ER s09e14 Episode Script

No Strings Attached

Previously on E.
Hey! Where are you going? - Wanna see a picture of my new girlfriend? - Sure.
What do you think? It's a plane.
We were just allotted $2.
4 million in new funding.
I just hope that we earned the allocation based on our merit.
It's the least I could do.
Helen is complaining of intermittent right-side abdominal pain.
I think it's a tumor.
I doubt it.
I didn't realize you were on surgical rotation.
Nothing has changed.
I'm losing the strength I had.
- And sensory function is non-existent.
- What do you want? I want my arm back.
- Oh, God! - LOC on scene.
But awake when we got there with a GCS of 13.
- What have you got? -17-year-old.
Auto versus multiple peds at a high school.
Facial fracture, abdominal pain, sounds like she dropped a lung.
BP, 110/70, tachy after one liter.
- Her name's Gayla Ray.
- Break out epistaxis tray, page Trauma.
Do you have any medical problems we need to know about? - That's a yes.
- Is this the full-arrest crush injury? Pinned between a car and wall.
Kids got nailed on the steps at school.
- Drunk driver? - Worse, 16-year-old got a driver's license.
Still no pulse.
- Resume CPR.
- You tube her in the field? She's anterior.
I had to scoop and run.
Car versus pedestrian, steel wins every time.
- Chest full of sub-q air.
- Thoracotomy? Tube in every hole and pronounce.
Since Pratt's wearing a tie this morning - let him needle the pericardium.
- She's young.
She might convert.
And there might be a new Hyundai behind door number 1, but more likely - it's 50 cases of elbow macaroni.
- Vaseline gauze.
I'll give you $200 if you've got a surgical candidate.
ENT, Ortho, and general to start.
Let's turn her.
I can't breathe.
Gayla, don't try and swallow, okay? We'll get that blood out for you.
- I'm scared.
- Don't be.
I never let anything happen to pretty girls like you.
Tachy at 120.
BP's 100 systolic.
Frazier-tip suction for the nose.
Zygoma is mobile.
- It looks like a LeFort three.
- Does it hurt when I press here, Gayla? We need to operate on your belly, but you'll be fine.
Robert, have a minute to speak privately? I've got a girl losing blood by the pint.
But sure, what the hell.
Call Maser.
Tell her we have a hot e-lap.
- You think posterior bleed? - Place to start.
Left you a number of messages.
Cefotetan, and make sure the blood bank gets a clot.
You were sent a memo.
She stable enough for CT? - Tachycardic and hypotensive.
- Let's get this little minx upstairs.
- I'll take her.
- What are you doing? Based on your fine assessment, an e-lap.
Have a surgical residents scrub in.
- I did for Dr.
- Even though he has no O.
privileges? - I'm a supervising Attending.
- On operations you can perform yourself.
- What are you saying? I can't scrub in? - I'm saying read my memo.
Now let's get this young lady to the O.
Oh, and congratulations, Kerry.
No one deserves it more.
If you can't vote, you shouldn't be able to drive.
- I got my license the minute I turned 16.
- You were never a "teenager" teenager.
You were responsible.
I was a total idiot.
All I cared about was finding a boyfriend.
Nothing like now, right? Do you think Carter can cover the last hour of my shift? - He's leaving for Belize.
- The scuba thing.
A week of fun in the sun.
Yeah, while you get stuck here in the rain.
But all of his diving buddies are nitrox certified, whatever that means.
And I can barely snorkel.
- Do you have a date or something? - Friend set me up with some guy.
Blind date.
It just proves that some of us never really leave high school.
Sasha Melman, 16, bilateral femur fractures.
Amazing she's not worse.
Books, shoes, blood everywhere.
- It hurts so much! - Sasha, I'm Dr.
- Can you wiggle your toes for me? - I don't think I can.
- Good popliteal pulses.
- Okay.
Page Ortho.
A gram of Ancef, 300 of gent.
- My friends okay? - Yes.
We' re helping them.
Helen Broznich.
Limping at the scene.
