ER s07e20 Episode Script

Fear of Commitment

Previously on E.
Abby, your mother needs hospitalization, not a road trip with you and Carter! Yeah, Luka.
We're doing it for the fun of it.
- She's been suicidal? - If you count attempted suicide.
Maggie? Maggie, can you hear me? Maggie! - Did she take something? - I don't know.
Sit her up.
She took something.
- Where'd she get it from? - Call the paramedics! Breaths are shallow, but I think her airway's clear.
- She's seizing! - Watch the tube! - Somebody help me keep her head steady.
- Hold on, hold on.
7x20 "FEAR OF COMMITMENT" Hi, I'm looking for Carl Ferris.
He's not in his room.
How much longer? Trudy! - Where's the damn ambulance?! - They're on their way.
- What's the problem? - Nothing to concern yourself with.
- I'm a doctor.
- Then get in here! I think this guy's having a heart attack! Make way! Doctor coming in! Bernice, shake a leg.
Ferris? Are you having pain in your chest? Well, he says yes.
It's like someone's squeezing his heart.
No, no, no.
It's more like he's been punched in the chest.
- When did it start? - A few hours ago.
Give me your stethoscope.
Let's sit him up.
Here we go.
- He needs oxygen.
- We're board and care.
We don't have any.
- Jerry, I need your oxygen.
- Get your hands off that! That's mine! How am I supposed to breathe now? - He's in CHF.
- Oh, CHF.
- What's that? - Congestive heart failure.
- I just take blood pressures.
- I know CPR.
- Dr.
Benton? - He's in rapid A-fib.
Let's start a line.
Oh, my God.
Look at this.
We can't take orders unless you stay with us.
All right.
Five liters O-2 on a nasal cannula.
Let's get him on the gurney.
- Hang in there, Carl! - Yeah, you're gonna be fine.
His lungs are wet.
We need to treat as failure.
Nitro spray in five minutes.
Forty of Lasix and titrate up to 10 of morphine.
Keep his pressure above 100.
- Lasix and MS.
- What's happening? You've got fluid in your lungs.
- Ten of morphine.
- This might make you drowsy, okay? Pressure's holding at 110.
Pulse down to 100.
- Am I gonna make it? - You're doing fine.
You're gonna be- - Anybody hurt? - No, I don't think so.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- What happened? - He came out of nowhere.
- Sir, does your neck hurt? - A little.
- He pulled out right in front of me.
- I didn't see you.
- Don't move your head.
- I had my lights and sirens on.
- I'll go call another rig.
- No, we'll take him with us.
I don't wash my hair.
I never wash my hair.
It helps.
You shouldn't wash your hair every day.
It gets rid of the natural oils.
Hi, Mom.
- Abby.
What are you doing here? - I'm on a break.
If you comb it too much, you'll damage the ends.
- How are you feeling? - Better.
- Now it's full of static electricity.
- Winona, your hair looks fine.
I don't think she knows where she is.
Time for your meds, Maggie.
I think Winona needs to go to the bathroom.
- She gets agitated when she has to pee.
- Thanks.
- You need to use the bathroom, Winona? - I need to fix my hair.
I'll be right back.
You're gonna have to stay here for a little while.
They're keeping you on a 90-day hold.
I'm sorry.
No, it's me.
I should never have put you through all of that.
It's me.
I'm sorry.
Trauma panel, C-spine, chest and pelvis.
Prep the left chest.
- Where does it hurt? - My chest and stomach.
- Any headache or neck pain? - No.
No loss of consciousness.
- Someone you'd like us to call? - My mom.
Let's infiltrate with lidocaine, Malucci.
- Where you going? - I'll be right back.
CBC, chem panel, cardiac enzymes, He was in A-fib with a rapid ventricular response.
- Heart rate's 88, irregular.
- He's in CHF.
How about some Lasix? We gave him 40.
How you doing, Mr.
Ferris? - You tell me.
- Don't worry.
You'll be okay.
I've gotta go work on the crash victim.
