ER s10e15 Episode Script

Blood Relations

Previously on E.
- My parents were in a car accident.
- I'm sorry.
Happened in some province north of Suzhou.
I'm pregnant.
- You did it.
- We have a baby.
It's nice to finally meet you, Dr.
I look forward to working together again soon.
Excuse me, can someone get the door, please? Get me the hell out of here! - Nice place.
- Yeah, it's okay.
10x15 "BLOOD RELATIONS" Oh, God.
Nolan, wake up.
It's happening.
It's freezing.
Did you turn the heat down? Nolan, get up.
Rise and shine.
The baby's coming.
We'll drop you at Gram's on the way.
Earth to children.
You need to get dressed now.
Come on, get up, honey.
Clay? Clay? Clay? Clay? Clay? Oh, my God! My God.
Shannon? Shannon? Shannon? Shannon? Nolan! Nolan? Nolan? Nolan! Nolan, wake up! Nolan? Nolan? Nolan? The alarm didn't go off.
- What? - It's time for you to leave.
- What time is it? - Get your butt out of bed! Hey! He might be up.
I didn't hear the TV.
That's probably why you should get going.
- Can I at least get a shower? - No.
I think I found a roach.
No, just an old raisin.
- Why are you up? - Why are you? I'm going to that stupid aquarium thing with Oscar.
The imagination you provide - Alex.
- When are we gonna get a satellite? We should probably talk.
They have, like, 1000 channels or something.
I took out T-bones for dinner.
- Okay.
I'll bring the ketchup.
- Over my dead body.
- What time should I pick you up? - That's okay.
I can take the El.
It's icy out.
I wouldn't want the little Martin kid getting hurt.
Don't do that.
What? Make assumptions about last names.
Little Petey, then? Little Jenny? Until my name changes, if it ever does, he or she is a Lewis.
- Whatever you say, Mommy.
- Don't do that either.
- Okay, I gotta go.
- Okay, bye.
Oh, hey.
When are you gonna introduce me to your old man? He knows about me, right? Did you tell him about the baby? - Not yet.
- Don't you think you ought to-? - I gotta go.
- Bye.
- Hey.
- Morning.
Am I late or are you early? No point staying in bed if you can't sleep.
Tell me about it.
Chuck snores.
Either I need earplugs or- - Separate bedrooms.
- You say that like it's a bad thing.
So is this gonna be a rush, or depress the hell out of me? The latter.
It's multiples all from the same address.
Vicki Bennett, 38 weeks pregnant, in active labor and fully dilated.
Why is this happening? I'd say your baby was ready.
Breathe through the contractions.
Set up a fetal monitor.
So Mom's in labor.
What's wrong with everyone else? Unknown.
The family was found unconscious.
- Was the heat on? - It's 10 degrees.
- What's the story? - Possible CO poisoning.
- More family members coming in.
- Need some help here! - How long has he been seizing? - Since we pulled up.
Altered mental status prior, no signs of head trauma.
- He on anticonvulsants? - Not according to his wife.
Eight- and 10-year-old - are behind, out cold at the scene.
- What is it? Looks like relative hypoxia.
I got this one.
Take the kids.
Clay Bennett, altered, but coming around.
- Vital signs normal.
- Feel sick, dude? - This one nauseous too? - Complains of headache.
Good vitals.
You take the boy, I'll deal with the girl.
What? Hi, my name's Abby.
We're gonna try to make you feel better, okay? - She's crowning.
- Where's my family? - They're being taken care of.
- Fetal heart rate's at 105.
- I don't understand what happened.
- We're not sure but you need to stay here.
Okay, let's get Mom on 100 percent 02 by mask.
- Labs? - No one would wake up.
Neela, labs now.
CBC, type and Rh, UA and ABG with carboxyhemoglobin level.
When a family passes out in winter, we assume it's carbon-monoxide poisoning.
Happens if your heater doesn't vent properly.
