ER s09e10 Episode Script


Previously on E.
- Is someone sitting here? - No.
I think you know my wife, Heather.
I'd appreciate it if you'd stop seeing her.
When you' re waiting on a patient's results it's not necessary for you to boff that patient's mother in the storage closet.
Your ears get red when you lie.
You don't even have to try, do you? - Sorry? - With women.
Patient number two on high-flow O2 with 500 cc's normal saline in.
- Pressure's 100/80.
- ETA of about four minutes.
Say again the neuro exam on patient two.
Ma'am, can you tell me your name? What's your name? Still unresponsive to verbal.
GCS is 324.
Copy that, 37.
Hey, are you from County? Hey, buddy? County General.
Sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas.
I want it to be January.
It's okay, honey.
It's really not Santa.
Frank, can you please stop scaring kids? - Since when is Santa scary? - Since he looks like a fat homeless dude.
- Pratt, two incoming.
Stick around? - Do I look like Bob Cratchit? Just hang out until we see how- Anybody work here anymore? - Do you want to go in now? - I don't know if I'm ready.
Come on.
- Systolic's 100 on maximum dopamine.
- Satting at 91 with 5F PEEP.
He said he was run down, and I told him to see a doctor.
We' re gonna take Rick up to ICU.
Why don't you sit with him until we find him a bed.
- He said it was stress from winter exams.
- It's okay.
He moved.
Is that good? It's probably just a reflex.
Repeat the HemoCue in ABG in half an hour.
Try something more cheerful.
- You think we should up his PEEP? - His pressure won't tolerate it.
- How'd it go? - Intermittent decerebrate posturing.
Neurosurg needs to put him on an ICP monitor.
- Where's Dr.
Kovac? - He went home.
- Get him back here.
- I think he needs time.
Get him back.
- This shouldn't have happened.
- Not his fault.
- He missed it.
- He's just a little burned out.
I always thought of you as a big man but compared to Jerry you' re an ambitious elf.
- Dr.
Romano, will you tell him to change? - I always do Santa.
- Not since I've been here.
- I have the perfect: Sounds more like the Jolly Green Giant.
We already have a wasted Angel of Bethlehem.
- Can we not have feuding Saint Nicks? - Gastroenteritis in 1 is free to go.
The urticaria in 3 is waiting on Solu-Medrol.
- Who's got the incoming? - Me.
MVA, LOC on scene.
Received needle thoracostomy in the field.
Oh, my God.
It's Harkins.
- Know her? - She's a med student here.
- Last pressure, 100 palp.
- Was she alone? She was with one of your docs.
Can't get a pulse.
Get a wheelchair.
Let me check your head.
Luka, you should sit down.
- Trauma panel and get four of O-neg.
- We've got enough hands.
- Robert, she might need an ex-lap.
- I'll go free up an O.
- Prime the rapid infuser.
- Pulse is 110, thready.
- Why isn't she on a backboard? - He cleared her clinically.
With a distracting injury? Gallant, he needs a fresh Kerlix.
- Pressure's down to 80.
- Squeeze in two liters.
Get her a collar, tape her head down.
I need x-ray for a lateral C-spine, chest and pelvis.
She was walking on the scene.
Step back.
You might contaminate the field.
Systolic's only 60.
Free fluid in Morrison's pouch and the right pericolic gutter.
- Probable liver laceration.
Page Trauma.
- Dr.
Kovac, what happened? You okay? Did you hit your head? No.
My side.
- Neck pain? - No.
The door won't open.
Call 911.
I'll go see about the other car.
We hit someone? Just wait here.
- Stay still.
I'm a doctor.
- Elbow kills.
I can't move my leg.
- Paramedics are on their way.
- It was the other guy's fault.
He was driving like a maniac.
- Son, you all right? - I don't know.
I think you dislocated your hip.
- Are they okay? - Who? - In the other car.
- Yeah, yeah.
Don't move for now, okay? - What's your name? - Dwayne.
- Take a deep breath.
- It hurts.
- Stridor.
- How bad is that? His collarbone may be broken.
The fracture is compressing his windpipe.
Can't breathe.
- Can you help him? - I'll be right back.
Don't leave us here.
