ER s10e01 Episode Script

Now What?

Previously on E.
You're going, right? To Africa.
It's not Rio.
But it's not here.
John, get down! Get down! Don't do anything stupid.
- Like what? - Like get yourself killed.
10x01 "NOW WHAT?" Hi.
When did you get back? Just now.
It's 5:30 in the morning.
My flight from London was delayed.
I missed you.
Did you just let yourself in? I'm sorry about how I left.
Can I have my key back, please? Sorry we're late.
I couldn't get Hannah up.
Same with Katie this morning.
- I don't want to sit in the middle.
- In the car, please.
- I sat there yesterday.
- Hannah, sit in the middle, please? - Move over, Matthew.
- Can we trade days next week? Steve's leaving.
No one can watch Devon.
Can you call and remind me? Yes.
Thank you, Hannah.
Bye, Matthew.
- Sorry you're stuck with the field trip.
- Luck of the draw.
Hey, Beth, it's me.
What do I have at 3? Can we cancel Howard or move him till later? Crap.
No, not you.
I'll have to call you back, Beth.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, ladies.
I'm late for work.
Just made it, you know.
If I'm late again, my boss is going to kill me.
- You're a doctor? - Yeah.
Yes, I am.
Where are we, Mommy? We're almost there, sweetie.
Denise Johnson.
No, Beth, I'm still stuck.
I'm taking Mom? Mom! Look out! Mom, look out! Yes, it can be challenging, and at times it is dangerous but it's very rewarding.
You know, you get to make money and be an asset to your community and Now what? Attention passengers, due to a delay ahead of us, we are unable to proceed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you.
- He'll have them out in a few minutes.
- How many? Four.
A mother and three kids.
There's another guy trapped under a car across the street.
Six-victim MVA.
Great way to start.
- I was supposed to have today off too.
- Aren't you graduating soon? - Yesterday.
- Congratulations.
What do they call the guy that graduates last from medical school? - That joke is so tired.
- Doctor.
I graduated fourth in my class.
- When is this supposed to be finished? - Weaver said they'd be done last week.
They should be done by what, Thanksgiving? Why don't they just shut us down during all this? Oh, please.
That would make way too much sense.
Hey! Hey! Is that absolutely necessary? Does anyone know where Susan is? We're gonna need extra hands.
- Think she's in the handicapped head.
- Again? - We're out of copier paper.
- I'm not chair anymore.
Tell Dr.
We're over our monthly allocation and the chief of staff's office refuses to authorize any additional overages.
- That's you, right? - Excuse me.
Are you deaf? I said stop! - Excuse me, can you help me, sir? - You need to find a triage nurse.
- No, I'm sorry.
I work here.
- Lucky you.
I'm supposed to start today.
Neela Rasgotra? - "Rag" what? - Rasgotra.
- Don't we hire Americans anymore? - Hey! Hey! I'm talking to you! - Dr.
Lewis in there? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah? - See you later.
You know what, maybe.
I don't know.
Fire's almost got the MVAs out.
Three adults, three kids.
- I thought you were divorced.
- We are.
- Carter's back.
- Yeah? - He tried to apologize.
- Did he screw it up? - Why bother? - You said Friday.
- I said maybe.
Didn't say for sure.
- Dr.
Lewis, you got another TWA.
Hi, I'm Susan Lewis.
Are you a resident? Neela Rasgotra.
Third-year medical student.
Nice outfit.
Wear something different next time.
It gets messy down here.
Put your stuff here.
Is this your first rotation? - Yeah.
- The doors? The tile? - Look, we usually wait until- - No! I don't want you to wait.
I want you to take what you have and do it now, finish it.
- Have you ever been in a trauma before? - No.
Thirty-two-year-old restrained driver in a high-speed rollover with PSI.
No LOC, complains of hip and low back pain.
Pulse 120, BP, 130/82.
- Okay, Neela, hang close.
- The kids.
Please help the kids.
Eight-year-old female.
Femur fractures, head trauma with altered mental status.
BP, 90/60, resps 24.
- What happened? - Her legs were crushed.
- Took CFD a while to cut her out.
- How many more incoming? - Three.
- No more Attendings? - You a doctor yet? - I graduated yesterday.
- Good enough.
