ER s10e02 Episode Script

The Lost

Previously on E.
See? Din't even hurt.
What should I tell Weaver? - Whatever you want.
- Someone has died.
- Who? - Someone named Kovac.
A Dr.
Luka Kovac.
You're gonna go back there? Why? - Because I left him there.
- Left him where? At the clinic in Matenda.
10x02 "THE LOST" You sober? - I'm sorry? - You look sober.
I make it a rule to always land in Kinshasa drunk.
It's my third.
Steve Davidson.
- John Carter.
- Shell? Xerox? No? You give me a second, I'll figure it out.
I would say Coke out of Atlanta.
Am I right? The new bottling plant.
Sorry, no.
May I have another Dewar's, please? Could I get you something? Okay, I give up.
Who are you with? I'm just here on a personal matter.
Well, there's not much competition for the seats, is there? I guess the "see a brutal genocide" tour package didn't sell very well.
So, what about you? Why are you going to the Congo? I'm with the embassy.
Financial liaison.
Furthering the American investment interest abroad.
Spreading the democratic ideals one Big Mac at a time.
So a personal matter, huh? A friend of mine was murdered.
I'm gonna go bring him home.
I'm sorry to hear that.
If you need to see a familiar face while you're in Kinshasa - you give me a call.
- Thanks.
John! John.
So, what happened? We don't know.
What about Patrique? He's still missing.
Was the Red Cross able to recover Luka's body? Excuse me.
Ten thousand people have been killed in the last two weeks.
There are many bodies in Kivu.
How much longer do we have to wait? It's the Congo.
Could be days.
How are you feeling? Terrible.
- Who are we waiting for? I - Please.
- No more talking.
- Gillian? Dr.
Nice to meet you.
- Can you tell us what happened? - No, I'm afraid not.
After numerous attempts we were able to negotiate a passage into the Mai Mai-held territory to evacuate wounded noncombatants.
The Mai Mai provided us with a list of the known dead.
- That's it? - They also provided us with some personal items to identify remains.
Can we get the body back? Are there ways that that can be arranged? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
When the fighting stops, we'll make every effort to identify remains.
How long will that take? - I have no idea.
- Days? Weeks? Months? Someone from the negotiating team might know more.
Can we speak with them? They're in Kisangani.
- Debbie? - And Gerard.
Have you tried Bob Chase from the American Embassy? He has contacts with the Congolese army.
He may be able to help you.
Who's Debbie? She's with the Red Cross field office in Kisangani.
You'd like her.
She's your type.
What's my type? We shouldn't have left him out there.
- He didn't want us to stay.
- Should've stayed anyway.
Then you'd be dead too.
Gillian, we have to go, or we won't get back before dark.
Go, go, go.
What should I tell Weaver? Whatever you want.
Can I tell her you're coming back? I don't know.
Don't do anything stupid.
- Like what? - Like getting yourself killed.
He wasn't an American citizen? No, but he'd been living and working in the States for years.
You might have better luck at his embassy.
It's tough to make inquiries on behalf of citizens of another country.
Does Croatia have an embassy in the Congo? Croatia? No.
He was a close friend? Yeah.
We've worked together for years.
The Mai Mai believe that foreigners are looting the Congo's natural resources.
They see us as the enemy.
It is very dangerous for Westerners.
Can some sort of exchange be set up for the dead? I mean, aren't those things normally done? These guys don't know about the Geneva Convention, doctor.
Most of them don't know about shoes.
- Nothing? - He said to be patient.
What? Excuse me.
Can you tell me, is Mr.
Davidson working today? What did Bob Chase tell you? That we'd have to be patient.
I'm sure that he knows better than I.
There have to be other channels that we could pursue.
Have you tried the U.
offices or the Red Cross? Yeah.
We've been bouncing around from office to office all day.
Well, I'm sure they're trying everything they can.
Look, Dr.
I am not suggesting this but my experience has been that there's not much in this country that can't be bought.
- What's he saying? - Well, he's just a little concerned that you're gonna walk around Kinshasa with $20,000 in your pocket.
What does he expect me to do with it, stick it in my shoe? Well, it may not be safe to carry that much cash in the Congo.
