ER s06e06 Episode Script

The Peace of Wild Things

Previously on E.
You're taking drugs, which means your baby is taking drugs.
I'm hardly using.
You can't use at all! Is it Ok that I might be a little late tomorrow? You don't like that I hired Gabe, but I did, so deal with it.
These are unreliable.
Half the time you end up in the preperitoneal space.
- I think if you tried- - I said no, damn it! This is crap! - Can I give you a hand with that? - Thanks.
It cost a fortune and it's stuck.
As long as I can sneak under it.
I left mine at home.
I hate coming in to work when it's still dark.
Doesn't look promising.
Perfect start to a perfect day! Wheezing due to smoke inhalation.
No facial-burn evidence.
BP's 134 over 92, pulse 96.
Get her on a pulse ox.
Order a chest film.
- What's up? - Fire in a nursing home.
Not enough people to get them out.
Get this last ambulance.
altered mental status.
- BP's 95 over 60.
- No singed nasal hairs.
We're getting two more, one critical.
- Who's on the desk? - Nobody.
- Steve's sick, Randi left at 6:30.
- She didn't wait for a replacement? You want to bitch, bitch at her.
Haleh, I need you.
Jeanie called.
She's not coming in either.
You got basketball practice? - I have practice.
- You about ready? - Morning.
- Morning.
Your backpack's in the bathroom atop the toilet.
Your basketball stuff's in the basement.
If you want it washed, put it in the basket.
She can hit a 20-foot fader but she can't hit the hamper.
- Got a minute? - Not really.
Carla says Reece might not be mine.
What are you gonna do? I don't know that I believe her with everything going on.
What the hell's the matter with that bitch? All that she's put you through and she's not even sure? I'm sorry.
Has she always known this or is she doing it to get Reece? I got a paternity test.
I haven't taken it.
- How long does it take? - I don't know if I'll take it.
You have to.
What if I'm not his dad? You can't wait.
He'll find out.
- I know- - Then he'll know you lied to him.
- What's up? - I called, but the phone just rang.
I don't always hear it.
I gotta go to work.
- Still at the pharmacy? - The hours are good.
The tests came after you left.
You gotta get treated for a bladder infection.
It can be dangerous when you're pregnant.
I'll come by soon.
Have you given any more thought to the detox program? I stopped using five days ago.
- Good for you.
- Thanks again.
I don't give a damn how many patients you have! We're drowning here.
I need qualified bodies.
- Excuse me, I'm- - Go away.
I've got 11 fried old folks.
Want to compare patient loads? You're in a car accident, I hope you end up here.
I'll personally be of absolutely no help to you whatsoever! - Twerp.
- Excuse me.
- I'm Andrew- - You have an M.
behind your name? Have a seat.
I'll get to you when I get to you.
- Margaret Ramey sent me.
- You a desk clerk? - Yes, ma'am.
- Good.
Then get back here now.
- Okay, so- - You're a clerk.
Phone anybody with the day off.
They'll work today if they want to work here tomorrow.
- Oh, God! - Can I help you? I've lost my husband.
- Were you in the fire? - Barry's his name.
I followed them down the hall.
They went so fast.
Let's go see if we can find him for you.
Thank you.
- Take a deep breath.
- Pulse ox 82 on four liters.
Can your patient's wife come in? - Absolutely.
You free? - I was gonna grab another one.
Take this one.
No singed nasal hairs.
Barry, I'm here.
I need you to lean forward.
He can't lift himself.
Wet crackles bilaterally.
Put him on a non-rebreather.
- MS, CHF, coronary artery disease.
- Let's get a nitre drip.
Titrate to a systolic of 100.
- You got it? - Yeah.
right thigh contusion.
BP's 155 over 88, pulse 96.
Laceration to forehead.
I should've had that coffee.
- What is it? - Nursing-home fire.
Check the residents.
Can you take over the desk? They're stacking up.
No smoke inhalation sign, but she's hypoxic.
- Pulse ox is down to 84.
- Crank her up to 10.
- What is it? Her chest's clear.
- Should I get Dr.
Greene? - What's her temp? -101.
You appreciate the coarse rhonchi at the right base? - She has pneumonia.
- Not much gets by you.
- CBC, blood cultures- - Chest x-ray, ceftriaxone.
Andy does imitations.
