.
Lucy found the problem right away.
- Good job.
- We can put him on proper medication.
I think he could benefit from psychotherapy as well.
All he really needs is for someone to listen to him and to care.
Glad to hear you say that.
Most students think it's about meds.
Not many take the time to do therapy.
Residents are like that too, right? I suppose so.
- You might learn from your student.
- Could I continue counseling this kid? Your rotation's almost over.
Then I start my second ER rotation.
I'd still like to see him if possible.
I'll supervise you myself.
This would be a great case for you.
Well? I don't understand.
We can look into transplants, talk to - They're fine.
- What? My liver function tests are almost normal.
The meds must be working.
Yeah, I'll say.
Maybe I stressed myself out and made myself sick.
I guess you can't underestimate the power of prayer, huh? I need you to take everything off and put on the gown.
The radiologist will be in very soon, okay? We have a struggling national health service, but I believe in it.
I meant for the surgeons.
You seem so desperate to stay.
- Am I that transparent? - Well, not "desperate.
" - I like it here.
It suits me.
- You don't get homesick? A little.
I do get Ionely sometimes.
I complain about work.
But it's my most loyal companion, really.
It's hard to get used to it.
You know, being alone.
But After a while, you expect it.
I mean, you just have to appreciate it.
- You really believe that? - I'm full of crap.
You two locked in? - Yes.
- Yes.
You still want that drink? You got it.
You haven't learned your lesson.
It's a character flaw.
I'm a stubborn old mule.
I hear you.
So you're here.
It's a start.
Is there a heartbeat? You said you've had some cramping? A little.
And earlier today, some spotting.
There we go.
Right there.
Strong, steady heartbeat.
- Are you sure? - No doubt about it.
Thank God.
Not 100o/o guarantee that everything will be okay, but it's a good sign.
- The bubonic plague? - I was 9 years old.
The counselor said not to feed squirrels that we might get bubonic plague.
- Could you? - I don't know.
But Timmy fed the squirrels! So Timmy had to be locked in the cabin? "Timmy.
" Not "Jimmy.
" - I said "Timmy.
" - It sounded like "Jimmy.
" Listen.
- What? - It's weird.
What's weird? They're playing a tango.
You know the tango? Want to crash a wedding? You do know how to do this? It's a traditional American wedding dance.
- I'm not sure.
- Just follow my lead.