ER s09e04 Episode Script

Walk Like a Man

Previously on E.
- I wanna help you.
- You wanna fix me.
- No, I want it to work.
- Yeah, well, I'm not broken.
I'm glass-half-full, I'm silver-lining girl.
I'm an optimist.
I guess I do get a little blue sometimes.
Gallant, what did I just tell you about Stella? - I still need to rule out cholelithiasis? - Yes.
Get her out of here before she presents with something else.
- She's gonna suck him dry, isn't she? - Yes, she is.
Time of death, 7:36 a.
- Your fish coded? - Yep.
Third time this week.
Every afternoon, I restock the little pond.
Every morning it's like the Exxon Valdez blew through.
Get somebody to do this.
- No.
I'm committed now.
- Committed fish-killer.
Don't, don't, don't.
Thank you.
I've been meaning to cut down on my caffeine.
How come I have to wait out here now? So you won't kill us.
I never even touched you.
Whose idea was this anyway? Hospital beautification committee.
Years for a decent security system.
Two weeks for an aquarium.
Yeah, metal detectors.
Bulletproof glass.
We'll all be much safer.
- The gang go out again last night? - It's not a gang.
It's a club.
Not another stage-diving incident, I hope? First rule of girls' club is we don't talk about girls' club.
- You won't tell me what you did? - The usual.
Crank calls, pillow fights, lesbian experimentation.
They're live in a minute.
- We need your outlet.
- What channel? Four.
You'll keep it down once we’re rolling, right? Nothing new on the board? It's three hours since we had a patient, five since the last ambulance.
What's that about? - Mission General reopened.
- Oh, don't sound so depressed.
- I'm waiting on some action.
- In school, we ate dried eel and almonds.
I think I'll live with the headache.
- Eel? - Yeah.
For Susan's hangover.
- Kudzu.
- What? Asian root.
You make a tea with it.
- Hair of the dog that bit you.
- It feels like a pack of dogs and they all had a Mexican tag.
Thank you for getting me home.
I'm so sorry about your shoes.
Sounds like some party.
- They’re starting.
- Okay, folks, a little quiet.
We’re coming to you from County General Hospital - Fixing her hair.
- with its Chief of Emergency Medicine.
We've asked her to demonstrate how easy it is to get a flu shot.
Tell us, Dr.
Any risks associated with this? You may experience some mild flu-like symptoms, muscle ache, low fever.
But it's really a very safe prophylactic measure.
Now, a week or more of misery is worse than one little shot, isn't it? Yes.
And that's why we recommend flu shots for the elderly, those with chronic illnesses and anyone taking care of or exposed to sick people.
Wow, that was like butter.
So, what's the other one for? Tell me she didn't forget to switch needles.
She forgot to switch needles.
- Nice setup you got here.
- It ought to keep the riffraff out.
So how did you manage to score opening-day triage duty? I'm thinking a nice doctor put in a good word.
I hate triage.
- Nothing to do, Pratt? - I'm orienting Lola.
- Mona.
- Melanie Shepherd? Yes.
- Take you in now.
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey.
- Mommy, Mommy - I'll be back soon.
- He can come if you want.
- Really-? - No.
We'll wait here.
Bobby, come over here.
Come on.
- Where's Mommy going? - Stop whining and sit down.
When can we go home? I wanna go home.
What? Are you a baby? Is this what big boys do? Hey, shut up.
Mommy is not gonna get any better if you don't knock it off.
- Excuse me, sir.
Do you need anything? - No.
Not anymore.
I want Mommy.
I want Mommy.
Hey, if you do not shut up- - Sir, I don't mean to interrupt you, but- - Then don't.
Okay, pal? You're real helpful now.
Where were you three hours ago when we got here? Stop it.
- Hey, doc.
- Will you stop it? - I'll take a look.
- I have my own internist.
- You almost found yourself a badge.
- Excuse me? I'm guessing Eagle Scout.
- I didn't wanna make it worse.
- Did you make it any better? - I tried.
- I wanna take karate.
