ER s07e12 Episode Script

Surrender (aka Inside Out)

Previously on E.
I feel terrible about what's happened.
Which part? Me being crippled or you getting sued for malpractice? I took some Vicodin out of a patient's prescription bottle and I swallowed them.
- Did you successfully expel them? - Yes.
- You coming back to work soon? - Next week, I hope.
I heard you were doing immune therapy.
As soon as the tumor vaccine's ready.
I'm sorry.
I can't stay.
- I'll send in a surgical resident.
- Where do you think you are going? - I'm sorry.
- Get your ass over here now! Look, I know that it's been tense between us and I really don't mean it to be.
In a few weeks we'll just be friendly co-workers all over again.
I'm not sure that's what I want.
7x12 "SURRENDER" Kerry, I'm gonna put a fresh towel on the sink for you.
Okay, thank you.
What time does your shift start? - Nine.
- Oh.
You better hurry up.
Do you want some coffee? - Sure.
- Okay.
- That looks good on you.
- What? - My blouse.
- Oh, yeah.
It's not too long? No.
Good thing I have a 40-gallon water heater.
- What? - You take long showers.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
So do I.
Sometimes I stand under there for 20 minutes just to wake up when it's cold.
Especially in winter.
- Is it cold outside? - Low 20s.
Want a bagel? No, thanks.
I'll get something at work.
- You okay? - Yeah, I got it.
No, I meant about us.
The first time can be a little No.
It's just It's just different.
That's true.
- But good.
- Really? Yeah.
- I'll see you at work.
- Yeah.
I'll see you later.
I'm sorry, I know this is understood, but I just This is just gonna be between us, right? Of course.
I'll get the door.
Open a GAl-50 and a TA-55 on the resection.
- No need.
I gave it to Henderson.
- What? Page us if the CAT scan shows free air.
Let's go.
- Where? - I got a chore for you.
- You know what? I'm a little busy.
- So am I.
Let's go.
How is this per diem situation working out for you? - Could be better.
- What's the problem? - Where are we going? - Are you dissatisfied in some way? Besides being grossly underpaid? Would a $10,000 raise and a benefits package help? - What? - Let's make it 20,000 - with some administrative work.
- You're serious? Yeah.
You've been doing your penance.
Working hard displaying dedication and groveling.
I'd be a sadist if I didn't ease up.
- What do I have to do? - Oh, a little of this, a little of that.
What's in it for you? - Forget it.
Go back to Surgery.
- I'm just asking.
Do you want the bump or don't you? - Sure.
- So we have a deal? Yeah.
Let's go.
This way, please.
Sorry for the delay.
Benton had to finish a surgery on a gunshot wound.
Come on in, Peter.
Don't be shy.
Come on.
Come on.
We at the county level are concerned about the declining numbers of minority medical school students and faculty physicians.
We are committed to addressing this issue.
As part of that commitment I am appointing a Director of Diversity for the medical center: Dr.
Peter Benton.
Benton's bio can be found in your handout materials.
He's all yours.
Is your appointment the direct result of the Trip's investigative report about the declining numbers of African-Americans being admitted to med school? I I mean, you know It could be a part of it.
How can you ensure minority representation at the medical school in this post-affirmative action era? E.
- Is he drinking? - Just water.
He had a little rice.
- Did you start an IV? - We can't without a court order.
- Call Dr.
- Dr.
Samson doesn't work here anymore.
- What? - Dr.
Miller treats your cousin now.
- Fine.
Call him.
- Probably not necessary now you're here.
- Why's that? - I think he's just lonely.
Can you get me a protein shake or something? Hey, Chase.
It's John.
Mind if I sit down? Hey, I'm sorry that I haven't been around here very much.
I've been busy.
For a year? You're right.
You're right.
That's not an excuse.
Hey, your speech sounds good.
You been getting around much? No.
Here you go.
You gotta eat something, Chase.
- No.
- Why not? What's the matter? - Just take a sip.
- No.
- Just take a little sip.
- No! - Maybe later.
- Go away.
