ER s09e11 Episode Script

A Little Help From My Friends

Previously on E.
- I can see his heartbeat.
- Are you hoping for a boy? I don't care.
- Are you taking over now? - Yeah.
I feel much better.
I don't think I need anything.
I'm gonna tough it out.
Stick around till we' re sure.
We'll get to you soon, okay? - How long was he waiting? - I'm not sure.
Luka thought he had the flu.
There was no indication of leukemia.
He presented with a simple fever.
Do you even care that that kid is lying out there as good as dead? - Ready? - Yeah.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Welcome to another fun-filled Morbidity and Mortality.
All right, medical record number "R.
was a previously healthy who presented with fever, myalgias and a temperature of 102.
CBC revealed a white blood count of 85,000 with 60 percent blasts consistent with acute myelogenous leukemia.
The attending physician, Dr.
" - Need some help? - No.
I got it.
Stay out of this room for a few days though, okay? No paint fumes.
Okay? Are you nesting? I'm painting a room.
Don't you have to go to work? Chicago's toughest firefighter braves burning buildings and dirty diapers.
- Get out of here.
- Hey! I hope you don't treat the baby like that.
You drew bloods, but didn't send them for two hours? We were swamped.
And the man looked like he had the flu.
I told her we can't do big workups on every kid with the flu.
Something all doctors say at one time or another.
The intubation problem.
Lewis? Because of the thrombocytopenia, there was hemorrhage in the hypopharynx.
- We attempted- - But could you see the cords, Dr.
Kovac? No.
Kovac felt he'd performed an endotracheal intubation.
"Felt"? He listened for breath sounds.
Did he use an end-tidal CO2 detector to verify? - When I walked into the trauma room- - I made a series of critical errors including depriving the patient of oxygen.
I refused to let Dr.
Lewis take over and proceeded to put the Shiley in the pre-tracheal space.
The only thing I didn't do was put a bag over the guy's head - and hit him with a brick.
- We' re not assigning guilt.
In a teaching hospital, we learn from complicated cases and their outcomes.
I had two hours sleep.
I was hung-over.
I should have admitted I couldn't work but I didn't.
I was sloppy and arrogant.
Abby warned me the boy was sick, and I ignored her.
So fire me, take my license, shoot me, whatever.
But let's just not pretend there's anything to learn here.
I killed him.
The patient isn't dead.
Did anyone bother to verify that there really are medical schools in Croatia? Anyone? Don't let Romano get to you.
It only encourages him.
They were more than fair.
I appreciate you standing up for me.
I told the truth.
You tried to cover for me.
You didn't have to.
It could have been any one of us.
Time to get back to work.
You think I still work here? - Yeah, your shift started 20 minutes ago.
- Check with Weaver.
She just asked for you.
Twenty-eight-year-old, Chip Mealy, insomnia times three days.
- He called 911 for insomnia? - Big red taxi.
- Sorry.
- Also complains of obsessive thoughts.
What's up, Chip? Can't sleep? I took, like, five of those p.
- Can you give me something stronger? - Five sleeping pills? - Were you trying to hurt yourself? - No.
I was trying to sleep.
You stopped sleeping three days ago.
Something happened? Problem with my girlfriend.
Sit tight and we'll get someone to talk to you.
- Can you give me a pill? - No.
You have to talk to a psychiatrist first, drugs second.
Chuny, can you call Psych for Mr.
Mealy? - Sure.
- All right, thanks.
- Did you get a Beta HCG on Mrs.
Wilkes? - No.
- Why not? - Because Mrs.
Wilkes has a penis.
- Excuse me.
Come back here.
- It's just my cell phone.
- I set this off every day.
- I'm just gonna look.
Look, I'm Dr.
I told you it's my cell phone.
Now I have patients.
- Let me look inside the bag.
- You don't need to.
You' re new, right? - Doctors just get to go through, okay? - It's not okay.
You hear what I said? Don't touch me.
Hey, hey, knock it off.
It's okay.
He's a doctor.
- He set off the metal detector, all right? - Okay.
What's the deal? Look, I was gonna give it to a real cop.