Where's Pratt? - Don't know.
- Frank, where's Dr.
Pratt? - How should I know? Okay, Jerry, I want you to start paging Pratt and don't stop paging him until he calls back.
- My computer just went down.
- Well, they're all down.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, for God's sake.
Oh, man.
- Hello, I'm a doctor here.
- All right.
- Hey! How was Africa? - Hot.
- That's your pager going off.
- Yeah.
- Gonna answer it? - Nope.
I'll catch up with you later.
Matthew, back middle passenger wearing a lap belt.
Scalp lac from the dome light, closed left wrist fracture.
- Doctor, you're late.
- I was outside helping the paramedics.
You were supposed to be here at 8, not five after or 10 after or 20 after.
Hey, Frank.
- Where's the lounge? - Down by X-ray.
- You bring Kovac back with you? - Nope.
Where's my mom? Can you call my mom? Hey, how you doing, Matthew? I'm Dr.
- Good vitals.
A and O times four.
- Doctor? When did that happen? - About 20 minutes ago.
- Where does it hurt? My arm.
Can you push my hands with your feet? Who's in there with Dr.
Lewis? New med student.
Yeah, his belly is tender.
But soft.
It's probably just bruised.
Get abdominal CT and a wrist series.
I'll be next door if you need me.
You need some help? Sure.
Trauma panel includes CBC, Chem-7, LFTs, amylase PT, PTT, urine toxicology screen and a B.
- I'm Dr.
Greg Pratt.
- Neela Rasgotra.
I don't know what happened.
I was driving - then we were upside down.
- Neela.
That's Indian, right? - Yeah.
- My daughter, is she okay? - Please? - We need to make sure you're fine first.
Pupils, 4 millimeters.
Equal and reactive bilaterally.
- Sinus tach, HemoCue is 8.
- Eight point one, that's pretty low.
We gotta find the source of the blood loss.
Could be hemothorax bleeding in the chest.
- Chest is clear.
- Or it could be intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
- Belly is soft and non-tender.
- Or it could be something else.
Like a unstable pelvic fracture, Professor Pratt? Hey.
An attorney called every day while you were gone.
Said he was the executor of your grandmother's estate needs to talk to you.
Call him back, would you? I am not your personal assistant.
- Hey.
Welcome back, Carter.
- Yeah, you too.
- What do you have? - Pelvic fracture with a low crit.
- How was Africa? - It was great.
- She hypotensive? - No, pressure's holding but a little girl next door may need some help.
Is that Hannah? Is she okay? - Need a hand? - Welcome home, stranger.
Open your eyes, Hannah.
Responds to pain.
Hannah? - When did you get back? - Last night, late.
- They pulled another kid out.
- I'll take the new one.
Let you two catch up.
She's altered.
Right parietal hematoma.
- Call for a head CT.
- Crush injury, femur fractures with good pulses.
- She needs Hare traction.
- She broke both her legs.
- So put on two.
- Not room for two.
- Are we arguing? - I just don't wanna adduct her legs.
- She needs traction.
- Well, we can rig a Sager with a double harness bar.
Why didn't you say that in the first place? Morrison's pouch is between the liver and the right kidney.
Any liquid blood appears anechoic between the two organs.
- Big black stripe, right? - That's right.
- Can I steal a nurse, Susan? - Yeah, sure.
Central line's in.
Hook up the infuser.
Chen, this is Neela, our new medical student.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
No blood visualized.
Moving to the left upper quadrant - to view the subdiaphragmatic space.
- Malik, can you join me? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
The transverse supra-pubic scan looks for blood anterior to the bladder.
- I'm stealing your aprons.
- Okay, go ahead.
I found your present hanging on my locker.
It was subtle.
It was very subtle.
- All clear.
- HemoCue 7.
Bring me the finished films.
How's her pressure? -110/78.
- If she's anemic and losing blood - why not drop her pressure? - She's healthy.
Ma'am, we're gonna stabilize your pelvic fracture.
- I need you to keep traction.
Come on.
- This will hurt some, Denise.
I'm gonna go check on your daughter.
Keep two of O-neg on the rapid infuser, just in case.
Be back.
- Need a Pedes vent? - Called for it.
Five rib fractures with a flail segment.