- Let me know if this hurts.
- Hell, yes.
- Wuss.
- You want another beating, keep talking.
- I'm sitting right here.
- This is his sparring partner, Walter.
- Lip lac and a possible broken jaw.
- Aren't you too old to be fighting? Never too old to defend a lady's honor.
This was over a woman? Grace is in all her steps Beauty in her eyes In every gesture, dignity and love - He stole that from a book.
- At least I know how to read.
- Yeah.
With your lips moving.
- Lip? Okay, okay.
Let's start with 6-0 nylon.
Let's try and keep these kids apart, shall we? Hey, Mark.
- Morning, Kerry.
- How's it going? Snow blower blew a rock into a guy's larynx.
I had to trache him.
- No.
I meant with you.
First day back.
- So far, so good.
- I'll let you know in four hours.
- We getting a little backed up? - Three patients waiting for a consult.
- Who's on the service? Peter.
But she's stuck in a press conference.
- Who? - Peter.
She's been in for an hour.
- Who's "she"? - What? - Who's giving a press conference? - I don't know.
But I heard Peter's in it.
- Kerry? - Yeah.
Can you call Radiology? They sent this guy back without his films.
- Is there any bone exposed? - I have to rongeur it.
I need the x-ray.
- How'd it happen? - They just lost it.
- No.
The finger.
- I don't know.
He won't say.
Chuny already tried.
Looks like some kind of saw.
What did he say? I told you.
- Someone bring him in? - He took a cab.
What cab company? - Nobody saw him arrive? - Malik was out there.
Why? - We should put a call in to OSHA.
- OSHA? They monitor workplace safety requirements.
He's probably illegal and not saying anything because he doesn't wanna lose his job.
- That's his choice, isn't it? - Until someone gets seriously hurt.
- I'll find out.
- I just need you to call Radiology.
- What are you crying about? - You should have talked to me first.
I did.
I said a little extra money for added responsibility.
- I don't like being used.
- Everyone is used.
- It's what makes the world go round.
- You gave me that job because I'm black.
You're discounting your finely honed public relations skills.
- I don't want it.
- Sure you do.
You should have thought of that before your press conference.
I need a minority to be the director.
But it won't require any real work.
It'll get you that much closer to a full-time faculty position.
You can find somebody else to be your poster boy.
Well, the truth is I don't have anyone else.
Which is why the diversity issue needs your immediate attention.
- You don't even believe that.
- Actually, I do.
But it doesn't really matter, does it? It's on your shoulders now.
Excuse me.
Time's up, Peter.
- Did I misread the schedule? - What schedule? You canceled six cases in the past week.
No, they were rescheduled.
- Which means canceled.
- One had a fever, one had an emergency.
All of them happen to be the more complex procedures.
It's simple coincidence.
Look, I've been completely slammed by this review.
- Nothing seems to be up to standard.
- I have every confidence in you.
But I need an associate chief who actually performs surgery.
I do.
I will.
Once I get out from under all of this.
- No, today.
You're covering the ER.
- Robert, they're coming on Monday.
You only have to go there if they page you.
- Are you married? - No.
- Oh, a cute girl like yourself? - Well, he didn't crack your skull.
What? There's no blood.
He didn't crack your skull.
He couldn't crack a smile.
I'm a big proponent of marriage.
Of course, you gotta be married to the right person.
- Is that a proposal? - We have to get to know each other first.
We have to wait for the x-ray.
I don't see any other injuries.
Anything else hurt? Nothing I want to talk about in mixed company.
Well, I'm a nurse.
If I'm gonna talk to you about my private parts I'd prefer to do it in a social setting.
- Does it hurt when you pee? - Yeah.
How did you know? - Do you have an enlarged prostate? - It's large enough.
Well, it could be prostatitis.
I'm gonna need a urine sample.
You'll have to hold it a little lower.
I am going to show you to the bathroom.
Actually, it feels more like something you pick up.
- Pick up? - A burning.
I got it once before when I was stationed in Korea.
From sex? Well, I didn't get it from dancing.
