ER s07e13 Episode Script

Thy Will Be Done

Previously on E.
I'll give you the Solu-Medrol if you promise to use a walker.
What? Are we negotiating? Do you want the steroids? I'll use a cane.
- Right.
Screw me! - spineless, spiteful ass! - Are you done? - No.
You're in violation of our divorce agreement.
I am hiring a lawyer and I am getting my tuition money.
- What's going on? - With what? - With you and Carter.
- Nothing.
- It seemed like you were fighting.
- We were.
- Is Mark doing okay? - Very well.
- There's no change in personality or? - He's a little tired.
Why? Have you noticed that he's mixing his pronouns? - It's not a game! She blew his brains out! - Who's "she"? - What? - You said she.
He! He's dead.
Hey, Greg.
Hey, Dr.
Busy day? Yeah.
Sorry I'm late.
Can we skip the gown? I got a shift.
Oh, sure.
Let's go.
7x13 "THY WILL BE DONE" They say we're gonna hit zero tonight.
Even with the snow? Thought my heating bill was bad last month.
- Feel any side effects? - Just the usual fatigue.
Well, in eight days this will all be a memory.
Believe me, I've been counting.
Okay, hold on, because we're off by about a millimeter or so.
Take your time.
I don't want anything to get zapped that doesn't have to be.
There we go.
I'm gonna lock you in now.
- Here we go.
You okay? - Yeah.
- About three minutes.
- Right.
- What do we got? -58-year-old male.
Collapsed at a birthday party.
Intubated in the field.
That's a clown.
He aspirated a balloon in front of a dozen 6-year-olds.
Good air entry.
BP's 105/70.
- Carter, will you help Abby with this? - Why can't you do it? - I just can't.
- Dave, you afraid of clowns? Maybe he had a bad circus experience.
How long was he down? Three to five minutes.
Found him in respiratory arrest.
Let's hook him up to a vent.
EKG, CBC, lytes, cardiac enzymes - Dr.
Carter, will you talk to this woman? - And a chest film.
I wanna check tube placement.
What's up? - I've got a dirty needle.
I want a clean- - We don't do that.
- Like I said.
- A doctor here gave this to me.
He said if I come back today, I can have- There's a number you can call.
- I just want a clean needle.
- I'm sorry.
I cannot help you.
- Dr.
Carter? - He said I wouldn't have to wait.
Some girl called.
Said she can't make it tonight.
Some girl? You didn't get her name? - You got more than one date tonight? - Oh, great.
- Big date? - Had potential.
So ask someone else.
It's a charity event.
It'll be boring.
Nobody'll want to go.
- Ask someone in the ER.
- Like who? - I don't know.
- Chuny? - You wanna go? - Not me.
I've got plans.
Don't even look at me.
Carter? Hey, sorry about that.
I got pulled away there.
You were gonna give me something for- Mary, can you give Jeff some viscous lidocaine? - They haven't taken my blood yet.
- No? Someone'll be in there.
Think it's something serious? Probably not.
But with two weeks of fever, we should check out a few things.
How we doing in here? Some spontaneous movement, but he's still out.
Glasgow Coma Scale is 1-1-4.
So, what are you doing tonight? I've got an appointment with my couch.
Pulse ox, 98 on 50%.
Well, I hate to come between you and your couch but how does dinner and dancing at the history museum sound? Dancing at the museum? - Pressure's down to 90/60.
- Run in 500 of saline.
Yeah, it's a benefit for an after-school program.
Charity date.
- How's the EKG coming? - Almost done.
Yeah, my grandparents host this annual event, and I have to go.
- But I would think of it as a favor - Do I owe you a favor? At the very least, it's a free meal.
Tombstones on the anterior leads.
Let's push 6000 of heparin.
Call the Cath Lab.
- BP's only 70 systolic.
- Would you get Dr.
Weaver? Start dopamine at 10 mics per kilo per minute.