Prep for a 28 French chest tube.
I'll get some help.
Gallant, how you doing? - Fine.
- You want to run it? Yeah, 8-year-old boy.
Middle rear-seat passenger.
Scalp lac, left wrist fracture.
Seat belt sign.
- Rule out an interperitoneal injury.
- Okay.
- Hey, unilateral open-book fracture.
- She drop her BP yet? - Well, she's a trouper.
- I'll call upstairs.
Go next door.
Jing-Mei needs some help.
Frank, can you call Angio and tell them to reserve a room for my pelvis? - Where's the Thora-Seal? - I only got two hands.
- I can pitch in.
- Good.
Sure you can tear yourself away from your med student for a moment? She's doing fine.
Are they together? - Who? - Them.
Oh, yeah.
My hands are starting to cramp.
Well, I'll go get those towel clips.
I don't know what happened.
I was driving, and then we were upside down.
And the truck hit us.
How are Matthew and Katie? - I don't know.
- Has someone called their parents? Lizzie and Steve are Katie's.
Matthew's dad is Andy.
Oh, God.
Is that one of the girls next door? Is that Hannah? Oh, God, Hannah.
Please, please be okay, please.
Hannah? - PVCs.
- What's her pulse ox? - One-oh-four.
- Thirty of lidocaine.
Crank up the O2.
- Think her T waves look peaked? - It's too early.
- Carter, they look peaked to me.
- Just push the damn lidocaine.
- V-tach.
- No pulse.
Starting compressions.
Charge it to 30.
What are they doing? What's happening? I can't tell from here.
- Is something wrong? - Please, ma'am, don't move.
Denise? Mrs.
Johnson? I need some help in here.
Hey! Hey! - What's going on? - Pelvic fracture, anemia, dropped pressure.
- Who are you? - Medical student.
- Who's her doctor? - I'm stabilizing her fracture.
- While she bleeds.
You from the East End? - No, West London.
- What happened? - Chuny, I want a second line wide-open.
- How much O-neg has she had? - None.
She was stable.
Well, now her pressure is 60/40.
- Did anyone ultrasound the belly? - Negative for blood.
- What about chest x-ray? - All clear.
- Pressure's up to 80 systolic.
- I want a second line in, prep for a DPL.
- What's her CBC? - It's not back yet.
- You.
Go pick up her labs.
- Right now? No, next Thursday.
B level, Specimen Processing.
Take the elevator in the lobby.
Go! Prep for an IJ.
I'll do a mini-lap for the DPL.
- Excuse me? The elevators? - Right there.
- And clear.
- Do a V-tach.
Charge again to 60.
Let's open an intubation tray.
- Her chemistries are almost ready.
- And clear.
Okay, sinus tach.
Another half bolus of lido.
- Say that again.
- More lidocaine.
At 8.
3, thanks.
Well, her potassium's 8.
All right, 30 cc's of bicarb, five units of regular insulin, amp of D-25.
T waves are peaked.
- You should've listened- - Later.
Kayexelate by NG, call for dialysis.
Let's open a 12 French double lumen femoral catheter.
- Spell the last name again.
- Johnson.
"Specimen pending.
" Says Dr.
Shine is reviewing the slide.
- Where's Dr.
Shine? - Hey, you can't go back there.
- Sorry, won't happen again.
- This is authorized personnel.
I'll only be a second.
Shine? - Dr.
Shine? - On the other side.
Shine? - Are you working on Denise Johnson? - Who wants to know? She's crashing in the ER.
This is a very unusual smear.
- Pressure's up to 95.
- Fluid looks clear.
- Hang two of type-specific.
- No, don't give her type-specific.
She has an autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
She'll go into renal failure.
- Where's the lab slip? - I reviewed the slide with Dr.
She's got microspherocytes, hyperbilirubinemia and a high retic count.
- Hang more of O-neg.
- Get Shine on the phone.
She said she was driving and when she woke up, she was upside down.
The anemia could've made her pass out, right? Dr.
Shine on line one.
- Dr.
Shine - Pressure's 105, pulse is down.
- a med student was just up there.
- Damn, girl.
- ER, please hold.
- ER.
What? - ER.
- No, this is not CICU.
No, you have the wrong extension.
