ER s06e02 Episode Script

Last Rites

Previously on E.
And if it is positive? Then we need a foster family willing to take on a child of color with HIV.
Not only is Dr Anspaugh quitting.
Dr Romano is the front-runner to take his place.
You'd support him as chief of staff? I think It's only fair that we give him all the support that we can.
I thought maybe we'd get a drink or something.
We're here to talk about your child's needs.
He needs to be with his mother.
He needs to be with his father.
They are not sure if I'm a good doctor.
I've just been appointed the new permanent chief of the Emergency Department.
Will you marry me? Dr.
Greene's mother has died.
- Any history? - He's post ictal.
- What's open? - Curtain 3.
I think.
Coming through! - Can I help you? - No.
- Draw 10 of Ativan.
Give 2 now.
- Need a Dilantin level.
Did you mess with my IV? Look at it.
I didn't touch it.
If the bag is empty, you ask them to change it.
Did you see my wallet? Mr.
Parker, stop worrying.
Four units of packed cells, chest film.
- Where's Benton? - Coming.
We need him.
We need a Foley and an NG.
Okay, lift your tongue.
That should help.
I'm in.
Set me up for a chest tube.
What time are you off? Hey, what are you doing here? It's almost midnight.
What time are you off? Now.
- I'm going now.
- Thank you, Mrs.
I put the nice tablecloth in the washer.
And you should tumble dry it on low.
And if you need anything yo call me, because my number's there on the fridge.
I will.
And, Mark I'm really sorry.
- She was a lovely woman.
- Yeah.
I know.
- Okay.
Good night.
- Good night.
You're not afraid about waking up the neighbors? Harold's deaf as a post.
- They all leave? - Yeah.
What are you making? I promised your mother I'd build her a linen chest.
Good night.
That was a good speech you gave today.
Those things you said about your mother.
I had good material.
The color guard was nice, Dad.
You okay? Depends what "okay" means.
You want me to stick around a little longer? A few days? Rachel loves San Diego.
Dad? It doesn't seem real, Mark.
I buried my wife today.
Fun stuff, huh? So, you get a look at the bastards? Skaters all look the same.
- Dr.
Malucci? - It's Dr.
Dave to you, Lucy.
No new fractures.
Jeez, it certainly look like you banged up your chin before.
They don't like how I dress.
Last time they slammed my head in a car door.
Like they're the height of fashion.
Hasn't your principal done anything about this? Where did you go to school? Ok buddy, I'll come back and stitch you up.
Zito, the COPD'er, is retaining.
Can I decrease his O-2? - Sure.
Why not? - Two liters? Dave? Excuse me.
Did you call Plastics on that lip? - Oh, no I got it.
- If it's through-and-through - we usually call Plastics.
- He already has a scar- - All the more reason.
- Two liters, okay? - What? - Should I decrease his O-2? Uh, I don't know.
Crank it down.
If he turns blue, crank it back up.
- You're kidding, right? - No, purple ain't good.
Just keep his pulse ox above 90.
Hey, it's Jackie Joyner.
- Hi Jackie, nice spandex.
- Get a life.
- That's good.
- She's hot for me.
- You've been here three days.
- Doesn't take long, bro.
- Your drunk is back.
- I discharged you two hours ago.
You got to know when to hold them.
- He was passed out.
- When did he have time? You haven't met Vodka Joe? Some days he's in three times.
You got to know it was her fault.
Should've left his IV in.
Nice of you to bring him back, officer.
Just doing my duty, ma'am.
- You got this? - Got it.
Thank you.
Hey, sweetheart.
You wanna meet up with a gambler? Watch it, cowboy.
That's my fiancée.
- Reggie- - What? Fiancée.
You guys engaged? - Not exactly.
- Pretty much.
Know when to run! I want to commend the Surgical Service on their timely response and clinical competence.
We had excellent outcomes with no significant delays.
- Can you cover for me? - I have outpatient clinic.