Kovac will take care of you, okay? Let me see that EKG as soon as it comes back.
Lidocaine's on, second liter of saline is up.
- Do the ultrasound, Malucci.
- Pulse ox, 89 on two liters.
Up it to five.
32 French.
Thank you.
Open a chest-tube tray.
Set up Thora-Seal to low suction.
Get serial crits, due 20 minutes, okay? Damn it! - What's wrong? - Nothing.
Pulse ox down to 85.
- Hurt yourself? - No.
- I can give it a try if you want.
- I'm fine.
Open another tube.
Shove this under the desk.
It's Mr.
You don't wanna know.
Abby, shouldn't you be at the courthouse? Your mother was just transported to her commitment hearing.
- Aren't you supposed to testify? - What commitment hearing? State Attorney's Office should have called.
Well, nobody called me.
Your mother has contested her certificate of commitment.
By law, she is entitled to a hearing in front of a judge.
- And, what, he could release her? - Technically.
Attempted suicide is a good argument for a 90-day hold, but since you witnessed- - When is this happening? - Tube placement looks good.
- Pressure's up to 120.
I'll meet you at the elevator.
How we doing? No chest pain after two more nitros.
- Where are you admitting him? - He's fifth in line for Tele admit.
How long will that take? Sometimes we rule out Ml, send them home.
He spent two days in the ER last time.
It's okay.
I'll sort this out and get you a bed as soon as I'm done in the O.
- Thank you, Peter.
- Sure.
She sat there and let me apologize to her, and she knew she was going to court.
She didn't wanna get you involved.
Or doesn't want me to testify against her.
- Are you? - I don't know.
I have to find this state's attorney, whoever that is.
- I'll go with you.
- No.
- I can get somebody to cover.
- I can't wait.
You shouldn't have to do this by yourself.
I shouldn't have to do this at all.
- You'd rather Carter go with you? - What's that supposed to mean? He helped you deal with her before.
I'll call you later.
Nice basket.
Is that for Greene and Corday? - Yeah, and you still owe $50.
- Fifty? For that? We got them a baby video monitor.
Nurses pitched in 20, doctors 50.
I pay the same as Benton and Weaver? - Aren't you a doctor? - That's debatable.
- Cleo, can you take a lady in Exam 2? - I'm already juggling seven patients.
I'll trade you one.
Then can you lend me 50 bucks? Jing-Mei.
I got a woman in Exam 2 who hasn't had a bowel movement in over a week.
She needs a rectal.
- So do it.
- Well, she threatened to Mace me.
- You should be used to that.
- Take this one.
Forget it.
- What's the problem here? - I don't know.
Maybe it's your B.
- Or maybe it's PMS.
- Excuse me? Look, I'm just saying- It's okay for you to dump a patient on me and for you to refuse any handoffs.
But the minute I do, it's because I'm a bitch - or that time of the month! Screw you.
- Forget it.
- I'll leave.
- I'm tired of your crap! - Another 2-0 silk.
- Pressure's holding at 120.
Benton, what are you still doing in here? The gastrosplenic and splenorenal were very vascular.
- Are you suturing with your left hand? - Yes, I'm ambidextrous.
Like hell.
I've seen third-year medical students sew faster.
Let me see you use your right hand.
- Sterile gloves.
What happened? - I may have bruised my wrist.
- How? - Fell to an outstretched hand.
Perfect mechanism for a fracture.
Get your hands out of the field, Peter.
- What? - Hold them out like this.
Fingers spread.
- Your radius and ulna feel okay? - I'm fine.
Point tenderness at the snuff box.
We call that a scaphoid fracture.
Scrub out.
- I can finish.
I'm almost done.
- No, you are done.
If this poor devil had some complication and his lawyers discovered you were operating with the wrong hand we both might as well bend over.
Be thankful you're not a racehorse, Peter.
I'd have to take you out and shoot you.
- Dr.
Benton, your wife's here.
- What? I'm not married.
- I'm sorry.
- Where is she? - How long have you had the pain? - A few hours.
- When was your last period? - Seven weeks ago.
