ER s06e07 Episode Script

Humpty Dumpty

Previously on E.
What is this? Why is she taking off her ankle wrap? You tricked me! How can I remember a William Blake poem I memorized over 30 years ago and not remember that I saw a woman with a sprained ankle this afternoon? No, I do work here but only when they need me.
I'm what they call a "moonlighter.
" I don't believe that we are gonna be needing you anymore, Ok? Pills, some weed.
What's this, Einstein, crank? How could you do this to me?! How could you do this to me?! Mark, what are you doing? Playing Tetris.
- It's 5:30 in the morning.
- Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
- Is this due to your father's arrival today? - No, of course not.
You'd feel worse if he spent the holidays alone.
What would Thanksgiving be without turkey and guilt? I hope we can fake it getting along.
I just hope he's comfortable with our sleeping arrangements? Yeah, him and me in here and you on the couch Stop it! Peter! Peter, wake up! - How long was I asleep? - How would I know? We need you now! Watch your back! - Rough night? - We got slammed.
- Trauma will get the juices flowing.
- Ready, lift.
- What happened? - Choir bus from Louisville hit by a semi.
- Louisville? - Came up for a gospel festival.
This one may need surgery.
I'm assigning him to you.
- Assigning him? - I am the Triage officer.
- Keep me informed.
- This is a nightmare.
He wants more responsibility.
Tell me if you need help.
The blood bank's low on O-neg.
Go easy.
The bullet? Twenty-six year-old woman, neck pain, midline tenderness.
- Vitals? - Stable.
Leave her on the backboard until I clear the x-ray.
Whatever you say.
- Where you going? - Taking this lady for an ankle X-ray.
She might not need it.
We don't want to tie up Radiology.
- Take her to X-ray.
- Good idea.
- So glad you could join us.
- Sorry- - We need you.
- Can I take my coat off? No, you cannot.
- Talk to me.
- I'm on top of it.
- Check the wrist pulses? - No, I just thought I'd amputate.
Neurocirc is fine.
Get her something for her pain.
Get her to X-ray.
Get busy in the suture room.
- How we doing? - Under control.
Chest contusions.
I'll put her on a monitor.
- What's the 12-lead show? - She just came in.
I got a space in Exam Four.
Can I attend the emergency services committee meeting? - One step at a time.
- Excuse me.
- I gotta go.
- Can you take this guy- - A patient can't breathe.
- You free? I have an allergic reaction.
I need sub-Q epi.
If anybody needs me, we'll be in the men's room.
- I got it.
- Thanks.
Thanks for filling in at the desk.
There's not much else I can do except answer phones.
Romano said to bring the Q/A data to the Emergency Services meeting.
When don't I? Elevate your feet to reduce ankle swelling.
Could you get Carol a stool, so she can put her feet up, please? - Thank you.
- Anything else? Some milk would be great.
And I could use some pens.
My pleasure.
Connie, could you slide the phone over here? Great.
- Guess I'm all set now.
- Morning.
- You're back? - Dr.
Weaver called me in.
- Don't you go south for the winter? - Soon.
Before the first snow.
- You look great.
- Really? - Yep.
- I feel like an overgrown pumpkin.
- Pumpkin? - Orange, carved on Halloween.
Oh, bundeva.
I'd say more like a lubenica.
What is that? I forget how to say it in English.
See you.
- He's oozing.
- Want the last unit of O-neg? - No, the bleeding's under control.
- Morning.
- Lasering a liver lac? - Using the argon to reduce blood loss.
- Should I scrub in? - No, I got it.
But I need to ask a favor.
- What's that? - I need some time off.
- How much? - I'm not sure.
My custody case is going to trial.
I don't know how long it'll last.
You'd trade holiday shifts- - Whatever it takes.
- I'll see.
Chain-reaction pile-up.
They need you at the scene.
- Damn! - Finish here.
I'll take it.
No, I got it.
Even you can't operate and fly on a chopper at the same time.
I owe you.
Your ER compliance rate's only I expected better from you.
- It's only the first month's data.
- All the nurses weren't in-serviced yet.
Let's shoot for at least 90 percent next month, shall we, ladies? Sorry we're late.
Why the unexpected pleasure of Dr.
Carter's company? He wants admin experience so I appointed him resident representative.
Thought I told you.
No, you didn't say squat.
- Did you know about this? - Carter asked.
I said no.
