ER s07e15 Episode Script

The Crossing (aka Golden Hour)

Previously on the E.
So the baby's a girl today.
You turned me in? There's a guy from the medical board here, questioning my competency.
Minority kids don't have the same access to academic opportunities.
You want to address that by advancing underqualified applicants at the expense of our integrity and theirs? I want him to have an interview.
Everyone deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour.
Too bad you weren't there to comfort the little girl he killed.
I didn't need to be.
God was there.
Was he? Bishop Stewart, can you hear me? Call 911.
It hurts when I breathe.
Could it be my heart? E.
7x15 "THE CROSSING" Something wrong? - Hey.
- What? - Is there something wrong with my heart? - Probably a bruise to your chest wall.
We'll get an x-ray to make sure.
You were lucky.
We'll probably be sifting through the walking wounded until morning but I think we're over the hump.
Carter brought up the last critical.
- How many came in? - Thirty-seven.
Five in surgery.
Only two ER deaths.
That's not too bad, considering.
If you don't count the DOAs.
You did a great job.
You should go home.
We got it from here.
- The board's backing up.
- We're fine.
Go home.
We'll see you tomorrow.
You leaving? No, I thought I'd check on the bishop.
- Another critical come in? - No.
That's it.
Is she stable? - Yeah.
After three rounds of terbutaline.
- Good.
- It was scary, though.
- Yeah.
So are you heading home soon? I don't know.
You okay? Yeah.
- Any change? - He didn't want the breathing mask.
- Has he been awake? - Napping on and off.
What time is it? You're here late.
You'll have to be intubated soon.
On a ventilator? Your oxygen level is down to 65 on 100% oxygen- I've seen what happens after a ventilator.
- If it drops below 50 - Thanks.
But no thanks.
Anyway, my bags are packed.
SEVEN HOURS EARLIER Water! I need water.
- Mr.
Martin! - It stings! Mr.
Martin, just give it a few seconds.
No, it stings.
- A few seconds and the pain will fade.
- Need some help? No.
I just put in a drop of Alcaine.
Martin fell asleep under a tanning lamp.
I wasn't tanning.
I was depressed due to lack of sunlight.
Tell me about it.
Got back from lunch and it was dark.
UTI in 4 is gone.
- Groundhog see its shadow this year? - Seeing his shadow has nothing to do with how much sunlight we get.
Yes, it does.
Six more weeks of winter.
Seven-year-old with diarrhea and wheezing.
Ordered Solu-Medrol and breathing treatments.
- Any history of asthma? - Nope.
- Fever or cough? - Nothing.
- Carter, want to figure this one out? - Bring it on.
Okay, that's it.
Weaver's on at 6:00.
Could you tell her I'm finished testing tonight so she can stop avoiding me? How'd your personality test go? I scored somewhere between serial killer and talk-show host.
- I thought they were memory tests.
- That was Monday.
What's next, Rorschach? Spelling bee? Swimwear competition, sudden-death Twister.
Who knows? Maybe a chili cook-off.
The needle goes in, but you can squeeze on the owie ball.
See that? - What's up? - Hold that for me? Kid freaked out when I tried to start an IV.
- Who's? - She's a new intern for Pedes.
- to give you medicine.
And then it won't hurt anymore, okay? Hey, Jason.
I'm Dr.
I understand you're having some trouble breathing.
- You mom? - Yes.
- Any history of asthma here? - No.
Fabrone works as a cleaning lady at a church.
She found a bottle of holy water in the sanctuary and thought - it might help with Jason's diarrhea.
- Holy water? Only it tasted funny.
When Jason started coughing, she checked.
It was lamp oil.
- He aspirated holy oil? - I guess so.
That's the common duct.
We don't cut that.
What time is it? -4:55.
- No, no, no.
Your interview tomorrow.
- Oh.
10:00 a.
- Get there by 9:30.
- So why do you want to be a doctor? - What? - It's a common question in the interview.
- Oh, yeah.
So, what's the answer? I wanna help people? No? All right.
Now we dissect the gallbladder from the liver.
- What's the right answer? - You tell me.
The money? I wanna be a role model.
- If you're not gonna take this seriously- - I am.
I just don't know.
- I guess I always thought it'd be cool.
