ER s05e20 Episode Script


Previously on ER: - Well, that must be tough.
- What? - Competing with your boyfriend.
- Not boyfriend, just competing.
Any indecision you're feeling about your future, I can help.
Say the word and I will take the cardiothoracic off the table.
Feel free to apply for the trauma fellowship.
You're a little closed-off for my taste.
Emotionally withdrawn.
Roxanne called twice.
- So? - So? So what? You plan on going through with the pregnancy? - I was hoping to.
- What does Doug think? Do we even pretend to be living in a democracy anymore? It's just a power play between career Republicans and Democrats and who hates who more.
If there were still guillotines and burning at the stake they'd be doing that to each other.
Hey, this is where I do two reps of 10.
- You want to go first? - Go ahead.
I didn't know anybody stopped at these.
End of your first trimester you get energy.
I have to keep my heart rate under 140.
So did you read it? What did you think? It's a good letter.
You're very clear about what you want and don't want from him.
I had to write it all out.
- But you're gonna talk to him? - Oh, sure.
I just After he reads it I know Doug's gonna go on his gut reaction.
- I don't want him running back here.
- You don't? When are you gonna send it? I'm gonna fax it.
I got his fax number a couple days ago.
What do you think he'll do? Honestly? He'll be on the first plane.
Oh, Lucy, Lucy, I'm late.
I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
- Thanks for meeting me.
I didn't mean to sound so mysterious.
I didn't know what you drink.
I gave up caffeine for Lent.
Let me get right to the point.
We're both busy people.
- It's about John.
- Carter? I've tried to bring this up with him and got nowhere fast.
Let me try you.
If you two are involved, flirtation or twice-a-day sex in the lab someone needs to let me know and I'll get out of the way.
There's nothing going on between me and Carter.
Okay, maybe at one point I thought there might be.
But no.
We haven't really spoken in the last few months.
So much for that theory.
Honestly, he works so hard I doubt he has time to cheat on you.
You mean our relationship has stalled out on its own? - I don't know about that.
- It has.
I mean, it has.
We have been at the lot-of-laughs phase for too long.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You were my last resort for an obstacle I could tackle.
I wish I had better news for you.
You know, I don't envy you.
He's one mixed-up guy.
He is.
Sweet, but mixed-up.
A deadly combination.
I think about your breasts all day.
I think about you.
I'll come to work with you.
I want you to.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Here we go again.
I lost power twice last night.
We didn't.
It's the weather.
The humidity.
It's arcing at the substation.
I can't be late.
- I love you.
- I love you.
It's spring.
No, really.
I admire you.
- I like emergency medicine.
- It takes guts.
What takes guts? To tackle something that got the best of her the first time around.
Good, because you're gonna get a second chance to supervise her.
What am I supposed to do with this? I called UPS.
If they're not here by this afternoon, let me know.
The Oriental? It's gotta be in Bangkok by Sunday.
Good boy, Carter.
Mother's Day.
- Oh, no.
- This week? You forgot your mothers? I better call the bowling alley.
That's what she likes.
What are your kids doing? Every year, runny eggs and burnt toast in bed two hours before I want to wake up.
I can't wait.
I never let Mother know what's in store.
Last year it was a helicopter ride and a concert.
And this year I'm taking her to the places she liked to take me as a kid.
The zoo, the Adler, a little tearoom back in our old neighborhood.
Didn't think I had a mother, did you? Just trying to picture her.
- So, what do we got here today? - We? Didn't IKerry tell you? I'm spending the day down here.
IKerry just asked for the day off.
As Acting Chief, I wanted a better understanding of what goes on here.
You want oozing pustules or projectile vomiting? I don't want to see patients, I just want to watch and marvel.
So, together again.
Bet you were about to call.
We got a late start.
Hey, Reece.
- Is Carla's van in the shop again? - No.
She just had a big day today.
Next time she gets stuck, tell her to call.
We weren't stuck.
I love being with Reece.
All right.
Let's get him in here.
I'll pick him up at 3, right? I'll bring him home after speech therapy.
I thought you were going the signing route.
I'm just doing what's best for my son.
Be good, son.
hypotensive, febrile, purulent sputum.
See? The doctors came right in.
- Septic.
- We had to tube him.
