ER s06e01 Episode Script

Leave It to Weaver

- You should be sitting.
- That's okay.
I'm fine.
Excuse me, would you mind giving your seat to this lady? - Didn't you hear me-? - I heard you! - It's okay, I can stand.
- She's pregnant! - That's, like, my problem? - A little common courtesy- Sorry, Pops.
I got none.
Really, it's okay.
Thank you.
- You okay? - Oh, yeah.
- You sure? - Just a few scrapes.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Ice-blended mocha supremo.
Ice-blended mocha supremo.
You're a lucky girl, having a baby.
- How far along are you? - Six months.
- You're getting big! - Thanks.
My niece had twins.
What a delivery! The second was breech.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Your order? - Regular coffee, please.
I'm sure yours will go just fine.
May I? I'd rather you not.
It's just that when you're pregnant- Everyone wants to touch you without even asking.
Although I did ask.
- Regular coffee.
- Thank you.
Tall warm milk to go, please.
- Excuse me? - Warm milk is nasty.
- Really? What are you having? - Double vanilla latte.
Did you know that coffee stunts your growth? That's so not true.
- Your parents let you drink it? - Are you the coffee police? - Tall warm milk.
- Thanks.
Double tall vanilla latte.
- My balloon! - We've got another one.
- I don't want blue! - It's just as good.
- Don't make a scene.
- I want yellow! It's a perfectly good balloon.
- My God! Watch out! - Get out of the way! - What happened? - I'm fine.
Probable shoulder dislocation.
- Where's Kevin? - I'll go find him.
- Sure you're all right? - What a morning! Trauma panel, type and cross for four.
Deep lacerations to the chest.
- Decreased breath on the left.
- BP's 100/60.
- Help me! - What's your name? Screw that! I want to speak to the manager! - You wanted the trauma fellowship? - Careful what you wish for.
- Forget your trauma gown? - Later.
- Pulse ox 92 on four liters.
- You on any medications? You sons of bitches! Give me something for the pain! - Titrate four of M.
- You win.
I've seen you somewhere.
The coffee shop.
And before that, the El train.
You work here? - She's the manager.
- Oh, man! - Thora-Seal's ready.
- Hook me up! - First crit 35.
- Pressure's 70.
Tachy at 130.
He's bleeding out.
1000 cc's- Rapid infuse the blood.
Give him what he's lost.
Corday took a critical.
I've got a ton of lacerations.
Close us to trauma.
Tell the patients we'll get to them soon.
The Rollerblade girl's in pain.
- Four of morphine, one of Versed.
- The moonlighting doc? Dr.
Kovac? Check the board for when he's due.
- Who's this - The driver of the truck.
Call transport.
Get him to the morgue.
Are you a doctor? I got one mother of a migraine.
We'll get to you soon.
I put a Compazine suppository up my ass.
It ain't working.
- Someone will be with you soon.
- They said that 20 minutes ago! - Really, they will.
- Dr.
Weaver? Phone.
Can you take it from here? - We're just waiting on an O.
- Carol? You have to find my daughter.
I don't know where she is.
- What's her name? I'll look for her.
- Michelle Kinney.
- Better get that checked out.
- I'll take a look.
- It's okay.
- We'll look for her.
- Tell me where it hurts.
- My chest.
I can't breathe.
- Any pain here? - No.
Not really.
- Pulse ox 88.
- Poor tidal volume.
I'll intubate.
Four of Versed, 100 of sux.
We'll give you medicine.
When you wake up, a tube will help you breathe.
Get X-ray.
And I need an ultrasound.
Corday? This man's here to see you.
Charles Cameron from Rush.
We were gonna have coffee.
- I'm sorry.
I'm a bit involved.
- Mind if I hang out? That'd be fine.
Cameron, Dr.
Mark Greene.
Let me just check this page.
I'll be right back.
I forgot we'd set up a coffee for an interview at Rush.
- An interview for? - Cardiothoracic.
That's sewn up with Romano.
That's it: the prospect of Romano.
- I want to check other opportunities.
- Probably is a good idea.
- I thought I told you.
- You don't have to tell me everything.
- I'm looking for a little girl.
- Not here.
- Got a Rollerblader.
- Is he all right? - We may take him to the O.
- I'll tell the girlfriend.
