ER s08e05 Episode Script

Start All Over Again

Previously on E.
Who's that? - Susan Lewis.
We're supposed to have lunch.
You didn't say anything about having a lunch.
If you want the Chief Residency its yours.
Jackie, it's Peter.
If you're there, pick up! Hey Roger, it's Peter.
I need you to pick up Reece from school.
I found her.
It's your mother.
It's that breast milk? You're contaminated.
Scrub out.
¬°Okay! - What do you want me to do, Rachel? - You could let me stay here.
It's a big move.
Do you guys have a satellite dish? - But you're not winning me over.
- I signed you up for Tuesday You're serious? E.
8x05 "START ALL OVER AGAIN" Yeah, it's- No, it's my pager number.
Kerry Weaver.
It's nothing serious.
I just have some personal information for her.
- All right.
Thank you.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
You all set? Oh, yeah.
I forgot how jammed the El can be during rush hour.
- Is there any chance I could get a locker? - Oh, sure.
Fourth to the right.
I'll have them take the name off.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks.
Watch out! Coming through! - I heard it, but I didn't believe it.
- Malik! Oh, we missed you! They actually talked you into coming back here.
- Bad idea? - I didn't say that.
Frank, call Housekeeping.
Someone took a dump in Exam 2.
- Hey, Frank, our mad crapper's back, huh? - If I catch him, he'll be pooping in a bag.
- What happened to the board? - Weaver.
Spanky's in Curtain 3 complaining of incontinence.
I'm not touching him.
- I'll take him.
- I don't think you want that.
- Here.
Leg injury, Curtain 1.
- Welcome back, Dr.
What's the story with Spanky? He likes nurses.
A lot.
- Dr.
Lewis? Are you Susan Lewis? - Yes.
Cleo Finch, the Senior on nights this week.
Nice to meet you.
- I have a few pass-ons.
- Okay.
Curtain 3, worst headache of his life.
Do a spinal tap if the head CT is negative.
- Okay.
No problem.
- Well, well, well.
- Dr.
Susan Lewis.
- Dr.
Just when I thought it was safe to come in.
- I missed you too, Peter.
- I know.
So can I buy you breakfast? I just got here, but you can get me lunch.
Oh, sorry.
I have to sign out and get to Schaumburg.
- Another interview? - No, the job's mine.
- Meeting the medical director today.
- Congratulations.
Nosebleed in Suture's got Merocel.
Check on him.
Wear a mask, he's a spitter.
Are you going somewhere? I've been offered the chance to run a pediatric urgent care.
Five doctors - eight-hour shifts, no overnights.
- Yeah, but it's - What? - in Schaumburg.
It's 40 minutes away.
IV drug user with a shooter's abscess.
Whisked off to Echo before I could drain him.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
They just brought in a homeless lady with maggots.
I'd see her before they start crawling away.
- Mark, can you get the water? - Did you see my vertigo notes? - I got it.
- What? - My vertigo notes.
They were right here.
- We need to leave in 10 minutes.
- I'm ready, as soon as I find my notes.
- When did you last have them? - Last night.
- That will be fun.
Okay, hold on.
Dad, can I go to a party tonight? - It's a school night.
- Something's burning.
Just for dinner.
It's Claire's birthday.
- Who's Claire? - A girl from school.
Do you want some cereal or something? - No.
I'll get something later.
- Dad? - Let me talk to her mother.
- Is your mom there? Mark, I have an 8:00 thyroidectomy.
Hi, this is Mark Greene.
Yeah, Rachel's dad.
I just was wanting to - So how did you meet Claire? - She's my partner in art class.
What are you working on? Call me after dinner and I'll pick you up.
- Katherine's early.
- Good.
Gonna need to get dressed in the car.
- Hi.
Is Rachel ready? - Who are you? This is Andrew.
He's driving me to school.
- Nice to meet you.
- Here are your notes.
Dining-room table.
- When did this happen? - Oh, sorry, I forgot.
Andrew has a car while his dad's out of town.
- You have a license? - Yeah.
Well, I got it in June.
- I have no accidents, you know.
- We can take you to school.
No, no, it's good.
Now you guys won't be late for work.
Well, I guess she's making friends.
- I don't like taking my clothes off.
- You have to if you want to be examined.
Can't you just listen to my stomach? I think something's, like, blown loose.
