ER s09e03 Episode Script


Previously on E.
I have been here for 16 hours.
I have been ignored and yelled at, and called "honey," and "sweetie," and "bitch" and all I've had to eat is gummi bears and Diet Coke.
I'm not leaving until I get what I came for.
- Those are my friends, G! - Yeah? Well, this is my house.
It's mine too.
Oh, what? You pay rent? Come on.
Watch out, man.
Does that mean I can't have no friends? How you doing? How you doing? How-? How you doing? How you doing? How you doing? Hey, why is there a rule-out Ml parked in the elevator lobby? - Because there's no beds.
- Two's open.
Two was open.
Lithobid, 300 in 5, I know the system is overwhelmed, but you gotta manage better.
Kerry, I swear to you I'm about to lose it.
Unless you wanna take over Move all non-criticals off of monitored beds and into the hallway, treat and street triage.
Have you seen the hallways? Does he have to be here? - He can go when his banana bag's done.
- Then do it outside.
- Are you serious? - Yes! Room 1847, please.
- Gallant, is this guy yours? - Yeah, yeah.
- Mr.
Fierson? - Come on, get out of my way.
- Eric Wyczenski.
- Okay, I'll lean on Mercy - see if they can accept some overflow.
- Break some legs if you have to.
It's Abby.
I'm totally swamped here.
I'm not gonna be able to make lunch.
Page me and we'll reschedule for dinner.
- Frank, call Security.
- You have to let me go! - How'd your patient get the needle box? - I'm not part of the place! You'll kill me! You'll kill me! Mr.
Barney, we don't wanna kill you.
We wanna help you.
- You - I take it you called Security.
You can't keep me here! Probably out ticketing our cars.
Are those the guys that plant orange stickers on our bumpers? - They' re multitalented.
- They' re impossible to get off.
Try Goo Gone.
Or Goo- Goo Off from Pep Boys.
- Really? That works? - Comes right off.
- Know how to get blood out of white suede? - Try white vinegar and club soda.
- Really? - Hey.
How you doing? Groovy.
How you doing? Damn.
Hey, check this out.
Foreign body, 10 inches.
Extra large vibrator, still on.
I'm gonna show you my bowling pin x- ray.
Little guy but very flexible.
My pain is 10 out of 10! - Mr.
Mullen, today is not a good day.
- I know.
I got a slipped disk.
I need a pain shot.
I just saw him bending over the water fountain.
I've seen him in here 15 times asking for Demerol.
You' re Security, we' re doctors, okay? We shouldn't have to take down a needle-throwing psychotic.
We can't be everywhere at all times.
Simple law of physics.
- We need you here when we call.
- We've been through this.
- Why can't we hire a new company? - Hey, I'm understaffed - MVA rolling up.
- I got turnover up the wazoo.
Ten bucks an hour is not gonna keep any half-decent guys here.
- What's open? - You' re kidding.
- Harkins, get on up.
You' re with me.
- I am in agony here! - Turf this guy.
- No, I'm waiting for him to LEBS.
- LEBS? - "Leave without being seen.
GC is 14, no LOC, BP and pulse stable.
- I am not leaving! Give me my shot! - Can you tell me your name? Anonymous.
- Hey, Morales! Move your patient.
- I'm waiting for a bed.
Have you been drinking, Anonymous? I thought he was nice.
He paid me extra.
Then he tried to run me over with his Mercedes.
- Oh, God! Did you call the police? - Yeah, I got them on speed dial.
We got swelling to the right lateral malleolus.
- We got abrasions to the left forearm.
- I think she's posturing.
She's greedy.
- Can you let go? - I worked hard for that! She'll put it in a safe place.
Does this hurt? - Does this hurt? - Lower.
- Right in here? - Yep.
Bilateral lower quadrant tenderness.
What next? Ask if she sees a gynecologist.
- Do you see a gynecologist? - Yeah.
Every Sunday after confession.
One, two, three.
How'd he fall? He can barely move.
- They gave him a bath.
