ER s08e16 Episode Script

Secrets and Lies

Previously on E.
Well, yeah, I had a life before John Carter.
If you want someone with no history, you're gonna have to find yourself a virgin.
I'll settle for someone who isn't hung up on somebody else.
I'm not going home.
I am taking you home right now or I'm ratting you out to Weaver.
What'll it be? - Are you moving? - Yeah.
The freak who hit me moved back in.
You need a place to stay, let me help.
8x16 "SECRETS AND LIES" Sorry.
Did I wake you? No.
Did you sleep well? - Yes.
It was great.
- You should have let me take the couch.
- It's not very comfortable.
- No, it was.
It was.
It was fine, really.
Were you cold? I should have turned up the heat.
I'm starting some coffee.
- Right.
That Turkish mud that you like.
- It'll get you going.
It'll eat a hole in your stomach lining.
- It's all right if-? - Yeah.
You can use the bathroom.
- I was just going to take a shower.
- I'll only take a minute.
Leave a message at the tone.
Susan? - It's John.
- Carter.
- Time to get- - Carter? Hey.
I was just trying to wake you up on your machine.
- I'm up.
- I brought coffee.
I brought bagels.
We were gonna catch the 7:30 yoga, right? Oh, I forgot.
I'm sorry.
You're out early.
I was over at Mark's.
- Mark Greene? - He's having some trouble.
I spent the night.
On the couch.
Come on up.
I'll take a shower, and then we'll go, okay? Are you coming? He's a friend.
- A good friend, I guess.
- Oh, would you drop it? Lonely too, with Elizabeth moving out.
Nothing happened! Were you gonna tell me that you went over there? I hadn't thought about it.
Something you don't want me to know.
Something you don't wanna tell me.
This petty, sarcastic side of you is not appealing.
Oh, right.
You'd be cool if I spent the night over at Abby's? Not Abby's.
I was gonna say Darla's.
- Darla? Who the hell is Darla? - Radiology.
The one with the collagen lips and the fake? They're not fake, are they? - You were going to say Abby.
- I wasn't.
- Yes, you were.
- So now you can read my mind? Well, it's not much of a challenge.
But if you were at Abby's, I'd kill you.
- That's a double standard.
- No, it's not.
I'm not attracted to him.
- You are attracted to Abby.
- You were attracted to Mark.
He was attracted to me.
Thanks for not denying you're attracted to Abby.
How'd this become about me? You spent the night at an old boyfriend's house.
He's not my old boyfriend.
He's like an older brother.
- And I don't want to sleep with him.
- I don't want to sleep with Abby.
Susan, John, take this one.
Got a head injury on a vent I'm not on for 10 minutes.
Tell me this is an easy one.
Cruella De Vil here had this guy trussed up in some sort of love swing - suspended from the ceiling.
- The guy swore to me he weighed 275.
The torture swing is guaranteed to 350 pounds.
He pulled the screws out of my ceiling! He's 450 pounds.
Grab on.
I ruptured a disc getting him.
Gallant, get over here.
Just when you think you've seen it all.
- It hurts! - What's he trying to say? He said, "It hurts.
" - Why is the mask still on? - Refused to take it off.
Pelvic pain, can't walk.
- BP's 160/95, pulse, 110.
- What's your name, sir? - No! No name! - Do you know where you are? - A hospital? - Frank, what's open? - Trauma 1.
- Everything he's wearing is mine.
You cut it, you buy it.
Hey, Malik, Abby.
You guys free? CBC, dip a urine, portable chest, pelvis.
- What is that? - A tail.
It's attached.
Pure horsehair.
That's mine too.
Check his chest.
I need you to take your hood off, sir.
- No! - I need to check your eyes and ears.
- Use the little flaps.
- All right.
Any pain here, sir? - No.
- Sinus tach.
How about in here? - Okay.
- No hemotympanum.
Pulse ox is 98 on room air.
Pupils equal and reactive.
Chest is clear.