Carter's playing Mommy against Daddy.
- If you want to discuss this- - There's nothing to discuss.
Really? You're comfortable telling our residents that their opinions are worthless and they're just here to serve you? Actually, I'd be very comfortable with that.
I admire the deviousness with which- Good.
Welcome to the Emergency Services committee.
I have to take off.
So can you take good notes? So, what's on the agenda? - He lost 20 pounds.
His grades are falling.
- Mom, I'm fine.
- Has your appetite changed? - No.
- He's doing drugs, I know it.
- I've told you, I don't get high! - What about your loser friends? - You don't know anything.
Start with blood tests to rule out anemia.
- I brought him for a drug test.
- It's not appropriate - to force that on Chad.
- Who's in charge here? - Let's call a social worker- - Is there a problem? - My son's on drugs.
She won't test him.
- Chad denies drug use.
I was urging her to consider family counseling.
Chad, do you object to testing? Whatever.
If it gets her off my back.
- Problem solved.
Run a tox screen.
- Fine.
- Excuse me.
- You're right to question my decisions.
But don't do it in front of my patients.
- You didn't have to choose sides.
- I wasn't choosing sides.
Sometimes the path of least resistance works best.
Since you've got it all figured out, you take this case.
Meet Babette Fritzler, 28, GSW to the shoulder.
- Husband shot her.
- It was an accident.
I was trying to scare the hiccups out of her.
- Pickle juice is effective and lots safer.
- I'll do this.
No, Carter.
Malucci, get an upright chest x-ray.
- You're doing the positive charts.
- Can't I do that later? - People may be sick and not know it.
- What do I do? Review all positive urine and sputum cultures from the past 72 hours.
Call back any patient who wasn't treated with the appropriate antibiotic.
Then I want you to check our compliance on TB-mask fit testing.
You asked for admin experience.
- Yet somehow I feel I'm being punished.
- No pain, no gain.
Multi-car pile-up.
Transporting four to local hospitals.
- Any criticals? - Truck driver's okay.
Don't know about the guy under the truck.
- What's this? - Neck and back pain.
- How are you doing? - I'm okay.
Can you wiggle your toes for me? Great.
This one's clear to go by ground.
- What's his status? - Can't get in to take vitals.
- Is he awake? Talking? - He was groaning.
- When can we get to him? - Gas tank's leaking.
We foam first.
- How soon? - Shut it off! I can't see anything.
Can you break through? Help me! Please, somebody help! Can you hear me? What's your name? - Dean.
- Dean, we're gonna help you.
He's got a weak carotid pulse.
Hang on.
We'll get you out.
Hang on! ER.
No, you don't need an appointment.
- Can you order a stain on this sputum? - I'm just answering phones.
- What you making? - What's it look like? - A blanket.
- It's a hat.
- Sorry.
Nice color.
- I want to talk to you.
- Change your mind about the drug test? - No, I'm waiting for the results.
Fourth year's rough.
You want to fly solo, nobody thinks you're ready.
Excuse me.
I got two members of my choir out here still need to be seen.
And a cut on my hand.
Assess them, order their tests, and I'll sign off before you discharge them.
- ER.
- Can you order my Gram stain now? - You the doc? - Yeah, Corday from County.
- Detective Curson, Violent Crimes.
Alive? - Just about.
- What about his passenger? - There was no one else in his car.
There should be.
He carjacked a lady this morning.
Help me.
- What'd you do with her? - Somebody help me! - Where's the lady you carjacked? - He's cut his carotid.
He'll need two large-bore IVs.
- Please - Don't move.
You've cut an artery.
We must remove the collar to stop your bleeding.
- Tell me where she is.
- Who? - You know who, you son of a bitch.
- Don't move! - Back off! Let me work! - A woman's out there in trouble.
Tape his forehead to the board.
Don't move! - Don't let me die.
- I'm a doctor.
I'll look after you.
Listen to me.
There is a woman out there who could be dying.
Do you understand that? We gotta find her! Where is she, Dean? You're bleeding really badly.
Where is she? - I don't know.
- BP's down to 70.
It's your last chance.
Do you want to die? Tell me where she is.
Tell me where or I'll let you bleed to death.
Do you hear? Lincoln Park, under the bridge.
- She's under the bridge! Lincoln Park! - Lincoln Park! We gotta stop his bleeding.
Get me an atraumatic clamp now! - How's he doing? - He's stable.
