ER s07e16 Episode Script

Witch Hunt

Previously on E.
No contractions since the third round.
Fetal heart rate looks good.
The monitor stays on for at least 24 hours.
First day.
Oh, yeah? Hey, welcome.
Rena Trujillo.
Nice to meet you.
And you.
He recommended formal competency testing.
MRI, personality tests Young girl in Trauma 2.
Parked her car in front of a train.
She's also in a major depression.
No real remorse.
- About the suicide attempt? - For the train wreck.
Oh, my.
- Think you're gonna get off before 12? - I'll try to be quiet.
Wake me.
7x16 "WITCH HUNT" - Dr.
Legaspi? - No.
I'm Detective Graham.
This is Detective Watkins.
Chicago P.
We have this listed as Dr.
Legaspi's address.
- Is everything all right? - Does Dr.
Legaspi live here? Yes, she does.
She's inside.
- Who are you? - I'm Dr.
You live here too? No, I don't.
I'm just You know, I don't want to be rude, but I'm freezing.
I'm sorry.
By all means.
We just need to speak to Dr.
I think one of the kids from the coffee shop broke into the apartment.
- I got breakfast.
- I don't believe in breakfast.
It's the most important meal of the day.
That's never been medically proven.
Why are you up? It's morning.
I got coffee, bagels and a real-estate paper.
I'm thinking I should get a new place.
What, did the hotel fire you for getting up too early? - No.
- Well, somebody should.
Hey! Look, there is an entire warehouse in here for the price of some condos.
That is very nice.
Especially in the summer when all you smell is dead flesh.
- That's the slaughterhouse district.
- It's still a good deal.
You know, first you live in a boat, then a hotel, and now a meat plant.
- What's next? Tree house? - You're not a morning person, are you? Hey! Hey, boy.
- Hey.
- Morning.
- Nice toga.
- Yeah.
I seem to have lost my clothes.
Your pants are on the couch.
And Norman had your socks, so I put them in your shoes.
You named your dog "Norman"? Well, that was his name when I got him from the shelter.
He likes you.
- You think? - Yeah.
Otherwise, he would've bit you.
- You want some eggs? - Oh, yeah.
My roommate.
I think we kept her up last night.
She seemed a little angry.
More jealous than anything.
You want some tea? - Do you have any coffee? - No, sorry.
I don't drink coffee.
That's okay.
I don't usually do this.
- Bring somebody home.
- Trust me.
I don't either.
- I really had a lot of fun last night.
- Me too.
Maybe we could do it again some other time? - What about? - You'll just have to be a little quieter.
- Me? - Yeah.
I think you yelled "stat.
" I did not.
Are you working today? I got a lecture in the morning, but I'll be in around 1.
- You wanna have lunch? - Okay.
- These are good eggs.
- Thank you.
I was called down to assess for suicidal ideation.
It was my job to determine if the patient needed to be admitted.
- For a psych hold? - Yes.
And it was your professional opinion that she did? Dr.
Legaspi? Yes.
She was confused about her sexual identity.
She was clinically depressed and had spent a considerable amount of time planning to hurt herself.
- You're quiet this morning.
- I was just thinking.
- About? - Nothing important.
I hope you're not worrying about this silly competency evaluation.
That silly evaluation will determine if I keep my license.
They're merely a formality.
NASA astronauts take fewer tests.
- If I don't score above average- - Mark, stop.
You're a brilliant doctor regardless of whether you put a round peg in a square hole.
Where did you hear I put a round peg in a square hole? Hey, easy.
You don't want to shake up that kid more than he has to be.
Listen, our baby's fine.
I've taken every necessary precaution.
I've been extremely careful.
I haven't had a contraction in two weeks.
You still need to take it easy.
I'm medicated, I'm monitored.
I'm more than able to go back to work.
So stop being such a nervous Nellie.
One: Don't ever call me Nellie.
And two: If you overdo it, you can go into preterm- Yes, yes.
I am a doctor too, you know.
Well, this doctor's orders are to slow down.