No rhonchi.
- Knees up.
- Buck up, wimp! - Am I paralyzed? - No.
You probably bruised your butt.
- We'll take some x-rays to make sure.
- Take your outfit off.
- The zippers screw up the x-ray.
- Can I keep my hood? - Sure.
- What's going on in here? Titrate 10 of morphine.
- Careful.
- Is that a tail? Pure horsehair.
It's attached.
- Is your hand all right? - Fatso fell on me.
That's dislocated.
I should get an x-ray of this before I try and reduce it.
I'm not leaving.
He's got $2000 worth of my stuff.
I can do it here.
It's gonna hurt.
You'll have to wear a splint for six weeks.
Can I wear it over my glove? You can file for workmen's comp.
It's a job-related injury.
- Sure.
It'll fit over your glove.
- Then do it.
This is really gonna hurt.
All right.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
- All yours.
- What about my hood? Go with him.
We'll x-ray that finger, make sure there's no fracture.
Malik, hand series.
Show's over, people.
Go back to work.
- So what was the tail attached to? - Believe me, you don't wanna know.
We should have sold tickets.
Hey, what's this? - I think it's hers.
- The mistress of pain? After all that bitching about her stuff, she left her bag here? What's she have in this thing? - I don't wanna know.
- I do.
- I'll take it to her.
- Take a look first.
- No, let's just take a peek.
- No.
- Not particularly.
- You guys are boring.
Hey, you need me anymore, Dr.
Carter? Oh, my God! Nobody could ever actually use that, could they? - What is that? Is that a-? - Yeah, I think so.
What? Come on, guys.
This is a patient's personal property.
- Oh, God.
- No kidding.
What's this? What's this for? - That is disgusting.
- That is disgusting.
- Gallant, catch.
- No! What is that big purple thing? Oh, no! Oh, my God! Is that an on/off switch? That does not occur in nature.
This is scary.
- Oh, Carter? Come on.
Try it on.
- Get away from me with that.
I promise I won't tighten the strap.
What do you think? Should I quit my day job? Dr.
Kovac- Do you have any idea what kind of financial liability you could've opened this hospital up to? What if I'd been a patient who just happened to walk in? - Kerry, we were just blowing off steam.
- Yeah? Well, do it on your own time! And with a medical student in the room? What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all? Who does this belong to? Did someone bring this thing into the workplace? I think that we're all aware that our behavior was inappropriate.
Inappropriate, unprofessional, offensive.
Who does this belong to? A patient.
- A patient.
- We treated her for a dislocated finger.
But she left her bag.
So you decided it would be fun to pilfer through a patient's belongings? Dr.
Kovac, you're a Senior Attending.
Do you have anything to say for yourself? Dr.
Lewis? Abby? - We're all sorry.
- Damn right you're sorry.
I'll contact Human Resources, try to get them not to convene a hearing which this department can ill afford right now.
I'm putting you all on notice.
I will not tolerate another episode of inappropriate behavior from anyone.
Is that clear? - Is that clear? - Yes.
Get this thing back to its rightful owner.
And let's hope she doesn't notice her belongings have been disturbed.
- Thanks a lot, girls.
- For what? I asked you not to touch that bag.
You could've left.
No one was keeping you here.
Carter's right.
We didn't want to open it.
You two did.
I wonder what she's saying to him in there.
Well, we should have told her that Gallant wasn't involved.
You should have told her that Luka and I weren't involved.
Were you that kid in elementary school who always told? - You all right? - Yeah.
I'm great.
- She moved out? - Yeah.
That's the rumor.
- No rumor.
Shirley told me.
- How would Shirley know? She changed her number on the surgical emergency-contact sheet.
- Over what happened with their girl? - That is so sad.
Did she move all her stuff out? They weren't right for each other.
- She's too much woman for him.
- Hey! If you ladies are done with the stitch and bitch, can I work? I'm surprised it lasted this long.
- Poor Mark.