- It keeps making these weird noises.
- Maybe you're hungry.
And maybe I'm bleeding into my belly.
Could it be a complication from my surgery? I don't know.
My x-ray vision isn't working.
- Are you mocking me? - No.
- It sounds like you're mocking me.
- I'm taking you seriously which is why I'll examine you as soon as you get undressed.
- You just wanna see me naked.
- I want to examine you.
Yeah, examine me naked.
Can I get a male doctor in here? A straight one? First day of school, already making friends? - I'm a shoo-in for homecoming queen.
- So far, so good.
Oh, yeah.
Foul abscess, a neurotic granny, naked boy here.
And I had to break into Chen's locker.
- Did you steal her stuff? - Weaver gave it to me.
What are you using for maggots these days? Cetacaine? Good thought, but Kerry's immune to it.
You're enjoying this, aren't you? Colonel Dixon's Magical Maggot Mix.
Seriously, you paint it on with milk.
Paramedic radios over this.
Greene and Dr.
Lewis, two of our Attendings.
Don't kill anyone.
And I'll mix you up a fresh batch.
Lewis is a wealth of medical knowledge, but don't ask her where anything is.
She is just getting re-oriented after a five-year sabbatical herself.
Five years? - Posttraumatic stress.
- What happened? You don't wanna know.
Fill these out and then come find me.
- Do you have a pen? - Come prepared.
Want the tour? I think I can find my way around again.
New group of neophytes? - Yeah, I get to babysit them too.
- It's the burden of being Chief Resident.
- You've heard? - Yes, I have.
Oh, nurse? Nurse? Nurse? - Are you talking to me? - I don't know your name.
You haven't met Abby yet.
Abby Lockhart, Dr.
Susan Lewis.
- Susan, Abby.
Susan used to work here.
- That's the rumor.
Could you set me up for suturing in Exam 3? - Set you up? - Open a kit some 4-0 nylon, number-seven gloves, Betadine.
- It's all in the room.
New chest pain in 2.
- Altered LOC over here! Hey, Mooney.
Get started on the chest pain here.
You know the routine.
Oxygen, aspirin, nitro times three.
I can't believe you're back.
- You look great! - So do you.
I love your hair.
Hey, my brother could be dying here.
- Ready, steady, lift.
- No response to Narcan.
We were just talking.
That's it, talking.
- Is he taking any medications? - Not that he's told me about.
Lack of disconjugate gaze and conjugate deviation rules out a structural lesion.
CBC, chem panel, 12-lead, tox screen and a head CT.
- Did he have a stroke? - It's too early to say.
The abrupt onset suggests CNS bleed, seizure, even cardiopulmonary anoxia.
- Pulse ox is 99.
- Don't let him die.
No tremor asterixis or myoclonus, suggestive of a metabolic encephalopathy.
I'm trying to listen.
- You want a portable chest? - Ask Professor Carter.
- How would you describe your pain? - It hurts.
Is it stabbing? Burning? Tearing? What's the freaking difference? Okay.
I'm gonna give you some medicine under your tongue.
And open.
- Let me know if it's better.
- Three sprays? - Yeah.
Nitro times three.
- At once? I don't feel good.
What's happening? I'm gonna put your head down for a minute.
- I feel so dizzy.
- What? - Everything's blurry.
- Okay.
You're gonna feel a little bit more oxygen flowing through your nose.
- How's the pain in your chest? - Worse.
- Is it bad? - No, just a little bit low.
- Was that the wrong medicine? No, everything's okay.
This just happens sometimes.
Mooney is one of our best.
- I'll go write my note.
- Yeah, do that.
- Neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
- It's in the differential.
- Where did you come up with that? - Photographic memory.
And I delivered a lecture on coma last week.
- Ridiculous.
- What? Time.
Yesterday it seems you couldn't start an IV.
- It was longer than yesterday.
- Carter.
- Yeah? - Mooney saw my patient.
- What'd you tell him about nitro? - The basics.
Three sprays.
- Three sprays.
That's right.
- All at once? - No, you give them every five minutes.
- You left that out.
- How's his pressure? - Zero over zero.
He's dead.
I'm kidding.
I pulled him through.
Keep a short leash on your students, huh? - All clear.
- I'm gonna go check on this guy.
- You got this? - Yeah, I think so.