Weaver! This clown is crashing.
So, what do you think about tonight? I think it's the least I could do.
No one should be alone after killing a clown.
- You killed the clown? - No.
Didn't save him.
Enough flu on the board? 'Tis the season.
- Guy in Curtain 3 fell off a ladder.
- Yeah? How far? Taking down Christmas lights.
Fell from the top rung.
- That's what you get for procrastinating.
- I'll take it.
- There he is.
This is my doctor.
- Hi, Janice.
- They wouldn't give me a needle.
- Haleh, give her a clean one.
- You serious? - We I&D'd the abscess - on her forearm yesterday.
- I got that.
- This'll keep it from happening again.
- Thank you, Dr.
- Come back tomorrow for a wound check.
- I'll try.
- You're not gonna fill out a chart? - Nope.
- No prescription? - Waste of time.
I can get behind that.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Dr.
- I know you.
You're the bishop, right? - Right.
Where's that hat you were wearing? - I left that one at home today.
- I really liked it.
- Me too.
- There he is.
- Hello again.
- Bishop, are you all right? Oh, yeah.
I was just finishing up my visitations.
Do you have a moment? I don't see a cane.
No, you don't.
Have any more pain? Not from the fall.
Your arthritis is still a problem? I was wondering if I could get another prescription for some prednisone.
- Did you follow up with your doctor? - No, I keep having to change the appointment.
- That should be the priority.
- I know.
Unfortunately he doesn't work on Saturdays.
- What's his name? - Don Frost at St.
- I should call him.
- You'll only get his service.
And frankly, just between us, I'd rather not get him going.
I so much as sneeze, and he wants to poke and prod every inch of me.
I'd have to do some tests before prescribing anything more.
What kind of tests? Blood, urine, check your sugar level.
My sugar's a little high.
I have a touch of diabetes.
But I control it with diet.
Let's take a look.
Looks good.
Strep throat, right? - No fever, no swollen glands.
- I had the exact thing last year.
You have a cold, Mr.
Antibiotics, 10 days.
Right? No white spots on your tonsils.
Antibiotics won't help.
- Last year they cleared it right up.
- Would have cleared up anyway.
Come on.
I've been waiting three hours.
- Plenty of fluids and get some rest.
- Can you just give me the prescription? - Dr.
Greene, we need you.
- You don't have strep throat.
I'll take them just in case.
collapsed at a nursing home.
- You got a pulse? - No.
Found her in V-fib.
Intubated, shocked five times, two rounds of drugs.
- How long you been at it? -20 minutes.
Okay, everybody, nice and easy.
On my count.
One, two, three Any medical history? - Emphysema.
She's on home oxygen.
- Asystole on the monitor.
- When was the last epi? - Five minutes ago.
Push another amp.
- What? - She didn't respond to 20 minutes of ACLS in the field.
She doesn't have a chance.
- The family wanted us to bring her in.
- So we could flog her for another hour? - You want dopamine? - Nope.
I'm sorry, Dr.
She should have died in her own bed.
Abby, hold compressions.
- Asystole.
- Time of death, 1409.
Family's in Chairs.
Don't worry about it.
- Everything okay? - We just lost a patient.
That singer you like is playing at the hotel tonight.
- Really? -10:00.
I told Carter I'd go somewhere with him tonight.
- Okay.
- Fundraiser.
His date stood him up.
It's not a problem.
I have a pile of journals to read.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't have said yes if I knew- Labs are back on the bishop.
Blood sugar's high.
- Go.
Have fun.
- Okay.
- Draw five units.
- Take a look at his ANA.
Do you have his BUN and creatinine? Renal insufficiency.
Hey, Jeff.
You okay? - Just nervous.
- Sit.
I got your blood test back.
The bad news is you have mononucleosis.
Good news is, if you rest up, you'll bounce back in a couple weeks.
- Mono.
- Yeah.