But I didn't pass out.
Fetal hemoglobin has a higher CO affinity.
- What? - In English.
- Sorry.
- Don't apologize, just explain.
The baby's blood took the carbon monoxide.
That cleared it from your body and kept you well.
Does that-? Does that mean the baby got it all? Okay, big push for the next one, Vicki.
Oh, my God! Here we go.
Stand by with a pediatric intubation tray.
- Enough.
- We need to get him on a non-rebreather and draw an ABG.
- Neonatal laryngoscope? - Bottom right.
- That's six of Ativan.
- Push another two.
How's Mom? Lucky she was pregnant.
- Pratt.
Morris needs you in here.
- I'm a little busy.
Let me rephrase that.
His patient needs you.
Go ahead.
I got this.
Hang Dilantin after eight of lorazepam.
All right.
Keep Dad's airway secure.
- What's the problem? - He won't listen.
I want my mommy.
Yeah, hold on.
Girl with a headache.
Pulse ox, 100 percent on two liters.
- Do I have to draw a blood gas? - You do.
- I told you.
- Her sats are normal.
Pulse ox measures oxygen dissolved in the blood not bound to hemoglobin.
- It's normal in CO poisoning.
- I told him that too.
Damn! Who's the resident here? - You okay? - Is my family dying? It sort of snuck up on us, you know? I mean, I don't- I don't think either one of us planned it.
- Right? - Right.
It happens.
People date.
You okay back there? Yeah.
- You want to talk about this? - No.
- He'll break down muscle cells.
- Open up the fluids.
Come on, man.
- Enough is enough.
- Dilantin's in.
Any longer, we'll get irreversible brain damage.
- So, what do we do? - A drip and hope it works.
- How fast should I run it in? - Wait, wait.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Bennett, can you hear me? Carboxyhemoglobin 35 percent.
He needs the hyperbaric chamber.
- Only if it's over 40.
- Or has neurologic impairment.
We don't know that yet.
Keep him on oxygen.
We'll give him 30 minutes.
If he doesn't wake up quick, then we'll talk hyperbarics.
Baby's distress probably induced labor.
- It's a good thing too.
- You can do it.
Otherwise they'd all be dead right about now.
- Fetal heart rate's down to 80.
- Why us? Okay, you really gotta push hard with this next one.
Here we go.
Get ready with a receiving blanket.
What did we do? Okay, head's out.
Bulb syringe.
One more push, Vicki.
It's a boy.
We're good people.
We go to church.
Okay, hang in there, Vicki.
Neela, deliver the placenta.
- Me? - Yes, you.
How is he? - He's having a little trouble breathing.
- One for color, one for tone.
- Zero for respirations.
- Something's wrong.
What's wrong? - Starting compressions.
- His heart isn't beating well - because it's been deprived of oxygen.
- And his brain? Oh, God! We need to intubate.
Point-three of epi and draw an ABG.
Let's see how much carbon monoxide he's taken in.
Bad enough when residents are late but when Attendings are late it sends a message that time is amorphous.
Seven a.
is 7 a.
, people.
When Kovac's in, I wanna talk to him.
Yes, ma'am.
Stop surfing the web on County time.
- Oh, Dr.
- Fair warning.
Henry's colicky, Sandy's pulling a 24 and I haven't had coffee.
What do you want? - Placenta's out.
- Neela, 20 of Pit.
Why isn't he crying? He has a tube to give him oxygen.
Good strong pulse and he's pinking up.
We'll find out how your family's doing.
Mom's carbon monoxide is in the safe range, 19 percent.
- How's our little hero? - He's at 48.
- Coma range? - Needs hyperbaric therapy.
- What's going on? - Your son has a very high level of carbon monoxide we need to clear.
- Like scubadiving.
- He needs a pressure chamber.
- Equivalent to 66 feet of water to get three times more oxygen.
- Will he wake up then? - We hope.
