ER s08e03 Episode Script

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

Previously on E.
Para las compresiones.
Lo habéis matado.
Si soy una persona tan horrible, ¿cómo es posible que quieras estar conmigo? Se acabó, ¿vale? Carter puede quedarse contigo.
Llegó sin presión sanguínea.
Tenía una hemorragia interna masiva.
Era demasiado grave para repararla.
Encontré tres fotos de Jesse en el carrete.
Me vine abajo.
Allí, en la tienda.
Estás preciosa.
Prometeme que no crecerás demasiado deprisa, ¿de acuerdo? De acuerdo.
8x03 "BLOOD, SUGAR, SEX, MAGIC" We were running late.
I threw a bunch of stuff in here.
I got some snacks and movies for later.
I'll pick him up around 8, okay? Jackie? I'll pick him up around 8.
Listen, I really appreciate this.
I've got a nanny agency setting up some interviews.
Don't worry about it, Peter.
All right.
John? John? - Are you all right? - Yeah.
I brought you some aspirin.
Oh, Gamma, I just need to stretch it out.
What you need is to see my orthopedist.
- I'm making you an appointment today.
- Covering half a shift today.
- Then tomorrow.
- I don't need to see your doctor.
Your back is nothing to trifle with.
You don't want to end up with a hunch like Uncle Everett.
This isn't orthopedic, Gamma.
- I was stabbed.
- I know that, John.
All the more reason to take care of yourself.
- Sorry.
- It's okay, Gamma.
I'll get it.
No! Don't move.
You have no shoes on.
- All part of my ninja training.
- Your what? Oh, no.
Sh- Maybe we should go back to taking shifts.
Are you gonna make it? I thought this walk was supposed to wake me up.
I offered to get you coffee.
I don't need coffee.
I need more than two hours' sleep.
Rachel was 7 before she slept through the night.
Oh, God.
Bite your tongue.
How big is the hundred-gallon tank in feet? Like 2 by 4, 3 by 5? Weaver's on the warpath.
Run for your lives.
Save yourselves.
- I'm going upstairs.
- Chicken.
- Well, how much is a 300-gallon tank? - $595.
- Without fish? - Give me something.
- Is that saltwater? - I don't know.
I didn't taste it.
- If it's saltwater - This guy checked in at 10:00 last night.
Don't look at me.
Weaver's taking histories on every patient - and ordering every test in the book.
- I don't know.
- There's a red one and a yellow one - Unnecessary tests? You better do something before somebody shoots her.
- I have to call you back.
- Let's treat and street.
- Any candidates for early parole? - Take your pick.
- Who's on first? - Jenny.
Possible bladder infection.
Dip's positive for leukocytes.
ICON's negative.
- Jenny, you allergic to any medications? - No.
All right.
I'm gonna give you Bactrim.
One every 12 hours for three days.
Come back if you're not doing any better.
- Got him waiting on an ankle x-ray.
- I think it's broken.
- Fall off your horse? - Yes.
- Really? - It was for the jousting demonstration - at the Renaissance Faire.
- Cool.
- Any pain here? - No.
- How about here? - No.
Not too bad.
I need you to walk for me.
- Yeah, it hurts.
- Yeah.
If you can walk on it, it's just a sprain.
Ice it, wrap it - and give him some ibuprofen.
- That's it? Well, normally I'd do some bloodletting, but we're low on leeches.
- Don't forget about me, Dr.
- Hi, Candy.
- Hi.
- Human bite to the buttocks.
- Again? - Some boys can't get enough Candy.
Five hundred of Augmentin and prep her for suturing.
- Who's sick? You or the pig? - It's not funny.
My hand really hurts.
- Think how the pig feels.
- Mark, what are you doing? Trying to treat some patients before they eat each other.
He's already discharged two.
- Thank you, Haleh.
- I think I need Surgilube.
- No kidding.
- You didn't do a proper exam on that girl.
You could have missed pyelo, PID- She was afebrile.
Garden-variety UTl.
Make your hand this shape.
I want all patients to be examined thoroughly.
The moment we become complacent, we make mistakes.
Speak for yourself.
Haleh, put Jenny in a gown, set her up for a pelvic.
- Dr.
Weaver? - I'm listening.
Twenty-two-year-old woman with chest pain reproduced by palpation.