- Well, at least that's honest.
- So I should say that? - Of course not.
Benton, how much longer do you have? Are you timing me? Mass-cas called in.
They need you downstairs.
- What happened? - They didn't give details.
All right.
Let me get some more suction.
I'll be maybe 15 minutes.
You should hang out.
You never know what you'll see.
Great job, Jason.
I'll stop by and see you later, okay? You're admitting him? Yeah, just for a day.
Keep him on continuous nebs and monitor his sats.
- Where's mom? - She went to go talk to her priest.
Could've used you, actually.
She got a little upset after you left.
About her kid or because she stole from the church? My friend used to lift communion wine for us.
He just went to confession.
- What about you? - Me? I just got sick.
- So you're a heathen.
- Protestant.
Is there a difference? - Will you sign this for me? - What is it? It's for my supervisor.
If you think I did a good job with the kid.
"Child Life Specialist.
" Intern.
First day.
Oh, yeah? Hey, welcome.
John Carter.
Rena Trujillo.
Nice to meet you.
And you.
- Don't forget your voodoo doll.
- It's a procedure doll.
They make them life-size for really big kids? - Why, you lonely? - Yeah.
I work a lot.
That's too bad.
- John, Luka needs you.
- Abby, this is Rena.
A train derailed by Lakeshore.
They need to set up a triage center.
Excuse me.
- Any passenger cars? - Commuter train.
- How many? - They don't know.
They're pulling bodies out.
They need docs on-site.
Prep trauma rooms, set up Curtain 2 and 3 for majors.
Pull everybody in.
- Carter, let's go.
- Is the chopper already here? - They'll meet us on the roof.
- We don't have an Attending.
Kerry's due in 15.
Call me if you have any problem.
Four units of O-neg.
Move all stable patients into the hall.
Double up the rooms.
Anyone walking waits in Chairs.
Put all surgical teams on alert and notify the O.
- Already did.
We're low on vents.
- Then grab some from the ICU.
- Found it.
- Randi, call the nursing supervisor - float some nurses from the unit.
- They'll need them up there.
- Get them from Med-Surg.
- Oh, my God.
Captain Davis, incident commander.
We were evacuating the first car when it rolled.
I got a man crushed underneath.
His legs are pinned.
Two middle cars are the worst.
- What happened? - An automobile stalled on the tracks.
We think the brakes on the back cars failed when the train tried to stop.
Blunt chest trauma over here, dropping his pressure! I've got it.
You take the crush injury.
- What's on the monitor? - Sinus tach.
- Vitals? - BP, 90/60.
Pulse is 120.
I was supposed to fly.
My damn flight was canceled.
Rales on the left.
My chest.
Feels like something tore inside.
Try a 14-gauge and bolus a liter of saline.
Mitch! Mitch, I'm sorry, man! Don't apologize to me.
I didn't know it was gonna tip over like that.
BP, 85/60.
Pulse, 110.
- I need something more for the pain.
- What did you give him? Ten of morphine.
Held off when he dropped his pressure.
Give him five more, but after the liter.
- How long till you can get him out? - We couldn't lift it with the jacks- - How long? - How long do you have? - Get a jack on this.
- That's not gonna hold.
- She conscious? - Yeah.
- I'm Dr.
What's your name? - I couldn't get out.
- Your name? Do you know your name? - Shannon.
- Okay.
Does your neck hurt? - No.
Hey, Luka! - What? - We may need a surgeon.
Call it in.
We might not be able to get him out.
I need a surgeon - with a field amputation kit.
- He's on stand-by.
No, not on stand-by.
Here now.
He's losing a lot of blood.
- Ma'am, has someone examined you? - They're looking for my son.
He wanted to go to the bathroom by himself.
- Okay, let's get you out.
- I can't move my legs.
- Does your neck hurt? - Please, you have to find my son.
- Okay, lean forward.
- I can't! Doris! - Are you allergic to any medicines? - No.
- He's wearing a blue sweater.
- Doris! - In a sec! - I need a line and a set of vitals! He's 7.
He wanted to go to the bathroom by himself.
Saline, wide open.
Nasal O-2, and get me if she's hypotensive.
Please, you have to find him! - Are you looking for a little boy? - He's pinned.