- Can I hold him? - Yeah.
You can touch him.
But the sooner we start the treatment, the better the results.
- He's He's beautiful.
- Yeah, he is.
- Sorry, we gotta go.
- We'll do everything we can.
- Neela.
- My baby Take this.
You did a NICU rotation? I need you in the chamber.
- You sending me? - A nurse will be with you.
- They're waiting.
- I thought an Attending should- - No.
A dive takes too long.
- How long? A couple of hours.
Is that a problem? - Okay.
- There you go.
Take off your gown.
Put on booties.
No lipstick, no makeup, hair spray, nail polish, perfume.
- What? - All flammable.
Removing watches, jewelry, electronic equipment.
Any unfinished root canals, temporary fillings? - No.
Why? - Trapped air in the tooth socket.
It can expand.
Do you know how to clear your ears? - I can't do this.
- Pinch your nostrils.
- Blow against your glottis.
- I can't go in.
- Are you claustrophobic? - Is there time for a replacement? What do you think? Come on.
- All right, hook him up to the vent.
- I'll set the clock.
- Patient and attendant set? - Go for it.
You're not gonna panic, are you? Initiating pressurization.
- Does it stay this loud? - You get used to it.
I'm sorry.
Can we stop now? Ten feet.
Do we have a problem in there? My ear's bothering me.
Take us up two feet.
Hold your nose.
Blow to equalize.
I'm sorry.
Please, can we stop now? Resume pressurization.
You really should be on the postpartum floor.
Mommy! It's all right.
Mommy's here now.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You're not helping by not taking care of yourself.
- How is he? - He's a little groggy.
- You just had a baby.
- If I can't be with my baby I wanna be with them.
Vitals q.
30 minutes, CBC in two hours.
Mom's good and cranky.
How's Dad? Just woke up.
Neuro exam's non-focal.
Oriented to person, place and time.
He could still have long-term neuro-psychological deficits.
- She know that yet? - No.
She doesn't need to.
- The girl's headache subsided.
- Yeah.
How's the boy? Hungry, wants a snack.
But he's worried about Mom and Dad.
- Yeah, me too.
Any word on the baby? - In the chamber.
- What's his PO2? - He has a name.
Can you make sure whoever's with him knows that? Of course.
- What's the verdict? - Four hours at 100 percent they should all be clear.
The baby's another story.
So how are you doing with your pregnancy? Oh, fine.
You know, tired.
A little scared.
- About having one? - About what happens after you do.
- Every winter it's the same thing.
- Is there any sort of air conditioning? Temperatures go down, heaters get turned up, people asphyxiate.
Why does it have to be so hot in here? When pressure rises in a fixed volume, it's gonna get warm.
Ideal gas law.
PV = nRT.
What about it? Okay.
Time to give the kid an air break.
- Prevents oxygen toxicity.
- I can hardly breathe.
- Too much and he could seize.
- How much longer? - Hour 40.
- Neela.
- Yeah? - His name's Samuel.
- Sorry? - The baby.
The mom wanted you to know.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
Okay, good.
I'll see you in a couple hours.
Kerry, I examined Mrs.
Krall and she won't require surgery.
She passed her kidney stone half an hour ago.
- She wants to turn it into a brooch.
- I'm sorry.
What? Okay, let me guess.
Henry has colic and you're barely sleeping.
Did Ella have it too? And terrible teething.
It's no cakewalk now.
Tantrums, a constant demand for toys, refusing to eat.
I hate to say it, but in some ways, it gets harder.
It must be twice as hard by yourself.
You have any prospects? I met a teacher recently.
He's a nice man.
Nice is good.
Yes, it's nice.
Okay, open up.
All right, there you go.
- Oh, with a minute to spare.
- That's me.
Her dad says she has strep.
It's been going around her school.
Okay, let's see.
Oh, 101.
You have a fever, young lady.
Anything else? Stuffy nose? - No.