The phone's for you.
Revisions on the Jayco report? They call in the middle of a trauma.
The mind-numbing day-to-day detritus of this job.
- You okay finishing the DPL? - Yeah.
- Gonna ask him? - Ask him what? - It's rumored he's quitting.
- What? - Going back to general surgery.
- I've heard nothing.
- Residents are out of the loop.
- Why would he do that? The day-to-day "whatever" of his job.
How are we doing? Prep for transfer.
How tough is it to get a painkiller? Sorry, we got a lot of critical cases right now.
And my head ain't critical? What kind of joint is this?! - Kill the migraine guy? - Happily.
Did a little girl come in with this accident? - I didn't see her.
- She may be on her way.
MICN's sending two more criticals.
I told you to close us to trauma.
I know, but Dr Romano said keep us open.
- Who asked him? - It's protocol.
He's acting chief.
Have them go to Mercy.
And call Romano.
What the hell is he thinking.
We're barely keeping our head above water as it is.
- Pressure's down to 75.
- No belly bleeding.
X - ray shows diffuse bilateral pulmonary contusions.
No sense of blood loss.
Pulse ox down to 80 on 100% oxygen.
Let me check the heart.
May be a tension pneumo.
- Crit's 42.
- No pericardial effusion.
No tension pneumo.
But a terrible ejection fraction.
- Cardiac contusion? - Heart and lungs are bruised.
- Another five of PEEP.
- Pressure's at 60.
- Mix up dopamine.
- Should I book an O.
? Nothing to repair surgically.
- Right you are, unfortunately.
- What do we do? Pressure and ventilatory support.
Let's try something.
Get a bypass machine from the O.
Prepare the groin for bypass catheters.
- Bypass? That's gutsy.
- It's worth a try.
- Betadine and sterile drapes.
- This is quite a convention.
Charlie Cameron from Rush.
Haven't seen you in Who cares? What brings you to our fair land? Coffee.
I hear it's the best in the city.
There's enough cooks in this broth.
I'll go and inspire the rest of the troops.
- O.
's ready.
- Pulse ox 99 on 100%.
- What's going on? - Penetrating chest trauma.
- His pressure? -95, up from 70.
Keep him here.
Check another pressure.
He needs a thoracotomy.
His chest tube output indicates the O.
How much blood? - O-neg, 1000 cc's.
- What's in the Thora-Seal? -100 cc's.
- And the pressure? - 105/74.
- Peter, let's review.
His pressure's normal and chest tube output's a trickle.
As a surgeon, I'd say he's forming a clot.
Would you disagree? - Maybe.
- Maybe.
If we're gonna open a kid's chest, with the risks and months of pain let's not have "maybe" as part of the equation.
What's your name? My name's Luka.
It's a funny name, isn't it? Can you say it? Luka.
Does your arm hurt? I'm a doctor.
I want my mom.
I can help you.
You want to come out now? In that case, do you mind if I come in? Of course.
I'd be happy to mentor you.
I'm dying here! Any of you putzes care? I want to focus on emergency medicine.
It's great to have a person to go to.
I know.
I had a great mentor.
Do I gotta get run over by a truck? - I sent the head trauma to CT.
- Thank you.
Have you heard rumors about Anspaugh quitting? - No.
- I heard a scarier one.
He's quitting and Dr.
Romano's the front-runner for the job.
Romano as chief of staff? - Carter, take this sheet.
- You okay? Stand by with paddles.
Ready for chest compressions.
I'm in.
Hook this up.
- We need to speak when you can.
- Sure.
- Run of nine.
- Charge to 200.
Start the bypass.
- She's stabilizing.
- Want to go in here? - Wean off the dopamine.
- BP 120/80.
I hear Anspaugh's stepping down and Romano's next in line.
No, Anspaugh would've told us.
Probably crazy rumor-mill stuff.
- I'll go talk to him about it.
- Good idea.
- It's the fire alarm! - Tell me it's a drill! - Prep your patient for transfer.
- I'll cover the hall! - Where is it? - I don't know.
Move patients to the ambulance bay.
- We moving? - Maybe.
Be ready.
Benton, he's crashing! Carter! Get in here now! - He's in fib! - Paddles! Charge to 200.
Another 1500 in the Thora-Seal.
