ER s10e14 Episode Script

Impulse Control

- Previously on E.
- I need a map.
You get used to it.
You'll be sliding in the hall in socks in no time.
How long you gonna stay? Kem's gonna go back and see her family for a couple weeks.
Then come back here and have the baby.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea about Luka.
- He's a good guy.
- I'm not looking for anything right now.
I just thought you should know.
Thank you.
But independence works pretty good for me.
Although I wouldn't mind some regular sex.
IMPULSE CONTROL They always pray before they start eating.
You have to bow your head.
That's weird.
Just be respectful.
Think about something else.
- Like what? - I don't know.
Baseball or dinosaurs cannibalism.
Isn't his mom gonna set something on fire tonight? - Bananas.
- That doesn't happen every day.
Well, Austin's mom can cook pretty much anything.
See, you're gonna have a great time.
Late start.
Hi, Austin.
I couldn't get Max going either.
I'm never gonna make yoga now.
One for my pager, two for the hospital, okay? What are you gonna do tonight? I don't know.
Check your sugar before bed.
- You gonna see Luka? - I don't know.
I guess.
- Bye.
- Enjoy your night of freedom.
I will.
Man, your sister's hot.
Fourteen-year-old female, ankle inversion- I'm dying right now! I'm dying every minute, every second, dying.
Every day I'm closer to death.
Negative drawer, good pedal pulses, splint and RICE.
Seventy-four-year-old- Hold on.
Past medical history? On the 14-year-old? Unremarkable.
Was she drunk or high? Does the story match the injury? She sexually active? - When was her last menstrual period? - She came in for a sprained ankle.
Monoarticular joint pain in a young woman could be the result of gonococcal arthritis, staph - or a systemic polyarticular disease.
- Or she fell off a curb.
You're a med student.
I don't want to hear "history unremarkable.
" This ER visit may be the only time a 14-year-old sees a doctor.
Get a sexual history, do some STD counseling.
Arnie Nadler, Human Resources.
- Oh, right.
- Hi.
Arnie Nadler.
Nice to meet you.
Nadler is visiting us for a couple of weeks advising us on how to have a happy and cooperative workplace.
Shorter hours, higher pay.
- Pardon? - Just a suggestion.
I'm open to suggestions.
I'll be interviewing the staff before issuing recommendations.
I'd love to pursue this conversation with you when you have a free minute.
- Great.
- An HR consultant? Risk Management sent him.
He's a mandated part of the Romano lawsuit settlement.
- Which one? - Hengstet.
- Who? - Nurse with the weird dog and that hat.
- Sexual harassment? - Hostile work environment.
We identify and assess high-risk employee behaviors and implement early-intervention strategies before they escalate into psychological abuse or violence.
Have you ever been in an ER before? You know, Dr.
Romano's gone, and we all get along great.
In my experience, all work environments could use help.
Especially when navigating the twin dangers of anger and conflict.
- Morris.
Morris, I'm gonna kill you.
- I'm sorry.
Here, have one.
Don't put those there.
Thank you.
John? What are you doing? I was gonna make you breakfast in bed.
Did you lock Emily in the guesthouse? No.
I gave her the day off.
She's convinced we're gonna burn the house down.
Oh, let's.
Then we can run off to the jungle, live off sticks and berries.
Is my cooking that bad? Oh, let me do it.
They hassle you about going into work today? No.
I think Luka has forced everybody to lower their expectations.
If we show up without resigning, Weaver thinks it's a good day.
We've got a whole day alone together.
- What are we gonna do? - I have a list.
This is everything I wanted to show you in Chicago, but we haven't done yet.
- Ice-skating in Grant Park.
- Yeah, that's one.
And the Art Institute.
Among others.
So where should we start? I have an idea.
Would you do a sexual history on a 14-year-old girl with a twisted ankle? - Depends on the girl.
Why? - Weaver.
I'm used to the squawk, but she's condescending.
Belly pain in 3 has been waiting for an hour.
Hey, you're getting big.
- You mind? - Yeah.
You want to try a dislocated shoulder? Yeah.
Can I do the Hennepin maneuver? Are you marrying, or will that kid grow up a bastard? Shut up, Frank.
But what is going on with you and Chuck? He's pushing to get married, buy a minivan fire up the barbecue.
I don't know.