When I didn't get it, I did a home pregnancy test.
It was positive.
- That was two weeks ago.
- Have you seen your gynecologist? - You have a history of migraines? - Yeah.
And are you on any medication? Inderal and sumatriptan.
But they're not helping.
It just keeps getting worse.
- So where's the pain? - It's all around my right eye.
- How many other pregnancies? - This is my first.
- Am I having a miscarriage? - I can't tell until we do some tests.
And a pelvic exam as well.
It pounds with every heartbeat.
I think it's the numbers.
What, you're an accountant or something? No, binary numbers.
Ones and zeros.
Electronic data.
- Deb.
- What? Freaky.
I warned you! - What happened? - Patient Maced him.
- You happy now?! - Flush his eyes with saline.
Call Security.
Give me that pepper spray.
Give it to me! Do you want me to have you arrested? I told him not to touch me or my personal possessions.
Malucci was only trying to help you.
You could have seriously injured him.
Well, I hope I taught him some manners.
- Have you been in this ER before? - I've been in a lot ERs.
And to be honest, this one's substandard.
Maybe you'd feel more comfortable in jail.
They used to drown redheaded babies because they thought they were evil.
And they used to burn crazy people who they thought were witches.
I just need something to help me go to the bathroom.
Is that too much to ask?! - She's historically non-med compliant? - Well, she has phases.
- But this time she's been off for about- - Ma'am.
Six months.
- How many serious suicide attempts? - This one makes three.
- Don't you know this stuff? - Just reviewing before we go in.
I got the case this morning.
- Hey, Marty.
You got Wyninski? - Wyczenski.
- Wyczenski.
- Yeah.
Drug overdose.
So you're stipulating to an attempted suicide, right? No, but nice try.
No intent.
- I'm sorry, what was your name again? - Abby.
- Did you witness the attempt, Abby? - I was with her.
She took the pills in a bathroom.
Who was that? Your mother's public defender.
Since they won't stipulate I'll have you testify to the intention and lethality of the attempt.
- Nobody called me to testify.
- That's why you're here, right? You want your mother to stay committed.
Well, yes, but somebody should have- Okay.
You're here now.
Come on.
I think we pretty much have it all Just answer all the questions that we talked about.
All right.
Peter, I thought you would never get here.
- What happened? - I was carrying Reece.
I stepped in a grate in the sidewalk and twisted my ankle so bad I thought I was going to pass out.
Was he hurt? Are you hurt? He scraped his elbow.
He's okay.
Carla, you were carrying him while you were wearing these? They said they wanna operate.
I kept telling them to call you.
I do not want an operation.
Yeah, well, you have a trimalleolar fracture.
They'll have to put a screw in it so it'll heal properly.
- Can't you do it? - No.
You need an orthopedic surgeon.
Well, how long am I gonna have to stay in the hospital? - A couple of days.
- I can't.
Roger's out of town.
Yeah, is he ever around? We haven't been getting along well lately.
Which is one of the reasons why I cannot deal with this right now.
I'll take Reece for a couple of days till you get back on your feet.
I don't think that's gonna be a good idea.
Why not? Jackie told me that you moved in with that girlfriend.
- And that's a problem? - It's not a good environment for our son.
Carla, give me a break.
She's a pediatrician.
I'm just saying she don't seem like the motherly type.
She was admitted following a suicide attempt.
That's not what I asked, Dr.
Has Mrs.
Wyczenski shown any signs of suicidality since her admission? Not that I'm aware of.
She has voluntarily submitted for all treatments and medications recommended by your department? - That's correct.
- No further questions, Your Honor.
Thank you, doctor.
Does the state have any more witnesses? Yes, Your Honor.
The people call Abby Lockhart.
Hold on.
All right, I was next.
I was next.
It's my turn.
That's enough.
The testimony you shall give will be the truth and nothing but the truth? Please have a seat.
It was my turn.
You're Mrs.
Wyczenski's daughter? I've been waiting.
This bitch took my turn.
Settle down.
- Miss Lockhart? - Yes.