- Karate? Really? - I was thinking judo.
But I want something more aggressive.
So you like it rough? A gun to the head brings out the fighter in a girl.
Now you' re showing off.
- Your girlfriend's asking for you.
- Girlfriend? Stella Willits, 45 frequent flyer, going on 60, with a borderline personality.
- Yes.
That sounds about right.
- Asking for Michael Gallant, M.
I've seen her four times in the last week.
You' re doing an excellent job.
Get her exam.
I'll be there.
The tests are a precaution.
- They should take about an hour.
- Then I'll know if she infected me.
Don't be such a jerk.
- She used to date a bisexual.
- He wasn't a bisexual.
He was just open-minded.
I'll be back when the results are in.
You wanted to do the medical spot.
- Shut up, Leland.
- You shut up.
- No, you shut up.
- Shut up.
Is anyone aware that, according to this, there aren't enough nurses on duty to reach the maximum patient-to-nurse ratios? - I'll take a look at it.
- Not even an MICN scheduled Friday.
- Randi, get Haleh on the phone.
- She's off.
- I don't care.
She's the nurse manager.
- Nope.
She resigned in September.
- Have they appointed a replacement? - Yep.
- She resigned last week.
- Why wasn't I informed? You haven't been around that much.
Weaver your makeup looked great.
Abby could you come by my office later? Sure.
Romano's office? - Why? Let's make it 2.
Breathe in deep.
I gave up cholesterol, Michael, after our little talk.
- You'll thank me later.
- I'd thank you now.
- Find anything? - Chest pain, reproducible by palpation.
Hey, you know Howdy Doody? You look like Howdy Doody.
- Thanks.
- I hate Howdy Doody.
- Sorry to hear that, Miss Willits.
- Call me Stella.
It means "star, " you know.
I'm concerned about her dyspnea on exertion.
My what? - Your shortness of breath.
- Congestive heart failure? Her lungs are dry.
It could be symptomatic ischemia.
Flat T waves in her lateral leads.
But I'd still recommend O2, aspirin, nitro paste, and a card's consult.
- She should go upstairs for monitoring.
- I think that might be premature.
Why don't we send some enzymes get her old chart, take a look at her previous 12-lead? If the changes are acute? Have Cardiology come down.
So are you gonna run some tests now? - Yes, ma'am.
- Can I go out and grab a smoke first? Dr.
Corday will take care of your wife.
How long have you been retired? I ain't retired.
I'm not.
A nurse's work is never done.
Thank you.
How's the hangover? I'm going with aspirin and caffeine.
Abby said it was a good time.
Don't worry.
She hasn't cheated on you since that stripper named Thor.
I can be concerned, right? Don't be.
He was wearing an American flag thong.
I mean her drinking.
- Did I bring my lunch? - We'll get you something.
I'm the one who barfed.
But she's the alcoholic.
It's not easy to stay on the program when you' re out bar-hopping.
The program? I thought you knew.
Would you take Mr.
Evans upstairs to CT? She doesn't drink that much.
I never even thought about it.
- What's not that much? - If you' re worried, talk to her.
Carter, films are back on your patellar fracture.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
Exam 1? What's the best way to rule out PE? A spiral CT or a V/Q scan? Okay, I'm only gonna say this once.
I hate surprise parties.
Carter assumed I was in the loop.
What loop? The drinking loop? He's concerned.
Which I think is very sweet.
- I didn't want you to feel weird about it- - It's none of my business.
- I just wanted us to have a good time.
- I understand.
- You've seen me.
It's not like- - It's between you and Carter.
I'm sorry he got you into it.
It was an accident.
He thought I knew.
Well, it's not like it's a big secret either.
It's Kerry.
- You don't think she could be-? - No chance.
- That's how it looked.
- The straightest gay woman since Janet Reno? I don't think so.
You're right.
She was probably just practicing her flu shots.
She could use practice.
- My turn now? - Not yet.
- When is my turn? - Later.
- I was here before.
- Go back to your seat, Phil.
Where's the nearest bar? We should have left him in triage.