It's just my throat.
- Okay, let's have a look.
Oh, looks pretty red.
Doctor's gonna want to take a culture.
How long's that gonna take? Waiting room's pretty packed.
Six to eight hours.
- I just started a new job.
- It'll be okay, Daddy.
Why don't you two take a seat, and we'll call you as soon as we can.
- Do you think Alex is okay? - I don't know.
Maybe you should bring him to my place tonight.
We can talk, watch something on the big screen.
- I'm not sure.
- I'll cook.
Is this where I sign in? Can we talk about this later? I need to get back to work.
- How can I help you today, ma'am? - Kovac.
- Morning, Kerry.
- I should be grateful it's not afternoon.
You're late, which makes me late for a meeting.
Look for the deduction in your paycheck.
Could be worse.
She could have an M16 strapped on.
What's this? Place across the street does dry-ice shipments.
It's a prenatal-care package for Kem.
Plus some stuff they need at the clinic.
SusPhrine, terbutaline.
Yeah, I hear they're really desperate for roses in the Congo.
- How long has it been? - Since we've seen each other? Thirty-four days, But we e-mail each other.
She says she's really starting to show.
All right, see you later.
Would you hand me a tissue? He really misses her.
Married for 36 years.
He gave my mom flowers every anniversary.
- Swore he loved her till the day she died.
- Sounds sweet.
- Of course, he loved his girlfriends too.
- Just had you and your sister? Yeah.
Both raised by crazy people.
Couldn't have turned out different.
They did their best.
That's the scary part.
Twenty-something John Doe found down behind a building.
Just like all weaklings! Where is all this blood coming from? GSW? Knife wound? He wouldn't exactly let us check.
Fistfight maybe? - The other guy won.
- Just let me go, please! Altered and agitated.
Tachycardic at 128.
BP, 160/92.
Gotta be on something heavy-duty.
I hate your guts! Sixty-six-year-old male, acute shortness of breath, febrile, sats 94 percent.
I'm on my way out.
Bed-bound, secondary to pelvic fracture.
Deb? - Hey, Carter.
- How are you? When did you get back? Last week.
I couldn't leave China until my father was stable.
- I'm sorry about your mom.
- She had a fatal PE.
And now my dad's got pneumonia.
I've been taking care of him at home.
With nursing care? He doesn't want anyone in the house.
- It's been hard.
- Hey, Deb.
Deb, how are you? - Hey, Jerry.
- Hi.
- Hey, Dr.
- Hey, Malik.
- Good to see you.
You all right? - Yeah.
Hey, Dr.
What's the problem again? My grandson is coughing too much.
I need to see Dr.
She's not in.
My daughter said to have her check him.
Ma'am, he'll be seen by a doctor, but I can't guarantee which one.
Sandy and Dr.
Weaver, they live together.
It's evil.
You hear me? Found a meth pipe.
Wanna guess what the tox screen's gonna say? Do a full workup.
He could just as easily be that way from a head bleed.
- It's everywhere.
It's everywhere! - You want hard restraints? Try Ativan first.
No free fluid, Morrison's is clear.
- No signs of trauma.
- Where's the wound? - What? - I can't find anything.
Like, nothing, not a scratch.
It's demons! There's demons all around us! Hematocrit's normal.
So he's not bleeding internally or externally.
- Hope he works in a meatpacking plant.
- Dr.
You got a minute? Yeah.
You know what? Call the cops in case he doesn't.
What's up? Nancy Natarelli, 42, with nausea vomiting and fatigue times two weeks.
She's afebrile, normal vitals, lungs clear, abdomen soft.
No CVA tenderness.
Her meds include kali phos and arsenicum.
Homeopathic stuff.
Oh, I got five kids at home.
I can't be sick like this.
That's a lot of diapers.
Who are you telling? I had three of my own already.
These five are theirs.
You're pretty young to be a grandma.
You think it's the side effects from the St.
