ER s08e17 Episode Script


Previously on E.
The tumor invaded the eloquent areas of the brain How soon can you operate? I can't.
He won't send Rachel away.
It's like he has to prove he loves her.
You shouldn't waste time with someone you don't have chemistry with.
Was it there for you? I did you a huge favor.
You just don't know it yet.
- How's Elizabeth taking it? - I haven't told her yet.
So you're gonna keep this a secret act like nothing's wrong until you pass out in public? Staying in a hotel isn't gonna solve anything.
Mark, I'm not trying to punish you.
I'm just trying to do what's best for Ella.
So when are you coming home? I don't know.
8x17 "BYGONES" - Hello? -6:30 wake-up call.
Thank you.
See, the sun goes here.
The star goes Where does the star go? Here.
The star goes there.
That's right.
Where does the moon go? Where does the moon go? Yeah, moon.
That's it, moon.
Can you say "Mama"? Can you say "Mama"? Mama.
- Oh, hi.
You're early.
- I figured you could use a break.
Well, that's right.
Okay, I've just fed her.
I've put extra diapers in the diaper bag.
Her hat and coat are on the nightstand.
And I wrote you a check.
- Where is it? - Dr.
Greene paid me for the month.
Oh, okay.
You didn't happen to grab the mail, did you? Fabulous.
- Thanks.
- Say "bye-bye.
" - Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
Bye-bye, my love.
- What are you doing? - Finishing my homework.
- Ready in 20 minutes? - Sure.
- You okay, Dad? - Fine.
- Dr.
Romano signed it.
- I'm supposed to do a hernia and a pancreatic pseudocyst today.
I don't see them.
- Things change, Lizzie.
- Have you tampered with my schedule? - Trauma call all week.
- Any reason? You haven't covered the ER in a month.
I had to go down to that cesspool twice yesterday.
I'm catching up on surgeries.
I'll start next week.
Start today.
With any luck, you won't be called.
That happens.
- Did you pass out? - No.
We were tracking a black-crowned heron, and I felt lightheaded and tingly.
- She had stomach problems last night.
- That was just his cooking.
Fifty of Benadryl, CBC, chem panel, dip a urine.
Have you noticed any changes in your eyes, Joanne? - No.
Why? - Your sclera's a little yellow.
Any recent illnesses? No.
I do yoga and spin every day.
I'm in great health.
- She's prone to panic attacks.
- Paul, I am not.
- Deep breath.
- We bird-watch to reduce stress.
I did not have a panic attack.
The eggs! Oh, we found a wood duck's nest in the park.
A raccoon was about to eat these for breakfast.
Can you put them someplace warm? We think they're about to hatch.
Add an AST, ALT, bilirubin and a lipase for Joanne.
- Okay.
- Vegan brownie? My sister's starting a pastry business.
- I'll pass.
- Man in uniform.
They trot us out for recruitment breakfasts.
I was on Dearborn at 6 a.
Yeah? Sign anyone up? No, but a coed gave me her phone number.
- You go, private.
- That's "lieutenant.
" - Lieutenant, do something with these.
- What are they? - Eggs.
- What do you want me to do? - They're supposed to hatch.
- Into what? - Who knows? - Gallant, posterior splint, Exam 4.
Kid in Curtain 2 needs his earwax cleaned out.
- I'm here to serve.
- Dr.
Weaver, stabbing victim rolling up.
Prep Trauma 1.
Jerry, call the lab.
They need my chemistries for Exam 1.
- Mark, Susan, divvy up Kovac's passes.
- Morning to you too, Kerry.
- Somebody sign for this package.
- Yo, Gallant.
- I've got the eggs.
- Have you tried one of these? - I'll just lose it later.
- Yeah, good point.
Jerry, there's something to be said for animal fat.
My sister's hard-core.
Nothing with a face.
Someone call for a consult? - Dr.
Corday, welcome back.
- I've only been a few floors away.
A head trauma is threatening to go AMA.
I'll get this package to Dr.
Don't worry.
He's not here.
He'll get it tomorrow.
I'll find them.
