ER s05e21 Episode Script

Responsible Parties

Previously on ER: I guess a candle-lit dinner wouldn't be enticing.
You offer me cardiothoracic? Not officially until May.
But between us - I'm covering the ER, all right? - Fine, I'm finished here.
Peter applied for the trauma fellowship? Yeah, hadn't you heard? What do you think he'll do? He'll be on the first plane.
Oh, my God! I'm really sorry.
That's okay, it's part of the game.
Being swatted by a ball? No, it's called a hindrance.
It's a do-over.
So I don't get penalized? - No, I got in the way.
- Okay.
So when do you go in? Noon.
You? Depends.
I may have a meeting.
Oh, the trauma fellowship? - Maybe.
- That's not very nice.
I mean, I don't know when, actually.
Romano keeps stalling.
Don't worry.
You're more than qualified.
I'm so sorry.
Why do you have to stand there? I've gotta stand somewhere.
I didn't mean to hit you, honestly.
Here, why don't you serve? Okay.
You can't be enjoying this very much.
The ball has to bounce first.
Right! Bollocks! Blood pressure's fine.
How are you feeling? A lot better.
That happens once you reach your second trimester.
I didn't gain weight in the first one.
All of a sudden I've put on two pounds in one week? Get used to it.
I'll have Alice schedule your ultrasound.
Want to know your baby's sex? I haven't decided yet.
Just tell me before we start.
And we'll get an alpha-fetoprotein, a spina bifida indicator.
- And Down's syndrome.
- Right.
You think I'm at risk? No, AFP standard.
We only do amnio when you're over 35.
Unless there are genetic disorders.
Cystic fibrosis? Tay-Sachs? - No.
- What about the father's side? I don't think so.
Well, you should check on that.
But everything looks fine.
Very healthy pregnancy.
Ross, leave a message.
Hey, Doug, it's me.
I know we said we shouldn't call for a while.
But I needed to tell you something.
I faxed it.
I really want you to read it and sit with it for a while.
And then we'll talk about it.
Semper fi, do or die.
Die for my brother.
I said die for my brother.
Two mgs of Ativan for the Duke, and a banana bag.
- You have a rule-out triple A? - Yeah, Exam Four.
Sorry I had to cancel the meeting I'm one of a few good men.
That's good.
Get a job.
Sorry I had to cancel the meeting.
I had a perfed appy.
But I'll have it rescheduled.
I spoke to Anspaugh.
He'll come back after his seminar at 10:00.
It's a little past my bedtime.
He said you could present your top three candidates and I'll pass them along.
- I bet you would.
- I'm trying to prevent further delay.
Very conscientious of you.
- Thank you.
- I'll be there.
I appreciate that.
IKerry, you mind if I call you IKerry? Certainly, Robert.
- Here, thank you.
- Hey, doc? I know how much this little project means to you.
Actually, I don't.
But you would be smart not to raid my surgical staff.
If you're referring to Peter and Elizabeth, they came to me.
Send them right back.
I didn't realize you owned them.
Well, now you do.
Hire some hump from the outside.
Make life a lot easier.
- You want to see a picture? - No need for that.
That would turn her off.
I don't need to be fixed up.
I'm not pathetic.
- Who is? - He won't meet my friend.
You met her, the urology nurse, Gina? - She's nice.
- What's the matter? Are you afraid she's touched too many? Facial and abdominal trauma coming.
Little League umpire got beat up.
- One too many bad calls, I guess.
- I guess.
What is this country coming to? Little League? See what happened to the scoutmaster I treated? Come on, meet her.
- I don't date nurses.
- Just med students? No, I keep my love life out of the workplace.
- Since when? - Woman freaking out in Two.
- Something alive in her ear.
- Carter.
Page Surgery.
I'll meet the umpire outside.
- Look what the cat dragged in.
- What? You don't look so good.
I'm just tired.
I worked the night shift.
Slept during the day? Yeah, a little.
But I'm fine.
What the hell is that? It's cool, huh? Sound-activated.
I picked it up at Grossman's Flea Market.
- Wasn't the Macarena in two years ago? - Three.