- Pulse ox is 97.
EKG looks normal.
- Okay.
Send her out.
I'm only asking because she's taking birth-control pills putting her at risk for a PE.
- So I was wondering if we should send- - I got it.
- What? - Yeah.
- You can look at last month's Ql data.
- No, no.
I just need to know - if we should order a V/Q- - I'll take it.
- Okay.
- Dr.
I've got an abandoned newborn female, maybe 2 hours old.
- How's her color? - Some peripheral cyanosis.
They dumped her at St.
She's cold to the touch.
- Airway's okay, but a weak cry.
- Trauma 1.
Have you tried letting him fall asleep with you, then moving him to his bed? Doesn't matter.
He wakes up crying.
I ask if he's having a nightmare, he says, "Yeah.
" - But he can't tell me what they're about.
- About Carla? Yeah.
I found him wandering around the apartment with his little flashlight, - looking for her.
- Poor guy.
He's confused.
- Yeah.
- It has to get better eventually.
I don't know.
We were making breakfast this morning, and it dawned on me my son's gonna grow up without a mother.
Something so basic, such a big part of who he'll be.
- There's nothing I can do about it.
- Hey, Cleo.
- I reduced your prolapsed rectum.
- What? - Yeah.
I used the old sugar trick.
- You treated my patient? - Yeah.
She was in pain.
- With sugar? Yeah.
You sprinkle a little on, water escapes from the mucosa the edema subsides, and you pop that puppy back in.
It could have been a prolapsed hemorrhoid.
Trust me.
That was no hemorrhoid.
No, wait.
Who asked you to see her? Hey, Dave.
Don't treat my patients unless I ask you to.
- I rectified the situation.
- Anyone could have shoved it in.
" You get it? Funny.
- I was waiting for a surgical consult.
- Oh, come on.
- You were gabbing with your boyfriend.
- Is there a problem? Yes.
I never knew anyone so possessive over somebody else's butthole.
- Just stay away from my patients.
- It's a Freudian thing, isn't it? Who keeps stealing my ultrasound? We need it for that kid in Curtain 3.
Can somebody get Mrs.
Lorenzo in a gown and put the? Who are you hiding from? - Are you giving yourself a pedicure? - I think I stepped on a piece of glass.
Let me see.
Yeah, you got something in there.
- Want me to try and take it out? - Yeah, please.
Luka and I broke up a few days ago.
Why? Both of us realized the relationship wasn't working a long time ago.
Neither one of us wanted to be the one to call it.
- So it was amicable? - No, I wouldn't say that.
- Is that why you're avoiding him? - Partly.
- I had to go to his place this morning- - Carter.
Chen needs you in Trauma 1.
- What about your foot? - Sorry.
You're gonna have to find another excuse to hide out in here.
Have you seen Mr.
Fell's digoxin level? Ask Abby.
She was working him up.
- Carter, have you seen Abby? - Try the lounge.
Setup heated, humidified O-2 for blow-by.
- What's this? - Abandoned newborn.
Needs warm IV fluids, but I can't get a line.
Can you try an interosseous? - Where did they leave her? - A church.
- They didn't even bother to dry her off.
- Temp was 91.
Boy, she hardly even reacts when you stick her.
- Damn it! - What's wrong? I went through the bone.
I need some gauze.
- Chuny, any luck? - I can't find the scalp vein.
- Carter? - I'm in.
Let's push 60 cc's of saline.
- How's the Accu-Chek? - Eighty-two.
- We need a cath urine for culture.
- Carter? - It's infiltrating.
- Damn it.
- Heart rate's 180.
- Okay.
This kid needs fluids right now.
- Call Pedes Surgery to do a cutdown.
- What about an umbilical line? - I can't.
- I did one during my internship.
We won't get it if she's more than a few hours old.
Fewer complications than a cutdown.
We just need two minutes.
Go get an umbilical-line kit.
- No.
Chuny, page Pedes Surgery.
- Just go get the kit, Deb.
What's wrong with kids these days? They used to think it was cool to see me on stilts.
Maybe they're more sophisticated than we were.
- You mean more vicious.
- They knocked him over.
On purpose.
The little buggers were cheering when I went down.
I made an appointment for him to see Ortho.
Until then, keep your wrist elevated and iced.