I remember giving you similar orders after your surgery and I don't think you listened to me.
- Meet me for lunch.
- If you're not in labor.
Is that decaf? Some guy swallowed a couple dozen on a bet.
- Now he's got tummy trouble.
- No doubt.
Any suggestions? Get some colored rocks, maybe one of those deep-sea divers with bubbles.
- Carter, you want a pet? - No, thanks.
- How about some coffee? - What's this? A guy dropped it off a few minutes ago.
Want me to read the card? - No, thank you.
- Too late.
It's from Rena.
- Who's Rena? - Child-life specialist.
- Helped me with an unruly kid last week.
- Really? - So, what does she look like, Carter? - You know, I don't know.
She's blond.
Like, that tall.
Kind of cute in her own way.
Right? Don't ask me.
I didn't get a gift basket.
If she helped you, why are you getting all the goodies? Because I gave her a good assessment on her internship.
- Actually, the card says - Thank you very much, Amira.
"Thanks for a great evening.
You can bring your own coffee next time.
" Must've been one hell of an assessment.
We're gonna move you to your own room.
Okay, Mary? What if Jesus comes for me and I'm not here? I'll have one of the nurses send him upstairs.
- Will you? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey.
- Got a minute? - So Bloody Mary's back? - She's harmless.
- Tried to page you.
- Well, it's been pretty crazy upstairs.
- Not just because of the patients.
- What was with the police? You should have stayed.
It was a party.
- I had to be on at 7:30.
- So did I.
- I didn't abandon you on purpose.
- I didn't say you did.
What did they say? They were following up on Shannon Wallace the attempted suicide who caused that train derailment.
- They probably wanna talk to you.
- Why? The patient has accused me of sexual harassment.
- What? - Yeah.
She told the police that I came on to her and I touched her.
Why would she say such a thing? She caused over 30 deaths.
She's probably trying to divert the heat off of herself.
Yeah, but why would she accuse you of that? - How would she even know you were? - Gay? I told her.
You what? - I was trying to help her.
- Oh, no.
Kim, what were you thinking? I don't know, Kerry.
That she needed help? So you disclose your personal life to an unstable patient who you don't know? Well, I - Mr.
Hollis is crashing.
- Okay.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
Elizabeth, I thought you were on bed rest.
Is this another one of my patients, Peter? What? You seem to have taken on several additional responsibilities in my absence.
Well, I didn't have really much choice.
So you had to organize the educational conferences for the next two months and do my interview? I thought you were on leave for preterm labor.
Romano told me to keep this place running.
Well, I was on medical leave.
But now I'm back.
I am ready to resume my responsibilities as Associate Chief of Surgery.
And if anyone has a problem with that, they can come and see me.
Think Greene developed that brain tumor after she got pregnant? - Can I help you? - A glass of water would be nice.
My throat's a little dry.
- Has anybody seen you? - Why, no.
I didn't want to bother anybody.
That's why we're here.
You need to check in with the receptionist at the Admit desk.
Then you can speak with a nurse.
I'm afraid there's nothing they can do for me.
I'm dying.
Who's your doctor? I don't have one.
Never did.
- Then how do you know you're dying? - It's in the cards, dear.
You read tarot cards? Cards, palms, tea leaves.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
I won't hurt you.
Oh, my.
You do have a bit of a black cloud hanging over you, don't you, dear? - See, there's a crack in your lifeline.
- It's probably dry skin.
Listen, while I'm here, why don't you let me check you over.
Well, you can if you want to.
The cards have already told me: I will be dead by sundown.
Bolus a liter of saline and call Animal Control.
How's our old friend Super Larry doing? He's got a fever of 100.
8 but no source of infection.
You might check for an aspiration pneumonia.
He had one last year.
Hey, wake up, Super Larry.
You know what? Get a head CT.
He's got abrasions.
He might have fallen.
You would too if you slept on a sidewalk.
Hey, Dr.
Weaver, this is Detective Graham.
- You ran off before I could talk to you.
- Why do you want to talk to me? You saw a patient named Shannon Wallace that Dr.
