ER s08e04 Episode Script

Never Say Never

Preciously on E.
Marfan's is difficult to detect.
Residents had never heard- Which is why we have Attendings.
You had the right information.
You didn't bother to look at it.
We paged you three times! You can't get rid of him just because you don't get along.
They say you're not a real doctor until you've killed a few patients.
- You don't know a damn thing about me.
- I know you're fired.
You're a sad, cold-hearted bitch! Luka and I broke up a few days ago.
- Abby, I'm sorry if I hurt you.
- You didn't hurt me.
It's gonna be a pain to loose Susan Willis.
It's a big mistake for her.
Bye! E.
8x04 "NEVER SAY NEVER" There you are.
- Change, lady? - Sorry.
Look out! Sorry.
- His buddies said he just passed out.
- There's rigor mortis and lividity.
It was a crowded scene.
It was easier to grab him.
- It's gonna be harder to dump him.
- Come on, doc.
Look, I'm not tying up a room with a dead body.
Take him to the morgue.
- You've got a morgue.
- No.
Come on.
Load him up.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
This is a county hospital.
Let me know when you start paying taxes and wearing clothes.
This should be enough Elimite for everyone.
Wash your bedding in hot water.
- And the dog too? - Sure.
Why not? Make a follow-up with your regular health care provider.
- This is our regular health care provider.
- Right.
- Hi.
I'm looking for Mark Greene.
- Talk to the clerk.
Dude, it only takes, like, two minutes to freeze a wart off.
Actually, less.
But you still have to wait like everybody else.
- Hi, I'm looking for Dr.
- Fill this out and take a seat over there.
- I'm not a patient.
We're having lunch.
- Chairs are that way.
- Okay.
You'll tell him I'm here? - I'll tell him.
- You might wanna know my name.
- County General.
- Excuse me.
- My fault.
Can you help me? I'm looking for Mark Greene.
Yosh, labs back on the gallbladder on Exam 1? - Check the computer.
- He's a friend.
- Hang on.
- Have you still not forgiven me? - My angelfish died.
- I'll buy you another one.
- There were two.
- I'll buy three.
- Can you help? I'm looking for Dr.
- Check with the clerk.
Go ahead and call the mayor! Shut us down, for all I care! Dr.
Lewis! - Dr.
- Yes, hi.
- Ralph.
- Ralph? Ralph Binks.
Six years ago, I was tapping the electrical main downstairs took 20 amps in the ass.
You treated me, said I was gonna be just fine.
- Right.
- Well, I wasn't.
My life has been a living hell of static cling since then! So thanks, doc.
Thanks for nothing.
Bet I know what you came here for.
Is that it? So she just got on a plane? Sent for the twins the next day, haven't seen her since.
Kovac doesn't know what happened.
- Dr.
Kovac? - A tall, hunky guy, dark hair.
- You can't miss him.
- And you don't want to.
Can someone move Mr.
Schnack before we have to hold the wake ourselves? - She's still here? - Worse.
She's in charge.
Excuse me.
Ladies, we have patients breaking the eight-hour mark.
- Yeah.
- Don't be a stranger.
I won't.
Susan? Hey, Kerry.
What a surprise.
Are you here for the ACEP assembly? No, I'm here on some interviews.
- In Chicago? - I'm meeting Mark for lunch.
He's in with a bad GSW.
Yeah, I finally got someone to talk to me.
- Where have you gone to? - What? Hospitals.
Rush, Northwestern, a couple of privates.
Looking for a staff position? - Well, good luck with that.
- Thank you.
- Nice to see you again.
- You too.
- Welcome back.
- Sort of.
You mind? I work here.
- Chest cavity's filled with clot.
- Sats are down to 60.
Lap pad.
Who's that? It's Susan Lewis.
- Your friend from Scottsdale? - Phoenix.
Says Scottsdale on the phone bill.
Metzenbaum scissors.
She looks great, doesn't she? Pericardium's tense with blood.
- What's she doing here? - We're supposed to have lunch.
There's a big bleeder underneath.
- You didn't say anything about lunch.
