ER s09e09 Episode Script

Next of Kin

Previously on E.
Let me go.
I can explain everything.
I can't be arrested! - Is there a flight out tonight? - Yep.
United, 9:30 to Omaha.
But you called her? The most unreliable, undependable person in our lives? - And you’re dependable.
- Yeah.
To you, I am.
This is about Eric.
You can't go back to the way you two were.
There's no quick fix.
Mom was out-of-her-mind crazy.
And I'm not like that! It's 300 an hour, 2000 for the night.
- Give me some privacy.
- I won! It's all right.
I should go.
- Where's Mom? - You need cable.
I broke a bowl.
I'm sorry.
- I'm making scrambled.
You want some? - No.
- Have you got some cheese? - Just the stuff in a can.
What time is it? Almost 5.
- It's early for breakfast, don't you think? - Not if it's your last supper.
- Nothing fresh? - I'm not hungry anyway.
You need to eat something.
He's been up since 3.
Maybe you should talk to him.
What are you watching? Nothing.
- You having trouble falling asleep? - Trouble staying that way, actually.
Kind of a crappy neighborhood you live in.
You wanna talk about it? Tell me what's going on.
You had me medically discharged, and I'm about to check into a loony bin.
- What do you think's going on? - Treatment center.
It's one of the best treatment centers in the city, and it's just days.
My days.
It's been a long trip.
The more aggressively we treat this the better your chances are- - My chances.
- I'm tired.
- He's tired.
- We agreed, Eric.
When the hell did this become "we"? When you started having to take Depakote.
Is that how it works? Anything over - Eric.
- You’re lucky you’re only 250.
It's weight-based.
Follow my finger with your eyes, Timmy.
He came in saying he had a headache, swears nothing happened to him.
- You wear a helmet when you ride a bike? - Yeah, but I wasn't.
They can't play outside the yard.
So, what were you guys doing out there? Playing catch? Playing a little cops and robbers? Might help me figure out whether Timmy needs medicine or an operation.
Or both.
Is that some kind of game? I hold him up by the ankles and see how long it takes him to hit the ground after I let go.
- One 1000.
- Okay.
- Chuny, let's get a head CT, no contrast.
- You bet.
How many times have I told you not to torture him? - Another Kodak moment? - Kid has a concussion - wouldn't rat out his brother.
- That'd make him a squealer.
It's a fate worse than head trauma.
- When's Abby due back? - She's back.
Yeah? Everything okay? Yeah.
I mean, other than needing a vacation from her vacation.
No kidding.
If I was stuck on a train with my family It's a bad example because I'd throw myself on the tracks.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
Not so fast.
Weaver wants you to cover her shift.
- That's the second time this week.
- And it's only Tuesday.
Is she moonlighting or slacking? "Getting involved with labor negotiations" is what I heard.
Something like that.
Well, so much for salsa tonight.
You losing all your party pals? Yeah, between work and boyfriends nobody seems to have time for fun anymore.
- Excuse me.
Are you doctors? - Yeah.
But you have to sign in over at Triage.
I can't do this.
I just can't.
Shall we look or call security? Both.
Check the umbilical stump.
Less than an hour old.
Every day begins with 90 minutes of group.
Individual sessions are twice a week with recreational therapies rounding out the schedule.
- Monday through Friday.
- Eight to 4.
Busy day.
Now, we have found that a four-pronged approach is most effective.
Therapy, structure, social interaction and, of course, meds.
- Which you dispense? - Absolutely.
Through there, there are some lockers where patients can store their belongings.
We provide a hot lunch.
And on occasion, take the group to nearby cultural events.
- What about recess? - Pardon me? I mean, no swings, no monkey bars, no slides, not even a merry-go-round.
- Eric.
- Honey, why don't we go talk - to some of the other people.
- Oh, for bipolar show-and-tell? Okay.
How you doing? Yeah.
There's always an adjustment period.
