ER s08e02 Episode Script

The Longer You Stay

Previously on E.
It's imposible for that woman to be my mother.
The information is there.
I can get it.
You're not gonna quit, are you? You're fired.
Have you talked to Weaver about an Attending position? If she wanted me, she would have asked me about it.
I never got a chance to thank you.
I got my Chief Resident confirmation.
- I won't let you down.
- I'm sure you won't.
Don't talk to me about Luka.
I don't want to wish bad things for you.
And I don't want to sit on the sidelines waiting for you two to break up.
- Hey! - Roger.
You stay away from my wife.
8x02 "THE LONGER YOU STAY" One hundred and forty patients, I got a record.
There's a guy in Exam 4 that swallowed Shift record, as in "shift over.
" - Who has Pelar now? - Which one's that? Kidney stone in 7, since this morning.
I admitted him to Urology.
- I just need a diet order.
- Two grams sodium.
- Give me the beer.
- No.
This is my personal property! - Give me the beer! - Two grams sodium in 7.
- I need help with a Foley.
- It's personal property! - What room? - Right here! - No! - What's the problem? He's drunk, combative, and he won't give up his beer! Give me- - Is it open? - Oh, Abby, I need help! I need to pee! - Sorry.
I just punched out.
- That's gonna cost you.
Where's Mark? Mark Greene, your Attending.
I think he quit.
Silvadene and dress the second-degree areas.
Kerry, have you seen Mark? Elizabeth, I need you to see a post-op seroma.
Can I put my baby down? Where's Mark? - T ry Curtain 3.
- No urine in the last hour.
Bolus a liter of Ringer's.
Call for a renal consult.
Weaver? X-ray's behind, and my wrist fracture wants to leave AMA.
Jing-Mei, you're Chief Resident.
Don't check with me on every patient.
You have to learn to keep things flowing.
We don't have time for ones we can move quickly.
- Turf and admit, treat and street.
- Mark! Bag him.
Prep the neck, 1 percent with epi.
- What do you think you're doing? - We got jammed.
You said to meet in the parking lot.
Drunk, boating accident, busted his face.
We need to crike him.
This is exactly why we need a weekend nanny.
- A weekday nanny's bad enough.
- It doesn't make us bad parents.
I just want to raise our children.
Then be home when you say you'll be home.
I'm an hour late for my shift.
- Sats are down to 84.
- Introducer needle.
Five more minutes.
Finish the procedure, give it to a Resident and meet me upstairs.
You're in trouble, doc.
- You're being stubborn.
- I'm not.
You have 6 weeks on your Residency.
You don't have a job elsewhere.
You know she's looking for an Attending.
- She should ask me.
- You're being stubborn.
- I don't think I'm being- - Abby! Hey, can you try for a line on Barney before you go? - He's back with cellulitis.
- -I'm off.
Conni said you found a vein last time.
- But I'm off.
- He's asking for you.
I'm off.
I'm off.
I'm gone.
I'm out of here.
- Someplace important to be? - Home.
I have to be back here at 7.
- Have a good night.
- See you tomorrow.
Hey! Talk to Weaver.
How did it sting you in there? - What? - A bee flew in his Coke.
Can I ask you a question? Airway's clear, no wheezing.
Better get that new Attending in here, huh? Hey, Haleh, I need a visual acuity on the foreign body in 8.
In a minute.
- Are you actively recruiting? - What? Is it word of mouth? Are you headhunting? Running a classified in the annals.
Unresponsive initially.
- What's the half-life of glyburide? - Ten hours.
Overdose? - Sixty milligrams.
- Admit him.
The hypoglycemia lasts for over a day.
- Because I was thinking about applying.
- For Attending? - It is my next step.
- Oh, yeah.
Of course.
You don't sound enthusiastic.
We were hoping for someone at least five years post-Residency.
- But, yeah, certainly apply.
- Right.
- In case you can't find anybody better.