No LOC, no chest or abdominal injuries.
- Any ETOH or drugs on board? - She denies both, but she's agitated.
- Thing's choking me.
- This the driver? Helen, I'm Dr.
Where are you hurt? Everywhere, all the time.
- What's open? - Trauma 2.
- Come on, damn it.
- Still agonal.
Try Isuprel, wide open.
What's going on? You completed the P.
algorithms 10 minutes ago.
- We wanna give her a little longer.
- You gave her longer.
Call it, or I will.
Oh, sorry.
I thought the room was clear.
- Is she dead? - Get Helen to another room for now.
- That's Terri.
Is she dead? - Gallant.
I thought I hit the brakes.
Time of death, 11:29.
What do you figure this cost the taxpayers? "Kerry, congrats to the best doc in Chicago.
- Alderman Bright.
" - Think he's trying to get her to change teams or what? My guess? "Or what.
" I can pick up a bottle of this stuff for us tonight if you want.
That stuff is about 200 bucks a pop.
Well, I guess you' re buying then.
Dispo'd Mr.
Waiting on a bed on Mrs.
Mary Galloway is up in CT.
I'm off to the second largest barrier reef in the world.
- Bring Dramamine.
- And repellent.
They got mosquitoes the size of eagles in Belize.
- Not to mention pirates.
- So Deb? - You and Pratt, huh? - Yeah, I guess.
- You guess? - Well, we' re not exclusive or anything - ER.
Let me check.
- we' re just kind of casually attached.
Frank, we hear anything from OB about a bed for Kim Cohen? No.
But I got your mom on line one.
- Abby, line one.
- Yeah.
I'm on my way out.
- Can you take a message? - You mean another one? - Maggie called? - Twice.
- Why? - I don't know.
She wants to talk to me, make it up, be a family, whatever.
- You' re not interested in doing that? - No.
Not really.
If you' re mad at your mom, you should tell her.
Don't just ignore her.
Okay, thanks.
I took a split shift so I could see you off.
- My flight's not for hours.
- I know.
- Did you see the car coming? - Two-inch scalp lac, GCS 15, no LOC.
I was gonna throw in a 5-0 nylon and give her a head sheet.
- Did you hear the brakes? - Switch to Prolene.
Blue stitches are easier to find for removal.
- Any other minor injuries in the accident? - Just the driver in Curtain 3.
Bad ankle.
She lost control of her car.
Lewis, this one's got a clotted PICC line.
Can you take him? Sure.
Give me a couple minutes, okay? fracture and multiple abrasions.
- Blood alcohol and tox screen? - First thing I checked.
Came back clean.
- Head CT's negative- - She's concussed? Well, it's hard to tell.
- Hi, I'm Dr.
- I remember you.
Says she was here last week, got diagnosed with hepatitis.
Oh, yeah, right.
So, Helen, what happened today? There were these squirrels at my school.
I saw them in the road.
- And you swerved? - Squirrels are rabies carriers.
So are raccoons.
Is my dad here yet? We'll go check, okay? She's not jaundiced enough for hepatic encephalopathy.
She'd be altered, not just weird.
Lewis, your blind date called.
The restaurant you picked doesn't work for him.
- Oh, for God's sake.
- He wants you to call him and regroup.
- Hey, you choose someplace exotic? - Yeah.
A steak house.
So Keener's thyroidectomy will now be supervised by Dr.
- Correct.
- What about Jocelyn Gaines' Billroth II? Push it if possible.
I'm buried in administrative backwash.
- If not? - Anspaugh will take it.
- Robert.
- Kerry.
- There's gonna be a press conference.
- I wouldn't miss it for the world.
I know you wanted the position.
I just wanted to check and make sure - you were feeling okay about all this.
- Well, how am I feeling? Pretty damn grateful, actually.
I've got a good heart, good soul and, unlike our new liaison, two good legs.
Weaver, we' re ready for you.
Ask yourself what you did to deserve this, Kerry.
- A lot of hard work, actually.
- And what the alderman wants in return.
He doesn't want anything.
