ER s07e18 Episode Script

April Showers

Previously on E.
There's a couple out there who desperately want to raise a child.
You turned me in? There's a guy from the medical board here, questioning my competency.
I hope you don't mind me spending time with John.
Why would I? - Well, he told me.
- Told you what? About you and him.
I care about you.
I'm not interested in adopting a lifestyle.
Wow, I can't believe you just said that.
I love you.
I was hoping you'd give me the joy and honor of being your husband.
7x18 "APRIL SHOWERS" - Damn it! - Oh, Elizabeth! Six months ago this wedding seemed like a good idea.
Look at me! What the hell was I thinking? You look beautiful.
Oh, please! What could be more perfect? You're marrying the man that you love while carrying his child.
This love child also comes with an extra 40 pounds and hemorrhoids.
There are some things I don't need to know.
Where's Mark? Why don't you sit down and have some tea? What? So I can pee every two minutes instead of every 10? Elizabeth, listen to me.
You need to stop, take a moment.
Enjoy your day.
You're being awfully nice to me.
It only makes me more nervous.
I'll get it.
It is not raining.
- Hello? - No.
A little mist.
I'm sure it'll blow over.
Have you seen my wallet? It's not in the car.
- No.
- Damn it.
Must be in my locker at work.
Everything will be fine, dear.
Well, let me get your father.
It's Rachel.
Hey, Rach.
Slow down.
What's wrong? She missed her flight.
- No.
- I'm sure she can get another one.
But perhaps she shouldn't have left it until today.
She was starring in her school play last night.
- That's why they invented understudies.
- Mother! - All I said was that- - Don't! Everything's okay.
She's switching airlines, and she's gonna fly into Midway.
Give me time to grab my wallet.
Then I can swing by and pick her up.
Hey, it's no big deal.
Why does it always have to get so complicated just at the last minute? Everything is gonna go like clockwork.
In a few hours we're gonna be surrounded by friends and people we love, and your mother.
And the three of us are going to be married.
- You said you were covered.
- No.
- You said Malucci was covering for you.
- I said he might cover my last few hours.
- Well, is he or isn't he? - I don't know.
When will you find out? - When he gets here.
- That's great.
Malucci's reliable.
I have my dress in the locker.
If I'm ready when it's time, I'll go.
If not, you can go stag.
- Does Malucci have a cell phone? - Why? - Why don't we call him? - I'm not going to call him.
Open radius fracture on call for the O.
Gastroenteritis in Seven is being rehydrated.
What about the renal colic? Discharged.
If you need to reach me, I'll be at my hotel.
Weaver, Connie on four.
Tell her she can speak with Dr.
Kovac when she gets in.
- Says she has a fever.
- Too late.
Her co-conspirators - used the last of the back-up registries.
- Co-conspirators? The nurses are calling in sick to go to the wedding.
Says she has a temperature of 102.
Give it to me.
Connie, I need you here.
Somebody should look at the guy in Curtain Three.
Accidentally used Bengay instead of Preparation H.
How are you feeling? Like a Snuffleupagus on Benadryl.
Go home.
Take a nap before the wedding.
- We're already down a few nurses.
- We're slow.
We'll float someone.
Come on.
I saw you yesterday trying to change your shift.
I'll wait until she goes home.
She won't see you there.
She is missing the wedding for a billing conference.
She wasn't invited.
Okay, fine.
Go ahead.
But I want a note from a doctor.
And if you show up in any of the wedding pictures, you're fired.
Hey, Mark, shouldn't you be? Forgot my wallet.
You going someplace? Yeah.
Reimbursement Strategies Conference.
- The one in Las Vegas.
- Yeah, I missed it last year.
I thought it would be the best way to put a dent in our deficit.
- Well, play a hand of blackjack for me.
- Sure.
Hey, Mark.
I want you to know how happy I am for you and Elizabeth.
Greene, you're here? That's devotion.
You never saw me.
Got it.
Jing-Mei, that pilonidal cyst in Three isn't going anywhere.
New rule: Anything that involves pus waits until after lunch.
Can you get Mr.
Tuttle a sandwich? The unborn twin inside of his stomach is hungry.
Can you wait over there, please? County base, this is Rescue 43.
County base, go ahead on Bravo One.
We 're at the site of an accident.
So are you taking the cheerleader? What? To the wedding.
Or are they carding? Et tu, Deb? She gives new meaning to the term "girlfriend.