Legaspi also treated? - I called for the psych consultation.
- But you didn't stay with her? No.
We had a mass-casualty situation.
She only had minor injuries.
So you effectively left Dr.
Legaspi alone with the patient? I suppose.
Do you know the patient said Dr.
Legaspi sexually assaulted her? Yes, and it's ridiculous.
The young woman had psychological problems.
- She tried to kill herself.
- We have to follow up the accusations.
What exactly is your relationship with Dr.
Legaspi? We' re colleagues.
- Do you live together? - No.
- You were at her house this morning- - I really don't have time for this now.
I'm sorry.
County is hard-core blood and guts.
But I guarantee you'll rack up more surgical hours here than anywhere in the country.
I must admit I'm intrigued, Dr.
I'll be in touch.
I look forward to that.
- Is she another one of my replacements? - Lizzie, my, how you've grown! How you feeling? - I was wonderful until I got to work.
- Work? I thought you're on bed rest.
I wish people would stop saying that.
I took time to recoup some energy - but now I'm fine.
- That would explain the baby monitor I see strapped to your belly.
Or are you just glad to see me? I spent 48 hours in the hospital.
Yes, I'm doing home monitoring.
I can assure you, I'm ready, willing and more than able to return to work.
For how long? A week? I appointed you Associate Chief so I'd have a lieutenant that I could count on.
You want to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, you have my blessing.
But this is why surgery is an old boy's club.
Have you any idea of the hospital's policy on sexual harassment and discrimination? - We still have one of those? - Yes, we do.
I'd be happy to reacquaint you on the section of maternity leave.
Well, I'd rather do a bowel resection.
Thank you.
I read somewhere about a pregnant woman who killed her husband and got off on a temporary-insanity defense because of hormone imbalance.
Okay, you want to work.
We're presenting three cases for M and M tomorrow.
Pull the charts from Records, find the x-rays in Radiology and get the slides from Pathology.
- No.
I want back in surgery.
- First things first.
Then you can set up the projection microscope and make 35-millimeter slides of the gross pathology specimens.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
Make sure there's coffee and doughnuts for 100.
Especially ones with sprinkles.
Give them back.
Give them back! - Mr.
Perkins, keep it down.
- Give them back! This bitch stole my teeth.
You call me that one more time, I'm gonna put that Foley bag in you.
Okay, here.
You might want to wash these off bef- Before you put them back in.
- Abby, can you help me with this? - Sure.
- So how long has she been sick? - A few days.
I thought it was just a cold.
- Any fever? - I don't think so.
Any problems with birth? - History of lung disease? - No.
She's been a really healthy baby.
Kovac, could I speak with you for a minute? Yeah.
Get a quick set of vitals and put her on a pulse ox.
So have you figured out what's causing Super Larry's fever? No, no.
Not yet.
I'm still waiting on the lab for his blood work.
- Maybe something will turn up.
- Okay.
Luka, wait.
You're probably wondering what that police detective was all about today.
Not really.
There were some charges filed against Dr.
I'd like to keep the rumors to a minimum, for Dr.
Legaspi's sake.
- I understand.
- I bring it up because this place seems to feed on gossip.
- And in light of an investi- - Dr.
Weaver? - Romano's looking for you.
- Thank you.
- He wants you now.
- Thank you.
He said if you didn't come up when you heard this message, he'd fire us both.
Temp is 100.
2, pulse is 120 with a pulse ox of 94.
That's not too bad.
No wheezing.
I appreciated some retractions.
A little.
We'll get a chest film just to make sure.
In the meantime, put some saline in her nose for a few minutes and use the bulb syringe.
See if that helps.
Is she gonna be okay? Well, she doesn't have a fever, and her lungs are pretty clear, which is good.
Yeah, but she still seems to have trouble catching her breath.
Well, babies tend to breathe through their nose so they have difficulty when they're stuffed up.
But I'm sure she'll be fine once I help her with that.
- He knows that I'm here, right? - Yes.
And he is aware that I am working in the ER today? - I would imagine so.
