ER s06e10 Episode Script

Family Matters

Previously on E.
The police has found evidence linking you to another murder.
Did you tell her you want to put me in a nursing home? It's a retirement community.
A retirement community with nurses.
If you don't have surgery, the flesh in your leg will begin to rot.
You're scaring me, doc.
But being a doctor isn't about your personal feelings.
But ultimately is the patientÂ’s choice.
But we must offer to do everything we can to keep them alive.
You do care about me.
- As your doctor, I do.
- No, as a woman.
- You can't be serious.
- Why not? - Barbecue in January? - You just freeze for 10, 15 minutes.
No, you freeze for 10, 15 minutes.
Is this a San Diego ritual? Dad and I did barbecue a couple of times last week.
I'm game if you are.
Let's get some steaks.
Sounds good.
- Good morning.
- You're-? Andrew.
Doctors Greene and Corday? - Messages for you- - The first is, I'm looking for you.
- One's for Dr.
Greene- - What's your name? - Andrew.
- You should answer the phone.
- Thanks.
- Good kid.
- Needs years of training.
- Robert? A new ER resident is starting today named Jing-Mei Chen.
- Say howdy-doody.
- Starting in January? Program in New York fell apart, and Daddy's got deep pockets- Sounds like a big donation.
Let's keep that private.
Lizzie, got a minute? Dr.
Greene, the message I have for you - your dad left his retirement home.
- What? I think it's a runaway thing.
No foul play.
- Thanks, Andrew.
- What's open? Curtain Two.
Another case has come up.
Jenny Cordova, missing for six weeks.
Found her car with Rollins' prints on it.
- You haven't found the body.
- No.
- You want me to ask him where it is? - Yes.
For better or worse, you've developed a relationship.
You got him to tell you where the other body was and to have surgery.
This family needs your help.
He's cold-blooded.
I don't think he'll tell me.
I'll ask.
I can tell you, it's hopeless.
The Cordovas have no option.
Hopeless is better than nothing.
Five of Haldol.
Cassandra, are you taking any medications? Seeing a dermatologist? - Security! - Stop! Stop! We need security! Get her off! John? Oh, my God.
- Deb? - Yeah, it's me.
I'm surprised.
I thought you'd get a surgical residency.
- I gave it up.
- Deb, you're the new resident? Right, Dr.
It's Jing-Mei now.
It always was.
Carter, I have to fly to San Diego.
If you could show Deb- Jing-Mei the ropes.
Okay? Everything okay? My father's barricaded himself in our old house.
He's running around in his underwear.
So everything isn't okay.
I'm actually surprised to see you.
I thought you dropped out after- - I almost killed that patient? - Sorry, didn't mean to bring it up.
Yes, you did.
But it's okay.
Let's face it, it was a low point.
But it did force me to face the truth.
I was way too competitive, trying to outdo everyone.
And I'd left the patient out of the picture.
Your wrestling partner's tired.
- I'm Yosh Takata.
- Hi.
Jing-Mei Chen.
She's better.
This is Cassandra Harper.
She came in with intense pruritus.
- Called a psych consult.
- Myers is coming.
- You think it's a mental disorder? - I do.
Either OCD or a body dysmorphic disorder.
But did you see these? - What? - Burrows, papules.
I think there's a chance it's lindane toxicity.
She's got body lice.
Classic symptoms.
Applied lindane for the lice, scratched.
Lindane entered her bloodstream, causing her altered mental state.
- But we should wait for Dr.
- - Myers.
I'll call him.
- Taxi will be here in five minutes.
- Sorry about no barbecue.
- I'm worried about your father.
- I may have to kill him for this.
- Know how hard it was to get him there? - You've told me.
- Wish you were coming.
- So do I.
- I'm seeing Dean Rollins.
- Can't wait till he's gone.
- Call me when you get there.
- I will.
Andrew? Yeah? Give that to Yosh.
Weaver will be here soon.