" Who are you taking? I'm not.
Someone has to hold down the fort.
- Not invited? - Amira, find Luka now.
- What? - Prison van over an embankment.
They want to know how many we can take.
Three major, 10 minor.
- Tell them.
- I should ask Luka.
- Three major, 10 minor.
- Are you sure? This is County base.
We can take a total of three major, 10 minor.
Got it.
Rescue 43 out.
Hold on! Hold on! Wait! - That's my van.
- You can't read? - I'm a doctor here.
- You should know better.
I'm getting married today.
Give me a break.
Let me get my tux out! - Dr.
Greene, what are you doing? - He towed my van! Aren't you supposed to be getting ready? I came to get my wallet, and he towed my van.
- You want to take my car? - Continue CPR.
Keep bagging.
- This from the prison van? - Yeah.
The driver, blunt chest trauma.
- Damn it! - What? Rachel.
She's stuck in St.
I gotta call her.
No seat belt.
Lost the pulse two minutes out.
First epi's onboard.
Well? You're getting married.
It's not exactly what I had in mind when I used to imagine it.
I remember you running around the house with one of your ballet tutus on your head, pretending it was a wedding veil.
If I'm not mistaken weren't you going to marry that little freckle-faced boy down the street? Tommy Bradshaw.
I wonder whatever happened to Tommy.
He was indicted for insurance fraud.
Well, there you are.
Things have already turned out better than you expected.
I wish your father could see you.
Well, maybe he couldn't get another flight.
Oh, I'm sure he has some excuse.
He always does.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I simply can't believe that he wouldn't at least have made the effort.
Oh, now, don't start crying.
I'll be doing plenty of that for the both of us.
This is your day.
Your hair is perfect.
Your dress is wonderful.
This color looks fabulous on you.
I didn't have much choice.
Had I worn white, I'd have looked like I could sink the Titanic.
Only one thing missing.
What's that? They belonged to your grandmother.
She wore them for her wedding, as did I.
I know you're not one for tradition.
If you were thinking of something old, something new, something borrowed- They're beautiful.
Thank you.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
Don't worry.
We're gonna make a video.
You can watch that.
Complains of neck and chest pain.
BP's 124/82.
Pulse, 90.
Miss, are you short of breath? Hurts when I inhale! - What is it? - My arm! Do you guys have the room number? Pupils are equal and reactive.
Trauma panel, C-spine, portable chest.
Dip a urine.
Any pain back here? A lot.
We're gonna keep this on until we clear your x-ray.
- What's wrong with my wrist? - Which one? Left.
- Can we take these cuffs off? - Not a chance.
- Any O-neg here? - Two in the cooler.
My guy's in arrest.
- She may have a wrist injury.
- Probably did that herself.
She was in a major trauma.
I need to assess her.
I could only get two units.
Normal saline, wide open.
Hang the blood.
Amp of epi and 100 of lido.
That's weird.
The badge must have impacted on the steering column.
Okay, clear.
- He's got blunt chest trauma.
No vitals.
- Vasopressin.
40, IV.
What should I tell his family? Just tell them we're doing everything that we can.
Charging again to 360.
Stand clear.
Got a rhythm.
Sinus at 50.
- Got a pulse? - Nope.
Shot twice on the job, and now the weather kills him.
Let's run the O-neg in.
I'm gonna resume CPR.
- He's P.
, Carter.
- Yeah? So try another mg of atropine.
I hope you're joking.
Well, would you check again? What is it? Then I suggest you do that.
Yes, I'll hold.
Is it the limo? Apparently they don't have your booking.
Like hell! Give it to me.
Don't concern yourself.
I'll take care of this.
- I'll do it.
- I don't want you upsetting yourself.
I won't.
Yes! Yes! No.
I booked this limousine months ago.
I gave you a deposit.
When you cashed my check, you guaranteed you'd be here to pick me up.
No! I don't care if it's raining.
You'll get me to that church if I have to ride on your back like a bloody donkey! Perhaps you should eat something.
I do not need to eat.
Nor do I need a spot of tea or a moment's quiet reflection on this, my special day.
This is America, and sometimes you have to kick some ass! We'll take your car and get there early.
But unless you can drive stick shift on the right side of the road I am doing the driving.
You can't drive in your condition.
Get your purse, grab the flowers, and let's go.