We have to cut him free.
- Can you get a BP? - No room.
Pulse is thready.
- How do I get in there? - The roof.
Systolic's 95.
Make it two liters.
Radio the IC.
I need the metal cut before we transport.
- Did they find him? - I think so.
- Is he okay? - I don't know yet.
- What's his name? - Myles.
- Where is he? - Over here.
- Got an airway? - Breathing on his own.
We're waiting on a circular saw.
Myles? Myles, can you hear me? Pupils, poorly reactive.
Looks like a closed head injury.
We need to get him out.
- I told you, equipment's on its way.
- Get it here, now! She's throwing PVCs.
Do you want us to treat? - What? - Ectopic beats.
Can we give lidocaine? - What's the injury? - Train hit her car.
- Possible pubic ramus fracture.
- Not at her age.
Just get her to County.
- Where's the amputation? - Over here.
We've got a crush injury to the legs.
BP's 90/65 with fluids.
I don't know how much longer we can keep it that way.
- They can't get him out? - They're trying to, but - You all right? You okay? - Damn it.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- What's his name? - Who? - The firefighter.
- Lorcan.
I had to inflate two BP cuffs to use as tourniquets.
Watch your step.
- Right.
- You okay? Yes.
Lorcan, I'm Elizabeth Corday.
I'm a surgeon.
You gonna cut them off? Only if I have to.
Now, listen.
We can't give you more pain medication because we need to keep your blood pressure up.
So I'm going to give you a nerve block.
Do it fast.
Prep the groin area.
- How much fluid in? - Three liters saline, two of O-neg.
These cuffs aren't holding.
I'm gonna reinflate them and then clamp them.
- Lorcan, you want me to call Patty? - No! - You sure? - I'm not dying, man.
- All right, buddy.
- Who's Patty? Patty's my ex-wife.
Guys and I were going out after the shift to celebrate my divorce going through.
- Get back.
We're gonna hammer through.
- Just a second! - Come on, let's do this! - Hold on, Lorcan.
Get me out! Got it? - Done.
- Thanks.
That's it! Okay, on three.
One, two, three - Where's the backboard? - Paramedics are bringing it in.
All right.
Is he still breathing? - Yes.
Good air entry.
- How many did you say we could take? I didn't.
They're transporting all over the city.
We're two docs down and a surgeon in the field.
- You want me to page Dr.
Greene? - He's at his competency testing.
Find out how many they're sending us.
Malucci's on his way with the first air-evac.
Possible aortic rupture.
- Peter, you're up first.
- Got it.
No, elevator.
Call CT.
Have them cancel all elective cases.
I don't want them jamming up on us.
Stay close to me.
If you have any questions, ask.
Don't be surprised if the nurses push you out of the way.
It's their job.
- I don't need to stay? - Only if you want to.
Blunt chest trauma, asymmetric BPs.
Dropped his pressure en route.
- Sir, do you know where you are? - I was taking a plane.
- Oriented times one only.
- Marked tachypnea.
Pulse ox, 88.
- Heart sounds muffled.
- What's that mean? - Trashed his aorta.
- The major artery from the heart.
- Neck veins are distended.
- He's in tamponade.
Have the O.
prime bypass.
- You our new third-year? - No, I'm just applying.
Come on.
Get over here.
- Move! - Let's prep for pericardiocentesis.
Too late.
Lost the pulse.
Thoracotomy tray.
You better put on a gown.
It's gonna get bloody in here.
- What do you got? - Abdominal wound.
BP's 120/90.
We're taking her to Lakeshore.
Are you kidding me? She needs a trauma center.
All right.
Reroute to County.
- Give her 10 more of MS.
Do it! - We're supposed to rotate- - Doc! Doc! - Yeah? Tracheal shift to the left.
I need to stick him.
- What's his pulse ox? -88 on high-flow O-2.
I can't hear anything with all this noise.
Did you get it? I don't know.
- Are these all ours? - No, it's the damn news.
Okay, he's moving air.
Take him to County.
Not Lakeshore.
Tell them he needs a chest tube, maybe a vent.
Stop! Stop! - You okay? - I think I may have strained my back.
Come on! Keep digging! We can't.
The weight of the train will shift on you.
