ER s07e06 Episode Script

The Visit (aka I Loved You, God, How I Loved You)

Previously on E.
take a look here, you'll see numerous fractures consistent with repetitive blunt trauma.
I know how he died.
- He's a teenager.
It's normal stuff.
- No, he's changed.
You're just not around enough to notice anymore.
I'm not doing anything, all right? It's just I'm a man, you know? And my folks just can't get used to it.
Sometimes you gotta do what you don't wanna do.
That's part of being a man.
- Luka, this is grounds for dismissal.
- Fine, Kerry.
Fire me.
7x06 "THE VISIT" Dr.
We couldn't find the left arm.
- BP's 100/60.
- Pulse 120.
Sir, you're gonna have to settle down! Settle down! Fluids in the field? Bolused a liter of saline and gave him 10 of morphine.
Okay, now.
Get another IV going.
Pre-op labs, serial crits, type and cross times four.
Who's on for Trauma? - Benton's on at 7.
- Okay, see if he is here yet.
I don't have a hand! Where's my hand?! - Titrate another 10 of morphine.
- Can't get a line.
- Sir, you've gotta calm down! - Man, that's gotta hurt.
- I don't have a hand! - Somebody won't be playing flute.
- That bastard shot me! - With what? A howitzer? - Shotgun, point-blank range.
- Let's page Ortho.
Let's get an O.
I need my hand! I found it, but I don't know what you're gonna sew it to.
- Settle down.
- Get some restraints.
Out on the corner of Madison and Pulaski, 6:30 a.
, selling rock.
You've got a regular pharmacy down here, don't you? - My hand! - And a gun.
- Selling drugs is dangerous.
- Malucci, get over here.
- Do you have this now? - Yeah, go.
All right.
Deflate the BP cuff.
I had a tough week with my kid.
He's 14 and he's been getting high.
It's tough for me to lecture him.
He knows I'm sober now but it was only two years ago I was high all the time.
Now when I try to talk to him, he just walks away or he screams at me.
Tells me I have no right to talk to him about it.
I think he's probably right, you know, after all I put them through.
Hey, I got the perfect plan for killing off Romano.
We wrap the hand around the gun, pull the trigger it's got this guy's prints on it.
Put down the hand, Malucci.
When do we get another opportunity like this? Put down the damn hand.
When there's a patient on the table, I want respect, all right? - Respect for the patient and for me.
- Respect for a drug-dealing banger? The only thing I want to hear from you is the medicine.
You say so, Pete.
When you're addressing me, it's: "Yes, Dr.
No, Dr.
" Are we clear? - Hey, Brian.
Sign my card? - Yeah.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
- You were doing a crossword.
- I was listening.
You know, this isn't my first meeting.
- I had months of this in rehab.
- When's the last time you shared? - I'll get up tomorrow.
- There are other meetings.
You're right.
I'll share tomorrow.
I used to go to one at Saint Michael's.
It had more addicts.
I like this one.
It's convenient.
I thought you might feel more comfortable around NA people.
I go to meetings, I take my meds, I pee in cups when they ask.
If you want me to get up and share, I'll do that.
I'll do it tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Busy night? - Not bad.
Any messy leftovers? There's a hypersexual dementia guy in Curtain 3.
He's fast.
Thanks for the warning.
Hey, you and Kovac still going out? Not many secrets down here, huh? No.
Is he doing okay? It's just he seems a little off.
I'm sure he's fine.
See you later.
I always hate mornings like this.
Good and slow.
Just the way I like them.
Calm before the storm? Always means it'll get crazy before the end of your shift.
Hey, Frank.
Call Security.
- Mike passed out in the linen room again.
- Mad Mike? He's back? Back and unbelievably stinky.
No need for Security.
I threw him out of there twice yesterday.
And tell Housekeeping to keep that damn door locked.
Frank, what do you got? A little homeless helper.
It speeds things along.
- Give me that.
- I'm not gonna hit him.