Will you be keeping him on Zyprexa? He needs to be on an anti-psychotic? He's had some delusional thoughts with his mania.
Well, before prescribing anything I'll wanna review his medical records and, of course, talk with him.
I can probably tell you anything you need to know.
Be more helpful coming from the patient.
But down the line, family therapy may well be a part of the program.
I'll let you know.
Appears term.
Skin's good.
Well perfused.
No jaundice.
No ID, no information, no nothing.
Fontanel is soft, a little sunken.
Definitely dehydrated.
- You think she had any help? - Delivering? I doubt it.
Umbilical cord is clamped with a Powderpuff Girls barrette.
Powerpuff Girls.
We just call Social Services, right? Safe Haven Law.
Mom can drop off a newborn, no questions.
Bilateral red reflex, pupils reactive.
At least she did the responsible thing.
- Did she? - The baby could've ended up in a dump.
Where's the father, the girl's parents? Where's the girl? Out there living like nothing happened.
- Need a heel-stick.
- And a diaper.
Double MVA, 12-year-old girl with ankle deformity.
- The driver is shocky.
Abdominal trauma.
- Kid's vitals okay? Go find out.
They' re rolling up right now.
Coming? Yeah.
In a minute.
He's vomiting.
Gil Brenner, rollover t-bone.
Poster boy for blunt trauma.
BP, 100/72.
- Any LOC? - Awake at the scene.
- GCS, 14 so far, but he keeps heaving.
- Blood and urine in his pants.
- Mr.
Brenner, I'm Dr.
- Morgan.
- His kid's in the next rig.
- Your daughter's behind you.
Page Trauma Surg and set up for a chest tube.
Hang in there.
- Where's my 10 bucks? - Staying in my wallet.
Making that "no shake, no pay" noise? - Hi.
I'm Erin.
What's your name? - Morgan.
Left ankle deformity.
No other injury.
Truck hit the driver's side.
- Where was she? - In the back, opposite.
Daddy says he can keep an eye on me that way.
- Why? You get into trouble? - No, he's a worrywart.
- Lateral C-spine, chest and pelvis to start.
- It's just me.
Normal heart, decreased on the left.
- Can you open your mouth? - Good radial pulses.
No dental fractures.
Mandible is stable.
- Mother's gone.
- Sats, 90.
- Twenty-eight French on vascular clamp.
- He's got a left clavicular fracture.
- A pneumo.
- She doesn't understand.
- Ten blade.
- This the MVA? - Dropped a lung.
Check out the belly.
- SonoSite.
I'm Dr.
I'll be assessing your need for surgery.
Hope not.
- Tender abdomen, hypotensive.
- Tube's going in.
Fluid in Morrison's.
Brenner, you probably have an injury to your internal organs which we'll need to repair.
Anybody you'd like us to call? - Your wife? - No.
- Daughter's next door.
- Need a cell saver for the Thora-Seal.
On it.
- Is it bad? - Stay with us, Mr.
- Don't need a Doppler.
- Extra cell saver? - Cap refill, please.
- Catch.
DP and PT pulses strong.
- Is he gonna be okay? - Your father's in good hands, Morgan.
We got our second-best doctor working on him.
- Second? - Number one's with you, isn't he? - A distal tib-fib.
Get her to X-ray.
- Where are they taking him? - Might need a test we can't perform here.
- Or surgery.
- Hey, you got a favorite color? - Yeah, why? We need to put a cast on your ankle, and we've got all the colors in the rainbow.
- I like pink.
- Me too.
Look for images that best describe your feelings during the hypomanic phases of your illness.
Hey, does anybody have a Viagra ad? - Kidding.
- We find that this exercise really helps them to identify the seductive side of their mania.
Seems so simple.
Has to be in the beginning.
They are used to chaos, to acting on their impulses.
This allows them to move into a world of structure and self-discipline.
He'll adapt.
Obviously, you did.