The other patients were complaining.
The junkie in 4 fell out of bed and lost his IV.
I'll be right there.
Listen It's just not something I talk about much.
We' re friends, Abby.
If you wanna talk you know where I am.
And if not, that's okay too.
Thank you.
Did you get meat loaf this trip, Miss Willits? - No, I'm a vegan now.
- Good for you.
It's a simple case of costochondritis.
I think the DOE is her anginal equivalent.
Or it could simply be that the only exercise the old bird gets is lighting her cigarettes.
Send her home on Naprosyn.
- Do you still work here? - Last I checked.
Shouldn't we be concerned about progressive dyspnea? When you become an actual doctor, Mr.
Gallant then you can make the diagnosis.
Just thought you might want to monitor her in Cardiology.
Don't know why your student calls me in for a consult, then refuses my advice.
- Just trying to be thorough? - She had 10 unnecessary admissions for rule-out MI in two years.
She always had flat T waves.
- Next time, check the records.
- I did.
Then you know I already cath'd her.
So much for thoroughness.
- Did you check the chart? - There's no record of a cath in there.
I looked in volumes 8 and 9, since 2000.
- Maybe he cath'd her before.
- A lot could have changed.
If he won't admit her, we can't do much.
- Can we keep her for observation? - We cannot.
We don't have any beds.
- We got 10 patients waiting.
- She needs a monitor.
You have a minute? Yeah.
I can give you two.
We can park her in the hall till a bed opens up.
Until her troponin comes back from the lab.
I talked to Susan.
- Abby? Eleven-year-old with possible UTI.
- Okay, I'm coming.
- Me too.
- A little help, folks? Unidentified Latino found seizing in a phone booth.
Gave two of Ativan.
- Head atraumatic.
- Pulse ox, 99.
Glucose 110 GCS five on scene.
Looks post-ictal, but he's got a good DBI.
- DBI? - Dirt-ball index.
Big dog, lots of tattoos.
He's gonna be all right because he has tattoos? Good guys die, bad dogs walk.
This one looks like he's gonna be okay.
He has a little abrasion to his chin.
No prison tats.
Too bad.
They count double.
- He's military.
- Sats, 98.
BP, 110/76.
I don't know if I'm supposed to.
- Slow down.
- Sorry about that.
- It's all right.
How about that signature? - Margaret usually signs.
Well, she can't right now.
That's why I need you to do it.
Corday, she's waking up.
Thomas, I want you to stay right here for a moment, okay? - Third unit going in.
- Hold the FFP until we' re upstairs.
Margaret Margaret, I'm Dr.
You were in an accident.
Is Thomas okay? Yes.
He's fine.
But you've suffered a splenic laceration.
And your husband feels unable to sign the consent for your surgery.
Operation? I can't.
There is some risk involved, but it needs to be done.
I can't stay in bed so long.
He couldn't cope without me.
I'm sure he'll make do.
He has Alzheimer.
Well, you shouldn't be incapacitated very long.
But you need to sign so we can help you.
Please can't we just wait and see? Margaret, splenic fractures can form clots that may hold for a while.
But if the clot breaks, you might bleed to death before we can fix it.
Meds are in.
P- E-R-R.
- What? - Pupils equal, round and reactive.
- Airway's good.
- Gato, you okay, man? We've given him some medication to prevent seizures.
Has he been sick recently? We were out late, going hard.
He seemed fine.
He just got back on leave.
He hasn't even seen his girl.
Nothing besides alcohol, right? - Coke, ecstasy? - Just beer and bourbon.
- No liberty stunts, right? - How's that? He shows signs of toxicity.
You guys didn't play any pranks? - Roofies, quaaludes? - He's our buddy, all right? Easy, sergeant.
We just need to be sure.
- We wouldn't do that.
- Okay.
You guys can wait in the hall.
Gallant, send up a Dilantin level in 15 minutes.
Got it.
Malik, let's go.
- Keep him on two liters, pulse ox - You guys are Rangers? Seventy-fifth Regiment, Special Forces Group.
