ER s06e09 Episode Script

How the Finch Stole Christmas

Previously on E.
He's doing drugs, I know it.
I've told you a thousand times, I don't get high! There is a woman out there who could be dying.
Do you understand that? This is your last chance.
Tell me where she is or I'll let you bleed to death.
- Mark.
- What? - Thank you.
- You did good mom.
I pressured Mr.
Lizzie, you never fail to impress me.
I didn't think you had it in you to cross that line.
Hello Hi, Mom.
No, I'm making the nakypliak right now.
I know it's after 6.
But the day just got away from me.
No, I don't- Oh, damn it! Mommy didn't mean that.
No, everything's fine.
Kate's just a little cranky.
No, I'm feeling better.
Yeah, the incision's healed.
Okay, sweetie.
Oh, my God! When did the pain start? - Few minutes ago.
- Get an EKG.
Rollins, where does it hurt? What? Let go of my hand.
Never mind, Kit.
Unless you have a problem- - I do.
- What? - I'm bored.
- Well, at least you're still alive.
Oh, you mean unlike that poor woman they say I raped and murdered? - We both know the truth.
- I'm innocent until proven guilty.
And the DA can't prove jack.
Thanks to you.
If I could do things again, believe me, I would.
You would've let me die? - Where'd you get it? - Patient gave it to me.
- Pretty.
- Yeah.
Lucy, got a good case here.
Valerie Page, 24, dilated cardiomyopathy recent progression of symptoms.
Difficulty breathing.
Cardiologist changed her medication.
- Throwing PVCs.
- And lift, gently.
- I'm on the transplant list.
- How shall we proceed? - Call Services.
- Run of five.
- Lucy, what should we do? - Get the vitals.
BP's 95/60.
Heart rate's 110.
BP's stable, not hypotensive.
Treat with lidocaine? - Right.
- She's in V-tach! - The paddles! - No! Check the vitals again.
BP's 95/60.
Heart rate's 160.
- Lucy? - I don't know.
With normal mentation, lidocaine is still your first treatment.
It's not a good idea to shock an awake patient.
Back to normal signs.
- You feeling better? - Yeah.
I wasn't planning on this.
We'll maybe get you home in time to open presents.
Lucy? Lily, draw the labs.
Chuny, order an echo.
Call me back with the results.
You do not know enough to make those promises.
Her meds were off.
She'll be lucky if she makes it through the night.
I didn't realize.
You've accumulated a lot of knowledge.
Apply it.
Go back, get a thorough history.
Find out what you can do for her.
Hey, what's wrong? Nothing.
Thanks for covering transplant.
It means I can spend Christmas with Reece.
- At least some will be enjoying it.
- What about you? Mark's in San Diego helping his father move.
But with Romano gone, it seems like a holiday, doesn't it? You're right.
It does.
Detective Cruson's on the phone.
I've got a consult.
Call me with that appy.
Hello, this is Corday.
Yes, I just saw Mr.
I see.
- I discharged the otitis.
- One down, 30 to go.
Whoa! These lights are a fire hazard! - Always this busy on Christmas? - Like the mall after Thanksgiving.
- I need a break.
- We all do, Amira- - It's Ramadan, I gotta pray.
- Okay.
Yosh, cover for her.
What's in your bag? Secret gifts, if you've been good.
Have I gotten yours yet? I'll give it to you before I leave.
Anything to help make working Christmas Eve a little less painful.
- Did I mention I wanted a Gameboy? - Yes! Dr.
Weaver, it's not too late to get in on this.
Actually, there's nothing that I need.
- Excuse me.
- Yes, gentlemen, how can I help you? Now you need some scrubs.
Cardiomyopathy diagnosed three years ago after the flu on her 21st birthday.
Some present.
There's an LV ejection fraction of 10 percent.
Doesn't that meet the criteria to upgrade her for transplant? I'll call UNOS and tell them to move her to level one.
- They're ready for you in the O.
- I'll be right there.
Go over everything with her.
See if Cardiology has a bed.
Level one? That means I'm a shoo-in, right? There's no guarantee for availability.
A girl can dream.
You know, I almost went to med school.
What changed your mind? - Hospitals smell.
- I hear you.
I opted for a master's in fine arts instead.
- I'm supposed to graduate in June.
- Really? Me too.
I'm gonna die, aren't I? If you don't get a new heart yeah.
We went over to Marty's for some eggnog.
Hasn't anyone ever warned you about raw egg? - At least we got to our deliveries.
