ER s07e07 Episode Script

Rescue Me

- Previously on E.
- Have a sit ma'am.
- Hold now.
- All right! All right! All right! Ok! How long has she been bipolar? Since I was a kid.
- Psychiatrist? - Yes.
I don't need you.
I don't want back surgery.
Then I'd recommend an outpatient procedure.
Endoscopic surgery.
Let's get him to O.
And find me Elizabeth Corday.
- Come on.
Get out of my way.
- Hey! Hey.
It's his nephew.
We found some bleeding around his heart and Peter's trying to repair it now.
No! E.
7x07 "RESCUE ME" Hey.
Reece woke up early.
- I'll go make breakfast.
- Hey, no, no, no.
I got it.
- Why don't you go back to bed.
- There's no point.
Do you want something to help you sleep? No, no, no.
Walt still asleep? Thought I'd come home early from the hospital and help with dinner.
- Thought you were going to Cleo's.
- I don't have to.
I'm not making a Thanksgiving dinner.
Please go.
Have Thanksgiving there.
- Jackie, I'd rather be here.
- Please, go.
- Have you seen the Tylenol? - I took the last two.
- Did you put it on the list? - No.
- That neck still bothering you? - I know.
No more hockey games.
There you go.
Greene's eggs and ham.
I'm sorry, Mark.
I'm just not hungry.
Well, I hope you have an appetite tonight because I am gonna be grilling filet mignon and baking potatoes.
On Thanksgiving? No turkey, no cranberries? No, we did that last year.
- What? No yams? No pumpkin pie? - Pumpkin pie, yes.
Whoever it is, don't buy anything.
- Dr.
Elizabeth Corday? - Yes.
Happy Thanksgiving.
- What is it? - Some sort of letter.
It says, "Notice to the defendant-" Oh, my God I'm being sued for malpractice.
I'll keep taking my medication.
I won't be a burden.
Come on.
At least let me stay through the weekend.
I can't go back.
I lost my job.
Your brother's not even talking to me.
You can't throw me out.
I'm your mother.
I put the bus ticket and some money in your purse.
And you'll have to find a job as soon as you get there.
I've been here for a week.
I know how hard things are for you.
- I know what you're going through.
- We've been through this.
- I want to be here for you.
- I have to go.
Excuse me.
- Honey, please.
- Here.
Take my coat.
Okay? I love you.
I love you.
- Morning, guys.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
- You're getting pretty good at that.
I've been practicing.
Are we still on for tonight? Yeah.
Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting your parents.
You'll like them.
- Their flight get in okay? - Picked them up this morning.
Hope you don't mind going out to my cousin's.
- No.
- How's Jackie? She's okay with you not being home tonight? She doesn't want me around.
I'm sorry.
- I gotta get him up to Daycare.
- Okay.
- Chen and Carter are late.
- It's pouring outside.
You know, when I was a Resident, I left early during inclement weather.
- It's a mess out there! - Yeah.
- Finally.
- Sorry I'm late.
John, got a drunk with a hand lac in Sutures.
Chen, a breast abscess in 4.
If you need an Attending, Kovac is here.
Greene is due in an hour.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Taking Mr.
Morgan up? - He's a bit anxious.
- They were gonna murder Bernadine.
- He's delusional.
Threatened to blow up his neighbor's house.
- Did you do something with your hair? - No.
Not really.
- You look different somehow.
- Contacts.
I broke my glasses.
- Suits you.
- Thank you.
- Abby.
How's your mother doing? - Better.
She left for Florida this morning.
I'm sorry about what happened the other day.
Don't apologize.
She has a disease.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Did you put her on the bus? - Yep.
- Are you free-? - Would you like to go-? Dinner? - Think anything'll be open? - I think Doc Magoo's.
I think that's kind of depressing on Thanksgiving.
I could cook at my place.
Rescue's pulling up.
A guy got hit riding his bike.
- Call her! She's waiting for me! -30-year-old.
Bicycle versus minivan.
Bent the bike and pinned him against a pole.