Brought his pressure up with dopamine and gave him some cefotaxime.
Why don't you get him to ICU? We're waiting for beds upstairs.
Can you tell us what you have? Temp's a little elevated at 99.
Well, she fell out of her wheelchair down the back stoop.
I was ringing the doorbell up front.
And I heard the bang and my heart sank.
I'm the Armstrong's neighbor.
I insisted on driving them in.
BP's 160/90.
Armstrong reports symptoms of disorientation.
They don't want to call it that.
- He frets about his health plan.
- Gladys doesn't have her hearing aid.
I do the best I can looking in on them.
She's such a dear.
- Army's not much of a cook.
- Okay, I get the picture! Have Carter and Lucy take a look.
Are they done? Is she okay? And that is why I prefer my patients anesthetized.
Is she putting on weight, Nurse what's-her-name? - Carol Hathaway? - Is she porking out? I've had some fantasies about that one.
Okay, in Exam Four we have a recurrent DVT on a heparin drip.
You ever dream about Lizzie? - What? - It'd be understandable.
It's one motive I could follow for the ER trying to poach her away.
The trauma fellowship is not about poaching, Robert.
How long's it been, Mark since you had a trauma come in? What? Today? Five, six hours.
Usually If you actually had a trauma fellow, for the last five or six hours that highly skilled Surgical Resident would've been sitting on her hands.
Or maybe babysitting gorks waiting for ICU beds.
We got a partial scalping on the way.
Fell down an escalator at O'Hare.
- Not a moment too soon.
- Well, timing is everything.
" That's what I need.
That one has no perfume enhancement, just pure synthetic pheromones for those who want to maximize biologic signals.
I should try this on Al.
If you're in a committed relationship, "Full-Pher" is for you.
It has a sandalwood fragrance but with a dopamine-like boost.
And I'm not one for perfumes.
This isn't perfume! It's biochemical-awareness therapy.
They say pheromones are responsible for who you're attracted to.
Medical professionals always understand.
Looking for me? This is Phyllis Farr.
And she experienced some shortness of breath this morning.
She has a history of A-fib and had an embolic CVA two years ago.
And she is now on Coumadin and Dig.
One teeny, tiny little stroke.
And I was smoking like a chimney then.
Some men are inherently less receptive.
I think it was just anxiety.
I have a meeting with Marshall Fields.
Miss Farr thinks she doesn't need to stay.
I'd like her admitted.
Her dyspnea was relieved by nitro.
It could be angina.
Darling, I am entirely too young for that.
I don't think we need to admit you yet.
But we should get you on an EIKG and monitor you here in the ER.
Also check a troponin with a CPIK.
You're saying to cancel Marshall Fields? They want you more when they know you're busy.
Did you send it? I am.
I'm ravenous.
You really do get cravings.
Can you get to the cafeteria? Do they have a surf 'n turf? That's what I feel like: A big, buttery lobster and a thick, raw steak.
- Morton's after the shift.
My treat.
- No, I want it now.
You have a patient for me? Sweet lady.
Watch out for the husband.
Where's the rule-out thoracic aneurysm? - Maggie's patient? - Peter told me to take it.
I think she died.
Check in Sutures.
Thoracic aneurysm? Is that the patient? No.
She's back from X-ray.
Where do they want her? Sorry.
Check at the desk.
Peter's already been paged on this, but you'll want to see.
It takes more than a scalp avulsion to get my heart pumping.
I had stuff in my hands.
Somebody shoved me from behind.
- I hate escalators.
- How about here? Yeah.
That hurts.
- Elizabeth, nice to see you.
- Scalp injury? Ms.
Price tried to get to baggage claim headfirst.
- Am I bleeding a lot? - The scalp likes to gush.
- Would you like to help me tie it off? - Oh, I'd be delighted.
- Curved IKelly, 3-0 Vicryl.
- I need some suction.
They had our plane circling for two hours because of the wind.
It's about to storm.
There it is.
Think you can put a clamp on it? With your help.
Holding steady There you go.
That's it.
Got it.
Now, show me your tip.
You two want me to leave? Actually, it's surgeon talk.
He elevates his clamp so that I can slide my suture That sounds worse, doesn't it? Well, you know what they say Power's out.
Okay, folks.