- I didn't? No.
Can you feel the defect? I can't put my finger on it.
You're here for a reason, Mrs.
- It's Miss.
- Miss McDuffy.
Let's start with I'm tired, I'm depressed, I can't concentrate.
I've got headaches and hives.
And I'm bloated and constipated.
- And it hurts here too.
- Any chest pain? - Oh, that's the worst of all.
- I see.
That just about covers everything.
- Abby? - Yeah.
Can we get CBC, Chem-20, TSH, Free T4 troponin, CK with MB, lipase, EKG, chest x-ray, urine and a culture? - That it? - I've got a yeast infection too.
- Wonderful.
- Wanna see it? Maybe later.
- Be a sport.
Do the pelvic.
- That might just put me over the edge.
- Into what? Celibacy? - Into taking it.
- You're not taking it.
- I am.
- You like it here.
- I don't have a job here.
Weaver offered you shifts.
I can do shift work anywhere.
There's a tenured track, clinical faculty position.
You wanna be a professor now? It's better job security.
Like you're in it for the money? And my money says they have yeast infections at Northwestern.
- I'll let you know.
- If you really wanted it you would've taken it.
I have to tell them.
They clocked it.
- Clocked what? - I have to let them know by Friday.
- Tomorrow's Friday.
- I know.
John, can you take the hypochondriac with a spider bite-? - Asking me or are you telling me? - Whatever gets you to do it.
I told the creep all we had was traveler's checks.
Wouldn't do him any good.
Pretty brazen for a mugger to hit you in broad daylight.
He didn't hit us.
Stan tripped over a curb trying to get away.
- Dr.
Weaver? - I'll have the nurse get you an ice pack.
- He doesn't need an MRl? - Not this time.
Yesterday's positive list.
Make sure Frank routes them correctly this time.
- Sure.
- Last week, the cafeteria ended up with our UTI sensitivities.
Anything I should know about this meeting? - What meeting? - With Romano.
Risk Management called me, so I'm assuming it's about the Marfan's death.
Has there been a wrongful-death suit filed? In-house review is standard procedure in this kind of circumstance.
It's not an M&M.
These are lawyers, right? Their job is to protect you - and the hospital.
- And assess exposure.
- It's normal.
- Dave was fired.
I just thought maybe- Dr.
Malucci's termination isn't reflective of anything.
There were other concerns.
Other issues involved.
Am I in trouble here, Kerry? I found it in my slipper.
I figured you'd need its antivenom.
Actually, Chicago doesn't have any dangerous spiders.
- It doesn't? - Not native anyway.
So this one hopped on a bus across the border.
That bastard took a chunk out of my foot.
- It looks like a flea bite.
- A flea bite? I can feel the toxin - making its way to my heart.
-1 % hydrocortisone cream Benadryl for the itching, and get yourself a flea bomb.
- That's it? - That's it.
You've got this down.
Why would you want to leave it? - Yeah, right.
- Pardon, miss? What's your name again? - Abby.
- I'm Nicole.
We met at the bar with Luka.
- I was your waitress.
- Right.
What happened to your hand? I cut myself.
Not bad, but I think it needs to be How do you say? - Sutured? - Yeah, sutured.
That man over there, he won't tell Luka I'm here.
He's so rude.
You want me to take a look at it? I was hoping Luka could look.
Well, Dr.
Carter's very good at suturing.
- Luka is not working today? - No, I think that he is.
Isn't he, Abby? Yeah.
- Sure.
Come on.
I'll get you a room.
- Thank you.
- Hey, don't hurt him! - What are you doing? - I'm letting him go.
- Why? You said he was innocent.
Frank, I think I need Housekeeping in here.
Funny, that's not how I remember you.
Son of a bitch! That is.
- Dr.
Lewis! What are you doing here? - Susan, Carter.
- Right.
Susan, hey! - Hi.
- Would you believe I'm looking for work? - In Chicago? - Yeah.
Never say never.
- Well, that's great.
You look - different.
- Yeah? You look the same.
- Are you interviewing? - Yeah.