- See you this afternoon.
- Thanks, doctor.
- You ready? - I guess.
- Something wrong? - No.
- Think this is the right facility for him? - Okay - how did I know that was coming? - I'm not saying it's not.
But seeing it, seeing what they' re making him do Okay, the collages are stupid.
- But that's only one part.
- It'd be great if he was 10 years old.
- Well, emotionally, he pretty much is.
- No, he's not.
Okay, 15 then.
I know how he feels, like we' re trying to take away his personality the thing he likes about being him.
Which is also the thing destroying him.
What if he does it independently? Sees a psychiatrist, gets a job - tries to learn how to deal with it? - How do you keep him on his meds? You can't force meds or this so-called therapy down your brother's throat - if he's not ready for it.
It won't work.
- "So-called therapy.
" What will? Why do you do that? We' re not talking about me.
You always shove it in my face.
You keep insisting that you' re the expert, that you know best.
Maybe this once, I do.
You know, you are not exactly cured.
And he needs someone stable to help get him through this.
- I'm his mother.
- Oh, come on.
In and out of hospitals for the past Okay, wait.
- Well, he looks good.
How's he doing? - Temp's normal, pulse down to 140.
- I think he likes it here.
- No beds upstairs, huh? I don't mind.
It's nice to have a healthy baby down here for a change.
Repeat the bolus of 20 cc's per kilo.
Then try him on 30 cc's of Enfamil q two hours until Pedes takes him up.
I don't know how anybody could give him away.
Well, I'm sure she had her reasons.
Call me if he won't feed.
Forty-five-year-old woman with four hours of abdominal pain, vomiting times 10.
Epigastric tenderness without rebound.
- Deb, have you seen Kovac anywhere? - Nope.
He's only the swing shift Attending.
- Hemoglobin's normal, as are LFTs.
- The doctor you should be presenting to.
UA and ICON are normal and negative.
I'm the only one here with a work ethic.
So I'm thinking food poisoning.
But she has intractable vomiting despite Compazine and Reglan.
Hi, I'm Dr.
How are you doing? - Not so good.
- Otherwise you wouldn't be here, right? Do you know what's wrong? It's okay.
He's my boyfriend.
Your tests show an anion gap, which could be due to vomiting dehydration, a lactic acidosis.
We'll need to run more tests to make sure.
So will you need to admit me? You hate hospitals as much as I do? You kidding? She lives in them.
I'm an RN.
We can't send you home if we can't control your vomiting.
And she can't come to my house either.
I just got new rugs.
Just kidding.
We'll be right back.
- Give Mr.
Brenner another 25 of fentanyl.
- You got it.
- Are you comfortable? - No.
How long will I be out? We need to identify, then stop the hemorrhage.
- We may have to remove your spleen.
- No.
Out of commission.
There's a possibility you injured your bowel.
That's the case, requires a pull-down to reattach your intestines after it's healed.
My daughter? Morgan has a fractured ankle.
I understand she's doing fine.
Are you sure we can't contact your wife for you? She barely remembers her.
- Sorry? - She left us.
- Your wife passed away? - No, no, no.
She couldn't be there for her.
She left it to me to be a mom and dad.
- Need some help over here! - Kovac, you' re late.
- Blame my alarm clock.
- What's her name? - Hip fracture, 82-year-old woman.
- Not "old woman.
" Matilda.
BP's 100 palp.
Pulse, 120.
Gave 500 of saline.
Left hip is ecchymotic with shortened leg and externally-rotated foot.
- Beautiful name you have.
- Bruising on the leg.
When did she fall? Figure a couple of days ago.
Landlord found her.
- She taking anything? - Would've.
Found enalapril and glipizide - about two feet away.
- Diabetic.
Lucky she's not in a coma.
- Coming through.
Watch it.
- We're putting you in another bed, okay? One in which we can keep an eye on you.
From what I hear, you' re a troublemaker.