Yeah, but it's important.
You have something to add, Dr.
Benton? No.
Then please give us the courtesy of your full attention.
As a final note, you should all offer Dr.
Corday your congratulations since most of you will be working with her in her new position as associate chief of surgery.
All departmental concerns can be funneled through her office including O.
R schedules, research funding, committee assignments, etcetera.
Thank you.
And have a good day.
Melanoma? Started as a small mole on her back, but it was Stage Four.
Metastasized all over.
Liver, lungs, then her brain.
- She failed chemo? - Six cycles.
Then immunotherapy.
Pulse ox 89 on two liters.
There's fluid in her lungs.
Last time it was this bad they had to drain it.
- Has she had a seizure recently? - No.
Why? Might explain her altered mental status.
She's been out of it for the last month.
Her oncologist feels it's due to the brain mets or liver failure.
I see.
Let's get a chest x-ray, CBC, PT, PTT.
Look, you should know something.
She doesn't want to go back to the ICU.
She has a "do not resuscitate" order? I just brought her in because her breathing and pain seemed to worsen.
- I thought you'd make her comfortable.
- Well, that we can do.
- Oh, Mark.
When did you get back? - Late last night.
- Plane was delayed four hours in San Diego.
- How did it go? - All right.
- Rough, huh? - Wow, you grew in a week! - Thanks, Mark.
- Dr.
Sorry about your mom.
- Thanks.
What do you got? Mark, coffee later? - You on all day? - Yeah.
I just started.
She's DNR.
Her Father just brought her in because she's altered and in pain.
What's this all about? What? Oh, that's Dr.
Weaver's new charting system.
What was wrong with the old one? Actually is kind of cool.
See, there's a separate form for each chief complaint.
- Multiple-choice medicine? - Yeah, sort of.
Anyway, I was thinking about doing a toraxentesis or tapping her belly.
- Get a chest x-ray? - Yeah.
They're shooting now.
Right, I'd pull up the old ones for comparison.
Welcome back.
Thanks, Kerry.
Nice checklist.
Yeah, is great.
The T-system.
- I'll train you on it later.
- Can't wait.
It took you 20 minutes to come and see me.
I'm shocked.
I thought it would be 10, tops.
What's all this about, Robert? What? No "Thank you I'm honored" no "I hope I don't dissapoint? Everyone thinks you're serious.
That's because I am serious, Lizzie.
You know me.
I'm bound to ruffle a few feathers in this new job.
I need you to smooth things over for me.
Walk with me at the head.
If you wanted to offer me a position why didn't you ask me privately? Oh, where's the fun on that.
Besides, I knew you'd take it.
- I haven't taken it.
- Oh, is that a "no"? I didn't think so.
As much as you may view me as a loathsome toad I know your pragmatic and more predictable your ambitious nature will prevail.
You'll leapfrog five or six years.
- That's not the point.
- The point is, I'm handing it to you.
A fast-track career.
Independence in the O.
With the minor annoyance of course of having to report to me.
I don't view you as a loathsome toad, Robert.
Well, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that, Elisabeth.
There's a smile.
Oh, he's a cutie, huh? - You're gonna break some hearts.
- Time for his cocktail.
- Any side effects? - No.
He's a trooper.
The pneumonia's cleared up.
He's eating solids.
- Normal white count? - Yeah, 10,000.
All done.
Such a good boy.
I'm gonna miss you.
Is he being discharged? DCFS is coming.
They found a foster family.
No, he's going to an Emergency Intake Center.
- He needs one-on-one nurturing.
- Intake's temporary.
I'm sure they'll find someone.
Someone who'll want to adopt an HIV baby? Her mother is not going to pull through The mother died yesterday.
- TM's are clear.
- You talk funny.
- Hunter! - Thank you.
Say "ahh.
" That's cause he's from very far way.
- How far? - So far that it's dark there already.
Throat's red, all right.
Probably an upper respiratory infection.
- So he'll need antibiotics? - No.