Abby, we need you.
Grab 100 of mannitol.
Gunshot wound to the head.
- I'll be right back.
Pee in that.
- From here? - Asystolic after two liters.
- What do you want? Full trauma panel.
Get a C-spine.
Cross him for four.
On my count.
One, two, three.
- Sinus at 65.
Rate's coming down.
- What is it? gunshot to the right temple.
- Pupils are fixed and dilated.
- Was there a suicide note? No.
His friend said they were playing Russian roulette.
Guy's behind us.
Bullet blew through this one and grazed his cheek.
- No response to painful stimuli.
- I smell alcohol.
He could just be drunk.
Dropped his systolic to 70.
Bradying down to 50.
- Open the fluids.
Pump in O-neg.
- What are you doing? Massive blood loss.
Could be the cause of his low BP.
Or he could have blown out his brain stem.
- Crit's 39.
- Doesn't sound like blood loss.
- You want O-neg? - But if you wanna try transfusing Hang two units on the infuser.
I'll put in a central line.
- What? - Nothing.
- Is this the other guy? - Yeah.
Superficial abrasion.
Left cheek, cranial nerves intact.
- You were playing Russian roulette? - What? - They were playing Russian roulette.
- It was his idea.
- How old are you? - Why? - How old? - He wanted to play.
- I got this.
- What, 20? - Nineteen.
- He's 15.
- He's drunk.
I could smell the alcohol.
- He came over that way.
- You didn't give her anything? - Who? - Your friend.
- He brought beer and his dad's gun.
- You made him hold the gun to his head.
- No.
Hell, I went first.
- It was his idea, but you went first? - Better odds.
- Better odds? - That's the point.
- It's not a game! She blew his brains out! - Who's "she"? - What? - You said she.
He! He's dead.
He loaded the bullet.
He knew what could happen.
Why aren't the police arresting this idiot? - I didn't kill him.
- The hell you didn't.
- Did you call it? - Yeah.
After 45 minutes of CPR.
- I should never have started.
- You wanted to make sure.
You would have called it from the beginning.
- Yeah.
But I'm lazy.
- Mark, please.
You wanted to give it a chance.
No big failure.
- I'm going back upstairs.
- Later, gator.
- Hey, are you taking it easy? - Yes, Mom.
It came back from the dry cleaners like that.
Smell it.
- So anyway, he's not psychotic? - No.
Sociopathic, maybe.
I can't hold him.
We'll leave it up to the police.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
- So, Elizabeth? - Yeah? - Is Mark doing okay? - Very well.
- There's no change in personality or? - He's a little tired.
Why? Have you noticed that he's mixing his pronouns? Mixing? How? Like saying she when he means he.
Has he said anything to you about it? - I don't think he realizes.
- Maybe you've misheard.
- Dr.
Starting my shift.
- Okay.
You wanted to see me before I started my shift.
I've been thinking about it.
The fact that you claimed responsibility I think is a positive sign.
Therefore, I feel that I can't summarily dismiss you.
- But? - What chip are you up to? Your AA chip.
- How many days of sobriety? - Two hundred and forty.
Give it to me.
It's- It's at home.
All right.
Well, you're starting over.
Another 90 days, another 90 meetings.
And I need documentation.
You'll go back to not administering any narcotics or benzos until further notice.
But that's it.
Even the smallest infraction and you no longer work here.
- Understood.
Thank you.
- Good.
Don't make me regret it, John.
- How are you doing, Mr.
Nicolaides? - Call me Walter.
I'd be doing a lot better with a sponge bath.
- You want a bath? - Yes, please.
What? - Oh, no.
I'm fine.
I was just kidding.
- Never mind.
- You're a real firecracker, aren't you? - That's me.
Nurse Firecracker.
- Married? - None of your business.
My second wife was a spinster.
Married her when she was 32.
- Waiting for the right guy, I guess.
- Damn right.
We were married for another 32 years before she passed.
But don't worry, because feisty gals like you always take a little longer.
I wasn't the one who was brought in for fighting.
