ER s10e03 Episode Script

Dear Abby

Previously on E.
My car's up the street.
You want a ride? - Dr.
Romano, you're back.
- Hide your wild enthusiasm of my return.
I find overt displays of emotion embarrassing.
- Did you even think about me? - Yes.
What did you think? Where am I going? Give this to Abby when you see her.
10x03 "DEAR ABBY" On any given day, this Emergency Department will treat 300 patients.
Another 40 will leave without ever being seen.
In order to not get buried, you have to maintain adequate patient flow.
This all starts with the nurses.
Treat them with respect, they'll get you through your shift.
Treat them as your personal scut slaves, you'll be lucky to get out alive.
Triage is our first line of defense.
Patients are signed in and vitaled - by whoever's working the cage.
- The cage? Like a shark cage.
You can see them circling around, but they can't get you.
- When is Kovac getting here? - Flight should land at 7:30.
What about Carter? Can you rack this? Triage nurse starts the chart, which is then racked at Admit.
- Put your name in for the lottery.
- Once the patients are brought back their name is put on the board, along with time, location and chief complaint.
Pratt is also a second-year Resident.
Pratt, this is three of our new R-2s.
- Sofun, Morris, Cooper.
- Welcome to the zoo.
What do I give a 10-year-old with road rash? Acetaminophen's easy on the stomach, but ibuprofen's better for inflammation.
Med students work up patients and present them to Residents.
You can mentor, but ultimately every case has to be looked at by an Attending.
I know my rights! This is assault and battery! - I'm coming back for you, bitch.
- Yeah, yeah - bring me a latte when you do.
- Dr.
Lewis is one of our Attendings.
We usually we have two working.
They have to sign off on every case.
Don't remind me.
Second-year Residents? - Cooper, Sofun, Morris.
- Grab a chart.
Abby, could you set up the airway box in Exam 3 so they can practice assembling laryngoscopes? Nursing orders go there.
Clerk orders go here.
These are two of our clerks, Jerry and Frank.
Please don't feed them.
When you're done, the discharge rack is over here.
Any questions? Yeah, why is the board see-through? - So we can see through it.
- Remind me not to get sick anytime soon.
- The ambulance pick Luka up yet? - An hour ago.
They should be here soon.
- He need a bed down here? - No, no, they got one for him upstairs.
Have you seen the new schedule? I'm only working four shifts in two weeks.
- I only got three.
- How many do I have? - Two? - We're starting a petition.
We got more beds, but fewer nurses.
Romano's cutting senior nurse hours - so he can bring in cheaper travelers.
- You need to talk to him.
You lost the Triage lottery, Abby.
You got the cage from 9 to 1.
Come on, no way.
I lose every time.
- That's, like, statistically impossible.
- Abby! What? - How you doing, Luka? - Okay.
Welcome back, man.
Africa agrees with you.
- I need you to help me with a GI bleeder.
- Two minutes.
Let me say hi to Luka.
Sir, you have to stay in bed.
Here, lie down.
Lie down.
I need sedation orders over here.
- I think Mrs.
Dunn's in labor.
- She's only 36 weeks.
- Explain Braxton Hicks contractions to her.
- Her water broke.
- Did you nitrazine it? - No, I was helping her to the bathroom.
- Well, page OB and call an Attending.
- Please, somebody, help me! Hi.
Okay, breathe.
Don't push.
- It's too early.
- No, 36 weeks is what we start calling "normal term.
" All right, try and relax.
I'm gonna do a quick exam.
- I need a fetal monitor and an IV.
- Okay.
I got it.
Lewis needs that in Curtain 1.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Show me how to set the slit-lamp? - Yup, just one second.
Hey, I think this old lady stopped breathing.
- Dr.
Romano, hi.
How are you today? - I'm busy.
How's the stump feeling? It's suffering from delusions of grandeur.
It still thinks it's an arm.
- What's that? - Your new prosthesis.
I'm sorry.
I just assumed as a prosthetist that you would have some rudimentary knowledge of medicine.
- I have a degree in bioengineering.
- Well, then you have a vague civilian concept of what doctors do.
I'm a surgeon.
That's why I was specific about needing a Utah Arm.
Your hospital insurance won't cover a myoelectric device.
I lost my arm on the roof of this damn hospital - trying to save a patient's life.
- They require proof you can't get by - with a traditional device.