- John! John! Can you clear a toe lac in Curtain 2? - I'm off.
- He's been waiting five hours.
- I can't get to it.
We need the bed.
- I'm meeting my parents for dinner.
- You can dispo him in 15 minutes.
- I've done my share of dispos today.
- For me? - Sorry.
Give it to Malucci.
Malucci's not here for another hour.
Cleo is stuck with pulmonary edema.
I'm babysitting four ICU players.
We're down two nurses.
And the rack is overflowing.
Please? If you could just take one easy patient.
That's all I'm asking.
- All right.
One patient.
- Thank you.
What room? We were unloading the volcano.
I dropped the base on my foot between the lift and the platform.
- Volcano? - The show ends with this big volcano explosion with real live lava and steam and crap.
- Not real lava.
- No, but it's real-looking lava, though.
This is more than just a cut.
The damn thing almost sliced my toe off.
It was just hanging there like a big noodle or something.
Have to do a digital block, have to wait for X-ray, have to sew a two-layer repair.
- You signed up for it.
- This'll take more than an hour.
Hurry up.
Maybe we can catch the end of the show.
- The guys are opening for Metallica.
- Guys? - We're roadies for Touching Wood.
- All right! What's the name of that song? - "Rapture Bitch.
" - I like that song.
It's not even their best song.
I'll numb the two nerves in your toe, and then I'll wash it out.
Then we'll take you for an x-ray.
- You want to wait outside? - No, I'm cool.
That happens.
Take his set of vitals.
Run in a liter of saline if he's postural.
Carter, he's not breathing.
What? The surgery caused the infection? It may have contributed, yes.
But because of his compromised state he wasn't able to fight off the infection even with appropriate antibiotics.
I told him not to drink so much.
If you'd like to go in and see him, I'll be in there in a minute.
- Jacy, Jacy, could you take her? - Oh, of course.
This way.
He started seizing.
I had to give him Dilantin and get him to CT.
- We are not doing this anymore! - What? No more weekend shifts that are even close to one another.
We got jammed.
Four hours should've been enough.
I'm not explaining to a woman why her son died while my baby is screaming in her face! - Okay.
- I'm not! I said, okay.
She missed her nap.
Get her home.
Give her 4 more ounces and put her down.
- Is the milk defrosted? - Yes.
But you'll have to take another out for tonight.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Is that our homeless guy? Post-op bacteremia.
He died of sepsis.
He has a mother? Apparently, we all have a mother! Y es, yes.
She's a little cranky.
That's all right.
You'll be all right.
- Give me some cricoid pressure.
- Sats are down to 90.
All right, I'm in.
Bag him.
What did you take? I didn't take anything.
- Him.
What did he take? Drugs? Alcohol? - I don't know.
Some beer, some pot, some Georgia Homeboy.
- That liquid G? - Yeah.
Call for a vent, B.
and tox screen.
Cleo! Take this guy.
Respiratory arrest from a GHB overdose.
- I can't.
- I'm off duty.
- I have the stampede.
- What stampede? Guitar player collapsed at a rock concert.
The crowd just mobbed the stage.
- Where? - At the United Center.
No way.
Metallica or us? - Any head injury? - Just slumped to the floor.
- History of seizures? - Girlfriend might know.
- Okay, ask her.
- Have an intubation from the concert? Apneic on scene.
Pupils are equal and reactive.
Carter took his friend.
He thinks they mixed alcohol with GHB.
- BP's 122/78.
- Doctor, three crush injuries rolling in.
I'll be right there.
Blood gas, B.
and tox screen.
And have Carter follow their labs together.
There's a guy in a ponytail, says he knows you.
- Take a name.
Make him wait.
- BP, 100/60.
Pulse, 110.
Complains of abdominal pains, no LOC.
Contusions to the trunk and extremities.
- His family coming in with him? - No, he was by himself, but it was crazy.
Who brings a 7-year-old to a heavy-metal concert? One, two, three.