- Are you in pain, Mr.
Berk? - He's gorked out.
- What nursing home? - Garden Sunrise in Schaumburg.
- Sunset is more like it.
I wouldn't send my mom to that dump.
I hate my mom.
- This the hip fracture? - Yeah.
Hard to get a baseline.
- End stage Huntington's.
- Luka's screaming for you.
Says he's been waiting for 45 minutes for a lighted speculum.
- I'm an hour and 45 minutes behind.
- Great.
Piss him off some more.
Protecting his airway.
That's a clue.
What do we know? Huntington's.
Hits you in your 30s and 40s.
Starts with emotional lability, depression.
Leads to progressive loss of motor control and cognitive function.
Death in 10, 20 years.
He's been diagnosed for 15.
- Let's roll him.
- What's he pissed about? Well, hurt.
- About what? - Abby.
Oh, no.
He doesn't care.
Nasty pressure sore.
Ten by 18 centimeter decubitus.
- Have you talked to him about it? - Why? I don't have to.
He's fine.
- Is that sacrum? - To the bone.
We got this.
Will you get him his speculum? Hey, Abby.
I need a frog-leg finger splint.
Try Central.
I need a detox bed for the child prostitute in the hall.
- They' re as jammed as we are.
- She's 12 years old.
- Cocaine, probably crack.
- Okay, I'll see what I can do.
- PID? - Tubal-ovarian abscess.
- Oh, lovely.
- Hey, how does Original Thai sound? We take your brother out.
I hear embarrassing childhood stories.
- He's allergic to MSG.
- That's unfortunate.
I really think we should switch places.
Come on.
Keep it coming.
- Kovac's pelvic exam? - Curtain 3.
- You push enough Valium? - Any more and he'd be unconscious.
Damn! - Let him pick the place.
- He doesn't know any.
First time in Chicago? Usually we have to meet up in a strange city in front of some psychiatric institution.
- You said your mom sounded fine.
- She is.
- She does.
She's fine.
- Good.
How about Morton's? He's not a vegetarian? No.
Beef's good.
- You started.
- Finished.
- Didn't know when you'd get here.
- Done? Yeah.
You can put your legs down, Mrs.
Effie, please.
Lundgren's my husband's name.
Lundgren tried to vacuum out her period.
Menstrual extraction.
Common practice.
Practice for what? The day when the men who run the world take away your freedom of choice.
Until then, you could perforate your uterus, end up infertile, or bleed to death.
If men needed abortions there'd be drive-throughs with beer on tap and TVs tuned to ESPN.
It's no reason to do this to your body.
You gotta wake up, honey.
- We' re at war.
- Conscientious objector.
CBC, type and screen, beta, and a urine.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Honey, I don't have anywhere to go or anyplace I'd rather be.
Are you taking any oral contraceptives? You wanna give me a reason to? Birth control pills can increase your risk of getting blood clots.
- Here, lift your leg for me, please.
- You say that to all the girls.
- These are yours.
- Thanks.
That's it? "Sorry" and "thanks"? - What do you want from me, Kathy? - Nothing.
I don't want anything.
- ICON too? - What? Menstrual extraction.
Want an ICON too? Yeah.
If she wants me to do - Are you okay? - Yeah.
That was just - You know.
- Yeah.
But are you okay? Yeah, managing 14 patients, little too much grappa last night.
- Other than that - Other than that? Yeah, I'm- I'm happy for you, Abby.
- A golf ball? - The size of a golf ball.
Around your fallopian tube, near your ovary.
What do you do to get rid of it? Antibiotics might clear it up.
If not, laparoscopic surgery.
- It's sexually transmitted.
- No duh.
I ain't stupid.
Well, maybe you can tell me your name.
Your real name.
Tina Jones.
Well, Tina Jones, I don't know what got you in here at 12.
But if you want to make it to 20 you gotta stop smoking crack.
- I can get you into a detox bed today.
- Yeah.
That'll fix everything.
That'll fix one thing.