Now, listen here, you ignorant bastard- What's wrong? Oh, Mark.
Nothing, nothing.
Where are you? At the hospital.
Both airports are closed due to the storm.
Flights from St.
Louis are canceled.
Rachel's pretty upset.
I'm sorry.
Well, what can you do? Do you want to postpone? No! Do you? No, no! But if the airports are closed, other guests won't be able to make it either.
Well, if you want to wait No, no.
I don't want to wait.
Neither do I.
Are you sure? Let's get married.
I'll see you walking down the aisle, then? I'll be hard to miss.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Smart move.
- What's that? Not telling her about the tow truck.
Don't need to stress out brides.
- Especially pregnant ones.
- Need an umbrella? - You have one? - Yeah.
You transported them without backboards? Medics cleared the necks on-site.
Was this a work detail? No.
Busy court day.
I'll work for you, honey.
- Hey, nice stethoscope.
- Let's shut the pie holes, ladies.
Yosh, can you put them somewhere? - This way.
- We gonna play doctor with you? - Not a chance.
- What have you got? Tammy Gabbard, 19, alert, oriented times three.
Complaining of belly pain and a scalp lac.
I need to call Joe.
- Vitals? - BP, 120/80.
Brief LOC.
Nice umbrella.
Hey, Mark.
You still here? Not anymore.
Don't bother.
Why? What happened? Closed.
Tree fell on the track at Cermak.
Shorted out the Red Line.
How long is it gonna be down? Hold on! Let me on.
Wait for the next one, pal.
- I gotta get to my wedding.
- That's original.
It's true.
Why else would I be carrying this tux? Look, they towed my car.
The El is down.
Make room! Make room! Dead man walking! Thanks.
Second chest tube is in.
- Back in V-fib.
- Let's charge again.
C- spine.
Type and cross times four.
- Three-sixty.
Charge it again.
Clear! - Where are you? - V-fib.
Correcting volume loss.
- Pulse/ox is down to 75.
Did he have a rhythm? P.
for five minutes.
He degenerated into V-fib.
- How long? - Thirty minutes.
No response to defibrillation times five.
Okay, call it.
Take her.
Head injury and abdominal trauma.
BP's dropped.
- Charging to 360.
Here we go.
- Carter, now.
He may have a pericardial effusion or aortic tear.
- You're done.
- He's a cop.
He's brain-dead! Time of death, 1458.
I want to see the x-ray before you clear her C-spine.
Excuse me.
Another beer.
Five down.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Stuck on a layover? No, my flight's delayed.
Do you mean canceled? No.
It still says "delayed.
" An optimist.
Where are you trying to get to? Las Vegas.
Oh, so you're not an optimist.
It's a compulsion.
Where do you play? I'm going there on business.
And whatever the lady's drinking.
Oh, no, thank you.
- We may be here for a while.
- I'm fine.
Well, either he's getting a very big tip or you're getting a free drink.
Excuse me.
BP's 90/75.
Has anybody called Joe? We can't do that, Gabbard.
- Who is Joe? - My fiancé.
Meth dealer.
She got nailed for holding his drugs.
He was set up.
We got tenderness and guarding in the left upper quadrant.
Call for a surgical consult and get a CT.
You got a dislocated shoulder in Curtain Three.
She's in pain.
I'm off.
Grab Chen.
Kovac asked for you to take it before you left.
We'll get an x-ray of your abdomen, then another doctor's gonna assess you.
Have Surgery see her, and I'll sign her out to Deb.
- But you're calling Joe! - I will.
Carter, IV and oral contrast? Check her BUN and creatinine.
You were going home.
We're still short a few nurses.
- Boyfriend didn't give permission? - I haven't asked.
You should.
You look worse.
Excuse me while I complete my penance.
He's not doing that.
- Oh, you don't think so? - John.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look great.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, you do.
Thank you.
Are you sick? It's just a cold.
You're not going to the wedding? No, I don't think I'm gonna be able to go.
Can you tell them I'm sorry and congratulate them? Yeah.
Are you ready? Yeah, in a minute.
Wanna give me a hand? Sure.
Hi, Veronica.
I'm Dr.
This is Rena.
She's helping out in the ER today.
- A well-dressed candy-striper.
- Yeah.
Let's take a look at that shoulder.
We're not gonna do that again.
Have you been given any pain medication yet? Nurse said you could use a local.
I could.