Not everyone's an opportunistic asshole like you.
So I'm told.
- Still okay with me going? - Yeah.
I said I was.
You meant it? What are you thinking? Nothing.
- Work? - No.
- Your mom? - God, no.
- Go on, tell me.
- It's a song.
- Oh, yeah? Which one? - From the '70s.
- It's goofy.
- "Blinded by the Light.
" - No.
- "Love Will Keep Us Together.
" - No.
- What? No.
You done? Oh, no.
Please don't.
Please don't.
- You want to get that? - No.
It's an utterly thankless position.
No money, endless paperwork, countless meetings.
But it still remains a great honor.
Therefore, on behalf of the board of commissioners I am proud and privileged to name Dr.
Kerry Weaver as medical liaison to Cook County's public healthcare administration.
Thank you, alderman.
I couldn't have accepted this position without the continued support of my colleagues here at County.
Weaver, how are you qualified for this office? You mean can a nonpolicy wonk do the job? Well, running a trauma center is perhaps the ultimate training ground for public healthcare, and we are in a healthcare crisis.
This position allows me the opportunity to apply practical solutions to problems that have been dealt with all too bureaucratically in the past.
Are there any other questions? How will balancing two demanding jobs affect your home life? It won't.
She's single.
So am I.
And we make a handsome couple, don't you think? - Congratulations, Dr.
- Thank you.
I reached Helen Broznich's father.
- No chicken either, huh? - I'll come back.
They actually fry tofu.
Well, I'll see you tonight at 7.
Your date's a vegetarian? No, a vegan, whatever the hell that means.
Nothing with a face.
No meat, no eggs, no dairy.
- Oh, you' re the guy with the PICC line.
- Sean.
- Need a doc over here! - Oh, got to go.
You want these? Wilma Rasmussen, 94 years old with altered mental status.
- BP 85/60.
- That's pretty low.
Pneumonia? - She's had that before.
This is different.
- Her daughter.
- She live with you? - No.
I live with her.
- Hey, save some Donnatal for me.
- Cut it out.
- What? I just need two tabs.
- Sorry.
Actually, I'm the one who should be apologizing.
I was out of line earlier.
This is work.
And the last thing you need to deal with is gossip.
I get that and I respect it.
You do? Yes, I'm the same way.
Hey, Pratt.
You have a patient waiting for you in Curtain 1.
I'll be right there.
So are you two gonna get engaged? No.
Not even close.
I don't know about that.
Pratt's been acting all in love.
- Dizzy, weak, lightheaded.
- Classic symptoms of a low blood count.
Tinnitus, palpitations Drove my wife nuts over it.
She divorced me because of it.
Trouble is you don't look anemic.
Yeah, but in pernicious anemia, symptoms may occur even in the absence of a low hemoglobin.
Trust me on this, doc.
If I don't get a shot soon, it's gonna get a lot worse.
- You've been taking B12.
- Up until two months ago.
I went to see my doc in '86 because I was feeling really run-down.
My doc made the diagnosis.
Since then I've been feeling real fit as long as I stay regular on it.
The bastard died on me a month ago.
My doctor.
That's why I'm here.
- For your B12 fix.
- I take up to 100 micrograms a month.
I think since it's been so long, I should take half a milligram.
I'm way overdue.
I'll need to check out a few things before prescribing anything.
Save yourself the trouble.
"Victims of Pernicious Anemia"? You' re looking at the president.
- What do you think it is? - Your mom has a kidney infection.
- Does that explain why she's so groggy? - Possibly.
She has other health problems.
Haleh, can you send this up for culture? And 500 of Levaquin.
Start her on dopamine at five mics per kilo.
- Well, that sounds serious.
- At 94, everything's serious.
Our friends were brought here.
There was an accident at our school.
- What are their names? - Terri, Sasha, and Janey.
- And Lissa got hurt too.
- Can we see them? Excuse me.
We can only give that sort of information out to relatives.
But they' re our best friends.
Have your parents call the school, and they'll update you on everything.
- Was it that bad? - Did they die? - Oh, God.