But you'll be all right.
How is my blood count? White cells were a little elevated, but that's consistent with mono.
What about my CD4 count? Are you HIV-positive? Because we only do that if you are.
I think I need an HIV test.
Have you ever been tested before? - Five months ago I was negative.
- That's good.
- But since then I've been exposed.
- You've had unprotected sex? With an infected partner.
You know how unsafe that is? I guess I just get caught up.
Gotta put a stop to that, Jeff.
My sugar that bad? Three hundred forty-eight.
- Maybe I'll go back on the glipizide.
- Right now you need insulin.
There was also protein in your urine.
So I ordered an ANA.
That's a test for a disease called lupus.
I know.
I take Plaquenil, - You lied to me? - I wanted to avoid a debate.
I may have harmed you by giving you those steroids.
The steroids help me.
I can move around, make visits do my work.
Without them, I'm stuck in bed.
The steroids raise your blood sugar so high that the diabetes destroys your body.
I need to continue my ministry.
You understand? Anyway, thank you for your time.
I need to do a complete physical exam.
No, I'm sorry.
I've got a lot on my plate today.
I have to make sure I didn't harm you with my treatment.
You owe me that much.
And what is it you think I owe you? Bishop, lupus is very serious.
It can attack your kidneys, lungs, your heart.
I know what it does, Dr.
I even know I'm gonna die from it.
Did I wake you? No, I was just resting my eyes.
So how's the heart? - EKG looks good.
- That's what we like to hear.
Want me to call someone to be with you? No.
I called the archdiocese just in case.
- What church do you belong to? - I don't.
- Haven't found one you liked? - Haven't looked.
- How long have you been in Chicago? - I don't go to church anymore.
Really? Why's that? I don't remember.
- You married? - No.
Haven't found one you liked? Something like that, yeah.
Kovac, we've got a kid with bad congestive heart failure.
The nurse will be in.
- What's the pulse ox? -81.
Collapsed at a basketball game.
- Watching or playing? - Watching.
- What's his name? - Nick.
Hi, Nick.
I'm Dr.
- Have you had heart surgery, Nick? - Transplant.
- How long ago? - Six years.
- Someone call his parents.
- On their way.
BP, 115/72.
Lungs are full of fluid.
He's in pulmonary edema.
- Sublingual nitroglycerin and start a drip.
- Open your mouth, Nick.
This'll help.
Titrate up to 10 of morphine.
I need a 12-lead, blood gas, portable chest and 40 of Lasix.
- Pulse ox down to 78.
- Notify the transplant team.
And order a PICU bed.
They want to give me a new heart? Yes.
I don't want another transplant.
Malucci, what do you got in Exam Four? Lady with bronchitis.
Sending her out with amoxicillin.
- Bronchitis? - Cough, myalgias, arthralgias.
- Sounds like the flu.
- She's high-maintenance.
- Wants antibiotics.
- Antibiotics are not indicated.
I told her that.
She still wants them.
You need to educate her about antibiotic resistance.
- Do I have to? - Gotta break the cycle.
- It's easier to write a prescription.
- If you feed the bears they'll come back for more.
Food poisoning gets another liter of saline.
Check a post-reduction shoulder on this one.
This is a patient who's waiting on an HIV test.
Malucci can take it.
This last one's delicate.
He's high-risk.
- Malucci can be delicate.
- Thank you, chief.
No, really- Dave, this one's gonna require some tact.
You got it.
He's a patient with mono, he's gay, refuses to use condoms.
Think you can talk to him? Without being insensitive? Sure.
I'll wrap it all up in a nice big bow.
Carter, a construction worker had a pane of glass dropped on him.
- Could you help with the suturing? - Actually, I'm off.
I gotta get going.
- Oh, yeah.
The fundraising.
- Yeah.
It's more like a family obligation.
It's nothing really exciting.
- What's the charity? - After-school enrichment programs.
Enrichment? Yeah.