John's Wort? It's probably just a stomach virus.
We'll run some tests to make sure.
Why are you taking it? Are you depressed? Just thought I'd be done raising kids by now.
We'll be back.
What? CBC, chem panel, UA? Could be pyelo.
Run a psych history and make sure she's not clinically depressed.
- Dad's coming around.
- Okay.
- He's okay.
- All right, Vicki.
You need to stay in bed and put your mask on.
- He's talking and everything.
- That goes for you too.
- How are you feeling, Mr.
Bennett? - Headache.
- What happened? - Do you know what today is? Wednesday.
Vicki said that the baby saved our lives.
He did.
Is he gonna be okay? Staring won't make it go faster.
- Why are these chambers so small? - I've been in smaller.
We're over halfway there, okay? Relax.
You have no idea how hard this is for me.
- You want some Valium? - What? - To calm your nerves? - No, I just- I need to get out of here.
- Wait a minute.
- He's stable now.
- But- - If I don't get out, I'll lose it! - Do you understand? - Problem? - I'm stepping in the airlock.
Bring me up.
- Are we okay with this? Yeah.
Get Dr.
Olivera to take her place.
Lucky for you it's easier going up than going down.
Hurry, please.
Heart rate's 180.
- Is the other doctor en route? - Yeah.
I paged him.
Breath sounds decreased on the left.
P waves, not SVT.
He's got a pneumothorax.
Forty feet.
Do you need a surgeon in there? - No.
We need to re-inflate his lung.
- Pulse is weak and thready.
- Bring me back down.
- Descending.
Open the crash cart and prep the chest.
- PVCs.
Are you coming back in? - Just until the other doctor arrives.
Sixty feet.
Sixty feet.
My ear! I'm bleeding! You perfed your eardrum.
Don't worry.
It grows back.
Come on.
We 're at depth.
Subtle right-middle lobe infiltrate.
Sure makes me appreciate our healthcare system.
I had to wait a week for a chest film in Zuzhou.
Low-grade fever.
It's probably just early pneumonia.
Or pulmonary embolus.
Can he get a V/Q scan? Doesn't need one.
D-dimer's negative.
He's low probability for PE.
Does he walk at all? He can, but he won't.
And I can't make him.
Since his surgery, he's been depressed, a bit demented.
Just stares at the TV.
So, what happened? They skidded off some back road in the middle of nowhere.
Car flipped.
My mom never regained consciousness.
Jing-Mei? I'll let you two get caught up.
Thank you, John.
What's going on? I'm having my dad checked for PE.
When did you get back? Last Monday.
You should have called.
How are you, Mr.
Chen? The ET tube's down too far.
No, it's a tension pneumo.
Give me a 22-gauge.
Are you all right in there? - Alcohol wipe.
- Sure you're up for this? - Where the hell is Dr.
Olivera? - Coming in.
How's the heart rate? Back down to 128.
He needs a chest tube.
You start.
I'll get there as soon as I can.
Five centimeters of water on the Thora-Seal.
You'll be at depth in a minute.
Sleeping like a baby now.
No sense in keeping him in here.
Pupils are 4 millimeters, equal and reactive.
- And he has beautiful irises.
- Can you move him to Sutures? - Sure thing.
- Just wait till he comes to and realizes we took his crystal meth pipe.
Won't be so cute then.
You have a standing order for five of Haldol.
- You got it.
- Thanks.
Will he be able to tell us what happened? I doubt he'll remember.
- It's sad.
- What? He's somebody's kid.
Morris, I got a call that my son was here? Yeah.
He's in Curtain 1.
He's really cute.
Florina? - He just wouldn't stop coughing.
- Hi, baby.
- Handsome boy, Kerry.
- Thanks.
I see he's eating okay.
But he was very uncomfortable.
His ears are fine.
Lungs are clear.
Belly's soft.
It's probably just a cold.
Come here, baby.
