ER s09e13 Episode Script

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Previously on E.
Could you please slow down? Luka! - You need structure and stability.
- Let go.
- Someone you can rely on and trust.
- That's not you anymore, okay? Syphilis is not a word the voters love to hear.
Any way we can keep it out of my medical record? - The alderman? Did we ever get his labs back? - They' re negative.
- He could have untreated syphilis.
- He's fine.
Let it go.
Looks like you could use new equipment around here.
- What's this? White liberal guilt? - Probably.
No thanks.
He survived a 9 mm bullet to the brain.
His IQ dropped about 40 points.
What were you doing with those boys? Didn't they hurt you? Hey, let me talk to you for a minute.
Stay away from him.
You understand that? He tried climbing a giant ficus in our living room.
Sit back.
No biting.
Bad monkey.
His psychiatrist says letting Zavery act out his impulses - allows him to express himself.
- Is he on any medication? He has an asthma inhaler he hasn't been using in the last couple of days since he entered his simian role-playing phase.
Could you help me? Six-foot fall, possible corneal abrasion.
Yeah, put him in Exam 2.
I'll be there in a minute.
How are you doing, Aidan? You know that opening goes in the back, right? Right.
- Oh, you' re a wrestler.
- Yeah.
- Seems to be working for you.
- Thanks.
- What do you do? - I'm a doctor.
No, I mean to stay in shape.
Oh, I- I do these: Bicep curls? How much? Sometimes I can lift a whole pitcher of margaritas.
- Bastards.
From the cigarettes, isn't it? - Probably.
The biopsy reveals small-cell carcinoma.
The x-rays show metastatic spread.
I need you to write me up a full disclosure so I can file a lawsuit against tobacco companies.
Carmichael, you've been smoking cigarettes since you were a teenager.
So? So you need to take some responsibility for that.
Instead of looking for someone to blame you should be concentrating on managing your disease.
- Make the most of the time you have.
- I get it.
This is just the HMOs and big business covering each other's asses.
Well, screw you, pal.
I'll see you in court.
- No, you won't.
- Oh, yeah? - You don't think I won't sue you too? - You're not gonna live that long.
- What's that all about? - Stupidity.
- On whose part? His or yours? - What is it with this country? Nobody takes responsibility for anything.
Always looking for someone to blame - someone to sue.
- You don't like it, go back to Croatia.
Not near as many lawyers.
Lot more landmines though.
Twenty-two-year-old female, hand injury.
BP, 90/60, pulse, 110.
- What's her name? - Brenda Walton.
- Weaver! - Hey, don't start, Robert.
I got a full- Who knew you were such a conniving, manipulative seductress? Well, I did.
- You outdid yourself.
- What are you talking about? We were just allotted $2.
4 million in new funding.
- What? - Remember Alderman Bright? He was here a couple of weeks ago.
Somehow your team managed to not kill him.
I'm as surprised as you are.
He must have been impressed with County.
Either that or the prostate massage.
He's coming by this afternoon- This afternoon? For a photo op.
So make sure you groom these degenerates - before he gets here.
- These patients - are why we' re getting this funding.
- Don't ruin this for me.
Open up, G! Open up! Use your key.
I don't have it! Come on, it's an emergency! - All right, all right.
Stop pounding! Stop! - G! - What? - Get your doctor's stuff.
Biz hurt.
- He's hurt bad.
- What happened to him? I got shot, man.
- Who shot him? - I don't know.
It happened so fast.
- Fix him up, G.
Like you fixed me.
- I can't.
He has a chest wound.
I have to get him to the hospital and call 911.
- Yo, no hospitals.
They'll be looking.
- Who, the police? - What the hell happened, Leon? - It was an accident.
We were gonna take beer and stuff from the liquor store.
- This was a robbery? - But the security guard showed up - and people just started shooting.
- Go inside, close the door.
Don't come out.
Don't look out the window.
Anybody comes by, don't answer the door.
Do you understand me? Leon?! I like to see med students hitting the books.
- What are you reading? - Tintinalli.
Acute abdominal pain.
Tintinalli? Read Zachary Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen.
He wrote it 80 years ago, and nothing has changed.
Damn it.
You-? You okay, sir? Yeah, I'm fine.
No, I got it.
I got it.
All right, I'll- I'll get Housekeeping to mop it up.
- Please, just get it off.
- We will.
Just try and relax, Brenda.