- Is there a bathroom anywhere? - It's down the hall but I need to find a wheelchair.
What she means is they've been getting stolen.
- I kind of have to go bad.
- Better get her a bedpan then.
- And go here? - Don't worry.
We'll close the door, give you some privacy.
- Need some help? - I think I can do it by myself.
Push four of morphine and find her mother's number.
Pop's gonna be in surgery for a while.
It's okay! Go ahead.
Hey, Morgan? I'm coming in.
- No, don't! - Oh, my God.
You're a boy.
- A 12-year-old cross-dresser? - All I know is, anatomically, she's a he.
- And you're sure? - I've seen my fair share of penises.
- Really? - Anyway, she's- He's pretty upset, and I think you should talk to him.
- Found the mom? - Working on it.
No, work faster.
How you doing? I wanna see my dad.
He's still in surgery.
How much longer? I don't know.
So, what's the deal? Why you going around dressed like a girl? Because I am one.
I have the wrong body.
You' re kind of young to be thinking that way, aren't you? No, I always have.
Is your dad in on this too? He moved us so I can start over at a new school.
Nobody knows.
Well, they' re gonna find out eventually, don't you think? Not if we keep moving.
And when I'm old enough, I'm gonna get the operation.
What does your mom have to say about that? She has a different family now.
Look, your dad's gonna be a while and we need someone to come get you.
My dad's friend lives near us.
Your mom would be more appropriate.
She thinks I'm a freak! Just like you do.
What's this friend's name? - What do we do? Who do we call? - Don't do anything.
- G! G! - Leon, what are you doing here? He made me leave.
- Who? - He gave me no reason.
He just told me that I was fired.
- What? - He was mean, G.
Hit me with a broom.
- I didn't even do nothing! - Pratt, Urology, line one.
Yeah, take a message.
Come on.
All my spare time.
- Someone's asking for you.
- Did you get a name? Anita Coffee? - A pseudonym or a cry for help? - Pretty clever, huh?.
- Hey.
It's freezing.
- Hi.
- Why didn't you come inside? - Didn't feel like dealing with anybody.
- You get someone to cover? - Everything okay? Yeah.
Just need a little company.
I was hoping the mailman would come, that he'd hear me.
Good pedal pulses.
Is the pain medicine working? I don't get much mail.
No letters from your grandkids? Well, junk, mostly.
Matilda, I need you to be quiet while I listen to your chest, okay? Matilda? - Wake up! How much fentanyl she get? - A hundred mics.
That wouldn't knock her out.
She could be losing her airway.
- Matilda, wake up.
- Got them.
Initial glucose is 576.
Bicarb is normal.
Not DKA.
Maybe hyperosmolar coma.
I'll check for the gag.
What the hell are you doing? Are you okay? Well, I was having a nice rest till this bitch started choking me.
- Nice.
- Dr.
Lewis? Jeremy Cranston is here to see his mother.
- Oh, yeah.
Hi, Jeremy.
Right this way.
- Your lungs sound good.
A neighbor said she went to the hospital.
- She started throwing up this morning.
- Throwing up? She might have food poisoning, but we' re not sure.
- What did you have for dinner last night? - Steak.
I'm not sick.
Well, like I said, we' re still working on it.
Mom, how come you didn't call me? - I thought you were going to.
- I didn't get a chance.
I'll get another chair.
Honey, you don't have to stay and watch me sleep.
I want to.
Besides, Bill's gotta go to work, right? No, that's okay.
I can stay.
- Let me get you something to read.
- Thanks, honey.
The gift store's upstairs.
If you need anything official or whatever, ask me and not her boyfriend, okay? - Is there a problem? - No.
He's just kind of a jerk sometimes.
So how was it left? She went back to my apartment, I came here.
I'll pick him up tonight.
We'll all have dinner.
It'll be fine.
As soon as she leaves.
What happens then? Then Eric and I will get into a routine with his treatment and I'll work days so I can keep an eye on him at night.