Adult with a posterior hip dislocation and a kid with a compromised airway.
Paramedic ETA is less than five.
- I thought I had a toolkit.
- I can't believe you did this.
- I need pliers.
- Pliers? I have to elevate the depressed clavicle fracture.
How about a suture kit? Hold on.
- Dwayne? - I think he's starting to pass out.
Wake up, Dwayne.
This might hurt a little.
- You gonna give him something? - I don't have drugs with me.
- Shouldn't we wait for the paramedics? - He's not getting any air.
- You should sit down.
- I'm okay.
Plastics set, 15 blade.
I'm okay.
- Wake up, son.
Wake up, son.
- Don't move him.
Oh, God.
- You want the Kelly or the needle driver? - Kelly clamp.
Radial pulse is pretty thready.
I need a tenaculum or a towel clip.
- Wait, they' re here.
- They don't have surgical instruments.
- He's getting cyanotic.
- Out of the way! He's an ER doc.
Possible dislocated hip there, airway obstruction here.
Okay, take him.
- We should get cleaned up.
- I'm fine.
Looks like 43 got the call too.
- There's some saline and Kerlix over here.
- Okay.
- Did you get the guys in the other car? - It was just us.
Us? Erin? - Weak radial pulse.
- Any other injuries? She was complaining of right-side pain.
Maybe a lacerated liver.
She needs two liters of saline and high-flow O2.
Hurry up.
- Who was driving? - I was.
- Squeeze my hand.
- Pressure's down to 90 systolic.
- Pulse ox, 86.
- Turn it up to six liters.
- How far are we? - About six minutes.
Roads are pretty icy.
I can't hear anything.
- Give me an 18-gauge angiocath.
- She already has two IVs.
- I think it's a tension pneumo.
- Take it easy.
Only a few minutes.
I'm gonna needle her chest.
Give me the angiocath.
You've suffered a head injury, I don't think- - Then you do it.
- No way.
She's gonna arrest.
- Danny, want me to pull over? - No.
Keep going.
Come on, man, don't.
Sats are up to 92.
- It's not your fault.
- I should have been more careful.
Can you slow down? These things happen.
Two months in the ER doesn't make you an expert, okay? I'm upset too.
It's not just you.
Please slow down.
These things don't just happen.
Not if you know what you' re doing.
Okay, pull over.
Let me out.
Luka! Luka, they' re ready for Jane in the O.
Don't you want to talk to them? It's okay.
You do it.
So we're gonna take you upstairs now and the surgeons are gonna remove the clot.
- Is the other doctor here? - Who? Dr.
Kovac? - The cute one? - Dr.
Chen, have you seen Luka? On his way out.
Will you thank him for us? He made them give Jane the CT.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
What, are you just gonna leave? My shift's almost over.
Anyway, it wasn't my shift.
- What's going on, Luka? - I'm fine.
- I'll be fine.
- Not about you.
What you do outside of this hospital, that's up to you.
Not when it starts preventing you from doing your job.
When it hurts patients.
Do you even care? Do you even care that that kid is lying out there as good as dead? Hey, Luka.
Hey can we get some coffee or something? - Dr.
Lewis said I should go.
- I need some sleep.
Yeah, but I could use the company, and I thought you might too.
- I'm sorry about in the elevator.
- It's okay.
It's a crappy day.
Maybe I gave you the wrong idea last night.
Not at all.
Well, good night then.
Hey can I at least get a ride? Did RT adjust the vent after the last ABG? Crit's up to 19 with two units in.
- Sats? -89 on 100 percent with five of PEEP.
How long was he waiting? I'm not sure.
Abby? Harkins, you should go home.
- Well, isn't there something else I can do? - Not right now.
Luka thought he had the flu.
Did he listen over the stomach after intubation? I don't know.
- Did he use the end-tidal CO2 detector? - I don't know, Susan.
He would have had another few years.
Ten if he was lucky.
He was a lot sicker than he seemed.
It doesn't matter.
He was a lot sicker than anyone would have known.
Betadine the neck.
More suction.
- It's as high as it goes.
- There's way too much blood.
- Eleven blade.
- Forget it.
Bag him.
Number seven sterile gloves.