We totally cut class today.
- I can only give information out to- Was she there? Did she see this happen? Hey, you can't go in there.
Helen, you have to tell us what happened.
- Why are you asking me? - Who all got hurt? - You don't even know me.
- Forget her.
She's a freak.
Let's call my mom.
She's friends with the principal.
They' re popular.
- You did good, kid.
- You think? I only wish I'd fallen off a stage two years ago.
Would've kept us from appointing your god-awful predecessor.
Still having trouble with that? Kennedy had chronic back pain and ran the country.
The least I can do is tolerate a bum knee.
You know what? Let me write you a prescription for some more Vicodin.
- That's all right.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Why suffer if you don't have to? - Touch base later this week? - Look forward to it.
Don't put your pen away.
I need another signature for a subdural.
So congratulations on your appointment, by the way.
- Thank you.
- So, what is it? - A county committee type thing? - Something like that.
Well, if you can get us two more nurses a shift, I'm all for it.
- Still no word from Dr.
Kovac? - Nope.
- And you tried calling him again? - Yes, ma'am.
This is Luka.
Leave a message.
Yeah, Luka.
This is Kerry Weaver.
I'm down two Attendings and up 40 patients.
If you don't start working your scheduled shifts I'm gonna call the INS, tell them your green card's a fake and have your ass deported.
You'll need longer arms if you' re treating her from here.
- Why haven't you cleared her? - She needs a posterior splint.
Hold on.
Look, we' re buried here, Gallant.
- I realize that- - If you and your Attending can't handle a simple ankle fracture, I'll do it.
Now, clear the bed.
- Where do you want it? - The lounge.
I don't wanna be disturbed.
- What'd I miss? - Two more messages from your mother.
- She says it's important that you call.
- Right.
- Carter get off okay? - Yes, he did.
Five Sigma Nu's loose in Belize.
I hope they brought a lot of bail money.
I have friends on the P.
who can run a background check on your date.
- Already checked.
No arrests.
- Or he hasn't been caught yet.
Aren't you the optimistic one.
- You don't have plans tonight, do you? - Excuse me? Carter's off with the boys.
It'd be fun.
Dinner and drinks.
Don't let her talk you into being her chaperone.
- How's everyone know about my date? - You told them.
I got a lady won't get out of my cab.
I need a doctor.
- Where's she hurt? - I don't know.
She ain't moving.
- Know her name? - Yeah, she showed her birth certificate before I picked her up.
- Ma'am? Ma'am, wake up! - She's been beaten up.
Come on.
Open your eyes for us.
She's got a weak radial pulse.
There's blood on her hands.
- Ma'am, can you tell us what happened? - Oh, wow.
Come on, let's go! Let's go! I'm not gonna get paid, am I? - No hemotympanum.
- Systolic's 120 after the first liter.
This may burn a little.
- I'm just numbing up your belly.
- Do you know who did this to you? - Kids.
- Kids? I need to pick my kids up from school.
We can have them brought here.
We need to know your name first.
Monica Walker.
Monica, we have to figure out if you'll need surgery.
- Gotta go.
- No, no.
You have to talk to the police later.
Can't do that.
- Somebody beat you pretty badly.
- It's okay.
She owes me 11 bucks and change.
Check the bra for cash.
- What? - She's a hooker.
It's where they keep it.
Hey, get the hell out of here.
Out! Out! - What have we got? - Penetrating abdominal injury - of uncertain depth.
And these are? - Three lab-coated tumors.
- You' re teaching? - This is a teaching hospital.
- Good bowel sounds, normotensive.
- Can you tell how long the knife was? You collect box tops to get into med school? You didn't get in on your IQ.
- Help me retract here.
- Okay.
Only into the sub-q.
But there could be an intraperitoneal component.
Deep fascia's intact.
Gram of Ancef and update her tetanus.
- No surgery.
- That's right.
You boneheads in the ER are gonna have to work.
Irrigate the wound, loose approximation, and follow serial exam.
Let's go.
- Whose signature do I get for the chart? - Excuse me? For the official surgical consult.