How often do you find yourself the subject of unwanted - physical contact at work? - What? Can you do a fly-by on a swollen knee? This guy's demanding pain meds - wants to see a doctor right away.
- Sure.
Is tactile contact between employees something that is encouraged or frowned upon? How many bimbos you got in this hospital? Just the right number.
Miguel, this is Dr.
- Student doctor, actually.
- What does that mean? Means she's studying the latest medicine.
That looks painful.
How'd you do it? I fell off a ladder.
I gotta get back to work.
- What kind of work you do? - Hang dry wall.
It'll go away.
Just give me some Vicodin, and I can get off your plate.
We'll take good care of your knee and get you home.
When did you fall? - What do you have? - I'm not ready to present.
Knee effusion from a fall? Drain it, pain meds and send him on his way.
- Told you.
- I'm not finished doing a history.
We've got 30 on the board and 50 waiting.
We're backed up 18 hours, and this is an easy case.
- Come on, next patient.
Let's go.
- I'll get a setup for you.
Med students always spend an hour with patients.
She was doing a great job.
Pratt, if you have a minute I'd like to talk to you later about that incident with Dr.
It wasn't an incident.
It was a French fry.
- How does that feel? Is that too tight? - No, it's perfect.
Oh, I love it.
Seeing your whole face.
- Are you colder now? - Yeah.
Well, that is what scarves are for.
That and kissing.
This is where you used to skate when you were a kid? No.
There was another one on the other side of Grant Park.
My grandfather used to rent it out for us.
All right, you ready? I don't know.
Yeah? - So who's " us"? - My brother and I.
Your grandfather would rent you the entire rink just for the two of you? - Yeah, and our friends.
- A lot of friends, I hope.
You know, I wasn't quite as pampered as I make it sound.
No, of course not.
I still don't see anything.
Once the blades are in, pull pressure straight down and the cervix should come into view.
- Can you set up for cultures? - Sure.
- So when did the bleeding start? - Last night.
It's weird because I'm usually pretty regular.
Vulva hematoma, multiple bruises and vaginal tears one at least 3 centimeters.
You'll need suturing.
Lido and 3-0 Vicryl.
Layla, there's some vaginal trauma.
Is that from too much sex? Could be from the kind of sex.
Has anyone forced themselves on you? - What? - Did anyone touch you in a way that hurt you or that you didn't give permission? - No.
- Do you have a boyfriend? Fiancé.
He's in college.
Do you and Dean-? Does it ever get rough? Well, we get a little carried away sometimes.
- How old is that girl? - Sixteen.
- What are you doing tonight? - What? A patient invited me to his restaurant.
I thought we can go.
- Does Alex like Korean food? - Oh, Alex has a sleepover.
Nine victims total.
We're getting three more.
Gus Loomer, 50s, altered LOC.
Wearing a heart monitor.
- Pulse is irregular but in the mid-90s.
- How did it happen? Plowed his Hummer into two oncoming cars.
- One, two - What do you want, Gallant? Full trauma panel, lateral C-spine, chest, pelvis and a 12-lead EKG.
Add a set of troponins and talk to the patient.
Loomer, you're at County Hospital.
You were in a car accident.
I was driving.
I must have blacked out.
- Been having heart palpitations? - I had a heart attack two years ago.
Call Cards to interrogate the monitor.
See if they need help with other traumas.
How bad is it? - We're still assessing your injuries, sir.
- No, no, no, not me.
- My Hummer.
It's brand-new.
- Okay.
C-spine is clear.
- Can you find out about my car? - Not right now, sir.
Got three more victims on the MVA, two of them critical.
- Is he stable enough to be moved? - Yes.
- What's MVA? - Motor-vehicle accident.
Gonna be a lot of crashes today.
It's icy out there.
He's hypoxic.
He could be retaining.
Hang a gram of Ancef and update his tetanus.
- Sending him to CT? - No.
Belly is benign.
- We'll follow the serial crits.
- Good day to be driving a Hummer.
Sam, we need you to get the Pedes airway box.
- There's a kid involved? - Mom and dad too.
Damn shame.
- He doesn't know? - No.
He was unconscious at the scene.
- This is the dad? - Lungs down - hypoxic, altered.
- We need the room.
- Can you move him out? - Duvata, bring Mr.
Loomer to Curtain 2.
Oh, my God.
What have we got? Kathy Shepard, A and O times four.
- Breath sounds clear, good radial pulse.