Where they taking him? He needs a CT to check for any sign of a tumor or intracranial bleeding.
- You guys see action? - Nothing to talk about.
I did a summer duty down at Fort Houston a few months back.
- You Army? - Yeah.
Medical Corps.
- Why are you here? - Finishing med school.
Must be rough.
We spent the last three months jumping out of Black Hawks on the Pakistani border.
Let us know when our buddy's back.
It burns when she pees.
She's achy and sick to her stomach.
- Low-grade fever.
- I think it's from the trip.
- On vacation? - No.
Just a weekend away.
We' re supposed to go to Shedd Aquarium.
Has she had any UTIs before? A bunch.
It usually clears up with antibiotics.
Her doctor gave us some Bactrim, but I left it in Milwaukee.
Let's dip a urine.
I don't want a catheter, okay? You' re the boss.
So, what kind of accent is that? - What accent? - Come on.
Where are you from? I don't think you've heard of it.
A place called Idaho.
Well, that explains it.
- You like potatoes? - Who doesn't? - Mom.
I'm hungry.
- Okay.
Let me go get you a sandwich.
Here you go, Abby.
- Why are you giving me this? - Next Friday.
I need it off.
I'd like a month in the Bahamas.
I'll settle for a long weekend at my cousin's.
Jerry, are the labs back on my UTE girl? No.
But look.
I made origami.
- It's a swan.
- No, it's not.
I think it is.
You should hang it on the refrigerator by your report card.
Thanks, Mom.
You're the best.
We are waiting for your labs.
I got bored in there.
There's too many sick people.
- Where's your mom? - She went to the cafeteria.
To get food? It's not a good idea.
We' re supposed to do all this fun stuff.
I wanted to see the aquarium.
The aquarium? Really? - You should have said so.
- Hey, Abby.
Open room? Try Exam 2.
- How's his CT? - It was all clear.
What's going on, Stella? Nicotine fits are a bitch.
- We' re checking on a bed for you, okay? - How about a decent coffee? How's he doing? - No sign of a tumor.
That's good.
- What's up with his mouth? We gave him a charcoal slurry to soak up drugs in his GI tract.
Look, I already told you guys.
There's something toxic in your buddy's system, okay? We' re just trying to fix him up.
Hey how are you feeling, bro? - Perk? - Hey, man.
- Who's that? - It's Sammo.
Hey, is Elena here? We called her.
She wasn't home.
- Where are we? - I'm Dr.
Gallant, Felix.
You're in County Hospital.
My eyes.
Are my eyes open? - Shut up, fool.
- I can't see you.
- Cut it out.
- I can't see anything.
Okay, okay.
Hold still.
Okay, bring me a scope, page Ophtho, find Carter.
Not quite the Shedd Aquarium.
But it's the best we got.
You could be over-feeding them.
Do you think the water smells weird? Or someone else could be.
Or maybe it's our funny way of warning people they' re entering a house of death.
Are you really a good nurse? I'm technically proficient, despite certain attitude issues.
Well, then maybe I should have stayed in Milwaukee.
Is that where your dad is? He moved away.
My parents are getting divorced.
It sucks bigtime.
Well, you know? Now you get to double up on presents, right? - Christmas and your birthday.
- I guess.
There's always the fun of playing one against the other.
Actually, I did that before anyway.
Now I just live with my mom.
You know, moms can be cool.
I grew up with just a mom.
And it was good? Yes.
- Have you seen Phil? - No.
- Her labs aren't back? - Not yet.
Whatever she says about pet care, disregard.
- Yeah, I kind of got that idea.
- Thanks.
Hey, Ken.
Where do you keep the oral contrast? Why? Did you lose a drunk again? Try the hall.
Excuse me.
I misplaced an x-ray.
Did you find it? I've checked everywhere.
I keep walking into the wrong doors today.
Luka and UTI Mom? Yeah.
Is this kind of thing normal in Croatia? Yeah.
They call it "alternative medicine.
" I'm not supposed to laugh.
It's a patient's mother.