And in the meantime you're in charge.
- What if there's an emergency? - Call a doctor.
There's one.
- We need a doctor.
- What happened? Smile.
Scavenger hunt.
We need a doctor, a cop and a polar bear.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
and Mrs.
Sumpter, this is Dr.
Sumpter slipped a few weeks ago.
The pain kept getting worse, right? Right.
It's been hurting today.
It could be a torn meniscus or an ACL.
I already told them that, but thanks.
- Won't that hurt? - It'll be fine.
The needle will enter the joint and aspirate the blood which should relieve the pain immediately.
Here we go.
That is gross.
Definitely bacterial.
Looks like you got a staph infection.
We'll start you on antibiotics.
You'll be better in no time.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- We'll be back.
- Dr.
Carter, Dr.
Chen? - Yosh mentioned lindane toxicity? - Just a guess.
Hi, I'm Jing-Mei Chen.
- Pretty good guess, Dr.
Paul Myers.
Thanks for thinking of us.
Feels good to be back.
- Need a trauma surgeon? - No, I can handle it.
- Patient doesn't need trauma criteria.
- I might as well look.
- Lift.
What's your name? - Tamara Davis.
Let's take a look here.
Pupils are equal and reactive.
You know where you are? The hospital.
Can I play basketball tonight? - Let's finish the exam.
- How did this happen? I was driving to school, next thing I know I'm here.
- Tenderness here.
- It's my shooting hand.
- We'll need x-rays of your wrist.
- Do a cone-down of the navicular.
What would I do without you? The Gram stain is back on that knee patient, Mr.
Is it staph? - In his dreams.
Try gonorrhea.
- Ouch.
More like his nightmare.
- You gonna tell them? - I'll tell him.
We can't tell her without his permission.
Call Public Health.
They can follow up, tell the wife.
Between syphilis and HIV, they have their hands full.
What if Sumpter doesn't tell her? Then he doesn't.
Good morning.
You lied to me.
You turned my life into pain.
I didn't lie.
Sorry for how you're feeling.
You fractured your pelvis.
You tore up your leg.
It'll be a long recuperation.
Give me something.
- Give him 10 of morphine.
- Ten? - Dean, I want to talk to you.
- Ten is a joke for what I got.
What are you doing to me? I'm trying to help you.
I don't believe it.
And I want you out of here.
Get her out of here! You're fired.
I want a new doctor.
Get out.
Excuse me, is there a pay phone? Andrew.
Pay phone? Yeah.
Pay phone.
Pay phone is- Over by Chairs.
- And who are you? - Jing-Mei Chen, new resident today.
Dave Malucci.
Today? Kerry Weaver, chief of the ER.
Why are you starting in January? Could I speak to you alone? Of course.
My father bought my way into the program by giving County a lot of money.
I'm not proud, but I'm grateful.
I'm not a bad doctor, but I almost killed a patient in this ER.
I'm more competent now.
I hope this works.
Hopefully, it will.
Andrew, could you find the phone book? My car broke down.
Auto repair is my middle name.
- I'm sure you have patients.
- I'm not on yet.
I'm doing paperwork.
I hope I don't regret this.
Give it a shot.
It stopped.
Couldn't start it again.
Remember, it's broke, not dead.
Andrew, could you find me the number for the Public Health Department? - My wife went to use the phone.
- We don't need her.
Sumpter, our tests show that you have gonorrhea.
What? You tapped my knee.
I don't get it.
The bacteria's in the blood.
It settled in your knee.
- Any discharge during urination? - A few weeks ago.
It went away.
- Have you had other partners? - What? You have a sexually transmitted disease.
- Have you had sex with anyone- - Stop.
One time.
Okay? Me and the guys were out- I think that you should tell your wife.
Oh, man! Mr.
Sumpter, I would encourage you- Son of a bitch! - You lying, conniving- - Come on! - I can walk.
- I'm sure you can.
- I can walk.
- It's okay, Jake.