- I have a meeting at Northwestern.
- Northwestern? - Yeah.
- Clinical faculty position? - Yeah, why? - I was just offered that job.
- Oh, no.
It's in the ER.
- I switched back to emergency medicine.
- Oh, when? - Forever ago.
So you must be Chief Resident.
That would be Dr.
- Deb Chen? - It's Jing-Mei now.
Jing-Mai now.
Jing - Frank, what is it? - I don't know what she calls herself.
Yeah, so Hey.
- Robert.
- Hey, lurking around the men's room now? Changing teams again? You scheduled meetings with my Residents without telling me? - Did you not get the memo? - What memo? - The one saying I run the place.
- Dr.
Chen's my responsibility.
I expect to be notified if she's to be questioned.
- Fair.
Consider yourself notified.
- Good.
I wanna be there.
I don't even wanna be there.
As chief of the department, I think it's appropriate.
Don't interfere with Risk Management investigations.
- An investigation? - Information gathering, whatever.
- They have a few questions.
- Dr.
Chen approached me.
She was scared.
She wants me to come with her.
She's a big girl.
She talked about lawyers.
Do you want it to escalate to that or you want me to come? Does she have something to hide? No.
The truth is bad enough.
We should be trying to protect her.
- You sure you don't have a thing for her? - Robert.
Okay, fine, - Good femoral with compressions.
- Stop CPR.
- No pulse, no pressure.
- Your friend's back.
- What do you feel? - Probable entry wound, left ventricle.
- Feels ragged through the mitral valve.
- How big? - Too big.
- Nothing's organized on the monitor.
- He's gone.
You wanna call it? - See if we can piece anything together.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
-0 silk on a needle driver.
- Hey.
Give me 10 minutes? - If there's still an express to Oak Park.
- Yeah.
You look great.
- You look great too.
Greene, we got a 6-year-old boy with vomiting and severe dehydration.
- Get Cleo.
- He's got a genetic disorder.
- Tachy at 120.
BP's 90/60.
- You know what? I don't wanna be late.
- I'll just come back after my interview.
- Okay.
That's great.
Elizabeth, how are you doing? - Forget it.
- Good to see things never change.
- Knock them dead.
- You too.
- How long's he been vomiting? - Three days.
- He's dry as a bone.
- And you waited till now to bring him in? His geneticist's at Mercy.
Our insurance got messed up.
They couldn't see us.
- Is he Down's? - No.
Trisomy 18.
- I thought they didn't survive past age 1.
- They don't.
He's special.
Belly's hard as a rock.
Elizabeth, you better get in here! - Let's do a rectal temp.
- I can do that if you want.
No, no.
We'll let the nurse do it.
She does it for him all the time.
- What is it? - Possible bowel obstruction.
Six-year-old boy with Edwards syndrome.
Six? I thought that was impossible.
- Apparently not.
- No luck with the IV.
- Prep a subclavian.
- It feels like a loop of bowel.
I'll try to reduce.
It's probably perfed.
- Surprised he doesn't have a fever.
- He will.
Probably dead bowel in addition to the obstruction.
Let's take him to O.
- He's vomiting.
Let's roll him.
- Please.
This has to stop.
Once the line's in, we'll give Compazine.
That's not what she's asking.
Give him something for the pain.
- Titrate 6 of morphine.
- No, to end it.
What? Please, just end it for him.
I'll be upstairs.
Have each Resident pick up at least two of the fast tracks when their sicker patients are tucked in.
- They don't listen to me.
- Make sure Mrs.
Hertel - gets her gentamicin.
- Two per kilo? - Yeah.
- Are you ready? - What? - I'm going with you.
- Why? What's wrong? - Nothing.
- Dr.
Romano assures me it's routine.
- Then why are you going? To represent the department, apparently.
Haleh? - Oh, God.
- Jing-Mei, no one is out to get anyone.
You do this long enough, you make a serious mistake.
- It's true for everyone.
- That's encouraging.
and Mrs.
Schudy? - He stopped vomiting? - Yes.
We've given him morphine for the pain and antibiotics and fluids.