- He made this sound like an emergency.
- I'm sure he won't be much longer.
- Okay.
He can page me when he's ready.
What are you waiting for, Dr.
Weaver? A written invitation? Is that it? Is it fixed? Can I go? We have to put a splint on and check another x-ray.
Just try and relax, okay? Malik, why don't you finish this splint and order up a Chem-7, cholesterol and a tox screen.
You got a skin infection on your forehead.
It could move into an infection around your brain.
How's it going, Dave? The Weasel is suffering from a self-inflicted wound.
- Weasel? - That's my ring name.
Todd's a basement wrestler.
I had an uncle who was a closet ballerina.
- So is your friend there a wrestler too? - James is awesome.
- Calls himself Mr.
- How'd you manage to do this? He sliced himself with a razor blade.
- It's called blading.
Fans love it.
- Yeah, I bet.
- You got this, Dave? - I'm just trying to convince Superfly here that slicing open his scalp not such a good idea.
Update his tetanus if he needs it.
See? There's another risk.
Then, of course, there's nerve damage, otitis, you could put your eye out.
And don't forget about scarring.
Scarring's- That's not a good one.
Chicks don't dig scarring.
They don't dig that Frankenstein look.
You know? Right, Dr.
Greene? - What's that? - Never mind.
At least give me a heads up.
This is the first I've heard of these allegations.
But you must have had some indication that she was a lesbian.
What has that got to do with anything? It seems that's the crux of the problem, don't you think? No.
The problem is a false accusation from a patient with psychological problems.
She could have easily made a similar indictment against a male doctor.
Yeah, but she didn't, did she? Have you had other complaints against Legaspi? - Of course not.
- And she's never displayed any unacceptable sexual behavior that you've witnessed? Well? What do you think? I'm getting a suspicion that you're holding out on me.
- Please, Robert.
- I think you're trying to protect her.
Of course I'm trying to protect her.
You should be too.
She is a damn good doctor.
I'm calling for an emergency disciplinary hearing with you and Anspaugh.
Why? You know these charges are a joke.
No one's laughing, Kerry.
- This is a witch hunt.
- This is damage control.
- Okay.
Are we finished? - For now.
- Can I give you some friendly advice? - No! We spent an hour hooking up two of my grandfather's polo ponies to a pushcart.
- Were you insane? - We were, like, 9.
We didn't know better.
It was so cool.
It was just like Spartacus, you know? Right up until when my grandmother sees us.
- Oh, no.
- She screams.
The horses spook.
My cousin, as usual, bails.
The horses go one way, I go the other.
And I'm left holding onto the reins.
Actually, I'm still working on it.
Thank you.
How was the seminar today? It was a lecture on developmental psychology.
Freud, Piaget, Kohlberg.
It was boring.
Blast from the past, huh? It's like being back in college.
Well, I am in college.
- No, I meant as an undergraduate.
- I am.
Excuse me.
I thought you said you were a Pedes intern.
I'm doing a child-life internship in the Pedes department.
I need 480 hours of clinical experience to certify.
And I figured if I start now, I'll be done by the time I graduate.
- How old are you? - Twenty.
Well, in September.
- You're 19? - Yeah.
Are you okay? Oh, my God.
Is she doing better? She's still not getting as much air into her lungs as we'd like.
It might be her cold.
We're gonna get a chest x-ray just in case.
- Can I go with her? - Of course.
Are you all right? Yeah.
She just hasn't let me get much sleep in the last couple days.
Why don't you get a cup of coffee while we wait.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You got a minute? - Sure.
What's up? I just had I just had lunch with Rena, and I think there's a problem.
What? She chews with her mouth open? She's young.
So? You're not exactly an old man.
You could use someone to loosen you up.
She's really young.
What, is she, like, 23 or something? Twenty-two? - Is she 20? - In September.
She's a teenager.
- Carter.
- I didn't know.
- You didn't ask? - Women don't like to tell you their age.
- Well, she's not a woman.
She's a girl.
- She's a woman.
Believe me.
Did you sleep with her? Oh, my God! You did.