But I can walk.
You drove here by yourself? - I can drive.
I want to learn.
- Not right now, Jake.
Let's take a look.
Can you just sit here? No, Jake.
Let him do it, all right? - She wasn't supposed to tell.
- I didn't.
I held out the phone so Public Health could.
No one is wrong.
Next time just keep it from turning violent.
Carter, Sumpter's your patient.
Clean it up.
Chen? There's a Jane Doe in Chairs with Officer Grabarsky.
Check it out.
I'm Jing-Mei Chen.
- Jing what? - Is this Jane Doe? Probable runaway.
Won't give her name.
She was panhandling.
She's got some frostbite and a bad lac.
- I'm fine.
- Look, it's warm in here.
They feed you, they let you sleep.
My advice: take the day off.
- She's all yours.
- Thanks.
- So you were cooking breakfast? - Yeah.
It's no big deal.
- I like French toast.
- So do I, Jake.
- I like it.
- Cooking French toast? - I'm sorry, Dillon.
I'm sorry.
- Jake, shut up and sit down.
- Don't be mad.
- I'm not mad.
Just shut up.
He can talk.
Was it grease that burned you? What difference does it make? Put some stuff on it and we'll go.
- You were having a late breakfast? - Yeah.
- You miss school? - I'm 18.
I'm out of school.
And Jake? I wanted French toast.
I'm sorry! Shut up, Jake! I'm sorry, Dillon! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! No, I'll get him! Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, Dave.
Stealing Weaver's car? Just taking a look.
She couldn't get it started.
Carter, did you know the new resident, Jing-something? Good, screw up her name.
That'll impress her.
- She was a student here? - She was.
Yes, I knew her.
And? - And? Nothing.
- It didn't work out, huh? - I didn't go through every student.
- Oh? Why not? Just kidding.
You want me to back off, just say so.
You guys would be great together.
- Go for it.
- Consider it done.
So Jake was the one cooking? I had some business, didn't get home till 2.
So I slept in.
Jake wanted French toast.
He tried to make it himself.
Damn! Half the kitchen caught on fire.
And he knows better.
Don't you, Jake? You can talk now.
I'm not mad no more.
He hates it when he thinks he did something wrong.
Where are your parents? They don't ask about us, we don't ask about them.
Can't remember Pop.
Mom's on the streets.
We see her sometimes.
We move around a lot.
Must be hard for Social Services to find you.
They got enough to do.
- Maybe they could help.
- We help ourselves.
- Can you? - I do okay.
All right? Jake works around the complex.
People pay him.
We do fine.
- I do my job.
- You do, man.
You do a good job.
We do just fine.
- You can't force me to do this.
- We're helping you.
- You can lie about your name and age.
- But can't wear these.
- Maybe I can find you something.
- Thanks, Haleh.
Jane Doe, huh? - My parents weren't very clever.
- But I bet they miss you.
I wouldn't know.
So, Jane, how did you get these other marks on your arms? I don't recall.
You're just a fountain of information, aren't you? Dr.
Chen, you have a call at the desk.
- Could you take a message? - It's the lab, about the little boy.
- Which little boy? - They said it was urgent.
- I'll be back.
Don't run away.
- Very funny.
- Haleh, I don't- - Wallet.
In her coat pocket.
Name's Alyssa Adams.
Address and phone number.
We'll put you next door while we wait on your x-rays.
- I can't walk? - Sure you can if it weren't for rules.
So where were you driving this morning? - Late for school.
I fell asleep.
- At nine in the morning? I was up late.
Chemistry mid-term.
- School pretty tough? - Sometimes.
- Feeling depressed? - You would if you had a C in chemistry.
Depressed enough to do something about it? You're thinking I meant to crash? Like suicide, or something? - Did you? - God, no! My parents and my coach would kill me.
Especially today.
Big game tonight.
Against Union, who we never beat.
But this year we're good.
I used to shoot a few myself.
- You played? - High school and college.