Okay, let's start with 10 of morphine and a gram of Ancef.
She was demonstrating the cruelty of fur trapping at the university.
- Good thing you didn't try to chew it off.
- Was that a joke? Do you know how many animals suffer needless, painful deaths every year in the name of the fur trade? - Will you help me open this? - Sure.
So, what's it gonna be? Chechnya or the Congo? Still thinking about it.
- Thinking about what? - Carter's going away with the Alliance de M├ędicine Internationale.
Really? - I'm thinking of doing it for the spring.
- No, he's going.
I've done it three times.
It makes what we do here look like- - I don't know- - Got this? Yeah, thanks.
I'll be right back.
I've been doing P.
every day since I came out of surgery.
Recovery ebbs and flows.
Patience and attitude can be just as important during rehab- Don't give me that crap.
I'm losing the strength I had.
- And sensory function is non-existent.
- What do you want? Your limb was severed.
I'm not some schmuck worried about how to hold his beer while he whacks away watching TV.
I want my arm back.
It's a miracle of modern medicine that you have what you do.
Chechnya? Yeah, we talked about this.
- No, we didn't.
- Remember when I said I thought - I'd like to practice medicine abroad? - Yeah.
- Well - I thought you meant Paris or something.
- Well they desperately need doctors.
- So do we.
What's that stink? Dr.
Lewis got hit with flying feces.
You know, I find a clipboard is a good shield for projectile body fluid.
Thanks for the tip and for the sweater.
Abby, can you set up a Wood's lamp for my monkey boy's corneal abrasion? - He's still armed and dangerous? - I think he's out of ammo.
- Dr.
Carter, your doctor friend's in triage.
- McNulty? - Must have wandered in.
Seems altered.
- Doreen Brant, 32 took a header down a flight of stairs.
Abby, can you give this to Luka? I have to change.
- Sure.
Curtain 3.
- BP, 124/72, pulse, 96.
- Is he here? - Who? Sutter, one of our guys.
Was shot during a robbery attempt.
- They said they'd bring him here.
- Frank? Got a shooting victim en route.
Nobody said he was a cop.
Maybe they brought him in a squad car.
- Can you check Dispatch? - I'm on it.
Who summoned a surgical consult? You' re here for a consult? No, I heard Weaver was teaching a Jazzercise class in the ambulance bay.
I didn't know you were doing this again.
You don't have to jump all over me.
- Wouldn't think of it.
- Aidan Fenwick, this is Dr.
Aidan developed a gluteal abscess on his right buttock.
I'll say.
Been using steroids? - I was.
- He stopped.
Not soon enough.
If you like having testicles bigger than raisins, don't restart.
I was going to drain it, but I felt a deep perirectal component.
We know what a pain in the ass that is.
Good call.
Your infection has spread up along your rectum so we' re gonna be taking you up to the O.
- I need surgery? - We gotta clean out the infection.
We can't do it here.
- Do you want me to get Corday? - No, I got this.
- Who's gonna do the actual surgery? - I will supervise one of my Residents.
- Give me a hand.
- Yeah, that's why I was worried.
Officer Jason Sutter, 39.
BP's holding at 100/74 after two liters.
- How many times was he hit? - Two that I can see.
I heard four shots, felt two hits, .
25 caliber.
- Hurts all the way down my leg.
- Pulse is 106.
Gave him eight of MS.
- Any pain in your chest or head? - No.
Hey, somebody call Jenny.
You can call in a few minutes.
Hang in there, Hoss.
Hey, Susan, page Corday.
- He's oriented times two.
- Dr.
McNulty? - Hey, Mac, do you know where you are? - I got patients.
He might be in DKA.
Let's bolus a liter of saline.
CBC, Chem-7, serum ketones and UA.
- He's got a pulse, 130, BP, 90/60.
- Mac, have you been vomiting? - Do you have a fever? - Just a cold.
- Another hot GSW rolling in.
- Be right there.
- Accu-Chek is over 400.
- Damn it.
Okay, you have to stop jumping around, Zavery.
Za- - Where's Mom? - She had to make a phone call.
Yeah, to the adoption agency if she's smart.
Proparacaine drops are in.
Zavery? Would you please come out now? Forget it.
I can't use the "gorilla-scope" if he won't come out.
Oh, right.
We'll have to bring it back to the zoo.
Zavery, can you lie still while we look in your eye? Okay.
I'm going to put some yellow banana medicine in your eye - and see if you scratched it.