- That crane coming? - From Indiana.
- What?! - It's on its way, Lorcan.
What's his pressure? - Can you assist? - Yeah.
I can start.
Lorcan, listen to me.
I'm gonna have to proceed with amputating both your legs.
No! I've had people trapped for hours before we got them out! I appreciate that.
But you've lost too much blood.
If I don't amputate and control the bleeding, you're going to die.
Okay, then.
I'm gonna start.
Do you understand? I have to start now.
Prep the area.
Can you tell my fortune with these? Pick up each card from your pile and put it under the card to which it belongs.
Is that the death card? I'll tell you if you're right or wrong.
Are you ready to begin? - Hit me.
- Begin.
No, just try the next card.
- Yes.
- Third one's a charm.
- Yes.
- Look, two hands.
- No.
- No? No.
- Ever say anything besides yes or no? - No.
I've isolated the femoral artery.
Retract distally.
- Got some oozing from the SFA.
- Mitch? - Can't do much about that in the field.
- Mitch! - I'm right here, buddy.
- I think maybe you should get Patty.
- You got it.
- I need to dissect this vessel out.
- What? What is it? - Carter, quick.
Clamp that.
Clamp it.
- What, what, what, what? - Medial to the muscle bed.
Clamp it now.
- Is it your back? - It's coming and going.
- Intermittent pain? - Yes.
How often? - What's her pressure? - Dropping.
80 palp.
- Myles.
- Start her on dopamine.
Titrate to 100.
Save him, please.
- How long till you are through? - I don't know.
Ten minutes, maybe.
Pupils are still sluggish.
3 of atropine.
Do you have any mannitol? - On board.
- Hang 40 grams.
- He's hypertensive and bradying down.
- I know.
He could have a bleed.
You're not coming with us? Okay, load him.
I'll be right back.
Carter, I have to take this boy in.
There is a woman back there impaled, with spinal shock.
And I want you to stay with What is it? - She's having contractions.
- What?! - She's having contractions at 25 weeks.
- I need tocolytics and a fetal monitor.
I can keep on going if I can just get them to stop.
- Have any terbutaline? - No.
- In the rig? - We don't carry it.
You should fly back with us.
Carter, take the mother.
The woman down there.
What about him? We opened the interior compartment.
- Call another surgeon! - We're out of O-neg.
We have to finish him now.
If we put you on the chopper, could you monitor this boy on the flight back? Yes.
But he could exsanguinate from his left leg.
- You were a surgical resident, yeah? - Interned.
For a year.
- Trauma panel and get a HemoCue.
- Sinus, rate of 95.
- Any chest pain? - No.
Mild guarding.
No rebound.
Set her up for a CT and put in a Foley.
- Is that man from the train? - Yeah.
- Is he dying? - I don't know.
Abby, could you shut the doors? Type and cross for four.
Dip a urine.
More O-neg on the infuser.
The heart's not filling.
- Unit seven going up.
- Got it.
- Okay, you're done.
We gotta shock him.
- Hold on.
Couple more sutures.
Benton, Dr.
Finch needs you.
Bad leg injury.
Got it.
Clear! Malucci, he's all yours.
You get a rhythm, send him up.
- White, you're coming with me.
- Still in V-fib.
Another amp of epi.
Stand by with lidocaine.
Peter, I have a right orbital trauma with loss of vision.
Set up the slit lamp, tetracaine and fluorescein.
Benton, blunt abdominal trauma.
Possible liver injury.
- What's the crit? - Thirty-four, but he's pretty tender.
- Do an ultrasound.
If you see fluid- - Chuny, I need vitals now.
- Traumatic extrusion of the tibia.
- You call Ortho? - Yes, but he's looking pretty dusky.
- Hold on, that's my bone! All right.
All the major vessels seem intact.
Just try to get him up.
- Peter, Carter needs to talk to you.
- Not now! He's performing a double amputation by himself.
- What?! - A guy pinned under a train.
- Don't worry.
That can be reattached.
- Give another 20 MS.
Okay, he's on Bravo Three.
- Carter, what are you doing? - Left anterior thigh.
I've incised through the fascia and muscle planes.
I need to isolate the neurovascular bundle.
- I thought Corday went with you.