Just give him lots of fluids.
- Okay.
- I'll come back soon, okay? - We should do a rapid strep.
- You got it.
- Where are you from? - Croatia.
Wow! - Here's a prescription just in case.
- Great.
You forgot Tylenol.
The docs give us an order for fever.
Fevers have a purpose.
They tell us when someone's sick.
It's the body's way to fight infection.
That's good, no? - I suppose.
- So why stop it? Make the kid feel better? Okay.
Got an LOL in 3.
Needs a nurse.
Not much I can do for her.
How you doing? I told the mediator I'm not trying to take Reece from Carla.
But I can't let her take him.
Do you think she's doing this to hurt you? She doesn't care.
Do you care about her situation? - What is it? - I've never talked to a therapist.
Benton, I'm not here to psychoanalyze you.
I need to assess the family for the court.
We both love our son.
But she wants him for her new husband's career.
- How do you feel about Roger? - He's a decent guy, I guess.
- Good to Reece? - Yes.
- Loves him? - Why are we talking about Roger.
Who cares? - This is about me, Reece and Carla.
- Like it or not, he factors into this.
How do you thing you'd deal with it if Carla was able to take Reece out of the country? - That's not gonna happen.
- If it did? The two most recent chest films are June 28th and July 17th.
I'll take the folder.
Congratulations! - You're in the loop.
- So it's true.
- I have a patient.
- Aye, aye, chief.
Here you go.
Vanessa? Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.
You're in the hospital.
The nursing home sent you over.
One of the nurses brought this.
She said you always have it.
- Maggie.
- I think so.
I wish I kept a journal.
It's not mine.
Paul kept it.
I just like it near me.
Is that the sacred heart? - You're Catholic.
- Eastern Orthodox.
Sort of.
I hope it works out for you.
I'm sorry? In the end it doesn't help much.
It didn't help Paul.
Hard to believe in a God that does that to a man like him.
Too bad.
Heaven sounds good right now.
- Would you like to talk to a priest? - Oh, God, no.
- We have them on call.
- Don't trouble yourself.
- It's really no bother.
- Really, don't.
- Bob.
- Hi.
- Did you get my page? - No, sorry.
What's up? You're discharging the Ortega baby? I couldn't find anybody.
- I'll take him.
- What? - I'll take him home.
- You're a licensed foster parent? No, but I can become one.
That's nice of you, but I'm affraid is not very realistic.
- Why not? - You have to be screened and trained.
I can do all of that and take care of him in the mean time.
It has to be better than Intake.
- He needs a mom.
- You have children? - No.
I can focus on him.
- Support system? - I can do it.
- I don't know.
It's not policy.
Maybe it'll be a good solution until I find a foster parent.
- Or until I get licensed.
- Let me look into it.
No promises.
Hey, Reece.
How are you doing? Hey, Carla.
- Peter.
- Ms.
Simmons? - I'm Debra Wexler.
- Hi.
Whenever you're ready.
Go ahead.
It's pretty painless.
Go ahead, Reece.
Go to Mommy.
Go ahead.
Oh, I know.
It's okay.
Hey, man.
It's okay.
Hey, Reece, I'll see you later, huh? I'll see you later.
I love you.
I know.
I love you.
Loculated fluid around the lungs and lots of mets.
Is this going to help? Her belly was pretty tense.
It'll relieve some pain and take pressure off the diaphragm.
She'll still have trouble breathing.
- It's three liters.
- Okay.
I'll take this to the lab.
Is there a pay phone? I'll call her mother.
I'll take you.
I'll be right back, okay? I'll be right back.
You didn't call.
Sorry, I got in late.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- How's your dad? - We'll see.
He was shaken up.
But I don't know.
Mom was okay.
And then, boom.
Heart attack.
It's gonna take a while for it to sink in for him.
And you? I don't know.
I did hear a vicious rumor about you.
Really? Which one? It was actually more of an announcement.