- Where did you find them? - In the closet in Radiology.
That's so strange.
Neuro's so much more cozy.
- Is that what you two were like? - No.
We stuck to beds mostly.
Too bad.
I think you should talk to him.
- Me? - You know him better.
- You walked in on him.
- I'm not the sex police.
- We get the labs on Hernandez? - Ophtho can't give an assessment - till we ID the cause of his vision loss.
- Here you go.
- What's his blood-alcohol level? - None detected.
I'm going for coffee.
Does anybody want anything? No, I'm good.
No methanol or ethanol in his system.
What about tricyclics? - Tox screen's negative.
- I did think of something else.
- An anti-malarial is used in the service.
- Quinine.
Something he might have access to that isn't detectable in the tox screen.
You'd have to take a lot of quinine to get that sick.
I know.
Want me to talk to him? No.
Why don't you let Gallant handle it? Give it your best shot, Mikey.
You should come see Milwaukee sometime.
I hear they have good beer.
You' re very informed about U.
regional consumables.
Excuse me, Dr.
- Yeah.
I'll be back when the labs are in.
- Yeah, okay.
Can we discharge this patient? They've been here four hours.
- Yeah.
We' re still waiting on Chem-7.
- I saw the chart.
Looks like a simple UTI.
I'm concerned about vesicoureteral reflux.
- Luka, come on.
- What? Well, let's clear this patient as soon as possible.
Her workup is not finished.
Well, her mother's is.
And unless you have unusual stamina, there's no further reason to keep them.
The girl's at risk for renal insufficiency.
What I'm trying to say is that when you' re waiting on a patient's results it's not necessary for you to boff that patient's mother in the storage closet.
Get the labs back, write a scrip, dispo the girl.
Chemistries on your little girl.
Is she a renal patient? She is now.
Did my girl call back? - Not yet.
- I guess she won't then.
How's your vision? Starting to see shapes.
You get my peepers going, I'll be fine.
- You were in the Philippines? - Before Pakistan, yeah.
You ever hear of quinine? - What about it? - Service gives it out to prevent malaria.
- So? - It also induces blindness - when ingested in large quantities.
- Maybe they gave me too much overseas.
This would have been something you ingested in the last 12 hours, Felix.
Maybe you found out something when you got home.
- Like about your girl? - You don't know me.
I know that in combat, home is the only thing that keeps you going.
You want things to be the same when you get back- - Are you a shrink or a doctor? - Only it's not.
Like, "What's the point?" To make you better, I gotta know what made you sick.
When you' re in country it's easy to forget that life keeps going.
Sometimes without you.
Elena? She waited for me a long time.
I guess she got tired of waiting.
Just fix me up, okay? Just fix it.
All right.
We'll get you some bicarbonate to eliminate the toxins.
And I'll get somebody down here to talk to you.
I'm Special Forces.
This gets out, I'm through.
Look, Felix, I'm concerned about getting you healthy.
It was a split second.
- If I put you in touch with a clinic- - I'll do counseling, I promise.
- Look, I'll follow it up, Felix.
- You won't have to.
I'll be okay this time.
Hey, have they croaked yet? Your fish? - Honey.
- I'm much better with human patients.
You must not be a Pisces.
Okay, just for that you' re getting meat loaf for lunch today.
We were wondering where you went.
Marlene's blood tests are back.
They show a high creatinine level consistent with chronic renal failure.
- We have to send for an ultrasound.
- You said it didn't look like anything.
It's still not clear.
That's why we need to image the kidneys and bladder.
A renal ultrasound is fast, very easy, and it'll help us figure out the problem.
- But I thought it was just an infection.
- That's what we were hoping for.
And it's painless, so you don't have to be afraid.
- Well, that's as long as I'm not a fish.
- That's right.
Ready to go for a spin? - It's okay, we'll just take pictures.
- Okay.
You better call Dad.
- Can you pop a wheelie again? - Sure, hold on tight.
- Okay.
- Should I be scared? Won't make it any easier.
It's gonna be like a ride, right? Kind of.