Skin hook.
Suction here.
- Damn it.
- Pulse ox only 72.
- Hemostat.
- Seventy of lidocaine.
- Two by two's.
- Multifocal PVCs.
- I can't see.
- Pulse ox, 68.
Stabilizing the tube.
Susan, give me the bag.
Run of five.
You' re in the pre-tracheal space.
- Trousseau dilator and a fresh Shiley.
- Heart rate down to 40.
- Amp of atropine.
Open crash cart.
- That a seizure? Decerebrate posturing.
- Got it.
- Platelets are here.
Squeeze them in.
Easy to bag.
- Go ahead.
- The posturing, is it cerebral hypoxia? So it's brain damage? - I'll talk to the girlfriend.
- I'll do it.
- Luka.
- I said, I'll do it.
Leukemia? He didn't know he had it.
Nobody did.
If we'd sent off a CBC earlier we could have started the transfusion and antibiotics on time.
But now he's showing signs of brain damage because he was deprived of oxygen for too long.
Isn't it possible he could still get better? - It's unlikely.
- But it's not impossible, right? No, it's not impossible.
We waited out here for so long before they took us in.
- I know.
- So many people got seen before us.
- Why did we have to wait so long? - He should have received better care.
Do you believe in God? Do you believe he punishes people? It wasn't God.
Would you pray with me? I would feel better if you prayed with me.
I can get the hospital chaplain.
Get a post-intubation film and a blood gas in 20 minutes.
- Sats are dropping.
- That's okay.
Give them a minute.
They'll come up.
You look tired.
- Do you want some coffee? - No.
- This is your flu kid? - Pulmonary edema.
I had to intubate.
- PVCs.
Pulse ox is 68.
- Something's not right.
There's a lot of resistance.
Pull out the tube.
You' re in the esophagus.
I heard bilateral breath sounds.
Must have been transmitted.
Listen over the stomach.
- Couldn't you see the cords? - It was hard to tell.
Bag him up.
Maybe the tube moved when the nurses taped it in.
- Open another 8.
0 ET tube.
- Pulse ox up to 80.
- Luka, do you want me to do this? - No.
Let's go.
- Oh, my God.
- What? Yankauer.
Too much blood.
- CBC's back.
- Go on.
White blood count's 85,000 with 60 percent blasts.
- He's got acute leukemia.
- What? - Platelets.
- Twelve thousand.
No wonder he's bleeding so much.
Hang two units, type specific.
Cross another four.
Platelets and FFP.
Blood cultures done? Not yet.
He's septic.
Bag him.
Set up the fiber-optic and open up a crike kit.
We' re gonna have to crike him? There was no indication of leukemia.
He presented with a simple fever.
It didn't look like anything.
An operation could save that girl, but we have to catch it in time.
I'm sorry, I should have pushed her ahead.
I need to know that when I ask you to do something, it'll get done.
Whatever happens outside the hospital doesn't change anything when at work.
Is this about last night? I'm just trying to get through the shift.
How are his sats? RT's coming.
Only 82.
What took you so long? I had a patient who needed a CT and I wanted to let the Lasix work.
All right.
Chen needs Versed in 3.
I'll be right there.
- He's not responding.
- Push the induction meds.
Rick, I have to put a tube in your throat.
- How come? - To give him more oxygen.
- Call my folks, okay? - You' re gonna be just fine.
When you wake up, a machine will be breathing for you.
- You won't be able to talk.
- If you need money, hock the ring.
- Shut up.
- Twenty in.
Sux too.
- He's frothing.
- Suction.
- What's going on? - Pulse ox down to 80.
- Can't see anything.
- Cricoid pressure.
Is something going wrong? He's too anterior.
- What are you doing? - It'll help me reach the cords.
- Pressure's down to 75.
- What's happening? - Chuny, maybe Abby can help.
- Let's take a walk, okay? This way.
Start dopamine, 10 mics per kilo.
Bag him and call for a vent.
- You should dress like that every day.
- Why not? You dress like a doctor.
I need my tox screen back on the girl in 2.
- Where'd we put the tinsel last year? - In the drug lockup, behind the Viagra.
- Hey, what happened to my menorah? - We had a security breach.