You must think we're awful people.
No, I think that when a child is this ill, emotions can escalate.
And I don't think you really want what you asked for.
No, of course we don't.
I don't know.
Maybe we're both just too tired.
- Kenny needs round-the-clock care.
- I imagine he would.
Just tell us what you need to do.
Well, your son has an incarcerated inguinal hernia which we can repair.
It's a simple procedure.
But we will have to evaluate his internal organs.
If he's been obstructed for a while, he may need a colostomy.
- How many has he had so far? - Four.
Three laparotomies and a VSD repair.
He's had more surgeries than birthdays.
I was opening for lunch.
The back gate gets stuck sometimes.
It doesn't look deep enough to suture.
Let's irrigate and give her some Keflex.
My boss wanted me to finish my shift.
He's such- What do they say here? A capitalist? What did he want me to do, bleed on everybody's food? Good thing he let you off.
You don't want it to get infected.
He didn't let me.
He fired me.
After a year of working there seven nights a week.
Abby, where's that irrigation kit? It's coming, Dr.
What? I'll be right there.
There might be a little scarring.
Will you be able to find another job? I don't know.
He kept saying he'd make problems with my visa.
I think he can too.
- Is everything okay back there? - Yeah.
Had you looked at the x-ray would you have recognized the widened mediastinum? Yes, I think so.
- Well, how confident of that are you? - I don't know.
Standard of care is to take a chest x-ray to rule out aortic dissection before ordering thrombolytics - correct? - That's right.
So why take one if you're not gonna look at it? Dr.
Chen has already admitted to a critical error.
No need to belabor the point.
We're trying to understand what happened.
The treating Resident told me the x-ray was clear.
He thought I meant hemothorax, I thought he meant signs of dissection.
- Dr.
- He's been terminated since the incident.
That helps, I suppose.
In essence, the mistake was the result of a miscommunication during a time-sensitive critical care situation.
Except for the chain-of-command issue.
What issue? How did you get involved in this case? Chief Residents or Attendings are called on to sign off on any use of thrombolytics.
- Chief Residents who are Attendings.
- I am an Attending.
You are now, but at the time, you were five days from officially completing your Residency.
My appointment started July 1.
I was making up days from my maternity leave.
Chen was given the authority of an Attending while a Chief Resident.
If she wasn't board-eligible, she wasn't officially authorized - to make this decision.
- I thought I was.
- Who was your Attending? - What? Who was your Attending that night? - Dr.
- We're talking five days.
And where was Dr.
Weaver? Excuse me.
I'm sitting right here.
You can ask me.
You're here as a representative of the department.
I'm interviewing Dr.
- She was out of the hospital.
- I was right across the street.
I was getting a meal with the understanding that Dr.
Chen would page me for critical cases.
- And did you page her? - Yes.
Before or after you authorized thrombolytics? - Before and after.
- I never received a page.
- Three times total.
- You could have come to get me.
- I didn't know where you were.
- Carter knew.
He found me in time to stop you from cracking his chest.
Romano, this is why I interview participants separately.
The fact is, this is a systems error.
The cafeteria isn't open at 2 a.
, so you need to leave the building to get a meal.
You might consider brown-bagging it next time.
I'm done.
All right.
Well, this has been very enlightening.
Thank you, Dr.
- I'm sorry? - You're excused.
Kerry, you stay.
That's gotta be a record, Do you need something? They didn't pull you out of court, did they? Good.
- I thought you were taking a stool sample.
- I will, Miss McDuffy.
- But you have to go back and lie down.
- Because I have to go.
I have a friend who's having trouble with her visa.
I thought you could help her.
- Do you know anything? - What? - About my condition? - Yeah.
Not until your labs come back.
Work visa, French.
Does my having bad B.
mean anything? - That is possible.
- Great.
I'll send her over.
- You have to lie down.
- Nicole.
I owe you.
What? Nothing.
I thought she was going to protect me.
She went to protect herself.
- What did you expect? - I don't know.
It never occurred to me that she had to protect her own ass.
Maybe your asses aren't mutually exclusive.