- Okay, now blink your eye.
All right.
No corneal abrasions.
No signs of scratching.
- Susan? - What? Your sweater.
Oh, my God.
- Is that semen? - This isn't my sweater.
Oh, gross.
Twenty-two-year-old African-American male, gunshot wound to the left chest.
Parasternal GSW to the third left intercostal space.
Tubed for resps.
- What are you doing with this? - I found him.
I'm being a Good Samaritan.
You got a problem with that? Pulse is up to 110 with two liters.
He needs a chest tube.
- This guy a friend of yours? - We' re not all related.
He's tachy at 120.
Let's type and cross All right, sterile gloves, prep the left side.
I need a Thora-Seal.
Pulse ox, 95 on 100 percent.
Pupils are four millimeters and reactive.
What's his name? - I don't know.
Cop's got his wallet.
- Biz Cummins.
Biz, can you hear me? - What's with all the boys in blue? - Cop got shot.
- Might have been this guy right here.
- Neck veins flat.
No signs of tamponade.
- I'll do the lines.
Seven and a half.
- I've two criticals coming.
I'll need someone from vascular surgery.
Did you get a look at the guy who shot you? There were three.
I don't know who pulled the trigger.
How long is that gonna take? No.
No, that's unacceptable.
- Someone take this bloody phone.
- What about the guy next door? - Doc, can you move for a second? - Can't you see I'm busy - trying to save the guy? - He may have shot this officer.
- He's not going anywhere.
Dori? - But his two buddies are on the loose.
Blood in the paracolic gutters and Morrison's.
Pack him up.
No DP pulse.
- Does your leg tingle? - Yeah, like it's asleep.
- Liter up.
First HemoCue, 12.
- What's this? - Metal fragments.
- He's embolized a bullet fragment or the hematoma's compressing the artery.
The clock's ticking.
Okay, line's in.
Let's hook up the blood.
Let's run the O-neg through the central line.
There's only one O.
free and one anesthesiologist.
My policeman's borderline hypotensive.
I need to take him up.
What's the output like? Pretty brisk.
Five hundred cc's and counting.
He could have a hemothorax.
He needs surgery.
- We' re not there yet.
- What indicates immediate thoracotomy? Twelve hundred cc's immediate output.
He's at 900, but he's slowing down.
You' re not taking this lowlife first, are you? It's about who's in the worst medical shape.
The guy in there's a cop.
It'll be 30 minutes before another O.
's ready.
Well, can you keep transfusing and just give me five minutes? You've got three.
- O silk and OpSite.
- First unit in.
- Five hundred hanging from the cell saver.
- It's slowing down.
- How much? - A little above 920.
Pressure's up to 110, systolic.
We clotted off the bleeder.
Send up the cop.
- Hold on.
- Nine hundred fifty cc's - and that's it for now.
- Watch pressure and chest tube output.
- BP's 118/78.
Heart rate's 92.
- This guy is rock stable.
Another 1000 cc's in the next two hours, he goes up.
- Pressure's dropping, 96/74.
- Our guy's good.
Take this one up.
Thank you, Dr.
You heard him.
Let's roll.
- When will he be able to answer? - I'll let you know.
- I keep feeling like I'm gonna puke.
- Any chance you could be pregnant? I don't even talk to guys unless I have to.
Helen is complaining of intermittent right-side abdominal pain.
- She has no fever and a loss of appetite.
- Okay.
I think it's a tumor.
I doubt it.
You gonna say anything? What am I supposed to say? It's gotta be something else.
Really? What else do you know of that luminesces under a Wood's lamp? It's just so wrong.
Take a deep breath.
Do you have any history of gallstones? - Parents, aunts, uncles? - No.
- Can I die from gallstones? - No.
Let's get LFTs and a right upper quadrant ultrasound for gallstones.
You know, the real question is who does it belong to? Pratt? Frank? - Jerry? - Stop it, you' re creeping me out.
- This guy reeks.
- The copper and Clorox aroma of a vigorous mixed-bacterial infection.
Smells like surgery.
Come on.
Get in there and break up those loculations.
If you didn't have to dig, I'd let the ER guys do it.
- A little bleeder there.
- Where? Just at the inferior edge of the piriformis.
- Up on the Bovie.
More suction.
- No, no, no! Not up on the Bovie.
Vascular clamp and 3-O silk.
Pressure, 110/70.
