ER s07e19 Episode Script

Sailing Away

Previously on E.
There she is.
That's my daughter.
Hi, Mom.
I can't have you here.
I told you that last time.
I can't do it anymore.
How long has she been bipolar? Since I was a kid.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
I'm sorry.
It's all part of the disease.
- Don't sass me! I'm your mother! - Not by choice.
Do you want 5 of Haldol? Come on, Maggie.
Calm down.
I held your little hands.
I loved you.
God, how I loved you.
- I know.
I know.
- I'm so sorry.
7x19 "SAILING AWAY" So he's a scalper.
He's a respiratory therapist.
But he's got a friend who can get us good seats.
FRIDAY So it's either a sporting event or a concert.
- No more hints.
- Sporting event.
Were you a kid who peeked at birthday presents? - Hi, guys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You on swing? An hour left.
Bringing your dog to work? No, picking something up.
- What's his name? - Norman.
- Hi, Norman.
- Don't let him get close to your leg.
- John! - Don't be ashamed.
- He's a guy.
- I'm getting him fixed.
- Oh, God! - What? - That car.
- What about it? Read the license plate.
"Man-o-med"? That's Richard.
Who's Richard? Randi, is there a guy named Richard looking for me? - Your ex? - Yes.
In the lounge, talking with Dr.
Call Security.
Tell them there's a BMW illegally parked in the ambulance bay.
She tried to quit three times while we were together.
Got addicted to the gum.
- What do you need? - You didn't return my calls.
- When did you call? - Last night.
I haven't checked my messages yet.
- Excuse me.
- Nice meeting you.
Look, it's your mom.
She's gone off the reservation again.
She's holed up in a motel outside of Muskogee, Oklahoma.
She called you? No.
Apparently, some guy that she's been traveling with prepaid the room for a week and split three weeks ago.
The manager of the hotel got your old number, which is my number and took it out of her bag.
What was he doing going through her stuff? Looking for money.
He says she's all spaced out.
She won't leave the room.
Is she answering the door? Richard, is she answering the door? You should call this guy.
I'm sorry, Abby.
How did you fall? Greased pigs.
- What? - We were chasing greased pigs.
Tau Beta Chi against Gamma Psi Mu.
Is this a contest? Oh, yeah.
And thanks to Tasha, Tau Beta kicked ass! Been drinking already? It's Greek Week.
Okay, we'll have to seal that with some calcium-hydroxide paste.
I'll be back.
Abby? - What did the guy say? - She's there.
He says she owes him $800.
- Do you have that? - Not really.
I do.
No, Luka.
I'll take care of it.
Don't give him a credit card.
We'll wire the money.
I told him I'd give it to him when I got there.
When you got there? I'm gonna take a redeye.
No, Abby.
We'll call the local hospital, talk to a psychiatrist and see if the police will bring her in.
I can't put my mother in a lockup in Oklahoma.
You can fly down once she's medicated.
No, if I have to commit her, it'll be easier to do it from Chicago.
- Why are you doing this? - My mother's sick.
I know.
I saw what she did to you last time.
Kovac, possible DKE in 4.
Accu-Chek is 400.
In a second.
I have to talk to the supervisor, see if I can switch my shift.
Abby, don't go out there.
It's my problem.
- Damn it! - You all right? Oh, yeah.
No problem.
Mark, I don't know why you insist on baby-proofing every drawer and cabinet.
The baby's not gonna be crawling immediately.
There's a high likelihood that he's gonna be advanced for his age.
- Who was at the door? - UPS.
More gifts.
Between the baby and the wedding, they know me by name.
You didn't lift anything, I hope.
It was light.
No lifting.
I'm serious.
What are you doing? Trying to get this show on the road.
- I hope you don't have it on the floor.
- I've been sitting around for days.
I need to move.
Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? - I had to pee, Haleh.
- I didn't say anything.
You have nothing in coach? Okay.
Well, what if I fly into Oklahoma City? - Hi.
- Hi.
What did Richard want? My mother has bottomed out And, of all people, the motel owner had to call Richard.
- Hey! - Did you talk to her? She's not picking up the phone, and she won't come out of the room.
Hey, your dog! - John! - Norman, drop that! - You brought him in? - We used the bathroom.
- Is that gonna hurt him? - No worse than a chilidog.
No! Good boy.
Come on.
- Did you get the tickets? - All set.
So am I gonna have to call you a cab, or will you make it back? I'll meet you outside.
- What's wrong? - I want to change that bag.
Five minutes.