- What do I do? Am I supposed to just duct-tape a coat hanger to my stump? I can prepare another letter to insurance.
I've got two letters for you and the insurance company, F and U.
- It's hurting my arm.
- A little bit longer.
Why can't I just have my prescription filled without being tortured? - How much longer? My back's killing me.
- I'll let you know.
- I don't wanna miss my turn.
- Then you should sit down.
Okay, put this in your mouth.
Be a good girl, Ilanna.
Open your mouth.
I think it was a black widow.
Darren, don't touch that.
- Hey.
Hey, hey.
- Darren, stop it.
- Give me that.
- Is it almost my time? No.
Tell her.
Tell the nurse what you ate, Lisa.
Well, go on.
Tell her.
Maybe you should, Mrs.
I brought my own urine sample to save time.
- Could I at least get a sandwich? - How did you get back here? Security! Hey, wake up! She's getting worse.
- Do you have asthma, Elle? - No.
- Anybody sick at home? Any fevers? - No.
Okay, deep breaths.
- How long have you had that cough? - Since we went camping.
A few weeks, maybe.
She lets herself get rundown, and she doesn't eat enough.
What's that? The oxygen level in your blood is a little bit low which can happen with infection.
Frank, what's open? - Curtain 1.
- Okay, I'm taking this one back.
Come on, Elle.
Gonna put you in a bed, get you some oxygen and that should make you feel better.
Oh, Dr.
This is Mrs.
Ryser and her daughter, Elle.
Shortness of breath, sats are 86, bibasilar rales.
Can you grab a Resident? I think an Attending should take a look at her.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Come on this way.
The rest of her vitals okay? Tachy at 116.
BP's 98/52.
- A & O times three.
- What are rales? It's the sound fluid makes when it's in your lungs.
That doesn't sound good.
It's probably just pneumonia.
She never dresses warm enough and she's always going out with wet hair.
- Mom, please.
- All right, let's get a chest.
- I'll be back to do a full exam, okay? - Thanks.
- Are you coming back? - Yeah.
And don't worry.
The only thing you can catch from wet hair is split ends.
Yeah, send her up for a chest and draw a CBC.
- How's Luka? - I haven't had a chance to get upstairs.
If you do go upstairs, let me know and maybe I can come.
- Okay.
- Have you talked to him? - Luka? - No, Romano.
We gave him the petition.
You better do something or you're gonna have a mutiny on your hands.
As soon as I can, I will.
I promise.
Frank, where'd they send Kovac? - Five West.
He looks good.
- You saw him? Just popped my head in to welcome him back.
Wouldn't hurt you to do the same thing.
Hi, could I get an update on a patient, please? Kovac.
K- O-V-A-C.
- Right, malaria.
- He's still spiking on quinine but lucid between fevers.
And he's asking for a meatball sub.
- Either he's delirious or hungry.
- Never mind.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Gillian.
- Abby.
Oh, you're Abby? John talked a lot about you.
John - Carter? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Who did you say you were? I'm sorry.
You don't know.
I'm Gillian.
I was working with Luka and John in the Congo.
Oh, I have something for you.
John asked Luka to give you this.
- He wrote me a letter? - Now, there's a lost art.
Well, it's hard to find a phone and when you do, they seldom work.
- Where do I find Dr.
Magoo's? - You don't.
It burned down.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Nance, I'm taking my break.
Am I interrupting? Your assistant wasn't at his desk.
We're in the middle of a meeting.
That's why you haven't returned my pages.
I'm Dr.
I'm sorry.
Let me get that.
- Okay.
- You know what? I'm not good at using this thing.
Maybe if the hospital's workers' comp had covered a myoelectric arm, it would be better.
What do I have to do? Pay for it myself? That'd make a good news story, huh? Amputee surgeon has to pay for his arm to work in the hospital where he lost it.
- It's not the place or time to discuss this.
- You're right.
I've got a lot of patients in the ER.
That's where using this hook really gets dicey.
Wish me luck.
Hopefully I won't take someone's eye out with this thing.
We're staging a walkout.
Meeting at Dunkin' Donuts to plan.
If we don't take a stand, they're gonna replace us with part-time nurses - so they don't have to pay benefits.
- Yeah, they're welcome to replace me.
- Is anybody working here today? - Talk to Dr.
- I will.
- A joker just fainted in the waiting area.