- Vitals? - BP's 100/60.
Gave him two liters.
Cut off as much of the bike as we could.
I can get it.
Looks like the femoral artery.
Abby? Abby? - Abby.
- What are you doing here? Come on, Abby! Okay, let's go! Let's go! Get four units of O-neg.
I need a thigh cuff and a Doppler scope.
Ask for dry clothes at the desk - and wait.
- I tried to get on the bus.
- I can't leave you, Abby.
- Pulse is 124 and thready.
- Abby? - Set me up for a central line and- Slow down, damn it! Set me up for a central line and prime the rapid infuser.
- We need X-ray to clear the neck.
- I'll get the Foley.
- Call Maintenance for a hacksaw.
- Here we go.
On my count.
- One, two, three.
- Want a second line? Yes.
Set a trauma panel, and type and cross for six.
That smarts like a son of a bitch.
I gave you lidocaine, Mr.
It should be pretty numb.
- I can give you some more.
- Yeah, please.
It hurts like hell.
So does my knee.
- What's the matter with your knee? - I twisted it when I fell off the curb.
Dropped my Turkey, cut my hand.
You cut yourself on a turkey? - Wild Turkey.
- Wild Turkey.
I was drinking it on account of it's Thanksgiving.
The Pilgrims didn't envision the liquid when they established the holiday.
How about something for my pain? What would you like this time? Percocet or Demerol? I'm allergic to Percocet.
This is Mr.
Florea's third time in here this week complaining of pain.
Really? I see.
I didn't realize it was that serious.
In that case, I'll refer you to a clinic to help you manage it.
I don't need no damn clinic.
I need something for my knee.
We'll get you some x-rays.
Then I'll give you some Motrin.
- You think I'm an addict? - I think you have a drug problem.
What do you know about my pain? I'll be back.
You want to finish him up? Sure.
Randi? Randi, excuse me.
Do you have a bag I could put these wet things in? Did they just bring in a man from a bike accident? You'll have to sit in Chairs.
I'll be right back.
- He's in the Trauma Room.
- Where is that? Well, I'll show you.
Right this way.
I saw them bring him in.
Was he badly hurt? I know they're doing absolutely everything they can for him.
I got two units of type-specific.
- Okay.
Neck is clear.
- Pulse ox is down to 88.
Bag him while we set up for intubation.
Twenty of etomidate, 100 of sux.
Got a quart of melted strawberry ice cream.
- His name is Jim Peakins.
- He is relaxed.
Take off the collar.
Abby, give me some cricoid pressure.
Whoa! Big neck lac.
It's hard to see the cords.
Direct your pressure to the right.
- How's that? - Better.
Looks like a foreign body.
- McGills.
- Sats are 82 and falling.
Hold on.
You pulled my gauze through his neck wound.
Open up some lap pads.
I'm in.
Bag him.
Abby, call for a vent.
- Sats are still low.
- Decreased breath sounds to the right.
Chest-tube tray.
- Okay, start chest compressions.
- We're out.
- Charge paddles to 200.
- I'll get one.
- Clear.
- Clear.
What are you doing here? The gentleman's wife showed up and there was no one to help her.
I'm not his wife.
I hit him.
It was an accident.
I didn't even see him.
Randi, can you sit this woman down in the hall, please? - Is he gonna be all right? - Ma'am, ma'am, this way.
- Abby.
Abby, I need to talk with you.
- Not now.
It's important.
I'm not going anywhere, Abby.
I'm staying here.
No good deed goes unpunished.
I step in, I clean up your mess, and I end up named in your lawsuit.
- I'm so sorry.
- "Sorry" won't save your ass, or mine.
- I take full responsibility.
- How noble of you.
The guy's a gimp.
He walks in with a little bit of a backache.
He'll be wheeled out in a wheelchair.
Do you know how that'll play for a jury? - Not well.
- Not well? When his lawyers get through, you'll be lucky to sling fish and chips.
I thought the procedure had gone smoothly.
Well, it was a screaming success if your desired outcome was paralysis.
I'll talk to Risk Management so you're not implicated.