Alcock's canal? Inferior gluteal artery? Ever heard of those? - I'm having a hard- - Stick-tie that before he bleeds to death.
All right, give me that.
Turn that thing off.
Hold that up.
All right, no, more that- Back this way.
- Do you want me to get Corday? - No.
- Dr.
Romano- - No! - Did you page Vascular? - Twice.
Dorset is on his way.
- Who? - The new guy.
Pack around the mesentery.
Oh, damn.
- Tachy at 110.
- Another vascular clamp.
SMA repair looks good.
It's nice of you to finally join us, Dr.
This gentleman has a bullet fragment in the femoral artery.
He's gonna need a graft or a bypass.
You' re in for a long night.
Really? You know they call me Fast Eddie for a reason? Several, in fact.
Ten blade, please.
Stand by with a number four French catheter.
- Have a three-cc heparinized saline ready.
- You' re doing a Fogarty embolectomy? Clamp.
Well, I prefer to call it the "Dorset Bulletectomy.
" Heparin flush.
- There's no backflow.
Totally occluded.
- Yep.
- Okay, give me a hand here.
- Excuse me? Remove the wire.
Got it.
Hey, somebody's glad to see me.
Clamp off.
Feeding the catheter.
- Pressure and pulse are steady.
- Give me your hand.
- Excuse me? - Your hand.
He's got healthy arterial walls.
Any resistance you feel against that balloon is the wall itself.
Do you feel that right-? Right there? Okay, remember it.
Any harder, you can rupture the wall.
It'll feel hard.
Suddenly the balloon will inflate too easily meaning you blew through the wall.
- All right.
- Okay.
Bowel's fine.
He's a lucky man.
Nothing in my hand, nothing up my sleeve, and Good popliteal pulse.
- His leg's pinking up.
- Thank you very much.
I'll be here all week, and don't forget to tip your waitress.
I still have a little physio left, but there's no permanent damage.
- You look good.
- I feel better.
- Okay, it's official.
- Thanks.
Gallant, could you help Dr.
Chen with the thoracentesis on Mr.
Adkins? - Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Thoracentesis, huh? - Shaw's, 8:00? - I'll be there.
- All right.
Feeling better? Compared to the last time you saw me, yeah.
- I was gonna- - Actually, I need your signature.
- Resident review.
- Yeah, sure.
So, what's next? I mean your next rotation.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey, Erin? - You know, I really have to get going.
- I know.
I just- - I never got to talk to you.
- I was in the hospital three weeks.
I'm sorry.
I was having a bad time.
I never meant to hurt you.
Then you should've slowed down.
Leon, pick up the phone, I need to talk to you.
It's me.
Don't wor- I'll call you back.
What's the word on Officer Sutter? Last I heard he was still in surgery.
- The guy you brought in, he have a gun? - I don't know.
- You just found this guy on the street? - Yeah.
- You see anybody else with him? - No.
- Did you hear gunshots? - No.
Hey, Pratt.
Your boy's losing his pressure, man.
- What's in the Thora-Seal? - Nine-fifty cc's, like it was.
He's bleeding somewhere.
Maybe it's the belly.
- Can't get pressure through the dynamap.
- I'll go get Carter.
Get two more units on the infuser.
- So when are you leaving me? - What? When are you planning on running off to the jungle? Well, I haven't really decided if that's something I'm gonna do yet.
Really? Luka made it sound like you had.
Luka's a big advocate of the program.
- You thought it was cool when he went.
- Luka went home to his own country.
He didn't have a girlfriend asking him not to.
- Come with me.
- I have enough drama in my life.
Well, well, if it ain't the Ken and Barbie of the medical world.
- You look better.
- I am better.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Hello.
His blood sugar level was over 600, but his serum ketone levels are negative.
I could have told you that.
Type-two diabetics don't get ketoacidosis.
No, it was a hyperosmolar coma.
You needed insulin and IV fluids.
Both of which could have been avoided if you'd take your medication as directed.
I gave it to a patient of mine.
He couldn't afford his own.
Pratt needs you.
- Should've paged me.
- Get ultrasound.
- When did he crash? - Just now.
Nothing out the chest.
- I guess the bullet tracked to the belly.
- From the third intercostal space? Milk it.
- What? - Pressure's only 50 palp.
When there's no drainage, you milk the chest tube.
- Okay, he's in V-tach.
- Starting compressions.
- Charge to 200.
- At least another liter in there.
And clear.
- V-fib.