Well, Earl started that.
He was flirting with my Victoria.
- Who's Victoria? - My lady friend.
Are the two of you intimate? I still get up a full head of steam, if that's what you're driving at.
I see.
Tell me, Walter have you been experiencing any burning when you pee? It was cool at first.
Then my girlfriend went to work and it stayed like that.
- Have you taken any drugs lately, Gary? - A little coke.
Okay, that'll do it.
Have you tried masturbating? No.
I'm a Christian.
Well, too bad.
Sometimes that helps.
- Guess we'll have to drain it.
- How? With a needle.
- Do you have a men's room around? - Down the hall to the left.
I'll check back.
- How do you know she's gay? - It's obvious.
- Are the fibroids actively bleeding? - Crit is down to 28.
Why risk transfusions if she's not going to use it anyway? - Use what? - Her uterus.
- Oh, come on! - You can tell.
Check her out.
These files, Dr.
He doesn't have a box anymore so they came back.
- It doesn't ensure they won't come back.
- A hysterectomy is the safest way.
Weaver? Lounge.
I'll make sure she understands the risks.
- Be careful.
I don't want a lawsuit.
- I'm the king of couth, chief.
Storm's back.
It's snowing again.
- Is this my hand x-ray? - Does it have your name on it? - Yes.
- Then it's yours.
Orbie Coronado from OSHA called back.
Said someone from the INS may be calling.
- I didn't want them to call the INS.
- Is that my patient? They've been having problems with furniture sweatshops in that area.
- Call them back.
- That's great.
We have to report unsafe working conditions.
- He wouldn't even say how he cut it.
- He was scared.
- Scared of getting deported.
- Nobody's getting deported.
Why the hell not? If he's illegal, he's illegal.
Shut up, Frank.
Hey, I heard you got stuck with grumpy old men.
- Horny old men.
They have chlamydia.
- How old are they? Late 70s.
It seems to be going around their nursing home.
There's more than shuffleboard in our futures.
Do you want Mr.
Baker, - Better not.
- Why not? Because I'm back to not pushing narcotics.
- You told Weaver? - Yeah.
- She was okay? - Not okay.
But she let me stay - with a few reinforced restrictions.
- Good for you.
- I guess.
- I mean it.
Thanks for the push.
- Carter, wound check in 5 has- - I'm coming.
He's getting difficult.
Both EKGs are normal.
Cardiac enzymes are normal.
His cardiologist said he should have a treadmill test and an angiogram.
- Probably meant as an outpatient.
- He didn't say that.
That's what he meant.
Keep taking your medications and come back if there are any problems.
That's it? - Make sure you see your cardiologist.
- You're not gonna admit him? - No.
- Georgia, it's all right.
- Check him in.
- This isn't a hotel.
We shouldn't have gone to a county hospital.
I want a second opinion.
Here's your second opinion: Your husband's overweight.
He needs to stop drinking and smoking.
He needs to lay off the pizza and burgers and get some exercise.
Otherwise, all the second opinions in the world won't keep him from dropping dead in the next two years.
- I'll clear the Trauma Rooms.
- Notify the ICU.
Get eight units of O-neg and every bag of Ringer's.
What's going on? Rescue's bringing in victims of a fire.
Smoke inhalation, crush injuries- - How many? - I don't know.
- You call the O.
? - Yeah.
- ETA? - They're rolling in.
- I'll take the one on the end.
- Burn to the right arm and face.
What happened? A raid.
A bunch of workers got trapped.
Better keep her on O-2 and check carboxyhemoglobin level.
5 of albuterol.
Mark, I thought you were off.
- Not anymore.
- You need to take it easy.
- Not much chance of that.
- Why don't you go triage? We'll flush out the joint upstairs.
I threw her in the front seat as I pulled out.
- Any burns? - It's a superficial lac to the calf.
- What's she saying? - She's saying she wants her mom.
Smoke inhalation with pleuritic chest pain.
- Malik, I need a blood gas on this guy.
- Portable chest? - Yeah.
Get me a 12-lead.