In a few seconds, the auxiliary generator will switch on.
- Who's charge nurse for internal? - Power failure.
Make sure all vents are plugged into the red outlets Okay, like I said, false alarm.
Power's been restored.
I never heard no generator kick in! It takes a few seconds.
Your family would've been taken care of.
You hope.
My uncle's connected.
- The machines are on a battery backup.
- I wasn't talking about machines! A little excitement? Did Roxanne find you? She wants lunch.
- It's a little busy.
- She was in Chairs.
Can you help me reboot Miss Farr's EIKG monitor? I think it shut off when we lost power.
Yeah, I'll try.
- It's the perfect time.
- But we haven't gone public yet.
All the more reason to act now.
Some companies won't consider clients with high-risk profiles.
Especially those with pre-existing conditions.
Oh, Dr.
I seem to be powerless.
Yes, I know.
I'll take care of that in a minute.
I had a free hour and I thought You hawking my patient? She might have suffered an MI.
- Lydia said her EIKG was good.
- Are you selling her insurance? It was a countermove.
She was selling me 100 shares of a pheromone It is unethical to prey on people while they're vulnerable.
"Prey" on people? I sold insurance before I met you.
I sold you some before we went out.
- Why are you picking a fight? - I'm not.
Why would I want to fight? I don't know.
But maybe you want to break up.
It'd be easier over some failure of mine.
If you want to break up, say so.
I want to break up.
I think it's sleazy to push insurance on people when they're patients.
Who left this patient in the hall?! I saw an X-ray tech.
Did he just leave her? There's no chart.
Oh, God! What the hell happened? She's not breathing! Let's get her to Trauma! - We need a hand here! - What's going on? Female patient, no I.
Respiratory arrest.
I think she's been beaten.
- Put her on a monitor.
- We need help! - What is going on? - A woman found in the hall.
- It looks like she's been beaten.
- And sexually assaulted.
I'm in.
Bag her.
I need postintubation film.
- Is Peter still next door? - He took Price to Radiology.
BP's 110/80.
Pulse ox is 97.
- Order a head and belly CT.
- Fractured ribs.
Where'd you find her? She was outside Exam Four on a gurney.
I saw a tech bring her down from X-ray.
An X-ray tech or someone from Transpo? I don't know.
I'd never seen him before.
- From Medicine? - Sulla Andrews.
- When was she found? - Couple hours ago.
When did you last see her? make any sense that she disappeared.
- She was a patient? - Medical ward.
- No wonder the cops are everywhere.
- I hope Dr.
Corday got a good look.
- Pretty scary.
- I'm looking over my shoulder.
Police say we should alert all staff to the possibility of a tech or someone who looks like one who may be dangerous.
Let's not panic.
You mean not tell the patients? - It doesn't seem necessary now.
- The guy probably bolted.
Don't leave any patients unattended.
Don't relinquish patients to anyone who doesn't have proper hospital I.
What if you're not sure? There's a policeman stationed in every hallway.
Call them.
All right? Oh, that smarts.
We're trying to be gentle.
Did you change these dressings? I thought you might want to x-ray her.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I just suddenly got tired.
Oh, great.
I need the right hip.
Did she break anything, doctor? That's what this x-ray will tell us.
I knew as soon as I heard that bang.
I knew she'd fallen.
Oh, this is a waste of time.
I think it would be best if we come over here away from the x-ray, okay? It won't matter.
Gladys, get your car.
Have you had anything to eat? You've been here for hours.
- Shooting.
- I'm not hungry.
Get the car! I'm not hungry.
Army never eats.
Look at him.
Like a scarecrow.
I'm taking her home.
- No one can help.
- How's everything going? Well, there certainly are plenty of doctors on hand.
I'm Dr.
No one can help.
You put her on IV antibiotics? She had a bleeding sacral decubitus with surrounding cellulitis.
- She has what? - Bed sores.
And she's in pain after a fall.
I'm guessing it's a fractured hip.
Her leg is internally rotated.
I'm Gladys, their neighbor.
I brought her in.
Good work, Gladys.
Okay, everything looks under control.
You need any help with her husband? I was thinking about calling Psych.
He seems depressed.
You might want to stay focused.
But he's her primary caregiver.
Her situation won't improve unless he's able to help.