Then maybe you can get started on the rest.
Carter, Lewis wants you to ship McPheny to outpatient.
- Not now, Malik.
- When do I get my money back? - After detox.
- You can't do that.
Sleeping with strangers for money.
That's what you want? I gotta take care of myself.
Well, I'm trying to give you a chance to do that.
You don't know what it You don't know.
I know it's not too late.
School, friends birthday parties.
The things a girl your age should be doing.
You have a choice.
I'm giving it to you.
Carter, high-speed MVA coming in.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I will be right back.
Excuse me.
You Dr.
Carter? - Hey, you- - Hey, Gallant.
Why is Stella on the monitored bed? Positive Homan's.
She could have DVT.
- Sorry.
Quick question.
- Triage.
Down the hall.
Get a venous Doppler and then street her.
You are not her personal physician.
I'm looking for Abby.
She's a nurse here.
- You Eric? Hey, John Carter.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
Things are crazy today.
- The guy at the desk told me you closed.
I was expecting you in your uniform.
- Well, I'm undercover.
- Dr.
Carter? Excuse me.
- Pathology won't analyze a foreign body.
- Get a Polaroid for the records.
- How do I get a camera? - Look.
Do I have to puke to get some attention? We have heart attacks, strokes and bleeding ulcers.
They' re all ahead of you.
- Abby.
- What? - I have been here for four hours.
- How are you? - You haven't done a thing.
- What you doing here? - I thought you were gonna feed me.
- I'm in pain.
Hey! - I am talking to you.
- Pratt! No.
Not him.
He doesn't want to help me.
Pratt is only concerned that you' re building up a tolerance.
- Yeah.
Well, that's why I need more.
- Is it like this every day? Who the hell are you? - Eric.
- Well, yes, Eric I'm in pain every day.
And they don't wanna do anything to help me.
If I came in a suit and tie, they'd give me my meds in two minutes.
- Yeah.
Get out of here.
- Well, it's about time! Oh, wait a minute.
Vicodin? - Take it or leave it.
- One Vicodin's not gonna do it.
That's all you're gonna get.
Go play Lake Shore.
- Hello? Hello? - Oh, yeah, thank you.
Thanks very much.
You think you're a bunch of heroes or something.
Look around! You are not doing anything! You're not helping anyone! Hey! Get out of here! We like excitement.
- Did you hear she got a dog? - Yes.
Dumpy? Is that right? Because he was dumped at the pound? Yeah.
Turns out he's got a vitamin deficiency.
He needs a special diet so she cooks him bacon and eggs in the morning.
Never made me breakfast.
- But she'll cook for the dog.
- Oh, no.
She cooked for you.
Well, she can cook for the zoo as long as she's happy.
I mean she's good, even.
I think, maybe this time Maybe.
I'm sorry I wasn't there the last few times.
It's okay.
No guilt.
It's not our fault.
Remember? - Where's the Baggie of fingertips? - In Exam 2.
- The cops brought them in before the run.
- It ain't there.
Chen's freaking out.
- Baggie of fingertips? - Yes.
Neighbors trimmed their hedge by hoisting a lawnmower in the air.
- Thank you.
- Teamwork.
I don't think I'm gonna get a break so we should meet at your hotel at 6.
- Adele Neuman for you on two.
- Can you take a message? Seven would be better.
Then we can go out to dinner, show you the city.
I can't because I gotta get an 8: 15 bus to Offutt.
- Offutt? What's Offutt? - Offutt Air Force Base, my new station.
- Abby? I need a transfusion set up in 5.
- Okay, in a minute.
- Menstrual extraction victim.
- You cleared her.
No, a different one.
Some kind of party.
- One hell of a party.
- You' re getting transferred? - Re-assigned.
Gotta report in the morning.
- Again? - Yeah.
It's the Air Force.
- Okay.
Can you hold this for a second? Okay, blow out all your air.
Now breathe in.
- Right there, honey.
- Yeah.
- Order a right upper quadrant ultrasound.