- Got an INS officer with a crushed pelvis.
- Any shortness of breath? - Did they get out? We only got half of them out.
They had the place barred shut.
- What place? - We got a tip on an illegal sweatshop.
- We went there and it started burning.
- Sats are down to 82.
Weaver, his pulse ox is falling.
Put him on 15 liters.
Open an intubation tray.
He needs a trauma consult now.
Sorry, doc.
Decreased breath sounds on the left.
Carter, can you take this? - Yeah.
Trauma 2.
- Luka? of his body.
BP, 100/70.
Pulse, 120.
- Where should we go? - Get him out of the hallway.
- How much fluid in? - One liter Ringer's and 10 of morphine.
Okay, give another round of both.
I need a sterile gown and gloves.
You know each other? They work together.
- Mark! What's open? - Try the Suture Room.
- Suture Room.
Go! - He needs an NG tube and a Foley.
- We're out of I&D kits.
- Use suture-removal kits for d├ębriding.
CBC, chem panel and cardiac enzymes.
Possible burns.
She may have touched a power line while helping her daughter.
- She doesn't know what happened.
- How old? Five.
First name, Araceli.
Haleh, call Dispatch.
See if they have a 20 on a 5-year-old girl.
Good air entry, scattered rales bilaterally.
Put her on a pulse ox.
- Got an exit wound here.
- Here's the entry.
- She's burned from the inside out.
- What was the voltage? - I don't know.
- Get on the phone and find out.
- Pulse ox, 89.
- Put him up to five liters.
Take it easy.
Just lay back.
Just lay back.
- Titrate another 10 of morphine.
- Twenty percent partial-thickness burns.
He needs a chest tube.
- I need to prep for an escharotomy.
- That's not good.
Can you set up a fiber-optic laryngoscope? I need it now! I got it! Carter, can you help me prep the chest? - I'm losing pulses.
- How fast do you need the fluids? I'm estimating 92 percent surface burns.
Start Ringer's at 1700 cc's per hour.
Setting at 91 on 15 liters.
Switch to humidified O-2, non-rebreather.
- What? - He's asking how bad it is.
Tell him very serious.
Am I going to die? Most likely, yes.
- Finger's swollen.
I can't get his ring off.
- Get the ring cutter.
- I'm in.
- No pneumo, good tube position.
- He's still hypotensive.
- You know how it started? Paint thinner.
Someone kicked over a heater when they ran out.
- Where's that crit? - Working on it.
Borderline widened mediastinum and a left pleural effusion.
Might be his aorta.
- All right.
Chest CT.
Let's move him.
- Hold on.
Crit's low at 31.
You want to take him up to the O.
? No, I don't want to open him.
It could just be an intercostal artery.
We'll do a transesophageal echo.
Somebody tell them we're on our way.
- Neck is swollen.
- So are the upper extremities.
- Where did you find her? - She came in with Morales.
- Her sats are dropping, 86.
- Put her on high-flow O-2, open saline.
High voltage fried every cell in its path.
Her CK is over 2000.
- Did you check her out? - A non-displaced fracture of the tibia.
- She's okay.
- Pulse ox dropping, 82.
Let's intubate.
Abby, take her out.
- Abby, out.
- She wants you to take care of her.
Twenty of etomidate, 100 of sux.
Relax, relax, relax.
Okay, okay.
Carter, hold him down.
Hold on.
Watch the drape! Sats are down to 78.
He's getting hypoxic.
- All right, push some Versed.
- What? - The Versed! Right there! Come on! - I can't.
- Why? - I'm not allowed to.
Push the damn Versed! I got to get this tube in him! - Where are you going?! - Hold on.
- Inflate the tube.
Bag her.
- Her complexes are widening.
- Dave, go help Benton.
- I'm busy.
- Sats are still dropping.
- I got this.
Go ahead.
- Give her 10 units of insulin and D50.
- Just do it, will you? - You do it.
- Dave, go.
- What? - Now.
Help Benton.
- You've got a run of six.
- Get a repeat potassium.