- Really? - And I'll probably get a bigger apartment.
You' re gonna be roommates now? Well, I can't just let him wander off and hope for the best.
He needs my help.
You think that's too much? I think that it's a responsibility that you could share.
With who? Maggie? Do you know when she'd leave us, she used to do it when we were sleeping? Did I ever tell you that? It became part of our morning routine.
Get up, pee check and see if Mom had abandoned us.
And on the mornings when she was gone I was left with my little brother this skinny little kid who never, ever did anything wrong and was good and beautiful and sweet, and I would have to tell him that everything was gonna be okay.
What would he say? "You' re a liar.
" Still V-tach.
Amp of epi.
- Charge.
- Epi in.
Lido in.
Why tell me all this if you aren't gonna fight? Clear.
Still V-tach.
You have a daughter who needs you.
Charge to 300.
- Asystole.
- Change the leads.
Make sure.
- It's not the leads.
- Just do it.
- Still flatline.
- Leads are fine.
- Milligram of atropine.
Five more of epi.
- He's oozing everywhere.
No pulse, no pressure.
God, I hate this.
We'll keep you comfortable till they' re ready in surgery.
All my life, I've been terrified of going under the knife done everything I could to avoid it.
You'll be fine.
No wedding ring.
Good-looking man like you? Oh, it's okay now.
But before being alone being a spinster.
- Called women like me "lonely hearts.
" - Were you? No more than a lot of women I knew who were married.
Oh, what the hell.
Gave me time to improve my chess game.
I'm a killer.
- Is that right? - Damn well better be, at my age.
Maybe we should play sometime.
I'm pretty good myself.
- And what about Mr.
Boyle? - Refresh my memory.
- Overeater with abdominal pain.
- Oh, yeah.
Give him an extra lunch and pray a bed opens up in Psych.
Weaver called and asked that you cover - the Finance Committee meeting at 2.
- She asked? - Well, not exactly.
- Dr.
I used to think that would be so cool to hear.
" Toxicology came back on Melody Cranston.
Negative for drugs of abuse.
Serum iron level normal.
Any osmolal gap? No.
But her salicylate level is 41 milligrams per deciliter.
- Aspirin overdose? - Looks that way.
She's a nurse.
She knows better.
She also knows that's not enough to do anything but make her sick.
- Do me a favor.
Pull her records.
- Munchausen's? Maybe she wants to get medical attention, not give it.
- Dr.
Lewis? - What? What do you think of the name Elias? Don't ask me.
I named my dog Puddles.
Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.
- Someone getting a dog? - No.
We' re trying to come up with a name for the baby.
Which do you like better, Percy or Oliver? Rudyard.
- Hasn't he suffered enough? - What's the matter with Rudyard? John? I'm afraid Mr.
Brenner didn't make it.
- Where's his daughter? - Pratt was treating her.
- She might be in Exam 1.
- Does she have family here? Hey, Harkins? - You worked on Brenner's kid, right? - Yeah.
- Did you reach the mother? - Dr.
Pratt said he was gonna handle it.
- Did he? - I don't know.
He's on a break.
Well, the girl's father just died.
- What? - Morgan's a boy.
- I guess the proper term is transsexual.
- Wait, I'm sorry.
His daughter is actually his son? Yes.
I wanted to call the mother, but Dr.
Pratt didn't.
- You get the number? - Mr.
Brenner mentioned an estrangement.
- Harkins? - Yes.
I have it.
Then call.
She's next of kin.
- Have a good night.
- Hi.
- How'd it go today? - Not so well.
He left.
What do you mean, "He left"? He withdrew from the program.
- And went where? - You should probably ask your mother.
- Excuse me? - She came and got him an hour ago.
I got no problem with you.
Fire Leon and you do.
Use a broom on him, and you've got a bigger problem.
He wouldn't leave.