Did you see him get hit? No.
I went to return the shopping cart and he was just laying by the car.
- What do you got? - Weak pulse, shallow resps.
- What's your dad's name? - Alan.
Alan, can you open your eyes? - GCS is 2-4-5.
- Is he waking up? Not just yet.
Mark, look at this.
We need a backboard.
Blood count's normal.
Chemistry's okay.
Nothing on the tox screen.
- All of his labs look good.
- Why is he still in a coma? How much longer up there? - Has he ever seen a psychiatrist? - I don't think so.
Coming through! Need a portable chest and pelvic.
Your brother has signs of psychogenic coma.
- What's that? - When we open his eyelids, they flutter.
He responds to a Q-Tip in the nose.
I don't think it's a real coma.
What do you mean, he's faking? What about the shaking and the frothing at the mouth and everything? I'd like to get a psychiatric consultation.
Yeah, yeah.
That would be great.
He has been under a lot of pressure lately.
- Hey, what's taking so long? - You're still dressed? - We'll move him to a quieter room.
- Great.
Do you have a gown? I could catch cold.
It's bad enough I'm bleeding out.
Go back to your bed.
The nurse will bring one.
How long until the psychiatrist gets here? I'll let you know.
Can I just talk to my surgeon? British chick, red hair.
Will you shut up?! - Systolic's up to 100.
- Let's roll him.
Set up the SonoSite.
- Cross for 6.
- Large abrasions to the back.
Did the car crush him against something? - I didn't see.
- Tracey? - Daddy? - Sir, you're in a hospital.
- Do you know what the date is? - Daddy, I'm so sorry.
- You didn't see me.
- Alan? - What's he saying? - I don't know.
- Sorry for what? - Were you in the car? - I'm sorry.
- Looks like a liver lac.
- I'll go get her.
- Let's intubate.
Etomidate and sux.
- Where were you stationed? - In Birmingham.
- I have an uncle in Birmingham.
- Does he work in the steel mills? The university.
We handled mail for 7 million soldiers.
Sixty-five thousand pieces every eight hours.
- My goodness.
- Nothing beats a letter from home.
What do you think? It's a perforation.
A small hole in the colon.
It's from her diverticular disease.
I'm afraid you'll need an operation to fix it.
Is that really necessary? She's so weak.
It's really the only option.
Can't we wait a few days? Then she'll become extremely ill, and surgery could be dangerous.
If I were your mother, would you recommend the operation? Absolutely.
- Then we'll do it.
- Dr.
Corday? I have a Mr.
Ashman who says you repaired his hernia.
Chubby, drug-seeking hypochondriac? I don't know about drug seeking.
Complains of abdominal pain.
- What's his exam like? - Didn't do one.
Then why are you talking to me? Some surgeons treat their patients primarily.
- Not this one.
- Well, he's going to say he's tender.
- You'll be seeing him eventually.
- Maybe, maybe not.
- Oh, I'm pretty certain.
- Malik.
- Who gets the vent? - Curtain 3.
I have to start a dopamine drip.
Curtain 2, he's still fully clothed.
- He needs a gown, don't you think? - Sure.
Stop! Somebody! - You thought you could fool me? - Mr.
Norden! Stop it! Security! You take a loan from Mr.
Bennett, he expects his money back.
You pay it by Monday or next time it's gonna be your head, you understand? I need a nurse in here.
Oh, my God.
Are you all right? - He broke my legs.
- He's not your brother? - Would you like me to call your mom? - No.
It's just us.
God, we were having such a great day too.
He took me out to lunch because I got into law school.
Early acceptance? He even He even laminated a copy of the letter to his toolbox.
- What is that? What are they doing? - They' re just taking x-rays.
- Is something broken? - He may have a crushed pelvis.
- Is that really bad? - Possibly.
He might need surgery.
He had to have been run over or pinned against something.
It was a wall.
What? Look, I thought I was in reverse.
It was such a tight space.
He was out front waiting for me to back out.
I thought it was in reverse.
- Mr.
Stegman's troponin is positive.
- I sent Mooney to the library.
- Good call.
CPK on Norden.
- That's Susan's patient.
- Has she always been high-maintenance? - She's not.
She's great.
- Could you get a rectal temp in Room 4? - Anything else? - That should do it.
- I heard about your hit man.
More like an enforcer.