- Is my family okay? We're working on your husband and your son.
- Loss of consciousness? - No.
- What about my daughter? - What daughter? - Morris - They never brought in a girl.
Is she dead?! Is she dead, and you're not telling me?! - Distal perfusion sucks.
I can't get a line.
- Draw up etomidate.
- What's his weight? - About 25 kilos, same as Alex.
Oh, God.
He's been scalped.
Exposed skull and galea with a big hematoma.
Neck's broken, C-5 and 6.
We'll need the Gardner-Wells tongs to stabilize the neck.
Page Neurosurg.
Where's my mommy? It's all right, sweetie.
Mark the placement point for the tongs.
They're all beautiful.
Most of these are over 100 years old.
They were built for the doctors, lawyers and managers who went west with the railroads.
This is my favorite street in Chicago.
What do you think of this one? It's lovely.
- Yeah? You like it? - Yeah.
- What? - I was thinking maybe we could buy it.
- Really? - Actually, I may have already bought it.
I had to put a deposit down.
There were four other interested buyers.
We need to have someplace to stay when we're here.
- What about your grandmother's castle? - We can sell it.
What will your father say? He might get a little upset, but Gamma left the house to me.
I don't want to live there.
Are you sure? It is a little bit more space than we need.
We can get our deposit back if you don't like it.
- I love it.
- Yeah? Yeah.
They sent two to Mercy and two to Northwestern.
Why would they split us up? In big accidents, one hospital can't take care of everyone.
There were 10 victims total.
We could only handle four.
No, that's eight.
What happened to the other two? There were two fatalities at the scene.
- What? - Kathy.
- Oh, my God.
- Kathy.
Kathy, we don't know anything yet.
- Oh, God, Paul.
- Mrs.
Shepard? - What was the last HemoCue? - Ten-point-two.
He has to get up to the O.
He's losing blood somewhere.
Ethan? Where's Ethan? Ethan.
What are you doing to him? - Until it's anchored in the skull.
- No! - Dr.
Kovac? - No! Take that off! Stop it! Stop it! That's my son.
God, this isn't happening.
Oh, God.
Your husband has suffered massive injuries to his chest.
Both lungs are collapsed, and he's bleeding internally.
What about Ethan? What about you? You were in there with him? Tell me! Dr.
Weaver will talk to you.
Please, what was that thing they were screwing into his head? Ethan has a broken neck.
- The tongs help prevent paralysis.
- Paralysis? There's been severe injury to Ethan's spine and his lungs, and probably his brain.
- They're dying, aren't they? - We don't know yet.
Where should I go now? Sorry? Who's gonna die first? I've had this ice-cream cone for nearly two hours now.
It hasn't melted yet.
It's just one of the many wonderful things about winters in Chicago.
My grandparents got married here, and my parents.
- Is that a proposal? - You want it to be? No, I thought since breakfast in bed didn't work out, we'd try for lunch.
- Are we gonna check in? - We already have.
Beth Shepard.
Kathy Shepard's here at County.
I'm looking for her daughter Beth.
I should get a smaller set of sandbags.
Stabilize the tongs while I add traction.
Can you tell me what hospital she was sent to? Abby, I need you to hold the counterweight.
Layla's been waiting three hours for a repeat crit.
Go on.
He's stable.
I'll take three of your patients if you take over for me in there.
No, thanks.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
When can I go? As soon as we get these results in.
Nurse, can I have some orange juice? Hearing that, did you feel threatened or just uncomfortable? I mean, would you categorize his comments as hostile or merely insensitive? - Can I still have sex? - Not for a couple weeks.
- What? Just tell your boyfriend.
- Fiancé.
Just tell him that he needs to settle down.
If he really loves you, he'll understand.
Dean loves me.
We're getting married.
You know, sometimes you can love someone and not realize that they're hurting you.
He doesn't mean to hurt me.
But does he hurt you sometimes? Did he hurt you last night? I don't know.
What do you mean? We went on a drive last night with two of his friends.
We went to this park near his house.
He tells me I'm sexy all the time.
He just likes to show me off.
Well, show you off how? Sometimes he likes to let them watch.
Do they ever do more than watch? Layla? Yeah.
Sam, we need you to set up another IMED.
- Get Duvata.
- She's busy.
- We're gonna figure this out, okay? - Sam, now.
I'll be right back.
