ER s05e22 Episode Script

Getting to Know You

Previously on ER: Be good, son.
We usually do amnio when you're over 35.
Unless you have genetic disorders in your family.
No, Reggie.
I'm seeing someone else.
Can I hang around and see how this goes? Absolutely.
Thank you, but I'm taking the trauma fellowship.
- I'd consider you for cardiothoracic.
- Isn't that Peter's? Ritalin's for hyperactive children.
You're 24.
My doctor prescribes it.
I'm not doing anything wrong.
- Did I do something wrong? - Just trying to get your attention.
Which hasn't been easy to do of late.
- I've been busy working.
- And seeing someone else.
- I gotta get to work.
- Want a lift? It's two blocks away.
- You want to be resisting an officer? - Are you gonna arrest me? Well, I'm a cop.
That's what I do.
Okay, you win.
Let's pick up the doggy.
Can you say "doggy," Reece? Doggy.
- I don't think he's got that one yet.
- He will soon.
He's doing great.
He's responding to vocalizations repeating back more.
I just wish we had more time.
In a month, I'll be able to add more sessions a week.
Cutting back your schedule? This trauma fellowship I'll have will give me more free time.
That's great.
On top of the three sessions we have now Reece is gonna make real progress.
Three? Is Carla coming twice a week now? No.
Just once.
But her fianc Á's doing a session once a week now too.
- Roger's working with Reece here? - I assumed you knew.
No, no, no.
I mean, it's not a problem, you know? The more we work with him, the better.
See you next time.
- Excuse me.
Is that your son? - What? No, he's not mine.
Where'd he come from? - Are you with this child? - No.
Hi there.
Where's your mommy, huh? Where's your mommy? Where's your mommy? Is he okay? No.
Something's not right with him.
Do you feel okay? What's your name, honey? Can you tell me your name? Okay.
All right.
All right.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Don't worry, you're gonna be okay.
Jerry, why can't I get an outside line? - You have to punch in the code first.
- The code? - A Rocket Romano innovation.
- What for? To make things more difficult.
Have you seen Dr.
Greene? Rounds with His High Holiness.
- Hear about the new code? - Unbelievable.
- Tell Mark I need to speak with him.
- Sure.
Carla, it's me.
We need to talk.
No, no, no.
Reece is fine.
But we need to talk about some other stuff, okay? Yeah.
I know.
I just Well, can you get away for lunch? Great, I'll meet you there.
You just found him? Wandering around, a block from here.
Resps 11, pupils still, pinpoint and nonreactive.
Lacerations on the feet look infected.
Let's get an O-2 mask on him, CBC, lytes, tox screen, EIKG and bag a urine.
- So you think he was just lost? - And neglected.
With the decreased resps and contracted pupils I'd say he might have been given opiates.
We need to give him Narcan, .
10 milligram.
Stand by with an intubation tray.
He's dehydrated.
I can't get a line.
Blew the hand and the antecubital.
Can't use the infected feet.
Page Surgery.
- We'll need IV access.
- Resps are down to 8.
- You want to intubate? - No.
Get me Narcan in a syringe.
Hold the mouth open.
I'll inject sublingually into the vascular bed.
I've paged Dr.
You're not intubating? Not if this works.
Come on, little guy.
Let's hear something.
Come on.
Second EIKG was normal.
Hold for another hour, then release.
Thank you.
IKnight are you running to get here because you're 20 minutes late? - Sorry.
- It's all right.
Let's proceed.
With presenting David Chameides.
Complains of back pain.
This is a 68-year-old man.
He complains He presents with back pain, said it started two days ago when he helped his daughter move into her new apartment.
He lifted heavy boxes.
She lived in Dubuque but got divorced, so she moved to Chicago - I mention the pain was constant? - Not yet.
Well, it is.
And upon physical examination Whoa, whoa, whoa! What about pertinent negatives? No fever, no trauma no abdominal pain, no No No He's a heavy smoker and the BP is one Sorry.
BP is 170/95.
No, no.
His BP is 175/100.
Pulse, 95.
- Neuro exam normal? - Yes.