Ask him.
Imitations, huh? I'm better at improv.
This is my day job.
Do Keanu Reeves, man.
Come on.
Do something, man.
Whoa! You're a little pregnant, huh? All right.
- Picked a name for the dude? - No.
How about Leif? Or Bodhi? Or Keanu? - Keanu's a most excellent name.
- Very good.
- Did you talk to Jeanie? - She can't make it.
She's been out all week.
Call her and have her tell me why I shouldn't fire her.
Just had a great pickup.
Woman had rapid breathing and altered mental status.
Tachypneic, hypoxic.
Like smoke inhalation.
- Your Bunsen burner's still on.
- Pulse ox 84.
You with me? Struggling.
I think I get it.
I could've thought inhalation, but I saw subtleties.
Crackles in the middle lobe and low-grade fever.
Figure I'll find gram-positive diplococci here.
- She's lucky she had you.
- Damn straight! Haleh said she heard the rhonchi and told you.
- I can't understand him.
- He can't get enough oxygen.
Causes confusion and disorientation.
His lungs are very sick.
We have to place a tube down his throat to help him breathe.
- I don't know that that will help.
- Will he get better? There is a chance.
In his declining health - I'm not optimistic.
- He could get better? He could.
Then let's try it.
It could also be his heart.
We'll run more tests to ensure we're doing the right thing.
- Can we get Cardiology down here? - To do an echo? Help me! - How you doing? -89-year-old woman.
Delusional, no smoke inhalation or injury.
- What's been done? - Five of Haldol, two of Ativan.
- I lost my reading glasses.
- Help me! Why won't you help? - Please! - Dementia cases are so sad.
I hated Geriatrics rotation, so I chose Pedes.
Looks like you're doing fine.
- How's she doing? - Fine.
Excuse me.
Three are in Medicine.
The broken hip's in surgery, one's in CICU.
Five were treated and released.
- You smell gas? - I do.
- Smell that? - Yeah.
I'll call Maintenance.
Get everyone out of this hall.
It's stronger in here- Both eardrums intact.
How's the ringing? - Still bad? - What was it? A Bunsen burner may have been left on.
I used one.
I'm sure I turned it off.
- Want to go to Audiology? - I had it worse at a Clash concert.
- I want out of these wet clothes.
- Just scratches.
- Could today get any worse? - What happened? We think a small gas leak may have ignited next door.
- I heard it on the 4th floor.
- No one's seriously injured.
- A Bunsen burner may have been left on.
- Really? - The pain started when? - Last night.
- Had you eaten? - We shared a pizza.
- Any vomiting? - No.
- Any pain? - A bit near my bellybutton.
- How old are you? -12.
Married? Big for your age.
Play football? He's into video games, not sports.
- Sit up.
Any pain back here? - A little.
- Dr.
Kayson's here.
- Thanks.
I'll be right there.
It's not too serious.
Maybe a stomach flu.
Pee in the cup and give it to Malik.
- Pistachio, almond and peppermint.
- Peppermint? Just eat the pistachio.
Another birthday? Just leave the decorations up permanently.
Carol's surprise baby shower.
Anybody leave their reading glasses in the freezer? May I see those? I've left mine in some weird places.
- Are they yours? - No, but I think I know whose they are.
- You got a minute? - Wish I had.
- We can talk while I work.
- Nice office.
His madness is admirable, no matter how sociopathic.
- Who? - Romano.
This office.
You wanted to talk? Slumming with we simple surgical folk, Dr.
Benton? We're discussing a patient.
Not taking him from the excitement of trauma medicine, I hope.
I have a hernia scheduled.
I'm meeting the insurance people.
Can you do it? It's a bit early.
- In the morning? - Early bird catches the worm.
A more advanced ER member blew up the lab.
- The insurance company's concerned.
- Anyone hurt? Your boyfriend's hair got mussed, but he bounced right back.
He is a scrapper.
Deaf as a post, but that's probably temporary.
What would you pay for my sperm? - I beg your pardon? - Oh, is that sexual harassment? Oh, no, The Marshall/Hillberg Sperm Bank recruited me.
Its donors include Olympic athletes and Nobel winners.
- They want you? - Embarrassing, but it's a good cause.
Who knows what the mother brings? As for my genetics I guarantee a great advantage over the spermic competition.