- Are you almost through? - One minute, love.
Do not talk to Risk Management.
Do not discuss this case with anyone.
Am I clear? Yes.
Couldn't be just some fat-assed couch potato.
And don't even think about paging me during the weekend.
Ready, Nikki? Let's go.
- Still in V-fib.
- How long has it been? - Twenty-five minutes.
- Two liters out of the chest tube.
Shock once more and then we'll call it.
- How about a thoracotomy? - Not with blunt trauma.
- Asystole.
- Okay, that's it.
Time of death, 10:57.
Any family here? No.
Just the woman who hit him.
She's waiting out in the hall.
- Ma'am? - Yes? The man on the bicycle was profoundly injured.
We did everything we could, but he didn't respond to the treatment.
Oh, God! He died a few minutes ago.
My baby was crying and I turned around.
I didn't see him.
- I'm sorry.
- God, I didn't see him! Sweetie, it's all right.
It's all right.
It wasn't your fault.
- I didn't see him.
- It was raining.
- It wasn't your fault.
It's all right.
- My God! It's all right.
- You didn't see him.
- Oh, my God! It was raining.
You didn't see him.
- I thought you quit.
- I did.
Then my mother showed up.
- Is she going back? - Yeah.
Think it'll ever stop? What? The rain.
Has to stop eventually.
I hope so.
I'm telling you, my knee still hurts like a son of a bitch.
That's why you're going to X-ray, Mr.
Conni? Can you take him up? - Call Transport.
- They're short-staffed.
I'm suffering.
Stop torturing me.
Yeah, yeah.
Catch you later when you get back with your films.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Dr.
Is she working today? She's with a patient.
Just take a seat in Chairs.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Do you work here? - No.
These? I got caught in the rain.
- My daughter works here.
- So does mine.
- Really? - Jing-Mei Chen.
The cute one.
- What? - You must be thrilled.
I would be so excited if one of my children made me a grandmother.
I don't think of myself as old enough to be a grandmother.
But I am.
You must be thinking of someone else.
Jing-Mei! Mommy.
- Oh, my God! - What are you doing here? I wanted to invite you for Thanksgiving dinner.
- Why didn't you tell us? - Because I didn't know how.
Come home tonight.
- Is everyone coming? - Yes.
No, Mommy.
Not with all those people there.
- They're your family.
- I can't.
- Please? - No, I just can't.
- No, please.
- I need a hand in Exam 1.
I gotta go.
Don't tell Ba-Ba.
- We miss you.
- I know.
You looked like you needed some help.
- Thank you, Carter.
- No problem.
Did you page me? I've got an appy in 10 minutes.
Debby Marlin is here.
You operated on her last year for breast cancer.
- What's she doing back? - She's in pain.
Mets to the spine.
Thought you'd like to know.
- Hi, Dr.
- Hey.
How are you doing? Terrible.
I went to my pharmacy this morning and they told me they couldn't refill my morphine prescription.
Why not? Well, they don't carry narcotics anymore.
Too many robberies.
I gave her a shot of morphine but it's barely taken the edge off.
All right.
Let me see.
How much did you give her? Ten.
You contacted your oncologist? I just got the service.
He's away for the holiday weekend.
All right.
Come on.
All right.
Give her another 10.
If she's feeling better, send her home with Percocet.
You mean I have to come all the way back here tomorrow for my medicine? I'm sorry, the outpatient pharmacy's closed today.
Can we admit her for pain control? Yeah.
Yeah, all right.
Let's admit her to Medicine.
- Thank you, Dr.
- You're welcome.
The weasel warned me not to speak to anyone.
- Are you gonna listen? - Do I have a choice? - You're being sued.
You must respond.
- Romano insisted he'd handle it.
Yeah, sure.
Cover his ass and hang you out to dry.
Let me talk to my buddy Dave Medler.
He's in Risk Management.
- Off the record.
See what he thinks.
- Thanks.
- You look tired.
- So do you.
- I shouldn't be dragging you into this.
- We're getting married, okay? - Your problems are my problems.