- Bring the food poisoning from Triage.
- Already got it.
This is bad, Frank.
A menorah has great symbolic value.
- Do you know what it represents? - Anyone taken the GERD in Exam 4? - Yeah, yeah.
Eight crazy nights.
- Hello? I was going to say "our liberation.
" - You' re Jewish? - Converted.
- Like Sammy Davis, Jr? - Right.
Can I help you, sir? I'm investigating an assault on a man who was brought in here.
Vladko Dor? - Dorick? - Dorich.
- You take care of him? - Yeah.
We both did.
There was also another older man, might be his attacker.
- That's what the daughter told me.
- I don't remember.
- Me either.
- Luka, do you have a minute? This is a serious matter.
Dorich is almost Yeah, but he didn't, and we don't remember any other old guy.
- You mind if I look around? - Sure.
Hey, treat yourself.
I did a HemoCue on Rick Kendrick.
His hemoglobin's 5.
It's way too low.
- A capillary sample? - Pulled from his purple top.
- Did you draw above the IV site? - Luka.
It's from his angiocath before he had fluid.
He needs cultures and a workup.
- Dr.
- Do another HemoCue.
- Type and cross? - She's seizing.
Just check the CBC and hold the clot for the blood bank.
- What's happening to her? - Push four of Ativan.
- She's not breathing.
- Okay, let's bag her.
Open a crash cart.
She bit her tongue.
- Why is she still here? - CT said they were backed up.
- I was waiting for them to call.
- How long were you planning to wait? Jane? - She's postictal.
- Honey, I'm here.
- Call CT and tell them I'm bringing her up.
- Luka.
Pulmonary edema.
Are you coming? Pulse ox down to 78.
Pressure's 100 systolic.
Put him on 100-percent non-rebreather.
- Wet crackles throughout.
- What does that mean? - Your lungs are filled with fluid.
- What's that mean? I'm not sure yet, but the oxygen should help.
One nitro spray and push 40 of Lasix.
- Should I go ahead without you? - Coming.
- You' re not leaving, are you? - Be right back.
- Etomidate and sux? - Have it ready.
I have two criticals ahead of her, and after that- Have to do it now.
She had a seizure in the ER while we've been waiting.
Kovac, you are not the only doctor in the hospital.
Meanwhile, you were playing up here with a TIA who's clinically stable and a drunk with a simple scalp lac.
- His doctor reported he was acting odd.
- It's called eggnog.
This is an 11-year-old girl who could have an epidural bleed and might need surgery.
- Doesn't look like a head trauma.
- She's got ataxia and a positive Romberg.
- Mrs.
Gallagher on deck? - No.
- Yes.
- This is Jane Irby.
She's next.
- I don't get sick much.
- He says he doesn't get sick much.
Then you should rebound fast.
- You taking any medications? - Just vitamins.
Deep breath.
- Pressure's up to 100 after a liter.
- Okay, sounds good.
He might need another two.
His parents are coming for the holidays, and I need to clean up our place.
It's the first time I'm meeting them.
- Okay if she leaves? - I don't think you'll be here long.
- She should stay if you need medicine.
- Medicine? Pain meds, anti-nausea agents.
They can make you lightheaded.
I'll be right back.
- What do you want? - CBC, dip a urine, and chest x-ray.
No HemoCue? - He's looking pretty pasty.
- No.
He just needs to be hydrated.
- Are we okay? - About what? Last night.
In the bedroom? Did I do something stupid? - You don't remember? - Had a couple of drinks.
A couple of dozen.
Okay, as long as we' re all right.
- Let me know when his CBC's back.
- I'm concerned, all right? He's got the flu, Abby.
You worry too much.
You may need some 6.
0 nylons.
Doc, you're not gonna press charges, are you? You punched me in the face.
- What happened? - A vicious midget.
This is Laura Ruiz, Rick Kendrick's girlfriend.
Thank you for looking after Rick.
- Doc, I was just reaching up.
- With a clenched fist? I'm 4' 11 ".
My fists are always clenched.
Come on, Luka.
Let's get you fixed up.
You can't be sick.
Your parents are here tomorrow.
I know.
I'm sorry, babe.