Can't have too many Romanos running around, can we? - What've we got? - Shattered femur.
with a young wife.
What a mess! Major orthopedic surgery, four months in a wheelchair.
Should prove his vitality to the fairer sex.
Still looking for your reading glasses? I'll stop by a drugstore for a $10 pair.
Are these them? Where were they? In the freezer in the lounge.
That's one place I didn't look.
Could you write a Keflex prescription? A sometimes patient, She has a bladder infection.
- Want me to see her? - She's not here.
I'll get it for her and hope she fills it.
Thank you.
I think the heart failure's making him sick.
Not his lungs.
I think we need to accept that the time has come to let nature take its course.
I don't know what to do.
Barry always made all the important decisions.
You know what a "Do Not Resuscitate" order is? I think you need to sign one for him.
Will you do that? Yes.
Spielman's office? Third floor.
Go left past the MRl suite.
- Dr.
- Kerry! My God! How are you? I'm fine, thanks.
Still sacrificing yourself to the indigent at County? - Battling windmills.
- Please.
Want some tea? No, thanks.
You moved the office around a little bit.
Yeah, when we put in the MRl suite, what a mess! What brings you here? Job-hunting, I hope.
No, Gabe Lawrence.
- You let him go a couple months ago? - He left the staff, yes.
I heard it was politics.
A bit of a palace coup.
With me cast as lago, I suspect.
I wonder if that really happened.
Gabe Lawrence was my closest friend.
My mentor, my teacher.
The finest doctor I've ever worked with.
His leaving was the most trying experience of my career.
I hired him at County.
I hadn't heard that.
I need to know.
Should I worry about patient safety with him on my staff? - Where's Dr.
Lawrence? - Trauma 2.
- What have they got? - Stab wound to the chest.
Rib spreader.
- Suction.
- Still no pulse.
- Need a hand? - We're fine.
Too many cooks - Heart's still beating.
- Not much blood.
Pulseless electrical activity.
Four units of O-neg.
Stab wound, left ventricle.
- Hold this.
Do you sew fast? - Blink and you'll miss it.
I'll put him into ventricular fibrillation.
- Are you serious? - Do you want to sew a moving target? - What next? - Sauerbruch grip.
Weaver was the finest student I ever had.
She answered before I questioned.
And what is the Sauerbruch grip? Occlude the inflow from both vena cava.
What'd I tell you? You'll have 30 seconds to fix it.
- Go high, with a horizontal mattress.
- V-fib.
Charge the paddles to 20.
Don't tie that too tight.
- Paddles now.
- Last knot.
Look at the heart.
That is normal sinus rhythm inside the chest.
Damn! - She was the last one to use it.
- They'd fire her? - Who? - Dr.
Finch last used the Bunsen.
Fired? For that? If you can be fired for dress-code violations, you can be for this.
Dress-code violations? Is anything open? Do Christopher Walken.
Well, see, you want a room? The only room that's available is Exam 1.
Have fun storming the castle.
Here you go.
Sit up.
Let's get this DNA stuff over with.
See? See, that didn't hurt.
All right.
Good man.
That's my big man.
I'm sorry.
Is Meg Corwin here? - Deb, where's Meg? - On break.
Probably out back.
Past the bathrooms.
Thank you.
I get paid today, really.
- I'll catch you later? - I'm off at 6:30.
What are you doing here? I brought you your prescription.
Who was that guy? Oh, Meg, you're pregnant.
No kidding.
I didn't ask to be.
- You weren't there? - It's none of your business.
Your kid deserves a chance to live.
You've mixed me up with someone who cares.
- I didn't do it.
- I saw you.
- I turned it off.
- Tell them it was you.
- Why would I? - Dr.
Finch will be fired.
- Maybe she did it.
- Benton's with your patient.
Her patient was an hour before yours.
She was there long before us.
I turned it off.
Hey, Cleo.
I have a 12-year-old with a 278 blood sugar.
- Diabetes? - I just got the test.
- Overweight? Crappy diet? Couch potato? - All the above.
Kids eat junk food and play video games.
Bingo! Diabetes.
How do I treat it? - Want me to talk to the family? - That'd be great.
I'd heard Gabe lost a power struggle over tenure issues.
You never checked? I've known Gabe my entire career.
He's the reason I became an ER doc.