- I didn't know.
- You couldn't tell? - Did you break up with her? - Not yet.
Why wait? Gonna call your lawyer? Well, she's very mature for her age.
She's cool.
She's fun.
She's She's Britney Spears' little sister.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me? - Yeah? - Did they bring May to Radiology? - No.
Not yet.
- Then where is she? They must have picked her up when I was in the hall talking to Dr.
Hey, Darryl, did you take the little girl in Exam 4? Not yet.
- You didn't take her? - No.
She's my next pickup, okay? - If he doesn't have her, then who does? - Might've been moved to another room.
Hey, hold that elevator! Is that May Jeffries? - Who? - May Jeffries.
- She's a 4-month-old in Exam 4.
- Sorry.
- Please tell me what's happening.
- Okay.
Just a second.
Did you move a 4-month-old baby out of Exam 4? No.
I can't find her.
Where is she? I need Security.
- Where's Secur-? - What did they do-? I need someone to lock down the ER.
Greene? Just a second.
Can you call-? I'm missing a baby.
I think someone took her from Exam 4.
- Oh, my God.
- What? I was waiting for Transpo.
I stepped outside to talk to Carter- - Where's my baby?! - Alert Security.
- Sorry.
- May! May! Grab nurses.
We'll do a room-by-room search.
Hey! Hey! Please.
Look out! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Wait! What's your problem? Sorry.
You didn't see anyone enter the room? - Did you? - What? See anybody? A doctor, a nurse, an orderly? No.
I feel like I should be helping them look.
We've got that covered.
We're searching the hospital.
- How long were you out of the room? - Like a minute.
Maybe the person that took her is distraught over losing their own baby.
- I could check the hospital records.
- We'll tell you if we want to pursue that.
Did you see anyone unusual? Someone you didn't recognize? This is an ER.
It's filled with strangers.
I've told you everything I know.
I'm wasting my time.
I should be doing something.
- Just a few more questions.
- It's okay, dear.
Sometimes God calls little babies home to be his angels.
Is there someone you want me to call to be here? - Your husband, maybe? - I'm divorced.
- What is his name? - Ed.
Ed Jeffries.
But he lives in Boston now.
The police would like to ask you some questions.
Do you feel up to that? Okay.
I will be back when they're done, and we'll talk.
- Hey.
How is she doing? - Hey.
Better than I would be.
How was your meeting with Romano? Homophobic.
The usual.
- What did you tell him? - The truth.
Shannon Wallace was a young woman experiencing a sexual-identity crisis.
She needed to know that being gay is not an affliction.
And what did you tell him about us? Oh.
Oh, I see.
- Don't worry.
Your secret's safe.
- That's not what I meant.
- No? What did you mean? - No.
You think that I am the only one who has problems with this that it's universally accepted.
But that is not true.
So we skulk in the shadows because narrow-minded individuals disapprove? No.
I just think that you are fooling yourself if you- How many openly gay women do you know in hospital administrative positions? - Kerry- - None.
It doesn't happen.
What does that have to do with it? I'm explaining why this is difficult for me.
Guess what, this isn't about you.
This is about a confused, frightened woman who would rather kill herself than deal with the stigma of being gay.
Maybe it is about you.
- Abby? What are you doing? - Nothing.
I heard about a baby that got scooped up with the laundry in another hospital.
I know it's stupid.
I don't know.
- Can you help me with a squirmer? - Sure.
Sit still, Jason.
- I need to look into your ears.
- Do you think it's his adenoids? His brother had them taken out with his tonsils.
- Abby, can you hold him still, please? - Haleh, can you help Carter? Sorry.
Excuse me.
- Did you find her? - Not yet.
Okay, I was thinking, she's sick so whoever took her might take her to a pharmacy to get some Infant Tylenol.
- They'll need diapers and formula- - Right, thanks.
And it also seems that she's not in the hospital anymore.
Shouldn't you set up a roadblock or check the neighborhood-? - We're doing everything we can.