- Mark, Ortho's waiting in 2.
See you later.
- What's the score? - Texas up by 6.
I see Judy's back for a return engagement.
Elvis' greatest hits.
Conni's serving turkey in the lounge.
I'll wait for dinner.
Any ETA on my x-rays? - No.
- I got three patients waiting.
- There's only one file clerk.
- You don't look that busy.
- You want to cover the phones? - I'll get the x-rays myself.
You all right? - Look at her sitting there.
- How long will you make her wait? - She should be on a bus.
- Will you talk to her? I've talked to her all my life.
There's nothing to say.
Would you call Security to move her out? - Security? - What? - Abby.
Abby, listen.
- No! What are you trying to prove? - You' re my daughter.
I care about you.
- Do you mind? - I'll take my medicine, I'll get a job.
- That's not gonna happen.
I'm not going anywhere until you talk with me.
Damn it, I'm your mother.
- Deal with me.
- Go back to Florida.
I need a monitored bed.
Trauma 1 's open.
- Lie still.
We're trying to help.
- Put him on the dynamap.
- Get an ultrasound.
- What have you got? found in Central Supply.
BP's 260/140.
He's combative, not moving his right side.
And he's vomiting.
Increased intracranial pressure.
Probably a brain bleed.
He needs intubation, a Nipride drip and a stat head CT.
- Go away! - We need hard restraints.
How about we paralyze and intubate? Six of Versed, 100 of sux.
- Great.
- Now we know why his pressure's high.
- Want a tox screen? - It's probably coke or crystal meth.
- Paralytics are on board.
-8-0 ET tube.
- Damn it! - That's all right.
I'll get another.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Just a little dizzy.
- You want to sit down? - No.
- Okay.
I'm gonna be sick.
- Get an emesis basin.
- Pulse ox down to 86.
- Bag him.
- That's okay.
Sit down.
- I'm sorry.
Put your head down.
- His sats are still dropping.
- Chuny, can you get help? - Go ahead.
- You have to intubate.
Randi, find a doctor! We need some help in Trauma 1 now! I can't see the cords.
I need suction.
There's a lot of vomit.
Try a straight blade.
Lydia, we need a vent.
- How's that Nipride drip coming? - Working on it.
- What do you need? - Difficult intubation.
Corday's sick.
Go lie down.
I've got it.
Take one more look.
If you can't get it, I'm here.
Can I have a cords tube? Okay.
- Bag him.
- Good.
Knee film on Mr.
Florea looks normal.
I knew it.
- Take a look at his ultrasound.
- I didn't order an ultrasound.
He was in a lot of pain.
Oh, man! He's got a clot from the popliteal fossa to the femoral vein? I thought he was drug-seeking.
Where is he? A pain in the ass.
He tried to bum an El token from the clerk.
When the guy wouldn't give, he got pissed off.
You just let him leave? - I'm not a hall monitor.
- Damn it! Mr.
Florea! Mr.
Florea! Mr.
Florea! Mr.
Florea! Excuse me.
Florea! Excuse me.
Florea! Out of my way.
Move away from him.
Florea? Mr.
Florea? Randi, it's Carter.
I'm at the El station.
Send a gurney right away.
- What happened? - Found him at the El.
- Drinking again? - No, he left AMA.
He's got a leg clot.
- It must have traveled to his lung.
- Sats are 78.
Get the TPA box ready.
Mix up the TPA, run 100 milligrams for two hours.
- I've got to do the checklist first.
- No, no.
There's no time for that.
- He's altered, a contraindication.
- He's altered because of the PE.
- Not enough oxygen to his brain.
- I won't give it.
- He may be bleeding internally.
- I'll give it.
- I'm not signing my name to this chart.
- Then don't! You know the pharmacy dude that Corday and Abby were working on? - With the crack pipe? - Yeah? He was cooking crystal meth in the basement pharmacy.
Whole lab set up.
- You're kidding.
- Bad news.
Debby Marlin's HMO wouldn't authorize admission.
- Who? - Breast cancer with spine mets.