- Never a dull moment.
- I could use a dull moment.
- Pick a chart.
Any chart.
- This is a setup.
No, just go ahead.
- Are you sure? - No.
Female abdominal pain.
What did you get? Suture removal.
- This is definitely a setup.
- On a scrotum.
Maybe not.
- All right, where is he? - Who? Mr.
You paged for a consult.
Curtain 2.
Epigastric tenderness on exam.
- As predicted.
- Better hurry before he finds his clothes.
Corday, there's a code in the SICU, one of your patients.
You'll have to keep him hidden.
- Amal? - Yes.
Hi, I'm Dr.
How long have you had your stomach trouble? Since yesterday.
How long is this gonna take? I don't know.
It depends on what's wrong.
Well, I need to be home in two hours, no matter what.
Pressure's good, 110/60.
TKO the saline.
Send up the last two O-neg.
- Is he okay? - He's responding to blood transfusion.
- But he needs surgery to repair his liver.
- Hold the elevator! - Can I go with him? - Take her to the surgical waiting room.
Wait right here, I'll come back and get you.
- You want one-shot IVP? - We'll do it upstairs.
- It's two-plus for heme.
- Got it.
Greene? Did you get a BAL on the daughter? I smelled alcohol on her breath.
A DUl with injury is a felony.
- She wasn't driving.
- Now she says she was.
- Did you get the CT? Radiology's waiting.
- Peter took him to the O.
She's changing her story.
- Did you smell alcohol on the daughter? - I don't know.
- Are you arresting her? - You can still draw a level.
Give her a break.
Her father's in critical condition.
Because she hit him while under the influence.
- Doesn't seem drunk to me.
- Forget it.
I'll call a phlebotomist from the station.
You'll get your draw.
Just wait until her dad's out of surgery.
- How long? - A couple of hours.
My sergeant wants me back on the streets.
I can't babysit.
Well, come back.
She's not gonna go anywhere.
Take your time and think it over.
No, you don't understand.
I have to have an abortion.
- You have other options, you know.
- No, not for me.
My parents are so strict.
- They'll kill me.
- Everybody thinks that.
No, it's different for us.
I have to be a virgin on my wedding day.
- I think if you give them the chance- - No.
If they find out that I've had sex I'm no longer their daughter.
They'll send me away, out of the country.
And I don't want to live there.
I can't.
What? Do you know what an ectopic pregnancy is? A miscarriage? Not exactly.
It's where the fetus grows in the fallopian tube.
- So then I have to have an abortion.
- It's more complicated than that.
- You'll need surgery.
- An operation? - Right now.
- Well, how long does it take? - You leave the hospital by tomorrow.
- I have to be home for dinner in an hour.
If you don't have surgery, it could rupture.
You'll bleed to death.
- Then I'll come back Saturday.
- You may not make it to Saturday.
- I don't care.
- I need a doctor in Trauma 1 right now.
Pregnancy is confidential.
We don't have to tell your parents.
- Dr.
Lewis, status epilepticus.
- You stay right there.
I'll be right back.
Amal, okay? Paramedics gave 4 of Ativan, but she's still seizing.
- How's the airway? - Borderline.
You may have to tube her.
- Give another 2 of Ativan.
- Oh, you got this one? - Who are you? - Susan Lewis.
It's my first day.
- Resident? - Attending.
Tachy at 130.
- We'll do it together.
- Okay.
- How long has she been seizing? - Got the call 20 minutes ago.
- Any history? - Husband only speaks Spanish.
- Okay, let's prep a gram of Dilantin.
- We should intubate.
Go ahead.
- Push 70 of Zemuron.
- What? - Rocuronium.
- I have to go to the pharmacy.
- It's the best non-depolarizing agent.
- Maybe, but we don't stock it.
Hundred of sux.
I'll get the airway.
Push the Dilantin.
- Clear.
- Still in fib.
- How long since Cordarone? - Twenty minutes.
-360 again.
Give an amp of epi.
- I just did.
- Trying to raise the dead, Lizzie? - Clear.
- Clear.
Septic hemicolectomy.
Maxed out on dopamine and Levophed.
- Asystole.
- Go directly to the morgue.
- Do not pass "go.
" Do not collect $200.
- Okay, that's it.
I'll call the family.
Not that I'm keeping score, but isn't this your third post-op death this week? Congratulations.