Give me it.
Kerry, remember I'm off today at 6.
How could I forget? You mentioned it three times.
Well, actually just two, counting now.
- Cutting school early today, Dr.
Greene? - It's on the schedule.
Going to a professional conference, I hope.
No, a personal one.
You and Lizzie going off somewhere romantic again? - I put in the request weeks ago.
- No doubt.
Frank, those films back on my elbow lac? Where's Frank? - Out harassing the homeless.
- What? Old cop habits are hard to break.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
You wanna get some lunch? Kerry, paramedics have a 13-year-old.
Fell on her way to school.
Luka, you take it.
Chuny, go with him.
- Sure.
- Lunch? Yeah, sure.
If there's time.
Abby, page Corday.
She might have a herniated disk in 3.
- Kerry? - Yeah, I know.
I should have grabbed a coat.
It'll be snowing again soon.
Excuse me.
Is this the way to the ER? I'm just a little lost.
This is the ambulance entrance.
Walk-ins are in front.
A 13-year-old girl, ground-level fall, oriented times three, no LOC.
- I'm okay.
- The school called me.
They wouldn't let her in class until she got checked.
- I'm fine, Dad.
- What's her name? - Teresa.
- Did you pass out when you fell? - No.
- Around front, through the doors.
- It's all right.
- Authorized personnel only.
My daughter works here.
- Excuse me.
- Hi.
I'm Maggie.
You are? Chuny.
Your daughter works in the ER? - Yes, she's a doctor.
- Frank, can you help this lady? - Just a minute.
- Come back later.
I've got bagels.
- Okay.
- I've got lots of them.
Catch you sleeping there again, I'll chain blocks to you and toss your worthless carcass off Navy Pier! - Do you have any pain? - No.
I just wanna go back to school.
Let the doctor check you out.
She loves school.
- What grade are you in? - Seventh.
I'm missing a test.
- Yeah.
CBC, Chem-7 and UA.
- Something wrong with her neck? Just a precaution.
She has some pain, but it's probably nothing.
This is gonna take a few minutes.
Ruiz, why don't you get a cup of coffee? - I wanna stay with her.
- You can come right back.
Deborah, will you show Mr.
Ruiz where the coffee machines are? - This way, sir.
- Honey, I'll be back in a minute.
Any chance you're pregnant before I get an x-ray? No.
Do you have anyone you'd like to designate as the adoptive parents? I need to find someone to adopt my child? No.
But a lot of women already have someone in mind.
A family member, an acquaintance.
No one.
Can I be candid? In my experience, it's very unusual for a woman of Asian descent to offer a child up for adoption.
We've found that most Asian women end up changing their minds.
Oftentimes at the last minute.
Did you bring me out here just to make sure I wouldn't change my mind? Lots of women never make it past this bench.
I can't keep this child.
Have you discussed adoption with your family? - No.
- You really should.
And what about the father? Is he prepared to sign away his parental rights? Does he know you're pregnant? Well, he may want to keep the baby.
What if I don't want him to? He's the father.
He has rights.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I-? - I'm making a fresh pot.
Be ready in a sec.
It's Kenyan, fresh-ground.
Smell that.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me, who are you? - Lord! Maggie Wyczenski.
You want a bagel? I've got lots of bagels.
What kind would you like here? Any kind.
It's not ready yet.
In a minute.
- This area's for ER staff.
- Bagel? - Yeah.
- The area is for staff.
- No.
You got raisin? - Malik, go.
Get out of here.
- You are not supposed to be in here.
- Now, it's fine.
My daughter's a doctor here.
Abby Wyczenski- No.
Lockhart, actually.
Abby Lockhart.
I just heard this loud pop.
How would you describe the pain, Mr.
Patterson? Al, please.
Is the pain sharp or dull, Al? It's a bit of a bastard, really.
It's like a burning down my right leg.
- Any numbness? - Yeah, a bit.
What were you doing when you heard the pop? Surfing.