HMO said she should be managed as an outpatient.
If she's in pain, have her contact her HMO tomorrow.
Before or after she takes the bus across town to refill her prescription? Cleo, Cleo, we've done all we can.
She's got end-stage breast cancer, Peter.
She's in pain.
I know.
But she's gonna have to take it up with her HMO.
She'd be better off without insurance.
We'd admit her and County would pay.
Doesn't make a damn bit of sense.
- How's your sister doing, Peter? - You know.
As well as can be expected.
Randi, how long is Abby's mother gonna be sitting in Chairs? I bet three days.
Want to join the pool? No, thanks.
- You're giving TPA? - He's got a pulmonary embolus.
- Are you sure? - He's got a DVT he's hypoxic and has a right ventricular strain on the 12-lead.
What are his coags? - What's his head CT show? - I don't know.
- Stop the TPA.
He could bleed out.
- Pulse ox is down to 72.
This is his only chance.
You know nothing about his history.
You could kill him.
- Stop.
Thoracic may do a thrombectomy.
- He's hypoxic on 100 percent oxygen.
- He'll never make it! - We must try.
- He'll arrest! - I'm the Attending.
Pulse ox is going up to 80.
Heart rate's steady at 72.
Just pray he didn't bleed in his brain.
- I feel like such a klutz.
- These things happen.
My husband likes celery in stuffing, so I'm chopping away, and whack! Next thing I know there's blood everywhere.
I should've stuck to my oyster recipe.
But Sam likes a traditional stuffing.
You can tell a lot about people by their stuffing.
My mother hates sage.
And I'm not too fond of nuts or raisins.
T o tell you the truth, I don't like a lot of that fancy stuff thrown in like eggs or dried fruit.
How about you, doctor? What kind of stuffing do you like? Dr.
Greene? What do you prefer? Dr.
Greene, lab needs another red top on Caine.
Greene, can I run my asthma patient by you? We've got a lady with syncope in 4.
Mark, do you have a minute? - I got into a thing with Carter- - Not now.
- Are you going anywhere tonight? - I don't think so.
Stop by.
I'm making Thanksgiving dinner for 30.
Thirty people? How? Takeout from Chicago Chicken on my good china.
- Abby, please talk with me.
- Please don't do this to me again.
All right.
I lost my apartment.
I've been evicted.
- I have no place to go.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Why are you so damn stubborn? - It's called self-protection.
I did the best I could.
I took care of you and Eric all by myself.
Excuse me, Mom.
We took care of you.
You always had a place to stay, food and clothes.
I worked hard for that.
- When you were on your meds.
- I tried to be a good mother every day.
Abby, now, you listen to me.
There is a lot of me in you.
I see it.
Please! Do you know that every night before I went to sleep I used to pray that you would take your lithium and just act normal? - Do you think it was easy for me? - But it was exciting.
We never knew what to expect.
Would you bring home a loser you met in a bar? Or maybe you'd run down our street naked screaming your head off.
- You can hate me.
It's okay to hate me.
- Then there was that Thanksgiving when I was 10.
You remember that one? - Here we go.
Here we go.
- You were cooking mashed potatoes.
- Here we go, here we go.
- I walked in.
You asked where I'd been.
I said I'd been to visit Dad.
I'll never forget your face.
You threw the food on the floor.
You chased me with a knife! I'd never hurt you, Abby.
- I'd never hurt you.
- I locked myself in the closet! - I remember sitting with my feet - It was the disease.
- against the door to keep you out.
- It was the disease.
You have to see me.
I'm not just a disease! That night you made me sleep beside you to prove you were sorry.
- I couldn't sleep.
I had to watch you.
- I'm your mother.
- You might flip out again.
I was 10! - I'm the only mother you'll ever have.
- I didn't choose to be sick.
- You never tried to get better! - I can't make things different.
- That's right! You can't! So now just go home.
I couldn't talk.
Words just wouldn't come out.
Have you had any other symptoms? Change in vision? Headaches? Nothing significant.
Neck's a little sore from hockey.