We call that a hat trick.
- Thousand of Dilantin onboard.
- Get ready with phenobarb.
The husband.
Sir, does your wife have epilepsy? - Can we get a translator? - No, it's okay.
She's on an anti-TB med.
- What? - It's an overdose because the label is in English.
It says, "Take once a day.
" O-N-C-E.
In Spanish, that means 11.
She took 11 pills a day? We need pyridoxine, at least 6 grams.
It's the only way we're gonna stop this.
Check the blood gas.
She'll need an amplified carbon.
She's acidemic.
- Pavulon while we wait.
- What did you say? I said we'd help her.
- I am diabetic.
I need water.
- Well, then we'll start an IV for you.
- I drink.
I throw up.
I feel better.
- No.
Nothing to drink.
You have gallstones the size of golf balls.
- I have "golf" stones? - You have gallstones.
- Can you start a line? - How do you charge this? The crash cart.
He's crashing.
Looks like V-tach.
- Does he have a pulse? - I don't think so.
Charge to 200.
Stanley, have you ever shocked a patient before? - This one's all yours.
- That's okay.
- I am right here.
- Charged and ready.
Apply firm pressure.
And before you press the buttons, back off, say "clear.
" Okay.
Did you get shocked? You're supposed to say "clear" before, not after.
- Normal sinus rhythm! I've got a pulse! - So does he, thank God.
Were you touching the bed frame? EKG lead? No.
His arm right here.
Hold on.
I'll get you an ice pack.
Feels like someone kicked me in the chest.
Well, consider yourself lucky, Mr.
- How long has she been seizing? - Almost an hour.
Four grams of pyridoxine onboard.
She needs 1 gram per gram ingested.
Give another 4.
- We don't have another 4.
- Go to the pharmacy.
- I can't.
- Send another nurse.
This is all we have in the whole hospital.
Okay, send couriers to Mercy, Northwestern, Parkside- Parkside closed last year.
Every nearby hospital.
We need all the pyridoxine we can get.
V- fib.
Starting compressions.
Charge to 200.
- Daughter was driving? - Crushed him against a wall.
You wonder why I don't have kids.
- Lizzie, what you got? - Perfed diverticulum.
Clean under your fingernails.
Don't want another post-op infection.
Benton, there's a Roger on the phone.
He's in surgery.
- Take a message.
- He says it's important.
- Hold the phone.
- He's crashing! - Get four more units of packed cells! - Good news can wait.
- Bad news will never go away.
- Tell him I'll call him back.
Hold compressions.
- Asystole.
- Start pacing at 140.
Courier's got pyridoxine from Mercy.
It'll be here in 10 minutes.
Turn up the gain.
- No capture.
- Resume compressions.
- How long has she been down? - No cardiac activity for 35 minutes.
You want to keep going? pH is 6.
We'll never get her back.
I'm calling it.
Stop CPR.
Put the husband in a quiet room.
I'll be right there.
Good pickup.
I would have missed the diagnosis.
A lot of good it did.
- Feeling any better? - Yeah.
The boys bounce back quick.
I think I might've tweaked it again.
Want one of the doctors to take a look at your back? Or your front? Is that Yetna? She's tossing her cookies.
No cookies.
Chicken, potato and ice cream.
- Dr.
Carter, I'm really sorry.
- It's not your fault.
- Should we order an x-ray? - No.
It's just a spasm.
Could be somatic dysfunction at the myofascial junction.
I studied alternative medicine in Hong Kong.
I could try a muscle-energy technique.
I think you've done enough for one day.
- Help me mobilize the liver.
- Bovie and pickups.
I want to get a good look at the IV seal.
Peter! Where's Reece? - What? - Reece isn't in the playroom.
- You were picking him up at school.
- He wasn't there.
- Free up the falciform.
- Where is he? - I thought you had him here.
- No.
- Who let this guy in? - Carla's mother pick him up? - No.
- Systolic's down to 60.
Four-sucker bleed.
Lap pads! Let's pack off the liver.
- Check- Her name is on a card at school.
- Okay.
I'll try her.
Good idea.
You call Grandma and I'll roll this guy over so we can all kiss his ass goodbye! Sign here.
- Corday finally see him? - No.
I drank that Russian water.
- Yetna's water? - Yeah.