You waiting for something else? Can you talk? Martin, huh? You need a doctor? You need help? Doc, this lady's got smoke inhalation, some minor burns.
- Malik, get him to Curtain 1.
- Got it.
Fire at Martin Luther King Elementary.
She stayed inside to help.
Space heater fell on a girl's sweater.
All right.
No swelling in the nares.
Put her on a monitor.
Get a carboxyhemoglobin.
- Heating's been out since January.
- This the stabbing? - Smoke inhalation.
- Some minor burns coming in.
Plan on more.
Second building went up.
All engines responding.
Gotta get back.
Diana Hayes, 19, multiple stab wounds in the right neck and chest.
The guy that got bit by the German shepherd calmed down.
- How much Ativan? - Six.
He's relaxed and he's all yours.
I'm out of here.
- You still keeping vampire hours? - Not that I sleep much during the day.
- Luka doesn't have curtains? - Not in the living room.
- We got a lot of spare bedrooms.
- You lose some of the kitchen staff? All I'm saying, a girl needs her beauty sleep.
- Thanks.
- Lipstick Mary's looking for you.
She wants you to tell her shadow to lay off.
- It's not like it listens to me.
- Making any headway? With what? Stop it.
I'll be at the 7:00 yoga, if you want to avoid me.
- Oh, sorry.
- No, it's quite all right.
- A lot of glass, Nelson.
How'd it happen? - Candle.
- Was it in a glass holder? - Yeah.
- Flying through the air at the time? - Dr.
Weaver needs a surgeon in 1.
I'll be right there.
Don't move, Nelson.
Haleh, where are the baby warmers? Lost, stolen.
Who knows? - What do we have? - Stab wounds, neck and chest.
- Tension pneumo.
- Pulse is thready at 110.
BP's 80 palp.
- How old is she? - Nineteen.
Student at Hamden College.
Attacked in bed.
Curved Kelly, 32 French.
How many wounds? - At least 10.
- There's blood all over the sheets.
- Do you know about a weapon? - I didn't see anything.
- Thora-Seal's ready.
- Needle driver.
- I thought Edson was on call.
- Settle for me.
Neck veins are up.
Trachea midline.
Defensive wounds on both arms.
What time did you find her? At 9.
I always pick her up for poly-sci.
- Was she able to speak at all? - No.
I thought she was dead.
Muffled heart sounds.
Prep for a thoracotomy.
There's more like 15 wounds here.
Do we know who did this to her? - I don't know.
Everybody likes her.
- Lost the pulse.
- Ten blade.
- Okay, rib spreader.
Get ready for suction.
I'm into the thoracic cavity.
There, hold that.
Starting internal compressions.
I have a few minutes.
Do you want me to make the call? -2-0 silk on a traumatic needle.
- See if they can change the time.
- Yeah, yeah.
- It's better if you wait outside.
- I'm okay.
- Prep internal paddles.
- We're losing this one too! - Grab a set of vitals.
Get another gurney.
She may have hit her head.
- Did a nice job on your neck.
- Shaving.
I was in a rush.
Your mom called.
Four a.
She still hasn't figured out the time difference.
I'm so sorry.
Anyway Two more sutures and we'll defibrillate.
Call the O.
Have them standing by.
Decisions, huh? At the end of the day, I think that Cheetos are just as good as Doritos.
See if I can get a soda.
Martin, you were supposed to stay over there.
- Is this your guy? - Sort of.
- What's the deal? - He can't speak.
- Is that an emergency? - There's something not right about him.
Hey, I'm Dr.
Carter, Martin.
How you doing? - What, is he deaf, too? - Martin? Can you turn around? Are you hurt? Are you in pain? I don't think he likes you much.
Do you think you could write down what's wrong? Is it your head? Chest? Stomach? Oh, told you.
- He's probably just hungry.
- Well, when was the last time you ate? Two days? - Two days.
- Yeah, I got that.
- Lap pad.
And another.
- Fifteen knife wounds.
- She must have pissed someone off.
- That's horrible.
Bovie, pickups.
Let me get something straight.