Or you can start running.
- I'll wait.
- A dog has no business in a hospital! Seeing Eye dog.
Well, how many people are going to Oklahoma tonight? No.
Thank you.
- You okay? - Can't get a flight.
Direct to Tulsa? I can't get anywhere close.
There's no connection open.
What are you doing? I have a good travel agent.
She always finds something.
Wanna fly out tonight? Hi.
Katie Witcher, please.
- Open return? - No, I have to drive her back.
- Why? - Because she can't handle flying.
You're gonna drive her all the way back to Chicago by yourself? Is Luka going with you? Hey, Katie.
It's John Carter.
Any way that you could find me two one-way tickets to Tulsa? Tonight.
Mark? Mark! Sorry, I didn't hear you.
I think it's time.
- Will I have a black eye? - Probably.
Piggy-kick to the face.
Bet that's a new one.
It's not funny, Kevin.
- Sorry.
- Do you have a minute? Yeah.
Your eye movement is intact.
But we'll have to take some x-rays to make sure there's no fracture.
He could've cracked my face? Probably not.
But maybe next time you wrestle animals, you should be sober.
Well, it wasn't my idea.
You're still the best-looking piggy mud-wrestler I know.
Shut up, Kevin.
I'm taking an 11:40 flight to Tulsa.
There's a psychiatric facility at Saint John's Medical Center- - Carter's coming with me.
- What? Her mom suffers from bipolar disorder.
She locked herself in a motel room.
- A motel room? - Probably in a major depression.
Why do you have to go? He offered to help.
And I have to drive her back here, so I offered to help.
No, you offered to decide for me.
Abby, your mother needs hospitalization, not a road trip with you and Carter! Yeah, Luka.
We're doing it for the fun of it.
It'll be a blast.
It's a Bulls game.
You said you liked basketball.
- I do.
- Then let's go! - Abby needs someone with her.
- Can't her boyfriend go? - Abby, it's a mistake.
- Are you gonna lecture me on this? - No.
- Good.
You have no idea what it's like.
I grew up with this.
I don't want to be lectured on it.
I'm not lecturing.
I'm trying to help! - You're spending the weekend with her.
- And her clinically depressed mother! - I'll pay for the tickets- - It's not that.
- Shut up! - Don't tell him to shut up! Don't put yourself in the position to get hurt.
Well, you'd be the expert at that, wouldn't you? I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry! - Go! - Rena! - Okay, go.
I think I can make it.
- Hospital policy.
In the chair.
- How far are you dilated? - She wouldn't let me check.
- You're not the doctor.
- I'll get it.
- You get the elevator.
- Having a baby? - Did your water break? Why the sneakers? - I'll be on my feet.
- He's worried about foot pain.
- I've been through this.
- I haven't.
- Are you in labor? - Got cigars? - How far apart are the contractions? - Three to five minutes.
- For how long? - Every hour.
Sounds like you're getting there.
All right.
Is it time? - We think so.
- Congratulations! Don't be a hero.
Get the epidural.
We'll see.
She'll get it.
I'm so humiliated.
It was an honest mistake.
I've been through it.
I should know what Braxton Hicks are.
Corday, you drop that baby already? - Couple more hours.
- Or days.
- I thought you were having your baby.
- I am.
Just not right now.
- They're sending us home.
- This place ain't going anywhere.
I don't need this chair anymore.
You'll need your energy.
SATURDAY Did you get any sleep on the plane? No.
Why doesn't she like to fly? What? Your mom? Flying.
One day she woke up and decided she wanted to take us to Disneyland which sounded like a great idea.
We got to skip school, and we all rushed to the airport.
- She didn't get on the plane? - No.
When we were over Nevada, the pilot came over the PA, playing tour guide.
And she freaked out.
She thought we were flying over a nuclear test site.
She tried to open the emergency-exit door.
It took two flight attendants and three passengers to restrain her.
They tied her in the seat next to me and she screamed her head off all the way to Los Angeles.
Did you ever make it to Disneyland? No.
Thirty years, and I still wonder.
Wonder what? What brings her here? He was an interstate trucker, freelance by the look of his rig.
He stayed one night, prepaid the week, then left.
I figured he'd be coming back for her.
She was ordering pizza for a while, and then nothing.
Saw her by the candy machine, tried to talk to her.
She didn't say nothing.
Should we-? We should knock first.
She don't answer.
Maggie? Maggie, it's John Carter.
We met in Chicago.
I have Abby with me.
Told you.
We'll take it from here.