It's, you know, extra education.
Arts, music, that kind of thing.
Actually, Abby's saving me from getting heat from my grandparents.
- They kind of insist I bring somebody.
- I hope it's successful.
- Thank you.
- See you.
Hey, Jeff.
I'm Dr.
Carter went off duty.
You You have his lab results? I'd like to talk to Jeff about that.
Would you excuse us? Actually, I'd like to stay.
I'm Sean, Jeff's partner.
- Is that okay with you, Jeff? - Yeah.
Well, it's all good, man.
Your HIV antibody test came back negative.
- Really? - Yeah.
You got lucky.
But now you need to avoid risky behavior and keep yourself healthy.
Am I missing something here, guys? I'm HIV-positive.
Jeff and I are together.
- Through everything.
- Right.
So, what? Are you trying to contract HIV? - You a bug-chaser, Jeff? - We don't call it that.
Then what do you call it? Suicide? - HIV is treatable with medication.
- Doesn't mean you should try to catch it.
Look, we both know that his HIV antibody could be negative for six weeks after exposure.
So you can't really tell us that he's definitely negative, can you? No.
We'd have to take a direct measure of his viral load.
Let's do that.
That's gonna take some time.
- We'll wait.
- Yeah, we'll wait.
Flat T-waves in the lateral leads.
Repeat 12-lead in an hour.
Something wrong? You have some non-specific EKG changes.
And there is a friction rub around your heart.
I'm creaky all over.
Have you had chest pain? - Occasionally.
I'm used to it.
- How about today? - This morning.
- For how long? I don't know, half an hour? You may have fluid around the heart.
You could be at risk for a heart attack.
I feel fine.
We need to get a cardiac echo and admit you.
I have to observe you for at least six hours.
I'll stay, but I don't want to be checked in.
I'd rather observe you in the Cardiac Unit.
I don't want my life to end in a hospital.
- You're not gonna die today.
- I will not be admitted! - Are you Nick's doctor? - Yes, Dr.
There's no doctor with him, just a nurse.
- Well, Nick is stable right now.
- He was in heart failure? Yes.
He's responding to aggressive therapy.
He has pulmonary edema.
The same thing happened after his second transplant.
He's had two? One when he was 4, then again when he was 10.
And now he's on the list for a third.
They did angioplasty last year, but he's still so weak.
Has Nick ever told you he doesn't want a new heart? He says that when he's depressed.
He takes 15 medications a day.
- He's still so sick.
- A lot for a 16-year-old to go through.
Can you call UNOS? He should go to a higher status.
I was waiting to talk to you to see if that's what you wanted.
Of course we do.
My flu patient wants to see someone higher up.
- What's the problem? - She wants antibiotics gets them every year, refuses to leave till she gets a prescription.
- Where is she? - Right there.
Curtain 1.
My name's Dr.
Sara Dell.
I've been sick for three days.
Fever, runny nose Feel like my head's in a vise.
Dell, antibiotics don't help the flu.
- They always help mine.
- I can assure you they don't.
You're not giving them to me because I'm poor.
If we give antibiotics to millions of people who don't need them a resistance builds which eventually makes the drugs useless to the people who do.
And because I don't have insurance.
That's persecution! - You think so? - I know so! - You know what? Follow me.
- Well, where are we going? Come on, follow me.
Pay attention.
Excuse me! My name is Dr.
I'd like to see a show of hands of people who have a sore throat.
- Right here.
- Yeah, man.
Cough? Muscle aches, fever? You all have the flu.
People who have the flu will not be receiving antibiotics today.
So consider that while you decide whether you want to wait or not.
- What are you doing? - Clearing the board.
- Isn't that an EMT ALA violation? - I didn't discharge anyone.
Hey, Greene.
Tell me you are not giving free needles to junkies.
- On a case-by-case basis.
- No, no, no.
On no basis.
It's illegal.