And as such, you support a mandatory hold for your mother because she might attempt to kill herself again.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
Miss Lockhart, do you feel your mother should be involuntarily committed? - Yes.
- Why? - No.
There are no such thing as cuts! - Russell? No back cuts! No front cuts! No, it's my turn! - That bitch stole my spot! Take her! - Come on.
- You take her out! I didn't do anything! - Shut up.
She took my spot! No! No! He was pushed down in an altercation.
Tenderness to mid-shaft clavicle.
- You said there's no LOC? - He's faking.
Vitals are normal.
No chest or belly pain.
- What's his name? - He refused to give it.
He said it was "O.
" His name's Brett Paxton, and he's crazy.
- What's this? - Human bite to the left hand.
I'll need stitches, thanks to this freak.
Cool it! Cool it! Okay.
Take the opossum to Exam 1 and get the kangaroo to Sutures.
Come on.
- God! Okay, okay, okay! - You need to flush them out.
Well, you've flushed enough already.
Okay? - Here you go.
- You know I've never worn one of those.
Well, maybe it's time you at least started dressing like a doctor.
Come on.
- What? - Carter, your pregnancy's bleeding out! - Where is she? - She's passed out in the bathroom.
Noni? Oh, my God.
Noni, can you hear me? Wake up! - I can't find a pulse.
- She's got a weak carotid.
Get a gurney.
- You're divorced, Mrs.
Lockhart? - Objection.
- Goes to living arrangements, Your Honor.
- I'll allow it.
- And when was your divorce finalized? - Last summer.
- Have you been dating anyone? - Your Honor? Get to the point, Mr.
Your mother can be eccentric, maybe a little embarrassing at times? She suffers from a debilitating mood disorder.
Having her live with you while trying to date would be a major inconvenience? I've tried having her live with me before several times.
- It doesn't work.
- Doesn't work? No.
She stops taking her medications, she loses control and she disappears.
Does she look out of control to you? She's on her meds now.
- So she does take her medication.
- She's only taken them for a week.
As long as she's med compliant, she's not a danger.
- She doesn't stay med compliant.
- That wasn't my question.
Have you known your mother to be a danger to herself while med compliant? No.
Not usually.
You think locking her up in a psychiatric facility would be better for her? - I can't take care of her.
- Can't or won't? - She tried to kill herself while with me.
- Nonresponsive.
- Please.
Just answer the questions.
- Well, tell him to ask them.
Miss Lockhart.
- You okay? - Yes! - Would you like some water? - No, thank you.
BP's 60 palp.
- What's her HemoCue? -10.
She's got a little reserve.
No fetal pole, no heartbeat.
Just blood and POCs.
- That's an incomplete miscarriage.
- Call OB.
She needs a D and C.
I'll do a pelvic to see if- - Carter, this is her boyfriend.
- What happened? Your girlfriend had a miscarriage, but it's incomplete.
- She needs a D and C to stop bleeding.
- She's gonna be okay? She might need a transfusion.
I'll speak with you after she's stabilized.
- Oh, God! - Can you take him outside? Call for packed cells.
If pressure's not up after two liters HemoCue every 30 minutes.
Are human bites really worse than dog bites? Yeah, because of the virulence of the bacteria.
If germs infect the joint, it can cause scarring which can limit your range of motion.
You don't wanna lose your opposable thumb.
So you guys rival mascots or something? No, we were at the Furturama show.
It's a convention for furries.
People who like to dress in animal costumes.
He started it.
I think he'd been drinking.
- One minute he was skritching me- - Skritching? Scratching.
Mock grooming.
Sort of our version of a handshake.
Next thing you know, he's got his hand in my pouch.
So I decked him.
I'm not into the weird stuff.
It makes me sick.
I never felt like myself.
I told the doctors that.
They never really listen to me.
They just keep giving me more pills.
- How do you feel now? - Better.
- So you're no longer depressed? - No.
Did you try to kill yourself during your last depressive episode? I took an overdose of sleeping pills, yes.