- Charity? No.
Just a bunch of Wall Street sharks.
We take gifts to shelters to keep us human.
We could use a Mrs.
- I could use a hot bath.
- Dr.
Weaver as Mrs.
Claus? Hold it, Carter.
Compazine rectal suppositories for all the Santas.
And rehydrate.
Bah humbug.
- You look like hell.
- I'm midway through a double shift.
You drew the short end? No, I figured I'd let people spend some time with their families.
Chad? Chad, wha-? Chad.
- Get off of me! - Chad, it's Dr.
What happened? He took a header down the stairs.
Watch his neck! Watch his neck.
- His foot got caught.
- Did he lose consciousness? Maybe.
He's pretty messed up.
On what? On what? - I gotta go.
- Wait! - Hang in there, dude.
- No, Tony! Chad, do you have any neck pain? - Does your neck hurt? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Get a C-spine just in case.
Pupils equal, reactive to light.
No midline tenderness.
BP's 140/90.
Pulse 68.
Talus shifted and rotated.
I need to reduce the deformity.
I need a right-ankle films and a non-contrast CT.
- Get a B.
and tox screen.
- Got it.
Call the mom.
Phone number's in the old chart.
You're hurting me.
Stop it.
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
- Ouch! - That's a delicate injury, indeed.
We were in line to see Santa, and Tommy had to go.
I always tell him to look down before you zip up.
I wanna see Santa! We're gonna have to cut it off.
What?! I meant the zipper.
I'll get the tray.
I wanna go back to the mall! Tommy, I have to clean the area.
This may sting a little.
Hold onto him.
Pickup and Metz.
- Go away! - I can't watch.
Okay, Tommy.
This is gonna pinch.
Ouch! All done.
All done.
Is he gonna be okay down there? He's gonna be as good as new.
Okay, Tommy, it's all over.
So brave.
- Dr.
Benton? - I'm doing an appy.
I've been doing research on Valerie Page's condition.
Watch the sterile field.
I found articles on a Left Ventricular Assist Device.
What about it? A device could keep the blood pumping until a transplant.
- Not an option.
- Why not? No device.
County isn't using that yet.
A clinical trial starts as of January.
Her heart won't hold out that long.
We transfer her to Rush.
The program's running.
- Try and arrange it.
Let me know.
- Thanks.
- Hey, doc.
Taking me on a trip? - You could say that.
- Why's he here? - You'll be transferred to jail.
This is a joke, right? You getting back at me? They found evidence linking you to another murder.
- Wait a minute.
Look, stop! - Put him in restraints! - Bitch! You cannot do this to me! - Oh, yes, I can! - Screw you! Ow! - Okay, spare me the theatrics.
Oh, my leg.
My leg, it's cramped.
And I'm the queen of England.
Damn it, it hurts! Dr.
Corday, wait.
His right leg is dusky.
It's like somebody's jabbing me with needles.
- How long have you had this? - Just started.
Can't feel a pedal pulse.
No popliteal pulse either.
- Want an angiogram? - I suppose so.
- Would you hurry up? It's killing me.
- Shut up! Excuse me.
- Fill out a form, take a seat.
- I work here.
It's about time you brought those bundles of joy for a visit.
- Hi, Haleh.
- It's Auntie Haleh.
Yes, it is.
I'm not visiting.
Look at them.
They're adorable.
Look, you're almost back to your- Hold it, guys.
Kate's not feeling well.
Is there an Attending free? Let's find out.
We'll take good care of her.
Don't worry.
I'm not worried.
But she may not make it through the night.
Yeah, me too.
Rush turned you down? They can't take her until tomorrow.
No cardiac beds.
Is it possible to get surgical equipment transferred? - We do it between ERs.
- What do you do? Get a transfer form and a doctor's signature.
- The mall's closed now.
- It's not fair! One more pin should do it.
- Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! - Santa! Oh! Careful down there, little Tommy.
Santa's so sorry that he missed you at the mall.
He hears that you've been a good boy.
- You're not Santa.
- Sure he is, sweetheart.
The Santa at the mall was fat with glasses.
- This is Santa's brother.
- Go away! - Tommy, stop it! - Santa's got a toy for you, Tommy.
I want the real Santa! The one at the mall! Okay, Tommy.
Santa's gotta go now.
But he wants to wish you a very merry Christmas! - What do we got? - Yo, Santa.
Taylor Sparks, 15.
GSW to left shoulder, drive-by.
Vitals stable, BP's 140/90, pulse 100.