We don't think you' re gonna have to stay here overnight.
His parents are kind of scary.
They' re lawyers.
They think we' re too young to get hitched.
- Look.
He gave this to me in the library.
- Wow.
- Level-C stacks.
- Modern philosophy.
- Don't tell her it's cubic zirconium.
- Shut up.
It is not.
- How old are you? - Nineteen.
I'm 20.
Older women.
- We met in church.
- So when's the date? New Year's Eve.
We're gonna elope.
No time like the present, right? Congratulations.
- Shouldn't you be gone by now? - I keep trying to leave.
One of those days, huh? You know, I learned a valuable lesson: Never host a party when you have to work the next morning.
- Are you here through the holidays? - Yeah.
You? Yeah.
I guess so.
We' re pretty short-handed.
Seems like everyone's got someplace to go so us single people get the short straw.
Couples, people with kids, they all get to take off.
- We have to stay and mind the store.
- Yeah.
I don't care.
It's not what it's supposed to be anyway.
No? Back home it was different.
We'd take the kids sleigh-riding, cut down our own tree.
My wife made the fish the night before, and then turkey for Christmas Day.
Sounds perfect.
Wound edges aren't under tension so I'd keep those in for five days.
If you' re not doing anything next week, I'm having people over for Christmas.
Your orphan friends? Just some folks who can't get home or don't want to.
Rick Kendrick's BP's down to 80.
- Who? - Your flu kid.
- Oh, put him into a room.
- Already did.
- Then give him saline wide open.
- He's been waiting all morning.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay.
- You should think about joining us, Luka.
- I will.
Six liters by nasal cannula, and let's get an ABG.
- That man, I want him arrested.
- Hey, you just take it easy.
Bilateral rales halfway up.
- Any chest pain? - No.
I take aspirin every day.
- Oh, good for you.
- Dad? - You okay? Was it a mugging? - I don't know.
It happened so fast.
- We need to redo the portable chest.
- We need to step out for a minute.
- Come right back.
I need you here.
- I will.
Continue his nitro drip and push another 80 of Lasix.
- Did they catch whoever did this? - He was brought by paramedics.
- He says he knew your dad from before- - Not important what he says.
- He's not thinking clearly.
- But he's here? You' re helping the person who hurt my father? That's our job too.
He brutalized a harmless old man.
Someone like that doesn't deserve your help.
You can wait here till they are done with the x-rays.
What are you doing? Why not just give it up? - He's 80 years old, Pratt.
- Doesn't mean we should help him lie.
- The past is past.
Can't outrun it.
- He's doing a good job.
Until today.
- That's it, you're out of here.
- You started it, fat-ass.
- We want to see our buddy.
- Put down the menorah.
- What's going on? - Let us see our friend.
- Don't you have reindeer to milk? - That's it.
Hey, Abby.
Fifty mgs of captopril for the old guy in 2.
- Nope.
How about Lotensin? - Okay.
I'll ask Luka if that's okay.
- It's okay.
Twenty milligrams should do it.
- Okay.
- You practicing your suturing? - Thanks for the kit.
You got home okay last night? Yeah, I did.
You know, you should be careful.
About what? There's a lot of gossip around here.
There's nothing going on.
It's just, he's a doctor, you're a med student- Abby, there's nothing going on.
But? Luka tends to not think things through sometimes and I don't think it would be good for either of you.
Thanks for the pill.
Up the nitro to 40 mics.
- Do you need plaster for his wrist? - Twenty of Lotensin.
- I asked for captopril.
- Abby said it was the same.
That's him.
- Sir, calm down.
- Don't help him! - Are you taking him up? - CT showed a grade-three liver lac.
- No splenic damage? - No, not according to the resident.
- He needs an e-lap to repair it.
- Shut up.
- You deserve to die! - You' re a madman! - You' re a madman.
- Sir, you're gonna have to calm down.
- That guy needs Haldol.
- Put this on.
You need the oxygen.
He is crazy, you know.
Whatever he's saying.
- So any recent illnesses? - Nope.
- Did you fall in the game? - No.
I think I'm okay.
It was just a headache.
Will you walk across the room, please? Stand feet together.
Hands out, eyes closed.
Nothing happened.