- Have you seen a Bag-? - Bucket of ice by the x-rays.
- Thank you.
Don't ask.
- When? - Last week.
Read your e-mail.
- Well, how come it's so soon? - I'm sorry.
That's top secret.
- Okay.
I got them.
- What happened? - Got here before they did.
- They' re all in one bag? - They didn't sort them at the scene.
- We need to sort them.
One minute.
- Where's this? - Nebraska.
Hey! Yo, nurse! Is she gonna get her clothes back? They' re in a bag under the bed.
I heard it's kind of pretty.
It's closer to you, to Mom.
- Abby.
LOL in 4 has diarrhea.
- Oh, good.
- You said you needed a stool sample.
- If you can scrape it off the floor.
- Starting to appreciate why you dissed me.
- Sorry.
- You actually like this? Yeah.
Not that different from air-traffic controlling.
- Without the menstrual extractions.
- Hey! - Where are her shoes at? - Yeah, in a minute.
You do what you gotta do.
I'll wait.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Hey, Frank.
Take care of my baby brother.
Is he potty-trained? - Pressure bottomed out.
Huntington's? - He's septic.
But he is so pale.
Is it a hematoma? - Are you his nurse? - No, I'm his mother.
Sixteen in the left AC.
He's still got good veins.
Get some O-neg from trauma, type and cross four more.
Phillip, I'm sorry.
I- It was the best home that I could- I could get.
I don't have much.
Nothing definite.
Get me a triple-lumen kit.
Pressure's up to 86.
He's in pain.
Can't you give him something? He had 200 of fentanyl.
Could be the cause of breathing problems.
But he's suffering.
Can't you see how much he's suffering? Please.
- Morales? Morales? - What? - What are you doing? - Loose connection.
Can I get a bed now? This would go a lot faster if these guys identified their own fingers.
What if we made a mistake? Do you think this is a pinkie or a ring? Looks like a cocktail wiener.
- Got Morales's TIA in 4.
- Oh, yeah.
- Put her on a 12 lead.
I'll be there.
- You seen my brother? - What's he look like? - He's six feet, has brown hair.
- Looks like he might be my brother.
- He's cute.
- He went to get coffee.
- Oh, yeah.
- The place was tripping him out.
- I wonder why.
Pratt, you have three thumbs.
Unless one of your patients is a circus freak.
- If you can do a better job, be my guest.
- I just did.
- What's this? - Match game.
Pratt's having a little trouble fingering it out.
Come on.
That's funny.
- So you got my detox bed? - Oh, shoot! - I have to call Adele back.
- You didn't admit her? No.
They' re clearing a space.
- Then where is she? - Who? My patient.
She was there a second ago.
Somebody move the navicular fracture? - I think she eloped.
- Why didn't you come and get me? She didn't say anything.
She just took off with some guy.
- He asked me for her clothes.
- What? He asked for her clothes.
I didn't know who she was.
- I asked you to get her a bed.
- I was trying to get a bed.
You think he was her pimp or something? Her pimp, her dealer, her boyfriend.
Damn it, I had her talked into it.
- Who let the guy back there? - Hell if I know! The world can waltz right through.
- Dr.
- What? Give me the shot now.
Now! No, no, no, no, no! Nobody move.
All right.
It's cool.
Nobody move.
- It's cool.
- No, it is not.
It's not cool.
I am in pain.
I need Demerol, and you' re gonna give it to me.
Yes, I am.
I am gonna- Abby, go to drug lockup.
- Get a case of Demerol.
- I don't need a case.
I just need- I just need my shot, 150 milligrams.
Okay, 150 milligrams then.
There's no problem.
It's all right.
- Look, no problem.
- No, we got a problem! - This is supposed to be a county hospital! - Call the police.
- You' re supposed to care.
You don't care! - Call the police.
We care now.
That's right, you do.
- What's taking so long in there? - I'm coming.
You care because I'm making you care, because I got this gun.
Because I'm the one who gets to decide.
- You don't have to.