OB is 1687.
No, this is not the cafeteria.
- No, Surgical Post Op is 7204.
- Why would I transfer you? - ER.
- ER.
- Hold, please.
- What the hell is going on? Hey, jag-off! What, are you screwing up our phone lines now too? - What do we do? - Don't answer them.
Charts for waiting patients over here.
Do an H & P and call me.
You ever do history? - Yeah.
- Good.
Grab an easy one and come find me when you're ready.
Hey, don't you cats hear the phones ringing? Med student? Yeah, I saw you a bit earlier.
Your first day? Yeah.
- Are you Indian? - Yeah.
This must be quite an adjustment for you.
No, not really.
My family moved to London when I was 11.
Yale for molecular biology and biophysics, and Chicago for medical school.
Okay, then.
Let's get you started.
Penile discharge.
Probably not your ideal first patient.
AV infected graft.
Sounds about right.
Come on.
- What is going on down here? - Glad to see you, Dr.
Yeah, I doubt it.
Who was that? One of those University of Calcutta carpetbaggers you people insist on hiring.
- I think she said she went to Yale.
- Yeah, her daddy's probably a drug lord.
Built a new wing on the Yale library with his poppy profits.
- How's the arm? - Gone.
How's the prostate? About the size of your head.
I'm up four times a night to pee.
- Why the beard? - I hear ladies like it.
- Whose bright idea was all this anyway? - Weaver! - Dr.
Romano, you're back.
- Hide your wild enthusiasm of my return.
I find overt displays of emotion embarrassing.
Hey, page Weaver for me.
- Dr.
Carter, you got a minute? - Get her potassium down and she'll be fine.
Bactroban and OpSite.
Call me if you need me.
I won't.
- What do you got? - HIV-positive patient.
Came in a couple of weeks ago with oral candidiasis.
Got a prescription for Nystatin, but he's back with worse.
What was that all about? The moons must be lined up because Jing-Mei's pissed off too.
- What's Deb upset about? - Misunderstanding.
Abby still mad at you? - So, what did you do, anyway? - Oh, I don't know.
I left, I guess.
This guy's not on Medicaid.
He's uninsured so I referred him to ADAP.
- So, what do you wanna do with him? - ADAP is out of money.
It would be two months before they could get him on his meds if he's only HIV-positive.
Hello, I'm Dr.
Mind if I take a look? - How long has he been HIV-positive? - Two years.
Does it hurt when you swallow? - I've been taking my medication.
- You're not on the triple cocktail? - AZT, 3TC? - No, I have a prescription but the guy at the pharmacy told me it's 1200 bucks.
I can't afford that.
Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.
The oral thrush from last week has spread down into your esophagus.
- That's the bad news, huh? - No, actually, that's the good news.
It's an opportunistic infection.
It means you now qualify for Medicaid and the anti-retroviral therapy.
So, what's the bad news? Candidal esophagitis is an AIDS-defining infection.
That's why you qualify now.
I have AIDS.
We're going to write you a prescription for Diflucan to help fight the infection.
- What is that gonna cost? - Nothing.
Medicaid will cover it.
We'll send you to the financial counselor's office to help get your paperwork done.
He came straight from the airport to your place.
That's gotta tell you something.
- What, he's horny? - Or that he really missed you and felt bad about leaving.
Tell him how it made you feel.
Give him the chance to make up for it.
Oh, for God's sake - where do we go? - Second floor.
- Screw that.
- He just shows back up like he never went away and like he wasn't a jerk for leaving like that and like- That's the men's room.
Howdy, boys.
Don't mind me.
Guard the door for me, would you? - Make up for it how? - Flowers, a nice dinner.
If you're really mad, jewelry.
I could use a new transmission for my car.
You're a real romantic, you know that? AV graft connects the brachial vein to the brachial artery for easy dialysis access.
See the redness and the swelling? - Is there any pain here? - It hurts like hell.
Yeah, the fluctuance and the infection is pointing with discharge.
Feel for the thrill over the graft.
Listen for a bruit.
- You have beautiful skin.
- Thank you.
- You use anything special on it? - Not really.
What a lovely color.
Lastly, you want to check the heart to make sure there's no murmur.
- What do you think we'd worry about? - Bacterial endocarditis.