Do you really think he's gonna talk to Psych? Give it a try.
Also Carol needs a break.
Her name is Laurie Heller.
Ward nurse said her bed was empty after rounds.
She's talking to the detective now.
Unfortunately, no one up in Medicine saw anyone resembling the man I saw.
She hasn't regained consciousness? I don't think she will.
She's been admitted since a traffic accident 10 days ago in a vegetative state.
Oh, God.
Her family has just been persuaded to extubate her and transfer her to long-term nursing care.
They've been hoping for a miracle.
It's barbaric.
Here I am, the worst eyewitness in history.
I could hardly tell them anything.
I didn't pay attention to the guy.
I'm sure you helped.
Average height, I think.
White, but with a dark complexion.
Maybe Latino, maybe Middle Eastern.
But he didn't have an accent, as far as I remember.
I don't know.
I'm afraid that what I do remember I'm making up because I don't want to be of no help.
Maybe talking to him scared him off.
CT confirmed a splenic laceration.
Romano wants to do an ex-lap.
He's gonna operate? Not that an operation's gonna mean much to Miss Heller.
Robert says she's a liability.
What do you think? I think it's better than doing nothing.
She already got pushed down an escalator.
It wasn't intentional.
You want her to sit here while I get my badge? You're supposed to wear your I.
- Since when does the P.
Care? - I can vouch for him.
You'd think I was a felon! Is this Mark Greene's scalp lac? CT gave the green light to stitch.
Put her in Sutures.
Wear your I.
- How come? - Because I said so.
Carter, I heard a terrible rumor.
- Apparently a patient got assaulted.
- That is true.
I was asking about Roxanne.
Did you break up? - Who told you that? - She did.
- Yeah, it's true.
- She won't be coming around anymore? Can't you think of the rest of us? - You liked her? - What's not to like? Miss Farr's a little altered.
Lucy wants to send her for a head CT.
Doesn't Lucy have her own patient? What's this one called? Oh, shoot! What is that? It's right on the tip of my tongue.
Did you get that hip x-ray result back on Mrs.
Armstrong? It's not done yet.
Psych is on the way down.
I'm a little worried.
- Miss Farr seems a bit confused.
- I'll check it out.
I think she should have a head CT.
- I'll see you later, Miss Farr.
- Sex.
What? That's the name of the scent.
" - So your head hurts? - It may be stuffy in here.
We should put your perfumes away.
Some of them are a little strong.
You have a very slender nose.
- Do I? - Makes common sense.
The size of the VNO would correspond to the size of the nasal cavity.
VNO? Vomeronasal organ.
Picks up messages from other people's glands.
Do you find yourself affected by the opposite sex? Oh, I'd say I notice them.
- What about your ability to bond? - Follow my finger.
Are you experiencing weakness or numbness? People with deficient VNOs often have trouble appreciating oxytocin which is the hormone that evokes deep Intimacy.
I think we should set Miss Farr up with a head CT.
Carter, were you breast-fed? - So I missed another trauma.
- A tragic case, actually.
- Is Romano doing the ex-lap? - You needn't join us if you're busy.
Well, he'll need an assist.
- We both know I can handle that.
- You're an Intern.
Stop seeing every move I make as a competition, okay? Right.
It looks as though you're going for the trauma fellowship.
I haven't made up my mind.
How many surgical heavyweights does it take to screw in a light bulb? Depends on what's at stake, I guess.
I heard you were zonked-out in the lounge.
I closed my eyes for two minutes.
I was on a break.
I'm entitled to 15 minutes every four hours.
I know.
I've just never seen you take one.
Well, I'm gonna start.
I need to fax this.
Be my guest.
Or you want me to? It's kind of personal.
I'll do it myself, if that's okay.
Do I look like IKerry Weaver? Looks like we're out again.
- I wish I hadn't made that incision.
- I can see enough to suction.
I've got nothing.
Everybody, hold on.
The auxiliary power will kick in.
Don't worry, Mrs.
We keep flashlights by all the What did I spill? Damn it! Auxiliary power is online.
Come on.
Damn it! Damn it! I need you on task.
Hit every room.
Make sure all vents are in redundant plugs.
- I'm coming.
- What's going on? Do you have any batteries? Leave it to the cops to be prepared.