I bet you say that to all the kids.
I need some Brevital for 2.
Dislocated elbow? How long you on for? I have to stick around for the shift change.
I can hang around.
How does a couple of burgers, some shakes and maybe see if you get lucky sound? I haven't had an offer that good since the eighth grade.
Yeah, but I'm treating.
- Thirteen-year-old girls never treat.
- In boarding school, they do.
Well, make me a counteroffer.
Are you out of Brevital? Only Versed.
Plus 200 of fent.
We gonna talk about this Carter? - I got a patient waiting.
- Okay.
Is this backing off? Because if I get to choose, I prefer butting in.
- I took care of that this morning.
- I know.
- I blew your cover.
- I don't care.
- Then what? - I want us to be clear is all.
- I think it's pretty clear.
- My time sheet.
- Why are you giving me that? No.
- You' re the nurse manager, right? Guess again.
Memo from Weaver.
What? Weren't you supposed to see her today? Yeah.
I kind of dodged that.
Funny how that happens.
I had rounds.
- You kids fighting? - Shut up, Jerry.
You should talk to her.
- What? - I'm just trying to help navigate love's wavy water What do you people have against paper? Jerry, what's the guard there for? - Psych hold.
- What? Why? Guy's suicidal.
They' re moving him up to a locked ward.
- Do you have his chart? - Yeah, it's right here.
- Where's Pratt? - Try Curtain 2.
I'll be right back, Mr.
Don't throw up just yet.
- Do you know where Dr.
Pratt is? - Exam 1, with a Valium OD.
- ABG results? - It's on the clipboard.
You re-did the Hernandez chart? Get RT to drop to 80 percent, and check her gas in an hour.
- Because you marked it "accidental.
" - So what? So? Nobody takes that many pills without meaning to off themselves.
That was not your call to make.
What's your problem, brother? I'm trying to watch your back.
I have a lot of brothers.
I don't need another.
- Don't need a malpractice suit either.
- Why are you always riding me? You need to learn to stick up for yourself.
I told Kayson what I thought.
You didn't make him hear you.
Look, okay, you know what? I do things the way I do things.
Okay? You and me? We' re different.
We're not that different.
We're both trying to fit in.
The only difference is that I'm doing it by being a man.
- Hey, Gallant.
Stella's crashing.
- Come on, Stella.
- Watch it.
Watch it.
- Help me get her up.
One, two, three.
- Stella, wake up.
- Gal looks a little white.
- Get a crash cart.
- Should I move her to a room? - Get a cart.
Start compressions.
- Come on, Stella.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- What was her diagnosis? - Unstable angina.
- Shouldn't she have been on a monitor? - Gallant, take the paddles.
Folks, back off.
Watch it.
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
- V-fib.
- Charging to 200.
- No change.
- Three hundred.
Jerry, page Kayson.
Okay, should we push epi? - You really wanna do this here? Carter! - Start a line.
All right.
Yeah, let's move her.
Go, go, go.
Come on.
Come on, we gotta roll, man.
Come on.
- Out of the way, everybody.
- Watch it.
Watch it.
Lidocaine's onboard.
- Second bolus of 50 going in.
- Still V-fib.
- Three-sixty again.
- Charged.
Resume compressions.
Hang a gram of Pronestyl? - You should push it.
- He's right.
Decreased breath sounds.
- You put the tube in too far.
- Twenty-two centimeters.
- It's in the right stem.
- Must've put the balloon past the cords.
Pull it back to 20.
- That might pull it out.
- Just do it.
The girl that cried wolf.
- V-fib arrest.
- How long has she been down? - Twelve minutes.
- Charge to 360.
- Charged and ready.
- Clear.
Dermabond looks good.
- That's nice.
- CT? - Negative.
- Negative? - Is that okay? - You' re fine, Thomas.
But we had to remove Margaret's spleen.
She has some liver damage.
It caused bleeding.
And for a while, her blood pressure was very low.
That's not good.
We had to put her on a breathing machine, a ventilator.