All right, portable C-spine, chest and pelvis.
Trauma panel, dip a urine.
What's his name? Kevin, I'm Dr.
Do you know your phone number? - I can't breathe.
- We'll help you.
- They were pushing.
- Good breath sounds.
I know, but you're safe now.
Epigastric tenderness.
No rebound or guarding.
Sinus tach at 112.
- Is there a Dr.
Benton here? - Me.
A unit called in from St.
An ER doc thinks he's got your kid over there.
What? Deaf, 3 or 4, Reece Benton written inside his jacket.
- He okay? - They're looking for a parent.
- Where's Carla? - Who's Carla? - His mother.
- I don't know.
Dispatch asked me to see if I could find you.
Lily, get another surgeon.
Peter, go.
- What sort of look you going for here? - Hey.
- Bought a TV? - Yep.
Anything else? Sony PlayStation.
I was thinking more along the lines of furniture.
You know, table, chairs - bed.
- I got an aquarium.
Yes, I see.
- Couldn't get a bigger one, huh? - The next size up was pretty expensive.
- I thought we were gonna go out to eat.
- I'm still hungry.
Want to play? - I don't think so.
- We can hunt zombies together.
Couldn't we just reason with them? - I think I'm just gonna go home.
- No, no.
No, no.
Zombies and a pizza isn't really my thing.
You're right.
Let's go.
I agreed to suture a toe lac, now I got three patients.
Those two are the same guy.
Order the same stuff.
- Get Chen.
- She has a head trauma.
I don't care.
Get her.
I'm handing this off.
He might be famous one day.
You can say you helped save his life.
We're in the Emergency department.
Ask for Dr.
It's extension 7614.
- I'm trying to be gentle.
- But it hurts.
- What happened to Peter? - Personal emergency.
This is Kevin, crushed against the stage at a Metallica concert.
Hello, Kevin.
Aren't you a little young for Metallica? They didn't start yet.
It was the warm-up group.
We're trying to track down his parents.
Got the answering machine.
Any evidence of bleeding? No.
Liver and spleen are intact, but there's moderate epigastric tenderness.
Could be an abdominal-wall injury, small-bowel perf, a bruised pancreas.
- Want to get a CT? - And serial exams.
- We'll see if anything declares itself.
- Kevin? Oh, my God! Kevin, I'm so sorry.
- You let go of my hand.
- I tried to hold on.
I'm sorry.
- Is he okay? - Who are you? Marla.
I'm his babysitter.
His parents let you take him to rock concerts? My boyfriend came over with tickets.
We were gonna leave early.
He was gonna be in bed by 11.
Do you have a number for them? - Did you call it? - I wanted to find Kevin first.
You found him.
Draw up etomidate, sux and grab Surgery.
- That our last crush victim? - I don't know, I just got here.
Multiple rib fractures, needs chest tubes.
Curtain 3.
Get out of those gym clothes.
- Chief, I just got here.
- Come to work dressed properly.
Weaver? Yosh, I need 100 of mannitol in Exam 4 right away.
- Do you have a minute? - No.
You're not thrilled to see me.
I screwed up last- I'm not interested in a private investigator.
Frank, still waiting on that head CT.
- Just went down.
- How long? - Who knows? - Well, get Radiology on the phone.
I found her.
There's a new database for adopted children looking for their birth parents.
I ran a couple of old clients through, and you hit.
I double-checked this time.
It's your mother.
Anyway, if you're interested, it's 400 bucks.
My new cell's on there.
- Hi, doc.
- Hey, you still here? - He never leaves.
- And you do? Only because you take so long to move.
You know them? We met at lunch.
- Is the smoke gonna bother you? - No.
- Hi, Luka.
- Hey.
- Delirium tremens, right? - Yeah.
Abby? - Diet Coke and a couple menus, please.
- We stop serving at 10.
- It's, like, 10:02.
- I'm sorry.
I'm starving.