- Can I get a note for work? - No problem.
- Hey, boss? Can I ask you something? - Sure.
- Hey.
- Dave, what's your question? Nothing.
Hold the elevator.
- Hold it! - We're full.
- This is a medical emergency.
- Are you a doctor? - Yeah.
I'm Dr.
- So I've been warned.
I told you we were full.
- Open your eyes.
- He got caught in one of his traps.
- Traps? - Jungle Bob lives in the park.
Homeless guys can be very territorial.
Malik, I need a lateral C-spine, chest and pelvis.
- Abby's covering Trauma.
- I got this.
My friend Marty's a mime.
He carries a gun.
- I hope you're kidding.
- No.
Some punks love to hear the mime scream.
Greene, Weaver wants a wound culture on your butt bite.
- I've been on my own since I was 10.
- Rachel? - Hi, Daddy.
- What are you doing here? - I came to see you.
- How did you get here? - She took the train.
- From St.
Louis? - By yourself? - Mom kicked me out.
My mom kicked me out too.
Best thing that ever happened to me.
- Need a drape? - Somebody tied off the umbilical cord with a shoelace.
- Ten blade and umbilical tape.
- Where the hell's Pedes? - Flush the catheter.
- They should be here.
Come on, Deb.
Stay with me.
- Can't get a BP.
- Okay, turn off the alarm.
- Somebody get Weaver.
- Hold on.
I'm cutting the cord.
- What if we can't pass the catheter? - It's okay.
Umbilical vein looks good.
Prep and drape the ankle, just in case.
What do you think she weighs, about 3 kilos? - Maybe a little more.
- Let's get ready with 20 per kilo.
- Got it.
- Okay.
In at 5 centimeters.
Okay, try and draw it back.
- Two-cc return.
- We got a good vein.
- Yeah.
- All right, let's push the 60-cc bolus.
- That's nice work, Deb.
- Thanks.
Yeah, okay.
Well, thank you.
- How much longer? - They're working on it.
I don't know if I can wait any longer.
- It's so hot in here.
- Everybody just relax.
- This happens all the time.
- They think I have an ulcer.
- If you get scared, I'll hold you.
- Scared of what? - Plummeting to our deaths.
- What? He's just kidding, ma'am.
You know, maybe it would be best if you just stopped talking.
- I think I'm gonna be sick.
- No! No, no one's gonna be sick.
No one's gonna faint.
We're all just gonna relax and- Good song? - What? - I love the song.
- You listen to Abandoned Ghouls? - I do now.
Along with everybody else within a six-block radius.
It wasn't that loud.
Don't come to me when you need a hearing aid.
What about those old Led Zeppelin records you're always playing? Okay, they're albums, not records.
And they're vintage, not old.
You still play them way louder than this.
- Chicken or beef? - Dad, I'm a vegetarian.
I knew that.
Mom thinks it's just a phase.
Hello, it's called a healthy lifestyle.
Maybe you should try it.
Exactly what happened between the two of you? I told you, she kicked me out.
She did.
I came home from my friend Stacy's and she had thrown my clothes on the lawn.
- I left.
- Why'd she throw your clothes out? She's crazy.
Seriously, I think she needs therapy.
She grounded me for being home a half-hour late.
I mean, come on, Dad.
A half-hour.
It's summer vacation.
- I'll call her.
- Don't bother.
She's beyond reason.
Does she know you're here? Rachel, you've got to let her know you're here.
- Why? - Why? Because she'll be worried to death.
- So what? - Hello.
- Rachel.
- She dropped in for a visit.
That's a nice surprise.
How long are you in town? - You here for the consult? - Yeah, a rule-out appy.
That's mine.
End-stage dementia.
I'll be right back.
Call your mother.
- You didn't tell me she was in town.
- I didn't know.
She ran away.
- Why? - To join the circus? I don't know.
She and Jen are having mother-daughter issues.
- I'm sure you know what that's like.
- I didn't run away.
No, of course not.
Your mother would have set the hounds out on you.
This guy's definitely not breathing.
He needs an airway.
Hand me this when I say "tube.
" Okay? - There's no air in here.
- I can't see squat.
All right, you.
- Push on his neck.
- What? Give me your hand.
Like this.
There you go.
Forget it.
I'm never gonna see the cords.
- Oh, my God! - Damn it.