But I never meant to kill myself.
She's lying.
Why did you take so many pills? Who in their right mind wants to drive from Oklahoma to Chicago, really? I get carsick.
I just thought if I could sleep, I'd be all right.
I took some pills.
- She took 900 milligrams.
- They didn't work right away.
You know, I foolishly then took some more pills.
- She took 900 milligrams.
That's 36 pills.
- How much did you take? I know it was stupid.
I just thought if I could sleep The next thing I know, I woke up in the hospital.
But I never meant to hurt myself or anyone else.
Abby, I'm so sorry.
I never meant to put you through that.
Ask her where she got the pills.
- She stole them.
- Mr.
Rifkin could you please ask your witness to be quiet? If your daughter's not ready to take you in, are you able to take care of yourself? I always have.
I've always worked.
- Do you have any money? - I have a few credit cards.
- They' re all canceled.
- I mean it, Miss Lockhart.
HemoCue every 20 minutes.
Set up a DIC panel and call me with the results.
- What's happening? - She's going up to the O.
I removed some tissue from her cervix.
She's still bleeding but it's slowed to the point that her pressure's okay.
- Did you do a blood transfusion? - We gave her plasma.
- Her blood wasn't clotting properly.
- Why isn't her blood clotting? It could be a sign of liver disease.
The liver affects the clotting factors.
She ever have hepatitis? No.
- She drink alcohol every day? - No.
Tylenol? Any other medications? Maybe some herbal stuff.
What kind of herbal stuff? Root extracts.
They' re supposed to induce miscarriages.
I thought she wanted this baby.
She didn't know.
- How could she not know? - I gave them to her.
You what? Put them in her tea for the last few days.
She didn't even ask me if I wanted the baby.
- So you poisoned her? - I wasn't ready.
- I thought she'd just- - What? Bleed to death? I didn't mean to make her sick.
No, man, you just meant to kill her baby.
You have a large tumor on your left ovary.
I came in here because I couldn't poop.
The tumor is large enough that it's blocking your bowel movements.
Cancer? Well, well, well.
Every day comes with its own surprises.
- What? - Nothing.
That's how I know you.
You're Princess Taffeta.
And you had that children's show I used to watch all the time when I was little.
And you always used to say, "Every day comes with its own surprises.
" - I don't think so.
- You worked with those great puppets.
There was Mojo and Mr.
Whiskers, and what was that-? Coconuts! The chimpanzee in the sailor uniform.
We got that monkey from a lab and we had to dress him in that stupid outfit to hide his open sores! We need to admit you.
A gynecologist will want to see you and start treatment right away.
No, thanks.
I don't like hospitals! Look, the tumor will only get worse, and you'll feel sicker.
Is there someone that we can call? A family member, perhaps, who can talk to you about this? Nope.
Don't have any brothers or sisters and never got married.
I was engaged once to a man named Christopher Clemmons.
He was gonna be a famous jazz musician.
I was gonna be a movie star.
Doesn't really matter now.
In the end, everybody dies alone.
Right? Excuse me, you got a light? - This is turning into a freaking disaster.
- You did fine.
- Who's covering for you? - Don't worry about it.
I'm not hungry.
She's asking for you.
- Maybe you should talk to her.
- What for? You didn't want me to deal with her.
I thought she needed hospitalization.
Well, why do you think I'm here? Because you know she needs your help, even if she doesn't want it.
- I thought you should eat something.
- Thank you.
You lied.
You wanted to kill yourself.
I can't be committed.
Well, you need help, Mom.
And I obviously don't know how to help you.
I understand.
I don't want to be a burden to you, Abby.
I swear that's the truth.
But I can't be committed.
So you'll just do this to yourself over again? - You'll just roll through the whole cycle? - No.
Then what? What? What are you gonna do differently this time? I don't know.
I don't want to break any more promises to you.
I've put you through so much already- If you believe that, you'd seek treatment.
- I will.
I just- - Can't be committed.
Well Well, just forgive me if I don't trust your judgment.
I would have found a way to try, Abby.