- She did.
What is she doing? We've got to control his airway.
BP's rocketing, 240/120.
Pulse, down to 30.
Another mig of atropine and mix Nipride.
- He's in respiratory distress.
- I'll intubate.
5 ET tube.
- Should we stay on the ground? - No, let's go.
Fifty of lido, one of Pavulon, 50 of sux.
You okay? No.
Using the dull edge of the Metz, let your finger continue blunt dissection of the artery from the neurovascular bundle.
- What? - Blunt dissection- You' re gonna have to shout.
I can barely hear you.
Do you know what you' re doing? Does anybody know what they' re doing?! What's he down to now? - Try 80 of Lasix.
- Let them take him downstairs.
Go! Go straight to CT.
There's a case on the table.
- He probably has an epidural.
- I'll tell him.
- How often you been having back pain? - Every four or five minutes.
When's the last time you felt the baby move? I don't know.
I haven't.
Got it! Can you call on the radio and see how he is? - We'll be there soon.
- BP, 96/65.
Pulse is 110.
Am I gonna die? Am I? We'll get you out.
If I die before I get there, you have to make sure they take care of Myles.
- They will.
- He's 7.
I know.
His father's in Kansas City on business.
We were coming back from visiting him.
I thought it'd be fun for Myles to take the train.
What about the sciatic nerve? Pull it down as far as possible, then apply an Ochsner clamp.
That one.
Third to the right.
I got it.
Now what? Put a second clamp five millimeters distally.
We' re gonna get you through this, Lorcan.
You're gonna be all right.
Remove the proximal clamp and ligate the crushed area.
-0-Vicryl? - No, no, no.
- Peter, this boy's herniating.
- Use silk if you've got it.
- Okay.
Done that.
Now what? - We've got to drain the hematoma.
Carter, I've gotta go.
Call me on your cell phone.
- I don't have it.
It's in my locker.
- Find one.
- Peter, now.
Keep bagging him.
- What do I do about this nerve? - Step off in the right parietal region.
- Dr.
Benton? - Pulse ox is dropping.
- Dr.
Benton?! - What is it? - You have a cell phone? - Do you? - No.
- Terbutaline's on board.
- Repeat in another hour.
- You sure McLucas hasn't answered? - We just paged her.
Give her a second.
- What about Mark? - He's on his way.
You're about 25% effaced.
But dimpled, not dilated.
- Okay? We can control that.
- You think so? - An OB Resident's on his way.
- I don't want a Resident! You have to calm down.
And focus, okay? - Give the terbutaline a chance to work.
- Mark's on the phone.
- What line? - Three.
- Climbing again, 220/115.
- Blown right pupil.
He needs a burr hole.
Where's your perforating drill? - Is 1 open? - Yeah.
Malucci's calling it.
Connect the chisel bit.
Let's keep hyperventilating.
Let's move! - Coming through! - Hold on.
I gotta move this guy out.
No, no, no.
Shove him up against the wall.
Move! Have somebody shave his head.
Give me 8.
5 gloves.
Sit him up to 30 degrees.
Carter's on line three.
He needs to talk to you.
White, get over here and hold the phone up to my ear.
10 blade.
- Pressure's through the roof, 260/140.
- Not good.
Up the Nipride to three mics.
Put my glasses down.
Carter, talk to me.
Where are you? - Sciatic nerve.
- All right, good.
Cut proximally and let the muscle retract into the muscle belly.
Lorcan, they found Patty.
They' re gonna send a truck - to take her straight to the hospital.
- No, no.
Forget it.
Cutting now.
Make sure you use a scalpel instead of scissors.
- Otherwise you'll get a neuroma.
- She's on her way.
She wants to come.
- No! No! Not now! - Would you please hold him still?! - Okay, now what? - Take two Kellys and clamp the femoral artery and vein together.
- I don't want her to see me like this! - Can you give him something? - He's seizing! - Five of Ativan.
Five of Valium.
Put the phone right here.
I don't want her to see me! - You gotta hold him still until it kicks in.
- You're almost free.
- Is that two clamps each or altogether? - Two clamps altogether! - Two of Ativan? - Five.
Am I clamping the vein and the artery separately? Carter, clamp the vessels as one unit at both ends.