Someone chops this girl up and you take your time in the ER placing three horizontal mattresses in the ventricle? It was a large defect.
Foley balloon would've taken care of it.
We still had to repair the myocardium.
While you were having your little sewing bee I could have been repairing the pulmonary artery.
- I didn't appreciate that wound.
- Satinsky and more Prolene.
So what's your excuse? Did you lose a fortune in the stock market? - No.
- Cat run away? - How many units in? - Just the six O-neg.
You and the hubby still fighting? - Rumor mill is still churning out winners.
- I'm glad the gossip's so amusing.
So is this split temporary or the real thing? I don't know.
- You want my advice? - Nope.
Another clip.
Stay away from love.
It does things to the brain.
- Hundred of lidocaine! - Come on, Diana.
So it's her nerves, right? Nothing a Xanax won't cure? Actually, your transaminases are high.
What's that mean? - You have pretty extensive liver damage.
- I don't drink at all.
- Drugs? - No.
Have you had anything out of the ordinary to eat the last few days? We had seared ahi last night, pear salad.
- Chanterelles.
- You ate our mushrooms? In my omelet.
You weren't up yet.
Where did you get them from? We picked them in Marin a few months ago.
I froze them.
If they were bad mushrooms, you could have amanita poisoning.
And that causes liver damage? Extreme cases can result in liver failure.
- What do you do for that? - Don't want to get ahead of ourselves.
But, worst-case scenario, you'd need a transplant.
- But I don't even feel that sick.
- It may not come to that.
Do you have any relatives we can test to see if they' re a match? - Do we know her name? - Cops are on it.
- Why didn't they tube her? - Big, interior hematoma at the base of the neck.
Didn't want to take the chance.
Female in her twenties, stabbed at Hamden College.
- Second one today.
- Found a knife at the scene.
BP, 110/70.
Stab wounds to the neck and two deep ones by the sternum.
- Was she in the dorm too? - Science building.
Police are searching the university.
- Killing spree on campus.
- Remind me not to hang out there.
Open a crike tray.
Might need to cut through this hematoma.
Draw up 20 of etomidate and 120 of sux.
And I need a 7.
5 tube.
A wall collapsed at the school fire.
What can we take? - Three criticals, four minors.
- Okay, call Respiratory and ENT.
Hang on, she's trying to say something.
Honey, can you tell us your name? Okay, suction ready.
Hold cricoid while we bag.
- Pulse ox is coming up 96 percent.
- Probable mediastinal injury.
- We'll have to triple-scope her.
- Oh, great.
- Friend of yours? - Could someone take him to Curtain 1? - Six hundred of clinda, 200 gentamicin.
- Meds are in.
We should tube her, Kerry.
What is it? I loved her.
- Hey, where's my doctor? - Oh, I don't know.
- Can you tell her that I'm flying again? - It's okay.
Hold still.
- This beats the patch any day.
- I thought women liked pirates.
Yeah, 400 years ago, maybe.
I was paged about a possible liver transplant.
Oh, right.
The sister's here.
I thought both of us could talk to her.
- Thanks, Susan.
- Yeah.
- What's in New York? - What? There were charges on our Visa bill from New York.
- Terry Welsh? - Right down there by Curtain 3.
- Fifty-two dollars from Saks? - That's mine.
It's a phone order.
- Something you couldn't find in Chicago? - Terry? Hi, sorry.
I just got out of practice.
That's okay.
I'm Dr.
This is Dr.
Thanks for coming.
Paul said it was serious.
Serious enough that we should line up a donor.
- Donor? - Right in here.
- Hi, Ter.
- Joanne? Your sister's doing okay now but we'd like to take the first step and get blood drawn.
- And have you sign the consent form.
- Consent for what? - You didn't fill her in? - I thought Joanne should.
- I might need a new liver.
- What? And my best shot for a match is someone in the family.
She's stage-three.
Means she's well enough to accept a living donor transplant.
- Wait a second.
- We'd like to test, - see if you're a match.
- I have the Sweet Sixteen this weekend.
- What? - We beat Indiana on Thursday.