And could you appreciate a pulsatile abdominal mass? But the ultrasound revealed an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
How did you know that? - Carter? - Patient has all the risk factors.
Presenting a case is like telling a good story.
Succinct, focused, to the point.
You lost me in Dubuque.
Carter, Ms.
IKnight is a student of yours? - Yes.
- Work harder.
Thank God I have a small bowel obstruction waiting for me.
Gentlemen, Ms.
I think we can all thank God for that small bowel.
If you're gonna be late, at least be prepared.
Any idea as to the source of fever? Probably cellulitis.
- IKerry, Reggie's still here.
- Good.
- We need a photo.
- We have a camera by the desk.
Soon as the IV's in, get him juice and something to eat.
- Sure.
- Could I have a IKelly? What sort of parents would abandon their child? We don't know that's what happened.
If drugs are in his system, the parents could be addicts and not even know he's missing.
- Okay.
That's lovely.
I've exposed the saphenous vein.
- Is this Baby John Doe? - Two-year-old.
IKerry found him.
Looks good.
Jerry said you needed me? Oh, no, it's nothing important.
I'll find you.
Oh, I remembered to bring my tuxedo but left the tickets at home.
Can we stop by on the way? - Sure.
Sounds fine.
- Okay, catch you later.
IV's in.
Let's hydrate him with a bolus of 100 cc's normal saline 250 milligrams IV oxacillin, and put him on a Narcan drip.
Tuxedo? Yes, it's just some fundraiser thing we need to go to.
- I can't find that camera anywhere.
- Just find it, Jerry.
- Seen my palmtop computer? - Is everything missing? No.
That's why you're so scattered? You lost your electronic cheat sheet? - When did Antoine Bell come in? - He asked for you.
He's in Trauma 1.
Give me a break.
I need sleep, I was late and my cards got messed up.
I've done a hundred presentations without notes, computers or sleep.
Get some coffee and get it together.
- I am together.
I went off Ritalin.
- When? - Two days ago.
- That's great.
I got a patient.
Maybe we can talk more later.
- Sure.
- Antoine.
I expected to see you.
Just not like this.
Antoine is not in any gang.
He knows that, Mom.
It was a bad neighborhood boy.
I hate that you attend school with him! - Can you let Dr.
Carter do his job? - Dr.
Carter? I am so happy to meet you.
He's so enjoyed all you've taught him.
Thank you for setting up the interview.
Oh, yeah.
That's this afternoon, right? - Summer science lab.
- Maybe I won't go now.
- Of course you will.
- Like this? What'll they think? Let's worry about that later, huh? Tell me what happened.
Got mugged, took my wallet.
Follow my finger with your eyes.
You want an orbital series? Yeah, let's check for a rim fracture.
- Does that hurt? - No.
No septal hematoma and no broken nose.
- But you may have an orbital fracture.
- What do we do? You just apply ice, keep his head elevated when he sleeps.
We'll wait to see if he needs antibiotics.
- Well, can he go to the interview? - Come on, Antoine.
It's not that bad.
You've worked hard for this.
We've worked hard for this.
I think your mom's right.
Hey, you'll be the candidate they'll remember.
There was a man waiting in the ultrasound place.
I think he's gonna part with his gallbladder today.
- Really tall guy, red hair? - Yeah, that's the one.
They took him up to Surgery.
How did you know? Oh, what a sweet little face! He's not gonna be crying.
No, don't worry.
I think he'll be pretty quiet.
No, that's what I mean.
He's not gonna be doing any crying.
This is Celinda Randlett.
In for a rule-out appy.
- She's medically empathetic.
- Sorry? I can tell what's going on with people.
Inside them.
IKind of like a psychic.
I don't predict things.
I feel what's happening in the present.
Started when I was a girl.
Been with me ever since.
But she can't tell about herself.
Maybe appendicitis, maybe not.
It's not like I can treat anybody for anything.
By the way, when are you due? - Excuse me? - I mean, when is your due date? Oh, right, that.
Well, we'll be expecting in early November.
- Lydia, want to help me with this IV? - Sure.
- Have you called Psych yet? - Yeah.