I'm better now, no thanks to you.
- Take this, you'll need it.
- You seen the girl in Exam 1? - She took off.
She'll be back at 9.
- Why didn't anyone get me? - You were busy with the arrest.
- She has an ectopic.
- You didn't tell me.
- Where's the chart? - It's here somewhere.
- Could you find it, please? Could you pull up "Razavi" on the computer and print out a red sheet? Excuse me.
We're here to see Dr.
She fainted.
- I did not faint.
I was dizzy.
- You'll need to see a triage nurse.
- Is that you? - Through those doors.
We should go through those doors and right back to the car.
- Please.
John Carter.
- Dr.
Carter's very busy.
John! If you wanna see a doctor, you need to sign in at triage.
- Gamma, what are you doing here? - Ask him.
- She fainted outside Marshall Field's.
- I did not.
- Did you hit your head? - No.
I didn't faint.
- This is your grandmother? - Gamma, this is Susan Lewis.
- Pleasure.
- I'm terribly sorry, ma'am.
Well, I guess you're only rude to strangers.
- John - Do you have any chest pains? Mrs.
Wilson? Mrs.
Wilson, your surgery went very well.
- You're finished? - Yes.
You're on your way to recovery.
I need your address.
Gotta send you a thank-you note.
- Dr.
Corday? Dr.
Corday? - Yes.
Carmen Torino from Infection Control.
Do you have a minute? - What do you need? - To speak to you in private.
Keep her fluids at 125 an hour.
Vitals Q 15, CBC in 30.
You lost another patient today from sepsis.
Yes, but he was debilitated before surgery.
I understand.
However, his death triggered a formal investigation.
- Excuse me? - You need to be cultured.
- Cultured? - In case your body's carrying bacteria that's infecting your patients.
Can you stop by the clinic in an hour? That's impossible.
I have a patient waiting for me.
Your surgical privileges could be suspended.
If you have concerns, talk to my chairman.
I already have.
Romano and Anspaugh have given us their full support.
- She signed out AMA? - No.
- Call her back.
- She thinks she'll be deported.
Tell her parents that she needs surgery for an ovarian cyst.
Falsify a consent form? I'd rather keep them in the dark.
She's pregnant.
They don't have to know.
- You trust her to come back? - I think so.
I hope so.
- Dr.
Greene, Dr.
Corday on two.
- Okay.
- Home yet? - Susan.
I heard you lost one, the INH overdose.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, those can be tough.
How long is it gonna take? I've been meaning to talk to you about the nursing shortage.
That blood alcohol came back just over the limit.
- The girl who hit her father, .
- Is he still in surgery? - Want me to tell the cop? - I will.
Anyway, if you could pitch in, it'll make everyone happy.
- The nurses are complaining? - Yeah.
I explained that you're used to better staffing so they'll cut you some slack until you're up to speed.
Okay, okay.
No problem.
Can you cover my last hour? My first day back, you're dumping on me? Elizabeth's stuck.
I have to get home to the baby.
LP results are pending on Etzler.
And Nguyen's getting a V/Q.
- Anything else? - Yeah, pick me up some milk and Huggies.
- BP's 120/80.
- Excellent.
Take down the packing.
Carla's mom's been home all day.
Try Jackie.
- I tried.
I got Joanie.
- Did she pick him up? No.
Retrohepatic caval injury.
More suction.
Call the police, now! I gotta go.
Lost another 2 liters.
Do a Pringle before the guy bleeds out.
- Shirley, get Edson.
- Prep a number-eight atrial shunt.
- I need to be relieved.
- Take your hands off his liver, he'll die.
- Your EKG looks good.
- I told you, I'm fine.
Alger means well, but sometimes he's annoyingly condescending.
You gave him a scare.
I was a little woozy getting out of the car.
We call that near syncope.
- I call it skipping lunch.
- Well, you need to eat.
I'll do it.
You been sleeping okay? Are you depressed? - I miss him, John.
- Me too.
- Have you thought about therapy? - I said, I miss him.
- I'm not mentally unstable.
- Sometimes it's good to talk about it.
What's to talk about? He's gone.
And I have things to do.
If I leave now, I can still make the donors' reception.
We need to monitor your heart overnight.
In here? I don't think so.
Let's just wait for your blood-test results to come back.
I've been waiting.
I've already missed two appointments.