I did it at my graduation.
- Really? Why don't you show us? - In your dreams.
My friend knows how to do the Macarena.
Did you bruise? No, I don't think so.
I'm afraid to check.
I'm sure you'll live.
I didn't realize racquetball was a contact sport.
Well, I guess it's not my thing.
Looked like you were having fun there.
Yeah, I was.
It was a bit bizarre bumping into Peter.
- How so? - You weren't uncomfortable? No, should I have been? This isn't our umpire.
- You a doctor? - Yeah.
Lance Carmichael, FBI.
We've got a woman that's shot.
What happened? Gunshot to the torso, trouble breathing.
Why didn't you call an ambulance? - Can't tell you that.
- Excuse me? Active operation, we had to abort protocol.
- What? - Officially, we're not here.
Resps are labored, pulse 130.
I'll get a gurney.
Ma'am, can you tell me your name? Sorry, that's confidential information.
I'm trying to assess her consciousness.
Amber, why don't you tell me how it happened? - Also confidential.
- You want me to help? Strictly need-to-know information.
Amber, can you tell me where you got hit? It felt like my chest, but it hurts on the side.
- How long ago? - Eighteen and a half minutes.
- What's your name? - Dr.
- Social security number? - What? Gotta run a check.
Get it out! Just get it out! Ma'am, you're gonna have to hold still.
What is it? What is it? I can still feel it moving around.
I irrigated with lidocaine.
It should be dead.
What? What should be dead? Looks like a cockroach.
Ma'am, I can get it out.
I can get it out.
- Oh! - I can get it out.
If you'll just hold still I don't want to puncture your eardrum.
- I'm suing the bastard.
- Who's that, ma'am? My landlord.
I complained three times.
I take a nap and wake up with one in my ear! I'm gonna take him for everything he has! Until then, I'd sleep with earplugs.
I got it.
All right.
We'll get that cleaned up.
You just sit still, and I'll be right back.
Semper fi, do or die! Lydia, can I get an angiocath? - Sure.
- And some Valium? - You got a headache? - I'm fine.
We need a secured area, but more than one exit.
- Is Trauma One open? - Yeah, what do you got? Gunshot to the chest.
Possible pneumothorax.
Metal slowed the bullet down.
- Talk about a Wonderbra.
- It saved her? - Do you need them? - They help.
Essential personnel only.
- What's this? - FBI, it's all very cloak-and-dagger.
I'm looking for a few good men here! - We gotta stay away from this patient.
- I am.
Mark? Elizabeth and I can take it from here.
We're gonna need some nurses.
Whoa, relax, okay? This happens all the time.
I think I upset the apple cart.
Get this guy out of here.
Semper fi, do or die! Hey, Peter, what's this? Bowel obstruction.
Tedious, huh? Well, don't worry.
Soon you'll be into the seat of the soul.
Excuse me? The heart, Peter.
You are serious about the fellowship, right? - Yeah.
- Good, because I can't fight for you and have you not take it.
I thought you weren't making a decision for weeks.
We're not.
But the posturing's started.
Besides, I don't want my guy going off to waste his talent as some glorified ER doc.
Well, I wouldn't exactly consider it a waste.
I know you're confused with your son and all and we can be flexible about that.
But let's get real.
You've worked too hard to settle for patching up drunk drivers for the rest of your career.
That's one way of looking at it.
Good, so, I need to know.
You my guy? If you're asking if I'm interested in cardiothoracic, yeah.
All right.
Say no more.
- Pressure's good, 130/80.
- Going to make a small incision.
Will there be a scar? We'll hide this one under your arm.
Oozing at the point of entry.
Apply pressure dressing.
Curved IKelly.
Push another two of Versed.
Easy on the painkillers.
- She's been shot.
- She needs to stay clear-headed.
I promise I won't listen to anything she utters.
- I got some fluid here.
- Blood? - Nothing in the chest cavity.
- I don't know.
- Looks like saline.
- Do you have implants? - You popped my boob? - The bullet did.
- The implant might have helped - This area's off-limits.
We need Merocel sponges.
Get them someplace else.
- I got to stop this nosebleed.