I know I'm a bit old for it, but I've been surfing all my life.
- Is this tender? - Oh, yes.
It's hard to give it up.
Have you ever paddled out yourself? Can't say I have.
You were surfing Lake Michigan? No.
That's where I live.
I'm in town for the sportswear convention.
Plane trip nearly killed me with this back.
Will you get me a safety pin, Abby? That's London, is it? Just trying to pick the accent.
I went to London for university.
Yours? Zambia.
Born and raised.
My father was a doctor.
You're gonna feel a couple of pinpricks.
Tell me if they feel the same.
- Abby.
- Yeah? Your mother's here.
Duller on the right than on the left.
- She's out front.
- Pull on my hand with your right foot.
- No, she's not.
- Nice lady.
Kind of a looker.
- My mom's in Florida.
- Maybe she was.
Now she's serving breakfast out of Admit.
Doesn't know you're back to nursing.
You two don't stay in touch, I guess.
You know, he's flying in the air That's not my mother.
- Yeah.
- Like, 65 miles an hour.
And the I have no idea who that woman is.
So I'm walking down the aisle like this Looks clear.
Okay, Teresa.
Now this terrible thing can come off.
So she's okay.
Can we go? Her neck is fine, but I need to do a complete neurological exam.
Well, how long is that gonna take? I gotta get back to work.
It may take a few hours.
- I'm sorry, Daddy.
- Forget about it.
I gotta call them.
Is there a phone? Pay phone in the waiting area.
I need to examine your face.
- Any pain here? - No.
- Here? - It doesn't hurt anymore.
You worried about your father? I'm sure he wants us to be certain that you're all right.
Will you stand up, please? Okay, now lift your arms up, keeping your eyes shut.
- Higher? - No, that's fine.
Keep your eyes closed for a little longer.
All right, final call.
Is everybody finished with these bagels here? Wait.
There's still some fresh-squeezed orange juice.
- Fresh-squeezed? - Yes, fresh-squeezed.
Think I'd use concentrate? There you go.
- Try that.
- Thank you.
Frank? Frank? How much longer do you think my daughter will be? I don't know.
I think she's still with a patient.
- All right.
- She'll be out as soon as she can.
I'll be over here.
- May I? - Yes.
Eat up.
Thank you.
Who's that? Some nut job who claims she's Abby's mom.
Weaver called Psych.
- No kidding? - Nice legs, huh? Mother-daughter fantasies come to mind.
Malucci, I think we have patients needing your attention.
Actually, we don't.
Rescue 54 is two minutes out.
GSW to the chest.
- There.
Now you're busy.
- Gunshot wound.
Yes! - Not alone.
- I can do it.
- Where's Benton? - Surgery.
Corday's around- Okay, find her.
I'm ordering a CT on a girl while I call the police.
- Head trauma? - No.
I'm just stalling for time.
I think her father's abusing her, and he wants to take her home.
Send her up.
When the cops show, cancel the procedure.
- Okay.
- Still no Psych? I could page them again.
- Abby has no idea who she is? - Said she'd never seen her before.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I think the bagels were a hit.
- Everybody loved them.
- I put everything in bags.
- I put it in the refrigerator.
- Great.
- Go in there whenever.
- Can you stop for one minute? There was a lot of leftovers in there.
I threw them away.
- You can't leave that - Can I talk to you for just a minute? Oh, my God.
Look how pretty you are.
You have a beautiful face.
You just pick your hair back a little bit.
- I need you to stay in our waiting area.
- Could I work on you? - That's what I do - I can't have you back here by yourself.
I'm an artist.
I do collages and things.
I do makeovers to make money.
- I could make you over.
- I can't have you back here by yourself.
- I'm waiting for Abby.
- Okay.
It's just right across the hall.
- You won't miss her.
- There are sick people there.
Maggie, the thing is, Abby says that you are not her mother.
Of course I'm her mother.
- Why don't we gather up your things- - Wait.