I intubated him.
Tied off his carotid? That's aggressive.
I had no choice.
Are handcuffs necessary? He can't leave.
Following procedure.
He's under arrest for attempted murder.
I'm Meg Corwin's nurse.
She had a boy.
She'd like to see you.
- Why? - She didn't say.
- How's the baby? - Quite well under the circumstances.
We got Meg off the heroin before delivering.
She said you got her arrested.
- She refused treatment.
I had no choice.
- I'm with you.
- She's on the jail ward.
- Thank you.
- UCAN has a trauma? - Liz and Peter have it.
- I'll see if they need a hand.
- Not so fast.
I checked your list.
- Your TB-mask fitting? - I'll do it later.
- Set a good example for the residents.
- Let's go.
He's shocky.
Type and cross.
Two O-neg units.
- Out of O-neg.
- We must type him.
- We need blood.
- He has a blood-donor card.
"I donated blood.
" B-positive! - I'll order it! - Blood, C-spine, chest x-ray.
Let's get a gram of ancef and update the tetanus.
I'll check his chest.
Belly's soft, chest is clear.
- Unstable pelvis.
Add an AP.
- Pressure's down, 60 palp.
- He's bleeding.
Let's check his back.
- Can't, he's cuffed.
- Uncuff him! - Not allowed.
- Get the bolt cutters.
- All right, but you're responsible.
All right, go.
- No injury.
- Could be a hematoma.
- I'll do an ultrasound.
- Why not take a break? - No, I brought him in.
I'll stay with him.
- All right.
Where's the competition? At Navy Pier.
They're sending over a bus to pick us up.
Keep the sutures clean and dry.
- In a week, have a doctor remove them.
- Thank you.
Are you okay? You're breathing fast.
- Let me listen to your lungs.
- I'm fine.
Breathe in and out, deeply.
You have rales.
Wet lungs.
Are you on any medications? Digoxin and Lasix for congestive heart failure.
- You need some blood tests.
- I've had this for five years.
I need to go reassign parts.
- Your lungs sound bad.
- So will my choir, without rehearsals.
- Pelvic hematoma.
- May need embolisation.
Call Radiology.
- How we doing on that blood? - Four units on the way.
Radiology's ready.
They must've found her.
The woman he kidnapped.
She's alive.
- Pressure's down to 60.
- What? - Want another liter of saline? - No.
Get the rapid infuser.
Multiple stab wounds to the chest.
- Decreased breathing.
- Put in a chest tube? - Yeah, 10 blade.
- She's hypotensive.
BP 90, pulse 130.
- Blood bank have any O-neg? - Not yet.
- Does her husband know her blood type? - No.
- Type and cross for four.
- Are those scratches? - Step back.
We need to work.
- You should look at this.
Abrasions to the external genitalia.
Yosh, get the camera.
Can you describe the man who stabbed you? - Where's Ron? - Try and remember.
- Sats down to 88.
- I gotta intubate.
- Get out.
- I need a positive I.
You heard her.
Get out now.
I'm putting a tube in your throat to help you breathe.
Fifteen of etomidate, 100 of sux.
My husband Don't worry.
He's on his way.
She's bleeding out.
Hang the cell saver.
Run a red top to the blood bank.
Get us four units of type-specific.
Prime the rapid infuser.
- How's the central line? - I'm almost there.
He can't hold his arm up.
Squeeze my hand.
- Tighter.
- What's wrong? Right-sided weakness.
- You tied his carotid.
- Should still have good collateral flow.
- I got the B-positive.
- Rapid-infuse it.
We need a shunt.
He could stroke out.
Get a Javid from the O.
All right, I'm in.
Bring down as many sizes as you can.
Clamp it! Get those clothes off him.
Prep his neck.
Get a vascular tray.
- What are you doing? - Saving his life.
That's evidence.
Her blood- - That was donor blood.
- It doesn't matter.
Don't cut his clothes.
Sorry, I didn't realize.
Separate his belongings.
We gotta get that shunt in.
Don't clean him until I have a warrant.
- How much? - I autotransfused a liter.
She's bled another liter.
- Blood bank says 10 more minutes.
- We can't wait.
She's lost too much.
See if anyone here's O-neg.
- What's your type? - B-positive.
- What's your blood type? - A-positive, why? - What's your blood type? - AB.
- O-neg.
- You're the man.
Come on.
