ER s09e15 Episode Script

A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

Previously on E.
So why do you have a PICC line? Stage 3C testicular cancer.
- You have a kid? - He's being raised by good people.
Aren't you good people? I was worried about you because I love you.
And you think I'm crazy? Mentally unstable.
Suddenly plagued by a psychiatric illness.
What do you think? Your mother asked us to notify you.
That an aircraft your brother was flying has disappeared.
She was unable to reach you by phone.
Explain to me how somebody just goes off radar.
Sorry, the intercom thing is broken.
- Did I wake you? - No.
- Wanna come in? - No.
I'm on my way to work.
Remember that place where you used to practice medicine? - I told you I needed some time off.
- And you've had it.
Rumor is you quit, but I've seen nothing official.
- So I've scheduled you to work today.
- I still have some things to do.
One of them is to decide whether you still wanna be a doctor.
Be in by noon or don't bother coming back.
Hey! Oh, God! Oh, God.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Call 911.
Don't move.
Hey! Hey, wait, wait! Come back here! You could be seriously injured! You assho-! You scared me.
You okay? - When did you get here? - A couple hours ago.
You were still sleeping.
Any news? How about some breakfast? Can you eat? Did the phone ring? - I thought I heard the phone ring.
- No.
You can just leave that stuff.
I'll clean up later.
You want some aspirin? Will you call me if they call here? - Where are you going? - I took a shift.
- You’re going in? - Gotta keep busy.
- Let's do something.
Don't go to work.
- I can't drop it.
- They'll call for you.
- I'm going.
Hey, hey.
They're gonna find him.
Thank you for coming back.
Cancel your cell phone and call your bank.
I gotta renew my license, get a new phone, replace all my credit cards.
Hey, listen up! If anybody gets a scruffy white male in his 20s who looks like he got hit by a car, find me.
- Where's Pratt? - Paramedic ride-along.
You clip somebody on the way to work? - I wish.
- Hey, where were you? - Curtain 3.
- No, when I needed you.
I called you about a dozen times last night.
- Oh, I must have had my phone off.
- We had a deal.
If I call you and it rings once, you call my cell and bail me out.
I thought you canceled with that guy.
I did.
But he kept calling me, so I just met him later for drinks.
- Oh, you caved.
- I know.
I'm a sucker.
- Was it that bad? - Well, I almost had to fake it.
- An orgasm? - A seizure.
I called you at 11 to commiserate, but you still weren't home.
- I spent the night at his place.
- Whose place? - His.
- Spent the night? Dr.
Do we lavage for a rectal temp of 92? - Is she altered? - Yeah, but she has a history of Alzheimer's.
I want details.
I'm Dr.
She wandered outside for over an hour before I realized she was gone.
Passive external rewarming.
Put her on heated humidified O2 by mask.
She's usually more alert.
They upped her medicine.
She probably just has a mild case of hypothermia.
- I'll check on her as she warms up.
- Thank you.
What are you doing back here? Visiting.
Respiratory distress.
I think it's pneumonia.
Do I really have to wear this thing? I mean, I just got a cough, right? Temp's 102.
Neutropenic two days ago.
You have no white blood cells, and this place is crawling with germs.
CBC, blood and sputum culture, chest x- ray and half a gram of imipenem IV.
- Did you miss me? - No.
One of my guys found him this morning when he opened up.
He's a bum.
Must've crawled in here last night sometime after we locked up.
Wouldn't wake up when I shook him.
And he stinks.
You guys gotta get him out before my customers show up.
I can't get a pulse.
Give me the paddles.
Sorry, doc.
This is our show.
You just watch.
- Then why am I here? - To appreciate what we do.
No pulse, no resps.
But plenty of urine and- Oh, gross.
- Looks like lividity.
- Is that some sort of disease? He's pooling blood.
This guy's dead.
Hey, where you going? Back to the bus.
You’re supposed to observe us.
This guy's a corpse, and whatever you do with corpses, I don't need to see.
I'm going back in the rig where it's warm.
If you pronounce this guy, we can call the coroner and all get out of here.
I thought this was your show.
That's more of a guideline than a rule.
Yeah? Hi, John.
Is Abby home? - No, no.
She went to work.
- Work? - What did he take? - Crystal meth.
- He was just smoking glass.
- I think I'm having a heart attack.
- What do I-? - You can hear it.
- You better do something.
- You think this is funny? He never smoked before.