- Thoracotomy tray.
- Splash the chest.
- Pratt.
Get that rib spreader ready.
All right, come on, Pratt.
What are you doing here, Leon? I wanted to see you.
What are you doing to him? He got shot.
Get those internal paddles ready.
You shouldn't be here.
Get him out of here.
- I need to talk to you, G.
- Could you put him in the Suture Room? - What for? - He's here for a wound check.
- Make sure you put him in a gown.
- Is he gonna die, G? Just shut the hell up and get out of here! Go! Okay, we are clamped.
Start pumping.
He needs more blood.
- How many units? - Four units.
His heart is empty.
Charge to 30.
- Still in V-fib.
- Another amp of epi.
- Thirty again.
How long's he been down? - Thirty-five minutes.
You ready to call this? - We could try more epi.
- I don't think so.
- He's young.
- He's been down too long.
Call it.
Time of death, 1445.
- Is his family here? - I don't know.
No, no Move any slower, Jensen, this guy's gonna heal before we can sew him up.
- One of your inspirational speeches? - Elizabeth.
I thought you were doing an atrial caval shunt.
Another lap to me? I take it he died? On the contrary, I'm finished.
The patient's in Recovery.
I heard you were having some difficulty though.
- You were misinformed.
- Apparently.
I didn't realize you were on surgical rotation.
Just assisting Jensen.
So how are we doing, Jensen? Fine, thank you.
Good hemostasis.
No leak.
The posterior cutaneous nerve runs next to the artery.
It's easy to cut both.
And the head bone's connected to the what again? Would you like me to scrub in to check? No.
It would be a shame for him to come for an abscess and have a dropped foot from a severed sciatic nerve.
You' re right.
Look, I just figured out a way you can help me.
Labs are back.
This is Sydney's friend Fiona.
What did she take? - She didn't.
- Tox screen's negative for everything.
- Did you find any pill fragments? - No.
Looks like nuts and cherries, maybe.
I smell chocolate.
Her boyfriend cheated on her.
She went on a banana-split spree.
So you called 911? I didn't.
She did.
She wanted to get her stomach pumped.
She must have ate, like, 50,000 calories.
- Sometimes she binges and purges.
- Sometimes? She's lost her gag reflex from sticking a finger down her throat so many times.
- Obviously she has an eating disorder.
- I'll tell you what an eating disorder is.
When a mother hasn't eaten in six days because she's giving what food she has to her three children.
She just cost the hospital $3000, and for what? So she doesn't put on a pound? Luka It's cheaper than liposuction.
Did you know him? Was he a friend of yours? - What are you doing in here? - Came to check in on Leon.
- Couldn't find his chart.
- I'm working on it.
- Need any help? - No.
I don't mind.
He seems kind of shaken up about Biz.
That was your friend's name, right? Biz? Could you excuse us, please? This is between me and my patient.
Why don't you come find me when you' re done? Did you tell him you knew Biz? No.
- If I did, it was an accident.
- An accident? It's always an accident with you, isn't it, Leon? I'm telling you the truth, G.
You told me a security guard shot him.
It wasn't a security guard.
It was a cop.
- I didn't look.
It happened really fast.
- Did you have a gun? - It was Biz's idea.
- Did you shoot at the police? I don't know! I don't- Maybe.
I don't remember, G.
Everybody just started shooting.
I'm sorry, G.
Please, I don't wanna go to jail! Don't let them put me in jail, G.
I'm sorry, G.
I don't wanna go to jail.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're having a bad day? I'm tired of treating patients who think ice cream is an emergency.
I'm just tired of it.
I think maybe you should talk to him.
He seems a little depressed.
He's European.
That's his baseline.
I'm still mad at him for putting that "adventure doctor" idea into Carter's head.
- Mr.
Hennesey in Exam 1 can go home.
- Oh, thanks.
How's the cop? Good.
He's gonna be fine.
So this is where you hide out.
Corday, right? - Dr.
Dorset? - Yes.
Is something wrong with Mr.
Sutter? He's fine.
I was wondering if you wanted to grab some coffee or something.
I appreciate the offer.
To be honest, I'm swamped - at the moment, so - Right.
Perhaps some other time.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
- I like coffee.
- He's cute.
- Was I rude? - No.
Look, the problem is that I go home half expecting Mark to be playing with Ella in the backyard.
It's been a long time since I, you know, talked to another man.
I think I overreacted.
It was only coffee.