If everything checks out, you'll be back on your feet tomorrow.
There are no more tomorrows, John.
This is it.
Your grandfather and I used to think we had a lifetime of tomorrows.
Hello, is Amal there? Oh, I'm sorry.
This is Susan, her friend from school.
I just had a question about our math homework.
Oh, okay, great.
Yeah, I'll call back after dinner.
Okay, thanks.
- Dr.
Lewis, Mr.
Cardazco's still waiting.
- Who? - His wife died.
The overdose.
- Oh, damn it! I completely forgot.
It has to be a nasopharyngeal sample.
Oh, sorry.
It felt more like a brain biopsy.
The enterobacter from your patients is a very resistant strain.
I'm aware of that.
You may be colonized.
Open wide.
Quick swab of the tonsils.
- So are we finished? - Just need to do a pelvic.
You've gotta be kidding! A surgical tech in Ohio was passing nocardia from her vaginal flora.
Thank you for sharing that.
I'm nursing.
You want a sample of my milk as well? Absolutely.
Then a cath'd urine and a stool sample.
If you can't go now, take it home and bring it back in the morning.
Inflate the balloon and tie off the Rumel.
- How is he? - They're still working on him.
Why are you leaving? How much longer? I have another emergency.
Just wait in the room, okay? They want us to make out a report.
This is Dr.
Benton at County General.
Send a detective here.
My son is missing! So do your job and send someone down now! - ETA? - Two minutes.
- Flip you for the airway.
- He's already intubated.
- What are we getting? - Mercy's sending a GSW - and we're out of beds.
- You coming? Move Trauma 1 to Exam 1.
Whose chart is this? Oh, that's mine.
Code the charts at time of discharge for Billing.
- I'll do it right now.
- Yeah, and be sure the nurse's notes- - This patient left the hospital? - Not sure.
- You're not sure? She's an ectopic.
- It's under control.
What do you mean? She's not here.
I'm trying to protect her privacy.
You should be protecting her life.
- She'll be back in two hours.
- If she's still alive! Lost his pulse on the scene.
I told her I wouldn't tell her parents.
You're putting her life at risk so she doesn't get into trouble.
- Get 4 of O-neg.
- Trust me on this one.
- Prep for a thoracotomy.
- Gown.
Call your patient right now.
You're being completely irresponsible.
- If she's sick, they can bring her in.
- Not if she's dead.
- You got too many names on the list.
- Everyone helps out.
The school can't keep track of 10 people.
Any stranger could say he was his uncle.
We've never had a problem before.
You sure you got there on time? What are you doing here? Where were you? - What's going on? - You picked him up from school? Yeah.
He was acting out.
He bit a little girl.
- You were in surgery.
They called me.
- You had us worried.
I left a message on your voice mail.
It wasn't Peter's day to pick him up, it was mine.
- You're still picking him up? - Every Tuesday and Thursday.
He's had three fights at recess this week.
You fighting? Teacher wants to know if there are any problems at home.
She thinks he may need a little more stability.
What are you trying to say? - Just telling you what she said.
- He wasn't fighting when he lived with us.
Maybe he needs to just live in one home for a while, okay? Peter, he's my stepson.
We've got an agreement.
Yeah? Well, we need to think about what's best for Reece.
He's acting out because he lost his mother.
Look, we'll talk about this later.
I need to call the police and get him home.
Weaver, O.
They don't think Mr.
Pomeroy's gonna make it.
Okay, I'll go up.
Can you do the coroner's forms? Chuny, tell my grandmother I'll be five more minutes.
And see if Dr.
Lewis called that ectopic girl.
- What are you doing? - It's late, John.
I've been a good sport.
You cannot leave.
Fainting can be a warning sign for heart attack, for stroke.
I'll take my chances.
You'll be signing out against medical advice.
- I've already done that.
- There's still more tests we need to do.
I'll see you at home, John.
Don't forget to turn out the porch light when you come in.
- Check on her in about an hour.
- Certainly.
- Good night.
- I feel like a steak, Alger.
- We'll stop at Morton's first.
- Yes, ma'am.
Oh, dear, I'm very hungry.
Filet mignon, creamed spinach - Sorry if I offended her.
- Oh, don't worry about it.
She never takes me seriously.
What do you expect? She changed your diapers.
That's true.