Ativan's on board.
Still seizing.
All right.
You know what? I gotta go in.
Just reparalyze him.
- Both proximally - Don't do it! - and distally or one proximally-? - Carter, just clamp the damn vessels! - How many liters in? - Two and a half.
Lost a pulse.
- She's in V-fib.
Charge to 200.
- Do you want to run her inside? No, here.
Clear! - Still in V-fib.
- Charge to 300.
Mark, penetrating back injury.
Needs to go straight to the O.
All right, I'll tell Randi.
- You feeling any more contractions? - I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I slipped and fell.
I thought it was just backache.
- Did you give her terbutaline? - Ten minutes ago.
Fetal heart tones? One fifty-five.
No decels.
Well, that's good.
- They haven't stopped.
- You gotta give it some time to work.
Or maybe we should try magnesium.
We will if we have to.
Okay? Let's just wait and see.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Irrigate.
- More Ativan? No.
Stopped seizing once he relieved intercranial pressure.
Suction catheter.
Carter, are you through the tibia yet? Done.
Almost there, Lorcan.
Use the rongeur to bevel the anterior apex.
- Where is that? - Sharp edge at the end of the bone.
- What's his pressure? - Down to 170/60.
They' re all sharp! Damn it! - It's the anterior surface.
- Dr.
Weaver, I need you.
- What patient? - The girl whose car got hit.
- I'm sorry.
What? - The anterior surface.
- Get him upstairs.
- Carter, you're almost there.
When you're done, use the rongeur to crack the fibula.
Wait, wait, wait! Hold on! Hold on! Dr.
Benton! Dr.
Benton! Good luck.
BP's low.
Want me to put the dopamine back on? - Hold the elevator! - No.
This one goes straight up.
- Status, post-cardiac arrest.
- I just opened up this kid's head.
Did you evacuate the clot? - There's still active bleeding at the site.
- She's in shock.
Lucky he got her back.
All right, go.
Take the boy first.
Call Neurosurg, tell them we're on our way.
I need two units of FFP and an ICP monitor.
Eighty-five palp.
Start the dopamine.
- What is it? - I wanted to ask you something.
He die? - Who? - That man.
They cut open his chest, but he died.
- Yes.
He had a fatal injury.
- What about the boy? He went up to surgery.
- Is he going to die? - I don't know.
Is there someone we can call for you? Your mom or dad? They won't understand.
Won't understand what? I thought it would be painless.
The train would hit my car I'd just be gone.
Yeah, don't talk to me about saturated.
You haven't seen saturated.
Chuny, I need a trauma panel.
What's open? I don't care.
I'm admitting them! - Carter, they're holding O.
6- - I was just there.
No surgeon.
- Is he stable? - Yeah but I had to sedate him with 10 of Valium.
- Carter, are you deaf? - What? I keep shouting, you keep getting on the elevator? - Is this the pre-op amputation? - This is the post-op amputation.
What, in the field? What did they use, a chain saw? - Dr.
Benton talked me through- - You did this? There was nobody else- Well, by all means, let's get whoever's available.
You ought to try it next time.
- Maybe if you'd respond to your page- - I can't wear my pager in the dojo.
Brenda knew where I was.
Should have called her.
Let's go.
Weaver, flail chest in 4 just dropped his pulse ox down to 81.
Carter, can you take this? - Yeah, give him another one.
I'll clean up.
- Maybe I should have just let him die.
- Good work, Carter.
- I know.
He was lucky that you were out there.
- Thank you.
I'm coming! - Carter! - Kerry? - Yeah.
- You have a suicidal ideation? - Young girl in Trauma 2.
- Does she have a plan? - Parked her car in front of a train.
- I suppose that qualifies.
- She's also in a major depression.
- Flat affect? - No real remorse.
- About the suicide attempt? - For the train wreck.
Oh, my.
- Think you're gonna get off before 12? - Probably not.
- I'll try to be quiet.
- No.
Wake me.
Something wrong? Hey.
- What? - There something wrong with my heart? Probably a bruise to your chest wall.
We'll get an x-ray to make sure.
- You were lucky.
- We're still sifting through the walking wounded, but we're over the hump.
- Carter just took the last critical.
- How many came in? Thirty-seven.