I think Mark would want you to get on with your life.
I also think if a good-looking guy is interested in you and you' re not interested in him the least you can do is introduce me.
Thank you.
I'm not kidding.
Hughes? Where you going? Let's get you back this way, okay? - Now, you' re supposed to be - Looks like you've got your hands full.
- Hi.
- Hello.
John Bright.
- She has Alzheimer's.
- Oh, poor thing.
Hughes, let's get you back in bed, okay? Your daughter will be here in a minute.
Could you please? I guess I owe you a very big thank-you.
You provide an invaluable service.
It's the least I could do.
I just hope that we earned the allocation based on merit as a healthcare provider for the community.
Had I not been brought here, Dr.
Weaver I probably would not have pushed for County to get the additional funding.
Did you give me special treatment? - Well, I- - Of course, you did.
From what I've seen, you give everyone special treatment.
And that kind of dedication deserves to be rewarded.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Gotta go.
Somebody dropped this off, made me promise to give it to you personally.
- I'm thinking nude blackmail photos.
- Not again.
- Is this because of McNulty? - What? You leaving, going to a foreign land to bring medicine to the natives.
Because he lives in the back of a free clinic - you don't do enough? - Maybe it's got something to do with it.
Why didn't you talk to me about this? - I'm not going right now.
- You talked to Luka about it.
- Even if I was, it's for two weeks.
- Some of these places are dangerous.
- I thought you forgot me.
- You need to go back on insulin.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
Thirty NPH in the morning, 15 in the evening, same as before.
And you need to check your sugars four times a day.
I'd be lucky to find four times during the week to do that.
Maybe you can hire an assistant.
Or find the time to remind yourself.
- What's this? - Check.
- I can see that.
But I can't take it.
- Why not? Well, for one thing, it's got too many zeros.
Get some new equipment.
Hire a nurse.
- Hire a physician's assistant.
- I don't have to name the place - after you, do I? - No.
Although "The Carter Family Clinic" does have kind of a nice ring to it.
- Thank you, John.
- You're welcome.
How'd you like to come work for me, beautiful? Do you have a dental plan? - No, I'm not giving you any time off.
- I have sick days.
Are you kidding? You' re lucky you still have a job.
I need time to sort things out.
Yeah, I agree, and you need to do it on your own time.
Where you going? - Dr.
Kovac, can I get some help? - No.
Steven Rafferty, 65, with chest pain, partially relieved by nitro.
Get a 12-lead titrate, Sir, can you tell me on a scale of 1 to 10 what your pain level is? Luka.
He seems pissed.
Been here almost two hours.
I figured you couldn't go that long without a cigarette.
What are you doing here? Thank you.
- Sure you don't want something to eat? - I'm fine, thanks.
Good, I need the gas money.
- How's Carter? - He's good.
- I like him.
- Me too.
It was the disease.
I was scared.
I was afraid that I was gonna end up like Mom.
I didn't want you to see me like that.
Like Maggie.
I never meant to hurt you.
If it wasn't for you, I don't know where I'd be.
It wasn't your fault.
You couldn't help it.
It's just You protected me for so long.
I felt like I'd let you down.
That's not true.
That could never be true.
I just wish sometimes I was 8 years old again.
Because even when things got bad and they got bad, I knew you'd always be there.
And I always will be.
Yeah, but no one's ever there for you.
And I turned my back on you after everything that you did for me and for Mom.
It was a really crappy thing to do.
- I'm sorry.
- You don't have to apologize.
I do.
I want to.
I love you, Abby.
You deserve a better family.
And I just wanted you to know that I'm okay.
Unfortunately I had to get bad before I got better.
It's not over, you know.
Yeah, I know.
Wanna see a picture of my new girlfriend? Sure.
What do you think? It's a plane.
Yeah, I bought it.
Sold my car, my bike, just about everything.
I'm gonna run hunting and fishing charters in Wisconsin.
You' re going to be a bush pilot? Pretty cool, huh? It's probably just a mild virus that'll go away on its own.
I'm going to send off some more blood work so you'll need to follow up with your family doctor, okay? Hey, Susan, you up for dinner? No, I am going home, and I'm going to take a three-hour bath.
Come on, you can do that after dinner.
- I know this great new Thai place.
- Oh, Jing-Mei, thank you.
Oh, sure.
So? I was using the Wood's lamp today when I was wearing your sweater.
And some stuff showed up on it.