- But track was my thing.
- I do track in spring.
I run the 100.
I was more distance.
The 800.
Tammy, we were worried sick about you.
- Sweetheart, are you okay? - I'm fine.
I'm Dr.
- Will she be okay? - Can she play tonight? We're still waiting on her wrist x-rays.
I'll check back.
Coach will keep you on until we call.
I can talk to him.
I'm gonna see about you taking chemistry over summer.
- You paged me? - Yeah.
Detective Cruson could not persuade Rollins to talk.
- Didn't think he could.
- Maybe you can.
- He wants another doctor.
- Maybe you can talk him out of it.
I don't want to talk to him again.
The Cordovas.
Cordova's other daughter, Jenny, was only 19 years old.
This is not fair of you, Robert.
We both know I'm capable of a low blow.
However, I rarely use it to such purity of purpose.
- What's up? - Jason Bender, 11.
Shortness of breath and mild pain, upper left chest.
- I got hit with a hockey stick.
- I get hit too.
That why you're out in the snow? We'll fix you up, Jason.
- His parents? - Mom's coming.
- How's the boy who broke the light box? - He's okay.
He lives with his older brother, right? There's no parents? Have you called DCFS? I think the older boy just needs a job.
- Well, are they in school? - They've been moving around a lot.
We see a lot of kids like this.
If they get an education, they have a chance at a future.
Call DCFS, see if you can get them some help.
Adams? Dr.
Chen from County General.
I'm calling about your daughter Alyssa.
A phone call for Carol Hathaway.
She's on maternity leave for another week.
Take a message.
- Are you a doctor? - We need one.
- Great! - Can we take your picture? Thanks, man! Your fingerprints were on her car.
They want to know where the body is.
You know, sometimes I feel everyone wants a little piece of me.
Will you tell them? I don't recall this girl.
You're already charged with murder.
Why cause more needless grief? Needless grief is what I do best.
Oh, fine, then! Wait.
Wait! Look, I don't know- If I talk, will you be my doctor? - Yes.
- Then I will.
- But only to the sister.
- I don't think they'll allow that.
- Why don't you just tell me? - I want to do it.
But I don't want to have to look at the mother.
Take a deep breath.
Okay, let it out.
- How long you been short of breath? - Few days.
Any fever? He had a mild temperature.
I thought it was a cold.
- Have you been tired? - I get up at 5 for hockey practice.
Lie down.
Jason has a consolidation in his left lung.
- What does that mean? - He probably has pneumonia.
- Is it bad? - Not too bad.
Didn't stop you from playing hockey.
- What do we got, Yosh? - Low voltage.
This machine is bull.
Can you find another one and run it again? We'll do a chest x-ray and put Jason on antibiotics.
- Favorite hockey team? - The Bruins.
Oh, man! You're in Chicago.
You're killing me.
B-hawks, baby! - Adele.
- Hi, Kerry.
Did you see the boy with the burned arms - has a younger brother? - Don't think so.
- Dr.
Kovac's patient? - He didn't mention anything.
- Well, you'll need to see them.
- I'll be around.
Peter, I got a rule-out appy in Four.
Could you take it? Yeah, sure.
She looks clear to me.
Scaphoid fractures are hard to see.
We have multiple views.
She can come next week.
We'll look at her again.
You fill in the parents, I'll talk to her.
Good news.
You can get out of here.
No fracture.
Does that mean I can play tonight? If you're feeling up to it.
What's going on? You okay? I have an exam I'm gonna flunk, all I do is practice.
Three mornings a week and after school.
I love it, you know? I really do.
I'm just tired right now.
Let's do this, okay? You stay here, and I'll get the radiologist to look at these x-rays.
- You said there was no fracture.
- I'll get another opinion.
You rest.
What do you say? The doctor was Chinese.
I need to speak to her now.
I just need some clothes.
- Alyssa, what are you doing? - What did you call me? - I need to get out of here.
- Wait.