Blew the line.
- Bag him.
- I don't know how- Just squeeze the bag every three seconds.
One, two, three, squeeze.
All right? One, two- Hey, hey, hey! Help her! Help her! Hey! I said, no fainting! No fainting! Okay! Run the fluids in over two hours.
And give him 50 of Librium for the shakes.
- Abby? - What? - Did you hear me? - Yeah.
You want a blood-alcohol level? Just a liver panel.
- Did you find your sweater? - Yeah.
I thought you maybe had some trouble.
- Why would you think that? - I haven't seen you.
- Well, we've been busy.
- Yeah.
Abby, I'm sorry if I hurt you.
I didn't want to.
You didn't hurt me.
I just want you to be happy, Abby.
You never seemed to be happy with me.
- That's all I wanted to say.
- Well, you said it.
So, what now? You tell me.
Should I send a ProTime? Yeah.
- What's your biggest angiocath? -14-gauge.
Give it to me.
- What are you gonna do? - Retrograde intubation.
Hold that.
The wire should come out the mouth.
- Okay, hold on to that, sparky.
- I got the line.
Squeeze in a liter.
Hold on to that.
Don't stick anyone.
And tube.
I said, tube! Doctors are human.
We make mistakes.
If this guy had been properly diagnosed and sent straight to the O.
, he'd be flipping burgers at McDonald's.
Marfan's is difficult to detect.
Residents had never heard- - Which is why we have Attendings.
- I can't be everywhere.
Wrong answer! The Trib is writing a feature story on this screwup and the rise in preventable deaths.
So come up with a better excuse than "doctors are human" or find yourself a good old-fashioned scapegoat.
- Let me out.
- Hurry up.
- We got good breath sounds.
- Very cool.
Who's your daddy? She's pinking up.
She's breathing quietly without retractions.
Heart rate's normal at 140.
- Temperature's up to 97.
- All right.
Someone's got to call Social Services and DCFS.
This little girl's gonna need foster placement.
Carter? This is Mirissa.
She's the woman who found the baby.
- She wanted to know how she's doing.
- Very well.
Good thing you found her.
Would you like to see her? - This is my sister Carmine.
- Hi.
Doctor, can you show my sister the mark on her chest? The birthmark? Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Doctor, thank you.
Thank you.
Did I just miss something? She thinks the birthmark is the sign of the Virgin Mary.
It does look like a bleeding heart.
Hey, John.
- Thanks for the help.
- Anytime.
No, no, really.
Can I get you a cane? I've heard that women find helplessness charming.
- In puppies maybe.
- Are you still evading Luka? No.
Well, yeah, sort of.
It's complicated.
- Most breakups are.
- Here, sit down.
Well, not that way.
This morning, I had to go over to his place to get one of my sweaters.
And I smashed his fish tank.
- Why? - It was an accident.
- Did you replace it? - No, not yet.
I haven't told him.
Is it too broken to fix? It was more like a crack.
- You want some lidocaine? - No.
Just do it.
That is one big piece of glass.
You really should replace it.
He's gonna think you're a little - vindictive.
- It wasn't like that.
- I know.
- I'm getting him another one.
- I think that's a great idea.
- I just need help getting it into his apartment.
- Don't even.
- Come on.
I can't lift it up by myself.
We get there and replace it before he gets home.
You tell Luka what happened and the two of you- May I remind you I removed a thorn from your paw? John, did you discharge Ravitz? - Who? All right.
I'll think about it.
- I owe you.
Twenty-two-year-old with chest pains, taking birth control.
- Yeah.
Yeah, why? - Well, Weaver took her from me.
She gave her to you? Maybe she thought you were swamped.
Yeah, more like incompetent.
She made you Chief Resident.
You know, you're the chosen one.
Yeah, by default.
We met when we were kids.
Her family had the cottage next to ours.
We used to go water-skiing together.
But now she can't feed or dress herself.
And she doesn't even recognize me.
What will happen if we don't operate? Her appendix will burst, and she'll develop a life-threatening infection.
- Is that a painful way to die? - She doesn't have to die, Mr.
- It's a fixable condition.
- I'm not so sure she wants to be fixed.
It's a simple surgery, Mr.
Look, I don't want her to suffer, but I want to let her go.
- Can you do that? - Sure we can.