I found it outside behind the garbage can on my way inside.
I figured somebody must have stashed it coming in here and planned on picking it up later after they left.
You have a license for this? I told you I found it.
Well, I'm not gonna leave it outside.
Sir, you' re carrying a concealed, unlicensed weapon.
I'll have to call the Chicago P.
- Got a drive-by here.
Need a doc.
- Keep the damn gun.
- Where's he going? - He's not going anywhere.
He works here.
You got the gun.
Just get his name and information, leave it at that.
No, no, don't move him.
- Airway's good.
- Name? I don't know.
I hired him to cut down a dead tree.
- What happened? - He was on a branch starting his chain saw and slipped.
Fell 20 feet onto my roof.
You drove him in? Why didn't you call 911? - I thought this would be faster.
- Pulse is 90.
- Let's get a C-collar and a backboard.
- Where is Rico? Mr.
Gilman has chest pain and shortness of breath during sex with his wife.
- Sex with his wife? - BP, 130/82.
- How old is he? - Ninety-three.
- One, two - Koko! Dr.
Kovac, could you give us a hand? - Koko! - Sir, it's okay.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- Go.
- Koko? - She's on her way.
- Usual panel.
- His wife.
- Start a nitroglycerine drip.
- Twenty mics per minute.
- Gallant.
- Passing notes in class, Gallant? - Nitro and a Foley.
It's from Harkins.
She's going home today.
I've been helping her with her assigned reading.
- You still need me? - No.
Oh, but could you check - post-intubation film in ICU? - Patient's name? Exposed bone.
Multiple abrasions to scalp and face.
- I asked if they knew what to do.
- You speak Spanish? No.
Oh, my God, this is bad.
I have to go call my husband.
Pelvis is stable but very tender at the ASIS.
Probably a fracture.
Pratt, these guys keep insisting that we come get you.
Prep the chest and open a 32 French.
I understand you blew off Officer Robbins, Dr.
- Can't you see I'm busy? - Jerry, page Ortho and Surgery and keep the militia out? Get someone who speaks more Spanish than we do.
- I need to speak with him.
- Out.
Okay, guys.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's not what you think.
- Chip.
Chip, it can't be that bad.
- It is.
- Nobody's come to talk to you yet? - No.
I just wanna go to sleep.
- I'll see what's keeping them.
- The design is flawed.
- Should be a straight line from the door- - Where you going? What are you doing? Your face is beautiful.
Is it square? I never know what that means.
It's not true mathematically, but your face is quadrant enough to be square.
She's one of my Mathletes.
Anastasia, you' re gonna have to go and sit with the rest of the team.
- Mathlete? - Yeah.
She's on the math team.
They compete in math tournaments.
Oh, yeah.
We used to call them geeks.
What's she on? Tox screen hasn't come back yet.
How many cubic inches in the ER? Is my face square? Hi.
I'm looking for a portable chest film on Moriguchi.
Weaver coming back up? She's a little busy.
You should pull the tube back Just write the order.
- How's Kendrick doing? - Who? Teenager.
Presented with flu but it was leukemia.
They think he needs dialysis now.
Kendrick? I'm Dr.
I treated Rick when he first came to the ER.
I've wanted to meet you.
I'm so sorry about your son.
He was such a funny kid.
He'd have been a good man.
- Did he know about the leukemia? - No.
By the time the tests came back, he was unconscious.
- Was he afraid? - I don't think so.
As he was going under with the medicine, he made a joke.
He smiled and told Laura she could sell her engagement ring if she needed the money.
That's Rick.
A little humor to get him through the day.
Kovac? - Excuse me.
- Sure.
What are you doing, M and M with the mother? - She wanted to know how her son died.
- Peacefully.
Leave it at that.
- She deserves to know- - What? What, the truth? The truth is you killed her son.
You gonna tell her that? The word you' re looking for is " no.
" Come here.
You wanna flagellate yourself in front of colleagues, that's one thing.
But you admit guilt to this woman and who suffers? Not you.
What's she gonna do, take your car? Her lawyer slaps the county and hospital with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.
Our premiums skyrocket, and where's that money come from? Cutbacks in personnel and essential equipment, affect whom? The patients.