So she She said she's not my daughter? - Please, let's go.
- No.
Where is she? Abby! - Damn it! Damn it! - Maggie? Abby! Abby, where are you?! - Maggie, take it easy.
- Abby, it's your mother! - Maggie, it's all right.
- Abby! - Maggie, you cannot go back there! - Abby! Frank, call Security! Get Psych down here now! Abby! God, please pick up.
Please pick up.
This is Eric.
Leave a message after the beep.
Eric, if you' re there, pick up the phone.
It's Abby.
Eric? Hello? Hello? Okay.
Eric, Mom is in Chicago.
What the hell is she doing in Chicago? Because I can't take her now.
Okay? She can't be here.
I- - Al, I'm afraid you've herniated a disk.
- That doesn't sound too good.
With the weakness in your foot you'll need surgery to eliminate the pressure on your nerve.
- Can it wait till I get home? - I wouldn't suggest it.
I don't want back surgery.
Then I'd recommend an outpatient procedure.
Endoscopic surgery.
- How long will that take? - An hour.
I'd insert a small endoscope into your spinal column and remove fragments of the disk.
Couple of stitches and a Band-Aid.
Corday, got a GSW to the chest.
Benton's still upstairs.
- Okay.
- Will I be able to surf again? I don't see why not.
If you'll excuse me Call the O.
Book a room for an endoscopic discectomy.
Abby! Abby! Abby Lockhart! Abby! Maggie! Maggie, calm down.
- What the hell is all that about? - Abby! Abby! Abby! - You need to calm down.
- Abby! - Calm down, ma'am.
- Abby! - Somebody.
No, there's - Hey, I think someone's calling you.
- Is there someone we can call-? - Abby! Maggie! Maggie! You need to calm down.
- Have a seat, ma'am.
- Calm down.
- Have a seat.
- All right.
- Take a breath.
- Okay.
All right.
All right.
I'm fine.
Abby! Abby.
There she is.
That's my daughter.
Hi, Mom.
- Abdomen's soft.
No rebound.
- Please! I don't wanna die! Hey, partner, pipe down.
I can barely hear anything.
Decreased breath sounds on the left.
Trachea midline.
Trauma panel, O-neg, cross times 10.
- He needs a chest tube.
- Mother, may I? Huh? Chest tube? Step in.
Look at you.
Look at you.
You're still so pretty.
- Why are you here? - I came to see you.
- How'd you get here? - I came on the bus.
- Does Eric know where you are? - You know how busy your brother is.
So you just left? And you didn't call.
Why didn't you call me and tell me you were coming? I was worried about you.
I heard about you and Richard separating.
A year ago.
I'm divorced.
- Oh, my God.
- What about your job? The department store.
My daughter is more important than any stupid job.
You know what? I left all my stuff in the coffee room.
I'm gonna go get it.
And you and I are gonna talk.
I'm working.
I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.
But I'm gonna wait for you.
And we're gonna talk.
I'll be back.
Frank said that you said you didn't know her.
How long has she been bipolar? Since I was a kid.
- And she's off her meds? - Apparently.
I called the inn.
They said the weather's great.
- Getting away for the weekend? - Pending any last-minute complications.
He means me.
And there won't be.
- Hemoglobin's 11.
- How much you get out? Only 700 cc's.
- He's losing blood somewhere.
- Pressure's dropping, 60 palp.
- No breath sounds on the right.
- Bullet must have tumbled to the right.
- Intubate and put in a second chest tube.
- Right you are.
- Okay, we need a chest tube tray.
- Tension hemopneumo? Yeah.
Let's find out.
- So where you guys going? - Wisconsin.
Lake Hatteras.
- Heard you had a kid.
- GSW.
It's surgical.
- So you've got it? - Three docs, no waiting.
- He's bleeding into his right chest.
- Lost his pressure.
I love this guy.
He's an entire medical education in one convenient package.
Jackie? Oh, God.
Cleo, do you know where Peter is? He's up in the O.