Hi there! How are you doing? He's doing pretty good.
He's settling in.
Well, you got a stuffed cow.
That's pretty neat.
Jerry found the camera.
Carol, can you prop his head up a little bit? There we go.
- Come on, let's sit you up.
- He's been through a lot.
Wandering around by himself about a block from here, lost.
Oh, he doesn't look lost.
He looks found.
All right.
Let me just get one more.
- Hey, where's the roach coach? - Let's go over to Doc Magoo's.
- You wanted to talk? - About tonight, actually.
I've never been before but it's a dinner cruise, swing band, how bad can it be? Sounds wonderful.
I look forward to it.
It's just we've never actually talked, you know Elizabeth! You all right? You okay in there? - You all right? - It's okay.
We'll help you.
My dad.
Please help my dad! It's okay.
It's all right.
We need a couple of gurneys out here! - He's had four of Ativan.
- Give him two more.
- Good breath sounds.
- BP's 125/75.
Pulse 100.
No signs of abdominal trauma.
Get an ultrasound, see if he's bleeding.
The pupils are equal and reactive.
There we go.
That's more like it.
Load him with a gram of Dilantin.
- He needs a C-spine and a head CT.
- Got it.
- No evidence of abdominal bleeding.
- That's a good sign.
I'm gonna go talk to his daughter.
I'm Dr.
- How are you doing? - Okay.
Your dad's doing okay too.
IKnight, fill me in.
- This is Sarah Sorry.
Sarah - Bengossi.
And she's 10.
She has facial lacerations bruise to her forehead, normal cranial nerve exam.
No loss of consciousness.
She had a car accident outside the ER.
- She was driving.
- I know about that part, don't I? So did you ask her what happened? Car accident.
And she said she hit the El or something.
Call me crazy, but you're too young to drive, aren't you? - Yeah.
- Not that you're not a good driver.
That El stanchion just jumped out in the middle, didn't it? Something happen to your dad? Well, he has epilepsy.
He hasn't had a seizure in two years.
When that happens, I know what to do.
He and Mom taught us.
- He was driving, so you took the wheel? - It was hard to reach the pedals.
You thought fast enough to get him to the ER.
We brought my brother here last week.
He fell and broke his collarbone.
Well, you did a great job, Sarah.
When I tell my 10-year-old that you got to drive she is gonna be so jealous.
Yosh, why don't you get that cut cleaned up and let her see her dad? - Sure.
No problem.
- Lucy, come with me.
I was going to ask her what happened.
Then you walked in and asked me if I knew what Hold up! What's going on? Are you okay? - I'm definitely fine.
- You didn't seem definitely fine when you presented to Dr.
And I've seen you handle kids better.
- I didn't get much sleep last night - You'll get even less as a Resident.
You gotta learn to deal with it.
Jeanie, I was looking for you.
Did they find anything? No kids reported missing.
- And the neighborhood? - Nothing yet.
- I'll let you know if I hear anything.
- I'll fill IKerry in.
- Going back to work? - All the POs in the area got called.
Some lunatic is standing on a van on Madison, waving a.
- Shooting at people? - No, threatening to kill himself.
- Catch you later.
- Okay.
- Thanks for the ride this morning.
- My pleasure.
We have to use a code? All calls get charged to it? - So if I use the code for my home - Good luck.
I could use a little help here.
No, she's not here.
"McLucas has to cancel.
Call to reschedule.
" Okay, I'll tell her.
- Anyone see Carol? - She's in Curtain 3.
Her appointment's canceled.
She needs to call McLucas.
Oh, I know her.
She was Conni's OB when she had her baby.
Did you say baby? - You think - Pop Tart in the toaster? That empathetic woman did ask about her due date.
You hear anything about Carol being pregnant? - By Doug Ross? - I'm sure it would be Doug.
McLucas is also a GYN.
Maybe Carol has a checkup or a yeast infection.
- What is it? - Jerry.
- They think Carol's knocked up.
- Is she happy? - She hasn't told anyone.
- She must've told someone.
What? How's he doing? He's doing great.
I can't get him to tell me his name.