It's not safe to carry that much cash anywhere.
But I don't think the Mai Mai take traveler's checks.
You can't afford to put $20,000 on your credit card? FAC.
Government soldiers.
Heading west, away from Kivu.
They're retreating.
The Mai Mai will come again soon.
- Oh, God.
- Refugees from the fighting.
More come every day.
The hospital is worse.
- I'll put these in your room.
- Give me that big one.
- Still working bankers' hours, I see.
- Hello, doctor.
- I'm so sorry about Luka.
- How are you holding up? - Doing what we can.
- I brought you some things.
Sterile gloves, needles, catheters, syringes IV ceftriaxone and Cipro.
DPL sets, suture kits, old pulse ox.
Look at this.
Tried to get a portable x-ray, but it wouldn't fit in my carryon.
- Where did you get all of that? - My hospital in Chicago donated it.
- Do they know they donated it? - Yeah, more or less.
You busy? Ten-year-old with an abdominal GSW and gross hematuria.
- I'm not a surgeon.
- Dominic's been assisting and he never finished the sixth grade.
We still have enough amoxicillin? Are you feeling all right, doctor? I'm just tired.
I'll need help.
Set me up with lidocaine, a suture kit and a scalpel.
You'll be fine.
Base to mike one.
Luka, Patrique, are you there? Luka, are you there? Over.
Mike one to base.
Luka, the fighting is getting heavy east of you.
- Copy that.
- Have you had any problems? No, no.
Patients are improving.
I'm gonna revise the flap on the little girl in a few minutes.
You warned Patrique what he's in for, right? He's tough.
He'll be fine.
I should go, save the batteries.
Be safe.
Yeah, you too.
Doctor? Doctor? There she is.
- Debbie.
- Hey.
This is Dr.
He was a friend of Luka's.
- I'm very sorry, Dr.
- Thank you.
The ICRC in Kinshasa said that you were part of the negotiating team that you might have some information about what happened to Luka.
No, sorry.
They just gave us the list and a few personal items.
Steve Davidson, American Embassy, said maybe you could get us into Kivu.
I'm trying to recover Dr.
Kovac's body.
And I've brought a substantial amount of cash along to spread around if you think that might help.
- How much cash? - Twenty thousand dollars.
That's a lot of cash.
I work for the Red Cross, doctor.
Our safety is dependent on our neutrality.
If the armies or militia involved in this mess knew we gave money to the enemy money used to buy weapons or food, we'd be dead.
And I don't mean dead in the water.
I mean "head mounted on a sharpened stick" dead.
- Sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
- You didn't.
I was led to believe that money can be helpful in situations like this.
- So, what'll it take to get his body back? - Time.
- How much time? - It's hard to say.
- Thanks, Debbie.
- Sure.
I told you she was your type.
What? Not at all.
Hey! Richie Rich.
We've been negotiating to get back into Kivu for more of the wounded.
I could use a doc to help transport them.
Somebody in the camps might know something about your friend.
- She's definitely not my type.
- Yeah, right.
- Doctor.
Please, we have to go.
- What? - You have a fever.
Malaria? - I'm fine.
Why did you wake me? The Mai Mai are in Masenga.
They are burning the village.
- You were pretty hard on him.
- Who? John.
- He's cute, don't you think? - Not again.
What was the last one? The surgeon from Atlanta? Turned out he had a wife and five kids.
So? - You need medicine.
- I took Pansidar.
- We have some IV quinine left.
- Save it for the boy.
- He's getting better.
- I'm not that sick.
- I'll go get it.
- No! Save it for the boy, okay? Oh, my God.
You guys burned the clinic to the ground? You guys You guys keep burning down hospitals.
Where you gonna go when you get shot? Where are you gonna go when your mothers get sick?! Dr.
John! He says many people died here.
They took the bodies to Kasese.
He thinks they're still there.
- What time is it? - Early.
- Where is everyone? - They left.
- Where did they go? - They didn't want the Mai Mais to find them with us.
With me, you mean, huh? - They should go too.
- They are worried about you.
- Give me your arm.
- Why? You need medicine.
I told you to save the quinine for the boy.