It was a shock to me as anyone.
What is he up to? - Robert has to be dramatic.
- Yeah, but why'd he pick you? I don't know.
Perhaps he thinks I'm a talented surgeon.
That's not what I meant.
- You won't take it, will you? - I was considering it.
- What? - Nothing.
So, I'm going to have to deal with Romano.
He's a small price to pay for such an advancement.
- If you say so.
- Stop it.
If you feel the need to express an opinion at least articulate it.
You can't trust that guy.
He screwed you in the past.
He's not going to hesitate to do it again.
- But I think you know that.
- Yes and it's my problem, isn't it? I think it will be.
You're on soup and milk shakes for a couple of days.
Stitches come out in five.
- When can I get this pierced? - Are you gonna put that think back in? - Screw them.
I won't let those losers win.
- Good for you.
I'll see you next time, then.
- Got ahold of Plastics? - Nice job, huh? - Did you even call them? - They tried to recruit me.
I need two milligrams of morphine for Mrs.
- Braga? - Your LOL.
Oh, yeah.
- Don't you want to see her? - I trust you.
- That roach coach out there? - Yeah.
I sent up peritoneal fluid.
Patient name: Stehly.
Medical record number 452986.
Okay, thank you.
- Hi.
- How are you? - How are you? - I'm famished.
I was in the area, so I stopped by for lunch.
In the neighborhood? Yeah.
I had a meeting in the Hancock Building.
- So can you slip away? - I don't know.
Whose rig is that? Yo, Betsy, whose rig? What are you screaming about? Where are the paramedics of that rig? I don't know.
Cafeteria? What's up? Call 911! Construction accident! Well, hang on a second! Hold on! - You're busy.
- Tonight? Tonight's a given.
- What's up? - His friend's trapped.
- What happened? - We can't get him out.
- He ran here.
- A block away.
- Is he conscious, breathing? - I don't know! - Are you coming? - Hold on.
We have a construction accident on the 1200 block of Clybourn.
- We need you there code three.
- Come on, man.
We don't have time.
Docs responding.
- If he's breathing, don't touch him.
- Yes, Mom.
- Right there! - How'd it happen? The choker must have slipped.
It swung right into him! Be careful! Don't burn him! - I almost got it! - Anybody call 911? - Ain't you the 911 guy? - You get the real deal.
Go and make sure Gordy called! Go now! Sir? Sir, can you tell me your name? - Joe.
Joe Sanders.
- Mr.
Sanders! Carotid pulse weak and thready.
Sanders! - His leg is crushed.
- His chest isn't moving.
- Tube him.
- We gotta get in.
- You can reach him? - Yeah, but I can't see what I'm doing.
We gotta do it.
You ever done a blind intervention before? - No, but we gotta do it.
- I'll do it.
- Come on.
- It's not a teaching case.
- Be my eyes.
- I'll talk you through it.
- Watch it! Something's loose! - All right, where am I? Move to the left.
No, wrong way.
- My left or your left? - My left, your right.
That's his cheek.
You gotta move over.
That's his ear.
Move up.
There you go.
Open it.
Bingo! - You got it? - Hold on.
- Have you done this before? - Once.
On a cadaver.
All right.
There's the epiglottis.
I'm in the vallecula.
- All right.
- Put it down the right pipe.
I hear the EMS boys.
Too little, too late.
I'm in! Amy, you need to keep that mask on, okay? Amy.
I can't breathe.
My name is Dr.
You're in the hospital.
Your father brought you here.
Okay? I need you to keep that mask on, okay? Help me.
Amy, I can give you some morphine to make you more comfortable.
Not today.
What? I don't want to die today.
Do you want me to put you on a ventilator to help you breathe? There's a good chance you'll never come off of it.
I don't want to die.
I need rapid induction.
-100 of sux.
- You're gonna intubate? She's a DNR.
Not anymore.
Let's go.
She was on a vent for two weeks in that ICU.