Not if there's a public-health emergency, which there is.
How much of your brain did they cut out? This does not put extra needles on the street.
I don't care! We are not gonna have junkies parading in and out of here! So you're not interested in cutting back on HIV and? - And? What? Sounds like? - Hep - Hep? - Hep- Hep? Heparin, heptathlon? - Hepatitis.
- Tough one.
You want to start a needle exchange, do it from your house.
- Hi.
- You're wearing a tuxedo.
- You didn't say it was formal.
- I didn't? No.
- Yeah, it's formal.
- You tricked me.
- Doesn't matter.
You look terrific.
- Well, we don't match, though.
- I can go change.
- I don't even know if I own a dress.
Wanna go buy one? No.
Can you just-? Just wait one minute.
- You mad at me? - Yes.
- Did you get a haircut? - Yeah.
Who are my parents talking to? Dr.
She's a surgeon.
I told you I didn't want surgery.
You were in a lot of pain when you said that.
I still meant it.
You won't survive without the transplant.
I was hoping to make it to my prom.
But if I can't, I can't.
With a new heart, you will.
Do you know what it's like to have your chest split open? No.
I can barely walk to class, I get so tired.
I take pills every two hours.
And I look like a freak from the side effects.
It's not worth it.
- He's at the top of the list? - Yes.
Status 1-A.
It's just a matter of waiting for a heart with a tissue match.
We waited a month on Status 1-A last time.
Now that he's older, there are more possibilities.
Excuse me, Mr.
and Mrs.
Stevens, but Nick doesn't want a new heart.
We explained that to you.
He's thought it out.
He has good reasons.
- I think you should listen to them.
- He's 16.
And he is tired of living like this.
Well, I'm not giving up on him because he's tired.
I'm only telling you what Nick told me.
I understand.
When do we move him to the unit? Shouldn't be too long.
Kerry, we have a little personnel problem.
Well, you do.
Mark Greene.
He's walking around with attitude handing out needles, blanking out on words.
It's swelling from the chemotherapy wafers.
- Really.
- He has a mild expressive aphasia.
- It's temporary.
- I don't like it.
I don't think he likes it either.
Noticed any personality changes? He got very confrontational with me.
- You're used to confrontation.
- We're not talking about me.
- Isn't that your favorite subject? - Just straighten him out.
- Who's this with you at the beach? - Eric, my brother.
I never got the whole concept behind dried flowers.
I mean, they're dead.
- They're dead as soon as you cut them.
- Yeah, but they look nice.
Dead ones look nice too.
Right, no.
I was just wondering.
- Wondering what? - Wondering Why not just buy the fresh flowers? Because there's something sad and dark about the dried ones.
- Oh, yeah? You like sad and dark? - Yeah.
Just give those a couple days.
You found something.
That looks nice.
It's a bridesmaid's dress.
It works on you.
- You're lying.
- No, honestly.
I don't think anybody would know that.
Looks like it was made for you.
Now I know you're lying.
Let's just go.
- Carter.
What is this? - What? Come on.
What do you want to take, the El? You're not gonna tell me, "By the way, this party's in Paris"? No.
We stay in Chicago, I promise.
He needs bandages, update his tetanus and order a six-pack of Keflex.
- You lost your cap.
- I decided to wear my scar with pride.
- It adds character.
- Well, it scared a little kid.
Called me Humpty Dumpty.
Well, Humpty, how do you feel about an evening service? - What service? - The wedding.
Coordinator double-booked the afternoon, and they want to push us back to 5:00.
- That would push the reception back.
- Yes.
I've already spoken with the caterer.
He says he can do it.
- But we can't use the patio for cocktails.
- What's wrong with the patio? April, the evening, it'd be really chilly.
Well, ask him to move out the, you know Space heaters.
- So it's all right with you? - Yeah, sure.
Okay, then.
Mark, you're getting better.
The aphasia's fading.