- Do you have appetizers or anything? - He may not have thrown out the soup.
- What is it? - Like a potato cream.
That's fine.
- All right.
- Thanks.
Anyone here you don't know? You want me to put him on line for a unit bed? He'll be extubated by the time that he gets one.
- Who is that? - His girlfriend, I think.
I'll find out what's going on.
Can you just tell them that John is running a little bit late? Be mellow.
It's good.
He's all good, okay? - Tell her he's all good.
- He's all good.
- I saw him stop breathing.
- We're helping him breathe.
- You don't just stop breathing.
- It's an overdose of alcohol and GHB.
- He'll wake up in a few hours.
- Are those blood stains? No.
Are you okay? My asthma gets worse when I get stressed out.
- Let's take a look at you.
- I need that back.
Take a seat right here.
I'm gonna need a good, deep breath through your mouth.
- Those are blood stains.
- They're not.
- There's a body up there.
- Can you be quiet? - You have a history of heart murmur? - No.
Just asthma.
- You on something? - A little acid.
- I'm not talking to you.
- No.
I don't do drugs anymore.
- Any fever? Chills? - Is something wrong? Hey, don't touch that.
Haleh, find her an open room.
Have somebody work her up for endocarditis.
Someone? As in you? I'm Dr.
My son is a patient.
The cops brought me here.
Three waiting for Med/Surg.
What's the name? Reece Benton.
He's 4 years old.
He's deaf.
Have a seat, please.
I'm holding here.
What happened? Were you in a car? Did you hurt your head? - Can I help you? - I'm his father.
He lose consciousness? - Keep that covered.
- Was he in his car seat? - You have to talk to the doctor.
- Where's his mom? You're busy.
Tell me where she is.
Benton? Julia Scoft.
So the police found you.
One of the nurses thought that there was a Benton at County with a deaf son.
- What happened? - It was a single MVA.
- Where's Carla? - Can he understand me? - Was Carla or Roger driving? - Your wife swerved- She's not my wife.
- Oh, she isn't? - No, no.
We have shared custody.
Well, does she have a husband or a close relative? - Why? What's her status? - I really need to speak to a relative.
- How many people died here today? - I don't know.
- You' re afraid to tell me.
- I honestly don't know.
This place is full of dead people.
Have you had any teeth pulled recently? - No.
Why? - Any infections? - My piercing's been bothering me.
- Oh, it's so dope.
Your piercing? - Where is that? - Show him! No! - Melody- - Harmony.
I think that you might have bacteria in your bloodstream infecting your heart.
It's important that we locate the source so we can treat it.
Did you do that yourself? - No.
My friend Fiona.
- How long has it been like that? Three months.
She said it would take time for the swelling to go down.
Definitely infected, and I'm gonna have to drain it.
No! Don't drain her! Don't let them drain you, Harmony! - Get her off! - Get off! You're peaking! - Doctor! - Dianna! Dianna! Dianna, are you okay? I'll make a new chart.
What made you become a nurse? I can't remember.
Ever see anything like this? - How long has it been like that? - Two, three years.
- You should get that looked at.
- So look! By a doctor.
You should ask Luka.
He's good with pus.
Cigarette? - No, thanks.
- You sure? Yeah.
I'm trying to quit.
Wanna meet for breakfast tomorrow? We could do it early.
Hey, guys! What about my toe? I'm first! Next time you're back in town, then.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry too, Dad.
I'm so sorry.
How long do you have to fix it before it falls off? Dave, I need you.
Suture his toe.
He's already blocked.
I can't help you.
I got a chest pain rolling up.
Where the hell is Chen? - Somebody go get me Chen! - Are you talking to me? Yes, actually.
Can you find her for me, please? - Dr.
Carter, Pelar is finally going up.
- Who? - The kidney stone, to Urology.
- Good for Urology.
Well, Abby says she gave him gent, but it wasn't charted.
- So should I give him a dose? - Not if she gave him one.