- A game you obviously didn't watch.
- You play in a lot of games.
- These are the playoffs, Joanne.
- There's not a lot of time.
Right? - Sooner is definitely better.
- It's just part of the liver.
It grows back.
You donate the right lobe, about 60 percent.
Let me think.
- What's to think about? - No, you're right.
We don't even know if she's a match yet.
Shelley? You should be lying down.
- What's Renee doing here? - You know this girl.
Renee Carlson.
She's Diana's roommate.
- She was badly injured.
- Was she stabbed like Diana? Are Renee and Diana close? No.
She's quiet.
Kind of weird.
Diana's moving out in a few weeks to come live with us.
Where is Diana? Is she okay? Oh, my God.
- She's not dead.
- I'm sorry.
I called your house today, Martin.
I know you can speak, because I heard your voice on the answering machine.
Why aren't you talking to me? What? I don't know what you're trying to tell me.
Why don't you just say it.
Martin! Okay, stop playing games.
Tell me what's wrong.
Look, we'll try supportive therapy.
But there are no guarantees.
- She's started bleeding in her stomach.
- I'm a match, aren't I? - You wouldn't be explaining if I weren't.
- A transplant would be totally curative.
- But there'd still be a risk for me, right? - It would be minimal.
Someone as healthy as you should recover completely.
- In three days? - More like six weeks.
I'm a senior.
This is my first and last time in the playoffs.
- Can't she wait a month? - She's already having complications.
Pretend she didn't have a sister.
What would you do? Well, we'd be forced to put her on a waiting list for a cadaveric donor.
So there are other ways she could get a liver.
Terry, this is her best chance.
Obviously it's your choice, but I'm sure she'd do the same thing for you.
She wouldn't.
Run inside! Tell them we need a collar and a backboard now! - I got hot water on me! - Charlie, does your neck hurt? - Everything hurts.
- I need help here, somebody.
Please! - You need help driving! - What happened? The boy.
Okay, Charlie.
Stay still like a statue.
We're gonna move you.
- Give me that.
Get another backboard.
- He's not breathing.
- Lie him down.
- He's been unconscious for 20 minutes.
Why is he wet? He was taking a bath.
We stepped away.
- He was underwater.
- For how long? Two minutes at the most.
- We need the pulse ox.
How old is he? - He's 8.
His name's Viktor.
- Not moving much air.
- How could we let this happen? - He'll be okay, Linda.
- You his mom? - I am.
- I'm his doctor.
- They called you first? - Pulse ox, 85 on 15 liters.
- Did you try to resuscitate him? - No.
- Take vitals? - We thought it best to just come over.
First-aid lab, EKG and a portable chest.
And an ABG.
Follow the light.
Need to see pupils.
- My pupils aren't my problem.
- Titrate 10 of morphine.
- Get him feeling better.
- Now you're talking.
Circumferential burns to the elbows.
Trying to clear the neck.
Trauma panel, dip a urine.
Get the SonoSite.
- Dr.
Corday? - Yeah.
Go ahead.
Let's get a full scan just to be safe.
Head, C-spine, abdomen.
Bag him.
Draw up atropine, etomidate and sux.
Linda, Kyle, I recommend you step out.
Orange zone on the Broselow.
- We wanna stay with him.
- Not now.
- I'm not leaving my son.
- He's not getting enough air.
- 6-0 cuffed ET tube.
- He's gonna be okay, right? - Are you a medical doctor? - Socialization therapist.
Satting at 91.
- Try a nasal trumpet.
- Felicia Kind.
- Number three straight blade.
- Okay, sit down.
Deep breath.
You need to take that outside.
Let's do a jaw thrust and get a good seal.
Sats at 92.
- I should have called first.
- I'm glad you came over.
We were on our way home from baby gym class, and she just said it.
Who's that? Who's that? Dada? - That's right.
- Dada.
That's right.
It's Dada.
Why were three adults giving an 8-year-old a bath? A bonding game.
Recreating the womb.
- I'm in.
- Holding your son underwater bonds him to you? - It was only for short periods.
- Apparently not short enough.