I'm glad you think so.
No, it is.
In a couple of weeks, this will all be gone.
I don't think I can count on you for an unbiased opinion.
No, you can't.
I am biased.
I'm also right.
Corday? Nick Stevens just arrested.
- Whose patient? I'll grab him.
- Kovac.
- Oh, God! - What's the rhythm? Still V-tach.
- Charge to 300.
- Come on, Nick! Excuse me, sir.
You'll have to stand back.
Okay, I need to intubate.
Stand by with amiodarone.
- Charged and ready.
Clear! - Clear.
- Still no change.
- Please save him.
I need some cricoid pressure.
I'm in.
- Rebolus 50 of lidocaine in five.
- Clear! Clear.
Got a rhythm.
- There's a weak radial pulse.
- Mix up the dobutamine.
Open your eyes, Nick.
Come on, Nick.
Wake up for me.
- Good breath sounds bilaterally.
- Unresponsive to painful stimulation.
He wasn't down long.
He should wake up.
- Three separate light settings.
- That's an essential amenity.
- So I talked to Luka.
- Me too.
- He didn't seem to mind about tonight.
- No.
He doesn't get jealous.
All the years I've lived here, I've never been to the Natural History Museum? That's criminal.
- They've got dinosaurs, cavemen.
- Dinosaurs and dancing? Yeah.
My grandparents like spectacle.
It's not gonna be that big of a deal, though.
A few people.
- You are so dead.
- It's kind of a scene.
- Kind of? - I told you.
They like spectacle.
Did you grow up going to these kinds of things? This is par for the course.
If you hate it, we can leave in a half-hour.
I won't hate it.
- Can we duck the photographer? - Can we? Hey, Jeff.
Where's Sean? He went to move the car.
I don't want to wait to tell you the news.
Your viral test is back.
No virus detected.
- So I'm really HIV-negative.
- Definitely negative.
You and - You and Sean are close? - Been together almost a year.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
- But nothing's worth dying for, is it? - I'm not dying.
You're safe right now.
But you have to protect yourself.
- I'm gonna get it sooner or later.
- Not if you practice safe sex.
I don't want to treat him like he's contaminated.
- With a condom, that's how he feels.
- HIV can kill you, Jeff.
- I know a lot of people living with it.
- A lot of people would rather be living without it.
- How old are you, man? -23.
Because you got I love him.
Well, if he loves you, he should want you to stay healthy.
He thinks that this is the only way that we can really be intimate.
That's easy for him to say.
He's got the virus.
I don't have anybody else.
You have yourself.
- Those are the bouncers.
I know them.
- Oh, yeah? - Bark is much worse than their bite.
- I see how they keep people in line.
- John, there you are.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Finally! Someone I wanted to talk to.
- Not so loud.
- Is this your friend from the auction? - No.
She had the flu.
- And you are? - Abby Lockhart.
Jonathan Truman Carter Sr.
We don't get to see too many of Johnny's friends.
You got lucky tonight.
You're very good to get dressed up and come out on such a cold night.
I'd much rather stay at home in a bathrobe.
- Don't let Gamma hear you say that.
- Oh, she knows me by now.
- I'd love to meet her.
- Where is she? Talking to the keynote speaker.
Go on.
- Shall we? - Nice to meet you.
Have a good time.
Friend from the auction? Last family event I was at, the daughter of the host, she - Never mind.
- No, come on.
Tell me.
You ever take dance classes? - No.
Have you? - Yeah.
Actually, I have a few moves.
I'm sure you do.
Care to give it a whirl? - I don't know.
- Come on.
Just follow me.
- I'm not sure that I can.
- I got you.
I feel like I'm back at my spring formal in high school.
I went with this guy Seth.
But I had a crush on this guy Tim.
- I'm feeling for Seth.
- When he went to the bathroom Tim asked me if I wanted to go outside and smoke a cigarette.
And we never went back inside.