He's not a talker.
The police haven't come up with anything yet.
How can you not know where your child is? Labs came back.
He tested positive for opiates.
Drugs lying around the house.
I mean, if he was crying a lot, maybe they gave him something to quiet him down.
I don't know.
- I'll look in on him later, okay? - Okay.
He's all right now.
But there's still something inside of him.
I just don't know what.
Well, he has an infection.
No, that's not it.
So anyway, have you started thinking about names? That's the hard part.
Everybody's got an opinion.
You are in a family way? As my grandmother used to say.
How could you tell? Like I said, I'm sensitive to what's going on with people.
Like that gentleman over there, I'm sad to say has leukemia.
You could have looked at his chart.
That's right.
I could have.
The odd thing is, I can't tell if you're having a boy or a girl.
Oh, well, I'm just beginning my second trimester, so No.
I can usually tell long before that.
So you've had this gift your whole life? Well, it doesn't seem like much of a gift when I see a gentleman like that.
What? Nothing.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
I'm glad you called.
I needed to talk to you.
Look, I know haven't I haven't spoken to you about Roger working with Reece on language and Martha called and told me about this morning.
Look, I was angry at first.
But I know you know the more anybody works with him the quicker he's gonna learn.
So it's okay.
Peter Roger and I got married last weekend.
Wow! There's a lot you haven't told me.
His company is transferring him to Germany.
I'm gonna sell the restaurant.
And we're going.
And I'm taking Reece with us.
Carla, what are you? We're not gonna even have this conversation.
There's no way I'll let that happen.
He'll have to be with one of us, and I'm his mother.
This will happen! - Do you have a minute? - You wanted to talk.
I've moved Mr.
Bengossi and Sarah into Exam 4.
That's what you wanted to talk about? No time like the present.
All right.
I want to talk about, you know what's been going on between us lately.
Something been going on? Come on, we'll talk in here.
It's no big deal or anything.
It's just that - Carol? - Damn! I thought I locked that door.
- What are you doing? - An ultrasound.
- On yourself? - Yes, Mark.
My doctor's appointment canceled, and no one was using the equipment.
- Well, why don't you let us do it? - Lf you must.
Let me get it.
Is it too early to tell if it's a girl or a boy? It's never too early to be inaccurate.
- There's the heartbeat.
- Any turtle sign? Looking.
There's the - Mark? - Uh-huh.
What? Mark, what? Heartbeat.
Yes, Mark.
Elizabeth already said that.
What? What he means is, there's another heartbeat.
Twins? What's up with Malik? He's got a big grin.
He knows nothing.
I mean, he's just a naturally happy person.
- That's Malik.
- Downright inspiring.
And infectious.
I'm happy too.
Could somebody please tell me what the hell's going on with these phones? Dr.
Romano instituted a code system so people don't make so many personal calls.
- A code system? - Yes, sir.
IKid ditched school only to ride his bike into a bus.
Life is not fair.
Lucy? X-ray shows a fractured ankle.
- What kind? - Comminuted.
Which needs - Open reduction and internal fix - We got a double trauma coming.
Two GSWs.
Officer and the man who shot him.
- What happened? - A guy waving a.
45 around.
- Police got him.
- Find Carter or Weaver.
Let's set up.
Carol, did you? Did you notice this before? Here.
Looks like a scar from surgery.
It's okay.
We're just looking you over.
All right.
Let's just look you over.
He's got a shunt.
From the ventricles in his brain to his peritoneum.
He was probably born with hydrocephalus.
What's a shunt? It's like a small tube that runs through the body.
It drains excess fluid.
That must be what I've been feeling inside him then.
Carol, please.
Would you? - I'm sorry.
- It's no problem.
Mystery solved.
He could have a shunt infection.
We need to do a tap.
- Go bye-bye? - Yeah.
You want to go bye-bye, don't you? Where's the officer? - The cop? - Another unit took him to Mercy.
About 40 years old.
Two GSWs to the left chest.
Full arrest.
Two lines in.
Weak pulse then lost it.
- Agonal rhythm on the scope.
- I'm checking on an officer Lucy, I'll show you how to put in an atrial line.