Took a header into an end table.
There's blood everywhere.
Abby? Why are you telling me this? Well, according to my watch, your break is over.
That's right.
Leave me to pick up after you.
Hey, wait.
Hold up, hold up.
Hold up.
I just ran down from CT.
You're Pratt? Nick Cooper, second-year Resident.
Friends call me Coop.
Plastics or Head and Neck for an unstable mandible fracture? Call them both.
Take whoever is first.
- What do I tell the other? - Patient left.
They'll be happy.
It's one less consult for their team.
- Cool.
- You new guys got to start picking it up.
It's only 10:30, we're already 20 patients behind.
- I got six.
- The other two are slow.
Morris has an LOL with abdominal pain and altered mental status.
It's a big workup, possible LP.
Sofun's still getting the lay of the land.
- They're killing me.
- Don't worry about it.
Look, we'll blast through these.
Let me see what you got.
Epistaxis and vertigo.
Nasal pack for the nosebleed, Meclizine for the vertigo.
They're out the door in 20.
How's it going? Rather deep.
I used a 4-0 Vicryl subq.
What was that that you were just saying? - Nothing.
- I heard you talking to him.
It was a prayer.
He's not dying.
- It wasn't for him.
It's a private prayer.
- Oh, something like: "Please, Lord, don't let me kill somebody today"? Somewhere along those lines? Neela, I need you to run down to Medical Records and get Mr.
Perkins' old chart.
If you can't find that Cardiology should have his last EKG on file on the fifth floor.
He's got anemia and renal insufficiency, so print out his BUN, creatinine - and CBC trends for the last two years.
- Okay.
Hey there.
Don't forget.
Dinner tonight, 8:00.
Oh, they have a dress code, so wear something nice.
How nice? I'm wearing my little black dress.
- I think I'm in.
- You think? No, no.
I'm in.
How come I wasn't invited to this party? - Hook up the Thora-Seal.
- I got it.
Okay, what's next? - You want 0 silk? - Yes, 0 silk.
Girl's in 2's x-rays.
You better check it out.
- Not good.
- Who is it? - Tachypneic girl in 2.
- Huge heart.
Call Cards.
She's in failure.
I don't think this is normal.
Maybe it's a brain tumor.
I've tried everything.
I can't stop drooling.
I'm out.
A nurse will be with you in one minute.
Hey, what about that sandwich? What about it? Where's Amanda? She's supposed to relieve me at 1.
The nurses are over at Dunkin' Donuts plotting some kind of a coup.
- Hey, did you sign this? - No.
- Smart girl.
- Should have.
I want everyone on this petition in the lounge in five minutes.
- They staged a walkout.
- They're on a break.
- For over an hour? - Well, page them.
Anyone who's not back in five minutes is fired.
- You can't fire nurses.
- I can if they walk off the job.
I'll go get them.
- Hey, you got a hook.
Suits you.
- Shut up.
- Nobody's called my name yet.
- They will.
Would it help if I gave a stool sample too? No, just - Are you a nurse? - Check-in's at Triage- - What happened to you? - Somebody shot me.
All right.
Okay, sit down, sit down.
I need a gurney.
What's your name? What's your name? - Bobby.
- Okay, Bobby.
- Don't let me die.
- I won't.
I won't.
I won't.
- Who shot you? - I don't know.
- Dumped by a homeboy ambulance.
- You're gonna have to hold still.
- We need to tube him.
- Well, get that line in, and I will.
Bobby? Bobby? Bobby, open your eyes.
No radial pulse.
Got a carotid, but it's weak.
Get him on the monitor.
Get that blood up and page Surgery.
Twenty of etomidate, - BP, 64 systolic.
Pulse is 60.
- Saline and a mg of atropine.
Penetrating trauma with impending arrest.
Crack him.
- No, not yet.
Come on.
- I'm prepping the chest.
All right, I'm in the hole.
Bag him up, Abby.
Where's Lewis? Abby, crash cart, now! Sorry, I had a hot Ml.
What are you doing? - Talk to Abby.
I'm putting in a chest tube.
- He was talking, now he's arresting.
Good breath sounds, airway secure, hypotensive.
Okay, run the code, Pratt.
What are you gonna do, crack him by yourself? Get Corday and order some more O-neg.
Okay, Lisa, can you follow my finger, please? Lisa, can you follow my finger? Don't stare.