- Shouldn't we have heard something? I mean, the chances of finding her get worse every passing second, right? Abby? Abby? Did you get the labs on the jaundice guy? - Who? - Jagadeeshan.
- No.
- Could you try and find them? No.
These are the most recent photos I have.
Can I have them? Look, I promise to return them.
May I, please? Thank you.
Jeffries, I know I can't say anything to change the situation.
I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.
- She's my only baby.
- I know.
I'm sure she's gonna be fine.
Why would somebody take my baby? Mr.
Kinney can go home.
There's no known cure for being a pain in the ass.
- Any news on the baby? - Nothing yet.
Greene, labs are back on that wrestler.
- Anything show up? - I don't know.
What are you looking for? Nothing on the tox screen.
Cholesterol level's a little high for a teenager.
- Too much fast food.
- I think he's on steroids.
- He's got acne, hirsutism, aggression.
- What teenage boy doesn't? What's the turnaround time on a steroids test? Five days? At least.
Hey, look, if you think he's using, just ask him.
He might cop to it.
I thought you forgot about me.
Look, man, I need to go home.
All right? I ordered some tests.
What kind of tests? The kind that show that you're using steroids.
- I don't know what you mean.
- I think you do.
What you might not know is that you're putting yourself at risk for - kidney failure, stroke, impotence - You're crazy.
- Where you going? - Home.
- Sit back down.
- Screw you, man! I'm leaving! No.
You gotta stay here until your parents come and get you.
- You called my parents? - Todd left.
Someone has to get you home.
- Forget this! - Come on.
Leave me alone! Hey, Dr.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Just go get him.
Don't let him leave.
- Hey.
Hey, man, what are you doing? - Leaving.
- What are you afraid of? - Nothing.
I've had enough of this place.
We weren't finished.
We're only here to help.
- Then let me go.
- Well, what's the big rush? Look, look.
Just take it easy, all right? Stay out of my way! Look, I don't want to hurt you! Look, look, look.
Just relax, all right? Come back inside.
You can't keep me here! My old man will be pissed if I can't leave! Your father wants us to take care of you.
That doctor's telling him I use steroids! Look, my old man will kill me if he finds out! - He doesn't have to find out.
- He said he was gonna tell! Look, James, you need to just settle down and come inside, okay? Look, you don't know my father.
He'll kill me if he finds out.
You're right.
I don't know your father.
But I know the type.
Trust me.
Okay? Okay? We'll work something out.
Right, Dr.
Greene? - Sure.
Come on.
- You have my word on it.
Deal? Come on.
- Who's got the guy in Exam 2? - Carter.
He's been restrained in there for hours.
I hope so.
Did you see all those bite marks? Those are self-inflicted.
That guy almost ate himself alive.
Get somebody from Psych.
Let's get rid of him.
We've been waiting.
Psych's been slower than usual answering consults.
I hear they've got a shakeup going on.
Legaspi's being fired.
Let's keep gossip to a minimum, Haleh.
That's not gossip.
- The gossip is she's a lesbian.
- Legaspi? - That's what I heard.
- Really? Follow my finger.
What happened? He got whacked in the head by a patient.
- Show me your teeth.
- I'm fine.
You should get a head CT.
I'm sorry about that.
I got a little worked up.
- That's what steroid rage will do to you.
- Cleo, could you find James a bed? - Sure.
Come on.
- Mark, you should get a head CT.
- He didn't mean it.
He's scared.
- Scared he's gonna get busted.
Scared he's gonna get beat up.
The kid's petrified of his old man.
I got a feeling he's an abuse case.
Abuse? The kid's a tank.
The steroids, the aggression, the tough-guy routine.
It's a defense mechanism.
Trust me.
I don't think you should tell his parents.
Too late.
They're on their way.
I said we'd work something out.
I gave him my word.
Well, you shouldn't have.
He's not your patient.
Tumor! What was that? - The old Dr.
Greene would have helped.
- I am.
Maybe there's something to this competency stuff.
Keep it up, Malucci.
You'll be looking for a new job.
Her name's May.
And she's really got a pretty bad cold.