It's not your fault.
Nothing I do is your fault.
My company has this Christmas charity event.
One year the guy who always dresses up for the kids got sick.
My boss made me put on this reindeer suit.
The kids went nuts.
The adults thought it was great.
Everybody took pictures with me.
- Sounds almost fun.
- It was a blast.
I used to be so shy.
But the suit gives you freedom.
It lets you do things you normally wouldn't do.
- But I'm not a plushie or a furvert.
- A what? Furverts like to wear their suits during sex.
And plushies are overly fond of stuffed animals.
- What? - But not me.
I just like the suit.
Some people disapprove and think it's wrong, but the truth is I'm never happier than when I'm a kangaroo.
You have to rule out appendicitis, biliary disease, food poisoning.
- Does she have a fever? - No.
Good breath sounds.
What's that smell? - Oh, my God.
- I've seen this before.
Get a surgical consult.
I'll call DCFS.
It's a folk cure.
They heat a coin over a candle and drag it across the back.
Sometimes they dip the coins in essential oils.
Just because it's an ancient tradition doesn't mean it's not child abuse.
The minty smell is oil of wintergreen.
It's got a high concentration of salicylates.
It could have caused the aspirin toxicity.
Let's get a blood gas and a salicylate level.
You do that.
I'm calling Family Services.
- Will I be able to have more children? - Yes.
Noni, what your boyfriend did was really wrong.
You need to consider whether or not to file criminal charges.
Victor loves me.
- He just got scared.
- That doesn't justify what he did.
I was so excited to be pregnant.
What do you want to do? Mrs.
Wyczenski, are you familiar with reading directions and warnings on over-the-counter medications? Yes, I suppose so.
Would you please read the label on this? I'm sorry, I don't have my reading glasses.
I can't see.
- Allow me, then.
- Okay.
"One tablet at bedtime.
May repeat in four hours if necessary.
Do not exceed four tablets in a 24-hour period.
" You took 36 tablets, did you not? I didn't have my reading glasses with me then either.
You took 36 pills and you didn't intend to kill yourself? I was depressed, but I didn't want to kill myself.
- Where did you get the pills? - I got them at a convenience store.
How did you pay for them? - I didn't.
- You stole them? Objection.
Shoplifting has nothing to do with suicidality.
- Goes to intent.
- Get to it quickly.
Why did you have to steal them? Why didn't you ask your daughter to pay for them? - She wouldn't have.
- Why not? - She was worried.
- Worried that you'd try to kill yourself? She worries when I get depressed.
Because during other depressions you have attempted suicide.
In fact, you've been committed on two other occasions for attempted suicide.
- In '83 and 1974.
- Yes.
- What method did you use for those? - Carbon monoxide poisoning.
In '83.
- What about in '74? - I took some pills.
Did you coin Lynda because she's sick? I don't understand what you're saying.
Could someone get me a translator? Where's Chen? Look who's here! Your cardiac enzymes are back, Mr.
You had a small heart attack.
What did I tell you? I know heart attacks.
- I'm lucky you showed up when you did.
- We kept you alive till he got there.
If there are any blockages, we'll open it with an angioplasty balloon - and we'll keep it open with a stent.
- Thank you, Peter.
Not bad for a guy who blew up a rubber in your classroom.
I'll check on you later.
Hi, Reece.
What are you doing here? His mother broke her ankle.
She's waiting to be admitted to Surgery.
- Could you look at a belly? - Sure.
Excuse me.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Could you just calm down? - She seems pretty upset.
- You think? You speak Cantonese? You think? I was a translator in the Army.
Could you ask her what she treated her granddaughter with? - I think I can manage.
- Excuse me.
Her labs are back.
Electrolytes are normal.
No anion gap.
PH 7.
Salicylate level's - Well, that's not a toxic range.
- Nope.
Her liver-function tests and her head CT are also normal.
Then it's one hell of a case of gastroenteritis.
We've given her 10 of Compazine.
She's still puking.
Peter's looking at her now.
I'll let you know.
Well, anything? She said she used hot coins and liniment.