Good, good.
So, what do we need? - Labs? - Yep.
CBC, Chem-7 Gram's stain, and a culture from the abscess and get me 3 grams of Unasyn IV, piggyback.
- Do we drain it? - No, not in the ER.
She goes to the O.
for an I&D.
So check her vitals every 15 minutes until she goes up to the O.
R and grab another chart.
Talk to him.
Haven't you punished him enough already? - It's not about punishing him.
- Oh, no.
If he starts in on me again, I swear I'll cut the other arm off.
Get a saw.
I'll hold him down.
A same-day surgery center will get more paying customers.
- This department is a money pit.
- We have people coming through the door every day and we're legally obligated to treat them.
Which is why we should grab wood, nail the entrance shut, and paint "Go away.
" - Frank, are the phones working again? - Two lines.
The rest we don't answer.
Some guy looking for Cubs tickets last time I checked.
Oh, Dr.
Carter, that guy from the foundation called again.
- Take a message? - I said you were here.
- He's coming with some papers.
- I don't want him here while I work.
Well, tell him yourself when you see him.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You want to get a cup of coffee? - Yeah.
Excuse me, Dr.
Carter, right? Tom Williams.
You sent me up to financial counseling to get on Medicaid for my throat medication.
- Right.
- I filled out the paperwork.
I went to the pharmacy.
They can't give me the prescription until I get my Medicaid card.
Should I keep taking Nystatin until then? - Did they say how long it will take? - A few weeks.
You need to take the Diflucan now.
Can you cover the cost of it? It's 300 bucks.
Okay, hang out.
I'll call the pharmacy myself.
Now what? The pharmacy won't fill his prescription till he gets his card.
We could shoot him.
It would be easier.
My Frank died four years ago.
Liver cancer.
Married 52 years.
I was a teenage bride.
No, really, I I was 16.
Never dated nobody else.
Never kissed nobody else.
That man was a perfect slob.
God love him.
Yeah, had six boys to boot and not one of them worth a damn.
- You married? - No.
I've been in school.
Well, well, don't put it off too long, dear.
He doesn't have to be handsome.
Just make sure he treats you right.
All done, Mrs.
I'll be back soon.
- Wait.
Where do you think you're going? - It's 2:30.
- So what? - We stop at 2:30.
- It's barely lunchtime.
- We started at 7.
I started at 6.
This is unbelievable.
- Labs go? - Right over there.
- How's it going? - Dr.
Gallant's been very helpful.
I'm sure he has been.
Need another patient? - Yeah.
- All right.
Come on.
Here, try this.
Take a history and come find me.
Hello, Emergency Department.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you very well.
For who? - Anybody seen Carter? - He's outside with Abby on a break.
The phone was ringing and no one was around, so I answered it.
- Big mistake.
- It's long-distance - overseas, for a Dr.
- Of course.
Who else? Take a message.
Yeah, can I take a message? They say it's important.
Someone has died.
- Who? - Someone named Kovac.
A Dr.
Luka Kovac.
So how was it? It was incredible.
And it was terrible.
It was It was kids with polio.
It was kids dying from malnutrition and malaria and whooping cough and And it was beautiful.
I mean, the country's beautiful.
Hospital doesn't have enough staff so the patients' family members, they stay with them.
They cook for them, they clean for them, they even change the sheets.
It was a life-changing experience.
I just don't know how yet.
Where's Luka? - Is that what this is about? - No.
Luka's fine.
Luka's more than fine.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
Do you know we don't talk? - We're not talking now? - Your mouth is moving.
You give the impression we're having a real conversation but when you finish, I have no idea what you're thinking.
I was trying to tell you about Africa.
You knew I didn't want you to go and you went anyway.
What, were you trying to hurt me? I- - Why would I want to hurt you? - I don't know.
Why would you want to hurt me? - It wasn't about you.
- Oh, come on.
You didn't tell me you were going.
If hadn't bumped into you - I wouldn't have even known.
- I wasn't trying to hurt you.
I wanted to feel like I was really doing something.
- Did you even think about me? - Yes.
What did you think? What did you think? - I don't know why you came back.
- You're gonna walk away? - Yeah.
- Okay, walk away, Abby.
- That's what you do best.