Let's give her 5 milligrams of morphine.
Keep her hydrated.
Excuse me.
Mark, are you not going to try and convince him? He has power of attorney.
- It's his decision.
- Dad.
- Yes, I know, but- - Dad? - What's wrong? - I called her.
- Yeah.
- She started freaking out.
I told you.
All she ever cares about is her stupid job! - She's gonna send me to summer school.
- Call if you need me.
- And I swear I'm adopted! - Rachel, what did she say? She started yelling at me! She hates me.
She's such a bitch.
- Rachel.
- You don't know what she's like.
- You don't live with her.
- I did.
- You couldn't stand it either.
- Mark, we got a GSW coming.
- I'll be there.
- Prep the Trauma Room.
Where's Malucci? Said he was going to Radiology.
- What are they waiting for? -104's bringing them.
- Chief! - You're fired.
- I'm on my break.
- I'm between calls.
Go home, Malucci.
And get this rig out of here.
What are we talking? You want to suspend me a week? - You no longer work here.
- What do you want? A formal apology? - I want you to empty out your locker.
- What? Dr.
Chen, you need to check the baby.
Calm down.
She's here.
Want to talk to her? - No! - When do you get in? - I don't want her to come.
- She's calling from the plane.
- I'm not going with her.
- Don't yell at me.
I didn't tell her to come here.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, I gotta run.
We'll figure it out when you get here.
- She was freaking out, wasn't she? - She's worried.
O'Groat, Mr.
Where are you going? - To the game.
- I need to check your x-ray.
- I'm good to go.
- You may have separated your shoulder.
- It's okay.
I saw the baby.
- What baby? - Are you taking her side? - What? No.
Can you talk to Weaver? She fired me.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
I don't even want to see her! - Why are you still here? - See? - What's going on? - He's out of here.
- Dr.
- Just a second.
- You gonna talk to her? - My wife's gone.
- What? - I went to call our son.
When I got back, she was gone.
- Maybe the nurses took her.
- Her walker's gone.
- She couldn't have gone far.
- Last time she wandered off - she nearly got hit by a car.
- Randi, call Security.
His wife might be missing.
We'll find her.
- Dad, I want to stay with you.
- Not now! - So you'll talk to her, then, right? - You talk to her.
She didn't fire me.
- You ready? - One more patient.
I'll be in the car.
I don't want Luka to see us.
- We gonna wear ski masks? - Thank you for calling me.
- Yes.
- Did you win the lottery? Better.
My labs came back.
My HIV test is non-reactive.
- Hey, congratulations.
- I have to take it again in three months.
If you haven't converted by now, chances are you probably won't.
- God, I feel like I just got my life back.
- I don't think this is working.
- Give it time, Yolanda.
- What's this? Oh, she just had an allergic reaction to some meat.
She'd probably breathe easier if you took the corset off her.
Be my guest.
No, thank you.
Slow, deep breaths, Yolanda.
- You got this? - Yeah, sure.
- What happened? She dropped her sats? - Sinus tach.
Heart rate's 180.
- Is she dehydrated? - Well, definitely not dry.
- She's making good urine.
- Spike a fever? Repeat temp is 98.
Chuny, I need that hemoglobin.
- It's coming.
- Last one was 12.
She's not anemic.
You're not anemic, are you? - Did you check a tox screen? - Negative.
Maybe she's worn out from performing those miracles.
Second HemoCue is 8.
- I knew she was looking pale.
- Well, that's too low to be dilutional.
- It might be hemolysis.
- Or Gl blood loss.
I'll check a stool guaiac.
What are you doing out of bed, dear? The baby was crying.
Well, let's get you back to your room, all right? All right.
Send off a retic count, haptoglobin, Coombs, direct and indirect bilirubin.
I want to transfuse 2 cc per kilo per hour over the next five hours.
That's a good pickup.
I would never have thought to repeat the blood count so soon.
Tachycardia will resolve with transfusion.
Baby's anemic, you give blood.
It's not exactly one for the journals.
- What? - Thanks, Carter.
That was great.
- Where was she? - Wandering the halls, apparently.
I was detained by Malucci, who seems to think he's out of a job.
- He is.
- The baby was crying.
What happened? Why is she so much better? Her appendix probably burst.
Once the pressure's relieved, the pain temporarily goes away.