You control your emotions or you will harm more patients than just this one.
I'll tell you what.
You' re off the rest of the day.
- I'm fine.
- Go home.
Oh, and if I see you with this patient's family again, you' re fired.
Look, I know you' re on the edge.
Not sleeping makes you feel crazy.
I know how that is.
But Psych's backed up.
We can't give you any meds until someone's seen you.
It's a liability thing because you took pills earlier.
- I know it wasn't a suicide attempt, but- - Oh, God.
We'll get you something to help you sleep soon.
Everyone will hate me.
Why? Why will everyone hate you? Did you do something? To your girlfriend? No.
What? What happened? She walked in on me.
With someone else? Another woman? No.
- I don't think she realized.
- Another man? He's only 10.
Who? Her son.
You were-? - Did you do something to him? - No.
I was going to, but- I would have, but she walked in.
I don't wanna be like this.
I don't know if I could have stopped myself.
- What happened? - Lost the pulse.
Still V-tach.
Charging to 300.
Bag him on 100 percent, push an amp of epi.
- Got a rhythm.
- Good femoral pulse.
- Welcome back, Mr.
- His wife here? - Not here yet.
- Maybe we should check on her.
Make sure she survived their sexual encounter.
Weaver, your coat.
You brushed against some blood.
Get a pressure.
Keep him on lido, two mgs per minute.
He have experience cutting down trees? Are they fresh off the boat? He's only been here about two weeks.
His uncle's been in the U.
three years.
Is there any family we can call for Jose? We- You' re illegal.
Tell him anything that he needs he can get done here, no charge.
Hi, Dr.
Lewis again.
Listen, I know you' re really backed up.
But I have a patient Dr.
DeRaad needs to see immediately.
No, don't put me on hold.
Hey, what are you doing? Jerry.
- That's my board.
- Anastasia, no.
- You've erased all our patients.
- Can I write on the board too? Jimmy, sit back down.
- Why did you do this? - Ergo, God.
Ergo, Ritalin.
Your blood test says you' re on Ritalin.
You took it for the math competition? These numbers, discovered in different cultures in different centuries, all add to zero, proving the universe is perfect.
Proving the existence of God.
Hey, I can't even prove I paid my gas bill.
Jerry, just get the charts and put all the names back up.
- Make her do it.
- Alphabetical or chronological? Alphabetical's good.
- Do we have any wound-care sheets? - Yeah.
- So you buying me lunch today? - No.
- Hey, it's your turn.
- Dr.
Pratt? - What does "appy" stand for? - Appendicitis.
Is now a good time? Sure.
I don't know why you guys are making such a big deal about this.
Where'd you find the gun? - I told them - Look, I know, but he's unstable.
I'll walk him up myself.
Don't hang Chip? Where'd he go? - Who, your weeper? - He was just here a minute ago.
Oh, damn it.
Excuse me.
I need the SonoSite.
I can't find the heartbeat.
Here, let me try.
- How many weeks? - Fourteen.
I think- Try a different angle.
I'm sorry.
- Try again.
- Okay.
It's not there.
Are you bleeding? Are you bleeding? A little.
I thought I was just spotting.
Do you want me to call your OB? No, I think it's better if it happens naturally.
Can you get me some scrubs? Dr.
Weaver, you should go home.
Just bring me some scrubs when you get a chance.
They brought my husband in.
Daniel Gilman.
- Yeah.
The 93-year-old? - Is he all right? - I'll take you to him.
- Thank you.
- You guys are pathetic.
- What? If you stare any harder, her ass is gonna burst into flames.
- I'd put that fire out.
- Stop, drop and roll.
He has a dilated cardiomyopathy.
We' re gonna treat it very aggressively, but the prognosis is not good.
He could have a fatal arrhythmia at any time.
- Excuse me? - When can I bang her? What did he say? He wants to know when he might be able to have sex.
We' re trying to have a baby.
When you can walk up two flights of stairs without getting winded go for it.
- Dr.
Weaver? - Yeah.
Security needs to talk to you.
I'll be right there.
Hey, that's great.
It's my own variation on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome design.