Excuse me.
Morris? Work the kid up in Curtain 2.
- Pressure's only 60 systolic.
- Vasculature is collapsed.
- Cutdown tray.
- Femoral cutdown.
- Who are they? - Med students.
That makes three of epi.
- Good breath sounds with bagging.
- Hook up a Cell Saver.
- How much O-neg? - Four units.
He's only got a faint carotid.
- Come on, man.
Stay with me.
- Another two units of blood.
Let's follow his chest tube output.
- There he goes again.
- Hey, I have an idea.
How about a thoracotomy? "Wow, that is just so crazy, Abby, it might work.
" There's only 300 cc's out the chest.
V- fib.
- Charge to 200.
- Look out! Prep for a thoracotomy.
- He's already prepped.
- Ten blade, now.
First incision is in the fourth intercostal space from the lateral sternum - to the posterior axillary line.
- Clear.
- What's Carter mean by "unfettered"? - It means she's been dumped.
- Did you get rid of those nurses? - They went to Nursing Administration saying something about hiring a hit man.
- Hell hath no fury like an RN scorned.
- Whose patient is this? - She's mine.
- Well, get her back in bed and use restraints if you have to.
It's okay.
She's harmless.
Can you sign off on a wound infection? - No.
Go away and take her with you.
- No, seriously.
She's cool.
I'm Nick Cooper.
I'm a new Resident.
I didn't realize who you were.
Do me a favor would you, Coop? Air Rescue's bringing in a bad MVA.
Go up on the roof.
Wave in the chopper.
Stand in the middle of the landing pad so they see you.
You're Rocket Romano.
You were a surgeon.
Used to be chief of staff.
I still am a surgeon.
Yeah, you got scalpel attachments for that bad boy? - I'm right-handed.
- Lucky.
- This guy's 10 days- - Let's get a few things straight.
One, we don't offer remedial medicine here.
Two, you don't talk to me.
I talk to you.
- Three- - Should I be writing this down? Stay out of my face! Thirty again.
Fine V-fib.
- More like coarse asystole.
- Resuming compressions.
- Units five and six are up.
- How long's it been? - Thirty-five minutes.
- Should be able to shock him into sinus.
- Hold CPR.
- There's nothing to shock.
- High-dose epi might coarsen his rhythm.
- He's been down too long.
- He's young and healthy.
- With fatal wounds.
His hilum and aorta are cross-clamped.
We've replaced his volume and maxed out on atropine and epi.
- He walked in here.
He was talking to me.
- That's it.
Time of death: 1336.
Abby, can you try and locate the family? I was coming down the ladder and I stepped on the cord to my sander.
I only fell about 3 feet, but I twisted my ankle pretty good.
And my collarbone's killing me.
- Well, let's take a look.
- Okay.
Heard about your run-in with Dr.
Someone should have warned you.
- He's quite a character.
- That's one word for him.
- What were you sanding? - The hull of a boat.
- Fiberglass? - Yeah.
Are you all right? Hey, Coop, you ready to present some cases? - His asthma is acting up.
- All right, give him an albuterol treatment.
Then come find me.
We have to clear this board.
- So, what's the story? - Call Respiratory to set up nitric oxide.
Give her more Lasix and start an isoproterenol drip.
- Wait.
What? - She has primary pulmonary hypertension.
You're kidding.
Can you even diagnose PPHN from an echo? If you know what to look for.
We'll cath her in the lab to be 100 percent.
Tough break.
Seemed like a nice kid.
Hennesy in Exam 3 needs a Foley and an IV.
CBC and chem panel on Gininni in Curtain 4.
And that scalp-lac kid in the Suture Room needs a setup.
- Am I the only nurse working today? - Close.
Romano fired six.
Oh, so that leaves four of us for 35 patients.
Looks like you dodged a bullet.
Hey, I'm sorry about the thoracotomy on that kid.
- Didn't seem to make a difference.
- Maybe if we'd done it sooner.
- You reached the parents? - No.
Hey, you know, for what it's worth, I think it's Carter's loss.
- What? - Do you know where my parents are? They went to talk to the doctor.
They said they'd only be a few minutes, but that was a while ago.
Why don't you hop back into bed and I'll find them.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I think he's getting even tighter.
- Try not to talk.
Slow, deep breaths.
- Epi.
- Subq epinephrine? - Point three.
- His nebulizer's dry.