- We' re not sure when she'll come off it.
- Oh, dear.
Would you like to go and see her? I can take you up.
See who? - Margaret, your wife.
- My wife couldn't come today.
Yes, Thomas.
She's upstairs.
- Margaret.
- Margaret? Margaret who? Thomas, do you remember why you're here? I remember.
I remember everything.
- Charge to 360.
- Good to go.
It's been 39 minutes.
Three-sixty again.
- Three-sixty.
- It's done.
Call it.
Time of death, 16: 57.
Is there any family we need to talk to? Nobody.
She didn't have nobody.
A frequent flier with atypical presentation.
Ninety-nine times out of 100, nothing happens.
You go with the odds.
If you like to gamble.
Sometimes there's nothing else you can do.
You'll learn that soon enough.
Progressive symptoms of dyspnea, suggesting cardiac ischemia.
I let you miss the signs.
She was a batty, self-medicating hypochondriac.
Who you did not feel like dealing with.
Let it go now.
If she was admitted, we could've picked up the V-tach.
We could have gotten her back with early cardioversion.
If you felt strongly, you should have spoken.
- He tried.
- Is anyone talking to you? With all due respect, you' re Chief of Cardiology.
He's a medical student.
And I offered him my expertise and guidance.
And where did it get me? Where did it get her? Nothing.
She is dead.
Easy, son.
I am not your son.
Pratt, take him for a walk.
Come on, let's go.
All right.
- Are you training doctors or pit bulls? - He's upset we lost her.
You should have put her on a monitor.
You should have paid more attention.
Patient care is all about taking calculated risks.
I thought it was taking care of the patient.
You know, it's really something, the way you all stick together down here.
Mikey, listen.
What you did in there, that was a man.
That's what being a man is.
Come here.
Listen to me.
- Guys.
Come on, guys.
- Hey, calm down.
Do not call me Mikey.
- Lucky I know how to take a punch.
- So that's why you were on the floor.
Hey, how's that feel? You should see the other guy.
- Maybe I should go talk to him.
- You might wait a bit on that.
Susan, can you get the nursing schedules together for Abby to work on? I was hall monitor for a day in fifth grade, fired for selling passes to the kids.
- I'm sure you've matured since.
- Not that much, really.
It's my understanding the position comes with a raise.
It's not the money.
If it was about money, why would I be working here? The Director of Nursing agrees with my recommendation.
The job is yours, like it or not.
- Like it or not? - I don't care to argue about it.
Okay, how much? - Excuse me? - How much is the raise? I'll get back to you.
Kerry? Romano sent this.
What did it say? "Your 15 minutes is up.
" Hey, Pratt wants you to hit him on the other side of the face, even things out.
She had a daughter who died in a car crash.
She's been alone since then.
You know, Kayson knows what happened in here today.
He was right.
I backed down.
That's not how I saw it.
No, I always back down.
We' re supposed to be saving lives.
And sometimes it just seems like we end up fighting each other.
I mean, I should I should have fought for her.
I could have tried harder with Kayson too.
She was my patient.
She trusted me.
She would be alive now if I wasn't so scared of being wrong.
- Everybody gets scared.
- Not Pratt.
Sure he does.
Why do you think he acts so cocky all the time? Everybody that comes in here does.
But you learn to work through it.
When does that happen? As soon as you've killed a patient.
I just did.
No, you didn't.
Maybe you won't have to.
Don't stay in here for too long.
Marlene's ultrasound came back positive for bilateral renal scarring.
- Are her kidneys shot? - I don't know.
She definitely needs surgery.
All those UTls in Milwaukee, and no one ever caught it.
Yeah, somebody should have.
- VCUG first? - Yeah.
Start her on gentamicin.
And the moral of the story is? Never sleep with a patient's mother.
At least not until the labs are back.
A little girl's sick.
Next to that, nothing much matters.
Janet, can I speak to you? Chuny, can you mix me a bag of gent? - What room? - I'll take it, get me started.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- I thought you were on till 7.
Deb's covering the shift change.
I'll call you later.