But local anesthesia is not very effective with this type of injury.
I've been clean for a year.
Well, maybe we could try a mild sedative like Valium.
No, man.
The taste will bring me back.
I kept using on the inside.
Oh, that was almost fun.
I thought I was past morning sickness.
Well, I offered to call a cab.
I've never seen it rain this hard.
Why brides get married in June.
I'll be breast-feeding a 4-week-old in June.
Hello? We should have called ahead.
It's not a restaurant.
They are expecting us.
- Then why are the doors locked? - Hello? - I'd recognize that bickering anywhere.
- Daddy! I didn't think you'd be here.
I wouldn't have missed this day for anything.
You look radiant.
Belle, it's been a while.
Ten years, I believe.
You popped by for Elizabeth's med-school graduation.
I'm so happy you're here.
I'd prefer if I didn't have to separate you.
So please be at least civil to each other until the reception.
Hopefully, I'll be drunk then.
- No doubt.
- Good behavior! I'm serious.
Of course.
Do I get to meet the groom before I hand you over? Mark's not here? Your umbrella is poking me.
Oh, for Pete's sake, leave it.
The damn things give you brain cancer.
Can somebody ask the driver what the problem is? - Excuse me.
Coming through.
- Hey, watch it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Why isn't the bus moving? Engine seized.
So we're broken down? Another bus on the way.
When? When it gets here.
Let me out.
- Raining like hell out there.
- I know.
Let me out.
Lungs are fine.
Neck is clear.
We can take off the collar.
I think I broke something in here.
I couldn't walk at all.
Any pain in your abdomen? Yeah, she hurts everywhere.
All right, tell me if this is tender.
Wait, lower.
Right there.
Right there.
Send her for an AP pelvis.
I want to rule out a ramus fracture.
- We're gonna get an x-ray, Sara.
- Okay.
She's playing you.
You've had a C-section? Yeah.
So? Any chance you're pregnant now? No.
I got fixed after Diana.
I got pictures.
But these cuffs! Save it, Morris.
I'm missing my visit with her right now.
I don't know when I'll see her next.
Why? My sister's moving to L.
And there's no one else to take care of her.
She's 7.
I got four years mandatory before I see her again.
Should've thought before you broke parole.
I just wanted to see her today.
That's all.
- She's probably better off.
- Shut up! You shut- Sara.
Sara, I'm gonna come back after the x-ray, okay? You just keep giving resistance to the pressure I apply, okay? Veronica, you ready? Do it.
Here we go.
No, no, no.
You gotta keep pulling.
Okay, sorry.
Here we go.
- That's it.
Hold it right there, Rena.
- She needs more sedation.
She's a former addict.
She doesn't want any narcotics.
I gave her a local.
- She needs more than that.
- I offered.
She refused.
- Stop.
- I almost got it.
Stop! Abby? She asked me not to administer narcotics.
- Give her 10 of morphine.
- No! No! Keep going.
We need to relax you to pop your shoulder back.
She's my patient.
I want to respect her wishes.
If we don't, you could end up with permanent nerve damage.
Push the morphine, Abby.
You know what? I'm off the clock.
She's all yours.
I'm out of here.
Let's go.
I had a dream last night that I'd be in a car wreck, but I'd survive.
My grandmother could predict when her cat would get sick.
In the dream, I strangled a female doctor with my bare hands.
Hey, Cleo.
Is Malucci here yet? No.
We're done.
Someone'll be back to fit you for crutches.
Just sit tight.
You should get dressed now.
So when he gets here, we can go.
This might not happen, between this storm and how swamped we are.
- You should go ahead without me.
- Are you serious? Yeah, Malucci only said he'd try.
He couldn't promise.
- What? - Cleo, come on.
That would've been nice to know.
It would've been nice if you'd asked me to go.
- What? I did.
- No.
You RSVP'd and told me to save the date.
Cindy Purcelli? Right here.
All right.
So, what are you saying? You don't want to go? I don't have a need to attend your ex-girlfriend's wedding.
Cleo, we dated.
It's no big deal.
She's getting married.
Listen, if you don't want to go, just say you don't want to go.
All right.
- All right what? - I don't want to go.
- Fine.
- Amira, I need a car.
- What are you doing back? - A car.
I need a car- Peter! Peter, can I borrow your car? I need to get to the church.
- I'm on my way now.
- Right.
Can you take me? Come on.
I'll just change in your car.