- Get that out of my face! - Abdomen's benign.
- How many shots? - Punk-ass emptied a clip.
Roll him, see if there are other entry sites.
Trauma panel.
Chest and left shoulder.
Back looks clear.
- Whoa! Ho, ho, ho.
- Malik? - Not the present I had in mind.
- That's mine.
If the vessels are intact, we'll leave the bullet in.
Give me my piece! Whatever happened to "peace on earth"? You tell us, Santa.
Hey, you're being a very good girl.
- Temperature's 100.
- It was 99.
8 earlier.
When was that? Two hours ago.
It takes that long to get us out of the house.
- She'd be warm from being bundled up.
- Am I being crazy? No, it's good you brought her in.
A fever in a four-week-old can be cause for concern.
I know all the things that can go wrong.
If you'd like, we can do a septic work-up.
- Is that necessary? - Probably not.
But you need to make that decision.
- As a nurse I would say no.
- And as a mother? I wanna make sure everything's okay.
How about we get a urine and CBC but hold off on an LP till we get the labs? I want you to draw her blood.
You're the best in the ER.
- I'll be nice and gentle.
- Okay.
How're you feeling? - My mom here? - Not yet.
Chad, is your father around? Sure, saw him yesterday.
Christmas photo of him and his new family vacationing.
I'd like to call him.
He doesn't care.
Me and Mom are better off without him.
When can I go home? We're waiting on test results.
- Come on.
It's Christmas.
- Cleo? Oh, Dr.
How is he? Chad has a dislocated right ankle.
We're waiting to rule out head trauma.
Oh, my God! I don't know how this happened.
- I thought he was upstairs.
- You were home? I had people over.
Holiday party.
Did you hear Chad fall? There was music playing.
People talking.
Your son has a blood alcohol level of 0.
- Were you aware he was drinking? - No.
All right, I let him have one beer.
- It's Christmas Eve.
- He's had more than one.
Maybe he took some from the bar.
You think this is my fault.
No, I'm not blaming- I should've known.
What kind of a mother am I? Why don't you go in to see him? "PEDIATRICS" "E.
" - What have we got? -71, MVA, on his way to mass.
- I hit Mary.
- Mary? As in Virgin Mother.
He drove into a nativity.
I passed out.
Complaining of abdominal pain.
BP is 100/60, pulse 90.
Alert at the scene.
Okay, here we go.
Nice and easy, on my count.
One, two, three.
Trauma panel, C-spine, chest films, spin a crit.
Can you tell me where the pain is? Around my belt.
I only wear this suit once a year.
It doesn't fit.
Pulse ox is 95.
- Ultrasound.
- Find something? Yeah, pulsatile mass on the left side below the ribs.
Could be an aneurysm.
There's a good chance you'll need surgery to repair your aorta.
- Anyone we should contact? - There's no one.
Call the O.
Tell them to prep a room.
There's a blockage in your artery.
A clot is preventing blood flow.
This is potentially life-threatening and needs surgery.
I'm not letting you fix me up so they can put me on trial for bogus charges.
Then you'll be set free.
Without surgery, you'll die.
Yeah? Well, I'll take my chances.
Besides, you know, I like it here.
Good drugs, food's not half bad.
I get off just looking at you.
You know, every night after the lights go out I lie back and think about you.
Your answer's no to surgery? - That's right.
- You'll need to sign a refusal paper.
Bring it on.
- Merry Christmas.
- What's that? I had an L-VAD transferred here for Valerie Page.
- That's a $50,000 device.
- I signed your name as the physician.
- What? - You were in surgery.
- You should've interrupted me.
- No time.
- I can't do it.
- What do you mean? I mean I'm not qualified to do it.
- Dr.
Romano is the only one.
- This could save her.
I'm not qualified.
I'm sorry.
- What? - Nothing.
He's in V-tach! Grab the paddles! Charge to 100.
And clear! Two hundred! Come on! Come on! Not charged yet.
And clear! Crank it to 360! And clear! - He's back.
He's back.
- I saw her.
- What? - Edith, my wife.
I saw her.
- She's not here.
- I know.
She's dead.
But I saw her.
I saw her.
- Heard about your Santa performance.
- My last.
Malik's Gameboy.
Didn't wanna hear his griping.
You're a good woman.
Mom, no need to ruin your Christmas too.
I gotta go, okay? Bye.
Any word on Kate's labs? Her urine is negative and white count is basically normal.
"Basically"? The differential shows five bands.