- Doesn't sound serious.
- Are you a doctor? - No.
Thora-Seal, I'll connect the tube.
Hold it.
And relax.
- Did you just shoot that? - What? - Did you just shoot that x-ray? - Yeah.
- I was in the room! - I said "shooting.
" - What's wrong with you? - What's happening? He took an x-ray while I was in the room.
Hey, Carol, it's okay.
We've all been exposed.
I can't! You have to be more careful.
She's very lucky.
No vital organ damage.
When can we move her? We'll get her a bed upstairs.
We need to move her to another facility, one we can control.
I need to monitor her for a few hours before you can transport her.
Are you done with that? - For now.
- I'll take it.
And we'll need all original documentation of any kind.
Okay, the hospital keeps charts even on Jane Does.
We can't allow that.
Let me guess, this conversation never happened? Crit's 44, looks good.
I'll take that.
How are we gonna bill this? The bureau will be in touch.
I have to call my chief of staff.
We need the room.
Multiple MVAs coming in.
- All right, let's go.
- Wait, what are you doing? Traffic accident coming in.
We'll move her to another room.
Put them someplace else.
This room is for trauma.
This is a national security matter.
I don't have time to argue with you guys.
- Who is she? - I don't know.
- What did she look like? - A stripper.
I'm guessing witness protection.
A stripper, that's a way to keep a low profile.
Could be an undercover agent.
She don't look like the type.
- Isn't that the point? - I'm guessing mobster's girlfriend.
- Or a politician's.
- Maybe both.
Got a Medevac coming.
Boating accident.
- ETA? - Five minutes.
It's gonna be a long night.
Mark, can you take these? Medevac coming in.
- Let's go.
- What do we got? Peter, you're with me, come on.
You look like you're better.
Got my second wind.
Shannon Mitchell, 16 years old.
Front seat, ejected from the car.
No seat belt, back pain.
Can't move her legs.
Is her airway clear? Yeah, BP is 130 over 85, pulse 90.
- My name's Elizabeth.
Yours? - Shannon.
I want you to press your foot against my hand just like you're stepping on the gas.
- I can't! - Possible spinal cord injury, careful.
On their way to the prom.
Hit a telephone pole.
Restrained driver.
Third-degree burns to the hands and forearms.
Pulled his friend out after the tank exploded.
Has chest pains.
Where's Travis, did he make it? We got partial thickness.
Ten mgs of morphine.
How's his buddy? Carter? Carter! Oh, God! Travis Mitchell, Injury left him unconscious and his friend got him out.
Seventy-five percent area burned.
We gave him saline en route.
- His pressure? - 94 over 68, pulse 130.
Did you find Melissa? He's waking up, asking questions.
Travis, my name is Dr.
Are you having any trouble breathing? - Melissa? - Who's Melissa? My girlfriend.
She was in the back seat.
- Did she make it? - Don't know.
There were 3 victims.
They hadn't cleared the car.
- I'll take the airway.
Peter! - What do we got? Andrea Brodoff, 34-year-old female.
Rammed boat into a dock with an attack of nausea.
Be careful, I have AIDS.
Penetrating abdominal injury.
What's her pressure? after 800 cc's saline.
- What's this? - Fishing pole.
We cut it off to transport.
- Does it hurt on this side? - Yes! - Who's this? - This is Bruce, he's fine.
Mom wouldn't take off without him.
- Let's go! - Taking Bruce? - I'll take him.
- So long.
Come on, sweetie.
Solu-Medrol's on board.
- Shannon, can you lift your leg? - No.
How about your knee? Oh, my God! What's happening? - Babinski is positive.
- Is that bad? Push against my hand with your big toe.
All right, very good.
- Where's X-ray? - Coming.
I'm gonna test the area around your rectum.
It might be uncomfortable.
I won't be paralyzed, will I? Let's not worry about that.
I need you to focus now.
- Dr.
Greene, Carter needs you.
- What is it? - Burn victim.
- Is that my brother? - Who? - The burn victim, is that Travis? Relax, Shannon.
We're doing everything we can.
I'll be right back.
Four units, ABG and carboxyhemoglobin.