Where's Cleo? Are people arriving? A few.
Any sign of Mark? He'll be here.
Where's Isabelle? She went off looking for someone to complain to about the temperature.
So I'm going to be a grandfather.
This won't affect my dating, will it? One can only hope.
Well, maybe I'll be better at it a generation removed.
Listen, I didn't turn out that badly, did I? That was luck! You gonna continue to practice after the baby's born? Eventually.
What? Nothing.
That's good! I know what you're thinking.
For years I criticized you and Mummy for all the time you spent working.
Now I'm about to do the same.
I'm sure you'll strike a better balance.
You don't believe that.
Actually, I do.
No answer? Just the church service schedule.
Elizabeth is gonna be on the verge of a meltdown.
Yeah, I bet.
Between the weather, and her mother, and her father, who I have yet to meet.
Oh, he's okay.
- You know him? - Yeah, I met him.
That's right.
Why aren't we moving? We should've taken the expressway.
- You said not to take the expressway.
- I know.
I know.
Is he a nice guy? Who? Elizabeth's dad.
Well, he seemed nice.
That's good.
Because her mother can really be a piece of work.
- Yeah.
- What is it with women and their mothers? I mean, I got along with my mom.
You? She was the best.
Must be a chick thing.
And weddings really bring it out.
So have you met Cleo's mom? - No.
- Really? Thought you guys were pretty serious.
What the hell is the problem? This isn't gonna leave a scar, is it? Not that you'd notice.
A nurse will be by to put on a dressing.
Jing-Mei, we've got a hypothermic 10-year-old coming in.
- ETA? - Ten to 15.
Set up some warm saline.
Close the exit! - No! - Morris! Morris! Now, Morris! Get the cuffs on her! - Leave me alone! Let go! - What happened? She jumped off the table and ran.
- Stop! - She bit me! The bitch bit me! - You're hurting her.
Stop it! - I'm missing my daughter! Where's the cuffs? - Stop.
- Stop! I'm missing my daughter! No! Come on! Please! I have to see my daughter! I have to see her! How was that wine? Oh, it was very nice.
- I'm getting a refill.
You want one? - I really shouldn't.
Oh, come on.
You're not driving.
You're tenacious.
- Is that a yes? - Okay.
Only if I buy this round.
Even better.
Excuse me.
Two more, please.
- May I? - Sure.
- I'm Mike.
- Hi, Mike.
I'm Kerry.
You working on your novel? No.
No, I was just writing a letter to a friend.
- E-mail or actual letter writing? - An actual letter.
A lost art.
The last letter I wrote was to Marcia Brady.
Did she write you back? No.
Never really got over it.
I'm sorry.
What do you do when you're not writing letters? I'm a doctor.
- Really? - Yeah.
Emergency medicine.
Brains too.
- That's impressive.
- Thanks.
- Damn it! - What? It's dead.
I dropped it, and it must have- Calm down.
There's nothing you can do.
- I'm missing it! - No, you're not.
It started, Peter.
Obviously, it hasn't.
I am screwed.
She'll wait, Mark.
Mark, what are you doing? Mark! Mark, get off my car! I'm trying to see what the hang-up is.
Mark, get down! I think I see lights.
Maybe a cop.
Maybe a rig.
Mark, get down! Now! Come on, man! Get down! Seven-year-old male, environmental exposure with secondary hypothermia.
- This is ice.
- Rain's freezing everything.
Any idea how long he's been down? Groundskeeper found him down on the soccer field.
No ID.
Guess the game got rained out.
- Where's the rest of his team? - Or his parents? BP is 70 palp.
Core temp is 86.
Pupils are slow but reactive.
Set up for re-warming.
Start a second line of warm saline.
- And put in a Foley.
- He's about 80 pounds, soaking wet.
- I'll be right there.
- Let's get him out of these wet clothes.
She just wants to see you.
Is that so hard? I know it's been a long time.
How many years has she served for you? Hello? Jerk.
- Who's a jerk? - Nobody.
- You feeling any better? - No.
Why don't you go lie down? I'll take you home when I'm done.
Okay, I just have to finish this first.
Are you mad at me? Me? No.
You were a little hard on Carter.
- He wasn't listening to me.
- He's a good doctor.
And he's been here for a long time.
And I'm his Attending.
I know.
It's just he's my friend.
So? He's a nice enough guy.
But he's got to let me do my job.