- Is this all the lighting we get? - Lighting is not priority.
Jerry, could you get my letter out of that damn thing? We're gonna follow the plan.
Critical equipment first, patient concerns second.
I wish it weren't getting dark.
- What about the rapist? - Still missing.
Everyone, please calm down.
Everything is under control.
Don't worry.
We do have a loss of power.
Our backup generators will supply power to the ventilator and to the pump that delivers your meds.
We need some light over here! I think Lucy's getting a flashlight.
Oh, there we go! Oh, no, Gladys.
The red plugs are for priority medical use.
Why? We need to conserve our auxiliary power.
Greene's looking for you.
The ICU wants to send down six criticals.
They have this new backup generator that never came on.
Oh, boy! Here.
Armstrong? This is Dr.
Myers from Psych.
He just wanted to talk to you in another room for a few minutes.
Everyone can stay, but until power's restored we won't be starting any noncritical cases.
- It's 670, I'm telling you! - 670 is not transmitting.
Jerry? Static is all I can hear.
- I'm not getting a line.
- Outside lines don't work.
This is hard-wired to the ICU, isn't it? We can't take six more criticals.
I'm trying to offer the ICU four of our Life-Paks instead.
- That'll only give us two! - What can I do? Can you get radio contact to the ICU? I can.
B3 to 740.
What's that noise? Sounds like a low battery.
I'll check.
- Oh, sorry.
- Slow down.
What's that smell? No retroperitoneal bleeding.
The liver, duodenum and pancreas look okay.
This makes you hopeful about Y2IK.
It's out everywhere in the building.
- Did you call? - I couldn't get through.
Go check on the little nipper, Peter.
Reece has this thing about the dark.
It is just the spleen.
- Do you have an extra flashlight? - We'll fix you up.
- I want a smoke! - We would love to let you out, okay? I've got the code here.
Is that it? The key pad's not getting juice.
Fine! I'll smoke in here! Jerry, walk that guy out the employee entrance.
And call Engineering.
You need an hour to get a ProTime? I can't wait that long.
Did an animal die around here? Anyone see where Psych took Mr.
Armstrong? She has a history of embolic CVAs and now she's altered.
- Miss Farr's worse? - Who? I knew she needed a CT.
Aren't we closed to internal disaster? - Maybe they didn't get the news.
- Get it done! - What's with the doors? - The generator's on a magnetic lock.
The key pad which releases the door is on nonessential power.
- What does that mean? - It means we're screwed.
- Open up! - Yeah, we're trying to.
You have anything to pry open the doors? - I'll check! - We got a 33-year-old repairman - Can you hear me? - Yeah.
Go on! A possible electrocution and a 15-foot fall.
He was found unconscious at the foot of a power pole.
Frequent PVCs in the field.
Normal sinus now.
Let me try.
He may have been struck by lightning.
His coworker said it went close.
Okay, people.
We're gonna take him in through the window.
We need you to get up and move to the other side of the hall.
Let's get all these chairs out of here.
Eric, can you give me a hand? - Can we get this window off? - Lift.
Why don't we smash it? No, no, no.
We got it.
Just the backboard.
We need a gurney in here.
Are you ready? Good.
Everybody grab hold.
Easy, easy.
How're you doing? Welcome to County General.
Get on the radio to Dispatch and tell them we are closed to trauma.
Got it.
- She's crashing! - Miss Farr? Get on it, both of you.
Jerry, page Benton.
Reece? Where's her bottle? Reece, where are you? - It's Daddy.
- Right over here.
What are you doing? What are you doing? What is that? You're looking at the sky.
Is this fun? - Penny for your thoughts.
- I hesitate to say.
We're ready to close.
I was just thinking Miss Heller's body's been through quite enough.
An accident, a coma a brutal attack.
The kindest thing might be to let her go in peace.
Of course, we can't.
Careful what you ask for.
She's bradying down.
Don't tell me that.
EIKG looks good.
Looks like a lightning strike.
I was up the pole.
That's all I remember.
A flashover effect.
I want to keep this shirt.
- It's all yours.
- Full-thickness burns.
What have we got? - What have you got? - Hi, Reece.
He took a hit of lightning, fell 15 feet.
No guarding or tenderness.
Let's prep for a lavage.
Let's move.