Yeah, I know that.
But did she say why? She's possessed.
Grandma or the girl? What are we talking here, demonic spirits? No, more like evil thoughts.
Sinful behavior.
You know, S-E-X.
Faye? Faye! Faye, where are you going? Where're you going? I got a garden party at 6.
You need to be admitted to the hospital so you can start treatment.
- We both know that's not gonna happen.
- You can't leave.
Come on.
I've never been one for hospitals.
They smell funny.
Besides, I already signed the papers.
Will you at least speak to a psychiatrist? Mr.
- Take it.
- No, I can't.
Look, honey, I'm gonna be dead in a few months.
You said so yourself.
Make me feel better knowing he's with someone who'll appreciate him.
Stupid puppet ended my acting career.
But it did buy my first house.
Thank you.
Every day comes with its own surprises.
A statement from a former employer of Mrs.
Wyczenski- - I don't need any more statements.
- The employer affirms that- We've spent more than enough time on this one already.
Let's move on.
Wyczenski is released on her own recognizance.
- What's next, Mike? - Well, that's good.
You won.
- Is this yours, Marty? - Yes, it is.
- So I can just go? - Yes, you can go.
- Wait a minute.
That's it? - I'm sorry.
- She's letting her go? - Is the respondent here? - Yes, he is, Your Honor.
- She needs hospitalization! I'm not debating it with you.
You've counseled your client? - I have.
- Yeah, but, I mean, that's- We did all we can.
I'm sorry.
We have to move on.
You're done.
It's good.
Just go back to the hospital and sign out.
That's good.
Move on.
All of you should just move on.
We wouldn't want to waste time on this.
- I've been dealing with her for 30 years.
- Russell? You didn't have to drive her to the hospital.
Pour charcoal down her throat.
Breathe for her.
- This way.
- I'm getting my coat! Just don't touch her.
She's not your mother.
What do you care? The rest of us will take care of her.
And maybe if you're really lucky next time you won't have to hear the case at all.
Maybe next time you'll do it right! And then it'll be the coroner's problem.
No evidence of appendicitis or pancreatitis.
- Biliary colic? - No.
- I'm about to give up.
- Did you check for pyelo? Yes.
And hepatitis.
You should get an x- ray of that wrist if it's bothering you.
I'm fine.
- What will you do with Reece? - I left a message for Jackie.
Hopefully she can pick him up on her way home from work.
Why don't you take him home? You can't do anything with that hand.
I wanna stick around until Ferris gets a room.
Then I'll take him home with me.
I'm off in an hour.
- No, I don't want you to have to do that.
- I don't mind.
We'll have fun, right? - All right.
- You have to let me take an x-ray.
Come on, you're resorting to blackmail? What the hell is that? I remember Mr.
Whiskers! Where did you get him? On eBay? Princess Taffeta was the patient who Maced you.
- That's probably worth some money.
- Looks like roadkill.
Malucci, there's a priest in with Lynda An? - Yeah.
He's doing an exorcism.
- Excuse me? Actually, he's a chaplain, and it's more of a blessing.
But it should work.
I think her problem's psychosomatic.
Based on your vast knowledge of psychiatry? And the fact her grandma caught her messing around with her boyfriend.
It's all about guilt.
Hey, how's it working out with Lynda? - I think she's gonna be fine.
- Excellent.
- How are you feeling, Lynda? - Hungry.
- No more nausea? - No.
I'm starving.
She's eating solid foods and not vomiting.
She's ready to go home.
I'd like to admit you, keep you overnight for observation and rehydration.
- Could I get a pizza or something? - We'll see what we can work out, okay? - Nice catch.
- I'd still like to do some more tests.
Why, because you can't admit that a surgeon and a pediatrician got outsmarted by a goombah? Yeah.
Don't sweat it.
You're not the first to be deceived by my rugged good looks and boyish charm.
By signing, you acknowledge doctors feel it's best you remain hospitalized and you accept and understand by leaving against medical advice you risk a deterioration of your psychiatric symptoms.