- You're paying her bill, right? - Yeah, I'll be up to take care of it.
Mom? God.
Do you have any clean clothes? Mom? Mom, you know where you are? - I'm in a motel.
- Where? Where's the motel? It's in Oklahoma.
- Abby? - Yeah? How is she? Oriented.
No focal findings.
Can you run out to the car for me and grab my bag? - I brought some extra clothes.
- Yeah, sure.
- Raise your arms.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- I need you to raise your arms.
Please? - No.
Hello? Who's this? Hey.
No, Abby's inside with her mom.
We're at the motel.
I don't know.
I haven't really seen her yet.
Abby's giving her a bath.
Yeah, I will.
What? You related to her? - I'm just gonna set them on the bed.
- Thank you.
And Luka called.
He said you can call him tonight.
- Abby? - Yeah? There's a diner a mile down the road.
You want me to pick up something to eat? Yeah.
Some eggs maybe.
And some toast.
Okay, I'll be right back.
You gonna be okay? Abby? Yeah.
- Okay, lean your head back.
- No.
Come on.
Come on.
There you go.
I have to go to the bathroom.
- Someone, please? - A nurse will help you.
- When? - Soon.
You're late.
Four minutes.
I needed a coffee.
You wouldn't be late if Weaver was here.
That's true.
But she's not.
- Will you take me to the bathroom? - Get this guy a urinal.
- Find a nurse! - Ow, my- - What do we got? - Frat boy.
Roof to roof.
Didn't make it.
- It's "fraternity.
" - You had a few, man? - Yeah, stopped counting yesterday.
- I can't walk on either leg.
Reed, you baby! Pete's the one really messed up.
BP, 110/65.
Pulse, 120.
- Complains of chest pain.
- Man, you really ate it.
- I'm okay, man.
I hit the trees! - Trauma panel, C-spine, chest and pelvis.
- Fall from height? - Second story.
Maybe 20 feet.
- Losers couldn't clear 6 feet.
- It looks like you had trouble too.
- I was the only one that made it.
- How did he fall? I jumped.
Come in.
No toast.
- Hope you like biscuits.
- Whatever.
Hi, Maggie.
John Carter, Abby's friend.
Abby, you don't have to clean up.
I gave the guy a little extra money for the mess.
Abby, you don't have to clean up.
I took care of it.
Hungry? No.
But she needs to eat, so Hey, Mom.
- I need you to eat some eggs now.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yep.
Settle for one bite.
- No.
- Come on.
- Oh, my God! No.
Come on.
Just one bite.
- I don't want it.
- Okay.
We're ready to go then.
- No.
- Yeah, we're leaving.
Let's go.
- I wanna stay here.
- We're leaving.
Can you get the bags? - I'm staying here.
- No, you're not staying here.
- I'm staying.
- I'm taking you to Chicago.
- I don't want to.
- Mom? - I don't want to go back.
- Mom, this one you're not going to win.
- Okay? So get up.
Get off the bed now! - Abby.
- Okay, we'll carry you.
- No.
- We'll carry you.
- Damn it.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Get her into the car.
Why can't I stay here? Why can't I just stay here, please? - Just let me stay here.
- Come on, Maggie.
Why can't I just stay? No.
I want to stay here.
Why won't you let me stay? Just let me stay here! Damn it! Just let me stay! Why won't you let me stay? God! - Seat belt? - No.
Just go.
- Let's get a post-procedure film.
- Want a Foley? Let's give this idiot a tube in every orifice.
Can I please go to the bathroom? Would you take this man to the bathroom? In a minute.
Benton, right? - Peter Benton.
- Have I seen you before? Yes.
- What for? - I believe it was an exploding condom.
Excuse me? You filled a condom with gas from a Bunsen burner and set it on fire.
- Mr.
Ferris! - In my classroom.
- How are you? - You remember? Yes, yes.
I guess all that detention time paid off.
- I'll take you to the bathroom.
- Thanks.
I'm about to have an accident.
You grew a few inches.
- So how have you been? - Good, until last month.
I had a stroke.
- What from? - Atrial fibrillation.
Left me with some left-sided weakness, but I'm managing.
What are you doing here today? I had my teeth cleaned a few days ago, and they won't stop bleeding.
- What's your Coumadin dosage? - Five milligrams.
- Any other bleeding? From your nose or-? - No, just my gums.
- Did they draw your blood? - An hour ago.
I'll track down your labs and see what your prothrombin is.
Thank you, Peter.
I mean "Dr.