- That's cruel.
- I know.
Is that when you started smoking? I guess so.
See, it's all Tim Stillman's fault.
I didn't forget you.
Your CPK's normal.
- I watched you work on that boy.
- Yeah.
You'll be going for your echo soon.
It was remarkable.
You brought him back to life.
It won't do much good if he doesn't have the surgery.
- You can't find him a heart? - He doesn't want one.
But he's so young.
There are bound to be medical advancements.
He's gotta fight.
One could say the same to you, bishop.
- I am fighting.
- Are you? You say you should prolong his life, but you want to hasten your death? I'm not looking forward to dying, Dr.
But I also don't want to be enfeebled or bedridden.
I only wish I was as brave as he is.
I think you've been more than brave.
Have I? I wanted to set a good example, serve my parish, do God's work as long as I was able, and then go to glory with a modicum of grace.
But there are times when I'm alone in prayer or trying to get to sleep that it just overwhelms me.
I should never feel the way I do sometimes.
How's that? Frightened.
- You got the phone number, right? - Yeah.
You should call tomorrow and make an appointment, you know? I'll see.
Anyway, thanks.
Jeff? You gonna protect yourself from now on? Maybe.
Probably not.
- Big plans tonight, Malucci? - No.
Just getting out of here.
Go ahead, 104.
At the home of a 65-year-old male.
Collapsed in the bathroom.
Found him in V-fib.
Haleh, can I take the mike? Defibrillated times four.
Gave epi and lidocaine.
Now in asystole.
He's gone.
This is Dr.
What's the down time? Been here 15 minutes.
Probably down another 10 before that.
Any medical history? Two MI's.
Status, post-bypass surgery.
- The last doctor's appointment? - Hold on.
If he's seen a PMD within a month, they can sign the death certificate.
- Save us the trouble.
- Saw his cardiologist nine days ago.
- Still in asystole? - For the last five minutes.
- That's it.
Stop CPR.
- What? I'm pronouncing him.
Time of death, 2118.
- Can you do that? - Yeah.
You can.
Let the family know everything was done under physician guidance - but he did not respond.
- You want us to transport? No, have them contact a funeral home.
This is County General, clear with Rescue 104.
I don't know why that was necessary.
What's the point in going through the motions? I'm looking for Dr.
I'm Dr.
Frost, Bishop Stewart's personal physician.
- See? You were great.
- I had a good partner.
If we get really motivated, we could enter a contest.
That might be too much of a good thing.
Thank you.
- Oh, no.
- What? Hello, Abby.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? I'm here with a friend.
John Carter.
- How you doing? - That's Richard.
What are you doing at a charity event? - I'm here with Alexis.
- Who? She went to get us drinks.
She old enough to drink? - Rich, who's this? - This is Abby.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- We should- - Where've I seen that dress? - You haven't.
- I swear.
I really don't think you've ever seen it.
My sister's wedding.
You were a bridesmaid.
Always the gentleman, Richard.
Thank you.
- Rich, let's go sit down.
- Okay.
Nice meeting you.
Am I awake or was that just a nightmare? Last week I gave him IV Solu-Medrol and put him on - high-dose steroids for his arthritis.
- Last week? - Yeah, this is his second time here.
- He has diabetes.
Steroids put him in the ICU last year with DKA.
I didn't know that! Which is why you should have contacted his primary physician.
- I was going to, but- - What's his sugar? -348.
- Great work, doctor.
You're destroying his vision, his kidneys, his circulation.
Now that I know about his diabetes, I'm checking for end-organ damage.
I've been treating Bishop Stewart for 15 years.
He doesn't need another doctor.
Maybe you should tell him that, because he came to me.
Underneath that robe, he's just a man like everyone else.
- A man facing death.
- And right now he's drug-seeking.
- He just wants to feel right again.
- Well, that's not possible.
Where is he? Okay, 104.
See you at the back door.
This is County Base.