Why are you down here? I'm trying to reach him.
I told the man at the desk.
What happened? What's the matter? Well, they called me at work and I came right away.
It's Jesse.
- They said that he was brought here.
- Jesse? Your son? The man over there said that he was brought in a few minutes ago.
That he was shot.
Somebody shot my boy.
Where's Dr.
Benton? Two, with Spencer on a hernia.
AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY - What the hell are you doing? - Found a hole in the right ventricle.
Let's cross-clamp the aorta.
Thank God for bangers, huh? Better than a good war.
- Come on.
Get out of my way.
- Hey! Hey, that's my patient.
Peter, we've got it.
I'll oversew it.
2-0 silk.
Move! - Dr.
Malucci's assisting.
- The guy's not even gonna make it.
- It's his nephew.
- What? - It's Jackie's son, Jesse.
- Oh, my God.
Where the hell's the 2-0 silk?! - Hey, Frank.
- Half day? Twelve to twelve.
Much going on? Pretty slow.
My mother's here.
- You weren't expecting her? - No.
Do you have a few minutes? Sure.
Pregnancy test on that Ruiz girl.
Damn it.
Where the hell are the police? I'm a few minutes early.
You want to grab coffee? - Yeah.
That'd be great.
- Okay.
- Still not filling.
- There's another hole.
Left ventricle is macerated on the posterior surface.
More 2-0 silk! Blood's pouring out of the right chest! Open his other side.
- Hold on.
- Peter.
I can get it! Somebody cut off that damn alarm.
- There's no time, Peter.
- Another thoracotomy tray? Lizzie, you ordered a percutaneous discectomy on a 50-year-old? Robert, I'm busy.
It looks like Doctors Greene and Benton have this.
Why don't you step out, please? That's Peter's nephew in there.
And you've opened up both sides of his chest, huh? Well, anyway Patterson is a candidate for open lumbar disk surgery.
- Endoscopic surgery's the best treatment.
- And it's faster too.
Yes, it is.
No dramatic muscle dissection, no bone removal.
And you can still ditch out of here in time for your romantic weekend.
What the hell are you insinuating? That I'd choose an inappropriate course of surgery to accommodate my plans? You said it, not me.
I've got to get back.
Gloves! - The bullet tore up the hilum.
- Foley catheter.
- I'll throw in a purse string.
- No.
I'll do it.
- What was going on out there? - Nothing.
Heart's not filling.
All right.
We're gonna bypass.
I'll take the aorta.
You take the femoral vein.
We need ice! - Malucci, get four basins full.
- What for? We'll pack the head to preserve his brain.
- That'll work? - Just get it! She sold cosmetics.
But she used to get fired all the time.
What about your dad? He split when I was 7.
Couldn't take it.
She's an artist.
And when I was little and she was manic, it was fun, actually.
Because we would do stuff like camp out in the living room.
Actually really camp out with tents and stuff.
We painted the walls of the living room once.
This whole landscape.
It was Then suddenly everything would change.
She'd start screaming and crying.
Eric took the brunt of that.
He was more of a rebel than I was.
- Eric is your brother.
- Yeah.
She was living near him in Florida.
He's in the Air Force.
He's an air traffic controller.
- Really? - Yes.
And then she would get depressed and just go to bed for weeks.
So by the age of 10 I had figured out how to scam meals off the neighbors so Eric and I could eat.
Could get her some help.
You could get her on lithium or Depakote.
She won't take the drugs.
She likes it when she's manic.
But I can't do this again.
I'm not strong enough.
Jackie? Jackie.
Did you find Peter? He's in with the trauma team working on Jesse now.
Oh, thank God.
How is he? He was shot in the chest.
We found some bleeding around his heart and Peter's trying to repair it now.
His heart? His condition is very grave.
They're working to stabilize him so they can move him to the O.
Oh, Lord.
I - Can I get you anything? - No.
I should try Walt again.
He's out on a parts run - and I don't know what's keeping him.