Shows up every day, works his ass off and does every damn thing you tell him.
He gets kicked to the curb, he doesn't understand.
Somebody gets in my store after hours with a key how the hell do you think they got one? Think I left it in the door? - For all I know, Leon ripped me off.
- No.
- He's not like that.
- Everybody's like that.
Even if it was his friends, they tricked him.
He wouldn't have a clue.
That dumb-ass brother of yours ain't so dumb- Hey! The man took a bullet to the head.
- He's not dumb.
- Get away from me.
Look, he wouldn't do this.
Get away, or I'm calling the cops on you and him.
Leave Leon out of this.
You understand me? Leave him out of it.
Garding? - What happened? - Hi.
I'm Dr.
- I don't know how much you were told.
- Next to nothing.
Your ex-husband and your son were involved in a car accident.
Morgan has a broken ankle.
It's relatively minor.
Thank you, Jesus.
Brenner's injuries, however, were far more extensive.
- And - Did he die? Oh, my God.
I understand that it's been some time since you've seen Morgan.
Three years.
And are you? Are you aware that he's been living as a girl? His father and I disagreed on how to handle that.
Morgan wanted to live with his dad, so I didn't fight it.
Morgan hasn't been told about his father's death.
- I can't be the one.
I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
I can take care of that.
I do think it would be better if you were there.
Morgan's gonna need crutches for about six weeks.
There's a chance that he may require a little physical therapy.
Otherwise, he should recover fully.
Morgan? What's wrong? Honey? What are you doing here? Where's my dad? Morgan, your dad was hurt very badly in the accident.
- No.
- We did what we could for him here.
- Then he went up to an operating room.
- No! They worked on him for a long time in hopes that his heart would start pumping again.
But it didn't.
And he died.
No! No, no! It's gonna be okay.
Sweetie? I'll take care of you, okay? I'll take care of everything.
How soon before I can play basketball again? Soon.
After the reduction, put Mr.
Trotter in a sugar tong splint until the swelling goes down.
And the short arm cast for six weeks after that? Your ears get red when you lie.
- How are you holding up, Matilda? - You don't even have to try, do you? - Sorry? - With women.
I checked with Surgery.
They should be ready to take you up in an hour or so.
Is that pronounced Kovac? Kovac.
Spell your first name for me, please.
- What are you doing? - Tipping you.
- You seem like a nice young man.
- I can't accept your money.
- Why not? - Because you need it for yourself.
I never had a soul to spend it on.
Not even a cat.
I'm frugal.
I'm 82.
Trust me.
I have enough to last.
- I can't.
- Says who? Take it! I'm an old arthritic woman.
I can't hold my arm out forever.
Now, take it.
- Can someone really do that? - Never had it happen before.
- How much is it? - I didn't look.
A patient writes you a check, and you don't look? Oh, my God.
You accepted money from a patient? I'll look at it.
That's completely unethical.
It made her feel good to give me a token of appreciation.
So, yes, I took it.
Have her send you a basket of muffins.
- It'll probably bounce anyway.
- It's for $10,000.
Melody Cranston's medical recs.
- Thick enough to support Munchausen's.
- Maybe not.
Six months ago, she had a fractured orbit from falling off a ladder.
- Which is pretty damned impossible.
- Yeah? A month after that she was back.
Multiple abrasions a contusion and a forearm fracture.
Broken jaw in 2000.
Broken ribs in 2001.
Looks like Melody's got a lousy boyfriend.
I tried to call.
- What's the matter with you? - He doesn't want to do it this way.
He doesn't? Or you don't? Where is he? Abby, the only way someone with this disease gets better is if they want to.
What, so until then we just wait it out? - Is that it? - No.
I didn't say that.
Well, then what are you saying, Mom? What's the plan here? Does he even have one? Do you have one? We' re going back to Minnesota in the morning.
What? No, you' re not.
Do you have any idea how many strings I had to pull to get him into that center? I'll get him to see my psychiatrist at least once a week.