So if you could just please return her.
She's just a baby.
It doesn't matter why you took her.
It's just that she really needs medication.
If you could just bring her back.
Have somebody bring her in.
Drop her off at the police department.
Call an ambulance.
You should have your coat on.
I'm okay.
Why don't you come back inside.
Come on.
You can help cast the twins who rode their wagon down the steps.
You should get someone else.
I want you.
Could you just leave me alone, please? I can't do that.
- I lost that woman's baby.
- No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
- No, you didn't.
Real nice.
Can't take notes in class.
Dad, it's not that bad.
How we doing in here? - You a nurse? - Doctor.
- You Greene? - Malucci.
They told me to wait here for Dr.
- I was assisting Dr.
- Yeah, fine, whatever.
So is he gonna be okay or what? Well, he dislocated his hand, but it'll heal.
What about his head? - He didn't injure his head.
- Oh, no? Jumping around in a costume like an idiot seems like a sign of brain damage.
- Can I speak with you outside, please? - Yeah.
Get yourself together.
We're leaving right after this.
- What are you doing? - What? SUPPLY ROOM Your son, you know, hurt himself.
He needs a little compassion.
And you come in here and you humiliate him.
You don't know him.
He needs discipline.
- He's always doing stupid stuff like this.
- Ever wonder why? Maybe there's a reason he behaves this way.
It's called being crazy.
And a cure for it's a good kick in the ass.
- Around here we call that abuse, man.
- Get out of here.
Hold on.
Where are you going? Go work on your golf game, doc.
- Golf? - What the hell is going on? - I'm gonna sue your ass! - Kiss it while you're at it.
- Get out! - The guy abuses his son.
- Malucci, out now! - Let's go! - Let me take a look at that.
- Get away from me.
- Are you sure you've done this before? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
I'm having a little trouble finding the vein.
Can I get another nurse over here, please? - Let me just take a little break.
- Yeah.
Is there anything I can get you? Just my baby.
Maybe you should go home.
Someone will call you if we hear anything.
I don't think I can leave without her.
Not you again.
This is County.
This is Rescue 62 en route with what appears to be a 4-month-old infant girl found abandoned on the El platform.
What's her status? Pulse, 120.
Resps, 60.
Got a weak cry and is cold to the touch.
- Is there any sign of trauma? - No.
- Is she alert? - Hard to tell.
She's a baby.
- Is she making eye contact? - Not really.
- What's your ETA? - Less than five.
Did you talk to Rena? - What? - Your That child-life specialist.
No, not yet.
But I'm You know, where are they? It's been almost 10 minutes.
I think I hear an ambulance.
- Oh, God.
I hope it's her.
- I'm sure it is.
- It's gotta be, right? - Yeah.
How many kids can they find in one day? - Open up! - Okay.
Pulse ox is down to 89.
- Abby, is that her? - It's her.
I need a core temperature, put the monitors on and get a 24-gauge angiocath.
- Where'd they find her? - Is she okay? - El station.
- Everything's gonna be fine.
Whoever stole her panicked and dumped her.
- Let the doctors work.
- I want to stay here.
May! - Okay, Abby.
I got it.
- I've gotta start an IV.
- I think you should step out.
- Let me do this, please.
Core temp, 93.
Put her on heated humidified O-2, get a warm blanket, warming lamps and a set of heated D five and a half at 30 cc's per hour.
- Anything else? - Nope.
That's good.
You're okay, May.
You're safe now.
You're gonna be okay.
Let me get this here.
You're gonna be okay.
This is pathetic.
Not a single trauma in the bunch.
- That's mine.
What are you doing? - Go home, Dave.
- I'm on till 8:00.
- No, you're not.
In fact, you're not on for the rest of the week.
- Wait.
Says who? - Says me.
- Does Weaver know about this? - She will.
- Is this because I defended myself? - Mark.
Goodbye, Dave.
I just heard you were attacked.
Why didn't you call? No big deal.
I just ran into an elbow.
Well, did you get a CT? I'm fine.