- Then what do I do? - Call her.
She's not at home.
- Call her cell.
- You got her number? You know what? I need to yell at her anyway.
Hello? - Having fun? - Carter? Are you out having a good time? No, not exactly.
What are you doing? I am setting a wrist on an " LSDiva.
" You' re working? Someone talked me into coming back and begging Weaver and I got sucked back in to the ER vortex.
I didn't tell you to talk to her tonight.
You give gent to the kidney stone in 4? - No.
- Malik said you did.
That was the gall-bladder guy.
- I thought you had an early shift.
- I do.
Luka dragged me to this bar.
So much for quitting.
- Oh, hey.
- What? - Who is that? - It's Carter.
- Is that Luka? - Can you hang on a second? Things are dying down.
I'm going to Doc Magoo's.
Things aren't dying down.
I've got five patients.
I'm not on.
Then sign out.
Go home.
I gotta go.
- You don't need to hang up for me.
- It was about a patient.
- You ready to go? - If you want.
- Yeah, Luka, I want.
- Fine.
What? Now you're mad? Finish your cigarette.
I'll pay the bill.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Carla McGrath.
I'm sorry, man.
- Is that her? - Yeah.
- Do I go in, or what? - The doctor will be right back.
What's he gonna tell me? You should just wait.
Peter, come on.
What's he gonna tell me? She came in without a blood pressure.
They worked on her for over an hour but she had massive internal bleeding, and it was too severe to repair.
Was she awake? No.
She was There was a faint pulse in the field but she was pretty much gone on impact.
We were supposed to go to Wisconsin this weekend but I had to work last-minute.
- You sure Reece is okay? - Yeah, yeah.
He cut his head, but- Mr.
McGrath? Dr.
I was the treating physician.
- I'm here if you have any questions.
- Can I see her? Of course.
I'm right here if you need me.
Orderly to Central Supply.
Orderly, please report to Central Supply.
We had to trim a little hair.
The doctor will be with you shortly.
Mommy went away.
She's gone.
Mommy was hurt very badly.
I can't.
She was- She was bleeding.
The doctor- Mommy went bye-bye.
She went to be with God.
I can't.
She's sleeping.
She's sleeping forever.
I can't.
She won't wake up.
Sometimes people can't wake up.
Reece, Reece.
Mommy died.
Mommy's dead.
No response to Narcan.
BP's 108/76.
Pulse, 110.
- Young for chest pain.
- He was complaining all day long.
- Thought it was a meatball sandwich.
- On my count.
One, two, three.
Any history of early heart disease in your family? Our grandmother had diabetes.
CBC, chem panel, 12-lead and a portable chest.
- What's his name? - Paul.
- Paul, can you hear me? - Pulse ox, 98.
Well, no evidence of trauma.
He just collapsed? He's been pushing himself hard.
His first solo show opens Monday.
I haven't seen him sleep the whole week.
Does your brother do drugs? - No, I don't think so.
- Are you sure? It's the first time I've seen him since he moved to Chicago.
- All right.
Let's get a tox screen.
- Here's your EKG.
I don't think he would.
He's an artist, but that- ST elevations are off the charts.
He's having a major Ml.
- What? - Heart attack.
- He's 27.
- It happens with stimulants.
- Cocaine can constrict the arteries.
- Oh, God! I need Attending to order thrombolytics.
- Let's go! - You need to run this by Chen or Weaver.
- Get one of them! - Shooting.
Pressure's dropping to 70/30.
Pulse is 130.
Bolus 500 of saline.
Halsted clamp.
You got bleeders popping up like prairie dogs.
Pediatric pancreatic transection.
Splenic vessels won't separate.
- How old? - Seven.
You're not taking the spleen? Not if I don't have to.
4-0 Vicryl.
How much blood loss? Over a liter.
- Dr.
Corday? - What? Taching at 140.
Must've torn the splenic vein.