Jane this can also be a lie detector.
I took a hard check in practice.
My helmet flew off.
Coach had me sit down for a few minutes, but I wanted to get back in.
- Why didn't you say so? - My dad's really protective.
He'll make me stop.
Neuro checks q.
10 minutes.
- And make sure she gets a CT.
- You won't tell my dad, will you? Let's just get you better, okay? Here's your cocoa.
Sorry, honey, no marshmallows.
- Hey, are you leaving now? - No.
I'll wait until she's dispo'd.
- Okay.
Do you want me to find Dr.
Chen? - Let's just get the girl to CT, okay? Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, you ever seen a bullous myringitis? - No.
I've heard of it.
I got one in Exam 4.
Take a look at it when she gets back from X-ray.
- Let me know.
- All right.
- So how long did you stay a Susan's? - Not very.
I missed my dance.
I'm sorry about that.
Next time, I promise.
- Will the police come? - Probably.
You beat up on somebody? - How's he doing? - Mostly worried about getting ratted out.
They won't understand, the police.
They'll put me in jail, but I did nothing wrong.
- Didn't you attack Mr.
Dorich? - Yes.
Why would you do something like that? - Are you Jewish? - No.
Still, maybe you can understand.
I didn't see that man for almost 60 years then I see him on the street, on my own street an old man now, like me.
But the face, I'll never forget.
He worked for the Ustasha.
The what? It was like Gestapo.
That man, Dorich, was our neighbor.
He told them where to find our family.
I ran to the woods and I saw them coming.
But Mama, Tata, sisters, they went away to Jasenovac camp.
I never saw them again.
Chen was called on a penetrating trauma before she could do the workup on Jane Irby.
The hockey girl.
Oh, okay.
Start her up.
I'll be in.
- I couldn't find another doctor.
- Okay.
When I saw him at the bus stop today, he was laughing.
I couldn't control myself.
How can you be so sure it's the same guy? Some things stay in your head forever as they were yesterday.
Get the SonoSite, full trauma panel, chest and AP pelvis.
Oh, please.
I can't go to jail.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I didn't know you were on today.
- Yeah.
I got the call from Weaver.
- Oh, too bad for you.
Hey, so, what's the story with Luka and Harkins? - There's a story? - They left together last night.
- She probably needed a ride home.
- They were dancing at Susan's.
- So? I was dancing with Yosh.
- Well Oh, hey, Luka.
So you out of here? Harkins is with a girl in 3 you might want to keep an eye on.
Sure thing.
See you later.
See, that wasn't so bad.
Couple hours saving lives and back on the streets.
- I feel like crap.
- You don't look so great either.
Thanks a lot.
Evo Gutter, picked up after getting sideswiped by a bus.
Bystander said he was running away from an altercation.
- Why were you running, sir? - Not much of a talker, this one.
His last name is Gutter? Is he Croatian? - He doesn't want the police.
- Okay, Trauma 1 open.
I'll be right there.
You had better go before you get sucked back in there.
Everything okay? Should I stay in case that guy doesn't speak English? We' re good.
Go home.
- Where should this go? - Oh, back in the box.
- What time did Luka say he was coming? - He didn't.
- You want us to cut the net off this tree? - Not unless you want it for next year.
Toberen's scan is negative.
- ENT's draining a periauricular hematoma.
- Check that they premedicate him.
- Sure you don't wanna meet in Boston? - You need quality time with the old man.
- You'll be missed.
- Always am, right? Luka, two, three hours tops.
Just get us through the rough patch until Chen comes in.
- Kovac and Harkins, huh? - I don't think so.
- Sure looks that way.
- She's not like that.
Then we got Jane Irby.
She's 12, presented with a migraine.
Father brought her from hockey practice.
Needs an H & P and dose of Compazine.
- Want to scan her? - Your call.
Then Casey is the foul-mouthed drunk and one who fell off the night train.
- Saw him last week.
- He got thiamine and sutures.
He needs to sober up, wake up, and get the hell out of here.
- How are you doing? - A little tired.
Serves you right for being a party animal.
Thanks for coming in.
Not my choice.
Anything else? Yeah.
College kid in Curtain 2.
Rick Kendrick.