Thoracotomy tray! Let's move! Scalpel.
Let's squeeze in the blood.
- Should I page Romano? - No time.
Rib spreader.
- There's a gallon of blood in here.
- More suction! Please don't run.
Everybody move slowly to the ambulance bay.
Three's clear.
Where's the fire? I don't know.
You put exam 1 and 2? - I got four units of type-specific.
- Hang it now.
Take over internal compressions.
- What about the fire alarm? - Let's save his life first.
- There's the bleeder.
-2-0 Vicryl and pickups.
- You want FFP? - Two units and a gram of Ancef.
Still in fib.
Good femoral pulse with compressions.
Mammary artery is ligated.
All right, paddles.
Charge to 20.
Everybody clear! - You pulled it? - Maybe now I'll get some attention.
He pulled the damn alarm! Let people know it's a false alarm.
Stay down! You move, I'll let her at you.
It's a false alarm! You don't have to evacuate! There is no fire! - Normal sinus.
- BP's 80 systolic.
- His oxygen tank's almost empty.
- Get another cylinder.
All right, let's get him up.
- Go, people! Go! - Watch it! - Have you ever been to the circus? - No.
You have now.
- You just break the valve? - You can rent it, take it to a party.
Find Mr.
Give him six mg of Imitrex.
Report him to the police for inciting a riot.
Which room's open? Thanks, but our pediatric resident can take her.
- Cleo's not on.
- She's due shortly.
- Put her in Pedes.
- She wants her mother.
Not a good idea.
She's been intubated and is on bypass.
- Plenty of patients need suturing.
- Sure.
I'll check the board.
I'll find Anspaugh.
The Rollerblader's films are back.
Let's go take a look.
One last critical in.
They were found under the rubble.
- At the back door.
- Lucy, follow me on this.
- Got another lac for Dr.
- Got it.
I'll give you articles and go over them.
- Great.
- Morning.
I'm glad you're here.
I've got a Pedes case for you.
- Sounds good.
- Do you always jog to work? - It's only four miles.
- Makes me want to dislike her.
This tube gives your mother medicine to make her better.
And what's that? That's a machine that helps her take real deep breaths.
Like when you swim underwater, you take deep breaths.
I'm not allowed to go underwater.
I wear wings.
- Wings? - Kind of a life jacket for little kids.
My mommy's medicine makes her sleepy.
She'll wake up soon and be very happy to see you.
Now we'll go find the doctor who will look at your arm.
Peter, I am impressed.
Ten minutes in on your teenager and you haven't said, "I told you so.
" -36 French for the second chest tube.
- Another liter of irrigant.
You've met Charles Cameron? From Rush? He has privileges here.
Cardiothoracic, I think.
That's the same specialty that Dr.
Corday is still interested in, isn't it? I wouldn't know.
Hasn't mentioned it lately, huh? - Not to me.
- Not to me either.
Bizarre, considering I sponsored her.
Why is that? I know you two are friends.
You know her better than I do.
Do all our conversations have to revolve around Elizabeth? Perhaps we don't need to have further conversations at all.
Some number two Dexon.
for the intercostal.
And I will close.
Is this the last one? Ruptured her aorta.
Bled out in seconds.
- Got a minute? - Sure.
Good work.
Write the death note? I'll get the death kit.
I talked to Anspaugh.
The rumors are true.
Both of them? Romano will be chief of staff? Donald's staying at County to do general surgery.
He wants to spend more time with his daughter.
Romano's a possibility.
- We gotta do something.
- Anspaugh will meet with us.
- We'll tell him what we think.
- He's not the right one for us.
I don't get it.
You're a regular doctor, but you don't work here? I do work here, but only when they need me.
I'm what they call a "moonlighter.
" Because you're from another country? No, because I only work here from time to time, when they need me.
They needed you today for the truck crash.
I'm here because one of the regular doctors- You said you were a regular doctor.
I fill in when someone's absent.
I get it.
You're like a sub.
A sub.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm a sub.
What kind of accent is that? Thick.
Neighbors heard the baby cry.
Called the police.
Broke the door down.
- Any relatives? - They don't think so.
- Said she has AIDS.
- And the baby? - Don't know.
Anything else? - We've got it.
Tachycardia, pulse thready, hypoxic, possible fulminant pneumocystis.