- What's going on? -104's bringing in a full arrest.
- I just talked to that guy.
- Called en route.
Cardiac arrest.
I already pronounced him.
- No, no, no.
- Gave him two of atropine en route.
- What's your problem? We did this.
- The family freaked.
- Do not unload the patient.
- We have to.
We're here.
He's been dead for an hour.
Family wanted him to see a doctor.
- Mark.
- Kerry, he's not supposed to be here.
- Stop CPR.
- No.
Resume compressions.
I said stop.
This is the guy who died at home.
Keep going, Cleo.
Set up Trauma 2 for a full arrest.
- He's dead.
- When paramedics bring us a patient we have to care for him.
- Chuny, wanna put a shroud on the bed? - Shroud? Yeah, he's dead.
Might save some time.
- Not gonna get him back, Kerry.
- We still try.
You running this or am I? - Fine.
What's his rhythm? - Still asystole.
What do you think? Another amp of epi? Might get him back? Pupils fixed and dilated.
Hold compressions.
Finch, would you concur that the rhythm is asystole? - Yes.
- Code is over.
Take out the tubes and clean the body.
That's the family.
I hope this helped them.
I'll go talk to them.
So typical of him to cry poor and then show up at this fancy party.
And did you think she was even pretty? - I don't think I'm gonna answer that.
- I don't see it.
I think this is silly.
- It's a blue BMW.
- What if they took her car? - What do you think she would drive? - A Lexus? Get it? "Alexis"? No.
I mean- Say we find it.
What are you gonna do, key it? - No.
Maybe I'll just slash the tires.
- I think that would be overkill.
Stop! Stop! Wait! There it is! - Do you have a pen? - Yeah, why? - I'm letting the air out of the tires.
- How many tires? - Two's fair.
- One's fair.
Pen, please.
Now what do we do? I think we have to run.
- He's awake? - Yeah.
And oriented.
Passed mental-status exam with flying colors.
- Where are you taking him? - He's got no neuro deficits.
- He'll go to the ICU and be extubated.
- The heart? I'm gonna recommend surgery to the transplant committee.
Romano? Nick has requested not to have the surgery.
Well, he's a minor.
His parents make that call.
You're gonna make him do it, knowing how he feels? Dr.
Kovac, he's a teenager.
What do they know about life? He'll thank us for this in a few years.
- I'm off, Kerry.
- We have to talk about this.
And what might "this" be? The way you've been acting.
Abrupt, cavalier- Realistic? - Are you ready to be back? - Yes, I am.
- Mark, you're still reaching for words.
- I'm fine.
What happens in a code if you need a cardiac drug - and you can't think of the name? - Won't happen.
- I'm asking you to take some time off.
- I'm telling you no.
Frost is arranging for you to have more tests on Monday.
- Did he dress you down? - He was pretty mad, yeah.
He's very possessive about my care.
You were on his turf.
Well, as I told him, your EKGs and cardiac enzymes are normal.
Thank you, Dr.
For the treatment and for listening.
You're welcome.
I saw they took the boy away.
- Is he gonna get the operation then? - Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- Me too.
You think he should have been able to choose how he wanted to live? I think so.
Well, I wanna work.
Do you still want the steroids? I need to work.
- Poor guy doesn't even have AAA.
- So he has to pay for this.
Maybe Alexis will chip in.
She looks about ready to call a cab.
I'd say we've successfully ruined their evening.
Mission accomplished.
- Now I feel kind of bad.
- Why? Because I kind of ruined our night too.
Ruined, how? - Besides the vandalism? - Yeah.
- That we're freezing to death? - Yeah.
- You never saw your grandmother? - She knows I was there.
That's enough.
Okay, then, I guess nothing.
I had an okay time.
Me too.
This is Kerry Weaver at County.
I need information about evaluating a physician who's possibly cognitively impaired.
Could we speak first thing Monday morning? Thanks.