That's why she's still up there and I'm down here.
Weaver's political, true.
But she's smart enough to protect her own.
- I don't see it.
What's it look like? - What? - The spider.
- Nat, it's a big insect.
Big, hairy.
You're a reflection on her.
You're her choice for Chief Resident.
She'll defend you.
- If only to defend herself.
- How's your back? - Hurts like hell.
-35-year-old male, impaled - after a fall off a roof.
- How much blood loss? Not a lot.
We packed around the wound and stabilized it.
No KO.
BP, 100/70.
- Don't touch me! - Hey.
What was he doing? Wife said he was trying to get free cable.
Where's my wife? Hi, baby.
I can't believe you have to open him again.
- Want me to go over the procedure? - No.
We know it by heart.
Then I just need you to sign the consent, then.
It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.
There's a waiting area just down the hall.
Do you have a cafeteria? Yeah.
Third floor.
It's the only time my husband and I get to share a meal together when Kenny's in the hospital.
- I understand.
- Thank you.
Any messages? Elsa Alcoran called, said she doesn't want the job.
- Did she say why? - No.
- No new nanny yet? - No.
Not one that signs.
Oh, yeah, right.
That must be hard to find.
- You look tired.
- So do you.
Parenting will do that to you.
This is Peter Benton.
I got your message.
I was hoping you would reconsider.
If you could at least call me back, I would really appreciate it.
Okay? Thank you very much.
- What do we got? - Fragments in the peritoneum.
- That's a hell of a fragment.
- BP's down to 70.
Bolus 2 liters wide open.
Central line kit.
- Take it out, it's killing him.
- We have to do it in O.
He could bleed uncontrollably here.
- HemoCue is 10.
- You should take her outside.
Two units O-neg standing by.
- Can't you give him something? - We did.
- Melanie? - Full diaphragmatic rupture.
- Okay, let's red-line him.
- Melanie! - What? - I love you! No.
No, shut up.
You're not saying that.
- I do.
- Stop it.
- You'll be okay.
- Where's the O-neg? - Waiting on Dr.
- Let's go! Let's move! - You need some help? - No, no.
I almost got it.
Didn't she leave a guide wire in some poor schlub's chest? That was over six years ago.
She was a medical student.
But now there's a pattern.
If we don't show we took corrective measures we could have real exposure if she kills anyone else.
- That's a little dramatic.
- He's dead.
Can't get much more dramatic.
There's no reason to think she'll kill anyone else.
- Can you guarantee that? - Oh, come on.
And what happens the next time you take a 20-minute break off campus? How much does the technicality in her status really factor in? You mean, can you end the blood trail with Chen? I wanna know what kind of support to expect.
- For you or the department? - For me.
Well, I won't tell you what to do, it's your ER but I expect the family's gonna want accountability beyond Dr.
BP's stable, 110/60.
Warshaw, I'm Dr.
We're gonna put you to sleep and make any repairs.
No, don't.
- Don't what? - Save me.
I know the medication has you feeling a little strange, but don't worry - you're gonna be okay.
- Just let me die.
- Was this a suicide attempt? - Not that I know of.
Benton, your niece called.
Her car broke down.
She can't pick up your son.
It has to be an accident.
Warshaw, your family needs you, so just hang in there, okay? They need the money more! - Oh, my God! - Grab his hands! Grab them! - Give me gloves! - What the hell-? No pulse.
All right.
Starting compressions.
- What happened? - Don't stand there.
Bag him.
You want to tube him instead? - Still no pulse.
- I need to clamp the aorta.
- Here? The O.
's 20 feet away.
- We'll never make it.
10 blade! BP's 40 and dropping.
- Scissors and a rib spreader.
- We don't have them in Pre-Op.
- I gotta go to O.
and get a tray.
- Forget it! Help me pull this apart.
- What? - Just do it! Here we go.
Got it.
Let's get him in the O.
Move! - Mozart? - Yes.
I don't have time to listen to music anymore except at work.
- Up on the Bovie.
- Kids will do that to you.