But that's still normal.
Can't the lab repeat them? - That means sticking Kate again.
- Can we do a manual diff? I'll call the lab supervisor to squeeze one in.
- How are you holding up? - In all honesty, I'm exhausted.
I'm not surprised.
I can handle 40 patients, but not two infants.
- That's parenthood.
- Maybe he's out of town.
Romano, this is Lucy Knight.
Fourth-year medical student.
Yes, I realize that it's almost midnight, but- - It's about a patient.
- It's Christmas! Yes, sir.
I understand that.
But- - chief of staff at home! - If I could- Hello? I want my piece back.
Your gun is now police property.
It was a present for my little bro.
- You were gonna give him a gun? - Cost me serious dollars.
- How much? - Forty.
Now give it back.
- I gave it to the police.
- What am I supposed to give him? Here.
It's a Gameboy.
Worth at least twice that much.
- Your brother'll love it.
- Yeah, whatever.
Merry Christmas! I'm caught between a rock and a hard place on this.
- How so? - Mrs.
Kottmeier cares about her son.
But he needs more.
She's an alcoholic herself- That only factors in if it interferes with her ability to care for Chad.
What if she buys his alcohol? - Did he say that to you? - No, she did, in so many words.
- Peter, did you consent Mr.
Waller? - Yeah.
Why? Better get in here.
Please, no surgery.
You have a life-threatening condition.
I'm not afraid to die.
I saw Edith.
- His dead wife.
- She waits for me.
I saw her at the end of a tunnel.
- And there was this white light? - Yeah, it was so peaceful.
You experienced an hallucination due to an endorphin release.
No, it was real.
If this isn't happening, I have a pain consult.
If you don't have surgery, you probably won't live through the night.
That means we can spend Christmas together.
I'm sorry.
- I really tried.
- I know.
If there was anything I could do, I would.
Don't worry.
I plan on beating this thing with or without some stupid device.
Get some rest.
Keep your strength up.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Valerie.
Breast-feeding was so hard at first.
I felt like a cow with huge udders.
- You look like a natural.
- Being that I do it every three hours.
When do you sleep, girl? - Oh, sorry.
- That's okay.
The kitchen's closed.
- Auntie Haleh should get back to work.
- May I? - Thanks for the chair.
- OB won't miss it.
The manual diff came back.
Kate's white count is normal.
That's great.
You hear that, sweetie? You'll be okay.
Probably just a virus.
Not too surprising, this time of year.
- I'm sorry I've been- - A good parent? - No.
I was gonna say difficult.
- Yeah.
Same thing.
- I can't believe it's 2:00 a.
- Yeah.
It's Christmas.
That's right.
It's Christmas.
I admitted him to ICU.
Donald, what are you doing here this late? I had a gastroenteritis turn into an ischemic bowel on me.
Merry Christmas.
So shall we include Elizabeth in on your dilemma? A patient's refusing surgery because he thinks he saw his dead wife waiting for him.
My patient's refusing surgery too.
But mine's the devil incarnate.
- Dean Rollins? - Good riddance.
- Who made you judge and jury? - You don't know how despicable he is.
I'm sure I don't.
But being a doctor isn't about your personal feelings.
- Let's get back to your patient.
- He won't listen.
But did you listen? He's probably frightened.
Seeing his dead wife makes him feel less so.
If he thought you understood that, he'd be more receptive to you.
- It's the patient's choice.
- Of course.
But we must offer to do all we can to keep them alive.
Okay, Gretel! Okay, you can stop now! You've got my attention! Before you speak, I have a dozen reasons why I shouldn't be doing this.
For one, I don't wanna ruin my career.
The police are coming- I have a patient, Valerie Page, She's on UNOS.
An L-VAD could buy her time.
And you think I give a rat's ass? I'm sorry.
What was I thinking, coming to you a seasoned doctor who supposedly has dedicated his entire life to helping people? I'm just a puny student - who stupidly thought she could- - Miss Knight.
What do you want? I want you to help my patient.
I want you to help me.
- Where's the fat dude in the red suit? - There are many here.
- The one giving out the Gameboys.
- Chuny, I got this.
- We heard you give Gameboys for gats.
- Well, that's not exactly true.
It happened once, but that was sort of a unique situation.
We out of here.
Well, wait.
Does it have to be Gameboys? Hey, Vivian.
I'm looking for my triple-A.
- The guy who saw his dead wife.
- Howard Waller? Over there.
- He died? - He coded less than an hour ago.