What do you got, Carter? Near full-thickness burns.
Maybe 80 percent.
At 190 pounds, I'm calculating 1700 cc's of lactated Ringer's per hour.
Sounds right.
All right, Lydia, go ahead.
How about vascular exam? Good peripheral pulses so far.
Lucy, what do we do to prevent constricting edema? Elevate the limbs and do range-of-motion exercises.
That's right.
Why don't you start on the left leg? - Is that my sister over there? - Yeah.
What's wrong with her? We don't know, she was ejected.
Is she gonna be all right? She asked the same thing about you.
Now, really move it, Lucy.
He can't feel it.
- How's that d Ábridement? - It'll take a while.
BP is 95 over 65.
All right, good bowel sounds.
Get me an ultrasound.
I'll be right back.
Lucy, why don't you come with me? Yeah, go, I got this.
- Find the parents.
- What should I tell them? That their kids were in a serious accident.
- Don't get into specifics.
- Okay.
Burns can be pretty brutal.
It's okay to bow out your first time.
Does he have a chance? There's always a chance.
- Have you seen one this bad survive? - No.
We can't control this environment.
Transport's coming, please clear her.
She has a tube.
She needs to be observed.
You provided a valuable service.
We appreciate it.
We've arranged for ongoing care.
I don't know what to say.
She may need surgery.
I'm not gonna release her until she's stable.
That's our problem.
Greene, you got a sec? Hold on, I'll check her in a minute.
I need a blood-alcohol level on them.
Especially this one, he drove.
He pulled his friend out.
He also rammed the car into a pole.
It's early.
They're drunk? They came from a preparty.
Some parents served beer.
Jeez, all right.
How's the fourth one? Haven't found her yet.
You okay, Carol? Semper fi, you do or die.
I die for my brother.
I die Central line kit's here.
I got really sick.
I hit the throttle too hard.
Let's get some O-neg in case her pressure drops.
- Where's Bruce? - Ma'am, stay still, okay? He's in the lounge.
Blood in Morison's pouch.
Might have nicked her liver.
Let's get a gram of cefotetan, and draw up preop labs.
It's the medication.
I can't keep anything down.
And the CMV just makes it worse.
- You have CMV? - Yeah.
Call the O.
, tell them we're on our way.
- Oh, God! - What's wrong? She's vomiting! Roll her, roll her! Okay, okay.
Carol! Die for your brother.
Die for your brother.
It's limited to L-1.
I don't see any other involvement.
How are we doing? She has sensation in the perianal area and sphincter contraction.
Cord lesion with fracture of the first lumbar vertebra.
A small fragment impinging on her spinal cord.
Give her steroids? Fifteen-hundred mgs bolus IV Solu-Medrol.
You'll take her to surgery? If we can decompress it, she has a chance.
Let's do it.
Mother sign a consent? She's not here.
I'll sign it.
Okay, let's go.
If she doesn't feel anything in a day, she won't.
Greene? I think I sorted this out.
The driver's date is the spinal-cord injury.
Her brother is the burn victim.
And there's a fourth victim no one can find.
The driver's parents are coming.
I spoke to neighbors staying at the sibling's house.
Their parents are in Milwaukee.
I have a call into their hotel.
Okay, good.
Carter, how are we doing? Compromised circulation, legs are cyanotic Iosing his pulse.
Prep for an escharotomy.
- Okay, go ahead.
- Ten blade.
What's happening? Well, the swelling is constricting your blood supply.
We need to make an incision in the skin to release it.
You're slicing my skin open? Don't worry, you're not gonna feel a thing, okay? Lucy, why don't you go talk him through it? All the way down to the sub-Q fat.
- Did he start? - See? It doesn't hurt.
Will they be able to sew this back? We would do a skin graft.
- You would or you will? - We will.
I got the medial aspect.
Carry one centimeter proximal and distal to the circumferential burn.
- Did you find Melissa? - Not yet.
We're supposed to be at the prom right now dancing.
Was there a theme at your prom? Yeah, '40s.
I was gonna wear a zoot suit, but Melissa she wanted a tux.
- Okay, that's one.
- Halfway there.