- Carter's O-neg.
- What's going on? We need you to donate.
Get a 14-gauge needle.
Stab victim needs blood.
No time to type her.
Squeeze in another two liters of saline.
How about numbing it with lidocaine! - I got a flash.
- Keep your arm straight.
It's a needle, not a catheter.
- She's tachycardic.
Heart's 140.
- Get the paddles.
Vessel loops in place.
I'll cannulate the proximal shunt end.
We'll flush it out.
- We don't want an air embolism.
- I'll do the distal end.
- What? - Shunt won't advance.
You could be raising an intimal flap.
- He's throwing PVCs.
- Get 100 of lidocaine.
Prep a drip.
- I'm in.
- Distal vessel loops are secure.
Let's open the shunt and see how he does.
With any luck, he'll stand trial.
- Blood's ready.
- Hang it on the infuser.
- You're a good bleeder.
- What can I do? - Get yourself juice and cookies.
- I'm fine.
Nice job! Go! - Pressure's dropping.
- We gotta control the bleeding.
- I put in another chest tube.
- Oh, my God.
- Sir, you have to leave.
- My wife, she'll be all right? We're doing everything we can.
- Where is that music coming from? - Lucy's gospel singers.
Ask them to stop singing so we can work.
Lost her pressure.
Thoracotomy tray.
What are you doing? - We have to stop the bleeding.
- Get him out.
We need a sternal saw.
- Dr.
Weaver wants them to stop.
- What? Please, quiet down! I'm sorry.
You can't sing in here.
- We'll rehearse outside.
- You can't leave.
- We're waiting for blood tests.
- Take it up with Dr.
- Where you going? - I gotta pee.
- Do I have to go in a cup again? - No, you can flush.
- Is Chad's drug test back? - Tox screen came back negative.
- That's good news.
- But his liver function's abnormal.
- Could you add a blood-alcohol level? - Sure.
You okay? I need a hand.
She's presyncopal.
- I'm just dizzy.
- Yeah, okay.
- I'm okay.
- Breathe deeply.
- I'm fine.
- She's probably hypotensive.
We'll monitor you and the babies.
- Come on, I'm all right.
- Carol, breathe.
- I've got the blood.
- Hang it on the rapid infuser.
Pulmonary vein's shredded.
She's losing blood fast.
- Give me suction.
- Two-0 silk and pickups.
- Hilum is clamped.
- Take over compressions.
- She's in fib.
- Heart's filling.
Give me the paddles.
Charge to 30.
And clear.
Let's take him to Radiology.
- Do you still need me? - I'll take him.
You go on.
I'll be up in a minute.
Tell me what they're doing to my wife? They're shocking her heart so it beats again.
Why are they stopping? Mr.
Perry, we need to talk to you.
- They okay? - Good variability.
No contractions.
- They' re great.
I'm worried about you.
- I take it easy.
There's no taking it easy in the ER.
You're in your third trimester with twins, you should rest at home.
- Heard you collapsed.
- I didn't collapse.
I'm fine.
Her blood pressure was low.
Normal for this stage of the pregnancy.
- Call me if you have problems.
- Thanks.
- You need to- - Go home.
I know.
- How's your dad? - He never got off the plane.
- Was it the right flight? - The only morning San Diego flight.
The airline wouldn't give me any information.
- Did you call him at home? - And I called a neighbor.
She went to the house.
No sign of him.
Maybe he took a later flight.
Or he's lost somewhere in the continental United States.
- Guess I'm off the hook, huh? - Not quite.
- Your tests are crap.
I'm clean.
- You're drunk.
If you call this drunk, lady, you don't get out much.
When was your last drink? - Had a few beers last night.
- More than a few to have alcohol in your blood this afternoon.
Maybe a couple of six-packs.
I don't remember.
Because you blacked out? You have liver damage from the alcohol.
You've done some seriously heavy drinking.
I like to party with my friends.
Nothing wrong with that.
- We need to talk to your mom.
- What'll she say? She gets bombed every night herself.
She just went to go get us coffee.
That's all.
Could we speak to you outside? I can't leave.
Not yet.
We must talk to you about something that's very difficult.
We have to do a rape exam on your wife.
Please come with us.
I'm very sorry, but I must ask Have you had intercourse with your wife in the past 72 hours? Why? If the exam's positive, we have to make sure it wasn't you.
His internal iliac's bleeding.
We'll embolise the vessel.