I'm head of surgery and chief of staff.
That should do it.
That way.
Turn left.
- I don't like to be touched.
- Dr.
Weaver's almost finished.
- They'll hate me even more now.
- Who will? Everyone at my school.
- Why? Because of what happened? - Helen, what happened was tragic.
But it was an accident.
It was raining you lost control of your car.
- Who's your Attending on this? - Dr.
Get her.
Helen, do you ever have any problems with rigid muscles or jerkiness? I can be a real spaz sometimes.
You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
What is it, Kerry? She has gold-colored deposits on her cornea.
I don't like to be touched.
- Kayser-Fleischer rings.
- Pathognomonic for Wilson's disease.
- What's that? - Your body may have an inability to excrete copper, so it builds up in the liver and brain.
- Really? - We need to run some tests to be sure.
But I'll be right back, okay? - She was here a week ago? - I treated her and released her.
- Did Gallant do an eye exam? - Of course he did.
But Wilson's is a total zebra to a med student.
- What's your excuse? - The rings may not have been - as prominent last week.
- Okay, send off a serum ceruloplasmin and find me when you get the results.
- She's having trouble breathing.
- Who? Your old lady.
Pulse ox down to 82 on five liters.
- What's happening? - Respiratory rate's up to 30.
The fluid we gave to raise her blood pressure is going to her lungs.
So, what do you do? Normally we use Lasix and nitroglycerine, but they'd lower her pressure further.
I know you love your mother very much, but you need to think about - how aggressively you wanna handle this.
- You don't understand.
I need her.
- Of course you need her.
- No.
I need her social security checks.
Another 4-0 nylon.
He was a regular.
Just went nuts on me.
- It might be time for a new profession.
- I gotta feed my kids.
How old are they? Luke's 7, Christy's 12.
- They know what you do? - No.
Don't need to.
I'm there when they leave for school, there when they get back and I'm there till they go to sleep at night.
You go out after they' re in bed? Look, I'm not a junkie.
And I don't have a pimp.
I just work enough to support my kids.
But they' re home by themselves.
- That was fast.
- I don't want to talk to him.
- They have to document the assault.
- I don't want to talk to the police.
She doesn't want to file a report.
- You Abby Lockhart? - Yeah? Officer Beechum, Chicago P.
- We were asked to come find you.
- Me? Minneapolis P.
reported that an aircraft your brother was flying has disappeared.
Your mother asked us to notify you.
- She was unable to reach you by phone.
- Okay.
Okay, what does that mean, disappeared? Where was he? Well, radar last picked him up over Lake Superior 11 hours ago.
You can call the FAA up there for more information.
I'm sorry.
Explain to me how somebody just goes off radar.
What you' re saying is you think he went down.
Just- What are the other possibilities? Okay, did you have any communications from him? Like a mayday or whatever? No.
Yes, I'm reachable here.
I thought he was an air-traffic controller.
He always wanted to fly.
He just got his license.
Did you reach Carter? I had him paged in Miami.
I guess the flight already took off.
- Does your mom know anything? - I haven't called her.
- Do you think you should? - I think I'm stressed out enough as it is - without having to deal with her too.
- Yeah.
You should go home.
Do people know? About Eric? Some.
I'd rather they didn't.
- You should still go home.
- I'm gonna stay.
Hold, please.
Radiology needs you to send Stewart back up.
- Film's bad.
- Abby, guy from the school district - dropped off Monica Walker's kids.
- Who? - The hooker with the slashed belly.
- Okay.
- I'll take you to see your mom now.
- Is my mom gonna be okay? - Yeah, she is.
- Did she get mugged again? Thanks anyway.
Her kids are here.
Go ahead.
Go right in.
Hey, guys.
Oh, good to see you.
She denied everything, told the cop she fell through a window.
Probably tell her kids the same thing.
You think it would be better if she told them a john slashed her? - Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Marshman? Could you turn your hearing aid down, please? - Thank you.
- What? Labs back on your B12 guy, Vitelli.