- Mark, you should get out there.
- Is something wrong? No.
Ella has something to tell you.
Tidal volume, 300.
AC, Get a blood gas in 20 minutes.
I'll be right outside.
- Hey, you deserted me.
- I did nothing of the sort, Charlie.
- You're in perfectly good hands.
- She never buys from me.
You're overpriced.
Weaver, Renee Carlson's mom is here.
- Is there anything on the firefighters? - No.
Repeat the hematocrit in one hour and send the O-neg back to the blood bank.
Carlson, I'm Dr.
I'm treating Renee.
They called me at work.
They told me she got hurt at school.
I thought she twisted an ankle or something.
Your daughter has multiple knife wounds including a deep cut across her throat.
- You saved her? - We were able to repair the wounds and she's stable.
But we had to put a tube down her throat to help her breathe.
- When will she wake up? - It's hard to say.
We'll just have to wait.
She hasn't been in the hospital since she was born.
We need to get her up to the intensive care unit.
The police said her friend Diana was attacked too.
Is she okay? Diana's injuries were much more extensive.
We were unable to save her.
Has Renee been having any problems at school? No.
Has she been depressed or showing any signs of-? No.
Why are you asking this? We're just trying to understand what happened.
Someone attacked my daughter and her friend.
That's what happened.
Why is everyone asking all these questions? Diana had defensive wounds on her hands and her arms.
Renee didn't.
So what? My daughter didn't hurt her friend.
And she certainly did not do this to herself.
There must be a maniac out there.
I'm sure Renee will tell us what happened as soon as she wakes up.
That's right.
She'll tell you.
She and Diana were best friends.
Viktor's stable.
He's breathing with the help of a machine.
Will he wake up? We hope we see some progress in the next 24 hours.
A social worker's on her way down.
Why do we need a social worker? - Wait, let me explain.
- I got the gist of it.
We adopted Viktor in Prague last year.
We were thrilled.
- But he hasn't connected with us.
- Love and time usually does it.
It was putting a strain on our marriage.
Felicia's helping us.
You put your son in a lot of danger.
If he needs counseling, or you do, go to a real doctor.
- Her success rate is 85 percent.
- Excuse me.
- What, no geese? - A flock of ducks walked down the hall.
He's seeing birds.
Please, Stan.
You told me you saw butterflies earlier.
- Pink elephants.
- They weren't pink.
They were psychedelic and pretty as Natalie Wood.
- Have you seen Dr.
Greene? - He checked out for an hour.
- Where to? - Don't know.
But Dr.
Lewis is covering for him.
- Where are you going? - I have a 5-day-old with listeria.
- Where are the eggs? - What eggs? Susan, I need a favor.
Yeah, sure.
Can you take this to Exam 4? This is a bit awkward, but I need to know where my husband is.
- I don't know.
- You're covering his patients.
- Yeah, but- I'm sorry.
- Please tell me.
I know there's something going on.
I don't think I deserve to be in the dark.
- He is my husband.
- You need to talk to him.
Elizabeth, think about it.
What would be going on that he wouldn't want to tell you? That he'd try to protect you from? Excuse me.
I'm looking for my husband, Mark Greene.
He just started his treatment.
- Can you take me to him, please? - Sure.
I just pre-medicated with the antiemetic, ondansetron.
The Decadron runs in over 15 minutes as an IV piggyback.
Once that's in, I'll be back to inject vincristine.
He's also getting procarbazine and CCNU.
Right through there.
- Were you knocked out? - No.
But I was pinned pretty good.
Full trauma panel, C-spine, chest, pelvis.
- School fire? - It's a bad one.
Contusions and abrasions to mid-thigh.
- Can you wiggle your toes for me? - Good breath sounds.
Follow my finger.
Did you get everyone out? One kid unaccounted for.
We were looking for him when the floor above us collapsed.
- Who's we? - About six of us.
Pedal pulses, two-plus bilaterally.
They vented the roof and half the main wall fell in.
- Did you get all your guys out safe? - Still looking for three when I left.
- Hanson, Jeffries and Lopez.
