ER s10e16 Episode Script

Forgive and Forget

Previously on E.
I'm Gillian.
I was working with Luka and John in the Congo.
We haven't really had a chance to talk about things.
Like you and Luka having sex? We're not exclusive, right? No commitments, no co-parenting.
Keep it casual, okay? My dad's got pneumonia.
I've been taking care of him at home.
I met a teacher recently.
He's a nice man.
- Do you think you'd like to go out sometime? - Sure.
Hey Abby, you're gonna be a great doctor.
10x16 "FORGIVE AND FORGET" - Thank you.
- It's Dum Ke Pasanday.
One of my student's parents gave me the recipe.
So where were you born? Tell me about your parents your first kiss.
You're terrible at small talk.
Oh, they're quiet.
We have to take advantage of every minute.
All right.
Sussex, father's a surgeon mother's a university professor in mathematics.
First real kiss.
Neil Mitchell seventh grade.
Your husband.
It was cancer, wasn't it? So you're divorced.
That's the story on the school parking lot.
But we were never actually married.
She left when Syd was 3 weeks old.
And Melissa was only 20.
She was scared.
Is it too spicy? You- You like Indian food, don't you? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I- I thought because you were English.
I thought all Brits liked- - Here.
Let me fix you something else.
- No, no.
It's lovely.
Daddy, we're tired of drawing.
Well, then, how about a movie? I'm here.
I should've called.
Alex went to the movies with Austin, and I hadn't seen you in a couple days.
- Yeah, I've been working nights.
- Yeah.
I'm on days.
I thought you might wanna get some dinner or something.
I can't.
I guess- Yeah.
I should've called first.
No big deal.
I will- I'll see you at work.
- Sorry.
- No.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
See you.
- Is the food here? - No.
Oh, too bad.
I'm starving.
- Mr.
Welling, calm down, then I can help.
- Why can't you help me? I told you.
The VA burnt all my files.
Now, my back is killing me.
- I can barely walk.
- You're standing.
- Look.
It's a miracle.
- Morris, look, the guy needs Psych.
They've seen him five times in the last three months.
Are you having any suicidal thoughts? Hell, no.
I'm not gonna kill myself.
I'm gonna kill him.
BP's elevated.
We can call Medicine.
- See if they have a bed- - Why do you care? I'm gonna frag his redheaded ass.
Then I'll piss all over his useless corpse.
Hey, Mr.
Welling, wait.
- I'm gonna make you cry.
- Oh, my.
Nothing like the smell of crazy in the morning.
- Back on days? - Yeah.
Till 6.
You? - Seven.
- Olecranon bursitis can go after Ancef.
And bleeding esophageal varices is on hold for the GI lab.
Can I at least take off my coat first? Altered LOL is getting sedated and scanned.
- She needs a Foley and an NG.
- Thanks.
See you.
Kovac, I need you to eyeball a perilunate dislocation.
- What's this? - I don't know.
Weaver's office decided to box up all the applications for the past 10 years.
- I called to have them picked up.
- Frank? And it would be my privilege to call again.
You check his neuro-circ, I'll block him.
What is with all these boxes, Frank? That's where I keep my lists of idiotic questions.
Chen, this is Eliza.
Two-centimeter laceration through the vermillion border.
I just split my lip is all.
- I promised we could see her quickly.
- Oh, hi, Eliza.
Let me see.
Oh, looks like something got you pretty good.
- She wasn't aiming at me.
- Who? I think she had an altercation with her girlfriend.
Lesbian catfight.
Somebody grab a video camera.
Chuny, can you please put Eliza in Curtain 1 and draw up 10 cc's of 1 percent with epi? Sure.
Come on.
Wanna get her settled? I'll talk you through a three-layer closure.
Want me to call Social Work see if we can get her in one of those BBL support groups? Big Black Lesbian? You know what? You're a horrible man.
You think it's pleasant being greeted every day with a fusillade of homophobic, xenophobic ranting from a bigot? From now on, I expect nothing from you except silence.
Blissful silence.
Must be somebody's time of the month.
So Gillian left me a message.
I didn't know she was in town.
She wants us all to have dinner.
I need two-doctor consent for an unaccompanied 13-year-old.
- Sure.
We can talk later about the- - Yeah.
Carter, you think you have a second to look at him? Dr.
Carter, they're one minute out.