- I get to decide who feels pain who's not gonna feel pain, just like you.
Every day.
Show it to me.
Show me it.
Show me the label.
- Abby? - Stay right there, Eric.
Come on.
Come on.
Hurry up.
We're gonna give you the shot.
- Why don't you put the gun down? - I'll hold onto it.
Where do you want it? Why'd you wanna be a doctor? Excuse me? A doctor.
Was it the money? That's part of it.
And what was the other part? It's complicated.
Well, explain it to me.
I mean, you can't tell me that you actually wanted to help people.
Or maybe you did, right? Maybe Maybe you all wanted to help.
But then, little by little, you realized there's just too many people to help.
Who's gonna survive? Thank you.
Hey, remember this! For next time.
How much did you give him? Four hundred.
That'll do it.
- Is he breathing? - What do you care? I don't.
Get some Narcan off the rig.
We'll need to monitor his breathing.
Get a gurney.
Four-point restraint, put him on a pulse ox and call Psych.
- You should go inside and lie down.
- I'm fine.
- Lie down.
- I don't need to lie down.
Where are you going? - What happened to the metal detectors? - Not now, John.
- We were supposed to have those.
- It's all part of a security plan.
- What security plan? - We' re working on it.
- So you like it here then? - Yeah.
Keeps the days from blurring together, I think.
- What are you doing, Abby? - You came on a wrong day.
From what I can tell, you' re smarter than most people here.
Smart enough to know you shouldn't be working here.
That career advice is just a little bit late but thank you.
- You don't find it a little self-destructive? - No.
No! Honestly, I think I'm happier than I've been in a long time.
Besides the gun in my face, you know? What happened to med school? I have to go back to work.
I'm sorry.
But call me and give me your numbers.
- I got three more hours.
- I'm already juggling 10 patients.
There's more stacking up.
I'm not gonna have time.
So call me and have a great trip.
Okay? Read the newspapers.
Healthcare expenditures are down over 30 percent.
I don't have to read the papers! I'm here.
- Security is not a place to save money.
- Yeah.
We' re wasting it on patient care.
You know these aren't the same budget cutbacks.
We were supposed to have the metal detectors! - It's not just the metal detectors! - It's a start! If you put them up, you gotta man them.
Oh, that's a crazy idea.
I'll talk to the Medical Executive Committee.
Where do you want him? - Take him to the unit.
- We need it now! We need a secure triage area, we need more guards, we need better guards.
- You just work on clearing the board- - I cannot clear that board! I am treating a 12-year-old girl, on the street, cracked up, PID tubal-ovarian abscess, run over by a car! I got two minutes to spend with her.
- We' re over capacity! - We' re buried - while we stand here arguing.
- I managed to talk her into detox.
Before I can get her a bed, we let her pimp walk in and waltz her back out.
- I am just as frustrated as you- - Do something about it! I am! You just treat your patients.
Way to go, boss.
- Frank, where's the Yellow Pages? - Bottom shelf.
Hey, in the future, can we try not to agitate the drug seekers? It's not my fault he got a gun in here.
- I never said it was.
- What are you doing? I'm ordering metal detectors.
Now you' re talking.
Get some cattle prods while you' re at it.
Shut up, Frank.
So he went home, got the gun and came back? - Probably went to the corner, bought it.
- Dr.
- God, sometimes I hate this place.
- Sometimes? Pulse ox 90.
He vomited twice before I could turn him.
There's little use for the peg now.
- He can't breathe.
- Get a RT and set up for a vent.
Okay, he's full of junk.
Aspirated and decreased on the right.
Not again.
His cords are scarred from last year.
He was on the vent two months.
- Meds are in.
- Okay.
Be ready to roll him.
The etomidate could make him vomit.
Once you put that tube in, that's it, right? That's not coming out.
- Yeah- Yeah, we want the bulletproof.
- What's he doing? - Contracting out our new triage.
- Are we finally getting that? Yeah.
I've got the phony purchase orders to prove it.