Thoracotomy tray.
Sorry to barge in.
Lucy, I got a call from Psych.
- You were to see a kid 20 minutes ago? - Seth Willows.
- You'd better go.
- They said Mercy.
Please check again.
- Asystole on the monitor! - I'll take over bagging.
Squeeze in that O-neg as fast as you can.
Rib spreader.
I need suction.
- Lap pad.
Left ventricle is shredded.
- Give me a sponge stick.
Second shot transected the ascending aorta.
Two units in.
Still asystole.
That's it.
There's nothing we can do here.
I'm calling it.
Time of death, 1509.
Reggie! He didn't make it? Not even close.
We heard that an officer was shot.
Bullet grazed his shoulder.
He'll be okay.
Well, it could've been much worse.
Carter, let's go talk about your student.
So it was you who shot him? Hey, Seth.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
A trauma came into the ER and I got delayed.
Okay, that's not true.
I forgot.
And I'm really sorry.
Seth? - Seth? - What?! What?! What?! What?! What?! Please! Can we just talk about this? I don't feel like talking right now.
I know you're angry.
You have every right to be.
I do need to get on there soon.
In a minute, Jer.
Don't we have a lost-and-now-it's-ours box? - Yeah.
Right here.
- Oh, thanks.
The police find anything on the boy? I hear he has a shunt.
I'm e-mailing his info and photo to all board-certified neurosurgeons.
All of them? There's only 380 that specialize in pediatrics.
Hopefully, someone will recognize him.
Three hundred and eighty? Which one are you on? You ready to take a break? I wish.
I've got a vegetectomy and a valvuloplasty with Romano.
- How are you taking the news? - I'm in denial, but thanks for asking.
Mark, what are you doing? I have a woman who has arthritis.
I had to cut her wedding ring off.
I glued it back together and I'm putting it on a chain so she can still wear it.
- That's very sweet.
- I thought she'd like it.
- I'll catch you later.
- Uh-huh.
Mark, what's that movie called where all the people turn into some kind of a pod? What? His life was in his own hands, not yours.
There must've been 20 cops out there.
I don't know.
My patrol car was closest? It was just random, I guess.
Well, I don't think I believe in "random" anymore.
When I told you that I was seeing someone else that wasn't the complete truth.
I had just found out that I have hepatitis C.
I'm responding to medication.
It's under control.
You didn't think I could handle that? I couldn't handle it.
I kept thinking, "Why me? Why this on top of everything else?" But after a while, I came to see that I wasn't sick.
I was healed.
I don't think I'm getting this.
God kept throwing things at me until I realized it's not about what happens to us.
It's about how we deal with what happens to us.
We have choices.
Our lives are in our own hands.
So you think what happened was some kind of message for me? Maybe what happened today didn't happen to you.
Maybe it happened "for" you.
Yeah, I understand what you're saying.
I'm not sure it makes me feel any better.
Sitting here feels pretty good.
Yeah, it does.
You're awfully quiet, Peter.
Bad mood? Just working.
A surgeon's nimble fingers toiling away.
Suction, please.
I know you didn't expect to assist today.
Hope you don't mind.
Of course not.
This might well be Dr.
Benton's last cardiothoracic surgery.
Vegetation removed.
6-O Prolene.
It's a shame you can't use all that hard-earned knowledge while you're doing trauma scut.
Lizzie, you've actually been spared.
Peter was chosen fairly.
I've made my peace.
An excellent attitude.
Which is why we should keep you on here at County.
Either with cardiothoracic or something else.
That's something you're still thinking about, and you should.
After all that's what any good candidate would do.
Someone's calling about that little boy.
Chuny, can you stay with him? I need you to look at that patient.
- Yeah, okay.
- Thank you.
- Antoine, the same kid jump you again? - No.
- Was it somebody else from school? - It's the same dude.
I jumped him.
The kid from this morning? You went after him? He took my wallet, man! I can't be letting that go down.
Why not? What did you lose? Ten, 15 bucks? He sounds like my mom.
BP's 128/74.
Pulse 96.