She needed over eight units of blood! She's had enough! Listen, this is what she wanted.
She signed a DNR! Coming through! Altered mental status.
Crush injury to the leg.
Why'd she tell you? Where's Dr.
Benton? Why didn't you use a Sager splint? He was hypotensive.
We needed to get him here.
- You were there? - We intubated him.
- He wasn't breathing.
- One, two, three.
What do we got? Crane operator plowed into him.
Multiple trauma.
Crushed femur.
- Why wasn't he put in traction? - He was crashing.
Waste of time.
- You got it from here, Peter? - Yeah, go.
I'm her father.
How many times do I need to tell you this? She doesn't want this.
We decided.
Excuse me.
I'm chief of emergency.
I've got it, Kerry.
- You his supervisor? - What's the problem? My daughter is dying of cancer.
She has a "do not resuscitate" order.
And when I left the room he put her on a ventilator and now he won't take her off.
- She asked me to.
- She wouldn't do that! - You have the papers with you? - I'll get them.
You should.
Now that your daughter's intubated, it gets a little complicated.
What do you mean? We shouldn't extubate her until she's breathing on her own.
BP's 90/60! Pulse, 110! He's bleeding.
Let's go! - Let the doctor take it.
- I am a doctor.
- Who thinks he's a paramedic.
- Dave Malucci, new second year Resident.
- Good breath sounds.
- DPL let's go.
Hold on, Dr.
Dave! Let's get a trauma panel.
Lateral C-spine, chest and pelvis.
Left femur.
Let's go.
- Who is this guy? - Surgical trauma fellow.
Call him doctor.
Let's get four units, let's get a pressure dressing on it.
Put him in traction.
And set me up for DPL.
- Didn't I just said that.
- All right, get out of here! - I said out - What did I do? Wait.
I don't understand.
It that come on, I'm not leaving.
This is our patient.
You wanna be the hero in the field, you got to drop them off at the door! - Shut up! - Carter.
Now! Ok.
Let's get a new kit.
- You okay, Carol? - Yeah.
I'm gonna call my lawyer.
I can't believe you did this.
- Mark, what are you doing? - It's not your problem.
Yes, it is my problem.
I'm head of the department.
By title, remember? You said that yourself.
Don't ever steal my gear again! He wasn't breathing! - Did they teach you the importance of-? - Relax! We couldn't find you and it was down the street.
What if we were called to another site and we didn't have our equipment.
Why don't you go in there and rip it out of her throat? Let's break it up.
This isn't the right time or place.
- Wanna take it outside? - Oh yeah, I'll take outside.
Oh, come on.
Nobody's taking anything anywhere.
Go back to work.
- Why? I got doctors to do it for me.
- Go back to work.
Get out of here.
You two, hold on! Hold on! Get back here! Can we tell you what happened? I heard what happened.
Do you have a brain between you? - Dr Weaver, we called them- - No! No! I talk, you listen! You work in this hospital, not in the street.
You are not trained for it.
You are not covered for it.
And you have patients here who need your attention.
One of them might have coded.
Or we might have been hit with other traumas while you where out playing paramedics.
Were you? Don't even start, Dr.
I'm only cutting this much slack because you're new here.
And you Carter, you should know better.
You're emergency Residents, not paramedics.
Is that understood? Is it understood? That was great, Dave.
I appreciate that.
We document all consents in the chart.
Is there a problem? You didn't tell me you tested the baby for HIV.
- I told you he was positive.
- I thought you were assuming.
I didn't know you tested him without the mother's consent.
The mother was comatose.
We had to get him started in the antiviral drugs.
Who authorized it? I did.
I was looking out for the baby.
We gained 10 days of treatment.
You broke the law.
Will this affect your decision about foster care? - I'll have to explain this.
- Will it? No.
You obviously care about the child.
But? - It's not gonna work.
- Why not? The director won't approve.
I'm sorry, Jeanie.
I said I'd look into it.
I did.
Is it because I'm black? - What? - I'm black.