Anastasia, I told you to wait in your chair.
- Sorry.
- No.
It's no problem.
This is - This is very cool.
- A geodesic dome Oh, they took Jose up to Radiology to embolize the pelvic bleeders.
triangles, squares and rectangles.
What are you doing? Hi.
Just getting a cup of coffee.
While you were in here with your Lincoln Logs, security told me about Pratt - smuggling a weapon into the hospital.
- That was a misunderstanding.
It's an automatic suspension.
He found the gun in the bushes.
The interns are your responsibility, Carter.
I hope- I know, I know.
And I'm taking care of it.
It's taken care of.
- Hey! Hey! What are you doing? - Move.
- You can't leave.
You didn't pay them.
- Out of my way.
- Damn it, stop this car.
- What do you want from me? - I don't even know these men.
- Stop this car.
Stop it.
- Pratt.
- You see what I'm dealing with? Hey! Hey! - Stupid bitch! - What the hell are you doing? - What? - What? Your patients know where she lives.
Just report it to the police.
- Yeah.
Like they give a damn.
- Like you do? Look, you come in constantly late.
You' re leaving whenever you feel like it.
Hot-dogging patients.
Never follow orders.
- Now throwing rocks and bringing guns.
- Hey, I explained about that gun.
- I've seen your type before.
- No, you haven't.
You don't know anything about me.
I know what I see.
Oh, yeah? What is that? Someone throwing their career away.
One, two, three.
- ID says Rosemary Bell, 18.
- Why is she in restraints? She was flailing and incoherent.
Witness reported she collapsed, cracked her head.
LOC, one minute.
CBC, lytes, BUN, creatinine, Foley with dip, and ICON.
- Pulse, 122.
BP's 86 systolic.
- She looks kind of familiar.
I think maybe Dr.
Lewis has treated her before.
Airway intact, normal cephalic.
Rosemary, follow the light.
- Sats 98.
- Rosemary, can you understand me? Call X-ray.
Get me a setup and a red top.
Do you want me to go get Dr.
Lewis? - Dr.
Weaver? - No.
Thanks, Abby.
I've got this.
Where does it hurt? Yeah, your head? Wait, wait, wait.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Your head, yeah.
And your back? Here.
Your kidneys? Okay.
Burns when you pee.
What's her temperature? -103.
- She passed out because she's septic.
Can you read lips? Good.
We' re going to take care of you.
Okay? - No.
I don't want a lady doctor.
- Jim.
It's nothing personal.
I'm sure you' re very competent.
- I'm just old-fashioned.
- We call it sexist.
What about junior here? - Would you take care of-? - In a minute.
- Oh, forget it.
I'm out of here.
- No, your leg's bleeding.
Let's take care of that first.
You don't deserve to call yourselves physicians.
- Let him go.
- Oh, Dr.
McNulty, wait.
You people should be ashamed.
You've perfected a medical system that breaks the spirit, humiliates the body - and enrages the mind.
- John.
- Yeah, yeah.
You' re a doctor? - Thank you.
- I got a stethoscope older than you.
- Kids broke into our clinic for drugs.
I hid.
But Mr.
Former Marine decided to take them on.
They' re lucky my sciatica was acting up or they'd both be in traction.
They hit him on the head with a baseball bat.
More a bunt than a full swing.
He fell on broken glass and was unconscious for several minutes.
- I was assessing my wounds.
- Okay, okay.
Then you may be seriously hurt.
- Negative Romberg, no pronator drift.
- Blunt head trauma, prolonged LOC.
- You need a head CT.
- For what? - To rule out any brain injury.
- I told you I don't have any.
Then what's it gonna hurt to check? Oh, please, Jim.
Just get the CT.
- Ten bucks says it's negative.
- You' re on.
Abby, this is Dr.
McNulty, formerly of Curtain 2.
He needs a head CT, CBC, Chem-7, urinalysis.
I didn't agree to that.
When was your last tetanus shot? October 1949.
Well, you might need another one.
I'll be with you in a moment.
- Do you have to pee in a cup? - Yes, he does.
Okay, start peeing, count to three, pee a little bit in the cup - put the lid on and you' re done.