He just started puking.
The side effects of crystal meth include brain damage paranoia, hallucinations- Later, Zeki.
Don't let them give you a baboon heart.
I didn't even wanna do it.
Please don't let me die.
- CBC, tox screen and a UA.
- What is it? Do I need a transplant now? - Yeah.
Your brain.
- What? Let's get him on a cardiac monitor for a couple of hours.
Give him two of Ativan and call his parents.
Don't call my parents.
My parents'll kill me.
Drugs will kill you, not your parents.
- You don't know them.
- Need some help! - Help! - What are you gonna do about my heart? Get a gurney! - Help! - Okay, what happened? - My son.
- He got run over.
Get Weaver back here.
I need a backboard and a C-collar.
- Should've called 911.
- They weren't coming.
Put him down slowly.
Try not to move his head or his neck.
Prep a trauma room and page Surgery.
What's his name? - Jared.
- Jared, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes? I got a pulse.
Did you see the car that hit him? My car.
I hit him.
Spiders, snakes, scorpions.
Any member of the weasel family, rats.
Any kind of vermin.
These are things I spray for.
These are not pets.
Bunnies, puppies, kittens, anything you can cuddle, those are pets.
- Which do you have? - Nothing.
I'm not kidding.
They banned me from the pet store.
They keep my picture posted by the gerbils.
But you’re a doctor.
I'm only good with people.
Although I had Sea-Monkeys once.
On the package they’re really cute.
These little families swimming through the underwater castle.
- Yeah.
- Turns out they’re just brine shrimp.
Everybody knows that.
How old were you when this happened? Thirty.
- You- - I'm kidding.
I was a teenager just like you.
Okay, I'll check on you later.
I'll be here.
He's back.
I thought I buffed him up good enough last time.
You sure he's not back for the company? He has a crush on you.
Oh, please.
For starters, I'm old enough to be- - Well, I'm an older woman.
- Here's to you, Mrs.
Lewis, labs and films are back on your boyfriend.
- You’re sick.
- And Mrs.
Langston's coming around.
- When you get a chance.
- Thanks.
You know, younger men have a lot of energy.
Not when they have cancer.
Oh, sorry.
You know, sometimes I forget they’re sick.
I know.
Me too.
So you and Pratt are going together now? - You think he thinks that? - What would give him that idea? - Have you guys seen Abby? - Trauma 2.
- I thought she was working Triage.
- Bad MVA, little boy.
- Apneic.
- Six-0 cuffed tube and a 2-Mac blade.
He was in the house.
He must've run out to say goodbye.
- Full trauma panel, type and cross for six.
- Oh, my God.
I was- I wasn't going fast.
I was just backing up.
Drugs are in.
He's loose.
- Set of crits and a Foley.
- Sats are down to 91.
Cricoid pressure.
- No.
- She wants to talk to you.
- No.
- Abby, now.
I can't.
- John.
- What's happening? Your son isn't breathing on his own.
That was fast.
Well, your white blood count's up to I know.
My immune system's back.
Yes, it is.
But I have pneumonia? Because your metastatic lesions haven't decreased in size.
But I had two more cycles.
They should have responded by now.
Well, at least it's not growing.
Right? How long? Four minutes and 30 seconds.
How long do you wait? Five minutes.
And if he doesn't breathe after that? That would be a strong indicator of brain death.
Jared, I just got off the phone with Daddy and he'll be here really soon, okay? He'll be here any minute.
No excursions.
Sats are okay.
No spontaneous breaths.
No oculovestibular response.
That's five.
That's it? I'm sorry.
Jared can't breathe without the ventilator.
When you’re ready, we can talk about how long you want him on the machines.
No, my husband- You have to give my husband a chance to get here.
We'll do everything that we can.
He hates it when I leave.
Stalls me with hugs and kisses.
He was running out to give me another hug.
- You should really just go home.
- I don't wanna go home.
I wanna talk to Abby.
- She's preoccupied right now.
- Her brother is missing.
- There's not a lot she can do.
- You have cops coming in every day.
- She must know one of them.
- The FAA has the Coast Guard - searching both sides of the lake.
- I called the FAA and Coast Guard.
They won't give me any info.
They think I'm a terrorist or something.
- They refer me to the Chicago P.
- If it makes you feel better - I know the sergeant.
I'll call him.
- Thank you.
We have to go down.
We have to push them.
We've got to do something.
- Let me talk to her.