- For how long? - Within 24 hours peritonitis will take over.
Causes high fevers and severe abdominal pain.
Thank you for taking care of me, Lawrence.
You know, Malucci is not the first doctor to get caught performing an unauthorized physical in the hospital.
- She knows I've been taking care of her.
- Excuse me? It's been two years since she's said my name.
- Is it too late to perform the surgery? - She's perforated.
We'd have to do an open procedure, which will take much longer to heal.
I want you to operate.
Tanzi, your wife's moment of lucidity was probably a fluke.
The surgeon says it's a simple operation.
Why don't you stay here with your wife and we'll have the surgeon come down and speak with you, all right? - She deserves to have everything done.
- She will.
What are you doing? His wife's end-stage dementia.
I'm trying to help them.
- Well, apparently, you're not.
- You want this one too? She's yours.
Why don't you take all the patients, seeing that you're firing all the doctors.
- He had it coming.
- For what? Unacceptable behavior, insubordination.
- I mean, he has no respect for anything.
- So what? Reprimand him.
I am tired of his attitude.
You can't get rid of him just because you don't get along.
If that were the case, you'd fire all of us.
You know what? I'm not gonna justify my point of view! - Where is she? - Good to see you too, Jen.
- Don't break it.
- You owe me so big for this.
- Oh, my God.
- What's wrong? I left the keys in the apartment.
That's it.
Mission aborted.
Hold it.
- He sleeps with the window open.
- Wouldn't it make more sense - to leave it out front? - So someone can steal it? Who steals a fish tank? - Come to think of it, who breaks one? - I told you, it was an accident.
That's good.
Okay, that's Luka's.
- Can you give me a boost up there? - No.
- Just bend over.
- You could at least buy me dinner first.
- I got a bad back.
- What are you-? - What are you implying? - What if somebody sees us? All right.
Just relax, Opie.
- Are you ready? Okay.
- Yes.
It's stuck.
- Sorry.
It's stuck.
- Carter! She doesn't listen.
She ignores curfew.
She doesn't do a thing around the house.
How would you know? You're never home.
I just made partner.
Excuse me for working so hard so I can put a roof over your head.
- You made partner? - Yeah.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Dad! - Rachel, sit down.
Obviously, there is a lack of communication here.
Sounds like to me, Rachel, you could be a little more responsible.
Jen, maybe you could spend some more time- - I am responsible! - I've given her 14 years.
- I am tired of being her maid.
- Tired of being a mother.
- Can you blame me? - All right, time-out.
We'll finish this at home.
We get on a plane at 5:30.
Maybe I'm not going back.
Rachel, I had to cancel my whole day to be here.
And now I'm gonna be up all night doing a brief.
Well, I'm sorry I'm such a pain in the ass.
Greene, we need you.
Remember when she used to push crayons down the toilet? Seriously, Mark, you've gotta help me here.
Now, doctor.
I'll be right back.
Auto versus pedestrian at moderate velocity.
Altered, with GCS of 2-4-4.
BP is 80 palp.
Full trauma panel, type and cross for four.
Sign of head trauma? Nothing I appreciated.
Witnesses say she was lying in the crosswalk when hit.
- May have been struck more than once.
- Set up a central line.
Pulse ox, 98 on 2 liters.
Contusion, left-upper quadrant.
- Pupils, 4 millimeters and reactive.
- Dr.
Benton? We got a severed umbilical cord.
- Where's the baby? - There is no baby.
- She's got a retained placenta.
- Okay.
I'll try to extract.
Call OB.
She's missing a shoelace.
- Resuscitate? - He's been down too long.
- Flush him? - Think Luka will miss him? - He'll think one of the other fish ate him.
- They're not piranha.
- Fine.
- I was never any good with pets.
I used to like those turtles at the Woolworth's.
- Don't they carry salmonella? - I don't know.
Didn't live long if you paint them with nail polish.
Can we get out of here now? I have to wipe the place down for prints.
- Should I get it? - No.
- No pneumothorax.
- You ready with the ultrasound? All set.
Systolic's up to 100.
She's coming around.
- I'm Dr.
What's your name? - Anna.
What happened? - You were hit by a car.
- My stomach hurts.
Where's your baby? I don't have a baby.
Crit's only 28 after 2 units.