What about my meds? Can I have a prescription? I will give you three days' worth.
I want to see you Monday.
If you' re doing well, I'll give you a week's worth.
- Okay.
- Okay what? What does that mean? - Could I call you? - Sure.
- All right.
- You can call me anytime.
- You can call me just to talk.
- Okay.
I got some stuff from that motel room and some stuff you left in my apartment.
- Thank you.
- Figure out where you're going? Yeah.
Legaspi gave me the name of a shelter.
I'm gonna go there for a few days.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good luck, Maggie.
- See you next time.
- Next time? Yeah, whenever it is, wherever it is Maybe there won't be a next time.
You're gonna walk out of here on your own one week after swallowing a pharmacy, as close to death as I see people get and you think there's not gonna be a next time? I hope not.
I don't know.
I promised myself I wouldn't make any promises.
You know when I saw you seizing on that table, I thought: "This is it.
This is it.
This is how it's all gonna end.
I am going to watch my mother die.
" I still might not be wrong about that.
It could still end that way.
And there's not one thing I can do about it.
But I'll show up.
Because you will always have that power over me.
I will show up and I will try to stop it.
I love you, Mom.
- How long will she be in the hospital? - We'll keep her overnight for observation.
- Could I see her? - I don't think so.
- I wanna talk to her.
- She prefers to be alone.
You need to speak to the police.
- Is this him? - It's him.
This is between me and Noni.
What did you do, talk her into pressing charges? - I didn't have to.
Murder is a felony.
- Come with me, sir.
It wasn't even a baby.
Can I speak with Dr.
Quaid? Daryl Quaid.
Well, he gave me his card and it has this number on it.
Okay, thanks.
One of those days? Ever find out what happened with your numbers guy? Was he a savant? Don't know.
He left with this doctor from the VA.
I just called to follow up but there's no record of my patient or the doctor I let him leave with.
- What will you do? - Same thing as I always do.
Hit a bar, get drunk, go home with a stranger and have wild sex until I pass out from exhaustion.
- Takeout and a hot bath? - Yeah.
- Randi, have you seen my puppet? - Your what? - Mr.
- I didn't touch it.
Trust me.
Can't believe somebody would steal that.
- Where do you guys want Super Larry? - Exam 1.
- The opossum guy's still in there.
- Okay.
Well, let's get rid of him.
Paxton? Mr.
Paxton? You still playing opossum? Mr.
Whiskers! - Whatever happened to Mrs.
Lindstrom? - Retired.
She was mean.
That woman was born mean.
Even the other teachers were afraid of her.
I'm sure you thought the same of me with all those detentions I gave you.
Your detentions steered me towards medicine.
So I might have played a small role in it.
I'm proud of you, Peter.
Yeah, well, thanks a lot.
And you should be proud of yourself.
I am.
Look, don't get me wrong.
Sometimes it's hard when people's lives depend on your success and you're not always successful.
Sometimes you- Sometimes you get so tired that you start forgetting what's important.
And what is that? Two things in this world I'm certain of: My love for my son and my skills as a surgeon.
I'm a father, I'm a doctor.
At the end of the day, that's enough.
What about a teacher? That was never one of my greatest skills.
The only skill you need to be a good teacher is to care.
That's all.
Who knows? Maybe one of your students will wind up saving your ass one day.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I heard you were here, but I haven't seen you.
Most of my day is spent in the jail ward.
I'm sorry.
I was glad to hear that the charges were dropped.
Shannon Wallace decided to tell the truth after she got the treatment that she needed.
That's good.
- What do you want, Kerry? - I thought you might be hungry.
No, I'm not, and I have a ton of work to do.
So Right.
Well, if you change your mind here's some Kung Pao chicken from George's.
Abby, are you okay in there? Want some dinner? You need to eat.
Have you been watching Martha Stewart again? - Thank you.
- For what? For being there.
And here.
- Is the food here? - What food? I'm making dinner by myself.
Why are you laughing? I just hope you didn't order from that Thai place again.
Who is it? Abby?