- I wanna talk to her! - Just give me one minute.
- I wanna talk to her myself.
We'll deal with this.
Just sit here- - John, we have to find Eric.
- I know.
- Everything all right? - No.
- I thought you were off.
- I am.
If Abby needs to go, she should.
I was surprised to see her.
- Yeah, I just need to find her first.
- Trauma 2.
- Is Luka here yet? - Croat? Does he still work here? - I guess not.
- Dr.
- Yeah.
- A guy in Triage looks like a possible MVA.
- He matches your mugger's description.
- Tell the nurses to keep him busy.
- I'll be right there.
- Hey, Gallant, bad news.
Pathology lost Mrs.
Pincus' Pap smear.
You need to swab her again.
And stand by while they examine it.
- Oh, just swab her again? - Yeah, that bad? Possible wrist fracture, multiple abrasions.
He said he fell over a curb.
That's him.
Get security and hard restraints.
How about giving me something for the pain? My arm's broken.
Where's my purse, creep? - I don't know what you’re talking about.
- Hey, get back into bed.
- You can't keep me here.
- Hey, man.
- Get out of my way! - Okay, get him.
Hold him! - Is she manic? - She's upset.
- She's blond.
- So are you.
His plane disappeared yesterday.
She wouldn't decompensate overnight.
- I've seen it happen.
- Well, then make your own assessment.
Can't you deal with her? She's not my mother.
- Who knows, maybe she can help.
- What's wrong? This machine is going off.
- Are we treating? - Until her husband gets here.
All right.
Mg of atropine.
No pulse.
Starting compressions.
Mommy's here, Jared.
Mommy's here.
Oh, sweetie.
I got you.
Nothing? No change at all? Some cancers are more resistant than others.
Then why would the oncologist put him through that? He said 20 percent.
Well, if you would give me the appropriate IV antibiotics, and oxygen and whatever pain meds he needs to stay comfortable - I would like to take him home soon.
- My white count's up, Mom.
I can beat the pneumonia.
Think about how aggressively you wanna handle this.
There's a possibility you'd be put on a breathing machine.
Let's do it.
And then what? More pain? More nausea, more infections, vomiting.
I can take it.
I know you can.
You have been so brave and so strong.
But do you wanna spend the rest of your time on machines in a hospital? What choice do I have? You' re not gonna take anymore! You' re not gonna take anymore! - I only have nine left! - Nine what? - Toes.
You took the big one.
- All right, relax.
I am not gonna relax! - Hey.
- I'm not gonna relax! Full-term, vitals stable, contractions three minutes apart.
Just get it out! I want an epidural! - You didn't give her one? - She said no drugs.
- I changed my mind.
- I need to crash at your place tonight.
- What? - I took care of the roach thing.
- No.
- What? You'd make me get a hotel? - I have a thing.
- What thing? - A thing.
- Oh, more secrets.
It's just dinner with Susan.
She's been kind of lonely and depressed lately.
- Oh, my God! - She let loose a geyser.
- Get him away from me! - Know what? I've got this.
You can go.
- I guess I'll see you, then.
- I'll see you.
No! What are you doing? Don't send him away.
- What? Who? Dr.
Pratt? - I love him.
He thinks pregnant women are sexy! Oh, no, no, no.
Don't push! I have no control over this thing! Mrs.
Langston, do you have any chest pain, any shortness of breath? - Can she speak English? - She used to speak it fluently.
- Since she was a teenager.
- Not anymore? The Alzheimer's started affecting her speech a few months ago.
- But now she can only speak French.
- Her first language? I never bothered to learn.
I never needed it.
It means, " I would like a taste of melon.
" It's the first full sentence I learned in high school and the only one I remember.
We'll try and find a translator.
- Maxed out on atropine.
- Try another round of epi.
- What was that? - I may have broken a rib.
- V-tach.
- Okay, charge to 100.
- We’re gonna have to shock him.
- Will he feel that? - You don't have to be in here.
- I'm not leaving him.
Okay, clear.
- Heart rhythm.
- Got a weak pulse.
- Is he alive? - He has a pulse.
- Mix up some dopamine.
- Are you sure you want us to do this? Quit asking me that.
He's my son! Abby, I'm flying to Cleveland.
I bought you a ticket if you wanna come.
I talked to some police sergeant.
I used John's name.
And he said that all search-and-rescue operations for Lake Superior are stationed out of- Out of the Cleveland district command.