- She's in V-tach.
- Crash cart! Charge to 200.
- Got a weak femoral pulse.
- Get an amp of bicarb.
- Still V-tach.
Charging, 300.
- Pressure's 60 palp.
Pressure's 92/62.
Pulse, 110.
Repeat crit is 28.
- I can't isolate the aorta.
- You've got to go in now.
Not blind, I don't.
Come on.
Come on.
There's extra lumenal fluid.
He's torn his aorta.
No kidding.
Set up a thoracotomy tray.
Call the perfusionist.
I'll scrub in.
- Scrub fast.
- How much blood? - Eight more units.
- Clear.
Still in V-tach.
100 of lidocaine and an amp of calcium.
- Clear.
- What happened? - Lost the pulse.
- She's in V-fib.
Let's start CPR.
- Benton's taking your patient up.
- You get the chest tube in? - That's not all.
- Clear.
- You had to intubate? - Sats were low.
I'm taking him to SICU.
I'm sorry.
I'm not allowed to push controlled substances.
- He was about to arrest.
- It's part of my agreement.
- You make exceptions.
- No exceptions.
If you can't treat a patient, you don't need to be in the room.
- I didn't set the rules.
- Use your own judgment.
- If I push the Versed, I'm outta here.
- How long has it been? Eight months? - Yeah.
- I'll talk to Weaver.
- No, no.
- Dr.
Benton, post-intubation film.
I'll handle it.
It'll just piss her off anyway.
You know what? I'm pissed off.
You should be pissed off.
- Well, it's my problem.
- No, Carter.
It's everybody's problem.
Just don't talk to Weaver.
Swelling of the upper airway.
We'll intubate after the escharotomy.
When is he going to die? In about a week, from infection.
Your body won't be able to keep the bacteria out.
You'll also get major fluid imbalances and possible kidney failure.
We'll have to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe.
Can you find his wife? Does he have a number? No.
She's- She's in Guatemala and there's no phone there.
He has $520 in a little box by his bed.
He lives in a garage at 395 Landale Street.
Can you get it to her? Can you get her the money and tell her what happened to him? Yeah.
Can you tell her I love her? I love her very much.
Okay, 30 of etomidate, six of Pavulon.
Clear! - Fine V-fib.
- Charge again.
- Potassium is 7.
- Pulse ox is 60.
- How long has she been down? - Twenty-five minutes.
Clear! Asystole.
- How much atropine has she been given? - Two amps.
- When was the last epi? - About three minutes ago.
Okay, that's it.
Time of death, 12: 16.
- There was too much internal injury.
- Yeah.
Rescue found a guy trapped inside with a blunt head trauma and blown pupil.
- All right, let's go.
- I'll clear the room.
I need better exposure.
Get a large Deaver in here.
That is a large Deaver.
Then give me more retraction.
- I can't hold his pressure much longer.
- Metz.
- We need a pump in O.
- Where's the bypass machine? The first one will be off the pump in 30 minutes.
- I need it now.
- Right now.
These are my last two units.
Lisa, tell them we have an unstable patient here.
I did.
The pump's not available for- Now it's 29 minutes.
Pressure's 80.
You've gotta cross-clamp him.
If I do that, I'll cut off circulation to his spinal cord.
- Or you could let him bleed out.
- I will not paralyze this man.
You want to kill him? I can't isolate the aorta.
- Find Romano.
- We can't wait! Lisa, now! Go! Carter, I've got to go home.
Girl in Exam 1 needs a leg-burn d├ębridement.
Burn Unit's full.
She need admission? No.
Give him Thermazine to use at home.
- Boy or girl? - What? - You said "him.
" - Carter, I'm really tired.
- So much for a four-hour shift.
- See you Monday.
- It's none of your business.
- It is.
- He did what he was supposed to do.
- His sats were dropping.
This one needs a tetanus booster and dressing.
There was a delay.
If I need an assistant- Peter, you are a surgical consultant! You do not dictate ER policy! - This is not policy, this is punishment.
- We're not having this conversation.