EMS is bringing in a probable septic patient.
He came in on a bus all alone.
He's kind of freaked out.
Woke up with right-sided testicular pain.
The school nurse sent him in.
No nausea, no dysuria, no trauma, not on any meds.
Any nausea? No.
I said that.
Hey, Brian.
This is Dr.
- He's gonna check you out.
- Hi, Dr.
Nice to meet you.
So you're having some pain, huh? It hurts a lot.
Did the school nurse call your parents? No.
I live with my dad.
He had a meeting this morning in Detroit.
He's probably still on the plane.
Anyone else I can call? An older brother or sister, neighbor? No, ma'am.
Thank you.
Okay, Brian.
Let's take a look.
Sam? Can you get a container for the UA? Sure.
Don't worry, Brian.
Kovac is the best.
She's really hot.
Charlie Taslitz, 42, fever and hypertension.
Baseline brain injury, but he's taken a nosedive.
- Tried four sticks, I couldn't start a line.
- Where's this blood from? - He pulled out his PICC.
- You're his nurse? - Daughter.
I take care of him.
- Nice and easy.
One, two, three.
- Good.
- All right.
He's burning up.
Sepsis on top of the blood loss.
- Rectal Tylenol? - Yeah.
And CBC, lytes type and cross for four, blood cultures times two, and hang Zosyn and vanc.
- How you doing, Mr.
Taslitz? - He can't talk anymore.
- He can't walk, move or anything.
- Stroke? No.
He crashed his forklift two years ago.
Steel crushed him.
- He got brain damage.
- Dr.
John? - Do you clean his G-tube site? - Twice a day.
Used to be at an extended-care facility, but I wanted him home with me.
- They showed me how to do everything.
- Grab a fresh tube.
BP's 82/58.
- Hang 2 liters of saline.
- I don't have a line.
- Are you hurting him? - Try the antecubital.
- I did.
It's completely sclerosed.
- We have to go central.
Grab a kit.
Dahlia, your father has very low blood pressure and a serious infection.
- That's why I called 911.
- We need to give fluids and antibiotics.
Even if we do, there's a chance his heart could stop.
- Has he discussed his wishes? - I told you.
He doesn't talk.
- Temp's 103.
- Does he have a DNR? - A " Do not resuscitate" order? - Nothing like that.
You have to help him.
- Okay.
- Page Corday.
Could you see through someone's clothes? Nope.
Doesn't work.
Already tried.
How you doing, Brian? Much better.
Thank you.
Morphine's kicking in.
I'll go check on your urinalysis, okay? - I'll page Urology.
- No.
Ultrasound is normal.
Not surgical.
Doppler's not 100 percent sensitive.
- Especially with that edema.
- He's got a positive Prehn's sign normal cremasteric reflex, low-grade temperature.
Probably epididymitis.
He has a possible torsion, and a six-hour window.
- He could lose his testicle.
- We wait for his urine, okay? - Are you mad at me? - He's got a good blood flow.
Not for that.
For coming over last night.
That was fine.
Because what I said before, I didn't mean we shouldn't see each other at all.
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
You want things to be casual.
Right, but if it's a choice between something serious or nothing maybe serious is the way to go.
- Sam.
- Yeah.
I got it.
Sam? Maybe you should page Urology.
- You think? - Yeah.
Better to be safe.
He wasn't MVA.
The guy was just sitting on the curb when we got there.
Adam Grant, 61-year-old slip-and-fall with no LOC.
BP, 136/72.
Pulse, 106.
Mucho ETOH onboard.
- Nice breath.
- Tequila.
Breakfast of champions.
Sam, start an IV, hang a banana bag and call CT.
You guys hear on the news? Some guy robbed the National Guard Armory, stole a freaking tank.
I mean, it's all over the news.
- A "tank" tank? - Yeah.
George Patton, big turret, armor, treads, the whole deal.
- Come on, big guy.
- You got this? Yeah.
You have beautiful skin.
Leave me alone, Morris.
Thing's gigantic.
Sixty tons of American firepower.
Don't hit the newsstand.
I can see police clearing the road.
- Anybody need any kindling? - Excuse me.
- What? What? - Look.
No, it doesn't look like it.
Chicago police have just released the name of a suspect, Anthony Welling.
- Oh, crap.
- Hope he doesn't have any ammo.
The National Guard says he doesn't.