I jumped at the chance to hire him.
Or the chance to impress him.
Student hires teacher.
Spielman suspected early Alzheimer's.
She asked him to undergo neurological testing.
He blew up.
Won't speak to her.
- You have to fire him.
- She wasn't sure.
He can't cope with stress.
Wanders around- - He's always been scattered.
- He may endanger patients.
I don't know.
I love him like a father.
I don't know if I can fire him.
- Is there family history of diabetes? - My mother.
Don't old people get it? This type, yes, but some children are susceptible.
He needs a diabetes clinic.
A new drug works well for kids, but it's expensive.
Does your insurance cover prescriptions? I'm not insured.
How expensive? - $100 a month plus clinic visits.
- I can't afford that.
He needs to lose weight, exercise and control his diet.
Then he might not need medication.
I start a new job next week with good benefits.
But they start in 90 days.
Can it wait? With elevated blood sugar he's likely to have complications.
Will this be a pre-existing condition on my new insurance? If you treat him right now, they won't cover him.
I don't know the specifics of your plan, but it's possible.
I'll get him to diet and work out.
He could take my mother's HMO's diabetes pills for 90 days.
He needs a physician's supervision.
He needs a nutritionist, an exercise specialist and education.
What will that cost? It's only three months.
We weren't here, okay? Your son has a very serious disease.
He could have kidney failure, heart disease go blind, lose limbs.
Let me talk to Dr.
You're making it worse.
He'd wait three months to treat diabetes.
If insurance won't cover him and he can't afford medication what will happen over 3 years? With his grandmother's glyburide, he might gain more weight.
He'll start on half a pill and the dad gets him to lose weight.
Later he'll get better care.
You don't know about Type ll diabetes in children.
Sedentary kids don't easily change lifestyle.
Dad hasn't kept him off the sofa and potato chips in 12 years.
How could he now? - Your CHF guy is in V-tach.
- I'll be right there.
You accommodate the dad's financial problems you're endangering a life.
But what is it? It's ventricular tachycardia.
It's an abnormal heart rhythm.
How much longer? A few minutes.
A few minutes? Dr.
Lawrence? - Can we talk? - What's up? You've had Mrs.
Karis waiting for a prescription for four hours.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
I got tied up with other patients.
I completely forgot.
I'm very sorry.
One pill every six hours.
Elevate your ankle and ice it three times a day.
- Gabe, can we talk in the lounge? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- That's it? Appreciate it.
Wait, what is she doing? - What the hell-?! - Come on.
Why's she taking off her ankle wrap? That's Brenda from Accounting.
Her ankle's fine.
You've never seen her before.
- You tricked me? - Can we not do this here? It's been very busy here today! I had several ankle injuries! I got confused.
I went to see Renee Spielman.
Time of death, 7:42.
Connelly? Has he gone? Barry you're so sweet.
Yes, you are.
I'll miss you.
I need to call my son.
Is there a phone I could use nearby? I'll show you.
Thank you, doctor.
You're sure about this? Jail's not the best place to have a baby.
At least she won't be high.
- There he is.
- Got him.
leather jacket in alley.
- What happens now? - Wait to see if it goes down.
- Get anything? - Pills, some weed.
What's this, Einstein, crank? Kid's a cash-and-carry pharmacy.
You bitch! How could you? You have nothing to say? How could you do this to me?! - Is Dr.
Lawrence back? - Not yet.
Weaver? I may have been last to use the Bunsen burner before the explosion.
It's assumed Dr.
Finch used it last.
I used it too, probably after she did.
I think I turned it off.
Possibly I didn't.
It could've been my fault.
Fire investigators say it was a gas line.
Ruptured pipe.
I guess it wasn't me.
Safety's our number one priority here.
You cannot "think" you left on a potentially dangerous lab tool.
- Are we clear? - Yes, ma'am.
This is Gabe.
Please leave your name and number.
Gabe, this is Kerry.
I'm at the hospital.
Please call me back.
Can I come in? Sure.
This is my son's record, right? - Yes, it is.
- It says here that Eddie has diabetes.
You put that in? - Tear it up, please.
- I can't do that.
It's illegal.
I'm not a fool.
I'd never hurt my son.
We're just getting back on our feet.
I don't have that kind of money.
All those specialists and things.
I'll have insurance in three months.