Dispatch RDC can't tell me where Kathy's daughter went or if she's alive.
The father arrested twice.
I don't know how long he's gonna last.
Decreased on the right.
- Pratt wanted that guy discharged.
- I'm busy.
Let's do this again.
- It doesn't look good.
- Needle decompression and chest tube.
Where are my pain pills? You can't be here.
You have to wait.
- No.
I got to see you now.
- Abby, get him out of here.
- Tachy at 124.
- We're still waiting on some tests.
- I don't need any tests! - Abby! BP's dropping again.
This is stupid.
We're just torturing him.
Let's go.
Was this on your list? Several times.
I hope he has your nose.
You have a lovely nose.
What do you want him to be when he grows up? I don't care.
As long as he's healthy and happy.
Okay, I'm deciding between Cy Young Award winner and the guy who cures cancer.
I think he'll be astoundingly cute.
Well, nature likes genetic diversity.
We should make him marry an Asian or Hispanic girl.
You know what frightens me most? That I could get used to all of this.
Well, I'm not gonna be renting out any ice rinks for him.
No? That's what I ran away from.
- Good femoral pulse.
- All that epi kicked his BP up.
Layla's pregnant? I can't get his sats above 80.
- Did you call Social Work? - Yeah.
But they're slow as hell.
Sub-Q air in the neck.
- Let me tell her.
- Okay.
Haleh, I'll be right back, okay? We do a pregnancy test on all female patients of childbearing age.
Yours came back positive.
- I'm pregnant? - Yes.
Do you use birth control? I was on the pill for a while, but it made me fat.
Oh, my God! This is incredible.
Layla, do your parents know-? Dean's gonna go through the roof.
You can't use that in here.
You need to seriously consider whether or not you want to keep this pregnancy.
Oh, Dean loves kids.
What you want now may not be what you're gonna want in five years or next year, or even in six months.
We need a SonoSite in here.
I'll be back.
You running some kind of scam? I've been here nine hours waiting on some tests.
I hear you.
How come Mr.
Rivas hasn't been discharged? Abby's still waiting on some labs.
Loomer - Hey, can you take this to Trauma 1? - Sure.
Miss Taggart, I would love to sit down with you and discuss workplace conduct when you have time.
- I don't, okay? - Maybe later? I won't then either.
Loomer, back to bed.
- What's happening in there? - Come on.
You have a heart condition.
Is he dead? Yeah.
- Damn shame.
- Come on.
Get back to bed.
- I bought that car on a whim.
- You shouldn't be here.
Impulse buy, midlife-crisis thing.
But hell, it probably saved my life.
I could've ended up like that poor schmuck in there.
You drove your car into that family.
You were unconscious on the scene.
Your Hummer slammed into their car and went right over it.
I don't remember.
Is that Mr.
Loomer? Oh, God! I need some help here! Shirt.
- What happened? - Syncope.
Okay, quick look.
- V-tach.
- Okay, charge to 200.
Got a pulse.
Can you at least tell me how serious-? She's alive.
When can I call back to-? Okay, fine.
Thank you.
She's at Mercy Hospital.
Doctors are working on her.
- What's wrong? - I couldn't get more specifics.
But I'm pushing for a transfer here soon.
I just want to know if she's okay.
Do you want to be with your son, Kathy? - Will you come with me? - Sure.
Labs back on your knee effusion, Miguel Rivas.
AFB's positive.
I'm sorry.
Can you take Mrs.
Shepard in? - Of course.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Pratt.
- What? - Miguel's knee effusion is from TB.
- What? I saw his old charts.
He had multi-drug-resistant TB 15 months ago.
- He stopped going to therapy.
- No coughing.
I did an AFB stain, which is positive.
He's coughing.
He's probably infectious.
Where is he? I just discharged him.
We have to find him before he starts coughing up TB all- I gave him a prescription.
Call the pharmacy.
I'll see if he's still there.
Miguel! Move this damn thing.
- Watch it! Watch it! - Hey! Hold the elevator! - Damn it.
- Damn it.
Hey! Miguel, hey! - Wait for the next one.
- Come on, man.
All right.
Hey, Alex.
If you don't wanna go to that sleepover tonight, you don't have to.
We could do something fun together.
If you still wanna go, then that's fine too.
I just realized that I'm the only one who will get this message because I never showed you how to use the voicemail.
Damn it.
I am so disgusted with you.
You are such an idiot.