- What about Stella? - She has a positive Murphy's sign.
Because you keep feeding her cafeteria food.
- I still need to rule out cholelithiasis? - Yes.
Get her out of here before she presents with something else.
- She's gonna suck him dry, isn't she? - Yes, she is.
No, no.
Sooner than that.
As soon as you can.
Why don't you come look at the space? What are you doing? I'm trying to make us all safer.
- You ordered six metal detectors, retail? - Yes.
- They should be here in half an hour.
- No.
We have a procurement department that handles all capital expenditures.
- You canceled it? - Yes.
I canceled it.
This is not your job.
And believe me, you don't want it.
We had another 15 percent budget reduction again this year.
- I am trying to keep the doors open.
- Close them.
You shouldn't risk your life to work here.
Of course not.
But be responsible about it.
- You have to get competitive bids.
- No.
You know what's irresponsible is letting this go on.
And I have been in staff meetings for the past two years working on this.
Where have you been? - Where are you going? - The ambulance bay to wait for my metal detectors.
When he calms down, have him see me.
Answer the phone, Frank.
You know, we have patients to care for.
He's right, Kerry.
You have a plan? No.
Plain or peanut? M&M's.
No? Gum? Cheetos? - How about some nylons? - What? Well, I hear they sell panties in vending machines in Japan.
Save your quarters.
You sure? You know, chocolate is a universal comfort food.
Listen, I'm sorry about what happened.
What? The guy was a known drug hound.
And I wasn't gonna play his game.
But you gotta understand, I would never do anything to jeopardize you.
Carter, maybe.
But not you.
Not my future love slave.
Hey, look, I'm sorry, okay? I get a little punchy when I get nervous.
I was scared too.
Oh, you- You were scared.
You know, I'm the one who almost had a cap busted in my head.
Oh, oh, and that's funny too? - Cap busted in your head.
Come here.
- What? - Come here.
- No.
What are you doing? - I'm consoling you.
- Well, don't.
Come here.
Come on.
All right? You finished? Yeah.
I want plain M&M's.
Did you hear a fire alarm? Oh, not another evacuation.
Now what? I have no idea.
You got everybody here.
Say something.
- Why you talking like it's a prison break? - In case this gets ugly.
- You don't know me? - That's right.
Hey, what's going on? Talk to Norma Rae.
We' re not working until they install metal detectors and get some additional security.
- Really? - Yeah.
My shift's over in an hour anyway.
Looks like a showdown.
Listen up! Unless you are on a scheduled break you are in violation of your hospital contract and are all in danger of being summarily fired.
Part of our contract guarantees that the hospital provides us - with a safe working environment.
- Look, today's incident was horrific.
We are already taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.
You always say that.
Nothing ever happens.
- I don't always say that.
- We've heard it before.
And this is how you choose to solve the problem? Hey, what's going on? We got a 62-year-old man, hypotension, low back pain, BP's 80 palp.
- You need to do something about this.
- Everyone needs to get back while they still have a job.
- Don't think about touching that patient! - Get him in there.
Gallant, you are a student.
You don't have a contract, you just fail.
All right, let's go.
Could be a ruptured aneurysm.
Go, go, go.
It'll be another couple hours before I can get him up to the OR.
His sats have leveled off and we' re giving him as much pain medication as his blood pressure can tolerate.
Do you know what it's like to watch someone die for 25 years? That's what I did with his father, every day.
I mean, I loved the man.
But I hated what it did to him.
I can refer you to another nursing home.
I don't know what you' re paying now.
He was a singer.
Did-? Did you know? Opera singer.
A tenor.
When he sang, it was the most beautiful sound in the world.
And I- I prayed it would pass him over.
When he got to be 29, I thought, " My God! Maybe we got lucky.
" Then he started having trouble at work.
Forget things.
And when he'd talk, sometimes it was hard to understand.
And of course Of course he couldn't sing anymore.
It just takes everything away.
Can I have a piece of paper? What for? I'm gonna start work on my résumé.