" I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have let you come here.
You shouldn't have to deal with this.
It's no problem.
Is this as bad as it gets? Has it been worse? It's always different.
Sort of.
Or maybe I'm different.
Your perspective changes from 7 to 20.
It was pretty bad the time she locked herself in the garage and turned on both cars.
- She's been suicidal? - If you count attempted suicide.
- How many times? - Seriously, two times.
You cut a tendon, Adam.
Broken bottle.
It was stupid.
My fault.
- Let me guess.
Greek Week.
- How'd you know? Because you smell like you've slept in a beer garden.
- Actually, a car trunk, but- - Here.
So you were locked in a trunk? Yeah.
It's a pledging thing.
And that's supposed to make you feel like a man? I don't know.
It's tradition.
- How did the bottle break? - I was I was pounding it on the trunk of the car.
I don't know why, but I panicked.
It's called claustrophobia.
But I knew they'd come back.
They did last time.
- You did this before? - Yeah, I'm pledging again.
I didn't make it through last time.
Well, I guess you really want this, huh? It's a good house, and they're good guys.
Don't you think you're jumping the gun? - Hold on a sec.
I'll be right back.
- You're ready to pop.
- Shouldn't I be the judge of that? - Is this time for real? - We should've been here hours ago.
- We were! If we'd waited any longer, we would've had a home birth.
- Get any sleep? - Do I look rested? - Okay, good luck.
- Thanks.
A chef's salad and a cup of pea soup for her.
- No, just coffee.
- You have to eat something.
- No.
- Mom.
But could you bring a glass of milk, please? Sure.
Well, it's about 30 more miles to Springfield.
And there's not much after that until St.
Unless you want to stay in a town called Lebanon.
It sounds kind of dangerous.
- Maggie, how'd you end up in Oklahoma? - Don't bother.
- He can talk to me if he wants.
- Fine.
- How'd you end up in Oklahoma? - None of your business.
- What's that? - Depakote.
- No, you can't make me, Abby.
- I don't want to make you.
- No, no, no.
- I want you to do it on your own.
There you go.
I have to go to the bathroom.
No! I can order for myself.
I can talk for myself.
I can pee for myself.
Just I'm not a child.
It's a bathroom.
What am I gonna do with myself? - Are you gonna follow me in? - No.
Don't expect a thank-you.
We needed to start her medication.
How long to reach therapeutic levels? Tomorrow night.
It's 10 hours to Chicago.
I know.
I'll take her to my house.
- I'll get her to Psych Monday.
- Are you working on Monday? - No, I'll switch shifts.
- Well, what about Monday night? - Luka, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Why? - I'll call you back.
- Rena.
No, no.
Because- - Where'd she go? - You're misinterpreting this.
- What? - My mother.
I thought I locked that door.
I unlocked it.
- Okay.
- I needed some air.
- Okay.
- Okay.
See that family down there? Right down there.
There's two little boys over there.
They're fighting by the pool.
Do you see them? And I think that must be their parents over there, having a cocktail.
I watch people like that for hours.
People doing their marketing and tying their shoes.
Just doing routine things that probably bore them to tears.
I think how lucky they are.
They have - They have ordinary lives.
- You could be like them.
- I could never be like them.
- Yes, if you took your medication.
I tried.
I did everything I could think of.
I got married.
I had two kids.
I tried to fool everyone that I was just like them.
God, why did you come, Abby? Because you needed me.
There's no one here to save.
You want me to talk to her? What would you say? That I asked you to come help me with my mother.
- You didn't ask me to come.
- Send her some flowers.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
- I don't think so.
- She's young.
If you get involved with a teenager, you have to expect drama.
- We broke up.
- You broke up? - She broke up.
- When? - Last night.
- Over a basketball game? Over you.
That's silly.
What does she think? We're having an illicit affair or something? No.
Just that I have a crush on you.
It's not like the relationship didn't have its obstacles.
Yeah, but I wouldn't want you to break up because of me.
Face it.
You're a home wrecker.
Greene? - Hey, Malucci.
- Hey, I got you your cigars.
- Great.
- Wow, she's a cute one! Look at her.
You're gonna have to keep the boys away.
What's her name? - Ella.
- Hi, you're quite the heifer, aren't you? - Can I hold her? - No.
- I just washed my hands.
- Good for you, Dave.
- Are you serious? - I'll see you later.
- Why can't I hold her? - Go away, Dave.
You owe me $300 for the cigars.
- What's the matter? - My mother's coming.
She just left.