Okay, we'll try five of albuterol this time.
Push it.
Little stick here, Coop.
Too much.
- Too much.
- We gave you 0.
You said push it all.
You gave 1 milligram? - That's over three times the dose.
- I'll get an Attending.
No, no, no.
He can handle it.
- V-tach.
- Crash cart.
- What the hell happened? - Too much epi.
Has he got a pulse? Can you hear me? - Charge to 300.
- No, no, no.
It's stable V-tach.
He only needs 50.
Do you want some Valium first? - This could be uncomfortable.
- Just do it.
- Charged to 50 for synch cardioversion.
- Clear.
Jeez! - V-tach.
- Let's try 100.
- Valium.
- Charged.
- Valium.
- Clear.
You just saved your first Resident.
You can't just sit here.
The union steward said to stay the entire shift.
But we're getting slammed.
I mean, we'll work it all out tomorrow.
I'm sorry, Abby.
Think how you're gonna feel 10 years from now when they replace you with minimum-wage grads right out of nursing school.
Abby, Lewis is yelling for you.
- Are you nurses? - No.
How come you're still working? I'm an LVN.
They don't get no cheaper than me.
Pratt needs a chaperone for a pelvic in 3.
If you could cath the little boy in 4.
- Done deal.
- You still with us? Okay, I also have a guy in 2 that needs something - I can't read.
- What's that say, "nipple lips"? I got a Resident who needs a holding help for a spinal tap - on the dirty old man in Exam 3.
- He died.
- For real? - Real dead.
Do you think you could cover for me for, like, five minutes so I could go up? I gotta deal with the nursing situation.
- I haven't seen Luka yet.
- I haven't stopped for six hours.
I had to use a patient's urinal.
And that Carter letter, I'm sorry.
- I know that was pretty harsh.
- How did you hear about this letter? - Jerry.
- Jerry.
Excuse me, Dr.
Romano, if we don't get some help down here - patients will die.
- We called the registry.
Someone from the service should be here soon.
Edna's down from Geriatrics.
Edna? Hey, excuse me.
Excuse me.
There is a drunk in Exam 4 that needs two more of Ativan.
I'm sorry, dear.
He's a putz.
Who, the drunk? That Carter boy.
It's too bad you didn't dump him first.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- The big man, he let me read the letter.
The guy in 3 needs another bolus and an emesis basin.
And call the lab and ask why it's taking over two hours - to get a set of electrolytes.
- Malik can do this.
Hey! - Okay.
Did you hear about my letter? - What letter? Oh, yeah, I need a phenytoin level on my seizure guy.
And your girl in Exam 2 needs 20 of Lasix, IV.
Oh, Elle.
I told her I was gonna find her parents.
How's she doing? She has primary pulmonary hypertension.
Won't live to see her 21st birthday.
Other than that, she's fine.
- Are you sure? - Ninety-eight percent.
They won't be certain until after the cath on Monday.
Her parents don't want her to know until after the tests.
- Not gonna tell her for three days? - It's awkward.
It's not awkward.
It's stupid.
She already senses something's wrong.
She deserves to know the truth.
After the cath, she'll know and then it'll all be downhill from there.
Just stay out of it.
It's the parents' decision.
Excuse me.
Hi, I'm sorry.
We got turned around.
We were going to the children's ward to visit a classmate.
Okay, go back to the elevator.
Go up to the third floor, take a left - You know what? I'll show you.
- Thanks.
- Are you a nurse? - Yes, I am a nurse.
Who here wants to be a nurse? - Hey, you know boys can be nurses too.
- I want to be a doctor.
Me too! Me too! - Robert.
- To what do we owe this royal visit? Do you know who that was in my office this morning? - Let me see.
Do I care? No.
- That was totally inappropriate.
Yeah? I'll tell you what's inappropriate, Kerry.
The hospital boning me with a prosthesis with a limited functional field.
I'll have peripheral neuropathy, overuse syndrome- - Did you fire six nurses today? - It was the only good part of my day.
- How'd you like me to fire you? - Well, I've got a handicap, remember? - Somehow I don't think that's an issue.
- You guys have an audience.
Fire anyone else, even a candy striper, and you're gone.
Consider this an official reprimand.
You are one Grade A bitch! You know that, Kerry? No, Robert, I'm your boss.
And as long as I am, you're my bitch.