- You miss me? - I'm curious about something.
Me too.
Are you a natural redhead? I'd like to see for myself.
You're willing to be a vegetable for the rest of your sad life for a pissing contest.
Well, that's one contest with you I'm sure I can win.
Without surgery, the flesh on your leg will rot.
- Become infected, probably gangrenous.
- You're scaring me, doc.
Next comes septic shock.
Your BP will be so low you will have a massive stroke.
You'll wind up drooling in your food, wearing diapers.
Rather like that pathetic man.
Except you'll only have one leg because they'll have to amputate.
But you'll have won, Dean Rollins.
Now, is that really the best you can do? It's the truth.
If you don't believe me, you'll only have yourself to blame.
You do care about me.
Don't you? - As your doctor, I do.
- No, not as a doctor.
As a woman.
Say it.
Say it.
I care.
Then let's do it.
Crappy generator.
That Amish salesman will hear it.
- What do you need a generator for? - T.
- The End Of The World As We Know It.
- Y2K.
Computers rule us.
Doesn't take a genius to see our doom.
Aftercare instructions: change that dressing in 24 hours.
Haven't they fixed the Y2K glitches? One pebble can make ripples.
You can bet this place'll be a deathtrap.
I assure you, Mr.
Thorpe, our mainframe has been thoroughly Y2K-inspected.
They check the interface with front-end terminals? I don't know.
I'm gonna show you how well you've been inspected.
Your CT came back negative, which means no injury to your brain.
- Thank God! - So I can go home now? I'm afraid not.
I've made arrangements for you to be placed in an alcohol-treatment program here in the hospital.
- You did what? - You can't make me stay.
My duty is to ensure your well-being and safety.
- Mom? - Please don't do this to us.
- I'll try harder.
- He's lucky now.
What about later? - I won't get drunk again.
- Believe me, it's for your own good.
I just wanna go home.
Please, Dr.
I beg you, don't take him from me.
It's Christmas, for God's sakes! He's at a greater risk.
No school, partying with friends.
I promise I won't drink again.
I promise.
It's all right, sweetheart.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Now, go to the month pull-down and change it to January 2000.
- Hit "apply.
" And then "okay.
" - Done.
Now try to retrieve my medical chart.
I'm sure we'll convince you we run a tight ship here at County.
"No records found for December 25, 1900.
" - Get Tech Support! - I'm leaving while I can.
- You gave it away? - For a good cause.
- That was my Secret Santa gift.
- I'll get you another one.
- They're taking you for a ride.
- That's four less guns out there.
There's a horde of troublemakers asking about gifts for guns.
- Thanks.
- You're still here.
- Where's her mom? - Try Exam 2.
Keep Exam 2 clear for a while.
- Sure thing.
- Thanks.
I can't believe we don't have - Romano's getting a memo.
- It's Christmas.
Y2K is seven days away.
They should be here.
- Computer problems? - It crashed.
- I can't get labs or medical records.
- Mind if I take a look? No! That's how I got into trouble in the first place.
The terminal's current.
It's a software problem.
I could download a Y2K patch.
That should fix it.
I guess you can't make things any worse.
I feel the catheter sliding.
- There's some minor resistance.
- I'll give you suction.
It'd be so easy for me to just slip.
Oh, at least he's gonna have to stand trial.
Okay, I've got the clot.
Shirley, check the foot.
- Why's Romano here? - I feel a pulse.
Get an angio, check for arterial tears.
- Can you finish here? - I've come this far.
Look for ventricular decompression.
With a transesophageal echo, the septum will bow.
Fourth-year, huh? Not bad.
Nice to see when the cat's away, the mouse still jumps.
What's going on? I'm demonstrating an L-VAD implantation.
From now on, I'll only do favors for people who beg at my door.
Which leads me to ask, why wasn't it you? - Never considered it.
- O ye of little faith.
Again, I want to thank you for- That's enough sucking up.
That'll be all, Peter.
- Can I scrub in? - You didn't earn it.
- I still want to help.
- What do you think? - She can use all the help she can.
- You heard her, Peter.
Scrub in.
The '60s were from 1961 to 1970.
- And 1960? - The last year of the '50s.
So the new millennium really starts in 2001.
Why am I spending my paycheck on New Year's Eve? - You and the rest of the world.
- Sleeping Beauty.
- That felt great! How long was I out? - About four hours.
It felt like days.
Where are the kids? Asleep in Pedes.
Yosh is on duty.