Well, she decided she wants to come and help with her granddaughter.
- We'll all get along famously.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- How did she do? - She was an angel.
She didn't even cry with the heel stick.
Now she's gonna give her mother a hard time.
Well, if you don't feed her, she will.
I think she's hungry.
The nurse said she'd walk me through breast-feeding.
I don't think Ella knows that.
- I suppose I can wing it.
- Here we go.
Oh, yeah.
- Here you go.
- Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
Just try and keep the head above the tummy.
There you go.
I don't know whether I can do this, Mark.
Yes, you can.
It just takes patience.
No, I mean I mean I know.
I know what you mean.
You're gonna be great.
Can I help you? - Looks like you got a leak, ma'am.
- What? Yeah.
Here's your problem.
You must have run over a nail.
- But it just started hissing.
- I can patch that for you.
- Fifteen dollars.
- You did that.
Because I saw it, doesn't mean I did it.
- You put that in the tire.
- What's the problem? He popped the tire and thinks I don't know about cars because I'm a woman.
You want me to fix it? Ten bucks.
- His price is going down.
- Fix it before we call the cops.
- Five bucks? - Negotiating with me now? Mom? Mom? Mom! - What? - What are you doing? I'm hungry.
- You're hungry? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I'll go with you.
- You all right? Do you want something to eat? - No.
- What? No.
- What's that? - Egg salad.
- It's disgusting.
- Not as disgusting as Twinkies.
- I don't want it.
- And a veggie burrito.
You're getting a Slurpee.
- And some Twinkies.
- Anything else? Yeah.
A pack of light cigarettes.
- That's a nasty habit.
- I know that.
You should take better care of yourself.
- Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
- She was pretty close to traffic.
It's hard not to overreact sometimes.
She seems better today.
- She couldn't really be worse.
- All done.
All right.
I'm gonna pay Paco his three bucks.
I'll bring the car around.
Coming! - You all set? - Yeah.
- How much longer to Chicago? - Two or three hours.
Abby, thank you for coming.
Good news.
They haven't given your room away.
- Frank's calling a cab.
Right? - Right.
Don't take any Coumadin tonight.
Take 4 milligrams tomorrow.
- And I am going to see you on Friday.
- - Thank you, Peter.
You're welcome.
I'm impressed.
I talked to everyone at his board and care.
They all refused to take him.
Oh, yeah? Well, I promised to go by and do his blood test.
Every other day? Since when does Peter Benton give home care? Yeah.
Well, you know what? I owe that guy.
He must've done something for you to make house calls.
He was my science teacher.
I should have been expelled.
He gave me a month's detention instead.
Expelled? What did you do? Blow the place up? Almost.
I had to prep the experiments the night before.
And it changed how I thought about things.
How I looked at school, science, everything.
- Did you ever tell him? - No.
- What was that for? - School, science, everything.
- You did not.
- I did.
- You did not.
- Why would I make that up? You got a perm? - Twice.
- Twice? What? It was junior high school.
That was the style.
I don't know what planet you grew up on but I do not remember perms on boys ever being popular.
Yes, it was.
Jenny Butler liked it.
- I'd like to see pictures of it.
- I think I burned them all.
Twice! So that means you thought it looked good the first time.
As far as youthful transgressions go, I think it scores pretty low on the scale.
If you say so.
- Is she still out? - Yeah.
- I think you'll be all right by yourself.
- I should be.
I really want to thank you again for doing this.
You didn't have to.
- I'd never seen Oklahoma.
- No.
I mean it.
Well, I'll help you inside.
Okay, Mom.
We're here.
Mom? Wake up.
We have to go inside.
Mom? Mom? Mom? John! - What? - She's not waking up.
Maggie? Maggie, can you hear me? Maggie! - Pupils are dilated.
- How much? Nine millimeters.
Did she take something? - Sit her up.
- Did you see her take something? - She's tachy.
- Oh, God! - Pulse is 130.
- God! - No head injury.
- She took something.
- Where'd she get it from? - Call the paramedics! What are you doing? We can be there before they can get here.
Come on, shut that door.
Keep her chin up.
Keep her airway open.
Chuny, pull an intubation kit, get a vent, NG and charcoal.
What size ET? Seven and a half.
She's little.
- They're here.
- Okay.
And get her a unit bed! - Turn her head if she vomits.
- She's cyanotic.
- Glasgow? - Negative 15, 2-2-4.
- Got her? - Yeah.
Not anymore.
She's completely unresponsive.
Get a mask going at 10 liters.