Got any pain in your belly? Get hit in the stomach? No, he only got me in the face.
Colles with dorsal angulation.
He'll need a closed reduction.
- What's that? - You broke your left wrist.
Can you feel this? Yeah.
- What kind of sutures do you want? - 5-O Vicryl, 6-O nylon.
I gotta have stitches? Fifth metacarpal fracture with rotational deformity.
You broke both your hands.
Let's get an orbital series.
Call Ortho because that one's gonna have to be pinned in the O.
- I gotta have an operation? - That's right.
Well, you wanted to blow off your interview.
I can go in a few days.
You're not getting into any summer science lab.
Not now.
You have to go to surgery, have a pin put into your right hand.
You'll get a cast that goes from elbow to fingers.
- I can still go to class.
- It's a hands-on program.
You won't have use of your hands.
You won't be able to dress yourself tie your own shoe or blow your own nose for the next six weeks.
- Well, it's not your problem.
- No?! I'm the one that's spent time showing you around for the last month, trying to teach you something.
So you can go and screw it up by having to go beat down some punk.
- You don't know! - I know it dragged you away from the best opportunity you've ever had.
No one gave me anything.
I earned that chance myself! You just blew it, all by yourself.
- Dr.
Carter! - Yes, Chuny? Don't forget to call Ortho.
- Jerry, any word on the kid? - Just one call for Dr.
It was the grocer I met this morning.
He called to see what had happened.
Labs came back.
The shunt's not causing the infection.
Maybe it's the cellulitis.
Do you think his parents left him because of the shunt? - What? - I mean, you know, because he wasn't normal.
Something was wrong with him.
I hate to think so, but anything's possible.
I'm gonna go check on him.
Seth, we'll see you next week.
Is your mom here? She's my foster mom.
- Okay, see you.
- Bye, Seth.
I'm sorry I had to call you.
I'm glad you recognized it was over your head.
- A lot of students can't admit that.
- I really blew it.
A kid like Seth, alcoholic father, been bounced around a lot.
You can expect a lot of setbacks.
I caused this setback.
I was 20 minutes late for our meeting today.
Well, that is something that cannot happen again.
It won't.
I won't let it.
Now from the sublime to the utterly mundane.
But then, the appendectomy is our bread and butter, no? Maybe not, if I do cardiothoracic.
Yeah? So, what do you think? You're a bastard for mentioning it in front of Peter.
- He's a big boy.
- It was mean.
Well, he was mean to me first.
He led me on to think he wanted cardiothoracic and then took trauma.
It was bad form to speak to one colleague in front of another about a sensitive matter.
Jeez, talk about being sensitive.
- Robert.
- Donald! - How was your Whipple, you lucky dog? - A long six hours, that's how.
Which is why I couldn't find you earlier.
You initiated this code phone system down in the ER? - Yes, sir.
- For what purpose? So patients' families can't sneak in calls to Hoboken.
Which is not a big problem.
Want to know what is? Employee personal calls.
This allows us to track outgoing calls.
That way we don't have to wait for the phone bills.
I see.
"Big Brother is watching" kind of thing.
"Monitoring" is a better word.
Have you no respect for those who work here for long hours and not much pay? - I don't see it that way.
- I do.
If you'd be so kind as to take your code phone system and put it where the sun - Got it.
Point taken.
- That's really exciting.
- A new little voice in the world.
Carol hasn't told anyone, so pretend like you don't know.
I won't say anything.
- Sorry! - Oh, man! - Carter - Look! I'm sorry.
I think it's great that you went off the Ritalin.
I really do.
But I can't hold your hand through this.
I wouldn't ask you to.
I know you're not capable of it.
- What does that mean? - You don't like me.
I've never been up to your standards.
I want you to be a better student and to succeed.
That's what you think.
You're the one who wants to succeed as a teacher.
And in order for that to happen I would have to be the perfect reflection of you.
I have a patient.
I'm dropping these off for Dr.
Peter, I think Rocket was a complete ass for doing what he did in the O.
- He can do whatever he wants.
- Well, not entirely, but It doesn't matter, Elizabeth.
Cardiothoracic, trauma.