Any focal neuro findings, EKG changes? No.
I monitored her for three hours.
Yeah, she should be okay.
Weaver is looking for you.
Did you call your ectopic girl? I'm gonna give her till 9.
- That's a bit of a risk.
- "Danger" is my middle name.
Any other catastrophes? It's been like an acid flashback without the good parts.
What was I thinking when I said I'd come back? You weren't.
- But at least you're working with friends.
- Yes.
Excuse me.
Pickman's got a woman in active labor.
Denise Frankel, full-term.
She's crowning.
Showtime is right.
- I need to push! - Go ahead, push.
Membrane's ruptured.
Fluid's clear.
- How many kids have you had? - Two.
Well, this one's coming fast.
Take your foot off the pedal, bed's rising.
- I'm nowhere near it.
- Must be a short.
- What's happening? - Technical difficulty.
Oh, man.
When her water broke, it must have flooded the switch.
Late decel.
We have to get this baby out.
- I can't deliver like this.
- Get Luka.
He's tall.
- Carter, take over.
- What-? Where are you going? What are you doing? Excuse me.
Get down.
Get down! Okay, just blow.
Drop your arm over the side, I need to start an IV.
- Give me a hand.
- Oh, you're kidding me.
- What are you doing? - Setting up some equipment.
- Fetal heart rate's 140.
- Don't drop my baby! Don't worry.
Carter used to be in the circus.
As a clown, right? - Human cannonball, until I got fired.
- Okay, give a big push.
Push! Push! Head's out.
- That cord is tight around the neck.
- Reduce it? - I don't think so.
How about a clamp? - Toss it.
Second clamp.
Is it a boy or a girl? One more push and we're about to find out.
It's a boy.
- Is he okay? - Oh, he's beautiful.
Can I see him? Yeah, as soon as we strap on a parachute.
Oh, yeah.
"Hi, Mom.
" - I killed him! Oh, my God, I killed him.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I need to see him.
I need to see him.
Miss Pomeroy? We have to leave now.
I'm required to place you under arrest.
- It was an accident! He was my father! - Calm down! - You have the right to remain silent- - Is this really necessary? - We only had a couple glasses of wine! - Let her say bye.
- Where is he? Where did you put him? - Let her say goodbye.
This way.
God, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I got Ella's diaper culture.
- You didn't need to do that.
- Hey, not with the food.
- I triple-bagged them.
- Did I hear a phone ring? - No.
- She still hasn't called? - Not yet.
- The party was over at 8.
- I know.
- So call her.
- I don't have her phone number.
- Look it up.
- I didn't get Claire's last name.
Mark, you need to know these things.
I talked to the parents, I thought everything was okay.
- We don't even know where she is.
- I told you about the party.
- You know what time it is? - It's only 10: 15.
You were supposed to call two hours ago.
- I'm sorry.
- How'd you get home? - Andrew.
- I think I'll check on the little one.
All they had were hot dogs and burgers, so some of us went to eat.
- Some of us, or you and Andrew? - Dad! - I need to know these things.
- Sounds like something Mom would say.
I wasn't drinking.
I'm not doing drugs.
I'm just making some new friends.
- All you had to do was call.
- I tried.
The pay phone was broken.
If you don't believe me, call the restaurant.
Don't ever let this happen again.
Okay? Okay.
If I had a cell phone, we could keep in touch.
- Yeah, right.
- Seriously, just for emergencies.
We'll see.
- You guys do good work.
- So do you.
I'll call you when it's time to build his tree house.
- Amal.
- Dr.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
It was hard to sneak out.
- I am so glad you came back.
- I told the nurse I'd be here at 9.
- Well, people say a lot of things.
- You said it was important.
- Abby, can you find us a room? - Yeah.
Good to see you.
- Where's her chart? - Weaver's got it.
- Amal's chart? Why? - I don't know.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
- She's on a call in the lounge.
- Oh, damn it! - Kerry, get off the phone.
- I work at the ER- - She's here.
You don't have to call.
- Susan- I told you she'd be back.
- Who? - Amal, the ectopic.
I didn't call her.
I'm sorry we got disconnected.
No, actually, I got your number from an investigator who specializes in finding birth parents.
Did you give up a daughter for adoption? I understand.
I- I am sorry.
I thought this was from a reliable source.
I will not bother you again.
Good night.