- Sandy Lopez? She was the first one in.
- What about gamma radiation? - Didn't work.
Tumor's still growing.
Should we call Dr.
Burke? - Maybe he - I saw him.
In New York.
How much time? If this works, 10 months.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
- I guess it was bad timing.
- I could have helped.
How? - You shouldn't be alone.
- This doesn't change anything.
- It does.
It changes everything.
- I don't expect you to come back just because this happened.
Let me know if Perotti goes to the O.
- I'm pretty sure it's an appy.
- What, you're going back to work? I don't know what else to do.
I've d├ębrided the forearms.
She needs Thermazine and burn-net.
- And I promised her three stickers.
- Mermaids or horses? Three liters of Ringer's, 20 of morphine.
- You got it.
- Going to the burn unit? Yeah, third one today.
The last bed.
Urine output was 250 cc's last hour.
- There's your new boyfriend.
- What? Oh, poor guy.
- He's a little on the simple side.
- You think? Martin, did you talk to the lady from Psych? That doesn't mean anything to me.
Okay, a scarf doesn't mean much either.
I don't get it, okay? Did someone knit you the set? Something happened to that person.
Two days ago, when you stopped talking.
Danny Barnett, found on the scene at the fire.
No obvious burns or injuries.
People were very worried about you, Danny.
Where were you? - Cafeteria.
- How are his sats? - Ninety-nine on room air.
- Did you breathe in any smoke, Danny? No, I told the fire lady I'm not hurt.
She still made me come.
- Is the fire lady here with you now? - She rode in the ambulance with me.
- Maybe they took her home.
- And was she hurt? Don't think so.
She was telling jokes.
Okay, I'll be right back, Danny, okay? Jerry, call the 38.
Verify that all their firefighters are accounted for.
- They're probably still busy with the fire.
- Just do it.
- You need to start wearing shoes.
- Where's Dr.
Greene? - He'll be back in a bit.
- Know where he went? What do you need? Complex laceration through the helix.
- He was gonna walk me through it.
- I'll do it.
- Yeah? Suture Room.
- What's that? It's a lighter.
Scoped it out of some kid's belly.
- What are you gonna do with it? - Keep it.
- Why? - Behold Dr.
Carter's box of wonders.
You've scoped all that stuff out of patients? I like to think of it as gastrointestinal bric-a-brac.
Hey, is that my good pen? I can't believe you pulled this out of someone's stomach.
- Other end.
- Keep it.
- You didn't sign it.
- I know.
Terry, where are you going? Back to practice.
What about Joanne? Joanne's never had time for anyone but Joanne.
That's still no reason not to help her.
- We're not close.
- She's still your sister! I know I should be a bigger person, but I've trained for this my whole life.
I'm not willing to sacrifice that.
If that makes me a selfish, terrible person, I'm sorry.
Maybe I'll help Joanne afterwards, but not right now.
Hiding out, are you? Do me a favor, Just go down there when those idiots page you.
They're like crazed cyborgs, paging every five minutes until they somehow manage to find your fearless leader and suck us all into their universe.
Oh, what happened? Prince Harry in rehab again? Mark's tumor's back.
Has it invaded Broca's? It's encroaching the motor cortex.
I'm sorry.
It was always a possibility.
He's known about it for weeks.
He just didn't tell me.
Well Maybe he was protecting you.
There's so much we haven't worked out.
I don't think I can go through this again.
I'm sick and tired of being the strong one.
You know, we've broken up.
We've grown apart.
He doesn't even expect me to be there, anyway.
What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just go back home to watch him die? Yes.
Well, I don't think I can.
Is he your husband? Yes.
Do you love him? Yes.
The police found his mom on the bathroom floor.
- They think it was a heart attack.
- Does he live with her? Yeah, I think it's a conversion disorder brought on by the stress of finding her dead.
Does he have any other family? Yeah, there's a sister coming in from Louisville.
And Psych said they'd hold him until then.
- I'm gonna go visit him.
- Okay.
- Viktor Evans' parents? - Trauma 1.
How much do you charge for therapy? - Went a little too far this time.