We're gonna believe them? They're the ones that let him steal the damn thing.
Chicago police have said Mr.
Welling is the man- - Where's he headed, do you think? - Here.
What? He's headed here.
- Tell him.
- He said he was gonna get a tank and blow my ass up.
- at the National Guard Armory in broad daylight.
- Kelly.
- Tank's moving pretty fast.
It has a top speed of 35 miles per hour on the open road.
That's what they said on CNN.
I had an '88 Civic that couldn't do 35.
He's tachy, 130.
Are you hurting him? We numbed the skin.
Cordis introducer.
His pressure's down to 74, systolic.
Why don't you wait outside.
- We'll find you when we're done.
- I wanna stay.
- Excuse me.
- He gonna be okay now? We can give him medicine and fluids, but he's still very sick.
He's strong.
You don't know.
Okay, 4-0 Vicryl and a needle driver.
Oh, what a mess.
- You doing hernia repairs in the ER now? - No.
Taslitz needed access - for blood and pressors.
- I'm here to replace his PICC line.
I put it in three months ago.
Oh, thanks for stopping by, but he has a lovely femoral cutdown instead.
Dress the wound and repeat the crit.
I- I don't appreciate you poaching my cases.
And when your cutdown gets infected, call me.
I can assure you I washed my hands.
You still on for dinner tonight? You find a sitter? - Yes.
- Great.
Well, I'll call you about 7.
He's doing better.
His pressure's up to 88/57.
How do they do that? - Who? - Men.
They argue with you one minute, and chat about dinner the next.
You're asking the wrong girl.
Taslitz's tachycardia's resolving, and he's starting to perfuse.
Transfuse to a crit above 30 then titrate the dopamine.
But he better start making urine soon, or he's gonna need dialysis.
Chen, I don't think the daughter really understands how serious her dad's condition is.
Well, he's responding to treatment.
He's got a good chance.
At what? Being in a vegetative state the rest of his life? He didn't sign an advance directive.
His daughter's responsible - for his medical decisions.
- She's 19.
- She knows her dad better than we do.
- Okay.
So if he arrests, do we shock him? Yeah.
If that's what she wants.
He's turning right on Wells again.
He keeps going in circles.
- The guy's probably just out having fun.
- Doesn't he have a map in there? GPS? He's got GPS, night vision, laser targeting.
And this one uses those uranium-tipped shells too.
He starts shooting, you grab your gonads.
All right.
Back to work, people.
It's not the moon landing.
Where is this lunatic? He's crossing Monroe.
Six miles as the crow flies.
- How long till he gets here? - He won't.
We got roadblocks.
He's coming here, we'll feed him onto Eisenhower, force him out of gas.
That's your plan? Let him run out of gas? They're getting a helicopter with a gigantic magnet.
Really? Dr.
Lockhart, you treated him.
What was his story? There was no explanation for his pain.
He was angry because we couldn't help.
There was nothing wrong.
You tell me to dispo patients faster.
Never said you did anything.
Hey, he's about to hit the roadblock at Adams.
The driver has yet to challenge any roadblocks.
- Damn.
- It does seem the police are powerless - to stop this vehicle- - You got a plan B, detective? Oh, my god.
He's- He's coming for us.
Not us, pal.
I've built models of Shermans and Tigers, but never an M60.
My son's almost your age.
He makes models.
He likes to blow them up with firecrackers.
Figure out what's wrong with me yet? Your urine test came back, and it's positive for chlamydia.
What's that? It's a sexually transmitted infection.
You having sex, Brian? I hook up sometimes.
With who? Girls in my class, like, after school.
Girls? Like, more than one? You're 13.
How do I get rid of it? You don't have to cut anything, do you? One dose of antibiotics, you'll be cured.
- Cool.
- Cool? You have to tell these girls to get treated, okay? Chlamydia can be very serious.
We'll get you some STD handouts to give to them.
A 13-year-old kid with chlamydia? Consent him for an HIV test, and give him some condoms.
- Is this what I have to look forward to? - Dr.
Kovac? See you later.
Nineteen-year-old female with buttock pain after ice-skating pileup.
Minimally displaced coccyx fracture.
Give her some Naprosyn and a doughnut cushion.
What's this? Duplicate films? No, twins.
- Blond twins.
- Coming through.
- They never came for the boxes? - I'm filing them under D for dumpster.