- Mrs.
Robbins? Is Jesse okay? Get out.
Is he all right? - You don't get to be here.
- Please Get out.
Get out! I don't want you here! You get away from him.
You stay away from my son! All right.
The aortic clamp is released.
- Stop the bypass.
- Sponge stick.
Still has oozing.
I can't see.
- I'll suction.
- All right.
Move the light! He's bleeding out everywhere.
All right.
Let's get a Give him a Give him Give him two units of FFP and a 10-pack of platelets.
- He's not clotting.
- We can reverse it.
More suction.
Pump's running dry.
- We're not keeping up with blood loss.
- Well, squeeze it in faster! Finally.
Where you been? I've waited here for hours.
You said you were gonna run a few tests and then you disappear.
My eye is just a little sore.
Otherwise, I feel okay.
I'm gonna lose my job and we've been sitting here for hours.
Ruiz, would you step out in the hall? - Who the hell is this? - Please, sir.
Out in the hall.
Teresa, you wait here.
I'm Detective Tancredi, Chicago P.
Kovac here is concerned about the extensive bruising he discovered on your daughter's body when he examined her.
What? She has bruises all over her back and stomach.
- From her fall.
- They're at least a week old.
You think I beat my little girl? Oh, my God.
I love my daughter.
I would never No.
You're wrong.
You are very wrong.
More lap pads.
I can't see.
If I can put one more suture in, I can stop the ventricular bleeding.
Chest cavity is filling with blood.
He's oozing everywhere.
Come on, Jesse.
Come on, man.
Don't give up on me.
Jesse Come on, man.
Don't give up, please.
Come on, Jesse.
Peter Peter.
No! If I work Christmas Day, I get Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve off.
New Year's Day too.
Yeah, right.
, can you guys give us a minute? - Yeah.
- You bet.
So? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I guess I should have told you sooner.
Well, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say.
I want to give him up for adoption, but I need your permission to do it.
Him? Will you sign the paperwork? Please? Where's Peter? - Still talking to his sister.
- God, what a tragedy.
- You didn't recognize him? - I only met him once.
You all right? Headache.
Your neck's still sore from hockey.
Next time I'm gonna go early and warm up.
My O.
's free.
You still want to go? I have an outpatient procedure.
Should take less than an hour.
It's Friday.
If we leave before 6- One hour, I promise.
- Dr.
Greene? - Yep? What should we do with the body? I don't know where Benton went.
- Police been here? - Not that I've seen.
You can't do anything until they sign off on it.
- It's a real freak show, though.
- Why don't you pull a sheet over it? - You think he heard me? - Who? Benton.
You know, all that stuff I was saying about his nephew before I knew.
I don't know.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah? - Is Teresa Ruiz here? - Who are you? A friend.
They brought her here from school.
She never went back.
I got worried.
You can't miss it.
Just look for a long line of pissed-off people.
- Could you tell her Vinnie stopped by? - Yeah, Vinnie.
So where's the best surfing spot for a beginner like me? Waikiki.
But you've got to get out there early.
It's bleeding.
- It's 10 to 6.
- I know.
Pressure's dropping, 100/80.
Let's run in another liter.
I can see the disk.
Can't get a good hold of it.
There we go.
Got it.
- We got some leaking fluid.
- It's just irrigation solution.
It's looking good.
Let's get ready with 4-0 Vicryl.
We're almost there, Mr.
You'll be hanging 10 again before you know it.
Hanging 10.
So you do know something about surfing.
Only what I've picked up watching old Frankie Avalon movies.
- What are you doing? - Waiting for you.
Can I see? - They're beautiful.
- Yeah.
May I see? This is Dr.
- Psychiatrist? - Yes.
I don't need you.
Abby tells me you have bipolar disorder.
- How long have you been off your meds? - Am I off my meds? Why'd you stop? I don't like lithium, all right? It makes me tired.
It makes me sick to my stomach.
I can't do these on drugs.