- Isn't he your supervisor? - Technically.
So this has nothing to do with him dating your ex? No.
Actually, Abby and I never really went out.
- You said you did.
- I made that up.
- Why would you make that up? - I'll explain later.
- So you'd like to go out with her? - Hey, Dave! - Nice weather, huh? - Do you know Rena? - Yeah.
How are you doing? - Fine, thanks.
- I didn't think you'd come.
- Cleo didn't need me and a few girls from Sal's party like weddings.
Did you RSVP for them? There's bound to be a couple of no-shows.
Few extra butts in the pews couldn't hurt.
Where can I dump this? They'll probably have a gift table at the reception.
I'm supposed to lug this around? It's heavy.
- Didn't buy them a crock pot, did you? - We got something off the registry.
I'm not into that.
"Here's a list of things to buy me.
" It's dicky.
Evening, gentlemen.
What? You didn't think I'd be invited? So where's the bride? She's in waiting.
Greene hasn't shown yet.
Really? Well, if he's smart he's halfway to Mexico by now.
runs me off the road! - It's my wife! - Ex-wife, you cheating son of a bitch! Kept ramming me over and over, completely out of control.
- Can you control your zipper, Kevin? - Look at this! Shove your mid-life crisis up your ass! You could have killed me, Brenna.
Everybody, settle down.
- How long before you clear the street? - Sir, would you step off to the side? I'm getting married.
- Get back to your car.
- Nothing's moving.
- We're waiting for a tow truck.
- Hey, I'm a doctor.
- Any chance you'd give me a lift? - You're joking, right? I heard he's awake.
What are his vitals? - BP's 100/70.
Temp's 97.
- Good.
I'm Dr.
You're in a hospital.
You were very cold.
We had to warm you up through your tummy.
It might hurt for a while, but you're gonna be okay.
Can you tell me your name? Bryan Cooley.
Bryan, do you remember what happened? I was waiting.
I think I fell asleep on the field.
What were you waiting for? They were supposed to pick me up.
Who? Your teammates? My parents.
They forgot.
Well, there's a pretty bad storm outside.
Maybe they were just running late.
They work a lot.
Sometimes they forget.
- Are you denying it? - I had to work late! - Doris! - What are you doing here? I'm stuck.
Can you give me a ride to Northbrook? - That's outside my area.
- I'm trying to get to my wedding.
- When? - Now.
- Okay.
If you help me clear the scene.
- Sure.
Let's hurry.
- Screwing around was an accident? - You're crazy.
- I'm home having your baby.
- We have to check you over.
- I'm fine.
- Let her check your signs.
Let him bleed.
If you're okay, you can take yourself.
- Who are you? - I'm a doctor.
- Hit your head? - What do you think? - Mark, what are you doing? - I'm gonna catch a ride with Doris.
- I got it.
Wait in the car.
- No.
Check her out.
- Did you lose consciousness? - Is there any pain? Is she getting more fat put in her lips? She didn't slam her car into anybody, you psychotic bitch! - We need to check your head.
- He doesn't think with that head.
Are you all right? Okay, come on.
- Oh, my God! - What is it? - My water broke.
- When are you due? - Tuesday.
- Is this your first baby? - No.
I gave this bastard a son.
- How long was your first labor? - Oh, boy! - What is it? The baby's doing somersaults.
- Sit down.
- What's wrong? - Your grandchild is getting restless.
- He's not the only one.
Have we heard anything from the groom? I'm sure he'll be here momentarily.
We'll let you know.
Make yourself useful, Charles.
Get us a glass of water.
- I hope Mark didn't get cold feet.
- Oh, no.
Surely he would've called if there was a problem.
Well, he's not answering his cell phone.
He probably left it at work with his wallet.
Men get just as nervous as women on their wedding day.
Right, Charles? Well, to be honest, I was never more More anxious.
Practically forgot it was our wedding day.
That could've been wishful thinking.
It would've saved me several years of grief.
Stop it, please, just for one day! - We were teasing.
- Well, don't! It's not funny.
Oh, he'll be here, Elizabeth.
Don't fret.
But I do fret! Every time he's late, I fret.
Every time he slurs a word, gets tired or bumps his head, I fret! I'm about to get married.
And I'm afraid.
Not of being with him.
But of being without him.
I'm afraid he won't be around to raise this child.
But you told me the last MRI showed no recurrence.