Hemoglobin's 14, hematocrit's 42.
Anything wrong? Stan, my man, this is your lucky day.
- You giving me my shot? - No.
Your doctor never did a Schilling test on you, did he? I knew it was unlikely, given your age, your ethnicity.
My grandmother's from northern Europe.
have the anti-parietal cell antibody.
And your blood test was negative for it.
So I'm in the 10 percent without the antibody.
You have a normal cobalamin level.
- Do you know what that is, Stanley? - Vitamin B12.
And what causes pernicious anemia? B12 deficiency from lack of intrinsic factor.
You don't have the disease.
You never did.
I can stay home and take care of you.
Don't even think about missing school on my account.
He's only trying to get out of a math test anyway.
I am not, butthead.
My little brother's goofy.
Ignore him.
That's what I do.
Were you talking to me? They' re good kids.
I do the best I can, you know? I really do.
I don't think I'm gonna be able to get home as early as I'd thought.
- Well, how about a late supper? - Kerry, labs are back on Helen Broznich.
Sandy, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Father here? - Yes.
Want me to tell him? Absolutely not.
- Hello.
I'm Dr.
- Walter Broznich.
This is all so terrible.
How are the other girls? I'm not sure.
I shouldn't have let Helen drive in that damn rain.
Is she gonna be okay? In addition to the injuries your daughter sustained in the accident we found that she has a rare disorder called Wilson's disease.
I'm confused.
Last week you people said she had hepatitis.
She does.
In the sense that her liver is inflamed as a result of copper accumulation.
I have some in my brain too.
Wilson's is a genetic condition that can cause both psychiatric and motor disorders.
In particular, jerky movements.
It's usually not symptomatic until adolescence.
Is that why I hit the gas and not the brakes? That would be my suspicion.
- It's curable? - It's manageable.
There's a Rick Kelly who's a wildlife artist.
- Click on that other web site.
- You think it's the rock climber? How cute, especially with those tight shorts.
- What are you doing? - Googling your blind date.
What? That is so rude.
If you wanna know anything about him, just ask me.
Why? You've never even met him.
Buns of steel, huh? Maybe I can live with the vegan thing.
Are you sure this is him? What's so funny? What? Sorry about what's happening with your brother.
Hopefully they'll find him safe and sound.
Well, I'd better get back to the phones.
- Where's that Bell's palsy patient? - Exam 1.
Here, I'll show you.
- I wish you'd go home.
- Why? So people can talk more - about my tragic family? - That's not where it's coming from.
You know that.
They're concerned.
Yeah, I know.
All we can do is interview the children, get a better sense of home life.
If she's got customers going home with her, there could be endangerment.
- Who's this? - Bruce Dorchester, social services.
I'm new.
I don't think we've met.
So if your findings support removal, will the children be kept together? - We'll make every effort, yeah.
- Great.
- Why are you doing this? - I know you mean well - but we' re trying- - But what? They' re good kids.
Their mother provides for them.
- Yes, by actively prostituting herself.
- She has been arrested twice.
Is she under arrest now? She admits to leaving her minor children home alone at night.
That's neglect.
- We've seen much worse.
- By law, we have to report this.
Look, I shouldn't have to explain this to you.
You have to explain it to somebody.
It's wrong.
- This isn't your call.
- Is it yours? You' re a nurse, Abby.
You don't have the power to make this kind of decision.
I think this sucks.
What is her problem? She's using accessory muscles to breathe now.
- Is she talking at all? - Asked where her daughter was.
- Where is she? - Bathroom, I think.
Go to 20 mics of dopamine.
Rasmussen? I need to talk to you about your condition.
Your lungs aren't working too well anymore.
Neither is your heart.
If it gets much worse, we' re going to have to intubate you.
Your daughter has asked us to do everything we can to save you.
But in situations like this, often the treatment is worse than the condition.
There's something you can sign called a "do not resuscitate" order.
What? There are plums in the back yard.
They' re so lovely, sweet.
Do you like plums? I brought an umbrella just in case.
- It is beautiful from up here, isn't it? - Yeah.