Five up in surgery.
Only two ER deaths.
- That's not bad, considering.
- If you don't count the DOAs.
You did great work today.
You should go home.
We got it.
- Board's backing up.
- That's all right.
Go home.
- Shirley called for you.
- What? O.
You asked her to call when the mom and son came out of surgery.
- Did they? - Yeah.
They're in Recovery.
Mom's got sensation in her legs, and the kid's neurologically intact.
- That's good, right? - Yeah.
That's good.
You still here? The nurses put me to work, thought I was a volunteer or something.
Now you've got an experience to talk about in your interview.
- I don't know.
- It's yours.
You might as well use it.
- I mean, I don't know if I want to.
- Want to what? What I saw tonight Most people go their whole lives without seeing stuff like that.
Drilling into a little boy's head.
Guys having their legs cut off.
- People dying right in front of you.
- You get used to it.
That's what I'm afraid of.
- But thanks for helping me find out early.
- Go to the interview.
- Dr.
Benton- - You may feel differently in a few days.
- I know, but- - Hey, give yourself options.
Anything? No contractions since the third round.
Fetal heart rate looks good.
- So it's over.
- Aside from bed rest.
How long do you think? You can catch me up on my soaps.
It'll be okay.
When I felt the baby move before, obviously I knew it was in there, but - Suddenly this feels real, you know? - Yes, Mom.
OB's waiting, and Transpo promises they'll be down soon to take you up.
- Thanks, Abby.
- The monitor stays on - for at least 24 hours.
- I'll keep it on until I give birth.
You just have to slow down.
No more helicopters.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You leaving? - No.
I thought I'd check on the bishop.
- Another critical come in? - No.
That's it.
Is she stable? - Yeah.
After three rounds of terbutaline.
- Good.
- Yeah.
It was scary, though.
- Yeah.
You heading home soon? I don't know.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Any change? - He didn't want the breathing mask.
- Has he been awake? - Napping on and off.
What time is it? -11:30.
- You're here late.
- You'll have to be intubated soon.
- On a ventilator? Your oxygen level is down to 65 on 100% oxygen.
I've seen what happens after the ventilator.
- If it drops below 50- - Thanks, but no thanks.
Anyway my bags are packed.
How long do I have? Maybe hours.
- Then I'd better hear it now.
- Hear what? - Your confession.
- Bishop, I don't think That's what you came up here for, isn't it? - I wanted to check on you.
- You're searching for your faith.
You think you lost it, but you only buried it.
It's never left you.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
May God, who enlightens every heart help you to know your sins and trust in his mercy.
- Father, I can't - Luka.
Your heart is burdened, Luka.
Talk to me.
Let me take that burden with me.
I don't know.
I Lost my family.
Danijela, my wife, she wanted to move out of Vukovar.
But I had to finish my internship.
And soon it was too late.
It wasn't safe to move.
I was gonna get some supplies and I made them stay behind.
I was just crossing the street when the mortar shell hit the apartment building.
Go on.
I ran inside.
There were my neighbors.
But I passed them by.
I had to get to my family.
Danijela! Danijela! Luka.
Luka Marko A piece of shrapnel had torn into Danijela's spleen and she was bleeding to death.
When I turned back to my daughter, she wasn't breathing.
I lost her pulse.
But as long as I kept doing CPR and breathing for my daughter, I thought she had a chance.
I could only pray that someone would get there to help.
If I had picked up Danijela at that moment and gotten her to the hospital she could have had surgery.
You know, she could have lived.
But I couldn't leave my little girl.
I waited and prayed.
I prayed someone would come.
And no one came.
No one came.
I called out for hours as I stayed there breathing for her, doing CPR.
I finally had to stop from exhaustion.
I lost them all.
You couldn't sacrifice the one to save the other.
Even if you had, you'd still blame yourself.
These things can't be explained.
Why it happens.
The providence of God and the mysteries of life and death are the very fiber of our faith.
They were gifts of love and life.
You are a gift of love and life.
Don't turn your back on them.
God, father of all mercies, through the death and resurrection of your only begotten Son was reconciled himself to the world and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins.
Through the ministry of Holy Church may God give you pardon and peace.
And I absolve you of all your sins in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.