God, have you ever seen this many adhesions? - Is it part of the disease? - That and heart defects mental retardation, multiple gut problems.
- Move to the right, Lizzie.
- What? Your hands.
They're blocking his shot.
Make sure you get the cecum.
Robert, I'm in the middle of surgery! No, you're in the middle of an historic case.
6-year-old Trisomy 18.
- Has to be some kind of record.
- Hey, I said, stop it! We need close-ups of the palmar creases and rocker-bottom feet.
- I hope you have permission to do this.
- This is a teaching hospital.
It's in the interest of science.
- For God's sake! Shirley, suction.
- How these parents can keep this kid alive in good conscience is beyond me.
- Get a shot of that! - Fistula end's nice and pink.
- Let's tack it down.
- Okay.
Now over here.
This one's for the coffee table.
Smile, Lizzie.
Perfed the cecum up through the omentum and the superior mesenteric vein.
I've got the cross-matched.
- No answer at the garage.
- What? - Your brother-in-law's not there.
- Try my sister.
- What's her number? -555-0146.
- The portal vein seems intact.
-0-1 what? Four-six! - What time is it? - Almost 4.
Sixth unit is up.
He's exsanguinating.
We're not home to take your call.
Leave a message and we'll get back to you.
Jackie, it's Peter.
Are you there? I need you to pick up Reece.
I'm not gonna make it in time.
I'm stuck in surgery.
Jackie, if you 're there, pick up! Jackie! Check the ostomy output, cue six hours and change the dressing.
You've got it, Dr.
- How did it go? - As well as it could, I suppose.
- Where are they? - Who? - His parents.
- I don't know.
I don't think they've been back since he went in.
- Are you sure? - They never checked in with me.
They can't still be eating.
- So you're not gonna take it? - Mark, he asked me out.
- Consider it a bonus.
- In the middle of the meeting.
Was he good-looking? He spits when he talks.
So a little saliva's gonna hold you back? No big deal.
I have three more interviews.
- Well, you can stop and come back here.
- Yeah, right.
- No.
We're looking for an Attending.
- No, you're not.
You saw what it was like down there this morning.
Weaver didn't mention anything.
That surprise you? Thought it was cooler than a tattoo.
You could have at least called me, you know.
And say what? "Hey, how's it going? By the way, I have a brain tumor.
" Or written a letter.
Oh, like the one you wrote me telling me that you were engaged? It wasn't an engagement.
And it's over.
Is that why you're moving back? Or did you collapse from heat exhaustion? Well, after Chloe moved, there wasn't much reason to stay.
I can't follow my sister's family around forever.
And I'm not exactly Desert Girl.
I just missed it here, you know? The city, the weather you.
Hey, Mark - have you seen the Schudys in here? - Who? - The parents of the Trisomy boy.
- Did he make it through surgery? Yes.
His 11 th.
Susan, this is Elizabeth, my wife.
Elizabeth, Susan.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Susan's moving back to Chicago.
Would you like some coffee? I don't drink coffee, I'm breast-feeding.
Excuse me.
She seems nice.
- Grade IV liver lac.
- Pressure's 60 over nothing.
Hang more blood.
- What are they saying? - Hold on.
They're deaf.
It has to go through the text translator.
Ask if they can keep him until 6:30.
Combination stellate lac with elements of crush injury.
I'd start pressors if there was something to press.
They can't.
You have to make other arrangements.
- Tell them it's an emergency! - Your son's upset.
He's crying.
Hang up.
- What? - Just hang up.
- 555-0177.
Put it on speaker.
- Who's that? Just call it.
Can we get more lap pads? Let's pack this thing off.
Change it.
Another clip.
Hey, Roger, it's Peter.
I wouldn't ask you this, but I have an emergency.
- I need you to pick up Reece.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, I'm in surgery.
- Right now? Yeah, Jackie's not around, and Joanie got stuck.
- No problem.
I'll take care of it.
- All right.
I'll pick him up after work.
Don't worry.
I'm on my way.
- Where the hell is Vascular? - Dr.
Mitchell is coming in 10 minutes.
- Damn it! - V-fib.