- It's really too bad.
Has Psych been down to see the woman in 6? Barker? No.
She tried to bite one of the Salvadorian sisters from Housekeeping.
Chandra from Human Resources called, said she'd be upstairs for an hour.
Tell Dr.
Kovac I'll be upstairs.
He can page me.
Kerry, can I talk to you about what happened this morning? I'm heading up to Human Resources right now.
Well, I think it's only right to tell you that I was really the instigator.
Carter, Gallant, Kovac, they were all opposed to me opening that bag.
What about Abby? It was me.
If there's gonna be any disciplinary consequences - I should be the one held responsible.
- I appreciate you coming forward.
But they're adults.
They could've chose to leave the room or not participate.
I mean, when I entered, it was clear that everyone present was involved.
Anything else? No, that's it.
Excuse me.
Do you know where Room 224 is? - End of the hall, on your left.
- Thank you.
I thought I was late.
You are late.
Does anyone know how long this is supposed to last? All day, I think.
What are they gonna do, show us videos? Sexual-harassment videos.
Role-playing and long lectures is what I heard.
Role-playing? Acting out inappropriate behavior.
- You two should excel at that.
- Would you drop it? No.
I won't drop it.
Well, at least I'm not the one who put that thing in her locker.
- Right.
- I didn't.
Don't look at me.
Luka? But you should have seen her face.
God, I wish I'd had a camera! This isn't funny.
Sure, it is.
No, it's not.
This is gonna be a very long day.
- I think that's Whitman.
- What? Well, somebody erased most of it.
But To be surrounded by beautiful Curious, breathing, laughing - That's " I Sing the Body Electric.
" - Oh, yeah.
I know that one.
You know Whitman? - Don't sound so surprised.
- No.
Just most people don't.
Well, Fame.
You know, the movie.
It was in that.
Please! I love Fame.
I've seen it, like, 30 times.
I wanted to be Coco.
How long are we gonna wait? This thing was supposed to start at 8:00.
Probably got held up by the snow.
We all got here.
- I say we go.
- I say we wait.
He speaks? So what if he's late? We were told to report to Room 224 at 0800.
I'm here.
And I'm gonna stay here until someone in charge tells me otherwise.
And I suggest you all do the same.
At ease.
- It's the Army, Dr.
- Yeah? I don't think anybody will court-martial you because the guy didn't show up.
Gallant's right.
We should wait.
I don't want to have to come here again next Saturday.
Abby! Please! We're in a public building.
I know.
Nobody's here.
I'm here.
Maybe this is the punishment.
Sitting in this room.
Maybe they're watching us to see how we all respond.
- Like a test? - Sure.
Hidden cameras recording us for research or something.
Watching to see how we react to the stress.
How alliances grow.
How our social structures break down under pressure.
Like on Survivor.
- You watch Survivor? - Yeah.
It's a great show.
All the backbiting and the lying.
It's human nature at its most venal.
Reality TV, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
- Have you ever watched it? - No.
Then shut up.
- I have a confession to make.
- You put the dildo in Weaver's locker? - I watch Fear Factor.
- Oh, my God! I love that show.
Did you see the last one, where they were bobbing for apples with the? And the snakes were climbing into their hair and their mouths! I thought that television was just a vast wasteland.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I meant to watch La Bohème on PBS last night but I had to go to the symphony.
I watch television.
Just not that dehumanizing crap.
I mean, seriously, what's next? Televised executions, bearbaiting, Torture Channel? What is your problem today? What are you so pissy about? You know what my problem is.
You are kidding me.
Still? - What? - You are still mad about that? - You know what? Grow up.
- What? Oh, come on.
Say it.
I spent the night at Mark's the night before last, and he won't let it go.
I slept on the sofa.
I was on the couch.
He thinks I slept with Mark.
- Don't talk about this here.
- Years ago he had a crush on me.
Now we're friends.
More than I'll be able to say about us if you keep it up.