Hang another 2.
- She needs a splenectomy.
- What? - You need an operation.
- Why? You have internal bleeding from the accident.
- And you haven't delivered your placenta.
- No, I'm not pregnant.
You were.
- Did you leave your baby at the church? - I don't have a baby.
- I'm taking her up.
- Hold on.
- How's she doing? - Oh, crit's up.
- But she needs another 4 per kilo.
- I need to take her for a second.
- What? Take her where? - Just next door.
She needs more packed cells.
Send off another CBC from Pre-Op, and I want plasma in the O.
- Wait.
- Her pressure's borderline.
- I gotta take her.
- I need to put her back on the monitors.
- Anna, this is your baby.
- I don't have any children.
You tied off her umbilical cord with your own shoelace.
- No.
- We need to finish the transfusion.
You left her at the church because you wanted her to be safe.
- I can't have a baby.
- But you did.
- Is she okay? - She's very sick.
But we're helping her now.
I never meant to hurt her.
I thought God would protect her.
He did.
Some people think she's a miracle.
What? They feel better when they're near her.
Can I touch her? Yeah.
Go ahead.
- What are you doing, ordering pizza? - I'm calling my lawyer.
They haven't charged us.
We're sitting in the back of a police car.
What are they gonna arrest us for? Aquatic mischief? Hope you're this funny in handcuffs.
I am.
Oh, here we go.
- He looks pissed.
- You think he's gonna press charges? - I don't know.
We did kill his fish.
- We? - Oh, he's really pissed.
- I'm making my phone call now.
All right, Bonnie and Clyde, your friend cut you loose.
Stay out of trouble.
- Should we say something? - You should say something.
Maybe tomorrow.
Rachel, your mom's waiting out front for a taxi.
I know growing up can be tough.
You can call me anytime.
Yeah, until Mom takes away my phone privileges again.
It'll be okay.
No, it won't.
Rachel, what do you want me to do? You could let me stay here.
- You can't.
- Why not? - Your mom would miss you.
- Right.
- You'd miss your friends.
- They're only a phone call away.
I'll make new ones.
- What about school? - They have schools in Chicago.
I just want to spend more time with you and Ella.
I've got a baby sister who doesn't even know me.
And Elizabeth is totally smart and cool.
I mean, she's a great role model.
- Are you serious about this? - Yes.
It's a big move.
I miss you, Dad.
I'll talk to your mother.
Straight clamp, then 2-0 Vicryl.
Any chance we could speed this up? I got tickets to the Cubs game.
If you're asking me to compromise surgery in order for you to attend a sporting event, the answer is no.
I did a pre-op assessment on her.
I've had more intelligent conversations with my neighbor's cat.
- I need to irrigate with 2 liters.
- I've only got 500 cc's on the field.
- Then get us some more.
- Coming right up.
Maybe this is God's way of saying her meter's out.
If I get to this point, I sure as hell don't want a trip to the O.
I'll keep that in mind, Dr.
Whatever happened to dignity in death? Elizabeth? Dr.
Corday? - Where's my saline, Shirley? - Ready to go.
Right, then.
Did you just fall asleep? - No.
- You did.
You fell asleep.
I was resting my eyes.
Peter, you missed a good one.
Seven gunshots.
Looked like a scavenger hunt.
What've you got? Twenty-year-old with fractured spleen and retained placenta.
- Call Coburn? - She's on her way.
She's gonna try manual extraction under general anesthesia.
Hopefully it's not an accreta.
Benton, there's a young man out here looking for you.
Jackie? - I'm sorry, Peter.
- What's wrong? I can't do this.
Not right now.
- I'm getting ready to go into surgery.
- I tried.
I really did.
Okay, listen.
Why don't we just talk about this when I get home.
Reece is the sweetest little boy I know.
I love him like he was mine.
- But he's not mine.
- Yeah, I know.
And every time I see him- It's just not fair.
Jackie? - Jackie! - Is he scrubbing in with you, Peter? I just need to find somebody to keep an eye on him.
- Don't look at me.
- I'm gonna go to daycare.
- I'll be back.
- I don't think so.
Go home.
Get your personal life sorted out.
- I'm going to perform a splenectomy.
- Not anymore.
She stands a better chance if I do it.
Spend some quality time with your son at Chuck E.
Cheese or something.