I am not flying to Cleveland, Maggie.
Have you spoken with anyone else? The FAA Chicago field rep told me he would call me- The FAA is not gonna tell you anything until after the NTSB- I don't need them to tell me anything.
- What, you don't care? - Eric is dead.
- He is missing.
- He was trying to kill himself.
No, he was not.
He did not.
He was in therapy.
He was on his meds.
- You sure about that? - Yes, I'm sure about that.
Did you watch and make sure he swallowed? - He was not suicidal, Abby.
- I saw him.
Two weeks ago he came to see me, and I didn't get it then.
But now, I understand what it was.
He was at peace because he had a plan.
- No.
He was doing well.
- Yes.
He apologized to me.
He even showed me a picture of the plane.
- Planes crash and people walk away.
- He came to say goodbye.
People walk away, Abby! It was goodbye! You’re in the wrong place if you got a sore throat.
- I have a specimen.
- Good for you.
Put it with the rest.
I was told to wait while you did it.
You see this body here? I got three more just like it before you.
I guess I can leave it and come back later.
Like I said, put it with the rest.
Sounds like you'll need another specimen.
- Dr.
Upton? - Leave it.
I'll get someone to clean it up.
Upton, is that supposed to happen? No.
Well, don't just stand there.
Unzip it.
Someone told them electrical current neutralized snake venom.
- Yeah, it kills you.
Hey again.
- Hey.
- I'm gonna go restock the rig.
- You mean steal stuff? - So how's Mom? - What? You know, the lingerie labor.
Big boy.
Nine pounds, six ounces.
Oh, that's a keeper.
And that's the most important thing, isn't it? That she keeps it.
- What? - Oh, you know.
You like kids.
- You like pregnant women.
That's great.
- How about you just relax? I didn't expect you to be a mom, that's all.
I'm not a mom.
I had a baby, that's all.
Hey, I feel for you.
But we all made mistakes when we were young.
I wasn't a teenager, Greg.
It was two years ago.
Yo, gotta roll.
LOL slip and fall on Dickerson.
Yeah, in a sec.
You feel guilty about something, that's your thing.
I don't care either way.
- At least I know how you feel.
- That's not what I meant.
Hey, Pratt.
There's someone I want you to meet.
- Yeah, not now.
- You've met him before.
Come here.
You too.
Listen, I'm riding with 37 today.
We had a slip and fall.
- Not anymore.
- You don't look lonely and depressed.
- What? - Nothing.
Holy crap! You pronounced this guy.
And he scared the hell out of me when he came to in the morgue.
His alcohol level was.
His blood was practically antifreeze.
You should know you' re not dead until you' re warm and dead.
- Yeah.
But he had lividity.
- We call that dirt.
Excuse me.
Lewis, could I speak to you for a moment? Of course.
This is Dr.
He's gonna give you a nice, warm bath.
With bubbles? Later, dude.
With bubbles.
I don't want Sean to suffer anymore.
I know it's grim right now but he seems pretty determined.
Can you tell me something different than all the oncologists? Every specialist? Because if you can tell me that he has a chance And it's Sean's decision.
He didn't even wanna do the second round of chemo.
But he did it for me.
I made him.
Do you have any idea what it's like to watch someone you love suffer like that just because he loves you? - Mrs.
Simmons- - He went through hell to get to the point where he and I finally accepted that he was going to die.
And then he met you.
He likes you.
As a doctor and as a woman.
And without meaning to or not, you' re giving him false hope.
I just want Sean to come home.
He'll listen to you if you tell him that's what's best.
I'm very sorry.
But your son has suffered a severe head injury.
What are you saying? He shows no sign of any brain activity.
The machines are breathing for him.
And we've been keeping his body alive until you got here.
I didn't I didn't see him, Michael.
- I didn't see him.
- Okay.
There must be some kind of hope.
I know that you need to believe that, but you have to understand your son is gone.
He died.
- Multifocal PVCs on lidocaine.
- What does that mean? He'll soon fall back into cardiac arrest.
And we might be able to stop that temporarily but not indefinitely.
I need to see him again.
- Can I see him? - Of course.
I don't know how you work here.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't- - Abby, don't say anything.
I thought I could control him.
I thought I was.
Maybe I was blind or stupid or refused to see the signs.
Or maybe I'm just nuts.
But I'm not ready to bury him.
Last time I saw my son, he was alive, and that's my reality.