A harmless night spent in a recently single man's apartment who's still desperately in love with you! - Mark is not in love with me.
- Who's recently single? - Greene.
Corday left him.
- When? - Couple weeks ago.
- Where was I? It was an emergency.
I wouldn't have gone over if he didn't really need me.
- Well, if he really needed you.
- He's a friend.
I helped him out.
- I'm sure you did.
- Not discussing this with you anymore.
- What kind of emergency? - None of your damn business! Are they getting a divorce? I don't think so.
You know, when you find out why I was over there - you are going to feel very small.
- So tell me.
- Very, very small.
- So tell me! Abby's been sleeping on my couch.
Nothing's happened.
I needed a place to stay until I found a new apartment.
And Luka said I could stay with him.
You're more upset about that than my staying at Mark's.
- What? - No.
I'm not.
Carter's still stuck on you.
All right.
Can we change the subject, please? Now you wanna change the subject.
How about them Bears, huh? What? Football? I don't watch American football.
Well, they need to beef up their defense.
But I think they'll be real contenders next year.
I watch basketball.
Let's talk about the Bulls.
The Bulls stink.
How long were you in the Army, Gallant? I'm still in the Army.
- They're paying for my med school.
- So they can call you up at any time? Yeah, they can.
I don't think they will.
Not yet.
You're not worried? - I'd be fine if they did.
- With everything that's going on? I wish they would give me a gun, put me someplace where I could use it.
I'm ready to go if my country needs me.
Yes, ma'am.
- Luka was in the army.
Right? - Yeah? All Croatian men are required to serve in the military.
My brother Eric's in the Air Force.
He's in Saudi Arabia.
- He a pilot? - No.
He's an air-traffic controller.
I worry anyway.
My brother Gavin's in the Air Force.
Munitions specialist.
- Is he overseas? - No, Texas.
But he thinks they're going.
My younger brother Frank is in the Marines at Pendleton.
My sister Carol's on the Carl Vinson.
- How many siblings do you have? - Six.
- All in the service? - Everybody who's old enough.
- Steve, he's only 14.
- Patriotic bunch.
It's the family business.
My father's got 26 years in as an NCO.
That's only five.
You only named five kids.
You said there were six in your family.
My twin sister, Susan.
She's the black sheep.
Teaches Head Start in D.
That's disgraceful.
We hide it when company comes.
How did she stay out of the military? Sounds like a prerequisite in your family.
She has cerebral palsy.
What does your dad do, Dr.
Lewis? - My dad? - Yeah.
He's a test pilot for Barcalounger.
He sits all day in front of the TV trying to get his cholesterol level over 400.
- Is he succeeding? - He's dedicated.
He'll get there or die trying.
What does your dad do, Dr.
Kovac? My father is a painter.
Not houses, art.
- Abstracts mostly.
He's good.
- Really? Yeah.
I mean, not that he's ever made a living at it.
He's a train conductor in Zagreb.
So that pays the bills.
- I didn't know that.
- You never asked.
Abby? Oh, I have absolutely no idea what my father is doing.
Carter? - What? - What does your dad do? Spends the family trust fund.
He manages several of my family's investment funds.
- Sits on some corporate boards.
- Family investment funds? Carter's loaded.
Really? How loaded? - Think Bill Gates.
- Not that rich.
Paul Allen, then.
How much are you worth, Carter? Me, personally? Almost nothing.
Your family, then.
I have no idea.
- I don't know.
A lot.
- Fifty million? A hundred million? Two hundred million? Five hundred million? - Honestly, I don't know.
- Oh, my God! I knew you were rich.
I didn't know you were that rich.
- Gamma's money.
- How old are you, 30? - Thirty-one.
- How did you last this long without some girl marrying you? We come with a built-in gold-digger alarm.
Gamma installs them at birth.
And I haven't set it off? You better have that thing checked.
It's embarrassing.
Everybody assumes when you grow up with money, everything's great.
Must be hard growing up in a mansion.