- You'll be fine.
- I know.
Usually they just decapitate the leaders and send the peasants back to work tending the fields.
But thank you.
What took you so long? Abby, I need a repeat blood gas on my Huntington's patient.
- We' re staging a walkout.
- Yeah, I get that.
I need a pH.
He's throwing PVC's.
In fact, I have 10 other patients on monitored beds who no one is watching.
So maybe somebody will pay attention.
- So you quit, go outside and pout? - Too many patients.
No room, overwhelmed staff, and it's dangerous.
We' re not gonna be able to treat anybody.
News flash.
The healthcare system sucks.
- Our job is to treat people in spite of it.
- I can't.
Not anymore.
I don't expect you or anybody else here not to.
But I can't do it.
Too bad that the 10-year-old arrests? We've already had one staff member murdered on duty.
And nothing happened.
I'm trying to save people that roll in tomorrow.
I know.
You' re an emergency-room doctor.
It's about getting through the shift.
Do you even know how many guns and knives pass through here?! I don't.
I do know how many people are depending on us at this very moment.
I got stabbed, Lucy got killed, and today, Abby and Chen get a gun to their head.
It's gotta stop.
Otherwise, it's not worth doing.
You know what? You fix tomorrow.
I have to go treat the patients that need us today.
He coded? - Think they closed the paramedic runs? - Can't tell.
- You think that they replaced us all? - I can't tell.
Think it's gonna rain? Look, a new recruit.
Shouldn't she be waving a white flag? Dr.
Carter, let's take a walk.
The metal detectors will be here either tonight or tomorrow morning.
And we've accelerated our negotiation with the new security firm.
- What about triage? - Construction starts as soon as we can approve the bids.
- Thank you.
- No.
You don't get to thank me.
You go back inside and clear off that board.
You are already four hours behind.
- Fair enough.
- And it will be hard to avoid a disciplinary committee hearing.
It's nothing personal.
We just need to protect our people.
Yeah, well, speaking of that, I had hoped to control some of these costs.
But now that we' re paying more for immediacy you'll have to offset that by either laying off three senior nurses and hiring new grads or canceling x- ray and lab service after 10 p.
- Whatever you think.
- No.
No, John.
You forced us to do it this way.
You get to decide.
You can't run a trauma in the middle of the night and go to the lab.
- Patient could be dead before you return.
- That's true.
Nurses then.
I want their names on my desk first thing in the morning.
Very nice.
Very nice.
What? I know you' re not going inside.
- Oh, I got patients.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Shouldn't you be getting some very serious therapy right now? What? And ruin all this hard won repression and denial? So you' re serious, huh? - Go home, Pratt.
- You sure you' re good? You know, it's not your fault.
Go home.
- You' re okay? - Stop asking me that.
- Okay.
- Yo! I-Am-Spartacus, come here.
That proletariat revolt you staged left us a little short-handed down here.
- Did you think that was clever? - Yeah.
It wasn't a joke.
I told Weaver to fire you but you can't trust a lesbian to do a man's job.
So instead, I ended up babysitting three gorks and a dirtball with the DT's.
Last time I did ER scut work, I had a ponytail and a lava lamp.
I do not enjoy revisiting those days.
- Am I clear? - Yeah.
Romano, the tab is A-negative.
Should we give her RhoGAM? Some of the med students take their oaths more seriously than the doctors.
Weaver cornered me before I could get outside.
She gave me this speech about what it means to be a doctor.
Well, that you need to figure out all by yourself.
I'm looking for a doctor.
Why don't you try sitting in Chairs? Over there.
We'll be with you soon as we can.
True? Construction is starting in a week? I don't know.
You know what they say about construction.
- Nice work, Dr.
- Let's hope you feel that way tomorrow.
- What do you mean? - Go home.
- And lie down? - And lie down.
Carter, I need you to sign a Prevacid scrip for Exam 1.
- Stella? - She still has esophageal reflux.
She's still here? - I was outside with you.
- Which I appreciate.