Start her on Bactrim, three amps IV, Crank the O-2 up to 10 liters.
- You want a CBC and lytes? - Have ICU get a bed.
- How's that baby? - Temp's 102.
He's dehydrated.
I started an IV.
Rales consolidating on the right.
Take a blood count and a chest film.
- I'll get it.
- Pneumonia? - Pretty safe bet.
- Want an HIV test? We need the mom's permission.
That won't happen.
Likely he's positive.
The mom or the court has to allow the test.
We'll start him on Cefurox.
HIV-positive, goes ahead and has a baby.
No support.
What was she thinking? Films are back on the girl with the broken arm.
- I'll fill out the labs.
- Thanks.
- Can you get these to the lab? - Sure.
Wait a second, I forgot.
Add an HIV test to this one.
- Carlos Ortega? - Right.
No problem.
- Am I interrupting? - Not at all.
We are done here.
Vanilla Latte.
I wondered about you.
Glad you're okay.
- You're the warm-milk lady.
- Right.
I work here.
- But do you really work here? - Don't answer that.
- You're done.
Feel okay? - I feel fine.
- On your way.
- Thanks.
Oh, my God! That boy is relentless.
I think his parents feel quite exhausted, huh? It seems like I need some stitches.
I already irrigated.
You were at the coffee place when it happened? I had just left.
I don't even want to think about it.
It seems most people came out okay.
You took that little girl in to see her mother? Dr.
Weaver and Dr.
Greene thought it was a bad idea.
They're not sure if I'm a good doctor.
But it's the second or third time you've worked here.
Enough time for them to stop calling me Dr.
When people are not sure, they tend to keep things more formal.
I hope after I suture you you'll call me Luka.
Children need to know, need to see.
Even if it's not good, it's better than being in the dark.
Having that kind of fear You sound experienced.
My experience with children didn't help me with that boy.
- Are you busy? - No, I just got sutured.
Their mother was in that accident.
Massive trauma.
- They want to view the body.
- No problem.
I'm Carol Hathaway.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
- Shall I show you in? - Yes, please.
I hear Romano's to be chief of staff.
You gonna fight this? Dr.
Weaver and I will see Dr.
- We'll give our honest opinions.
- You'll fight it.
That baby needs to get up to Pedes.
I'll go.
The mom's in the ICU.
- I'll call you.
- Great.
Long cup of coffee.
- He got paged.
He left and came back.
- How'd it go? Who ever knows with interviews? I'm late for a lap choly.
- I'll take that back pain in 4.
- Sure.
You need some help? I'm okay.
Thanks anyway.
I don't mean to pry.
How are things with you and Elizabeth? - You're still going out? - A little.
- Must I beg for information? - I'd hate to see that.
Everything's okay.
I may have backed off a bit.
So she's backed off.
These things just have a life of their own, don't they? If that's not enough, beg.
MVA, BMW vs.
Some neck pain.
She didn't want to come here, but she's polite about it.
- MVA? - Motor vehicle accident.
It was a little fender-bender.
I'm completely fine.
- Elaine Nichols? - Yes.
I'm John Carter.
Douglas' cousin.
Yes, of course.
We're nearly related.
Can I get out of this thing? Sure.
You'll have to hold still while I examine you.
Can't believe you're old enough to be a doctor.
No midline tenderness? Turn your head to the right.
To the left.
Full range of motion.
You're clear.
Can I get up? - Is that better? - I guess you are old enough.
- So no neck pain? - My little finger, actually.
I jammed it when I got on the gurney.
Let's check them all out.
- Hand x-ray? I'll go order it.
- Thank you, Chuny.
We'll make sure it's not fractured.
I guess I'll be here for a while.
If that's all right.
I can't really think how long it's been.
Let's see, I divorced your cousin Douglas three years ago.
- I remember your wedding.
- You were there? Douglas looked nervous as hell.
You looked incredible- -ly calm.
That was the calm before the storm, given how our marriage went.
Ancient history.
But divorce suits me.
So I assume you drive the BMW, not the Toyota.
What makes you think that? - X-ray confirms pneumonia.
- Pneumocystis? - Looks more bacterial.
- Is this the Ortega baby? I'm Jeanie Boulet.
Robert Martin, DCFS.
How long will he be here? At least a few days.