- Wash my hands, right? - You got it.
I'll wait for you right here.
- Okay.
Did you dispo your tree trimmer without my okay? - I signed off to Chen.
- I was the physician of record.
- What's this? - Drunk bumsicle with a head lac.
- Hey, I'm not throwing my career away.
- Did you close the galea? Yeah.
It wasn't my gun.
I was gonna throw it in the river after my shift ended.
- Why didn't you do it on the way in? - I was late.
Titrate five of MS and get films on that ankle.
- Can you give me a hand? - In a minute.
- You haven't seen my insomniac? - He went in there.
- Oh, thank God.
- Something wrong? No.
I thought he skipped.
- What are you doing? - Waiting for a urine sample from a kid.
- There's a kid in there? - Yeah.
- God.
- What? What's wrong? - What's the matter? - Chip? Chip Mealy? - Hey, I'm in here.
- Unlock the door.
- What are you doing? - Are you all right? - I got some on my hands.
- That's okay.
Let me take it.
Did anybody-? Did you see anybody else in here? No.
Go outside.
- You want me to call Security? - No.
Are you sure he came in here? Chip? Chip? Chip.
- Did you do anything to him? - No.
But I wanted to.
Pressure's dropping.
Weaver, you okay? - She's down to 80 systolic.
- Give her another liter.
Amp and gent are both finished.
You have a bladder infection that spread to your kidneys.
Give her two grams cefotaxime.
If she doesn't perk up, we'll add dopamine.
Are you sexually active? How many partners? And how long has it burned when you pee? Two weeks.
Why haven't you told anyone? Do you live with your parents? And you don't want them to know that you' re having sex? All right.
Your parents don't need to know.
But we do need to tell- We need to tell them that you' re sick.
For at least six hours.
And if the antibiotics don't work fast, it may be overnight.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Haleh, take her to CT.
This could be more than simple pyelo.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I'll talk to you when you get back.
Weaver, can you look at a possible erythema nodosum? - Get Carter.
- I think he's busy.
Then find another Attending.
What are you doing? What are you doing? - You can't do that in here.
Will you stop? - Don't stop.
- Get off of him now.
- No! For crying out loud, he just had a heart attack.
- Oh, relax.
He needs his Viagra anyway.
- Not while he's on nitro.
- I want my Viagra.
- Only if you wanna die with an erection.
- No.
I want my Viagra! - Are you out of your mind? He needs to recuperate.
- I was trying to make him feel better.
- Look, he is in critical condition.
What did you do to him? My father did not give her power of attorney.
- Procedures have to be okayed by me.
- These are Mr.
Gilman's kids.
- Bob, he is really sick.
- I know.
I know, honey.
You treating him? - I'm one of the- - I want this slut out of here now.
I have patients and no beds.
He'll have to get help as an outpatient.
What's wrong with his forehead? He cut the word "evil " into his skin to scare people away.
It's not a suicide attempt, and he hasn't hurt anyone.
- Fine, let's toss him your son.
- Abby.
He needs to be kept away from children.
Can't rehabilitate child molesters.
He hasn't molested anyone.
He needs medication.
He needs to be in a regular program.
I can't commit people for thoughts.
I can't.
If this guy walks out of here, he's going to attack a child.
This is our chance to intervene, save this guy, protect his future victims.
He's clearly a threat to others.
He has to say it.
If he articulates a plan, I'll put him on a hold.
He won't.
He's too frightened.
All right.
I'll talk to him again.
The parents and principal will meet us at school.
- How far is Olney? - Five hours.
Oh, I think they'll sleep all the way.
- Mathletes.
- I take you were never on the math team.
Oh, no.
I was on a real team.
I think we called it football.
- You were a jock.
- Well, better to be a jock than a nerd.
- Are you insinuating that I'm a nerd? - Yeah, but you' re a really hot nerd.
- Phone call, Pratt.
- All right.
Where's Weaver? I need some help with this old guy's family.
- Koko and Captain Viagra.
- It's common knowledge that the crazier the woman, the better the sex.
Just keep your head down.
Try not to get stabbed in the neck.