You're trying to trick me just like them.
You're not going anywhere until I sew up that laceration and you tell me what's going on.
- Let me help.
- You can't, okay? - Yes, I can.
- You can't! - Sit down.
- Fine.
Just listen for a minute.
You are safe here.
Who tricked you? Your parents? Yes, they To get me into this treatment center.
I ran away.
Treatment center.
For drugs or alcohol? No.
- For gender identity.
- What? My parents think I'm sick and confused.
I keep telling them, "Mom, Dad, get over it.
All I am is gay.
" Ultimately, it's your own decision.
Mom, I can do it.
I don't want you near him.
I'll be just outside.
Rollins is in restraints.
He's no longer able to get out of bed.
He can't hurt anyone.
He killed my daughter.
I don't understand this man, and I don't care to.
But you have nothing to lose.
If Lindsey asks, I think he'll tell where your daughter is.
- And if he doesn't? - We may never find her.
Mom, I have to know.
I'll be in there with her.
- Dave? - What a mess.
- What? - Weaver's car.
These spark plugs are ridiculous.
I shouldn't have opened my mouth.
- Look at this.
- Hold on.
- It's the 11-year-old.
- How did you get the x-ray? Radiology flagged it.
- What is that? - Mediastinal mass.
- Around the heart? - Looks like lymphoma.
That's why EKG showed low voltage.
It infiltrates through both lung fields.
It's inoperable.
This boy's dead.
They think they can cure her.
Parents sent her to be deprogrammed? - The center has custody.
- Have her leave before they come.
I didn't tell her I called.
She needs help.
- Call Social Services.
- What can they do? - I assume the place is legal.
- Shouldn't be.
Chen? We have a situation here.
Get off me! I'm not going back! Calm down.
- Haleh, call Security! - You got it.
- I'm her guardian.
- You called my parents?! Dr.
Ramsey, Second Turn Treatment Center.
- Second Turn? - Her parents asked me to pick her up.
- You can't.
- I have custody.
- She can't leave yet.
- Why? - We need to do more tests.
- Why? She's pregnant.
Pregnant? - Lab work confirms it.
- I bet.
Unfortunately for you, this means Alyssa is now an emancipated minor.
- She can go where she wants.
- This is a load of bunk and frankly an obstruction of parental rights.
Well, Alyssa, do you want to stay here or go with Mr.
Ramsey? I want to stay here.
- We all know she can't be pregnant.
- She's a healthy young woman - of childbearing age.
- I want to see proof.
- Medical records are confidential.
- You just told me.
I shouldn't have.
I'll be back with a court order.
- I'll pray for you, Alyssa.
- Don't bother.
Rollins, this is Lindsey Cordova.
Hi, Lindsey.
I'd shake hands, but - Can I help you? - I want to bury my sister.
Please tell me where she is.
Were you close to her, Lindsey? Yes, I was.
I didn't have brothers or sisters.
I've never known what that was like.
You know, to be part of a family.
I've done terrible things, Lindsey.
I've done evil things.
I know.
But I am paying for them now.
We don't want you to suffer.
We just want to know where Jenny is.
You're a good person.
More forgiving than most people.
Do you know that if I had met you - Jenny would still be alive? - What do you mean? If only I'd met you, Lindsey.
I know it now.
You're warm.
You're loving.
If only I met you, I could've had you instead.
What? Jenny screamed all the time.
I was glad to get rid of her.
- Oh, God! - You bastard! Hey, what's her problem? He had lymphoma two years ago.
Chemo put it in remission.
The mother didn't mention it? Said she must have blocked it out of her mind.
Are you doing thoracentesis? As soon as the mom tells him.
- She says she can't.
- Then you should.
I paged Oncology.
You tell him.
Don't you think Oncology would be better at that? No, no.
You're his doctor.
Dillon? - Keep walking.
- Wait! - He's coming.
- I know.
- Where are you going? - Not your problem.
- Jake needs a tetanus shot.