This is a proven program! - I'll keep him on his meds if I can.
- If you can?! - I realize this is hard to understand.
- No, it's impossible, actually.
- I love him too.
- So what? You think you' re the only one that's there for us.
Maybe that's true.
- No! That is true! - All right.
But, Abby, I'm here now! Where is he? Afebrile, normal vitals after - What about his glucose? - Last two were fine.
Slow start on the Enfamil, but he's good now.
Okay, then.
Time to go, baby.
Excuse me.
We've both have been in here for hours, and I haven't seen his face.
Could I? Hey, your first roommate wants to meet you.
- Beautiful, isn't he? - I love this age.
It's when they really need you.
- Okay.
Say bye-bye.
- Okay.
Did you ever figure out a name for him? No.
- Did your boyfriend leave? - He had to get to work.
- So how are you feeling? - About the same.
I mean, in general.
Have you been upset? - Or depressed? - No.
Not really.
Then why'd you take an aspirin overdose? What was it? Like, 20 pills? That must've been some headache.
Are you trying to get his sympathy, or are you trying to get away from him? We both know you've been beaten.
A lot.
Melody, someone is hurting you.
- You have to turn him in to the police.
- I can't do that.
I couldn't.
- Violence isn't going to stop on its own.
- I just need a few days.
- Look, we both know- - He's joining the Navy.
Your boyfriend? My son.
All right, Jerry, talk to me.
What'd I miss? Security stopped a guy with a crossbow coming in.
Yosh forgot to put Conni's ice-cream cake in the freezer.
- Carter's wondering where you've been.
- Hey, I had business to attend to.
- I signed my patients off to Chen.
- He asked and you asked.
- Did you dispo the diabetic ulcer in 1? - Yeah.
- And Mr.
Barnsdale got moved to the ICU.
- Mr.
Brenner back from surgery yet? - He exsanguinated in the OR.
- What? - Died about an hour ago.
- Where's Morgan? - With his mom, I think.
- I thought I told you not to do anything.
- Well, you weren't here.
- Learn to follow simple instructions! I did, per Dr.
Carter! - What are you doing? - I can't bring him home this way.
- Please, put down the scissors.
Come on.
- His stepfather will never accept him.
- You do not need to do this.
- It's my right.
He's my little boy.
I'm doing this for him.
It's the best thing.
- So how often do you get earaches? - Only when it's cold and windy.
- And you live in Chicago, huh? - Well, blame my parents.
Much rather have grown up in Jamaica.
Where'd you grow up? Dr.
Chen? She described you.
She said she'd been here earlier.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
- I changed my mind.
I want my baby back.
- Is this the mother? - Yeah.
- Do you want to tell me what happened? - No.
I just want him back.
Oh, yeah? For how long? Can you give me the potassium level on Mr.
Pinkus? Look, I was just really scared before, but I'm not anymore.
- What's your name? - Romy.
Do you think you can really take care of a baby, Romy? - My mama will help me.
- You told her? No.
But I'm going to.
He's mine.
Can I see him? - Chuny? - Yeah? - Please take Romy to see her baby? - Sure.
This way.
- You gonna call Social Services? - Yeah.
- Mother of the year, huh? - At least she's trying.
She left her baby with a bunch of strangers.
How's that trying? Make sure she gets an examination before she leaves.
- V-tach.
- Not surprising after lying on the floor for two days.
She probably got a blood clot that broke off and went to her lungs.
Happens all the time.
- Why didn't someone come get me? - She had an advance directive.
No heroic measures.
- How come I didn't know about it? - Gave it to me a little while ago wanted to make sure it was out of her purse and in a medical record.
V- fib.
- Aren't you off yet? - An hour ago.
I've got this if you wanna go.
Need the monitor on? Yes.
- Where's the Accu-Chek? - Exam 3.
- Hey, you going to bingo tonight? - Can't.