- The new therapies offer a long survival.
- We don't know that for sure.
Oh, darling, don't start crying now or we'll never get through the ceremony.
Say something, Charles.
You're going to have a wonderful life together.
Your mother and I love you very much, Elizabeth.
And we will always be there for you.
You know that.
Breathe! Just relax.
Blow through the pain.
I'll give you a ride after we drop her off.
I can't.
I'm better off riding with Peter.
- I have lights and siren.
- Right.
- Go, go! Good luck! - Thanks.
- Brenna? - Don't talk to me.
- I wanna come.
- We're full.
- Keep him away! - She's my wife! Radio County.
Have them call the church.
Tell Elizabeth where I am.
- Brenna- - Go away! Let's go.
He was found unconscious on a soccer field.
I thought his mother was getting him.
He was hypothermic.
But we brought his body temperature back to normal.
So he'll be all right? We'd like to keep him overnight for observation.
He thinks you forgot about him.
I guess we did.
It's just It's been a real bad few months.
Cooley, Bryan almost died.
He understands you both are busy and work a lot- His mother and I are going through a divorce.
We haven't told him yet.
That doesn't mean you can forget about him.
We got a mother in active labor following an MVA.
- When? - Just rolled in.
Excuse me.
Is she full-term? Contractions every eight minutes, says Dr.
Who? Thirty-two-year-old, G-2, P-1.
Fetal heart tones 1/40.
- BP's 120/80.
- I have to push.
No, Brenna.
You got to wait till we get upstairs.
- I can't hold it.
- Yes, you can.
What happened? - Oh, nothing.
I'm fine.
- We'll take it.
Go to your wedding.
- But I need my gurney.
- Take it later.
Go! - Good luck, Dr.
- You know, I need a shirt.
- Luka, give him yours.
- What? Give him your shirt.
Is this a private party? Mommy, Daddy, I think you know Dr.
I believe you were operating on a dog last time we met.
You were in town attending an astrology conference.
- Astronomy.
- I don't wanna break up this love fest.
Your guests are getting ready to eat each other.
- I have $50 Greene'll be a no-show.
- Robert.
But we just heard from the ER.
It seems that your ex-boyfriend and future hubby played paramedic on the way here.
- He's with Peter.
- Not anymore.
Greene's still out there saving some pregnant woman.
- What? - Suffice it to say if you give him a few more minutes, I'm gonna lose that bet.
You look beautiful, Elizabeth.
- Thank you, Robert.
- Greene's a lucky man.
I know.
I always wanted to move to Florida, just get away from the ice and snow.
- Why didn't you? - I don't know.
It never worked out.
I know what you mean.
By this time I always thought I'd be married with two kids and a dog.
Well, you can always get the dog.
That's true enough.
How about you? You don't live with, like, 50 cats or anything? - No.
- I didn't think so.
Too pretty to be one of those crazy cat ladies.
Flight 2247 to Portland You were right.
Some of those flights were just delayed.
That was mine.
Maybe when we' re both in town again, we could have dinner? Since we've already had drinks.
I'm not so sure that that would work out.
Oh, okay.
Well, thanks for the drink.
And thanks for the company.
If you ever change your mind, or you find yourself stranded - Enjoy Las Vegas, Kerry.
- Thanks.
My last jailbird had an ingrown hair in her groin.
- How lucky is that? - Hey.
- What happened? - Have you seen Dr.
Finch? - I think she's in the lounge.
- Oh, great.
Peter, what are you doing here? An accident.
Where are you going? On my way to meet you at the reception.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Do you think it's too late? - No, I don't think it is.
- Good.
Whoa, what makes you think I still want to? - Because you like to dance with me.
- Oh, I do, do I? - Yeah.
Let's go.
- You know you're looking good.
- Thanks.
You look wet.
- Mind stopping so I can change? - We'll take my car.
- The keys.
- You're not driving.
- I am.
Why does a guy automatically think he has to drive? Hi, Linda? Yeah, hi.
This is Jing-Mei Chen.
No, no.
Everything's fine.
It's just, I thought I'd call and I got your card.
Oh, yeah.
He's beautiful.
Is that him? He's laughing already? Really? - Thanks.
- Your jacket.
Your jacket! Good luck! - Are you Mark? - Yes.
- Glad you could make it.
- Sorry.
Good luck.
- Nice of you to show up.
- It was raining.
Dearly beloved