- Okay.
Want to know what you do best? You make this about my problems but you know what, you have some problems too.
- You've got some really big problems.
- Why did I come back? Luka's over there changing the world and I can't get a hospital pharmacy in the richest nation on Earth to give an AIDS patient enough damn Diflucan to keep him from dying from a sore throat.
Kisangani, West Africa.
- Do they know how? - No.
- Does he have family here? - No.
You okay? I didn't know him.
Who was he? - An Attending.
- Friend? No, not really.
So how's your shunt? - That's where I'm going.
- Well, keep an eye on her.
Surgery should be down soon.
Where did she go? Do you know where my patient went? Mrs.
Ferguson? Infected dialysis shunt, older woman.
I have no idea.
What's up? Ready to present that old guy in Curtain 1? - Yeah.
- All right.
Seventy-two-year-old man, notes constipation without fever nausea, vomiting, weight loss or hematochezia.
His only medication is Vicodin TID.
Abdomen is soft, flat, non-tender.
Normal bowel sounds.
Negative guaiac, no evidence of impaction.
- So, what's your assessment? - Constipation due to Vicodin use.
What is the number one neoplasm in terms of national mortality? - Breast cancer? - No, that would be lung.
And number two? - Colon cancer.
- Over 50,000 deaths per year.
The common presenting symptoms are? Anemia, hematochezia and constipation.
So wouldn't you agree that a constipated, elderly patient - merits an evaluation for colon cancer? - The stool is negative.
He got all bound up when he started the Vicodin.
Order a bowel prep and schedule an outpatient barium enema.
You're serious? You heard the lady.
Otherwise without complaints.
Refilled his prescriptions and referred him to a clinic.
You know, you were pretty rough on her.
You really think that was necessary? - Who we talking about? - Come on, now.
I was trying to teach her.
Whatever you think- Look, no, you come on now.
You were all over her.
It's humiliating and embarrassing.
- I wasn't all over her.
- Don't make a fool of me, okay? - I'm not trying to make a fool of you.
- There's an old lady in here bleeding out.
No breathing, no pulse.
Get the crash cart.
Bag her on 15 liters.
Whose patient is this? She's mine.
- Greg, start compressions.
- You're kidding.
- I'll do it.
- Excuse me, I'll be right back.
You left an infected AV graft unattended.
- She needs a central line and saline.
- What she needs is a hearse and pine box.
The graft was in a major artery.
She needed monitoring.
- I was supposed to check every 15 minutes.
- No, she was my responsibility.
- Asystole.
- Amp of epi.
I went to her room and she was gone.
I thought she was in surgery.
I moved her in here to give her more privacy for a 12-lead EKG.
- Did you tell anybody? - Yeah, I changed it on the board.
- Did you check the patient board? - It's not her fault.
It's mine.
Four units of packed cells, and another round of epi and atropine.
In Zagreb, Kovac, K-O-V-A-C.
Yeah, Croatia.
You can connect me, great.
Yeah, in Za- English? You speak English? Zagreb, Kovac.
Do you know Luka's father's first name? There's like 100 Kovacs in Zagreb.
Okay, sorry.
No, thank you.
Thank you.
What are you doing? The Alliance will have his contact information.
I can just get it from them.
Do you know whose this is? - What are you doing? - There's a 12:00 flight to Paris and then I can connect to Kinshasa with a four-hour layover.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're gonna go back there? - Why? - Because I left him there.
- Left him where? - At the clinic in Matenda.
- I should have stayed.
- You're not making any sense.
- Doctor, what are doing? - I'll inventory it.
You can bill me.
It wasn't your fault.
You've got blood on your sleeve.
What's a TWA? - What? - A TWA.
Where did you hear that from? The old guy at the front desk with the flat head called me a TWA this morning.
I don't know what it means.
Third World Assassin.
Hey, come on, I wanna show you something.
Come on.
Was that today? Thirty-two-year-old mother of two with a rare blood disorder.
Still alive tonight.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- You don't have to go now.
- I'll call you from Paris.
- Can't you wait until it's a little bit safer? - I can't leave him there.
- Well, just- I don't want you to go.
- I'll be gone a couple days.
I'll call you.
John, please.
Please, just stay.
I can't keep doing this.