I don't care about any of it anymore.
Hang on.
What do you mean? Carla came to see me today.
She married Roger.
She wants to take Reece and move to Germany.
Something about Roger's job.
Well, she can't.
I mean, legally she can't do that, can she? Yeah, well, she won't get the chance to.
Hey, Carol? This fax just came in for you.
Thanks, Jerry.
By the way, I know you know.
IKnow what? I know nothing.
I'm a complete walking lack of information.
Oh, man! Carol, it's for you.
This is Carol Hathaway.
Yeah! You're doing so much better, huh? IKind of a big day.
You want some juice? I got some apple juice here.
My name is IKerry.
Can you tell me your name? Jack.
Jack Toberen.
So that's your name, little guy? Jack? Wow! What a great name, Jack, huh? - You got a response? - A pediatric neurosurgeon.
He recognized the photo.
He put the shunt in.
He saw Jack about two months ago.
- He called the parents.
- They coming in? Oh, yeah, in a big hurry.
I just spoke to the mother on the phone.
- Jack was kidnapped three weeks ago.
- What? Unreal, huh? By the nanny and the drugged-out boyfriend.
They must've been the ones who abandoned him.
- I guess so.
- There you go.
The police are on their way in.
So now we know who you are, Jack.
Your mom and dad are coming in, and you get to go home.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey, Lizette.
Carla won't be home until 7:30.
Actually, it might even be later.
Maybe not until 10.
Hey, man! - She didn't tell me she'd be late.
- I told her I'd tell you.
I don't have to take Reece.
Carla was sure you would have plans tonight.
I was planning to go to the Quartz Lounge.
I've been seeing this trumpet player.
- Oh, a musician, huh? - Yeah.
You'd better watch yourself.
Say "bye," Reece.
- Bye, Reece.
- Say "bye.
" Bye-bye.
So is your mom more or less pissed off than I imagine she is? More or less than you? That's fair.
She acts like I'll never play the violin again.
That's pretty funny.
I heard it in a stupid TV movie.
Why are you watching TV when you got homework? Oh, man! You are my mom.
I don't know about that.
I think I want the best for you.
I suspect that she does a better job of appreciating you for who you are.
As long as I grow up to be just like her.
I know that routine.
My family wanted me to grow up to be a rich, white guy.
Damn, they must be dancing! You don't make money in the ER.
They figure they'd settle on two out of three.
- I'm sorry I blew the summer thing.
- You'll get another chance.
I mean now I'll be spending my time bagging groceries.
Actually, I'm not even sure you'll be doing that.
I'll be here when you get out.
- We'll still make it.
- This is worth staying for.
- Carol! - Wow, you two look great.
- I'll walk out with you.
- I have to check on a chart.
Return a phone call.
Good night.
Surprise! - We got you.
- She got us.
- What are you doing? - You haven't told us about the baby - We couldn't sit on it another minute.
- We wanted you to know we're so happy.
- We'll get you something better - But for now Oh, man! - Carol, you need a Lamaze coach? - You're it, Malik.
This is amazing.
I've just been overwhelmed with this news myself.
Today I found out I'm having twins.
I didn't know when or how to tell people.
And I'm really glad that I can share this with you now.
So thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations! You've reached Peter.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Peter, are you there? Is Reece there with you? Peter? Peter, what are you doing? You know darn well Reece is supposed to be here tonight.
If you're there, please pick up.
So we missed the boat.
Oh, well, cruises are overrated anyway.
Shall we? So, what's been going on? The thing is, I'm not exactly sure what has been going on.
What do you mean? Look, Peter and I jumped into something rather quickly.
And when it wasn't working, we both jumped out.
Is it still unresolved? No, no, no.
It is.
The thing is, you and I have been seeing a lot of each other.
And it's been great.
But it's not anything that I was looking for.
And it's caught me off balance, rather, which I'm not used to.
It makes me rather nervous.
Elizabeth, I don't I don't know what's going to happen.
But I do know how I feel.
And I feel like I've found something amazing.
And I want to be here.
I want to get to know you and not be scared.
I would hate to miss another boat.