The baby's Hispanic.
- What do you take me for? - I'm not really sure.
Because you'd rather put him in a facility.
- You're not qualified.
It's simple.
- Is it because of my HIV status? It doesn't help.
Look, I'm healthy.
There's no reason to think that I won't continue to be healthy.
What about when the child is 5? When he's 10? Can you say that then? Can anyone say that? Look, I don't know how to tell you no any other way.
I know his needs.
I'd be better- It's no, Miss Boulet.
The answer is no.
Lavage is negative.
Lost a few liters from the popliteal artery.
What's the tibia look like? Fracture in 20 pieces.
It's a mess.
- Where are you going? - Shirley cleared O.
Thanks for buffing him up, Peter.
But Lizzie can take it from here.
Yes, but he's a trauma patient.
Indeed he is and this trauma fellowship of yours is through the ER, correct? - Yeah? So? - So that's an O.
That's for surgeons.
Yeah but I've been operating the last three weeks as a trauma fellow.
Yes I know.
But now as chieff of staff I have to be concerned with credentials.
You chose this.
Not me.
Elizabeth, I leave up to you.
Under no circumstances is that man to go into that operating room.
Call security if you have to and enjoy your first solo surgery.
Solo? Yes, an associate chief can operate by herself.
Peter? Hey, you okay? This case.
Dying girl.
Dad's called a lawyer.
Weaver- Forget it.
Mark, maybe you should take a few days off.
I just had a week off.
That wasn't a vacation, Mark.
Losing a parent is stressful.
I gotta get back to work.
Why isn't he here? Vanessa? I'm sorry? Is who coming? - The priest? - Why isn't he here? - No.
You told me not to.
- I don't want to go alone.
He'll be here.
Jeanie, I didn't know you were considering becoming a foster parent.
Robert Martin called me asking for a referral.
Unfortunately it's not gonna work out.
Why not? I didn't get a clear answer.
I guess too many things stacked against me.
- Is there anything I can do? - No.
Thanks, Kerry.
Some things aren't meant to be.
See you tomorrow.
Next time wait till they stop swinging at the piñata before you dive for the candy.
Excuse me.
Stehly's making a lot of noise.
I need a detailed record about his daughter.
Your new charting system should help.
This is serious, Mark.
You know the position we're in? I followed my patient's wishes.
She's over 18.
She signed a DNR and gave her father power of attorney.
- She has rights.
- She's throwing PVCs.
- How many? - 10 to 12.
Give her lidocaine? Not yet.
I wanted to make sure.
So she's no longer DNR? - If she codes? - Resuscitate her.
- No, don't! - Kerry, she's my patient! You can't ignore a standing DNR! - She revoked it! - She can't! Not with altered mental status! Did you see her CT? That girl has mets all over her brain.
She's on morphine.
Probably hypopsic.
I talked to her.
She was conscious and alert.
- I didn't see that.
- You have to trust me.
I'm not sure you're being objective.
- Kerry - I should take over.
- I've got it covered.
- Mark, I'm taking this patient.
You're gonna have to fire me first.
So, what do I do if she codes? Nothing, Carter.
You do nothing.
If she codes, call me, Carter.
Randy, are you sure this list is right? I paged Father Erps twice.
There's a junior Jesuit substituting for him.
- Where's his number? - I don't know.
It's around here somewhere.
Find it! Randy.
She doesn't have much time.
Lucy, where's Malucci? - Think him first as Dr.
- Whatever, where is he? I don't know.
Try the Coast Guard.
Maybe he's out doing search and rescue.
What's wrong? This woman's BP is down to 60 palp.
Her kidneys have shut down.
- I got it.
- Really? Thank you.
- Carol, have you seen Mark? - He was here.
- Is he still on? - I think so.
I hear you laid up today in the O.
- "Laid up"? - Golf term.
You played it safe.
That's not a criticism.
We all get more conservative when we are in the driver seat.