- Side-biting clamp.
- Dr.
- What? - You're leaking.
Oh, damn! - Is that breast milk? - I should have pumped.
- Is it sterile? - No, you're contaminated.
Scrub out.
- Fresh gown, fresh gloves.
- It's gonna leak again.
Go pump.
- Hang a unit of packed cells.
- Now! Okay! What the hell does the guy want, a suite at the Ritz? His manager freaked out when I said we had to move him.
Excuse me.
I thought this guy wasn't even famous yet.
It's not about fame, jerk-off.
Jim, can we clear this whole area here? Thank you.
- So, what do you want me to do? - Find an open telemetry bed.
- You gave the last one to his friend.
- All right.
Any open exam room.
- Fascist.
- Freak.
- Geek.
- Goof.
What? Okay.
Where were we? Does it take this long to fix a toe? When your buddies come in OD'd, yeah.
Hey, that's not my fault.
Saying it's mine? You need more doctors or something.
- Doctor, this is Vince Newberry's mom.
- Who? The OD you sent to telemetry.
- You don't remember? - I see lots of patients.
- He almost died.
- I saved him.
- Do you know my name? - Hi, Mrs.
- What kind of doctor are you? - Why don't we take a step over here? - I'm still here! - I'm Dr.
I treated your son.
- I heard he stopped breathing.
- For a moment.
We put a tube in his throat, a machine's been breathing for him for a few hours.
Is he in a coma? Not exactly.
He should wake up soon.
- It's that liquid G junk, isn't it? - Along with alcohol, yes.
I told him to stay away from that stuff.
It can be dangerous.
- Where is he? - Your- Your nose - What? - Your nose is bleeding.
- Oh, damn! Not again.
- Take a seat right here.
Give it a good pinch.
You know, every time I get worried, it gushes like a fountain.
Shouldn't I be there? He's having a heart attack.
You have to give the doctor room to work.
- Nitro's going to 10 mics.
- Titrate to a systolic of 100.
Do you need help, Dave? One 27-year-old with acute MI.
I'm thinking cocaine.
We're ready to push TNK.
- Hold on.
Did you get a tox screen? - I sent one.
He's killing off myocardial cells while we wait.
- Any recent surgery? - No.
Bleeding disorder? Clots well at blood draw sites.
- X-ray's clear.
- Dr.
PCO2 and your subdural's up to 30.
Oh, okay.
Increase the ACU to 16 and drop him to 80 percent.
- So, what about the cath lab? - It takes them two hours to get in.
- Where's Weaver? - I can't find her.
- Did you page her? - Yeah.
You want to wait for him to arrest? Okay.
Do it.
How about ReoPro? If Cardiology takes him for stenting.
Won't need it if we lyse the thrombus.
Doc, the tox screen.
Cocaine, right? Negative for cocaine and amphetamines.
He could've just taken them.
Haven't had time to show up.
- Did you do a lipid panel? - No, but we could add it on.
- We've got V-tach.
- Charge the paddles.
- No pulse.
Starting compressions.
- Charge to 200.
Push an amp of epi.
It's too early for a reperfusion arrhythmia.
Get ready to intubate.
- Still V-tach.
- Charge to 300.
Page Weaver again.
Clear! I'm taking a cab.
- Where did you go? - I was waiting for you outside.
I thought you were coming back in.
I- Sorry.
That guy's father got diagnosed with prostate cancer last month.
- He was asking about treatment options.
- Go talk to him.
- He's calling tomorrow.
- I'm fine.
Luka, you forgot your credit card.
- Thanks.
- The last two were on the house.
- Oh, no.
How much? - Our treat.
We want to make sure you're gonna come back.
- Here.
For you.
- Thank you.
Good night.
- Night.
- Nice meeting you.
- Could you be a little bit more rude? - Could you be more friendly? I'm glad one of us is.
Go back inside.
Cure cancer for the U.
- Where are you going? - Taking the El.