Looks like influenza, but I'd check it out.
- You seen him? - Just his triage note.
- Where are you headed? - Promised my father a couple days.
- Everything all right? - It's his first Christmas alone.
Have a good trip.
- Hey.
Are you taking over now? - Yeah.
I feel much better.
I don't think I need anything.
I'm gonna tough it out.
Stick around till we' re sure.
We'll get to you soon, okay? - Hey, what do you think? - Don't know if you' re the Santa type.
- What? Too sexy? - Triage's packed.
Mission's on diversion.
- Can Carter stay on? - No, he's catching a plane at 10.
I have to get upstairs for an administration meeting.
- Who's available to come in? - Nobody.
- What about Kovac? - Probably not a good idea.
Call him.
He looked like he was coming down with something last night.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Is Luka there? Yeah.
He's sleeping.
- Who's this? - Just a second.
It's for you.
- Yeah.
- Who was that? - What? - Weaver wants you to come in today.
- I'm off today.
- I know, but we're swamped.
- It'll just be a couple of hours.
- I didn't promise that.
- I can't.
- He can't.
Give me that.
Get your ass in here.
Careful driving, it's icy out there.
We shouldn't have answered that, right? I don't get my present.
I don't understand what it is.
Well, this one is for Dr.
- What's to get about edible undies? - It's supposed to help you catch a man.
Well, it's the thought that counts.
Furry handcuffs.
- The gift that keeps on giving.
- You'd know.
- Hey, are we done? - No.
You have to open your present.
Oh, I've still got the rubber sheets from last year.
- That's where those came from.
- Earrings.
I can tell.
It's earrings, right? - Come on.
Come on.
Open it up.
- Is it edible? - A snow globe.
- It's pretty.
Who gave it? Well, I guess your Santa will have to stay a secret.
Susan, where'd you put my coat? - You' re not leaving, are you? - I got to work tonight.
Merry Christmas.
- Ciao.
- Happy New Year.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Going? - Yeah.
It's getting late.
Somebody knows you pretty well.
What'd you get? You all right? We don't talk much anymore.
Like we don't know what to say.
Well, we should fix that.
We could get a cup of coffee or something.
You could come over for dinner.
Carter orders up a mean pizza.
Miss you, Abby.
I'm gonna take a wild guess here: You've been drinking.
So? So maybe we should talk about this some other time.
You don't look happy.
- I'm happy.
- That's good.
I want you to be happy.
I'm saying that if you're not- I should go.
I made mistakes.
A lot of mistakes.
Don't make another one.
- Ready to go? - Yep.
- Luka, missing all the fun.
- Yeah.
You should stay.
Gotta go.
- Are you working tomorrow? - No.
- Lucky for you.
- Lucky for the patients.
- Merry Christmas.
- Yeah.
Merry Christmas.
It's a party.
You' re supposed to hang out with people.
You know, I thought someone was maybe buried under these coats.
- Dr.
Lewis has the dance floor going.
- Luka don't dance.
Come on.
Show me some of those Croatian moves.
- Maybe in a minute, okay? - Okay, well, I'm not going anywhere.
- Where's the bedroom? - You go too fast.
- Let's talk sweet nothings first.
- You need to go to sleep.
- Hey, Erin? - Yeah? You are a very pretty girl.
You know, if you' re trying to seduce me, this is a very unconventional approach.
Really? - You' re supposed to get the girl drunk.
- I thought you were.
The bedroom? I think it's up there.
- You staying here tonight? - I'm gonna sleep on the couch.
- There's more room in the bed.
- Oh, there always is.
- No, no.
I can do it.
- I got it.
- You don't have to work tomorrow, right? - No, no.
No work.
That's good.
Why do you want to be a doctor? I don't know.
Good at science.
I became a doctor to take care of people.
To heal them.
You do.
Every day.
But strangers.
Only strangers.
And not tomorrow.
Systolic's only 60.
Free fluid in Morrison's pouch and the right pericolic gutter.
Probable liver laceration.
Page Trauma.
Pulse, 140.
Sats are down to 78.
- Put her in Trendelenburg.
- Ten blade and a 32 French.
Kovac, what happened? She needed a ride home.