Now get your ass back to work.
Fecal impaction in 4 needs some good old-fashioned finger digging.
Jerry! Show them how to get to the Pedes playroom? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- What is that? - This is human blood.
Hi, Elle.
Feeling any better? - Yeah.
I can finally take a deep breath.
- That's good.
They had a heart doctor come see me.
Why? I thought it was my lungs, not my heart.
Well, your heart Your heart and your lungs are connected, so it only makes sense that Cardiology would come and take a look at you.
I'm sure Dr.
Lewis was just being thorough.
So was it okay? My heart? My parents were acting a little weird.
Well, all parents are a little weird, right? I'm sure they just want you to get better.
I'm gonna go find Dr.
Lewis and see if she's heard anything, okay? - Hey.
- Hey.
These are my parents.
Mom, Dad, this is Greg.
How you doing? - Nice to meet you.
- They were downtown, shopping.
- Really? - And now they wanna join us for dinner.
- I hope you don't mind.
- Come on.
It's- It's okay.
How you doing? - Nice to see you.
- Sit down, Greg.
Thank you.
Much better.
The medicine's working.
Lewis, I heard there was a PPHN in here.
Cardiology said I should listen for a tricuspid regurge murmur.
A what? Is that what I have? There's something wrong with my heart? This is not a good teaching case, Neela.
Come with me.
No, I want her to stay.
I wanna know what's wrong with me.
Okay, I'll be right back, all right? - I've never seen a PPHN before.
I- - She's not a PPHN.
She's a girl who's about to find out she's going to die a slow, horrible death.
She hasn't been told yet? There are extenuating circumstances which you don't know about.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? He- He wasn't eating it.
That doesn't mean you get to.
What's his story? Forest Herman.
Just snoozing off pain meds for lower-back pain.
Herman, I'm Dr.
- Mr.
Herman? - Tell me he's sleeping.
- Not unless he's taking a dirt nap.
Wait, I feel a pulse.
It's weak.
Get a crash cart.
- Bag him.
What'd you give him? - Just Demerol for back pain.
Somebody page Corday.
Okay, what did I do? What did I miss? While you were stealing his tuna fish, he was bleeding out from a triple A.
He's drifting down.
You want more blood? Yep, hang it.
This man needs vascular right now.
Get his pressure up, they can do an endovascular procedure.
He probably won't survive an open wound.
I paged them.
They were unimpressed.
Let's page Dr.
Dorset again.
Tell him Dr.
Corday needs him.
I tried to get you a room with a fireplace by the pool but the guys from Coldplay rented out the whole top floor for a party.
I can walk.
I know, but hospital policy says I have to do the driving.
Where are your parents? They disappear every half-hour.
My mom pretends they're making phone calls for work.
But when they come back, I can tell she's been crying.
So either the stock market crashed or there's something wrong with me and no one is willing to talk about it.
So, what, am I dying? Do I have cancer or something? Okay, Elle the doctors still have some more tests to do.
- But so far- - Abby, I need to talk to you.
We're on our way upstairs.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Malik, can you wheel Elle to Three South? - Yeah.
- I need help with the code.
This is wrong.
You know it.
We're teaching her not to trust us exactly at the time she should be trusting us the most.
Abby, what is wrong with you today? You practically start a thoracotomy on your own.
Now you're talking to my patients when I asked you not to.
Somebody should.
It's not your call.
You're not her doctor.
You're her nurse.
When I ask you not to do something, don't do it.
Mind if I watch? - You should be at home in bed.
- Unit six type-specific is up.
Pressure's down to 80/40.
Shouldn't we start pressors? - You wanna kill this guy.
He's not stable.
- He was.
Your service didn't come down.
Those bastards hate to leave the hot tub.
Grab some Betadine, scrub this guy like a sweet potato.
- Kick that tray over here.
- You don't wanna do this upstairs? Love to.
Didn't leave enough gas in him to get there.
- Scrubbed.
- Nicely done.
Maybe you can detail my Jag after work.
Ten blade.
Drape this area here and here.
Suction to Lewis.
You wanna try a little more teaching, a little less standup? Are you serious? My name's on this chart.
It's like we say upstairs, "What happens in the ER, stays in the ER.
" - Thanks.
- His BP's still 50.
Cover your eyes, kids.
This is gonna be some badass juju.
Midline transperitoneal incision.