Headache, on and off.
Could be an atypical migraine, maybe cerebritis.
You under a lot of stress? - Who isn't? - Right.
Let's take a look.
- You ready? - Yeah, I guess.
This is ridiculous.
I'm actually feeling much better.
It's probably hypoglycemia from skipping breakfast and lunch.
Well, when I was dizzy and vomited I took a pregnancy test.
I'm not pregnant.
I had a period last month.
- That was breakthrough bleeding.
- What? - You're pregnant.
- Well, that's impossible.
Really? Technically, it's possible.
You know, maybe we should run a serum test just to make sure.
It's okay.
Why don't you lie down? I'll do an ultrasound and see how far along you are.
What's the word? There appears to be a 3.
5 centimeter mass in the frontal cortex.
A brain tumor.
How bad is it? I want to discuss it with a neurosurgeon.
- You're a radiologist.
How bad is it? - I really can't say.
What's my prognosis? Phil? You need to talk to a neurosurgeon right away.
It's not like he swallowed one nail.
We're talking pounds of hardware.
There's nails and screws and one of those metric socket sets, a plier.
I mean, I'm palpating this guy's belly.
And there's a crescent wrench outlined in bas-relief.
I mean, just smashed up against the skin.
My husband says to me, "You've got to go in there and consent this guy.
" - You were married? - Yes.
He was a surgical Resident.
So I go in there and I say: "Mr.
Jebson, how did you get all this stuff down? " And he says, "A good Chablis.
" He says, "A good Chablis.
" Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
No, you missed most of me.
- I can't believe- - I'll pay for the dry-cleaning.
- Kerry, it's all right.
- Did you bring the guacamole? - Yeah, and onion dip.
- Hey, Dr.
- Hey.
Are you okay? - I was just heading out.
- Good night.
We need dessert.
I can grab something from Doc Magoo's.
- We don't need it that bad.
- Good night.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Have a good one.
I'm starving.
Those are my favorite, girl.
Hey, what happened? - Your-? - I went for a walk.
- In the rain? - How's Mr.
Florea? He threw a clot.
I had to give him TPA.
Oxygen levels are up, vitals are stable.
Can I give you a hand? Help you with anything? - I'm just starting an IV.
- With your mom.
Every time she goes off her meds she says she's not gonna do it again.
Why should this time be different? - I don't know.
- My patient's smoking again.
Excuse me.
Thal, I told you if you want to smoke you have to go outside.
In the rain? I've got pneumonia.
- Man, this is smelling weird! - I need an ashtray.
- Anything else I can get you? - An extra pillow would be nice.
- Dr.
Carter, could I speak with you? - Sure.
I know you're a friend of my daughter's.
This is awkward for me.
I don't know what else to do.
- Could you talk to her for me? - I'm not sure what- - Abby's in there! - Stay here! Stay here! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God! Abby! - Everyone, stay outside! - Abby! - Stay out here! - Abby! - Abby! - Abby! - Abby! God, Abby! - Abby! - Oh, my God, Abby! Please wait outside.
- Abby? - Is she all right? - Is your neck okay? - Is she all right? - Is her airway clear? - I think she's okay.
Let's go! Let's go! Down the hall to the right! Carter, you need help? I don't think so.
Curtain 2.
Get me an intubation kit - lactated Ringer's and burn dressings.
- Look out, please! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Is she all right? Is she badly hurt? - Can you wait outside? - No.
Do you have any chest pain? - Yeah.
- You do? Where's it hurt? - Right there.
- Right here? Okay, take a deep breath for me.
All right, give me the oxygen.
Hello, Mommy.
I'm so glad you came.
- Who's here? - Everybody.
- I'll go get your father.
- You didn't tell Ba-Ba? You asked me not to.
He'll be okay.
Shocked, but okay.
You underestimate us, Jing-Mei.
You've always underestimated us.
Mommy, will you love the baby if the father is black? He's black.
That's what I thought.
Jing-Mei? It's okay, Mommy.
That's why I didn't tell you.
- Any idea what started it? - Ether.