- Sure.
What's wrong? - What's wrong? - He gave us up.
- Gave you up?! - Gave us up? - You called a social worker.
- I didn't.
She visits all the retards.
- I'm not a retard! - That's not what I meant.
I swear I didn't call.
It was a mistake.
But you guys need help.
I've taken care of him for years.
We do fine.
You have no money.
God knows where you live.
- You've got it all under control.
- We get by.
Yeah, but sometimes not very well.
You're burned, Jake is cut.
Just please let me figure something out, huh? - He'll get a court order.
- Parents called? - No.
And she's not pregnant.
- And you didn't write it on her chart? - No.
Did you? - No.
Call the Gay and Lesbian Center.
Get her over there.
Let her parents know she's okay.
Thank you.
We don't lie about our patients' medical conditions.
- Her first day.
I'll get back to work.
- Good idea.
Are you a doctor? Can I take your picture? Who's cleaning auto parts in Trauma? I know it's not sterile, but come on! Can I take your picture? I'm on a scavenger hunt- Go away.
- Her wrist's all right? - Just a little sore.
But can she play? Why'd another doctor put a cast on? - Dr.
- Dr.
She says it's a fracture that's hard to see.
Yes, it can be hard to see.
Radiology couldn't rule it out.
- I thought you looked at the x-ray.
- I did.
- Do you have a minute? - Sure.
I'll be right back, Tamara.
It feels okay, right? You think you can play? - She has to play.
- She has to stay healthy.
- What are you doing? - Casting her.
- I told her parents she's fine.
- Radiology isn't certain.
You know the chances are negligible.
I'd rather be safe.
She can push too far, hurt herself.
Then tell her not to.
She has too much pressure to perform.
- Did she ask you for a cast? - She's completely exhausted.
- She can decide not to play.
- She doesn't make decisions.
Her life's about pleasing her coach, parents and teammates.
I'm giving her time to rest.
- Did she ask you? - You don't understand.
- You're controlling- - I'm protecting her.
Her parents think they are too.
That's why my chest hurts? It's spread throughout your lungs.
- So more chemo? - It's an option.
We can try that.
- But - But what? The cancer surrounds your heart.
Am I gonna be okay? - I don't think so.
- Dr.
Malucci? - Not right now.
- Did you leave- Dr.
Weaver, I'm busy.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Dad? Dad, you there? - Dad- - Oh, it's you.
- Did you change the locks? - Why are you here? I'm worried.
You didn't answer the phone.
Realtor keeps calling.
I told her the house is off the market.
- Can I come in? - Oh, sure.
Want to search me first? Why did you hire me? I'm an experienced physician.
You must trust my judgment.
- Is this about that boy? - You called DCFS.
We said you would.
You should've told me you didn't want to.
- Your social worker scared them away.
- They're gone? I convinced the older brother to come back.
Please, just let me handle it.
See that you do.
- Who's the social worker? - Adele Neuman.
- Your parents left? - They went to get the car.
My coach makes you sit on the bench if you can't play.
- You can play if you really want to.
- It's not broken? We can't be absolutely sure.
Probably not.
So I don't need this? I hoped it would slow you down a bit.
But it's your choice.
I can't slow down now.
It'll get better after this season.
You don't want to start resenting your talent.
- Play for you.
- It's not that simple.
I know.
Promise you'll try? Yeah, he'll be there.
Did you want to talk to Dr.
Kovac? Thanks.
- My landlord said yes.
- Good.
His buildings always need supers.
- He'll see Dillon tomorrow.
- Thank you.
No problem.
- What's a "super"? - Collects rent, keeps the place clean.
It gives them somewhere to live, some cash.
If Dillon is supporting Jake, he can apply for guardianship.
- Dillon! Dillon! - Excuse me.
- Hold still.
- Don't touch him! Where are you taking him? Stop! - You're scaring him! - Adele Neuman, DCFS.
- He's going to an emergency center.