I gave him one bag and kept the other for you.
Give me your arm.
They should go while they can.
No! You too.
I'll be fine.
Leave me the radio.
Take them to safety.
I'll be all right.
We don't have the radio.
We must've left it at the camp.
When Charles come, he'll look for us at the clinic first.
It should be safe now.
The Mai Mais would have already stolen everything and left.
He's dead, doctor.
I know you wanna get him back but Kasese is 10 miles from here.
I stopped in Matenda because it was on the way.
Give me a vehicle.
After we've triaged, I'll have it back.
No, okay? No.
And don't make me regret bringing you.
She won't do it.
What's her complaint? She's afraid she might be pregnant.
She was raped.
They all were.
There are more injured down there.
I'm gonna examine you, okay? Gillian! - What? - Gillian! I know you, don't I? They were at the clinic when we left.
The boy had pertussis.
The Mai Mai came.
I think they have gone.
Keep walking.
Keep going.
Do you want a beer? Beer.
It's warm, tastes like formaldehyde, but it's wet.
No, thanks.
What is that thing, a radio? iPod.
- Digital music player.
- Fancy.
What are you listening to? Les Nubians.
The Nubians.
- No Dixie Chicks? - No Dixie Chicks.
You don't like the Dixie Chicks? So they just left him there? In the jungle? The Congolese were afraid to be found with Luka and Patrique.
And that's all he knew? That's all he knew.
Do you ever get worried that these guys are gonna get bored and start shooting? I don't think about it.
If I did, I'd probably never leave Seattle.
You know I consider myself reasonably well-informed.
But before I came, I hadn't heard a thing about the Congo.
Nobody at home gives a damn what happens out here.
There's no oil here.
Millions of people are slaughtered and we're too busy eating Happy Meals.
What are you doing here? You don't seem the type.
What's the type? Macho adrenaline junkies and "save the world" peacenik freaks.
Which one are you? Which do you think? I don't know what I'm doing out here.
I've been seeing this woman.
She's great.
But it ain't good for her or for me.
It's simpler here.
People need help.
I can help them.
I'm sorry.
I think I'm tired.
You should get some rest.
I'm getting you up early.
We'll take the Rover to Kasese while they load the trucks.
See what we can find out.
Is she still in there? Yes.
You speak English? Please, I speak no French.
Do you know what are they going to do with us? They're waiting for someone to come and tell them what to do.
Can you tell them I'm a geologist? I'm not involved in the war.
I'm only here for rocks.
Another truck with soldiers.
They are coming.
Can you see? No.
Oh, God.
They are coming back.
Damn, Gillian, how can you smoke this early in the morning? So, what made you change your mind? About what? About coming out here.
You've come a long way.
I figured I could help you get the last few miles.
Here we go.
What was this place? A school, I think.
He says the bodies from the clinic are inside.
You don't have to.
We can just go.
Are you religious, Patrique? No.
I was raised in the Church.
I used to go twice a week with my mother.
It was beautiful.
I liked the music, the singing.
- Do you still go? - No.
I stopped when my children were killed.
I couldn't believe in a God that will allow such a cruel thing to happen.
It's really hard to feel the Holy Spirit's presence on a day like today, huh? I'm sorry, Patrique.
I shouldn't have let you stay.
Oh, my God.
Gillian, stay outside.
It isn't him.
- What? - This isn't Luka! What? Ask him! Was he there when these men were killed? This man.
This man.
Did you see this man? Where is this man? What's he saying? - What's he saying? - He says that Luka is a priest.
- A what? - A priest.
No, no.
Don't you- No, no, no.
Please, please.
No, no, no.
Is he alive? Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you feeling? Terrible.
Where am I going? Home.
Where's that? America.
Got a medical transport plane in Kinshasa waiting to take you back.
- Expensive.
- I know somebody who knows somebody.
Give this to Abby when you see her.
You're not coming? I think I'm gonna stick around for a while.
If she asks just tell her Tell her I was lost, and now I'm found.
Thank you.
Well, back to work.
You really don't like the Dixie Chicks? Everybody likes the Dixie Chicks.
- Everybody? - Everybody with any taste.