Hang on, man.
- Why are you doing a nasotrach? - So I won't paralyze her.
All right, I'm in.
Go ahead.
Bag her.
- Good job.
- Not really.
Without a CT, I have no idea what to do next.
Don't you think she threw a clot? If she's inadequately anticoagulated.
She needs heparin to thin her blood and prevent further clotting.
What if she's overanticoagulated? Then she needs IK and FFP.
Heparin would kill her.
Good breath sounds.
Hook her up.
- That's why you needed a ProTime.
- Bingo.
Is an AC of 14 okay in the vent? - We're dead.
- I'll bag her.
What the hell?! Oh, we just lost backup.
- This is still on.
- It's on battery.
Patients on vents have to be bagged.
Get them started.
I lost my monitors for a 62-year-old.
History of CVA and heart disease.
- Auxiliary power is out.
- Life-Paks? - We gave the extras to ICU.
- Go.
I'll take care of this.
What do you think? She can take that one.
What happened to the generator? I thought it was supposed to be foolproof.
Apparently not.
Can you take Reece? Jerry can look after him.
Mark, Carter needs you! Okay.
Go, Mark.
I got this one.
- Another unit in.
- Still no pressure.
Damn it! Damn it! I can't think without the alarms blaring.
Try phenyl ephedrine.
Wait! Her neck veins are distended.
No pulse in the aorta.
- Tamponade? - Exactly.
You're going in blind? Okay.
Retract the left lobe of the liver.
Pericardiocentesis without monitors.
Careful not to puncture the ventricle.
It's all right.
Got it.
Give me a minute to check the pressure.
I think it's coming up.
All in a day's work.
We're boned.
The wrong treatment could kill her.
- Don't worry.
We're here with you.
- We need the CT.
Watch her chest expansions.
Whole-blood clotting time.
- What? - Something from the Dark Ages.
Do you have an extra red top on you? Of her blood? Yeah.
I always hold one.
- How long ago did you draw it? - About 45 minutes ago.
No signs of clotting.
- I'll say she's overanticoagulated.
- So we treat her? We do an LP first.
Do you have a minute? - Yeah.
- Oh, I'll take over.
Lavage is negative.
- Blood in the urine.
- Could be ruptured bladder or kidneys.
No CT.
You want to do an ex-lap? Let me see this.
Let's get a specimen cup and set up a microscope.
I've lost his pulse.
- I think he's in V-tach! - Move! Let's get the defibrillator back! - Carol, where's Haleh's patient? - Exam One.
- You okay in here? - Fine.
Get away from her.
- What the hell? - Step back.
Security! - Hey, relax.
- Who are you? Tom Frawley.
I'm an RN at Mercy, but I live down the block.
Do you have I.
? I came in to help.
They said to irrigate her scalp lac.
He's doing a real nice job.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you.
It's okay.
Good pickup.
I've got him on Ativan.
- He seemed pretty depressed.
- He's having suicidal ideation.
- Really? - It happens more than people know.
A lot of thoughts about pulling the trigger.
He's a danger to himself.
What about others? - I need that! - I'll bring it back as soon as I can.
- No pulse.
- I'll hook up the lead.
Don't bother.
I'll take a quick look.
He's in fib.
Let's shock him at 200.
- Set.
- Clear! Damn! 300.
Clear! - It's not charged yet.
- Batteries take longer.
We'll be lucky if there's a charge left.
- Set.
- Clear! Got it.
Thank God! Push lidocaine to 100 and keep an eye on him.
Where's the microscope? - How am I doing? - Great.
Maybe I'll take the MCATs.
- Such a long way down.
- I know, Dottie.
You said you heard a bang when you walked up to the door? I did.
You heard Dottie fall down the stoop even without your hearing aid? Well, I heard a bang.
Can you see okay? Yes.
That bedsore's a bad one, isn't it? That's not a bedsore.
IKerry? - Anyone want fried chicken? - You read my mind! Who fixed the doors? - They opened as we lost the generator.
- You lost the generator? Scary.
It's been 40 minutes.
Our battery packs are guaranteed for 45.
This chicken smells great.
Everything in my freezer's gone to mush.
It was cook it or lose it.
- You made this? - Always cook with gas.
So, what can I do? I've checked all the exam beds.