I can't do anything.
What medication are you on now? Prozac.
I was depressed.
A doctor at my HMO, he gave them to me.
Stay away from antidepressants.
They trigger manic episodes.
She knows.
I'll write you a prescription for Depakote if you promise me you'll stay away from Prozac.
I will go get you the scrip.
- You okay? - Thank you.
- So are you gonna take it? - You bet.
What's this? I called.
That's enough for a bus ticket back to Tampa.
Oh, don't.
Really, don't.
Don't start.
Mom, I can't have you here.
I told you that last time.
I can't do it anymore.
I came here to be with you after what happened with Richard.
I'm fine! Just please go home.
Why do you want to hurt me? Why do you want-? I didn't ask you to come here.
You just showed up.
Off your meds, in a dress that would be ridiculous on a woman half your age running around the hospital screaming, humiliating me.
Why, why, why? Oh, now the crying and the depression.
You know what comes next? Weeks of worrying that I'll come home and find you dead in my tub! Or with your head stuck in my oven.
All right! All right! All right! Fine! I'm out.
Benton? Listen, I'm sorry.
I didn't know he was your nephew.
Get away from me.
Look, I just thought he was some banger.
Six o'clock, on the dot.
- You're ready to go? - I'm waiting for you.
What is that? Hey, stop it! Stop it! Peter! Hey! Kerry, you okay? You all right? Peter! - Hey! Hey, easy! - What the hell's going on?! - Malucci! - Stop.
I was just trying to apologize.
She says her father never touched her.
Says she falls down a lot.
- And you believe her? - Doesn't matter what I believe.
Court's not gonna remove her when he denies it and she says it's not him.
- Can I talk to her? - Sure.
What happened this morning? I fell down.
What about the other bruises? My father wouldn't hurt me.
Sometimes people who love us hurt us anyway.
Sometimes they can't control their anger.
No, they don't mean to, but they do hurt us.
It's a sickness.
And something they need help with.
Do you know you're pregnant? We ran a test.
I told him this would happen.
- He wouldn't listen to me.
- Listen to you about what? He won't wear a condom.
He won't.
That's what we fight about all the time.
That's when he hits me.
But he doesn't mean to.
Your father? - No! Not my dad.
- Then who? - Vinnie.
- Vinnie? My boyfriend.
We're in homeroom together.
He's in the seventh grade? He'd never hurt me on purpose.
He just gets upset.
He loves me.
- What is it? I was halfway to my car.
- Patient's complaining of backache.
- What patient? - Patterson, lumbar discectomy.
- Dr.
Corday's case.
- Yes.
She signed him out to me.
Patterson, I understand you're having a bit of a headache.
You want a couple of Tylenol? My back, it's killing me.
Roll over on your side.
I can't move my legs.
- Can you feel this? - No.
You, help me roll him.
Patterson, you're leaking spinal fluid.
It's probably a cord compression.
Get him to O.
And find me Elizabeth Corday.
- Mark, it's lovely.
- Nice big bed.
Let's see the bathroom.
Hey, the tub.
It's huge! We can both fit in it! Hello? Yeah.
- Who is it? - I don't know.
This is Elizabeth Corday.
Elizabeth? Where's your coat? You look like you're freezing to death.
I'm sorry.
All right? I'm sorry.
I've ruined everything.
I know.
I've ruined everything.
And I've hurt you and your brother so much.
I'm sorry.
You have every right to hate me.
Of course you hate me.
- I don't hate you.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't hate you, Mom.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
- I love you.
I love you so much.
You're my angel.
My angel.
I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to hurt you.
Please forgive me.
Oh, please forgive me.
I forgive you, Mom.
When you were born, you were this little baby.
It was like you were the answer to my prayers.
You were the answer to all my prayers.
And I thought to myself, I'll be okay now.
I'll be okay because you're here.
I'll be okay.
And I held your little hands.
I loved you.
God, how I loved you.
- I know.
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
- I'm so sorry.