- Weaver change her mind? - No.
Not yet.
She will.
She's just mad at you.
She's always mad at me.
This is different.
Well, maybe it'll blow over.
You know, I- I should have seen it.
I didn't focus on the mediastinum.
I- - I didn't even look at the x-ray, Dave.
- Because I told you it was clear.
I mean, I thought I was doing the right thing.
I just- I just wanted to save the guy and- You know, they say you're not a real doctor until you've killed a few patients.
What are you gonna do? This is the only thing that I've ever been any good at.
I'm gonna be a doctor.
You were never arrested or brought home by the police - or anything when you were a kid? - No.
Were you? Well, not for anything serious.
What, no counterfeiting? No grand-theft auto? Actually, I did get in trouble for taking this car.
- You stole a car? - Barely.
It was a Gremlin.
And I was only borrowing it anyway.
- What, no high-speed chases involved? - Well, a short one.
It was an emergency.
We had to get Wham! tickets.
Now, that's a crime.
Do you want to come in for a coffee or something? - No.
I gotta get up early.
- Okay.
Well, thanks for helping me.
You can find yourself another wheelman next time.
That's too bad, because I had my eye on this liquor store on the corner.
- You heard the cop.
"Stay out of trouble.
" - All right.
Got it.
Sorry I almost got you arrested.
You walk outside there, you gonna find all your stuff on the street! - My upstairs neighbors.
- Sound like nice people.
- They're at it again.
- Yeah.
Somebody should go up there.
I'm sure they'll settle down in a minute, Mrs.
Why don't you go back to bed.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- All right, good night.
You're gonna tell Luka this was your idea.
I'm not gonna drop a dime on you, Carter.
- You look beat.
- I am.
How was Mrs.
Tanzi's appendectomy? Uneventful.
- Hey, Rachel's still here.
- Yeah.
- I thought Jen was coming to get her.
- Things didn't go quite as planned.
- How's that? - As in, how do you feel - about Rachel staying with us a while? - For the rest of the summer? Maybe.
Maybe longer.
Could be handy having a live-in babysitter.
And I'm sure she'll help around the house.
She's your daughter, Mark.
Of course she's welcome to live with us.
The fact that she's still here suggests you've already told her she could.
- You were in surgery.
- So do you guys have a satellite dish? No.
No singed nasal hairs.
If you lean back far enough, the flame burns away from your face.
- That's the key to fire-eating.
- So, what happened today? Usually, I smear my mustache with Vaseline.
Today, I forgot it, so I used hair gel instead.
- I guess it was flammable.
- Guess so.
Let's shave off the rest of the mustache and débride the skin.
You can't shave my mustache.
It's my trademark.
- Dude, it's half gone.
- I'll get an extension or something.
- I'll give you Neosporin.
- Give this to Dr.
- He left.
- Give it to someone else.
Look, chief, I know you're pissed.
But let's be real about this.
If you really want to ax me, you go through the review committee and disciplinary committee.
They'd want to counsel me.
- The best you'll get is suspension.
- You have five letters in your file - for unprofessional behavior.
- Me and every doctor.
You've been counseled.
You failed two rotations.
There will be a meeting of the Residency Review Committee.
They will offer you counseling, but I am telling you - you will never work in this ER.
- What's your problem? - You.
You're my problem.
- Because I don't kiss your ass? I mean, yeah, I like to have fun sometimes.
I'm a damn good doctor.
I had a half a dozen great saves today.
- Being a doctor is more than great saves.
- Really? What? I need to adopt your cheery attitude and sparkling bedside manner? Hey, this isn't about my performance, is it? - Or my rotations.
You just don't like me.
- You're right.
I don't like you.
You have no respect for me, your coworkers, this hospital, anything.
You think you have this whole cowboy approach to medicine.
But you don't have the goods to back it up.
So you make mistakes.
Mistakes that kill people.
I need this job.
You can't fire me.
I have a kid to support.
Since when? You never said anything about being a father.
Did you ever ask? - You don't know a damn thing about me.
- Well, I know you're fired.
You're a sad, cold-hearted bitch! You know that? - Somebody call Security.
- Nobody here likes you.
- Get out! - Know why this stupid ER is so damn important to you? Do you know why? Because it's the only thing that you've got in your life.
Nazi dyke.