- Don't take him! - I won't release him.
- He's been neglected.
I'm obligated to protect him.
- I never neglected my brother.
- I found him a job.
They'll be fine.
- Let him go! - I don't want to arrest you.
He must have protective care.
- Just let me go with him! - I'm sorry.
- Don't leave me - Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
I'll be right behind you.
Those two only have each other.
I know that.
But I have to do it.
I'll be right behind you.
I'm gonna find you.
I'll be right behind you.
I promise I'll find you! Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! Don't be scared! Don't be scared, Jake! Don't worry.
We'll get him back.
You wanted to see me? I'm sick.
- No more games.
What do you want? - The games.
They're no fun anymore.
Not even that last one.
Corday That day on the road you should've let me die.
That's what I want.
Shannon Murphy, 26.
Slipped into a polar-bear pit.
- Polar bear? - At the zoo.
He was gentle.
Licked my face.
They got a picture of the polar bear.
I got one with the polar bear.
- This that stupid scavenger hunt? - Stupid? I won $1000.
- You broke both your ankles.
- Forearm fracture.
We started an IV.
- Want this one? - I've done enough casting for one day.
The lady who burned her butt's screaming for a doctor.
- You're not a doctor? - I won't tell if you won't.
Oh, my God! Where's my camera? Somebody give me a camera! It's worth $1000! Make her split it with us.
- I heard what happened.
I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize.
It might not make sense to us.
In a difficult family situation, we use DCFS's expertise.
- We defer to their judgment.
- You don't break up families.
Sometimes we do.
It's complicated.
My wife and kids were taken.
In the war? Yeah.
And then killed.
You don't break up families.
- So much for the retirement community.
- I gave it a try.
- You were only there a week.
- Longest week of my life.
- What will you do now? - I'll get by.
Don't trouble yourself.
- It's no trouble.
- Yeah, like hell! You move in with that girl yet? Elizabeth? Not yet.
I've been thinking- We never talked about it Maybe you should live with me in Chicago.
For a while.
- Why would I do that? - I don't know.
The weather could be better.
It's a great city.
You'd be closer to Rachel and to me.
- For a while? - As long as you like.
- I won't sell this house.
- How could you? Answering the door in underwear scares off buyers.
I suppose so.
Chicago, huh? - You need tune-ups on a timely basis.
- Did you get it started? - It won't break down? - I can at least fix cars.
- What? - You're good to go, boss.
- Thank you, Dr.
- My pleasure.
- Was your first day all right? - Feels like I never left.
- You guys want to go eat? - I don't think so.
- You working tomorrow? - Me? Yeah.
What a coincidence! So am I.
See you, Carter.
- Do I have to warn you about him? - Please! How was your first day? Well, I wish I could have done more for Alyssa.
- At least you did something.
- I guess so.
- Why did you come back? - My program in New York closed.
No, no.
I mean, to medicine.
Four months after I quit, I was on a subway.
A guy in his forties went into cardiac arrest.
He was dying.
Everyone just stared at him.
I suddenly realized, "I know what to do! " Jumped in, saved his life.
- It's a great feeling.
- It can be.
Then I figured I'm pretty good at this.
Why waste it? - Deb, you haven't changed a bit.
- It's Jing-Mei.
Good night, Jing-Mei.
Good night.
Oh, and Deb? Welcome back.
You'll simply drift away.
Won't even hurt.
Is that an offer? If you tell me where the body is.
- Why do you care so much? - Were you serious or not? Won't you get into trouble? The Hippocratic Oath and all? You're worried about me? But I know you.
As soon as you get what you want, you'll just stop.
- I won't.
- But how do I know? Are you gonna promise me, Dr.
Corday? Believe me.
You'll know.
You'll feel yourself going.
I hope you have breath enough to tell me.
What if I don't? I'll crack open your chest and bring you back to life.
Let's do it.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Are you? I'm glad it's you, Elizabeth.
Where is she, Dean?