- I'm looking for a doctor.
- Right here.
You'll need to take a seat.
Someone will see you as soon as they can.
I need to see him.
He works here.
- Did he treat you for something? - Security! - I don't know how to get home.
- Security! I can't help unless you tell me who you' re looking for.
- Just tell me where he is.
- We need you to leave.
- Hold on! Hold on! - I don't know which way to go! - Where do you live? - G! - Get G! He's my brother! - Who? - Who is G? Who is he? - G.
Pratt! G.
Pratt! Somebody get Greg Pratt for me, please? - New career? - I've been on hold for 15 minutes.
Hold that.
Trubull's had his ReoPro.
Let's move him to the cath lab.
Shelby's chest is negative.
Let's treat him with ibuprofen.
Still waiting on the dig.
level in 6.
What's his name? - Cordova.
- Yeah.
Find him, get it, then find me.
Can you find my stethoscope? I left it in the ambulance bay.
- Wasn't your shift over hours ago? - Five and a half.
- How long are you staying? - Until we clear the board.
So you decided to die here? - Excuse me.
- I sent you home.
I was in the middle of six criticals when that psycho came back.
- So go home now.
- I've got about a dozen charts to finish.
Forget the charts.
I just got stood up.
Let's go hit a club.
- What? - Hot date? Hot.
But clearly not datable.
Orbital's playing at the Shadow Room.
What the hell? I lost a patient almost got killed by another.
I'm in.
You too.
Girls' night out? - No, I think I'm gonna go home.
- Yeah.
If I'm going, you're going.
You're asking him? Okay.
No late-night confessions.
No male strippers.
You got it.
Give me 10 minutes.
- What? - What? Go.
Lewis? - Dr.
Sung on three.
- Who? Primary on your Huntington's.
Sung? This is Dr.
I saw your patient, Phillip Berk.
He came in this morning with aspiration, pneumonia and cellulitis.
We intubated him and gave him antibiotics but he got septic and died about an hour ago.
Have you seen him in the last month? Would you mind signing the death certificate? Yes.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
I'll send it right over.
No coroner? We can release the body to the mortuary.
- Are you older or younger? - Older.
His mama took me in when I was 9.
Was she nice? Not really.
And so, what happened to your family? Don't know, don't care.
G's my family.
- What happened to you? - I went by the hospital.
- What? You got lost again? - I remembered where the hospital was.
Come on.
Come on! I tried to call.
Nobody answered.
So I got Shannon to give me your address.
- That place sucks, G! - Yeah, thanks.
I knew I threw my back out as soon as I fell.
My chiropractor says I got mild scoliosis.
Everybody's got mild scoliosis.
It's just something chiropractors say.
- You can't give me anything? - No.
You'll be fine.
Donahue is guaiac negative, Schwartz's repeat Accu-Chek is 87 and the urine ICON is positive.
- Did you find my? - Can I go home now? LOL with altered mental status and abdominal pain.
- LOL? - Little old lady.
- All right.
Down to one board.
- Dr.
Thought you might wanna sign for these.
Four entrances, six metal detectors.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Sign there.
You gonna show me where you want them? - Right this way.
- Oh, how you doing? Don't make many night deliveries.
We gotta pull old ones out? - No.
These are the first.
- Hey, how you doing? I'm good.
He gets defensive.
"What are you laughing at? " And I thought, " He's not bad-looking.
" I missed the signs.
That is the last time I ask a guy out.
- Oh, you asked him out? - Yes! And he stands me up! - Who was he? - Oh, he's in venture cap- Capitalism, or private equity, something or other.
I don't know.
One of those undefinable money jobs.
Right now, you would probably be sitting in his apartment listening to Thelonious Monk or something.
You' re right.
But women who date those kinds of men don't get vomited on on a regular basis.
- Or get a gun to the head.
- Another one? Yes, thank you! - Want anything? - No, thanks.
Where is she anyway? I think she went to the bathroom.
You think she'll be okay? Yeah, I think she's gonna be fine.