This one needs Xeroform and a tube gauze dressing.
- In a second.
- Fine.
What do you have against him? He made a mistake.
He got through it.
Peter, the terms of Carter's diversion program are not your concern! It's time to let up.
He's been clean now for eight months.
Has he? - Tenth unit's up.
- Proximal aorta is dissected.
He's taching at 120.
There's a traumatic pseudoaneurysm.
Where the hell is Romano? - I paged him three times.
- Checked his office? - And the staff lounge.
- Get the Resident on call.
- The Resident? - Yes! Just get him.
- BP's 70 and dropping.
- Well, give him two more units.
- This is all I've got.
- So call the blood bank.
- They're out of A-positive.
I told you.
- Then get O-negative! Just keep transfusing him.
Don't you understand I need more time?! You've got to cross-clamp him now.
Do you want the Zanger or the Crawford? Dr.
Corday? Dr.
Corday, what clamp? Dr.
Corday? The Crawford.
We'll establish proximal control.
Open a 20mm Dacron.
We'll maintain blood flow to the spinal cord by sewing his intercostal arteries into the graft.
- BP's down to 60.
- Okay.
The clamp's on.
Babcock, I need another hematocrit.
Eleven blade.
Pressure's up to 80.
- Better work quick.
- I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Collateral flow should reduce the risk of paralysis.
Okay, cut.
Days like today, you look down at your watch and your shift is over.
What are those? - Med school applications.
- Oh, yeah? Where are you applying to? - Why the two separate stacks? - Interviews.
No interviews.
You have a special secret formula? GPA times competitive factor plus MCAT scores.
Over 25, you get an interview.
- You don't read recommendation letters? - After the interview.
Poor kids.
I don't know if I would have made it if I had the interview with you.
How'd you get on the committee? I'm busy, Carter.
- Did you talk to Weaver? - Yep.
It was nothing.
It was a slip.
Not even a slip.
You know? I threw them up.
Urine output 75 in the last hour.
Hemoglobin's 10.
Less than 100 cc's of chest tube output.
- Is that good? - All good.
I just need to do a quick neuro check.
- For what? - To check sensation.
What's so funny? Let me see you wiggle your toes.
- That's excellent.
- Lizzie, you called for me? - Yeah.
Over an hour ago.
- I'm here now.
What's so emergent? Will you excuse me? We had a little trouble with an aortic graft and I wanted a second pair of hands.
Should I worry about a lawsuit? No.
Things got hairy for a moment.
But I pulled him through.
- Well, that's your job, isn't it? - Yes, it is.
And I am now late for dinner.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
Thank you.
It's a good thing they didn't frisk me.
It's chocolate.
Go away.
There's a reason I didn't come to see you, Chase.
I thought about coming.
But I didn't.
And I didn't because I was afraid.
Because I didn't want to admit- When I got stabbed last year at work, a friend of mine got killed.
And I ended up addicted to painkillers.
And it caught up to me.
And I started to shoot morphine and Demerol and fentanyl and whatever else I could get my hands on.
I don't know what would have happened had I not got busted.
I went to rehab.
But I wasn't like any of those people.
I got into this because of an injury because of a near-death experience.
And they Anyway, it wasn't me.
I mean, it was me, but it wasn't Anyway.
I did the program.
I pretended that I bought into it.
I did everything I was supposed to do except believe that I had anything to do with what had happened.
And then I almost relapsed.
Or I guess I- I guess I did relapse.
I didn't come to see you because I didn't want to admit to the fact that I was just like you.
In fact, the truth is there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about getting high.
It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.
And it's the last thing I think about when I go to bed at night.
And I think about it all day.
I'm a drug addict.
Did you bring any french fries? Did the mom say anything about relatives in Chicago? - No.
- How about in Guatemala? - We didn't have time to ask.
- All right, thanks.
What's gonna happen to her? Put her in a group home for now.
- Will she be deported? - Not unless she's going back to family.
Otherwise, she becomes a ward of the state and then we look for a Spanish-speaking foster home.
- You okay? - Yeah.