Listen, if you need any help, need me to make some calls - answer some questions, I- - Do you believe - people can die instantly? - Sorry? I don't know.
I'm a nurse.
I don't know if I believe it happens instantly.
A second can seem like a lifetime.
Like when you hit the brakes to avoid hitting a car it seems like it takes forever to stop.
But maybe if you go nose-first into the water at 200 miles an hour, it is instantaneous.
At least I hope it is.
Why do you think he went nose-first? I don't know.
I'd better get back to work.
So you say you' re sick, you' re broke, you' re unemployed and uninsured.
Yeah, sure.
Come on over.
Willner is regular again, and I'm out of here.
What you getting into? I think I'm gonna stay, do some studying.
- I missed a diagnosis.
- It happens to the best of us.
- Hey, you get one of these? - "Greetings from Baltimore.
" - Frank, Exam 1 's clear.
- Tell it to the next clerk.
I'm history.
- Damn it.
- Sounds like Leon's having a nice time? - Guess he's adjusting okay.
- Yeah.
- Abby, Carter's on the line for you.
- I'll take it in there.
- Well, have a good night.
- Yep.
You too.
Plan on it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Stanley, thought you'd be out painting the town by now.
Well, all my friends are too tired to go out.
- You' re kidding me, right? - They all have pernicious anemia.
Everything in my life was built around it.
Support groups, therapy, committees.
- What do I do now? - Well, you could try enjoying yourself.
How? - So your flight was all right then? - Yeah.
Eric's plane disappeared.
It went off radar or something.
They don't know.
Have you been in the water yet? No, Carter.
You don't have to do that.
Carter, he could show up in an hour.
I just want to wait and see what happens, okay? Okay? All right, I have to go.
I'll call you later.
- Good night, Abby.
- Good night.
- I hope everything's okay.
- Thanks.
- Okay, I'm taking six more.
- Cut down on the caffeine.
Or give some to Conni.
Her shift started 10 minutes ago.
- Need something done? - A Nipride drip in 1.
- I'll do it.
- You rock.
- Have you been here since yesterday? - Well, there's no place like home.
I think my mother's having a heart attack.
How's this? Smells better anyway.
I don't know how you people stand all this crap.
Me either.
- You want some privacy? - I wanna get out of here.
All right.
I'll see what I can do.
- They still haven't found a bed upstairs? - My dad went to find out about it.
Did anybody else die? In the accident? A couple of girls were seriously injured.
But they' re in Recovery now.
They should be okay.
- So just Terri died? - Yeah.
Not Sasha? No.
I don't know how that happened.
It was raining pretty hard.
Sasha was meaner.
- Sorry? - They weren't very nice to me.
They were never very nice to me.
- Come on now.
- No! No! - It'll be all right.
- Mommy! - No! - Why are you letting them do this? - Everything'll be all right.
- Mommy! No! - It's just till I get better.
- Everything's gonna be all right, all right? - Mommy, no! - I love you.
- It's okay.
- No! No! She left them alone at night.
- What happened? - She coded.
Shocked her twice, intubated her, and she converted.
Guess this rules you out as a second signature for her DNR.
- It's what she wanted.
- I need to talk to you about Helen.
Keep her systolic above 90, and let's get her up to the MICU.
- It may not be the disease.
- What? What are you talking about? Helen hated those girls.
And they weren't too crazy about her either.
Teenagers torture each other in high school.
Believe me, I remember.
But they get upset when they run over classmates.
Her flat affect could definitely be part of the Wilson's.
Just because she has a disorder doesn't mean she didn't know what she was doing.
Are you implying that she hurt those girls on purpose? She seems disappointed more of them didn't die.
That's what I'm implying.
- Doctor, the appy in 4 is asking for you.
- Excuse me.
Your blind date called and said he'd just pick you up here.
- Fine.
- I have a brother that's single.
Clotted PICC line.
Maybe I missed my turn.
I got up and walked around for a while.
Here's a tip.
Never give up your place on the waiting list at a county hospital.