- Still V-fib.
-100 of lidocaine.
Charge again to 360.
- Good breath sounds.
- There you are.
- Clear! - I am not staying.
I'm going to pack this woman's nose and then you are gonna take the rest of these misfits.
You're sure there wasn't Gl bleeding? Stool was guaiac negative.
No contraindications.
- Clear! - What happened? Fatal Ml.
Probably drug-related.
Are you sure? He looks Marfanoid.
- What? - Marfan syndrome.
Tall stature, pectus excavatum, loose joints.
- You got a history.
- I did.
Brother didn't say anything.
He might not know.
They have weak connective tissue in the aorta.
- Keep going.
- He's dissecting.
Try amiodarone.
Might get a rhythm.
We gave tenecteplase.
- What? - He had ST elevation.
Thrombolytics to an aortic dissection? We didn't know it was a dissection! He's bleeding into his chest.
- Thoracotomy tray.
- No! He'll bleed all over the floor.
We gotta do something.
O- neg cryo and FFP.
We can do a chest tube to confirm the hemothorax and start a line.
Okay, let's go! Prep the chest.
I was trying to have fun.
Is that a crime? No.
Go have fun.
If I can be left waiting in the street, I can certainly walk home by myself.
Why do you make a big problem out of everything? - Like you have an insect in your anus.
- Hey, it's "bug up my ass," Luka.
"Bug up my ass.
" If you're gonna insult me, at least get the words right.
- How's this? Stop being such a bitch.
- Okay, fine.
As soon as you grow up.
You're so mature.
You don't even know what you want.
Yes, I do.
I want to go home.
You're like the schoolgirl who can have any boy and treats them like crap.
Why don't you just call me a whore and get it over with? I'm tired of it.
You're not that pretty.
You're not that special.
I'm pretty enough in the dark, aren't I? You're never happy.
I don't think you're capable of being happy.
Six months ago, you didn't care if I was happy.
If you're not depressed, you're just angry.
And you're married to a ghost.
- At least I treat you with respect.
- Oh, I know.
You're a saint.
- Thora-Seal.
- I can't thread the guide wire.
Rotate the bevel 90 degrees.
- Damn it! - No good.
- Looks like his entire blood volume.
- How much O-neg do we have? Third and fourth unit are up.
Get another four! We need that FFP! - Where is Weaver? - We've been paging her for 15 minutes.
- Doc Magoo's.
- What? She said something about going to Doc Magoo's.
I know.
You're always so good, and I'm so bad.
I'm sick of being patient.
I'm a mess, you're so understanding.
- And I'm a burden.
- Carter, your mother, your moods- - Why don't you just break up with me? - I think you want me to.
If I'm such a horrible person, how could you possibly want to be with me? I don't know how to be with you or help you- I don't want help.
I don't want help.
I don't want to be pitied.
I don't want to be saved.
- Okay.
I give up.
- Okay? What does that mean? What does that mean? Why don't you- I'm done! I'm done, okay? Carter can have you.
The catheter is passing.
- Any pulse with compression? - Weak one.
- Got the plasma.
- Yeah.
Run it in here.
- Are we cracking him or not? - He can't clot.
He'll exsanguinate.
He already has.
- Please get Weaver, John.
- Haleh, can you page her again? If we're gonna try this, we gotta do it now.
I am not opening his chest without Weaver.
Could you get her? Now? Okay.
Go ahead, prep.
4-0 silk.
- We can't wait.
- Wait! - Slow down, Doogie! - He's got a tube in his throat! You were gonna draw a blood gas.
- Is that his doctor? - Yes.
We need a private room! Dr.
Weaver? Wait.
Where are you? Chest-tube output is 4 liters.
Ruptured aortic dissection.
We gave 40 of tenecteplase.
Put the scalpel down.
He's had cryoprecipitate, 4 units FFP.
- He might clot.
- He'll keep lysing the thrombin.
Gotta open the chest to fix the defect.