I appreciate you keeping them company.
Nice to meet you.
He was a very helpful man.
Grandma needs to get you home.
There are too many germs in this place.
Just keep the humidifier on and give him Tylenol if he gets fussy.
But what you really need is some sleep, sweetie.
Will you be home late again tonight? Probably not.
- He yours, Dr.
Weaver? - Yeah.
All 16 pounds of him.
- How sweet.
- That's my That's my guy.
Severa, how much morphine did you give Dolly Zuzich? Twelve milligrams.
- Have you seen that little girl's father? - She's not with them? - No.
Came in with her dad.
- Haven't seen her with anyone else.
- Christy, where's your dad? - He's coming right back.
- When? - After work.
- He just leave you here? - I'm okay.
Come on.
Let's get you inside.
Fifteen blade, fifth intercostal.
- I hate doing procedures on infants.
- Getting more tachycardic.
Twenty seconds.
- Kelly.
- Stay superior to rib.
What? You'll have to speak up.
Into the pleura.
Keep your pinkie in the tract so you don't lose it.
- Inserting tube.
- Trachea's midline.
Can't thread it in.
I can't see.
Wipe my brow.
Wipe my brow! - We 're equalized.
- I'm here.
I'm in.
3-0 silk.
Heart rate's down to 110.
Hi, Dad.
It's me.
I put that Foley in Babe Grunhard.
You owe me.
Oh, yeah.
Could you give 40 of prednisone to Peenie Sudar in 2? No, me, Susan, your daughter.
What's up? Well, you know, not much.
I was just calling to check in.
- Tell him.
- Excuse me, doctor.
Dad, you know what? I'm sorry.
I have to go.
You should be in bed.
We wanna know about the baby.
I will go check right now.
- Come back inside with me.
- Hey, Dr.
- Yes? - Natarelli's test results.
- Oh, young grandma? - Yep.
Now I know why she was more tired than usual.
Positive ICON.
You want me to tell her? There she is.
I'll do it.
Do me a favor, call the chamber and find out how the baby is.
Nancy? - Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- Is something wrong? - Well, that depends.
You're pregnant.
No, I can't be.
I'm on the pill.
Unfortunately, St.
John's Wort can make oral contraceptives ineffective.
Oh, my God! I'm pregnant?! Coming through! Yeah.
You know, I'm sorry.
Gallant can answer any questions you have.
- I'll be back, okay? - Clara Waskowitz, fifties.
Stab wounds to neck, chest, abdomen.
Blood loss? Scene was covered in it.
BP's 78 over, palp.
- It was the drugs.
- Her lung's down.
- What's open? - Nothing.
Housekeeping's backed up.
- Husband's in the next rig.
- It wasn't his fault.
Multiple wounds.
As many as the wife.
Hard to tell who's worse.
Whoever did this must have been really pissed off.
- Is it broken? - Yep.
That's what happens when you hit someone with your fist.
Spare some change? - Get a job, dude.
- What do you think you're doing? How about you, sweets? Feed the poor.
Leave her alone and get back to your bed, okay? I'm not talking to you.
I am talking to- Get back to your bed, damn it! - He spit on me! - You're okay.
You're okay, honey.
We'll get you something else to wear.
Let's put on a gown.
Where are her parents? Dad left her in Triage.
I brought her here, thought she'd be safer.
Let's do one better.
Find her a room.
Good deal.
Hey, I never got an answer.
- About? - You know, some pasta, wine - a little Xbox for Alex.
- I don't think tonight will work.
Tomorrow night then? Actually, I was thinking it might be a good time to take a break.
- What? - You know, just take it slower.
You know what I'm saying.
No, I don't.
We're not exclusive, right? We're just, like, dating or whatever.
No commitments, no strings, no co-parenting.
Just keep it casual, okay? Okay.
Sam! Dr.
Kovac! Double trauma.
We need more hands.
She's out.
Come on, Clara.