Breaths are shallow, but I think her airway's clear.
CBC, Chem-20, blood and urine tox screens.
BP, 90/60.
QRS complexes look wide.
- Get a 12-lead.
- NG tube.
Hold on.
She's got no gag reflex.
- One of Pavulon, 90 of sux.
- Look at this.
- What? - Diphenhydramine, 25 milligrams.
- How many are missing? - All of them.
Twelve to a sheet.
Three sheets.
Twenty-five times 36.
- That's 900 milligrams.
- Okay.
Stand by with bicarb.
Hurry up, Carter.
Give me some cricoid pressure.
Charcoal after intubation.
Abby, you want to be in here? QRS complex is 0.
- Push the bicarb.
- Okay, I'm in.
Abby? I'm okay.
from multiple shots of tequila.
- Wasn't breathing.
- How long was he down? - A long time.
- What's the writing? His frat brothers did it.
They were trying to clean it.
- Peter splinted this guy.
- I can't get a pulse.
- Nothing from the neck.
- Was this your patient? - He's in V-tach! - Charge the portable paddles! - What happened? - Too much to drink.
- Charged to 200.
- Clear! Clear.
- How much? - They were having a contest.
- Is someone coming in? - They're all pretty drunk.
- Okay.
- Still V-tach! Charge again.
Amp of epi.
Come on.
- Clear.
- Clear.
No change, 100 of lidocaine.
Let's charge to 360.
Get him on the gurney.
- He's young.
We can get him back.
- All right, here we go.
Clear! Deteriorated to V-fib.
Let's get somebody from that fraternity.
Find out what happened.
- Got more bicarb.
- Put an amp in.
- Charcoal is in.
- I need vent settings.
Tidal volume, 600.
AC of 12 on 100%.
- Pressure's down to 80 after two liters.
- Start dopamine at 10 mics.
Antihistamine overdose can give you myocardial pump failure.
Did she have sleeping pills with her? - I need another lomed for the drip.
- Where'd she get them? Call X-ray.
We need a portable chest.
She's hyper-reflexic.
Is the tox screen back? - She's seizing! - Watch the tube! - Pulse ox is dropping.
Check the O-2.
- We're bagging at 100%.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Her finger probe fell off.
Help me keep her head steady.
- Help me keep her head steady.
- Hold on.
- Ativan's on board.
- Another four? Give it a minute to work.
Still fib.
- Pulse ox down to 72.
- All right.
Push another epi.
Shock again.
His friend is here.
Not you again.
Adam's pledging Upsilon Psi Lambda.
I'm his big brother.
- How much did you make him drink? - He drank on his own.
- How much did you make him drink? -35 shots, maybe 40.
Clear! Asystole.
A milligram of atropine.
And set up the pacing pads.
Come on.
Blood alcohol is 0.
Tox screen: Negative for marijuana, cocaine, opiates.
Adam wouldn't touch drugs.
- Ready to pace.
- Rate of a hundred.
- Aren't you gonna shock him again? - You can't shock a flatline.
- You only shocked him once.
- We've shocked him for 40 minutes.
No capture, no pulse.
Time of death, 2023.
You gotta help him.
His heart's been deprived of oxygen too long.
He's gone.
Clean him up.
- What? - You and your friends.
- You wrote this on him, right? - Yeah.
But it was just a joke.
- I hope you got a good laugh out of it.
- We didn't know this was gonna happen.
You're his big brother.
You're supposed to look out for him.
He drank voluntary- Just shut up, all right? You get over there and you clean him up.
Hey, Maggie? Maggie, can you squeeze my hand? - She's not waking up.
- CT said they can take you on the way.
- She's got a unit bed? -2102.
- You want to call Psych? - No.
- She's on a hold.
- They can't talk to her.
Pressure's holding.
You want to finish the Dilantin? Yes.
Have them check her level in an hour.
I want her on a hold when she wakes up.
She might not wake up.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? - Is this a bad time? No.
I just had to tell a father in Iowa that he lost his son.
- So it is a bad time.
- What can I do for you? I wanted to let you know I was accepted into med school.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
- I want to thank you for your help.
- You deserved it.
It wouldn't have been an option if you hadn't gone out of your way.
Look, don't thank me.
Just work your ass off, all right? They extubated her? She woke up and started fighting the vent.
Her vitals are normal.
Did you get a hold? Legaspi saw her.
I thought I was watching her every second.
That's not possible.
I should have listened to you.
She'll be okay.
She'll never be okay.