Was Gamma too cheap to heat the pool? - Money isn't everything, Susan.
- That's easy for you to say.
We never had much.
You know, always struggled, but we were happy.
Same here.
I never knew we didn't have money.
I always had everything I needed.
Presents at Christmas, clothing, food.
Seven hundred million.
Hey, I didn't ask to be born into this.
Is this the sexual-harassment group? - Yeah.
- Dr.
Taylor called.
He is coming.
He's having car trouble.
He asks you to wait.
He'll be here as soon as he can.
I wonder what's in there.
What are you doing? This worked in college when I locked myself out of my dorm room.
They didn't have much.
Candy and sodas.
No coffee.
- Anybody want the root beer? - It's all yours.
Peanut-butter crackers.
I love those.
Want to share them? Sure.
What's he doing? - Breaking and entering.
- Why? - What's that play? - What play? The one with two clowns who wait for that guy who never shows up? Waiting for Godot? Yeah.
I saw that at the Goodman years ago.
I didn't get it.
It's about the futility of life and human enterprise.
You know, we're all waiting.
For what? Fulfillment, love, validation, approval? It's a waste of time.
Life is an empty, hollow exercise filled with pain, loss and grief.
The only thing we can expect to achieve in our lives is our own inevitable death.
That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.
Glad you didn't grow up in the Balkans? Croatia is beautiful.
Zagreb, Dubrovnik.
You should go.
Kind of a high chance of getting blown up, though.
Always discourages me from adding a country to my travel itinerary.
It's very safe now.
Then why are you here? Barbecue.
You just can't find good ribs in Zagreb, you know? Not to mention spoon bread and sweet-potato pie.
So how did you get into Weaver's locker, Luka? It was locked.
Oh, it wasn't me.
No, I wish I thought of it.
I really do.
But I didn't.
Gallant? Clever.
Very clever to accuse the rest of us to throw suspicion away from yourself.
You still haven't said you didn't do it.
Whitman was writing about slavery.
He was an abolitionist.
The poem, "Body Electric.
" I minored in English lit at Howard.
Oh, yeah? I was English lit.
- Where? - Penn State.
Really? You went to Penn State? Yes.
Did you assume I went to community college because I'm a nurse? - No.
I didn't mean that.
- I think you did mean it.
You did it before, about the poem.
It's all right.
It's all of you, all doctors.
You all think you're smarter than nurses because you have an MD.
Don't drag me into this, okay? - I don't assume that.
- You're still a med student.
You'll learn to become condescending.
It's a test you take before you graduate.
- I got an A.
- You got an A plus.
- Does anybody have a penknife? - That's not true of all doctors.
Sure it is.
It's a class thing.
It's part of the educational caste system we have in this country.
Karl Marx went out of fashion with black leather trench coats - and the collapse of central planning.
- You look down on Gallant's family because they're military.
Like it's vaguely pathetic to volunteer to defend our liberties with their lives for crappy pay.
Yeah, that's true.
- I don't feel that way.
- Really? I quit med school halfway through my third year.
I was second in my class when I quit.
Second? I didn't know that.
- Why did you quit? - That's what I mean.
You can't imagine why anybody wouldn't want to be you.
They tossed you out because your ex-husband didn't pay your tuition.
- Yeah, but I chose not to go back.
- Halfway through your third year? Why not finish? You finished the hard part.
It was starting to get fun.
Because I realized I was proud of what I do.
- I make a difference in patients' lives.
- But you can do more as a doctor.
See, that's where you're wrong.
I would be doing less as a doctor.
You guys don't get to spend any time with your patients.
How many do you see a day, 30, 40? You don't get to hold a little kid's hand or teach a new mother how to nurse.
How many patients do you see in a day? Ten, maybe 12.
And I'm not running around all day trying to clear the board.
I made a choice.
You can't understand because it's not one you would choose.
I can't believe you won't let me smoke this! - I got it! - Great.
Now we're felons.
- Oh, cool.