The longer the better.
More time to place him.
- Any ideas where? - No.
Cases like this are a mess.
Dying mother with AIDS.
Probably have to go to court.
If he's positive? Families willing to take on a child of color with HIV? Not a dime a dozen.
You're late.
I'm with Family Counseling Services.
- How you doing? - Fine, but you're late.
I'll get right to it.
This, as you know, is a mediation.
We want an agreement regarding your son's custody.
I'm not a judge.
This is confidential.
Nothing said here can be used in court.
Why can't we go to court? Because this is a court-ordered mediation.
Because you got a restraining order on me and Roger.
Just on your taking him to Germany where he can't develop language skills.
- My son's deaf.
- Our son.
He knows.
Reece will be fine with an American sign language tutor.
- You have a tutor? - I will! And what if you don't? We're here to talk about your child's needs.
- He needs to be with his mother.
- And father.
You gonna put him to bed on the sofa in your living room? - He doesn't have his own room? - Of course he does.
Since when? We moved in with my sister Jackie and her family so Reece could have much more of a complete family unit.
As he would with us.
- His black mother and black stepfather.
- What's that mean? So I went out with a white woman? - I'm just saying- - I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
Court-ordered, remember? - What's the prognosis? - Why are you in here? You said to wait in Chairs, so I found one.
- I didn't even know we had a chair.
- Is that me? Not much of a measure of a hand, is it? I mean, of what a hand can do.
- Looks too spindly.
- There's no fracture.
That's good.
So I'm free to go? I'll walk you out.
Do you need a ride? I'll be taking cabs until my car gets fixed.
I hoped for something more dramatic.
A cast or a sling to get me out of this fundraiser tonight.
- Don't tell me.
- The Carter Family Foundation.
Even in divorce, Gamma has her claws into you? - Why aren't you at these functions? - I got myself declawed.
What is it? Save The Lake? Children's Library? Children's Art League.
Can you call a cab for Miss Nichols? Sure.
- Thank you, Dr.
- You are welcome.
- I'll be thinking of you.
- You will? Tonight, mixing it up with the rest of the Carters.
Then I'll have to think of you.
- It was nice to see you again.
- John.
Think Anspaugh's decided? If so many oppose Romano, how can he appoint him? Will there be enough? - What if it's just you and me? - Don't think about it.
He's eager, if not downright breathless.
I'm not compelled to oppose him.
As head of Radiology, I'll point out that no Radiology head's ever considered for chief of staff.
But perhaps that's a topic for some other day.
I see why we wait so long for x-rays.
Thank you.
Carl? Up in Psych we run our own ship.
Took six months to hear Donald had taken over.
It won't rock my world.
Romano's fine with me.
- How about you, Jack? - I'm like you.
I've had enough bureaucratic crap.
I already had one heart attack.
I say, book the guy willing to take it on.
I hate to be the voice of dissent.
And it certainly isn't personal.
- I feel I should be honest.
- Absolutely.
As acting chief of the ER for the past few months Dr.
Romano has There hasn't been a great deal of support.
His management style is I guess, abrupt.
And several members of our staff have Well, they've even found it offensive.
Go on.
I guess I'd have to say that I'd worry if Dr.
Romano had the responsibility of the entire staff and faculty.
Thank you for your candor.
Kerry? Anyone in management knows it's never easy taking over another department.
There have been bumps in the road.
But I feel Dr.
Romano has succeeded in stabilizing the situation and is now providing genuine leadership in the ER.
You'd support him as chief of staff? It's only fair we give him all our support.
- You hung me out to dry.
- I'm sorry.
It was obvious he'd get the job.
He'd take it out on the ER if I'd fought.
It was politically smart.
You were smart while I was stupid and honest.
Stop! I'm only trying to protect the department.
You believe that? I don't.
Don has the dullest meetings.
No wonder we need a kick of java.
So? What do you think? Got the Remington heave-ho.
New look, new job.
Kerry, there's something I want to discuss with you.
- Are my glasses at your place? - We can check later.
- What else did he say? - Carlos is hard to place.
Because he's HIV-positive.
I can't tell them.
I ordered the test illegally.
- You'd think they'd want to know.
- I know.
I'd be the perfect foster mom for this baby.
- I can deal with HIV.
- You'd be perfect.