I need the overtime.
- Blackout jackpot's 5 grand.
- Yeah? Maybe I should go.
Have you called it? - So Navy, huh? - Yeah, what can I say? I like the water.
- Can't fault you for that.
- Jeremy? - She ready to go? - Not quite.
Has the beginnings of a stomach ulcer, probably from taking too much aspirin.
She's always complaining about headaches.
Anyway, we'll need to keep her here for observation.
For how long? We need to treat her abdominal pain, keep her hydrated on IV fluids.
A couple of days, at least.
- I'm shipping out in a couple days.
- Good thing they invented telephones.
Good luck.
Maybe I misheard.
What was your diagnosis? - Unintentional aspirin overdose.
- Unintentional? - What she's telling the social worker.
- And we' re admitting her? Her son knocks her around.
- Her son? - And he leaves for good in two days.
She doesn't want it to be for jail.
- So you made up a diagnosis.
- No, I stretched one.
Sounds unethical.
So's eavesdropping.
- What number? -309.
- You have a key? - Yes.
Eric, it's Abby.
Can you let me in? - I need to talk to you.
- Are you alone? No.
Mom's here too.
- Why'd you bring her? - She's worried about you, Eric.
- I don't want you here.
- Okay, just hold on, all right? - I don't want you in my life right now.
- What? Are you coming in? - Okay.
Wait a minute.
Eric, don't do this.
- Move your hand.
- You need help.
- I don't wanna hurt you.
You can't do this by yourself.
You need stability.
- Let go.
- Someone you can rely on and trust.
That's not you anymore, okay? You don't understand.
- Yes, I do.
- You think you do.
But you don't.
You' re not like us.
You never will be.
I'll call you when we get settled.
Don't bother.
Abby! Taking off? I have to make up time.
Seems like I took too long of a break.
You can't just leave.
I signed out to Chen.
Breaks are for 10 minutes in the hospital.
You were gone for over an hour.
Look, you weren't here.
So I overrode your order to Harkins.
- But it's not like I had much of a choice.
- You could've waited paged me.
You could've respected the kid's wishes.
- He's a minor.
- You could've called Social Services in.
To do what? Remove him from the home? Hey, I feel bad about what happened too.
But like it or not, she's his only family.
Define "family.
" That's her.
She never told me that I just thought that she gained some weight.
Thank you.
Oh, I so need a margarita.
- Are you ready? - I think I'm gonna pass.
Oh, come on.
I hate drinking alone.
I mean, I'll do it, but See you tomorrow.
Next in line.
- Help you? - Yeah, I need to cash a check, please.
ID and most recent pay stub.
You realize there's a 20 percent fee for cashing a personal check this size.
That's fine.
Hundreds okay? Sure.
What's up? Better if I got my job back.
- It ain't gonna happen.
- You talked to him? Yeah.
- Find anything? - Maintenance in an apartment building.
- They want somebody with experience.
- Anything else? McDonald's.
But it's minimum wage.
Wouldn't be so bad if it was all-you-could-eat.
- Hey, what's this? - Xbox, G.
What are you doing with it? My friends heard I got fired and gave it to me.
- What friends? - You know, my boys.
They gave it to me.
They won it or something.
Leon, did it come in a box? Every once in a while I'll have a really perfect cigarette.
You know? Everything about it is perfect.
The taste, the moment.
Of course, 99 percent of the time, it tastes like crap.
- Causes cancer.
- That too.
I left you a message.
How'd it go? With what? With your brother.
You gonna let me in or do I have to guess or? Nothing happened.
Come on.
Despite the best-laid plans, nothing happened.
Mostly because they left.
What? They went off into the sunset.
Very romantic.
- Wait, your mom and Eric, they' re gone? - You know I don't wanna talk about this now, because it's ruining my perfect smoke.
It's okay.
I'm done.
I'm done with the both of them.
I'm done with all of it.
Cancel Christmas.