- What? There's a bunch of fencing gear in here.
- I used to fence in school.
- Of course you did.
- I fence.
- Fencing? - Are you gonna eat this cracker? - No.
You really only see 10 patients a day? I learned when I was acting.
- When were you an actor? - In college.
I should warn you.
I'm good.
- En garde.
- They really say that? That's a nice parry.
- You think they're trying to impress us? - If they are, it's not working.
Doesn't that hurt? They really are a couple of freaks.
- To think, you slept with both of them.
- I never slept with Carter.
- Did he tell you that? - I thought you had.
That was a rumor Carter started.
- Oh, God! He is low.
- I thought so.
I haven't slept with Carter either.
- How long you guys been going out? - A couple months.
Well, that definitely violates the second-date rule.
- What rule? - My friend has this theory.
You should sleep with a guy by the second date.
If it's not good you shouldn't waste time with someone you don't have chemistry with.
I don't know if we have chemistry or not.
There have been some almost "spark" moments.
I think it's either there or it's not.
You can't force it.
Believe me, I've tried.
Part of the problem with us is you.
He denies it but he's not convincing.
Why didn't you two happen? Timing.
You okay? - Yeah.
- If you're hurt, we should stop.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
- This is not going to end well.
- Hey, aren't you guys tired yet? Hey! - Hey! - Oh, my God! Carter! - Dr.
Carter! - Knock it off! - Cut it out, Carter.
- All right! - You maniac! - You started it! - Look at this! Look at this! - You went for my face.
After you hacked at my side! I always thought fencing was a finesse sport.
Okay, let me see.
- Don't be a baby.
- Crazy bastard.
- He was trying to kill me.
- It looked like it was mutual.
- Am I gonna need stitches? - No, you barely need a Band-Aid.
I didn't know you had a temper.
I can ask Abby to come over here and check you out if you'd prefer.
What? That man is a menace.
That and I could have lost my eye.
What was that for? - Just checking.
- For what? Second-date rule.
What? What? How did you get Weaver's combination? Michael? Sneak a look over her shoulder when she wasn't looking? When she was opening it? It is Michael? Yeah.
You knew the combination, so you snuck in the lounge when no one was looking.
- And you put it in there.
- Why would I do that? She said something that pissed you off so much you wanted revenge.
The quiet ones are always the most dangerous.
- I'm a student.
I could get expelled.
- Still waters run deep.
It wasn't me.
Where were you living before? Scottsdale, Arizona.
Land of sun.
And you decided to move back to Chicago? I don't know.
The desert, 120 degrees in the shade, never a cloud in the sky.
Kind of depressed me.
I needed to be back where the sun doesn't come out for weeks! Bitter cold and overcast skies better suit my temperament.
But mostly I was running away.
From what? - A guy.
What else? - Chemistry? A tanker truck full.
Too much.
- What was his name? - Charlie Dixon.
He's a cowboy.
Can you believe it? An honest-to-God cowboy.
He has the horse, the pickup truck, the whole deal.
I'm a walking cliché.
Was he cute? What happened? It's complicated.
I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind.
So you were in the army.
- Yeah.
- You see some action? - Okay, sorry.
- It's not what you think it is.
Well, what do you think I think it is? Noble.
A crucible in which to test your young manhood.
No, I'm not that naive.
Sure you are.
Luka, how old were you when you became a man? - What? - When you lost your virginity.
How old were you? - We're playing a game.
How old? - I don't want to play.
Oh, come on.
We made a bet which one of the five of us lost their virginity first.
- Who'd you pick? - Not telling.
- I picked Kovac.
- No, she didn't.
- Luka? - I don't want to play.
- I told you they wouldn't want to play.
- All right.
I'll go first.
I was 16.
Howie Thomas.
He was on the lacrosse team.
What's wrong with-? What? - Howie? - What's wrong with that? He sounds like a plumber or something.
I was terrified.
So was he.