- Any other signs of hemorrhage? - No, he lucked out.
But he's got a fractured pelvis, shredded carotid dislocated hip, torn hypogastric.
All of us might not put Humpty back together again.
Step out please.
We're taking x-rays.
I have a warrant to gather evidence.
His charges have changed.
- What do you need to do? - Fingerprints, scrape under his nails.
It's murder one, pal.
- Your lungs are better with the Lasix.
- Stuff made me pee like a fountain.
- We gotta head out.
- We need the test results first.
I won't disappoint my choir.
I'll be back right after the concert.
- We're leaving.
- You're leaving against medical advice.
You must sign a waiver.
I'll get a doctor.
- You're not a doctor? - I'm a medical student.
Stay there! If he resists help, we can't do much.
If he keeps it up, he'll kill himself or someone else.
I can refer you to some treatment programs.
I offered that.
He refused.
Can't we commit him? Not for being an alcoholic.
What if I convince the mom to do so? Mr.
Owens is leaving.
He's in congestive heart failure.
- What's his EKG? - No ST changes.
I'm waiting on the cardiac enzymes.
Where is he? - Why didn't you get me sooner? - Thought I could do it.
If his enzymes show he's had a heart attack, you better find him.
How was the committee meeting? I'll let you read the minutes.
Cab company from San Diego called.
They dropped your dad off at the airport.
- Any other leads? - Not yet.
Why are you here? - No time cards, no pay.
- Can't somebody else do it? It'll take so long to explain it.
I'd be doing this at home anyway.
- Take it easy.
- Yes, doctor.
The neurologist wants you or Dr.
Weaver to come up.
Where's Kerry? - Doing a rape exam.
- Tell him I'm on my way.
A girl named Meg called.
Really wants to see you.
It's a volcano.
Mount Etna? Vesuvius? I couldn't tell you.
Volcano will do.
- This is ridiculous.
I feel like a lab rat.
- Just bear with me.
Give me the cheese.
What's this? Martini glass without the base.
Or it's a It's a cone.
- Right? - Let's try another one.
What's this? The picker-uppers to put ice in a martini glass.
They're also called - Call them whatever you like.
- Tongs.
- Tongs? Who cares? - How about- - No, stop this nonsense! - We're not quite finished.
I am.
I won't sit here and play guessing games with you and lousy drawings.
I'm sorry.
Let's take a short break.
I'll be right back.
Don't rush.
- Ready for the Wood's lamp? - Yeah, please.
I see a spot.
It looks like semen.
That's it.
Finished up? Waiting for the test results.
Share my boredom.
- Grab a cup of coffee? - Sure.
Why not? How are things going? For a doc who can't practice medicine, can't complain.
I called your son.
He's on his way.
I told that neurologist I don't want my son involved.
You can't enlist in a clinical trial without a caregiver.
Someone has to make sure you take your meds.
My son is not gonna babysit me.
You took care of him when he needed you.
Now it's his turn.
That's just it.
I was busy being a doctor, too busy helping everybody else.
Let your son decide, okay? No, I won't be a burden to him.
That new neurotrophin might give you more time.
What difference will a few more months make? You'd give up because you're too proud to ask your son for help? If he says yes I'll still end up the way I'll end up.
I don't think I could bear his saying no.
Talk to him.
He might say yes.
I think it's too late.
I'll clean out my locker.
- We'll tack down a tear of the carotid.
- Sounds like a plan.
- I hear you had quite a day.
- I'm not in the mood.
Perhaps you'll want to hear this: - Your patient raped that woman.
- Oh, dear God A public defender investigator was just here.
It seems some bleeding heart claims you coerced Rollins to tell you where he left her.
Did you coerce him for information to save his life? - You're out of line.
- It's okay, I'll answer that.
It's fair to say I pressured Mr.
You never fail to impress me.
I didn't think you'd cross that line.
You may want to reflect on if that's how you'd really characterize what happened.
Because, unfortunately, in this country when a confession's coerced, it's usually thrown out.
I'm here to see Meg Corwin.
Change your mind? - I wanted to see the baby.
- Social Services will be here soon.
Crazy locking her in like this, but it's County's rules.
- Hi, Meg.
- Hi.
This is Joshua.
He's beautiful.
Hi, Joshua.
They' re sending me back to jail.
I need you to tell them that Joshua should stay with me.
- That would do no good.
- You did this.