Open your eyes.
- I can't find a line.
- I'll do it.
- Forget the drugs.
Let's tube her.
- BP's dropping, 54 systolic.
Suction on high.
Need another set of hands for this neck bleeder.
Bradying down.
Fifty three.
Three went to the right side alone.
Haven't seen this much blood since this morning.
More crichoid.
Think that speed freak did this? Who knows? Can you see the cords? Throat was slashed but not the trachea.
I'm in.
Me too.
Mg of atropine.
The left lung is up.
- He was pretty bloody.
- Who? Meth-pipe boy.
And he was hallucinating.
Laceration to the left axilla.
- V-fib.
- Paddles.
Charge to 200.
Stabbing victim, right? Is she a surgical candidate? Not a very good one.
- Still V-fib.
- Her husband's next door.
Try him.
- Charge to 300.
- Clear.
Ten stab wounds, mainly abdominal.
Still hypotensive, 64/48.
Hang another two on the rapid infuser.
- Home invasion? Robbery gone bad? - Gotta be more personal than that.
Where are you? - Free belly fluid with hypotension.
- Urine negative for heme.
- Cops said their house was broken into.
- They could know who did it.
Good breath sounds.
Red line for an open laparotomy.
Hang two grams of cefotetan.
How come there's only men in here? - Ectopy.
- Probably ischemia from the hypotension.
- Let's do a subclavian.
- And keep the blood pouring in.
- Asystole.
It's been 40 minutes.
- And eight units of O-neg.
I guess that's it, Clara.
Time of death: 10:54.
Hope this wasn't evidence.
I guess it was related.
- Settle down.
- No! Let me go! Let go! Look, I didn't even do anything! I didn't know them! Let me go! Let me go! - Hey.
So, what's the story? - Kid went nuts, stabbed his parents.
Killed one of them, right? Starting to ascend.
- Thank God.
- You did great.
- More like Samuel survived despite me.
- No, seriously.
You did great.
- You okay? - I'm feeling a little funny.
- Are you having chest pain? - A bit.
- Abort ascent.
- What? No.
- There's crepitus and sub-Q emphysema.
- Probably blew out a few air sacs.
Oh, no.
Rapid ascent could collapse a lung.
We better do an hour-long decompression.
Another hour? - How long will he be under? - Four hours.
Make the next units type-specific.
We need to get his statement.
This man's been stabbed 11 times.
Let him survive surgery first.
- Hello.
- Hello.
So, what brings you to the ER? Transcatheter embolization of pulmonary arteriovenous malformation.
That's quite a mouthful.
- And you? - Stabbing victim.
Lacerated liver and spleen, open laparotomy thoracoscopy and pericardiectomy.
Push the executive session to next week.
And tell Anspaugh to contact me before scheduling meetings I'm expected to attend.
Do you think you'd like to go out sometime? Sure.
- I'll call.
- Yeah, you do that.
I thought you were dating a teacher.
I am.
Prostate cancer with back pain and leg weakness cannot wait a day for an MRI.
- Sign here and here.
- You know, we're short-staffed too.
Lewis, we got Chuck on line one.
You know what? I'll call him back.
You have five minutes to hire someone because I'm sending this guy up.
- Rough day? - Just typical.
Mom's staring at the clock.
About the baby? - Oh, crap! How long ago was it? - Two hours.
Just tell them I'm pregnant and maybe they'll cut me some slack.
And I'll have someone bring Mom down to the chamber.
Yeah, I'll get a wheelchair and take her myself.
Are you almost done? I need to check labs.
Can you use one of the other terminals? - What are you doing over here? - None of your beeswax.
Dinovo's asking for a new albuterol prescription.
Labs are back on our orphan.
Positive for strep.
We can't treat her without parental consent.
What's wrong? I'm okay.
You seem kind of Don't read into things.
Excuse me.
Hey, Mr.
Grover, you're back.