It was the longest - Twenty seconds? - Yeah, if you count the foreplay.
My turn.
Mark Greene.
No! I'm just kidding.
Just kidding, Carter.
Floyd Walker.
I was 15.
Floyd? And you gave me a hard time about Howie.
In the shed behind his father's radiator-repair shop.
- Very romantic.
- The smell of antifreeze still turns me on.
Gallant? You don't need their approval.
Come on, give it up.
Tanya McBride, in the balcony of our church after choir practice.
- Wow! - Your church? - Yeah, I know.
- How old? Let's see, I was in ninth grade, so I was about 14.
All right.
We have a new leader.
Carter? Come on.
Oh, my God! You're still a virgin! - I was 11.
- Eleven years old? Really? How old was she? - I don't know.
- You're kidding me.
Oh, my God! She was one of the maids.
- Did you pay her? - My parents did.
To have sex with you? To be a maid.
I hope you gave her a hell of a Christmas bonus.
All right.
Luka, 11.
It's going to be very tough to beat.
Don't say how old.
Confirm you were older than 11 and Carter wins the prize.
- I get a prize? - Don't let your imagination run away.
My wedding night.
I lost my virginity on my wedding night.
It's okay.
It's a good memory.
I hadn't thought about that in years.
We were very young and she was religious, so we waited.
We loved each other very much.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What were you in? You said you were an actor in college.
What plays were you in? We did Hamlet.
I did Hamlet.
I played Horatio.
- Who did you play, Luka? - Hamlet.
In English or Croatian? Why would I do it in English? Were you any good? My mom thought so.
Do you remember any of it? No, it's been a long time.
I think I remember some of it.
To be or not to be, that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind's eye to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them.
That's the easy part.
To die, to sleep no more and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks I don't remember the rest of it.
To die, to sleep to sleep perchance to dream.
Ay, there's the rub.
Be all my sins remember'd.
Sorry I'm so damn late.
I spent half an hour digging my car out, and then the battery was dead.
I appreciate you waiting for me.
I didn't expect anyone to still be here.
I'm John Taylor.
Please, would everybody move down front? I won't have to yell.
Come on.
Come on.
I won't bite.
Raise your hand when I call your name, if you would.
- John Carter.
- Here.
- Michael Gallant? - Gallant.
Yes, sir.
- Luka Oh, boy.
Help me out.
- Kovac.
Thank you.
Susan Lewis.
- And that leaves Abigail Lockhart? - Abby.
So let's begin by reviewing current state and federal law for what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace.
- Hey, it stopped snowing.
- It's about time.
Anybody need a ride? I got my car.
I'm on in 20 minutes.
You're working tonight? Yeah? Me too.
- Well, that was fun.
- Let's try to never do it again.
You want me to give you a lift to the hospital? It's a few blocks.
- Gallant will walk me.
- Sure.
- You have your keys? - Yeah.
I'll try not to wake you.
See you guys later.
I had fun talking.
We should have coffee sometime.
I'd love that.
- Ready? - Yep.
- Good night.
- Night.
- She's pretty great.
- Who? Abby.
I didn't know her before.
I didn't think I'd like her, but I do.
You want to get something to eat? I'm starving.
You know, you really made a fool of yourself today.
- What? - If you're worried about Abby living with Luka, don't be.
Nothing's going on.
- How did I make a fool out of myself? - Well, you participated in a duel for one thing.
Kiss me.
Just kiss me.
Was it there for you? - It was nice.
- It wasn't there for me either.
- Okay, go before I change my mind.
- You sure? I regret it already.
That gold-digger alarm should be clanging like a school bell.
This isn't because Mark Greene suddenly became available? Know when I said you were making a fool of yourself? You're doing it again.
- You should tell her.
- Who? - Tell her what? - That you're in love with her and can't live a moment without her.
Really? You're hopeless.
You'll figure it out.
Friends? No, I hate you.
I used to have Weaver's locker.
She never changed the combination.
It was you!