Greene? FBI's looking for you.
- They'll wait.
- Dr.
Greene? - Yeah.
- Todd Hoffman, FBI.
Did you treat a gunshot wound to the chest? I told your other guys that she's not ready to transport.
- What other guys? - Right in here.
They were anxious to get her out of here.
I bet they were.
And you believed them? They flashed a badge just like you did.
Why didn't you put out an APB? - I'll need all medical reports.
- They took everything.
- Everything? - Who are these guys? That's need-to-know.
- Any idea where they were heading? - No.
They were acting like G-men.
How's that? They were asking questions and not giving information.
- Jerry! - Sorry.
We have to take the tapes from your surveillance cameras.
Talk to Security.
Jerry, put it away.
I don't want to see it again.
Hey, Carol.
Excuse me.
We're looking for my daughter.
She was in a car accident.
- Shannon Mitchell? - No, but she was in the same car.
Melissa Harold.
I'm sorry.
Your daughter hasn't been brought in yet.
Another parent told us they were brought here.
Police and paramedics are still looking - Where is she? - They're still looking for her! - Where? - You should speak with a policeman.
Reggie? Come over here.
These are Melissa Harold's parents and they need information.
Our daughter's missing? Yes.
But it doesn't appear she was in the vehicle.
Doesn't "appear"? The car caught fire, ma'am.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
I'm sorry about before.
I'm just having a bad day today.
I'd say it was a little more than that.
I'm not in the mood right now.
Are you pregnant? Who told you? Nobody had to tell me.
You were upset about the x-ray.
You didn't want to expose the fetus to CMV.
It was instinct, you know? I don't mind taking on the risks of working in a hospital myself, but It's perfectly understandable.
How far along are you? Almost 15 weeks.
You didn't expose yourself during the first trimester.
Feel free to opt out of treating infectious patients or doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
We'll just deal with the rest as we go along.
Okay? Okay.
Thanks, IKerry.
Expose the spinous and lamina.
I can see the bony spicula impinging on the spinal cord.
No wonder she couldn't move her legs.
Let's rongeur that troublemaker.
- You thought about what I said? - What was that? About not wasting your life on this trauma fellowship.
- And miss out on cases like this? - You're avoiding the question.
- I don't have a lot of options.
- I'd consider you for cardiothoracic.
- I could sneak in a late application.
- I thought it belonged to Peter.
Well, he didn't hesitate to throw his hat into your rice bowl, did he? This fragment's really embedded.
Not a large margin of error here.
You shouldn't be out of bed.
He's gonna die, isn't he? It's too early to tell.
I need you to sit down.
I need to take a look at those dressings.
So your x-ray shows that you have a fractured rib, okay? It'll hurt for a few weeks but it'll heal on its own.
It's a brave thing you did, going back in there for your friend.
It won't matter.
We're doing everything we can.
They took my blood.
They think it was because I was drunk.
Your blood-alcohol level was.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
- Let me know if you're in pain.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Justin! You all right? - Will he be all right? - I'm okay, Mom.
- What happened? - It was the CD player.
I went to change the CD.
I totaled the car.
Pulse ox is dropping.
It's 93 on 15 liters of oxygen.
- Any burns to the airway? - Some singed nasal hair.
Chance of laryngeal edema.
- And the Burn Unit? - They called a registry nurse.
She'll be here in an hour.
- Tube him while you have an airway.
- I was waiting for the parents.
They're on the road.
- The sister? - Still in surgery.
Call the neighbors, see if they have a car phone.
It's up to you, but don't crike him.
What if we don't reach them? I tube him and he dies in the Burn Unit within the next week.
They can say goodbye.
I want to give him a chance to see them.
How is she? Good.
The pole nicked her liver.
We repaired the defect with very little blood loss.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Family Services said they'll watch Bruce until someone can pick him up.
How's he doing? He's asleep.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about what happened downstairs.
You don't need to explain.
I understand.
It wasn't the HIV status.
I was afraid of the CMV.
Really, you don't need to explain.
Is that yours? Yeah.
Time for your medication? Do you have it here? They're at home.
Well, I can get it for you here.