If you hadn't gotten me busted, I wouldn't be here right now.
I did what I thought best for both of you.
I'll be in jail ten months.
Think that's what's best for him? I know it's hard, but if you get your life back together and prove that to them I'm sure you can get Joshua back.
How can you be so damn self-righteous? Meg, Social Services is here.
Just give me a little more time.
You know the rules.
Moms can't keep their babies in jail.
This isn't right.
I know I screwed up bad.
He needs me.
- Please do something.
- There's nothing I can do.
- Please! - I'm sorry.
You did this! Let him stay a little while longer.
- Can you open this door?! - Just a moment.
Yes, sorry.
- Open this door now, please! - I'm his mother! Please don't take my baby! I'm his mother! - You can get some sleep.
- Mama loves you, honey! - Come with me.
- I love you! - We'll be back for you.
- I'm his mother! - What are you doing? - Waiting for my ride.
Wife found him unconscious.
Seized for three minutes.
Gave him two of Ativan.
History of Type Two diabetes.
- He's seizing! - Two more of Ativan.
Load him up with Dilantin, - I guess I got worked up over nothing.
- Alcohol abuse is hardly nothing.
So he had a few beers with friends.
Thank God it's not speed or coke! Your son's an alcoholic.
He has a serious problem.
With your permission I can refer Chad to a treatment program.
I brought him here for a drug test.
Not to test him for alcohol.
- Your son needs help.
- He's not on drugs, right? Are you avoiding this because you have a drinking problem? How dare you? Come on, Chad.
- How much Dilantin? - Four hundred mg.
Keep pushing it.
PH low, 6.
Potassium's 6.
- Why's he acidemic? - He's diabetic.
Blood glucose is normal.
- Is he septic? - Temp and white count are normal.
- Seizure stopped.
- I don't understand.
He's throwing PVC's.
- What's going on? - He's seizing again.
He's gonna arrest.
Can you help me? - I don't work here.
- Please, a guy's coding.
His pH is falling.
His potassium's rising.
He's having refractory seizures.
It's nothing obvious.
It's not DKA or sepsis.
- He's throwing multi-focal PVC's.
- Get six of Pavulon.
- Just do it.
- What's going on? Guy with seizures, acidemia.
Lawrence says give him Pavulon.
Push it! I've never given Pavulon for acidemia and seizures.
It's strychnine poisoning.
I'll do it.
It worked.
How did you know? Strychnine antagonizes glycine's central inhibition causing hyperexcitation.
I had a case like this 20 years ago.
A patient tried to commit suicide by eating Gopher Go.
You can't forget what strychnine poisoning looks like.
Check his pH.
I bet it's coming back up.
- Your patient will recover.
- Thank you.
Score one for the absent-minded professor.
I gotta go.
That patient would've died if you hadn't been here.
This old dog can still teach you a few new tricks.
I wouldn't be here without you.
I just gave you a little push in the right direction.
What are you gonna do? Mark had my son stop by today.
We talked, and - I agreed to live with him.
- I'm glad.
He's picking me up now.
I'll see you, Kerry.
I'll see you.
- Find that patient? - Nobody's seen him.
What have you got? Fifty-five-year-old male, headache and chest pain along with gospel singers.
- We suspect carbon-monoxide poisoning.
- This is all your fault.
- We missed the festival.
- Don't lose him this time.
- Mark? - Dad? You all right? Where you been? I've been worried about you.
I'm fine.
A little tired, but 200 bucks richer.
My flight was overbooked.
I volunteered to take a later one.
They actually paid me.
You don't have to do that.
I can buy you a ticket.
I can afford my own ticket.
- How about a tour? - I've been in plenty of hospitals.
Not this one.
- You're the boss here? - One of them.
Kovac, thank you.
For what? - For doing a good job on a tough case.
- Until next time.
Luka, I would like you to stay.
There's an opening here since Dr.
Lawrence is leaving.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Want to know the pay? - It'll be fair.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
- What's his blood loss? - Seven hundred cc's.
- Give him another unit.
- Normal sinus at 100.
Lucky bastard.
I should've let him die.
You got him to talk so they found her.
A fat lot of good that did.
She didn't die alone outside under a bridge.
- He's in v-tach! - Pressure dropping.
Get the paddles! - Charge to 200.
- Paddles are charged.
What do you want to do, Elizabeth? Elizabeth? Clear! He's back.