Pull down a bit, Dr.
You know, it really is like music when we work together.
You boys remember the Law of Laplace? Stress on the arterial wall is pressure times radius, divided by wall thickness.
You two have just been nurse-slapped.
- You know what it means? - It means this man's about to die.
Anyone can rip a man's heart out.
But fixing it without looking? That's why I get the big money and all the hot chicks.
Right-angled retractor.
Is this where I get to make a joke about this man bleeding to death? Only if you're qualified.
I got the supraceliac aorta in my hand, meaning we have proximal control.
- Don't try this at home.
- Or anywhere near this hospital.
You need a clamp? I think it's best if I just pull a Dutch boy, keep my finger in it.
Let's roll.
- How wicked was that? - Guy's got balls the size of my head.
- I want the blue one.
- Hey, you know what? A medical student was crushed to death working on this computer last year.
- I can believe it.
- You save any lives today? - Nope.
- She saved one.
Hey, I'm Nick Cooper.
My friends call me Coop.
- Michael Gallant.
- Good to meet you.
- So did I miss anything good? - Yeah.
Kovac is back.
- He's upstairs.
He's doing better.
- Abby got a Dear John letter from Carter.
And she gave it to you? - Not exactly.
- What's it say? I imagine it's private.
Yeah, you're probably right.
What's it say? "Dear Abby-" Has anybody not read this letter? I haven't.
What, you pulled this out of the trash? - I- - You guys are pathetic.
You're not the only one who got a letter today.
We all got 90-day suspensions.
- I hate my job.
- Don't worry, dear.
It'll get better.
I hope you don't mind, Greg but we went ahead and ordered something that's not on the menu.
Oh, no, this is okay.
It looks good.
So, Greg, what do your parents do? Well, my mom passed away when I was 12 and my father and I never kept in touch.
Well, that's unfortunate.
Family is such a valuable part of one's life.
It's important to have roots.
Jing-Mei is going to China with us.
She's going to rediscover her ancestry.
No, I'm not.
Mom, we talked about this.
It's difficult to know where you're going if you don't know where you came from.
What's that? Confucius? Common sense.
- Lizzie, burning the midnight oil? - Not if I can help it.
- How are you doing? - Very well, thanks.
So is this where all the cool kids hang out? Not if we can help it.
How is our triple A? - Not dead yet.
- Well, that's encouraging.
Thank you for coming down so quickly.
And? And what? This is where you say, "I owe you one.
" - What do you want? - Foot rub.
I'll settle for coffee.
I have to be home in an hour, and nothing fancy.
No coconut-frosted double javaccino or anything like that.
All right.
- Good night, Robert.
- Elizabeth.
- Okay, okay, how bad was that? - What, the jellyfish or the ambush? I'm so sorry.
You know, they caught me off guard.
You know, if it's any consolation, they didn't hate you.
Is that what they were saying? - They're just old-fashioned.
- Taxi! Meaning? Meaning they want me to be with someone more traditional.
You know all that talk about going to China? They just wanna find me a husband.
Well, just tell them to relax, all right? It's not like we're getting married.
Taxi! Oh, come on.
What? What are we doing? You're kidding, right? We're dating.
You know, we're having fun.
Neither one of us is ready to settle down, right? Right.
What, did I say something? Nope.
- Then why are you mad? - I'm not mad.
I'm sure you'll find yourself a new bang buddy.
Good night.
Thank God I got you a decaf.
He left.
- What are you doing? - I needed to stretch my legs.
It's good to see you.
You look great.
You look like hell.
Too much partying on the plane.
So - So? - So I met Gillian.
- She seems- - Yeah, she is.
Must be nice having a private nurse.
She give you your letter? Did you read it? - No.
- Well, you're the only one.
I think he wanted to try and explain why he stayed.
He saved my life.
It's different over there.
Changes you.
I think Carter found himself.
I didn't know he was missing.
- He's gonna be okay.
- I don't wanna talk about Carter anymore.
I think it was doomed from the start.
I'm glad one of us had the courage to put it out of its misery.
It feels strange to be here.
I think maybe I've changed too.
Well, change is good, right? I think I'm way overdue myself.
I hope he hasn't talked you into helping him escape.
You need to take these and get back in bed.
You're still warm.
I'll stop by tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- It was really nice to finally meet you.
- You too.
I'm glad you're back.
What are you doing up? Come on.