Until someone proves otherwise, he is alive.
Will the El take me to Midway? - Mom- - Will the El take me to Midway? Eastbound track.
I'll call you from Cleveland.
Where's your mom? She's out getting stuff from the nurse to take home.
You don't have to put yourself through this, Sean.
Not for her.
What about me? The most you'll get will be a couple of months.
It's not a cure.
My mom wants you to talk me into going home with her, doesn't she? What would you do? I can't answer that.
I don't wanna die.
Then you should fight.
With everything you have.
- Damn.
- What? - Looks like I just lost 50 bucks.
- You shouldn't gamble.
- Hey, Frank, where's Weaver? - She's at Personnel looking for new docs.
- You still work here? - I think so.
- Seizing teenager in Triage.
- Drug user? Yup.
Coming off a meth high.
Just started.
Tonic-clonic activity.
How long? - Two minutes.
- Did you give him anything? I pushed four of Ativan.
Recheck a temp.
He's burning up.
Amphetamines can raise body temperature.
High fever makes you seize.
Oh, man.
It's 107.
Wait a minute.
We need to keep him on the monitors.
Grab four liters of irrigation.
We need to get his temperature down.
- What about ice packs to the axilla? - Won't work.
- Start a cold gastric lavage.
- We don't have time.
Give me the saline.
He needs to be wet to increase the heat transfer.
- He's seizing again.
- No, he's just shivering.
He's gonna freeze.
This is crazy.
I'm getting Weaver.
- V-fib.
- What's that? - It's an unstable heartbeat.
- What will that do to him? His heart isn't pumping enough oxygen through his body.
And in a minute, it'll stop.
That's when you would shock him? I love you, baby.
I love you, sweetie, so much.
Yeah, this is she.
Was it damaged? Well, then where's my brother? Did he leave a bag or a note or-? It's him? Well, do you think you could leave it there, so if he-? - No.
- They found his plane? What's the name of the town? - Thank you.
- Intact.
Tied down in a field outside of Sault Sainte Marie.
- He's alive.
- He cared enough to tie down his plane.
- Yeah.
- I guess Maggie was right.
God, I'll be right back.
- What are you doing? - It was cooking his brain.
He needs to be on a monitor.
Ice immersion can cause an arrhythmia or a heart attack.
- Not in a young, healthy patient.
- He'll get frostbite.
- He won't be out here that long.
- Temp's down to 104.
Okay, that's good.
Let's put him on a gurney.
We saved his brain, heart, kidneys and liver.
Well, I guess it's a good thing you decided to finally come in.
- Where is it? I don't see it.
- A little further north? - What, Canada? - No.
Michigan, I think.
Oh, wait.
Here it is.
Sault Sainte Marie.
Yes, you're right.
- You know, you were right.
- About what? He's okay.
Yes, but you could've just as easily gotten the other phone call.
And in his mind, it wouldn't have been selfish.
It would've been other things.
He doesn't wanna be a burden.
He's not.
Well, we have to make sure he knows that he's not.
He canceled his cell phone, but he still has his e-mail.
Don't you think we could send him a message? I think if he wants to get in touch with us, he will.
I have a little money.
We could go and look for him.
- Or I could hire a private investigator.
- No.
We don't get to do anything.
We just have to wait.
He's my son.
How can I wait? It's really hard.
But you just have to go about your life and do everyday things.
Go to work.
Do your laundry.
Clean the house.
You know, just try to keep your mind off all the horrible things that might be happening to him.
And you do that for a week, or a month or maybe a year.
And then someday he'll show up, and we'll drop everything and go to him.
Or we get the other phone call.
Welcome to the outside of the disease.
He sure looks good for a corpse.
- You heard? - Yeah.
- Listen.
I wanted to say- - Look, I'm sorry- - No, go ahead.
- No, no.
You go.
Well, before, you know, maybe you were right.
Maybe I was a little judgmental.
Well, that's good to know.
Well, look, I feel like people are judging me all the time, and I hate it.
So if I did that to you, then I'm sorry.
Especially because I like you and respect you.
I mean, what the hell do I know anyway? You sure don't know how to apologize.
No, I don't.
So, what were you gonna say? You wanna see a picture of him? Yeah.
You know, I get these letters from his adoptive parents and I look forward to getting them, but I also don't.
His name's Michael.
- He's black.
- Half.
Okay, okay.
It's a great combination.
He's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- You almost ready? Yeah, just give me 10 minutes.