Like what? Stains on your sweater.
It's none of my business.
I thought you might - just want to get it dry-cleaned.
- It was club soda.
- What? - Yeah, Susan.
I opened up a can this morning, and it sprayed all over me.
That's why I had to take off the sweater, to let it dry.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Club soda.
- Yeah.
Soda water glows under black lights, remember? Good.
I just thought- I don't know What, you thought that I'm this ER slut with spunk all over her sweater? No, no.
Jing-Mei Somebody claim that body? No.
I heard the cop's gonna be okay.
- Good.
- Pratt.
What do you want from me? I just wanna help you.
Or at least prevent you from getting yourself into trouble.
I'm not in trouble.
What about Leon? - I don't know.
- Well, he seemed pretty scared today.
He's a scared little kid.
Except he's not a little kid.
He's 27, and he was probably involved in a robbery that left a cop shot and somebody else dead.
I think the cops are probably gonna blame this on Biz.
If Leon went away for a while I doubt anybody would go looking for him.
You know what? I try to keep him out of trouble.
But he wants to have his own friends.
He wants to be cool.
And they talk him into doing stuff.
I can't watch him every minute of the day.
I can't.
You gotta learn to let go.
Stop blaming yourself.
Tell Leon I said goodbye.
I need you to do me a favor.
What do you say we go to dinner tonight? Someplace nice, someplace romantic.
I can't.
Eric's picking me up.
Eric, your brother? - He's here.
And he's on his meds.
- He's picking you up to do what? He's taking me to see his airplane.
- He bought an airplane? - Yes.
- You want me to go with you? - No.
I think it'll be okay.
He seems really, really good.
- Are you gonna go flying with him? - No.
- I'm supportive, not stupid.
- I have to go by McNulty's clinic anyway.
He forgot his prescription.
I'll call you after that.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Don't go flying with him.
Don't go to Chechnya.
- What are you doing? - Your Resident asked for a curbside.
And? There's an area of sensory loss on the posterior aspect of the thigh.
Jensen bagged the posterior femoral cutaneous.
But there's no foot drop.
Sciatic, tibial, and peroneal are completely intact although he'll probably be left with some numbness in his thigh.
Well, I guess he got lucky then.
Yes, he did.
- Where's Jensen? - He said he was going up to the roof.
- To get a patient? - To jump.
Final boarding call for There you go.
Got some snacks for you for the trip.
- How far is Baltimore? - You should get there tomorrow night.
- Really? - Yeah.
That's cool.
So you got the phone number for Greg's Aunt Rose? - Yep.
- Let's get you on the bus then.
But what about Greg? - Well, he's gonna call you in a few days.
- He's not coming? No.
Listen to me, you're supposed to go visit his Aunt Rose for a while, okay? Yeah, right, but is he gonna at least say goodbye? Look.
He's working at the hospital.
He's mad at me.
No, no.
Leon, look, he's just- He's just really busy, man.
- He's just really busy.
- He sent me away because I messed up.
- I'm so stupid! - No.
Leon- Leon, that is not true.
I need to talk to him.
Leon, you gotta get on that bus.
- I don't want to do this.
- Leon, listen to me.
You have to get on that bus.
All right, come on, then.
Come on.
Come on.
You have a good trip, okay? Be safe.
Don't do it, Jensen.
My car's down there.
Your patient's going to be fine.
The leg should be fully functional.
There was nerve damage.
But it was minimal.
Hey, you'll do better next time.
You're right.
Because I won't go into surgery with you.
Hey, Dr.
McNulty! You in there? Hey.
McNulty? - One-David-twenty - Mac, you in there? It's John.
Is there a problem there, sir? No, no, I'm an ER doc from County, and one of my patients lives here.
- I think he might be in a bit of trouble.
- Did you try calling him? Yeah, nobody's answering.
He's a stubborn old guy.
I treated him with insulin.
I'm worried that if he didn't eat dinner he might be in a coma from low blood sugar.
- Okay, you want an ambulance? - I just need to get inside.
Hey, Mac.
It doesn't look like he's here, sir.
This is his clinic.
This is This has been his clinic for 20 years.
He lives back there.
I've been working this beat since ' 95, sir.
This clinic was only here a few weeks.
It used to be a Christian bookstore.
And a tanning parlor before that so I was here three days ago.
You know, these clinics, they come and go.
Some are legit, but lots aren't.
Was that guy even a real doctor? I don't know.