I'm just glad I didn't opt for the surgical Velcro when they put my skull back together.
How are you doing? Well, Romano's trying to replace me.
He wouldn't let me do surgery.
- So I spent the day doing wedding stuff.
- I'm not wearing a kilt.
- You'd look handsome.
- Dr.
Romano's looking for you.
Hey, Mark.
This came for you today.
I'm gonna be in Romano's office.
These are my competency results.
You waited until the end of the shift? I'm sorry.
I forgot.
I've been busy.
You forgot? How could you forget? - You wanna open them? - No.
Oh, Mark.
I passed.
Don't look so surprised.
- Stop it! - You had your doubts, didn't you? You had your moments.
- Dr.
Greene, Dr.
Corday, good night.
- Good night.
- Hey, where you going, Georgia? - Home.
I guess you're not dying today after all then, huh? John.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing down here? - Looking for you.
I'm off.
- You almost finished? - I got two hours of charts to finish.
- Can you do it over garlic noodles? - I don't think so.
Come on.
I'll get take-out, a bottle of wine, you can do your charts.
I don't drink.
And it's illegal for you to purchase alcohol.
- The age thing again.
- I like you a lot, Rena.
You wish I was older.
I guess I should enjoy this while it lasts.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to No, please, forget it.
I'm young.
We heal fast.
- I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
Are Dr.
Romano and Dr.
Anspaugh still here? They're waiting for you in the conference room.
Better late than never.
Let's cut to the chase, so we can all get out of here and go home.
Legaspi recently, for whatever reasons, had what I hope was a momentary lapse in judgment.
I take offense to that.
I take offense to you having come out to your patient, which was inappropriate- Dr.
Legaspi is a valuable asset to the Psychiatry Department as well as this hospital as a whole.
I think that her instincts were correct and her intentions very honorable considering the situation.
Honorable, perhaps.
Stupid, definitely.
Come on, Robert.
Patients with psychological problems falsely accuse their doctors of all sorts of things.
I had a guy today blame me for hypnotizing him in order to drink his blood.
We'll have to look into that another day, Donald.
But the fact is, to the best of my knowledge, you are not a vampire.
Legaspi, however, is a lesbian.
Am I right? I've never hidden that fact from this administration or my colleagues.
Or from patients, wherein lies the problem.
There's a difference between being gay and being a child molester.
My recommendation is administrative leave pending the criminal hearing.
- I think that's premature.
- No.
It's preemptive.
If we get lucky, there won't be any charges you can come back to work having learned a lesson, albeit the hard way.
You have anything to add, Dr.
Weaver, considering you are one of them? - Them? - A female physician dealing - with female patients.
- No.
I think that Dr.
Legaspi is a wonderful doctor.
And I don't think that she did any of the things that she's accused of doing.
Well, that's well-spoken, Kerry.
That's very convincing.
Remind me never to ask you to testify on my behalf.
Meeting is adjourned.
I have dinner plans.
Pay no attention to him.
This, too, will pass.
I'm sorry.
I'm Kim.
Kim, please don't.
Kim, please.
Please, please stop.
I'm so I'm so sorry.
Let's just get out of here and talk about this.
There's really nothing to talk about.
What did you expect me to say? I am so sorry, Kim.
Me too.
- Go back to your life, Kerry.
- No, don't.
You can't do this.
- We have something good.
- What? What do we have? A relationship that you're ashamed to acknowledge? You're right.
I wish I could be like you.
I wish I could be as confident and secure with this as you are.
But I am not you.
I have been on the outside my whole life fighting for acceptance and respect.
And now you're asking me to do it all over again? I'm not asking you for anything.
Don't, please.
I just I need more time.
I can't do this right now.
Please, Kim.
I missed you.
- Hi.
- She's smiling.
All her tests came back normal.
She wasn't hurt.
She's gonna be fine.
But I would like to keep her overnight for observation.
Is that necessary? You said she was gonna be okay.
Just a precaution.
I got her a private room.
I'm having them set up a bed for you too.
Is there anything else you need? No.
She's all I need.