- I'm sorry, okay? - How could you do this to me? - Get rid of it.
- It's ours.
- Leave.
- How do I even know it's mine? - I love you.
- Get out! You need to leave - right now! - What's going on? One of your buddies from the gangbang squad? - She knows? - Get out! - I told you she'd talk.
- We didn't make her do anything - she didn't want to.
- Tell it to the cops.
She lies, okay? You heard her.
If it was true, why would she still be saying she loves me? Hold on! - Let go of me.
- Look, she's just a stupid little slut.
Hey, how long's it gonna take in here? I've been here 12 hours, going on 13 now.
- Keep your mask on.
- Yo, nurse! I'm talking to you.
- Hey, Frank.
- Hey.
- Has my kid called? - No.
- He was supposed to call.
- Maybe he's busy.
Can you hold for a tap-? Weaver says not to see any patients - until you talk to her.
- Yeah.
- Wait here for her.
- I got it.
- I'm just the messenger.
- I don't trust him.
He didn't understand.
He stopped taking the pills when he stopped feeling sick.
I want Miguel in isolation.
If he can't take his meds - I want him handcuffed and force-fed.
- He just started coughing.
- You're gonna call the police? - The guy's a time bomb.
Are we gonna throw all of our TB patients in jail? Just this one.
If this is how we treat people with TB they will stop coming to this hospital.
- They don't all go out together.
- They hang out at the TB clinic.
Miguel will need six months' therapy.
- You think you can do that? - I want to try to make him cooperate with the health-care system.
- Hey.
- You're supposed to stay put.
- If you still want to talk - Maybe later.
- Waiting for Weaver? - Yeah.
Hey, don't hit her.
She's crippled.
- It never stops being funny, does it? - Sam.
How's Ethan? Pressure's holding.
Last gas looks better.
Nadler's recommending your immediate dismissal.
He called other hospitals you worked for.
- You had prior incidents.
- I never got fired from those jobs.
You left before they could.
I'm a good nurse.
You want me here, fine.
If not, I'll find another job somewhere else.
Something tells me you've used that speech before.
It's clear to everyone that you have an impulse-control problem.
The guy helped his friends gang-rape his girlfriend.
- We'll probably get sued.
- Kid's in PEA.
All right.
The director of nursing will talk to you tomorrow.
For what it's worth, I wish I'd hit him harder.
You know, it's a lot warmer here in the summertime.
I like Chicago.
In the summertime, the lake is full of sailboats.
It's- I can't live here, John.
My work, it's important.
I know.
- What terminal? - United.
Terminal One.
We could just disappear, and no one would ever know.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Me too.
The pills made me sick.
If you stop taking the pills too soon you'll only kill some of the TB.
Bacteria that's left will get stronger and then none of the medicine will work.
Abby? Did you call the cops yet? No, not yet.
You're wasting your time with this guy.
Call the cops.
- What are you doing? - I'm getting out of here.
It's not that simple.
You can't leave.
- I'll take the damn pills.
- You need to go to the TB clinic - every day for observed therapy.
- I don't need that.
- Abby.
Mercy for you on line one.
- Just a minute.
Miguel, stop.
It's about that woman's daughter, Beth Shepard.
Don't be an idiot.
Security, stop this guy.
Hold it.
Come here, please.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Get off! Don't hurt him.
I don't want you to leave.
I don't want to leave.
Well, then stay.
I can't.
We'll be all right.
We love you.
Your Holter monitor records every heartbeat and stores it for 24 hours.
It appears you had a run of V-tach at 8: 20 a.
Is that about when I crashed? Your arrhythmia caused you to black out.
But upon impact, it seemed you reverted to sinus almost instantly.
You mean the car crash saved my life? Yeah.
How long? Forty-one minutes.
Hold compressions.
Pace at 80.
No capture.
Another atropine and resume CPR.
Shepard, your son has no pulse.
His brain has been deprived of oxygen for almost an hour.
I think we should stop.
But it's still beeping.
It can take some time for the electrical activity of the heart to stop.
- What about my daughter? - I'll find out.
I thought my life was over after my first heart attack.
I couldn't work.
I couldn't walk upstairs.
I couldn't have sex.
I felt like I was dead.
I never thought I'd get married, have two kids.
I wasn't the type.
I always thought that stuff would mean life was over.
But then I got pregnant.
Paul was so excited.