It's good.
He'll diet, exercise, use my mom's pills.
- She gets the test kits.
- Glucose levels.
If he's not improving, we'll come back.
I'll do whatever you tell me.
If there's a chance to do this any other way please help us.
What are you doing? I was doing chart review in here.
Sprinklers soaked everything.
- I may have just done the wrong thing.
- Me too.
- Really? - Yeah, about an hour ago.
I destroyed what little was left of a good man's career.
What'd you do? Got a pregnant junkie arrested for possession so she'd get clean in jail.
Want to drown our sorrows in ginger ale? No, I'm getting a surprise baby shower.
- It's supposed to be a surprise.
- I'll look surprised.
I miss Doug.
You call him? Has he called you? He leaves messages on my machine.
He calls when I'm not there so I don't have to talk to him.
You don't want to? I don't know what else to say.
- Rain check on that ginger ale? - Sure.
- Seen the Bernero T-sheet? - The diabetic? - Why's it so hard to keep them? - It was there a while ago.
I gotta fill out a new chart.
Bernero kid in Three can go home.
Just a case of the stomach flu.
Kick him out.
We need the bed.
- Have you seen Kerry? - Curtain 2.
- How's the baby? - Great.
- Come by for Carol's baby shower.
- Yeah, I'll try.
Hang a banana bag and dress the abrasions.
He fell.
You wanted me to come in? You've worked two days in the last three weeks.
We depend on you.
When you call in, it's tough on us.
I'm not coming back.
I'm sorry I've made it tough.
I should've talked to you earlier.
- Is everything all right? - I've never been happier.
I have Reggie and the baby.
I want to be with them.
That's great.
- If you need me to work a few shifts- - No.
When the baby's older and needs you less, call me.
- There's always a job for you here.
- Thanks.
- I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you too.
Hello, baby! Roger was gonna pick him up.
I know I called him and told him.
Roger! Reece is here.
I got this DNA test for paternity.
And? I'm not gonna use it.
I'm gonna throw it away.
Why? I touched your pregnant stomach.
And I felt him move.
I was there for his birth.
The nights in the NIC-U.
When I wake up, he is the first thing on my mind.
When I go to sleep, he's the last.
I love him.
He's my son.
I don't care about biology.
I don't need a DNA kit to tell me.
I don't have a whole lot in my life.
My career Jackie and her kids and that boy.
He's more to me than the rest combined.
I'd lie down in front of a train for him.
That's how I love him.
So I'm asking I'm asking you Please Don't take my son away from me.
Weaver needs to see you about overtime.
Surprise! Oh, my God! You guys - You didn't know? - I had no idea.
- We chipped in on the bassinets.
- We have no money left.
They're beautiful! Dr.
Lawrence is in Trauma 2.
Where have you been? Out walking by the lake.
I was worried about you.
When despair for the world Grows in me I go lie down where the wood drake Rests in his beauty on the water and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace Of wild things Who do not tax their lives With forethought of grief.
I come into the presence Of still water And feel above me the day-blind stars Waiting with their light And for a time, I rest in the peace Of the world and am free.
How can I remember a Blake poem I memorized 30 years ago, and not remember that I saw a woman with a sprained ankle this afternoon? I noticed something wrong a year ago.
Memory loss and not being able to find the right word.
I went to Boston to see an old classmate, a neurologist.
He did a PET scan.
It showed bilateral hypoperfusion to the parietal areas.
He started me on Aricept.
It's supposed to put the brakes on the Alzheimer's.
But I guess it didn't help enough.
They do great work upstairs at the Comprehensive Dementia Center.
You should go.
I have a progressive neurologic disorder.
They work with neurotrophins, antioxidants.
- Maybe get into a clinical trial.
- I thought of committing suicide.
I can't figure out when to do it.
Too early, I'll miss what little life is left.
I wait too long, I won't remember to do it.
Please don't say that.
God, I'm gonna miss this.
Medicine has been my whole life.
You could stay on.
You could lecture the students and Residents.
But not see patients.
You're a brilliant doctor and a wonderful teacher.
Please don't give up those gifts.
I saw a woman this morning.
She had no idea where she was or who she was.
Ten years, that'll be me.
Bedridden in diapers locked away in some home nobody coming to see me.
I'll come and see you.
But I won't know you're there.