Ether? A couple of guys in the pharmacy were cooking crystal meth.
Transported the ether in IV bags.
One of theirs got mixed in.
- Damn! - Everybody out? All but two patients.
Well, move it.
We're evacuating this whole department.
- They're critical.
- I'll give you 10 minutes.
Just take a deep breath.
- Chest still hurt? - A little.
Can I get up? - I'm okay.
I could help.
- Not until I get a chest x-ray.
- I don't need a chest x-ray.
- Abby, come on.
Let him help you.
- How are you? - I'm a little sore.
- I think she cracked a rib.
- How's Mr.
Thal? He's going to the Burn Unit.
But he'll be okay.
- How much Ringer's do you want? - Ten liters over eight hours.
- How's your guy with the PE? - CT was normal.
No brain bleeding.
Let's get you up to Radiology.
He was staring up at me from the pavement.
And with every breath I could see frosted cloud from his mouth get smaller.
I just talked to him, tried to reassure him.
And I held his hand until he died.
- The ambulance never came? - He was gone when they got there.
Oh, my God Well, what happened to the driver who hit him? Not enough.
He was drunk.
But this was 19 years ago.
They revoked his license for a while and had him pick up trash on Saturday or something.
Well I certainly got us off on a very depressing tangent, didn't I? I think we're gonna close this place down.
I'm sorry.
We haven't taken care of this.
- No, no, no.
No, you paid last time.
- Let me.
Come on.
- You know what? Why don't we split it? - I got it.
Thank you.
You know, this is our second meal together.
Some people might consider a second dinner a date.
A date? - You do know I'm gay? - Of course.
I don't have a problem with that.
I have gay friends.
- I'm sorry, Kerry.
I misread this.
- No.
I mean, I didn't- I'm so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.
It's just that you called me for eight psych consults in the past week.
We work well together.
- My instincts are usually reliable.
- You know what? Thank you.
You know, I'm really very flattered- You're such a beautiful woman.
You're so beautiful.
But I'm straight.
I mean, I don't- I'm straight.
- Okay.
- Oh, God Oh, my God! I don't know- I don't know what- I mean, I'm sorry.
I just, I don't- I feel very You know what? I just I mean, I guess I never even really considered this.
You haven't said a word since we left the hospital.
We can talk to each other.
That's what people do in relationships.
All right.
I'm pissed that Romano's docking my pay for punching Malucci.
That better? You should be furious.
Malucci was way out of line.
Not that I'm surprised.
What's that supposed to mean? You get docked because Malucci's a jackass.
Your nephew gets crappy care because they assume he's a banger.
Today our patient couldn't get her meds.
I'm tired of hearing you go off on this.
Stop trying to teach everybody how to be black.
And you need to face reality.
Debby Marlin couldn't get pain medication because her pharmacy - was in a black neighborhood.
- You grew up in the suburbs.
- What do you know about her? - I can't relate because I wasn't poor? No.
I'm just saying, I know who I am.
I don't have anything to prove.
And I do because my mother's white? I didn't say that.
- Where are you going? - I'm getting off.
- This isn't our stop.
- I don't want to see you now.
Cleo, we're supposed to be going to your cousin's- Good news.
Your lungs look clear.
But you cracked a rib on the right.
- I'll write your discharge orders.
- You don't have to do that.
You did have a concussion, loss of consciousness.
- So I'm gonna call you later.
- Thank you.
- "Doctor.
" - Doctor.
- I borrowed an umbrella.
- Okay.
Happy Thanksgiving, Dr.
- Hey.
- Hey.
That steak smells fantastic.
How'd you get the charcoal going in the rain? I just pulled the grill in under the overhang.
I've never had a deck to grill on before.
Makes me feel very American.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Shall I help you with the salad? - Sure.
Mark I have something to tell you.
It's not going to be easy.
Go ahead.
Well, I know it's not exactly the best time, but What the hell? I'm pregnant.
Chen did an ultrasound.
What are you thinking? - I think it's wonderful.
- I love you.
I love you too.