He was always more excited about everything.
I thought my wife was gonna leave me.
I mean, I thought she should.
But she didn't.
She- She made me get out of bed in the morning.
I'll take any seat.
I must get to the gate.
- Amsterdam's sold out.
- Another flight.
I have a first-class to Tokyo.
It's $9000.
That car cost $ 110,000.
But she didn't care.
She said, "Gus, you spoil yourself.
You deserve it.
" So that's what I did.
I went out and bought myself my dream car took it for a drive.
I've been having these dreams, fantasies.
Stretching out alone at night, you know, reading a book.
Now I can.
Did I make this happen? Why? Why should I be the lucky one? Why should I be spared? No one knows why these things happen.
You have to believe there is a reason you're still here.
Late start this morning.
Ethan wanted ice cream.
He always wants these crazy things.
Today I said okay.
Can you imagine? Ice cream in winter.
She's in here.
Oh, sweetie.
John? Hi.
Can I get four coffees, three chili dogs and in a separate bag, two plain hamburgers and three plain yogurts.
Hamburgers and yogurt? Susan can only eat two things without throwing up.
Being pregnant sucks.
- You want to sit? - Sure.
How are you handling a nursing and student shift? - Do you ever get any sleep? - Not that much, no.
That's what you get for switching careers.
Well, medical school was the plan for a while, actually.
I just sort of got sidetracked.
The last thing I remember wanting to be was an international spy.
I was 15.
Then I got pregnant.
Fifteen? Oh, I was, like, one of those girls who gives birth at her prom.
Total denial.
By the time I figured out where the clinic was, I- I didn't have any money.
Alex's dad never kicked in his half.
I couldn't get a waitressing job because I was too young.
I took double shifts at Baskin-Robbins to save up the dough.
Did he go with you? He was at a gig.
First time I went I sat in the waiting room.
They called my name.
I never got up.
Second time, I was too late.
I look at Alex and I The place I went to had this calendar on the wall with a picture of Strawberry Shortcake.
I just stared at it the whole time.
- You have a nursing shift? - Yeah.
You're finished? Yeah.
Oh, here.
- Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's your arm? - Oh, it's okay.
Alex having fun at his sleepover? Too much fun to come to the phone when I call.
Sleepovers are tough.
I mean on parents, not kids.
I had a boy and a girl in Croatia.
Miss Taggart do you have a minute? I'll talk to you tomorrow.
This is a document drawn up by our legal department.
It says you agree to be admitted for treatment.
And after that, visit the TB clinic every morning for six months.
I'm not signing anything.
You don't have a Social Security number.
Hey, I've been living and working in this country for 10 years.
So you know if you get arrested for a felony la migra's gonna kick your ass out.
Oh, where's Dr.
Carter? Sandy's gonna kill me.
Weaver, we need you to sign off on a TB admission.
TB on a knee effusion? See, that's what I meant by doing a thorough exam.
- Good catch, Pratt.
- Dr.
Weaver - That was Abby's catch.
- It doesn't matter.
- Dr.
- What do you want? A month in Door County with my French horn but I'd settle for five minutes of your undivided attention.
This place is a disaster.
I've never seen anything like it.
I've seen your workers engaging in bullying, hostility - violence, inappropriate touching - Come on.
We have a good staff.
- They do their best.
- You have lunatics on your hands.
Doctors yelling, nurses beating up patients.
- You need to fire people immediately.
- Fine.
You're fired.
- What? - Don't come back tomorrow.
You'll break the terms of the settlement.
So sue me.
What else is new? You're late.
- Night shift started 20 minutes ago.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Where were you? - I was at the airport dropping off Kem.
- Oh, yeah? Where'd she go? - Kisangani.
She have to get back to her program? She has 200 HIV patients' lives to save.
Good for her.
That's Sandy.
She can't believe I left her alone with a screaming baby for 12 hours.
- How long will she be gone? - I hope just a couple weeks.
Hey - did I show you the new pictures? - No.
- He's pointing his finger, huh? - Yeah.
He does that all the time.
He came out of the womb doing that.
It's like, "I've got a point to make.
" - He's got his own personality already.
- Yeah.
They all do.
You'll see.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I was gonna see if you'd had dinner yet.
Maybe we could get something.
Come on in.
Let me get my coat.
- Wow, nice place.
- Yeah, it's okay.
So - where do you want to go? - I don't know.