- It's no big deal.
- Yeah, it's a huge deal.
Come on.
No, really.
It gave me a chance to people-watch.
Well, that's putting a positive spin on it.
So why do you have a PICC line? Stage 3C testicular cancer.
These two should be reviewed in surgical committee.
- You got it.
- I remember you.
How'd I do? Very, very well.
Because you promised you'd take care of me, right? Get some rest.
Send them to the QA office? Mr.
Dresden can transfer to Four West.
And I am going home to soak my feet.
Donald, have a minute? - Dr.
Romano, what can I do for you? - Well, I read your memo and I think your concerns are valid so I'm willing to limit my surgical supervision to fifth-year residents.
- Keep going to physical therapy.
- Wait, look.
Hear me out.
They already have all the skills they need.
I'd just be there to comment and observe.
You have physical liabilities.
It'd be one or two cases a week.
I wouldn't have to lift a finger.
We simply cannot expose patients or the hospital to unnecessary risks.
Look, look, look.
Just keep me on the schedule, even if it's in name only.
- Dr.
Romano- - Damn it.
Please don't make me beg.
Until your recovery has progressed further let's use your expertise to help our students.
- They ready for us? - Almost.
I'd like to get a psychiatric consult before admitting Helen to the medicine floor for treatment.
Why? Mr.
Broznich, although the disease impacts the brain it doesn't necessarily explain all behavior.
What do you mean? Your daughter has the ability to make decisions.
She goes to school.
She drives a car.
I don't understand.
I think you need to speak with the police again.
I'm a spastic.
You said that.
No, Helen.
I didn't say that.
That's why I hit the gas and not the brakes.
- I'll send the detective in.
- Wait.
- It's not the disease? - That will have to be decided.
It was her? - I don't know.
- She could have done this? I don't know.
I'm going to inject something called streptokinase into your port which should dissolve the clot and make your line functional.
A good thing, because your white blood counts are almost nonexistent.
I had chemo 10 days ago.
Your neutrophiles are below 500 making you susceptible to life-threatening infection.
The ER is the last place you should be.
Really? I kind of like it here.
Now I know you' re sick.
When you' re done with this, go home, take your temperature every four hours.
Anything above 100.
4 and you get your butt back here.
- Wouldn't it just be easier to stay? - No.
- Hey.
- You out of here? - Yeah.
- Any word? - Nothing.
- Is Carter coming back? - No.
I told him not to.
- You don't have to be alone tonight.
Go with you on your blind date? I don't think so.
- Call me if you need me.
- I'll be fine.
Good night.
Is that him? Yeah.
Have fun.
- I'm Susan Lewis.
- Rick Kelly.
So are you ready to go? Actually, I have to stick around with a patient.
A kid with testicular cancer.
I should've called you.
- I drove in from Lincoln Park.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Okay, then.
Should we reschedule? Probably not.
Really? Well, you know when you meet someone and you can tell if there's a connection or not? Actually, I don't wanna give up steak.
I'm sorry.
What happened to your date? Oh, it wasn't meant to be, I guess.
Let's get you a shot of Neupogen.
Did you get new furniture? It feels different in here.
- It's less crowded.
- Maybe that's it.
You miss him? Sometimes.
I never lived with anyone aside from my parents.
- No? - But they weren't around much.
Guess that's why sometimes I love my alone time.
Not me.
I grew up around a whole bunch of cousins and kids in the projects.
I like it loud.
The more the merrier.
You like kids? Why do you ask? I don't know.
You ever think about having them? Okay, okay.
You' re not the maternal type.
I love kids.
Well, good.
Me too.
I- I had one.
You have a kid? I gave him up for adoption.
Why? I don't know.
It's complicated.
He's being raised by good people.
Aren't you good people? I guess I wasn't ready.
Well, I'm gonna go take a shower.
All right? Mom, are you there? Look, I'm sorry I didn't call you back earlier.
But I need to talk to you now.
Mom, if you' re there, could you please pick up? Okay.
Maybe you 're sleeping.
Call me back.
I should be home.