Thank you.
Missing a dose could make it harder to treat the HIV.
I'm done with them.
I'm sorry? I'm not going to take any more medicine.
It's not worth it.
I can't function.
Andrea, I know you're upset right now.
But without your medication, the chances I know what it means.
Bruce is 8.
He needs a mother.
It is more important that he have a well mother for now than a sick one for longer.
Good work, Lizzie.
- What do you think? - I give her a 50-50.
Robert, you got a minute? Sure.
You got her, Lizzie? Yeah.
Look, I want to do this now.
Where are you on the trauma fellowship? I don't see the need, but if I'm the minority, I vote for Georgetown guy.
- IKerry? - Benton's the strongest candidate.
- Mark? - Elizabeth brought us the idea.
She has passion and certainly talent.
I don't want to see either one wasted on this.
They both applied, didn't they? Well, it looks like you're all of separate minds.
It's late, I want to go home, so I'll make this quick.
Peter Benton it is.
Thank you.
- How's he doing? - Pulse ox 92.
- Could you get Dr.
Carter? - Sure.
Travis, are you awake? The doctor needs to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe now.
Can you talk? I have your parents on the phone.
They're in a car on their way here.
I thought you'd want to talk to them.
How long? They'll be here in 45 minutes but we can't wait.
I mean, how long will the tube be in? At least a few days.
Are you ready? Okay.
Mitchell? Okay, you can talk to him now.
It's okay.
There you go.
Hey, Dad.
I know.
I can't believe it.
Did the doctor tell you? It's pretty bad.
I don't think I'm gonna I don't think I'm gonna make it to the lake this summer.
I don't know.
They took her into surgery.
But I haven't heard anything yet.
Hey, they have to put this tube in me.
So, I'm not gonna be able to talk for a couple of days.
Okay, I'll see you when you get here.
Hey Mom.
You gotta hang in there.
I'm okay.
I mean, just a little I love you too.
Pulse ox is 89.
Draw up four of Versed, then insert with the angular tip.
Number eight ET tube.
Okay, Travis you're gonna feel a little sleepy.
When you wake up, there will be a ventilator helping you breathe.
That's not a very encouraging entrance.
I'm sorry.
You didn't get the trauma fellowship.
- Is it Peter? - Yeah.
That's that, then.
I was looking forward to working with you.
Same here.
So now what? I guess I'm left to pick up scraps wherever I can find them.
Doesn't mean he was a better candidate.
Oh, I know.
How much more time do you have on your internship? Three weeks.
You'll have your license.
You can do anything you want.
Except the trauma fellowship.
Just about anything.
- How did the voting go? - I think you know.
Yeah, Romano didn't want either, Anspaugh was keen on Benton.
- Don't tell me you were.
- No, I wanted you.
But I'm not really objective.
Really? - You know what you need? - What? A milkshake.
What time do you get off? - Midnight.
- Okay, I'll find you.
Is this more of your bad-day therapy? It's free of charge.
I'm sorry.
- What about the place up the street? - Don't go there.
Excuse me.
- Who is that? - Who? - Talking to Chuny.
- I don't know.
She works in Urology.
Really? - Carter, are you on for a while? - Six hours.
A social worker's coming from the HIV clinic to see a patient in the surgical ward.
- Randi, did you get that? - Yeah.
HIV clinic to Carter.
ER? Yeah, she's right here.
Carol? Doug.
I'll get it in the lounge.
- Hey, Chuny.
- What? - Is that the friend you talked about? - You're too late now.
- There was a time limit? - You're so shallow.
- I'm reconsidering your proposal.
- You snooze, you lose.
"You snooze, you lose.
" Is this 10th grade? - I set her up with an intern.
- Intern! I tell you what.
If you're nice, I'll try to get her to reconsider.
Adi Ãs.
Lucy, your prescription's ready.
- You sick? - No.
- What is it then? - Nothing.
- Why are you on medication? - Why are you nosy? - Who prescribed it? - It's none of your business.
This morning I saw you, you were exhausted.
You popped a pill and you were fine.
Now you're dragging.
I'm not on speed, if you're asking.