- He's ischemic.
More blood.
- Hold on.
- More blood! - Can't go any faster.
Internal paddles.
Come on.
- Won't work.
- Charge to 15.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Nothing.
- Charge to 30.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Let go! - Sit still, John Thomas.
- Let the doctors see your head.
- It hurts! - I know.
We're gonna make it feel better.
- No! John, we're gonna give you a shot so your head will stop hurting.
My name's John Thomas, and I don't want a shot! - Daddy told you not to climb on his boat.
- I wasn't climbing! - It's just gonna be a small pinch.
- I don't want a small pinch! - Stop crying and we'll go to McDonald's.
I wanna go to Toys 'R' Us! - McDonald's.
- Toys 'R' Us! Hold still.
Almost finished.
Stop it or I'll tell Daddy you were climbing on his boat.
I'll tell Grandma you were playing with Daddy's penis! - I think he's going to Toys 'R' Us.
- Oh, yeah.
- What? - I haven't seen you smile for a while.
I forgot how pretty you were.
Thank you.
I guess.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
- Find the big hairy spider on the loose.
- What? Cleo, have you seen Kenny Schudy's parents? Not since you sent him up to O.
- I can't find them.
- Did you try the chapel? Yes.
And the bathroom and the snack areas.
- Maybe they went home.
- I don't know where home is.
- You can't be serious.
- Be like you never left.
Elizabeth, tell Susan what a great place this is to work.
- Haven't the time.
- Either she doesn't like me - or she's mad at you.
- No, she's just focused.
Have you eaten yet? - No.
- Let me buy you lunch.
I'm not hungry.
I want you to know I went on record against this, but the administration- - Am I being fired, Kerry? - No.
No, no, of course not.
You're on a year's probation and subject to a month's suspension without pay.
I argued your case to the best of my ability.
But Risk Management feels that given your history they needed to take corrective measures - to mitigate any further incidents.
- My history? The guide wire.
God! You're gonna use that? You'll also have to resign your Chief Residency.
- What? - I understand how upsetting this must- What about you? Are you going to resign anything? My involvement, or lack thereof, is not at issue.
Yeah, yeah.
You made sure of that.
Look, this is only a temporary setback, after which you'll be back on track.
Were you even wearing your pager that night? This isn't about me.
Someone obviously misdialed.
Just blame everyone but yourself, Kerry.
- Look, I'm sorry that this had to happen.
- You are not sorry.
- Just relieved.
- Jing-Mei, I- Go to hell, Kerry.
I quit.
- She wasn't terminated.
She resigned.
- You needed to demote her? Risk Management thought there might be some liability issues involved.
Oh, right.
I bet.
- What do you mean? - This is a teaching hospital.
And she was the one who was doing the teaching.
Jeez, Kerry.
Who are you cutting loose next? Look, I'm gonna miss her too.
This saddens me too.
It's easy for you to be upset and angry when you don't manage the situation.
But guess what.
I'm angry and upset, okay? I mean, I think it sucks.
Only, I don't have anyone to complain to.
You're asking me to feel sorry for you now? No.
I just wanted you to know what was going on.
Hopefully, this will be the last personnel change for a while.
I wanna hire Susan.
- Lewis? - Yeah.
If you have a problem with that bring it up at the next staff meeting.
We need doctors, Kerry.
Mom and Dad stayed just long enough to give consent? It doesn't mean anything.
The entire document is a lie.
Fake phone numbers, phony addresses.
I'm not even sure his real name is Kenny.
God knows he can't tell us.
$20,000 later and only his parents have any quality of life.
Probably in the Bahamas by now.
He requires an enormous amount of care.
Obviously, it became more than they could handle after six years.
- Boo-hoo.
- Robert it had to be extremely draining on them physically, emotionally.
You wanna be a parent? Shut up and do your job.
Nice workout, Peter.
Flogging a dead guy for an hour.
Probably burned 1000 calories.
He lost his job six months ago.
He said it was the worst that could happen to us.
He lied.
Your husband came in with severe injuries.
We tried everything we could to save him, but he died.