Where's my daughter? - Isn't it your job to know? - Sorry? - Dr.
Kovac examined Christy.
- She has strep throat.
But worse, she's been traumatized by being left alone here.
- What happened? Is she okay? - She's fine.
No, she's not.
There are drunks here.
Psych patients.
Yeah, and doctors and security guards and nurses.
She's 10.
She could have wandered away, been abducted, assaulted.
- Luka? - What? He abandoned her.
I'm a single dad, okay? I gotta feed my kid, so I gotta work.
What can I do when it takes six hours to see a doctor? - Daddy! - Honey! Are you okay? Did anybody bother you? Give her 250 of pen VK.
He responded well to the therapy.
- Oh, my God.
- It's okay.
It looks worse than it is.
- Are they ready yet? - Yeah.
They just came out.
- Hey.
Is this Mom? - Yeah.
Can she see him? Yeah.
He can see her.
He opened his eyes a few minutes ago.
Hi, Samuel.
- It's Mommy.
- Spontaneous movement.
He'll need another round of treatment tomorrow but he looks good.
When can he go home? Three days.
He'll need to be in the NICU overnight for observation and you'll be in OB.
We didn't plan on having a third.
Thank God he came along.
Neela, what are you still doing in there? Possible pneumomediastinum, among other things.
You should've had someone replace you.
- Hi.
Thanks, Gina.
- Hey.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How was the aquarium? See any sharks? Yep.
Maybe you and me could just hang out by ourselves tonight.
We haven't really had a chance to talk about things.
Like you and Luka having sex? Well, that wasn't how I was gonna put it.
But, yeah, that.
What's there to talk about? I don't know, how you feel.
Whether or not it hurts your feelings or pisses you off or whatever.
I'm fine.
- How's the baby? - Great.
How's the rest of the family? Just finishing dispo orders on Dad and the other kids now.
Oh, man.
What a hell of a day.
It's not even lunch yet.
You only got half a shift to go.
- When did you become so optimistic? - Recently.
Carter, come have a look.
- Kem? - John, is that you? Oh, my- Yeah! Oh, my God! How did you do this? I found out the consulate had a web cam.
You look great.
How are you? - She can hear me? - Yeah.
See for yourself.
What do you think? How come some women have little volleyball tummies when they're pregnant? - Wow.
- And others don't? - I felt a kick yesterday.
- Really? High-speed MV A with multiple fractures.
Oh, I got it.
What do you think? I think you're both beautiful.
You get the V/Q results? Normal.
Negative Dopplers on the legs.
So no PE.
That's good.
Well, he still needs to be admitted for pneumonia, get him on IV antibiotics.
You knew that was gonna happen.
It's common at his age.
At least you're amongst friends here.
So how long you gonna do this? Take care of him 24/7? You know there are assisted-living situations- My father's going to get better.
Jing-Mei I was at the hotel, asleep, when my mother died.
She was all alone.
- Your breath sounds are equal.
- I'm fine.
But once we're out, you'll need a chest x-ray.
- How much longer? - Three feet and rising.
Come on.
Come on.
If it is pneumomediastinum, it'll resolve on its own.
- Excuse me.
- Wait! Wait! Wait! Out of the way, please! - Hey.
- Excuse me.
- Watch yourself! - What the hell? - Regular here? - Yeah.
Every Tuesday with his buddies.
- Black Hawks fan? - Maple Leafs.
Don't ask.
Hi, Dad.
I thought you said 6.
Ordered you a beer.
- There's someone I'd like you to meet.
- He's nuts! That was not a crosscheck! - on the play.
Lugay now in the box.
Shooting down across - What? - Chuck Martin.
Pleased to meet you, sir.
- Boyfriend? - Yeah.
You two had dinner yet? I'm gonna have a baby and Chuck's the father.
You're gonna be a grandpa.
They couldn't score a goal to save their lives.
- You marrying her? - If she'll have me.
About damn time.