I'll be right there.
Night, Dr.
You told me you were going out with Lewis tonight.
- Yeah.
- Jing-Mei, come on.
I'm taking the paramedics out.
I told Harms and Morales I'd buy them dinner.
I only see Harms.
- Why don't you come with us? - I don't think so.
But have fun.
- What's wrong? - Pratt.
- What'd he do? - He has a date.
- No.
- Yeah, with Harms.
The paramedic? It's my own fault.
You're forgetting the number-one rule of dating: men are scum.
And women don't know what the hell they want.
Am I right? I'm right, right? They want commitment until you give it.
Then, they want freedom.
Naturally, you oblige.
Then they accuse you of trying to be with someone else.
Can't win.
Women are hard to figure out sometimes.
Sometimes? You know who's got it all figured out, I think? Homosexuals.
I'm serious.
Just listen.
There's two guys living together.
Toilet seat's always up, channel's always on ESPN.
You can drink, leave clothes on the floor.
- Gay cats got it good.
- Why you telling me this? I have no idea.
- I thought you were on vacation.
- I thought you quit.
- Can you take hives in 4? - I'm not on.
- One more? - I was never on.
- What are you doing here? - I've no idea.
- Did you call Trauma 2? - Yeah, Transpo's moving him now.
- Grief counselors are with the parents.
- Wanna stay and work? - Not a chance.
- You already missed half your shift.
- I told you I had things to do.
- Good.
You can work a double.
- Whatever.
- Board's full.
You better get started.
- I did start.
- Good.
Hey, the prodigal doctor returns.
Why is there a sumo wrestler in 1? See, like you never left.
- Takeout should be here any minute.
- Okay.
What you reading? Mansfield Park.
- For, like, the 45th time.
- No, I just- It's the third time.
Why read, man, when you got TV? You know I don't- I don't wanna wait.
I think that we should try again.
You feel like something's missing here? Yes.
Well, are you sure you're ready? I was thinking that it should be I was thinking that it should be you this time.
Me? Kerry, honey, listen.
You know what I do.
I'm the roof man.
I can't swing a Halligan when I'm six months pregnant.
You could take a leave.
You're younger.
You'd have a better chance.
Listen I know I'm supposed to feel like I wanna carry a baby.
But I don't.
Once that baby's inside of you, it's- I mean, it's incredible.
- I mean, it's- - Kerry, I don't want it.
I don't want it.
And I know that makes you feel like I'm not - a total woman or something.
- No, it doesn't.
It doesn't- It doesn't make me feel that.
Babe, listen to me.
We're being totally honest here.
I can't.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
Not even for me? Come on.
Don't do that.
Come on.
That's not fair.
Well, none of this is fair, Sandy.
None of it's fair.
I'll call the takeout guy.
He should've been here by now.
Don't put it out on my account.
I only wanted half.
Nobody smokes half a cigarette.
I do.
- When I'm trying to quit.
- Oh, back to that, are we? - I like routine.
- Yeah.
Like disappearing on me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's no problem.
You had bigger concerns.
Yeah, like ruining your vacation.
You might've saved me from a shark attack.
Run away, Carter.
Run as fast as you can.
Where's Maggie? She went home.
- Minnesota? - Please.
Well, you wanna hide out at my place for a while? Did you hear what I said about running away? I block out about half of what you say.
Only half? The negative half.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
You' re right.
I am negative.
It's hard not to be when you attract misery everywhere you go.
- I'm not gonna let you do this.
- I'm like a magnet for it.
- You shouldn't have to deal with this.
- Now you' re pissing me off.
- Maybe you should just cut your losses.
- You know, Eric is alive! - Take two seconds and rejoice in that.
- I did.
I hugged you, and then I ran away to find my crazy mother.
And I never even came back to thank you.
Thank you for traveling all night.
Thank you for working all day just to be with me.
You' re welcome.
You know, my life is on hold.
It will always and forever be on hold.
- You don't wanna be on hold.
- Don't put it on hold.
- I have no choice.
You do.
- Right.
Your life sucks.
- There's nothing you can do about it.
- You don't want me to love you.
- Can I decide that for myself? - Fine.
What do you want? - I want you to stop being so afraid.
- I'm not afraid.
- I'm just- - I wanna marry you! - What? - I wanna marry you.
- Oh, you' re proposing? - Yeah.
- You' re crazy.
- Well, then I'll fit right in.