- Welcome to the big leagues.
- Listen, Robert, about Peter- Peter.
Aren't you tired of that subject? He acepted this fellowship in the asumption he'd would be operating on his trauma patients He's board eligible- - I know, I'm just messing with him.
- So you'll let him operate? For you, Lizzie, anything.
Only on trauma.
Not elective cases.
And not general surgery.
- And I want you to police him.
- Fine.
So, is that an official acceptance of my offer? - I suppose it is.
- Wise choice.
See you tomorrow.
Here's a termination list.
We need to cut some dead weight.
It'll sound better coming from you.
- Dr.
- Carter, have you seen Mark? He's around here some place.
I think you saw a patient of mine in radiology today.
Nichols? - Your patient? - Yeah.
Came in last week.
Fender bender.
Had some minor cervical tenderness.
Did I miss something? No, it's nothing to do with an accident.
She came for a second opinion.
On- On what? Infiltrating duct cell carcinoma.
Breast cancer.
So she's looking at surgery? Has to have a mastectomy, I'm afraid.
Carter! This girl's in V-tach! - Trauma 1! - Need some help? No.
No, I got it.
- She have a pulse? - A weak one.
- What's her BP? -60 palp.
Paddles are ready.
Carter? Get Dr.
Let's open up the pads.
- No need.
She's a DNR.
- Dr.
Weaver- I understand that you're in an awkward position.
- You're gonna let her arrest? - I'll take it from here.
- How about a chemical code? - This woman is not to be resuscitated.
Just an amp of lidocaine.
She has no chance of a recovery.
She wanted this.
Her family wants it.
Don't touch her.
- I know.
- But I want to believe.
Now you can.
He forgives me? He forgives you.
Can you bless me, Father? Where is she? V- fib.
Damn you, Kerry.
Carter, start CPR! Charge to 200.
Haleh, charge to 200 now.
Kerry, you're chief.
You need to make a decision.
We do this, or I go.
- Ready.
- Clear! Clear! -300.
- Charging.
How far are you gonna go? She wanted a ventilator.
Not this.
Clear! Clear! Still in V-fib.
One more time.
100 of lidocaine.
Did she say she wanted you pounding on her chest, shocking her heart? Shut up, Kerry! Or get out of here! Clear! Asystole.
You want atropine? You want atropine? No.
It's over.
Time of death, 20:34.
Mark, I- - Hey there.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? - We need to talk.
I've been thinking- No, listen.
That day when you proposed to me most of me wanted to scream "Yes!" and run to the courthouse and do it right then.
- Most of you? - But the rest of me was scared.
I knew that I loved you.
I've just been with this little baby who needed a mother.
I knew instantly that I wanted to be that mother.
I didn't want to say yes for the wrong reason.
I see.
They told me that I can't have him.
Baby, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay, because I know that I really do want to marry you.
I know that now.
- Do you still want to marry me? - Yes.
Isn't it a sin to fake a sacrament? It was a blessing.
Anyone can give a blessing.
Not posing as a priest.
It was her faith.
That's what's important.
- So how did you know what to say? - I faked it.
I know a little bit of Latin, a little bit of Croatian.
You faked it well.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
It's just they're active, moving around down there.
May I? What? You know.
Don't you? Yes.
You should just leave now.
Peter! Did you hire a private investigator? What? Some guy talked to Dafina and asked her if I've ever done drugs.
Oh Carla, look, the only person I hired was my lawyer.
Well, did he get this guy to start asking questions about me? No! - I don't know.
- Why are you doing this? - Why am I doing this? - Restraining orders and lawyers- Carla, I only have one son.
Roger can get another job.
This is a great opportunity for us, Peter! What about Reece? You ever think about that? I mean, you want to take him away from his father? You may not even be his father! What? He might not be yours.
There was somebody else.
It was just casual.
And then there was you.
I did it for Reece! He needed a father! Roger can be- Look, Reece is my son, Carla! Reece is my son.