- I appreciate you helping me.
- What are friends for? - Christmas cookie? - Yeah, I'm famished.
- I heard about Kate.
Is she okay? - She's fine.
- Where you off to? - Indianapolis to see family.
- Did Kottmeier go upstairs? - A few minutes ago.
- Merry Christmas, Kwanza, all that.
- Safe travel.
- I'm sorry I can't give you a ride.
- You've done enough for us already.
Carol, I can give you a ride.
- Since when do you own a car? - Since I sold my boat.
- Thank you, no.
The girls are asleep- - Look who's up.
Come on! Oh, come here, sweetheart.
I know.
All right.
I'm gonna get our stuff.
Quite an arsenal.
After I gave away the Secret Santa gifts, I started writing checks.
Call the police, have an officer pick them up.
- I already did.
- Double trauma at the back door.
Drive-by victim, 17.
Single GSW to the thigh.
BP is 130/90.
Pulse 110.
- Name's Hank Lohman.
- Lohman? Carter, take the next one.
GSW to the chest.
- Lost the pulse en route.
- Get ET tube placement.
Took a bullet aimed at his neighbor, the guy just brought in.
Son of a bitch! Two units of O-neg and prep for a thoracotomy.
- He's in fine V-fib.
- Pupils fixed and dilated.
Let's prep his chest.
Oh, my God! - Where's the blood coming from? - They shot him in the head.
- How're you doing? - Full traumatic arrest.
- Thoracotomy tray is ready.
- Chest is prepped.
There's gray matter all over this backboard.
He's dead.
The pump is de-aired.
Decrease bypass flow to two liters per minute.
Start the L-VAD.
Fixed mode, 20 cycles per minute.
- The moment of truth.
- It works.
- You're surprised? - It's loud.
How will she sleep? She'll get used to it.
Just like hearing your own heart beat.
- Pump is filling nicely.
- Isn't that your munchkin out there? You mind if I scrub out? You want in, you want out.
I know, it's Christmas.
Get out.
- Thanks.
- Miss Knight, care to help me close? Sure! - You feel up to it? - Absolutely.
I know I was supposed to get him earlier, but this surgery came up.
Save it.
It's nothing I haven't heard before.
Carla, it is the holidays.
We could at least try to be civil.
You want civil? Fine.
Thank you very much for ruining my life.
- What is that supposed to mean? - Roger and I aren't moving to Germany.
- What? - He asked for time off for the trial.
His boss decided he wasn't promotion material after all.
- Look, I don't know what to say.
- I'm sure you don't.
I'm sorry about Roger's job.
But I'm not sorry Reece gets to stay here with both his parents.
Whatever, Peter.
You won.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, Amira? I'm expecting an officer to stop by.
How about that one? What happened? One punk shot another, killed a kid instead.
Caught him fleeing the scene with a cut on his head.
- It's you? - You thought I couldn't score another? You want a gun? I got guns.
Why don't you take your pick? Shoot it and bang! A 7-year-old's brains get splattered.
- What do you think you're doing, John? - Merry Christmas! We'll see how long this lasts.
They had quite a night.
Their first Christmas ever.
It's hard to believe.
It only happens once.
Enjoy it.
Luka, wait.
Do you have any Christmas plans? - Like those two over there.
- Stay for eggnog.
It's the least I can do.
And end up like those Santas? I don't think so.
- Come on.
It's tradition.
- What's in that eggnog exactly? - Eggs, sugar, milk, rum- - Rum? You know what? I suppose I can risk it, eh? Next few days, a bland diet.
Clear fluids, rice, bread - Your computer running okay? - Yes! Thank you.
- I appreciate it.
- Santa always aims to please.
You know a place to get bland food? Doc Magoo's is right across the street.
And you can't get much blander than that.
- They're open on Christmas? - Always open, just like us.
Sounds perfect.
Care to join us? My treat.
Free bland food - Sure.
- Great.
So, you work with computers, huh? Yeah.
I own my own software company.
Just went public.
Really? I'm always looking for investment opportunities.
We split the breastbone, so your chest will hurt for a while.
- That's a small price to pay.
- So how's our lovely patient? She's great.
Pressure's up, kidney function's improving.
Carry on.
I'm going back from whence I came.
You'll have to come by my office next week to discuss disciplinary action.
Nothing personal.
I do have a reputation to maintain.
What was that all about? Nothing.
I cannot thank you enough, Dr.
I'm not a doctor yet.
You are to me.
God, I am so tired now.