Can you call Legal? I need some help down here now.
Hello? No, I can't come.
Just wait right there, all right? Just calm down.
I'm on my way.
You just stay right there.
- Everything all right? - I have to leave.
Cover for me.
Not again.
For how long? Pratt? Hi.
- Hi.
- How long have you been cramping? About an hour.
How much bleeding? Four pads.
We need to get you upstairs.
Do you want me to call Sandy? - She's at work.
- She'd wanna be with you.
I can't.
I don't wanna check in upstairs.
- I don't want it all over the hospital.
- I think you need a D and C right away.
Just page me if the OB resident comes down for another consult.
I'm calling Maynard.
- Hey, have you seen Kerry? - Yeah.
She's on break.
- Where? - What do you need? - I need Kerry.
- Hey, what are you doing? You can't suture yourself.
I have patients waiting for me back at my clinic.
- Where did you get these supplies? - The nurse set them up for you.
Forty-five minutes ago.
Nice eversion.
Still, can't let you do it.
Hey, Dr.
Can't find Dr.
Weaver, and Mrs.
Gilman has a special request.
My attorney's on her way over right now.
- Mattie, he wants to do it.
- So do I.
- What? - Koko wants to collect semen from her husband who is 93 and just had an Ml.
- He was trying to give me a baby.
- Don't debase my father any further.
- He's senile.
- He is not senile.
He's horny.
Gilman has agreed to electroejaculation.
- Come again? - I'm an electroejaculation technician.
Your parents must be very proud.
I have to ejaculate him before he dies.
Otherwise, I have to do a seminal-vesicle harvest.
We wanna make sure that he doesn't die.
Well, we can still get it now.
Oh, it was always about the money, wasn't it, Koko? If she doesn't get pregnant before he dies, she doesn't inherit anything.
- Inherit? - Seven million, roughly.
My husband signed a release.
I know my rights.
I want his semen.
Well, what exactly is it that's involved? A rectal probe is inserted, causing contraction of the vas deferens seminal vesicle and the prostate.
Called a reflex ejaculation.
Okay, good.
Excuse me Did you call Legal? - Well, they' re sending somebody.
- Carter! - Three-story fall from a skylight.
- Good luck, Gallant.
- Hey, how should I handle this? - Gently.
Full trauma panel, Foley and NG.
He needs a central line.
Decreased breath, both sides.
Bilateral chest tubes.
Squeeze in two of O-neg, type and cross for four.
He's got a dozen deep lacerations.
Pumpers we have to clamp off or he's gonna leak.
- We need another doctor.
Weaver? - I don't know.
Romano sent Kovac home.
- Pressure's dropping.
Sats down to 82.
- Right AC is blown.
- Okay, get Pratt.
- He left.
- What? - He had an emergency again.
Where are you, man? What happened to you? Did you pass out? - Stabbed me and stomped on my hand.
- Did you pass out? - I'm dying, G.
- Who did this to you? Dukey and them? - Yeah.
- Yeah? He wanted the gun.
They' re gonna kill me.
You have to be quiet.
I have to listen.
They wanted it.
And I didn't have it.
I got scared.
And they' re so mad at me.
It was Dukey's gun, right? They stabbed you? - Where did they stab you? - In the ass.
In the ass, G.
Come on.
We got to go to the hospital.
No, no.
Where's the gun, G? - They' re outside.
- We have to go to the hospital.
- No.
They' re gonna kill both of us! - Nobody's gonna kill us.
No- Okay, okay, okay.
Where are we? Don't even bother gloving up.
Time of death, 18:44.
I came as soon as I heard.
It's not your fault.
Carter, labs on your cranky old doctor.
- McNulty.
Thank you.
- But he's MIA.
He's diabetic.
Get him on the phone.
He needs to come back.
I tried.
I keep getting a machine.
Tell him his blood sugar's 435 and to get back here.
And page Dr.
Pratt, 911.
I'm gonna have you on the IV for about another half-hour.
Everything's fine.
- Kerry, you should really think about- - Pelvic rest.
Return with abdominal pain, fever, increased bleeding.
2 milligrams, p.
I know what to do.