- So, what is it? - Ritalin, okay? I'm on Ritalin.
- Ritalin? Since when? - Fifth grade.
What? I tried to get off it, but my grades dropped, so I kept on.
- You've been on it since? - Never been a good time to stop.
Now would be a good time to stop.
I'm not an addict.
You shouldn't still be taking it.
- It's a stimulant.
- I don't take it to get high.
- I take it to function.
- You got A.
? It wasn't a problem until I was working so many nights.
Ritalin is for hyperactive children.
You're 24.
My doctor prescribes it, so nothing's wrong.
- You gonna take it forever? - I'll stop when things are less hectic.
Things are never less hectic.
I'll think about it.
But this really is my business.
And I hope you'll respect that.
The signer's head leans to the right and rests on the upturned palm Hey.
I suppose congratulations are in order.
Look, Elizabeth.
- You don't have to say that.
- I'm just trying to be gracious.
Thank you.
Elizabeth, would you excuse us, please? - Certainly.
- Thank you.
I always considered you a man of your word.
- I never said I'd take it.
- You wanted cardiothoracic.
I said I was interested.
Missed your calling.
You should've been a lawyer.
I couldn't count on it.
I told you I'd push for you.
I have.
Thank you, but I'm taking the trauma fellowship.
Whatever, Peter.
I'm done looking out for you.
Throwing your life away is up to you.
It is.
Just don't come to me when you realize you made a mistake.
- Were you serious? - What? The offer you made today.
Were you serious? Dr.
Greene? Someone left this off for you.
- What is it? - Do I read your mail? "Thanks for patching up Amber.
" - Who's Amber? - She's a stripper.
Must've liked you a lot.
- How much is there? - Looks like about two grand.
Party! Randi, get out the phone book and look up "FBI.
" Have them come pick this up.
Excuse me.
I'm Greg Mitchell.
Our son and daughter were in an accident.
I'm Dr.
I saw both of them here in the Emergency Department.
Where are they? Shannon underwent surgery.
There was a broken vertebra in her back that was impinging on her spinal cord.
But she'll be okay? It's possible she'll lose function below her waist.
Oh, God.
Travis suffered third-degree burns over the majority of his body.
Third-degree? He's up in the Burn Unit.
They're doing everything to make him as comfortable as possible.
But I have to tell you that with burns of this magnitude the survival rate is very low.
He's gonna die? He has a 20 percent chance of survival.
Oh, God! No! You're up.
Where am I? The O.
Recovery Room.
We operated on your back.
You were in a car accident.
Do you remember? I thought it was a dream.
Can I do a quick test? Tell me when you feel something, all right? Shannon, are you with me? Yeah.
There! What does that mean? It's no better.
It's no worse.
Let's see how your big toe's doing, shall we? I want you to wiggle it like before.
All right? Again.
Is it moving? Let's just wait and see.
The swelling has to come down first.
Lily, I took Mr.
And Mrs.
Mitchell to the Burn Unit.
Show one of them to Surgical Recovery.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Mark, I wouldn't go in there.
- Why? We're giving Carol some space.
Doug called.
- Carol? - Go away, Mark.
Did you tell him? He's not coming.
- Did you ask him not to come? - Yeah.
I was very strong and clear.
So he's respecting your wishes? That would be a first time, wouldn't it? You wanted him to come.
I've had hundreds of conversations with him in my head, you know? What I would say, what I would do if he showed up.
I wouldn't let him charm his way back in.
Not now.
Not because of the baby.
I would never feel secure knowing that that's why he came back.
Maybe he feels the same way.
I still expected him to come.
I've gotta go home.
You know what you need? What? What? You need a milkshake.
Elizabeth and I are going to get a milkshake.
Why don't you come? No.
I'm tired and I'm gonna go home.
No, no.
Just one little milkshake, okay? It was a date, wasn't it? Look, no.
It wasn't a date.
We were just gonna drown our sorrows in ice cream.
- Come on.
- I don't want to be a third wheel.
How many times have I been a third wheel? That's true.
You do owe me.
That's the spirit.
Are you paying? - Of course I'm paying.
- Because I'm eating for two.