I am sorry.
He never told me why he wanted cable so bad.
We don't need cable.
Any way to stop it from happening again? Get her to stop picking her nose.
- Honey.
- Did you order a beta on Karen McDuffy? - The hairy woman? - Yeah.
It's the only thing I didn't order.
- You should have.
She's pregnant.
- What? Yep.
I guess there really is someone for everyone.
- Hi, Abby.
Is Luka still here? - No.
I think he went home.
Oh, that smells good.
What is that? Chocolate chip cookies with a little oatmeal.
I made them to thank him.
He got his immigration lawyer to help me.
That Luka.
What a great guy.
Do you want one? No.
They're Luka's.
I would never touch Luka's cookies.
- No, please.
Have one.
- Are you sure? Yeah.
I've made plenty.
Is he working tomorrow? I don't know.
Is Luka working tomorrow? I don't know.
I don't know.
Can you make sure he gets them? - Sure.
- You better put these in your locker.
- These are good.
- Really? - Yeah.
Maybe the best I've ever tasted.
- Thank you.
No, thank you.
- All right.
I appreciate it, Abby.
- Anytime.
Carter? - I need to speak with you.
- What is it? Privately.
Is something wrong? There's not enough time for a nomination process and, practically speaking it'd be better to have someone who's familiar with both staff and procedure.
- You lost me.
- If you want the Chief Residency it's yours.
Chen resigned.
- Are you sure? I just talked to her.
- Twenty minutes ago.
Is she serious? I don't assume it's something that she'd do lightly.
She resigned the Chief Residency or altogether? - Altogether.
- What happened? Well, it's unfortunate.
I can't talk to you about it.
But it has to do with the Marfan syndrome death? I can't talk about it.
But I want you to know that your circumstance aside I should've chosen you for the Chief Resident in the first place.
The truth is, you've handled yourself and your recovery with grace and confidence.
And I appreciate your professionalism.
Thank you.
So I assume it's a yes? Can I have some time to think about it? Well, sure.
Find me in the morning.
Get Housekeeping to clean that up.
You call me for something important, but don't know where it is.
I know where it is.
It's just not there right now.
- This is crazy.
- VoilĂ .
How come I have a feeling this could have waited till I finished unpacking? It's all about momentum.
Open it up.
- Oh, my God.
You saved this? - Yeah.
Well, someone found it a couple years ago when they moved the laundry.
I was gonna send it to you.
Come on.
Peeling paint, the frequent fliers.
The lousy pay.
You know you want it.
This is very sweet.
- But you're not winning me over.
- I already told Kerry it's a done deal so if you pull out now, it'd make me look really stupid.
- Are you serious? - I signed you up for Tuesday.
- It's mildewy.
- I'll dry-clean it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's he doing? - Good.
We played, had some spaghetti.
- Conked out about half an hour ago.
- Listen, Roger, I really appreciate this.
No problem.
It's nice.
I miss him.
So how are you doing? - You know, I miss Carla too.
- Yeah.
- You want me to get him? - No, no, no.
I got it.
Hey, Reece.
Time to go home.
Come on.
Come on.
It's late.
We can't.
We must go home.
- Reece, come on.
- He's half-asleep, Peter.
- You should let him stay the night.
- I don't wanna bother you.
It's no bother.
- I can drop him off in the morning.
- No, no.
I'll come by.
- What time? - Nine.
- Sure.
- All right.
I always knew she was capable of stuff like this.
I guess I fooled myself into thinking that she wouldn't do it to me.
Has she offered you the job yet? - I'm not sure that I want it.
- Yes, you do.
You've always wanted it.
I'll pass if it means you'll stay.
You should take it.
I don't wanna be here anymore.
If it's not you, it'll be somebody else.
And I'd rather it be you.
You gonna try and stay in Chicago? I don't know.
There's still a spot open at Northwestern.
Promise me, John, that whatever sacrifice you make for this place you just make sure it's worth it.
How's it going? - Fine.
Vodka, please.
- On the rocks? Neat.
Here you go.
- Another round? - Yeah, four on the ice.