The DCFS wouldn't agree, with my HIV status.
You're healthier than most people in the city.
- Yeah, but I'm not married- - Yet.
There's no support for him if something happens to me.
- Yet.
- Reggie.
We can take care of that right now.
I gotta get back to work.
Not until you agree to marry me.
- You don't think I'm serious? - You're crazy.
Will you marry me? - Good job.
- What's this? - Your meeting with Anspaugh.
- How'd you know? - Nurses know everything.
- You fought the good fight.
- Lot of good it did us.
- Do you have a minute? - I was just heading out.
- I think that we should talk.
- We've talked enough.
- It's something else.
Pregnant 30-year-old, T -boned passenger in MVA.
No pulse in the field.
Traumatic full arrest.
One, two, three.
- She must be full-term.
- Take over CPR.
I need an 8-0 tube.
Try to get suction.
Set up a central line.
Four units O-neg.
- Any fetal heart tones? - Asystole on monitor.
- Cricoid pressure.
- IV's blown.
Give me an amp of epi to put in the tube.
- Blood's here.
- Hang it on the rapid infuser.
- Fetal heart rate? - Can't find it.
- What's the mother's rhythm? - Asytole.
- Any pulse in the field? - No.
- Down time? - We're at 12 minutes.
- She's dead.
- Can't we-? We need to get the baby out now.
Subclavian's in.
Go with the O-neg.
Keep up compressions.
- I need retractors.
- Get a baby warmer! - Cutdown tray.
- No time.
Give me your hands.
- Hold it open.
- Chest tube, 32 French.
I'm opening the uterus.
Bandage scissors.
Bulb suction.
It's a girl.
Come here.
Left chest is full of blood.
Hold compressions.
- Still asystole.
- Let's rally here.
One more try.
Give me an amp of atropine.
Continue CPR.
- Heart rate's 140.
- She's pinking up.
One-minute Apgar, eight out of 10.
- She's gonna be fine.
- I think so.
Time of death, 18:48.
How's he doing? Better.
Fever's down.
He's resting.
Any news on his mom? I didn't realize she has end-stage AIDS.
Let's start him on the triple cocktail.
- He hasn't even been tested.
- Start him.
- Seen Dr.
Greene? - He left for the night.
- Do you have a minute? - Sure.
I hear Romano will be chief.
I haven't announced it yet but he made me chief of the ER.
As they search for a permanent? - No.
Actually, I am the permanent.
- Congratulations! - Thank you.
- Thanks for telling me.
I think it's inappropriate to continue renting you my basement apartment.
Whoever's there should be from outside the department.
- You want me to move? - Take your time.
A week or two.
Looking for something? No, just putting back this suture kit.
You don't keep the opened ones but the scissors weren't used.
Seems such a waste to throw them away.
- You okay? - After that trauma? - Yeah.
I feel pretty lucky.
- Good.
Luka, whatever Greene and Weaver think You're a good doctor.
Thank you.
What was it you said? "I'll be thinking of you tonight"? I guess I meant it.
How do you like Jeeps? It's not a BMW.
It's also not a cab.
I like Jeeps.
I thought maybe we'd get a drink.
I don't really want a drink.
Can I talk to you? I checked on the anaphylactic shock.
Her respiratory rate and pulse are down.
The hematuria's going to Medicine.
We can discharge the dermatitis.
Should I do any extra reading tonight? I'm afraid I can't continue mentoring you.
I've been appointed permanent chief of ER.
- That's good.
- It may seem like favoritism if I mentor one student over another.
Greene may have time.
- Dr.
Greene has a call.
- Take a message.
He left.
It's his father.
Greene's mother has died.
Hello, can I help you? So this is how American males vent anger and frustration? I figured a Romano/Weaver double homicide was overkill.
- How'd you find me? - I have my sources.
I heard about the meeting.
I committed career suicide.
Opened the door for Kerry to be chief.
Speaking up next to Romano was courageous.
I'm proud.
You did the right thing.
Thank you.
Hitting the baseball doesn't look that tough.
- It doesn't, huh? - You seem to be doing it.
Want to give it a try? Come on.
- All right.
- Like this? Nice! Smack it.
- I'm okay! - You have a good eye.
Keep your eyes on the ball.
Here it comes.
Very good.