I was gonna say you should take some time off.
Come see me in three days.
Can I get you anything? You want me to try and call Sandy at work? Okay.
I can give you a ride home in about an hour.
We were lucky to capture that retrograde ejaculation.
- Lucky.
We' re moving him to CCU.
- Oh, Mattie and Bob are with him.
I have to go.
I ovulated this morning.
Let's go.
We' re killing spermatozoa.
- Did he just say "spermatozoa"? - That man has an electroejaculator.
- Electroejaculator? - Does that come with a costume? - Nope.
An extension cord.
- Oh, the mighty Gilman pulled through.
- An inspiration to us all.
- Gallant, Pratt for you.
Abby, have you ever heard of an electroejaculator? - You just like saying that word.
- No.
I had an instant ejaculator once.
Tommy Reynolds, 10th grade.
- Poor kid never made it out of his jeans.
- Ixnay on the jaculator-ay.
- Hey, has anybody seen Pratt? - Gallant's on the phone with him.
- I don't feel comfortable doing that.
- I want to talk to him.
- Dr.
Carter wants to talk to you.
- Where the hell are you? Pratt? What's going on, Gallant? I'm only gonna ask you once.
It hurts, G.
All right, there he is.
Lay on your stomach.
It hurts all over, G.
- Gallant, what took you so damn long? - I see I got through to you earlier today.
- Running a clinic out of the apartment? - Come on.
Who's hurt? It's my brother, Leon.
Who are you? - G? - Don't worry.
He's a doctor too.
- Looks like he should be in the hospital.
- No, man.
I heard that.
- Calm down.
We' re not going anywhere.
- I ain't going.
Just calm down.
Listen, we' re staying right here.
Either you' re gonna help or you' re not.
This is not smart, Pratt.
Everything in my life is not smart, Carter.
- How long ago did you get hurt? - Three hours ago, but he's okay.
Gunshot? Stab wound.
Also fractured fourth and fifth metacarpals.
He's got broken ribs, bloody nose, no septal hematoma.
Listen to me.
I'm good, I got this.
I mean, you can go now.
All I needed was a suture kit.
Why don't you wanna go to the hospital? - You don't want the assault reported? - They gonna kill us.
Nobody's gonna kill us.
Let it go.
Why'd you get beat up? I didn't have the gun when they asked for it.
We gotta get it back, G.
They want it.
Holding the gun for someone else, huh? My friends.
Some friends.
I'm a danger to myself and others.
If you went home, what would you do? I don't know.
- You have to tell him what you would do.
- Stop coaching him.
Where are you going? - I have patients.
- Chip, listen to me right now.
If you don't tell the truth, we can't help you.
This is your last chance.
I'm picking up my ex-girlfriend's son from school and having sex with him in my car behind the baseball field as soon as I leave here.
Okay, I'll make room for him.
How are you feeling? Good.
Did you call your parents? They' re gonna worry about you.
What did she say? "They'll worry about me more if they know I have a boyfriend.
" What? She doesn't want to disappoint them more than she already has by being deaf.
You can't go home.
You have to stay here tonight.
I'll call.
Why was I a patient? You saw me? I was Leon, he's your brother? No.
Well, yeah, kind of.
He came to live with me and my mom when he was 9.
I was 6 then.
I idolized him.
Then when I was 15, my mom died of liver cancer and Leon took care of me.
Made sure I went to school.
So when I was in college, one day he got into a fight in a bar in Detroit.
Believe me, this is one tough son of a bitch.
I'm trying to tell you, I mean, he survived a 9 mm bullet to the brain.
But in turn, his IQ dropped about 40 points.
Do you have any help? No.
I've been doing it on my own for years.
I'm good at that.
Well, we work as a team.
We cover for each other.
We lean on each other.
The job's too big to do solo.
And if you can't get that maybe you should be a surgeon.
Or a superhero, or something else that doesn't require trusting people.
I've never been big on trust.
You know what that turns into? Nobody trusts you either.
Look, self-sufficiency's a good thing, but it's not the only thing.
Asking for help when you need it doesn't make you weak.
Maybe I should go inside now.
All right.