I'm not really sure what we' re not talking about.
- Can't this wait until we' re off? - Who's angry with who? - I'm not angry.
- Okay.
And I never lied to you.
Well, I guess I must have talked myself into something.
Well, let's figure it out.
I agreed not to rescue you, or help you, or fix you, so I'm just gonna shut up and wait for the car wreck.
What is that supposed to mean? We both know where this is going.
No, I don't.
You know, everything would have been fine if you had just come to me in the first place.
Then I'm the overprotective boyfriend.
You know, I'm not drinking to get drunk.
I'm hardly drinking at all.
- Good night.
- Okay, wait.
Do you wanna know how much I drank? Last night, I had two beers.
Wednesday, I had a Cosmo.
Last week, I had nothing.
The week before that, I had a beer and a pink drink.
I don't know what it was.
- You' re keeping close track.
- Because it's under control.
Well, I just don't understand why you'd wanna go back to that.
- I drank last year.
You knew that.
- It was a little different then.
Now, it's not about being scared and alone.
- It's still drinking.
- Look.
Look, wait.
I used to drink because I was miserable.
I was in a lousy marriage.
I had a life I didn't want.
And now I'm happy.
With you, things are good.
Having a casual drink with my friends makes me feel I'm past the bad part.
You know, maybe- Maybe I just have a little bit more faith in me than you do.
Is that how you translate my concerns? No faith? I don't know.
Carter? Forget it.
Let's not do this.
I'm a pro at walking away.
I've done it one million times.
And I'm asking you, please, don't do this.
Stay here and talk to me.
- What about the girl in 1? - Alisha Murphy.
She's off the vent.
- And the guy in 2? - He's still puking up his shrimp platter.
A transplant would only be a last resort.
I should I should call my husband.
There's a phone right here.
I'm sorry.
Could I have some privacy, please? Yeah.
Hello there.
If you wanna know what I want for my last meal, the answer is pizza.
Well, your kidney is sick.
I'll give you medicine to help stop the infection then the doctors are gonna figure out what to do to make it better.
How did I get like this? It's a genetic condition, probably.
From my parents? The combination of their DNA.
Maybe that's why.
They had a fight one night, and my dad left.
They never told me why.
They just gave up.
I'm sure it seemed that way.
I think they made a mistake.
Maybe the reason I'm sick is so I can bring them back together.
I'm gonna give you some medicine in your vein.
It might sting a little bit.
I'm not scared.
I really think this could fix everything.
Glad to see Romano hasn't lost his sense of humor.
I've made Abby the new nurse manager.
Yeah, I heard.
Let me know if she's not satisfying - the responsibilities of the position.
- Okay.
I'd also like at least two MICNs and no more than three LVNs on any given shift.
- Kerry, is everything okay? - I made a small mistake on a TV program.
I wish everyone would get over it.
That's not what I meant.
In the ladies' room? Yeah? You dropped a syringe.
What? No.
Kerry, I know what I saw.
I'm taking hormones.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Pratt, Jing-Mei.
- Night.
Watch out for the paparazzi, Dr.
Hey, Gallant.
I understand you were involved in an altercation today.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You hit another doctor? Yeah.
In that case, I'll overlook it.
- Good night, Dr.
- Take it easy, Iron Mike.
- Hey, look, I'm sorry about Hernandez.
- You should have stayed out of it.
I respect you for going from the gut, but for once I was the one thinking clearly.
So he went up to Psych? I'll check on him before I leave.
- How's your face? - Don't even sweat it.
I know it wasn't me.
You were punching Kayson.
Actually, no.
It was you.
Next time I hit back.
Tell Leon I said hey.
All right.
Daddy's back and it's chow time.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come get some.
You should have your keys already out.
You never know who might be lurking.
Look, the drinking The drinking is the drinking.
You know where I stand on that.
It's just, how far are we gonna go if we keep hiding from each other? I won't hide anymore.
I didn't mean to leave like that.
It just seemed kind of complicated.
And I wanted a little time to figure out where we were.
Here we are.