- Too far? You deprived that boy's brain of oxygen.
- He'll pull through.
- How would you know? - I have a feeling.
- Feeling.
If you call yourself a doctor, you should be able to back it up.
Before I started working with Viktor he could barely crack a smile let alone acknowledge his adoptive parents.
Now he's calling them Mommy and Daddy.
Greene, he's having purposeful movements.
Don't worry, honey.
Mommy's here.
Is he okay? Viktor, can you hear me? Try and grab my fingers.
- Good grip strength bilaterally.
- We're in the clear.
Check the weaning parameters.
Viktor, you have a tube in your throat, so you can't talk.
- Welcome back, champ.
- We'll take it out as soon as we can.
- Look.
- This may have been a breakthrough day.
- You think? - Absolutely.
He's engaging with you.
- You're kidding, right? - We have other methods we can try.
Not if you intend on keeping Viktor.
What you did today was abusive, not loving.
Radical problems need radical therapies.
Tell that to Child Protective Services.
They'll be making a home visit.
You okay, Dr.
Greene? I gotta go.
What's Stan still doing here? I told him he could stay if he sang quietly.
At least it's not Oklahoma! tonight.
- Thank God for small favors.
- And he's off the birds.
Can you call for Stewart's pelvic CT results? Check the second troponin on Lang.
All right.
Mark, you haven't written up your H & P's.
- I'll do that on my next shift.
- Yeah, well, this shift isn't over.
I just had my first round of chemotherapy, Kerry.
I feel like hell.
I'm gonna go home early, okay? Hey.
What's the expression? "Couch tomato"? "Potato.
" And I'm at the table.
I should buy a new comforter.
Don't do it on my account.
A girl named Michelle called for you.
Oh, I forgot.
You're taking her to the Ice-Capades? - What's wrong with that? - Nothing.
I tried to explain that I was just your roommate.
I'm not sure if I like her, anyway.
- Is this the last one? - No, there's a couple more in there.
Any luck? Yes, here's one.
Two bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, breakfast nook.
- Sounds big.
- Has a doorman.
- Safe.
- And a lake view.
- How much? - This one's only twice what I can afford.
I'm gonna jump in the shower.
Yeah, you don't wanna keep Tai and Randy waiting.
This latte blows.
Weaver said Charlie won't be on his feet until next week.
Then I'm in trouble, because this cafeteria stuff is criminal.
I heard about Mark Greene.
- Tough to keep a secret around here.
- You did.
So that night, you were? What can I say? I'm passionate.
You spent the night together, and I thought - You have a very active imagination.
- If you only knew.
- You are not flirting with me.
- No way.
I'm never gonna make that mistake again.
- Back in uniform.
- Isn't your head cold? - No, no, I got thick hair.
- What are you hiding? - Nothing.
- What are you hiding? - What do you got there, Gallant? - What do you got in there? - Oh, look at that.
- Oh, can I hold one? Sure.
So cute.
Out barhopping? - I was just - Lost? Looking for you.
And you only found my car.
It was great what you did for that kid today.
Part of the job.
The good part, when the fire doesn't get you.
- Do you wanna talk about it? - No, I'm back at 7.
You know what? You can't drive.
Kerry, come on.
You were missing.
I was worried.
I'm touched.
You were right.
You did do me a favor.
Come to think of it, it was a pretty cool save.
Fire went to three alarms.
I couldn't see my hand in front of my- - Hi.
- Hi.
- Where's your dad? - Upstairs.
He didn't feel well.
Would you like to take Ella? - Hey.
- There's Rach.
Thank you.
He's sick again, isn't he? How long have you been like this? Forever.
Don't they say if it makes you sick it's working? It's cold comfort when you're lying on the bathroom floor.
- You want some Compazine? - I took some an hour ago.
Let me put this on your forehead.
You know, I tried for weeks to get her to say "Mama" and "moon.
" - They always say "Dada" first.
- That's just because it's easy to say.
Maybe she likes me.
She's a good judge of character.
I'm gonna go out and get some Zofran.
No, no, no.
It'll pass.