See if Benton needs help in Trauma One.
Thank you so much.
It's so good.
Prep with the vitamin IK? And mannitol, in case she herniates.
Don't worry, Carter.
I'm using a 22-gauge needle.
- You holding up, Lydia? - Oh, yeah.
Strong hands.
Don't be afraid to let Carter know if you need to be spelled.
Let's get the FFP.
Give vitamin IK, 10 milligrams, slow IV push.
How are the pupils, Carter? Equal and reactive.
Thanks for the backup.
No problem.
He zapped the guy back with a shock to spare.
- He puts urine under the microscope - And it's bright red! - He says it's not blood.
- Rhabdomyolysis? And myoglobinuria.
He was breaking down muscle, probably from the lightning and trauma.
Sounds like you didn't need me.
Didn't you say something about some chicken? Well done, Dr.
Thank you.
I'd be remiss if I didn't say this.
You are an exceptional surgeon.
It would be tragic for you to waste your talents on a trauma fellowship.
I'm aware that you don't relish working with me.
I'm in your face.
I can't resist.
But know this.
I would do anything in my power to have you stay in Surgery.
Including making myself as scarce as possible.
I appreciate that.
Think about it.
I'll take over.
The cops want to see you.
The facility engineers found him in the switch room.
He hung himself.
Is that the guy? That's him.
- Get everybody back on vent.
- Reboot all monitors! - You got it! - This place is a mess! - CT's holding a table.
- How are you doing, Mrs.
Farr? We'll take that out when you come back.
I was very careful with your VNO.
So, Carter, I need to ask you, what was going on in there? I was worried that she'd herniate.
I mean between you and me.
I was getting a weird energy.
I mean, I couldn't tell if you were being territorial or admiring me I don't want to say that you were flirting.
Obviously You weren't flirting with me, were you? Oh, man! You know, I spilled those pheromones on me, like a whole bottle.
- Is that what I smelled? - Maybe you picked up on a chemical.
That's pretty far-fetched.
I mean, I admired you when you went for the LP.
But that was it.
I better get these to the lab.
- Get him? - Got him.
Ten months after I retire, they're bought out.
Health plan's kaput.
She can't get out of bed.
I wrote my pension wrong.
If I go first, she gets nothing.
- I had to take care of her.
- I know.
But what I don't know about is the bullet.
What kind it was and whether you were firing from above.
In that case, it might've hit her bladder.
Or if you were aiming directly at her spine.
It was a Walther automatic.
I took it off a German officer.
The Army gave me papers for it.
At the end of the war pistols were the only thing they let us Gls keep.
I see.
God, what a day! ComEd says there was arcing at the substation.
According to Facilities, our backup generator shut down because of a failed bearing in the cooling fan.
That makes it all clear.
I'm not 100o/o comfortable in the dark.
I guess a candle-lit dinner would not be an enticing offer? I'm afraid not.
I'm heading home.
Some advice: I wouldn't do that.
Rule number one of trauma: After a day like today you should shift gears, not take it home.
So, what do you suggest? We're out of here.
Hope you have power at home.
We'll be fine.
- Looking for this? - You got it out.
It didn't go through and I didn't have a number.
That's okay.
I'll fax it later.
- Did you read it? - No, you said it was personal.
So it was a suicide pact.
I wouldn't exactly call it that.
The wife wasn't in on it.
Myers said it's not unheard of.
Depression over aging Ioss of control, a downward spiral.
How long were they married? Fifty-four years.
Makes you wonder if something was always missing.
I'm not the one to ask what makes a lasting relationship.
Never had a lasting relationship.
Not that I don't want to find that someone.
Just haven't.
I know.
Your parents stayed together, but they shut you out.
They lived like childless jet-setters and made marriage a mystery to you.
My problem, on the other hand, is that I was raised by such a capable, self-sufficient single mom that it's hard for me to see the need for a partner at all.
How long was that Psych rotation? Go, go, go! - Hang in there.
- That's the hard part.
You just gotta watch out.
You have a go.
- No, after a fall like that - I'd be in traction for the season.
You've gotta get back up on your skis, on the slope.
- I can do this.
- You can do anything.
Three, two, one! Go! Go! Thank God for electricity! Why did I have to bring that up? Just give it a minute.