It's a proximal lesion.
Can't cross-clamp.
- Can we try anything else? - Stop compressions.
You killed him.
- Almost done, okay? - One more.
One more.
You okay, Reece? Doctor will make it better.
Right? I know.
Mom's gone.
I'll have the nurse dress it, and then you're free to go.
All right, thanks.
I can remove the suture, right? In seven days.
Listen, they're transferring her to the morgue till morning.
I've gotta find a funeral home.
- You call the parents? - Y eah, they're on their way.
- Listen, Roger, tell them that I'm- - It's cool.
Can you take him tonight? I'm gonna have to stay.
I was going to anyway.
Right, right.
Reece, you have to go with your father tonight, okay? But I'll see you tomorrow or the next day, okay? I love you too.
You don't know what Marfan's looks like? He's an artist.
His brother said he was up all week.
I was thinking cocaine.
Did you check the blood pressures in both arms? - I don't think so.
- Did you or didn't you? No.
You didn't recognize the widened mediastinum? Not until after he arrested.
Apical-capping tracheal shift to the right is classic for a dissection.
I was told that it was clear.
- I meant, no hemothorax.
- Wait a minute.
You didn't look at the x-ray before you signed off on thrombolytics? Jing-Mei.
Jing-Mei? - No.
I should have.
- Yeah.
You should have! Look, you didn't answer your page.
We had to make a quick decision.
That's your job! Make quick decisions based on the information available.
You had the right information.
You didn't bother to look at it.
- You've never made a bad call? - Not as stupid and lethal as this one.
Then show up and make it yourself.
We paged you three times! In a perfect world, Dr.
Malucci I wouldn't subject any patients to your care.
If you knew your ass from your elbow, or even gave a damn - I do give a damn.
I do give a damn.
- this man might still be alive! He dissected into his coronaries.
He'd probably never survive surgery anyway.
Well, we'll never know that, will we? The rest of the family should be screened.
I'll talk to the brother.
- Wait.
Dave, I'll do it.
- No.
I will.
No one talks to anyone about this case.
Is that clear? - Is that clear? - Yes.
Ice that back, Carter.
- Get up and help me! Mark! - What? Get up and help me! There's poop all over the bassinet.
It's running down her legs.
- You didn't tighten the bloody diaper! - God! What time is it? - Now! - Okay, okay, okay.
- I heard her crying from downstairs! - I'm sorry.
I must have passed out.
- I told you to double up! - I thought I did.
- Look at this! - Calm down.
It's not fatal.
Yeah, okay! You take her! I'll run her bath.
Why don't you just go back to bed, and I'll take care of her? Don't make me the bitch just because you can't follow simple instructions! I was just offering to take care of it.
Splendid job you've done of it so far! Fine.
You take care of it.
I've got a shift in three hours.
What do you think I'll be doing in three hours? I'm the feeding trough! - If I could breast-feed, I would.
- Oh, great.
Great! You take it! Take it all! The sore nipples, the rashes, the hemorrhoids the leaking in your trauma gown, the public humiliation sleep deprivation, the incontinence, for goodness' sake.
It's all yours! There you go.
Watch out for that volcano next time.
Malik, can you dress that toe and fit him for a cast shoe? Sorry, I'm off.
Can I help you? Did anyone turn in a pager? No.
I don't think so.
Carter, I saw your lady with the nose bleed.
I'm scheduling her for a septoplasty next week.
- She had a defect? - That you could drive a truck through.
I guess 2 grams of coke a day will do that.
- Nap yet? - I was supposed to be off last night.
You're not in Surgery.
Don't punish yourself.
I'm on at noon.
I'm just gonna go pass out.
Bad idea.
You know what they say: "The longer you stay, the longer you stay.
" Conni, I need you to dress a toe for me in Curtain 2.
- After my break.
- Y eah, whenever.
Reece, what's wrong? Bad dreams? You want to sleep here? Okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.