Just put them in a storage room, okay? - Hey.
- I had to drop off my carte jaune at the consulate and the traffic's awful, so- - Yeah.
Someone stole a tank.
- I know.
I heard.
Americans and their big cars.
Do you have time for coffee? Double MVA rolling up.
- Sorry, we're kind of swamped.
- Okay.
Later, then.
Around 6? Okay.
I wanna do something fun, like dancing.
Okay? - Bye.
- BP, 102/78 after 2 liters.
- Tachy at 112.
- Easy, Mr.
He's behind us.
I got this.
Help Pratt.
- Who was that? - She's Gillian.
Oscar Rojas, 7 years old, pinned behind the passenger seat.
GCS, 15, and respiratory distress.
One, two, three.
Easy, Mr.
Tell him we're taking care of his son.
- Bilateral femur fracture.
- Probably pelvis too.
He screamed when we put him on the board.
- Calm down.
- Head-on collision? - No.
Ford truck versus M60 tank.
- Your boyfriend better learn to drive.
Equal and reactive.
Good breath sounds.
Neela, what do we do? Full trauma panel.
C-spine, chest and AP pelvis and a Foley.
Chuny, grab a central line.
- Set up rapid infuser.
- He should be okay with two - large-bore peripheral lines.
- He's running people over out there.
He wants you to find his wife, Maria.
Find her, and see if Luka needs a hand.
Frank, can you locate a Maria Rojas? You have the area code for Guadalajara? Just find this man's wife, please.
Hold on a minute.
- I'm calling from- - Oscar.
I need you to take deep breaths, Oscar.
I knew her before in Africa.
She's just visiting.
- You want blood? - Yeah.
Two bags of O-neg.
I need a suture kit.
Multiple rib fractures.
Flail segments on the right.
What the hell was that? I need a suture kit, please.
I'd like it on a Mayo stand with 3-0 Vicryl.
You two need me to call Dr.
Phil? Sats are falling, 88 percent.
Prep for a chest tube.
Breath sounds down on the right.
All right, Oscar.
I'm gonna put some cold stuff on you, okay? Oscar, this is gonna pinch a little, okay? You have to stay still, okay? No, no.
You have to stay still, okay? - Chest tube, Pratt.
Push the lido.
- He keeps moving.
I'm not cutting this kid without numbing him.
BP's falling fast.
Sam, get Chuny to get some help here.
She's busy.
Grab the portable oxygen.
He's on a wall line.
Come on, do something.
There's your papi, mijo.
See him? See him? Do it.
- Daddy's right there.
- Ten blade.
Daddy's right there.
Get Plastics to check this facial lac.
I'll call.
Oh, my God.
Frank, wake up.
Come on, Frank.
I need some help in here! What now? What did he do? Choke on a doughnut? Draw troponin, lytes, CPK, coags, type and cross for four.
- What happened? - He's having a huge anterior Ml.
- Grab a gurney.
- Spontaneous resps on 10 liter non-rebreather.
Last BP, 102/60.
- He needs metroprolol.
- As soon as the bradycardia resolves.
- Push 5000 of heparin.
- Done.
- Oh, no.
Ml? - How'd you guess? Come on.
I gave him 325 of aspirin.
He's on O2.
Call Cards.
We got one for the cath lab.
All right, everybody grab hold.
Ready? He sucks down fried chicken for 30 years.
Now we gotta pay.
Try to slide him up.
- Pratt, you go with him.
- I have patients.
I'll cover.
Stay with him.
I want somebody there.
Is there anyone we should call? Family? The only thing I know about his miserable life is that you just saved it.
An hour ago you told me not to worry.
Now you want me to evacuate - because you can't stop one wacko? - Consider it a precaution.
I got snipers up on the roof with snowplows blocking my ambulance bay.
Weaver, if I'm endangering lives, I'm willing to leave.
Why don't you stand in the middle of Lakeshore Drive.
Play Tiananmen Square.
She has a boyfriend.
- That's nice.
- You said you didn't wanna be exclusive.
- I said it four days ago.
- I forgot she was coming.
You know what? I don't care.
- It's fine, Luka.
- It's fine? Think I care how many French girls you're screwing? You already nailed every nurse in the ER.
Kovac, sir? I called.
They took the bus over.
You said they need to get treated? Hi, I'm Dr.
It's very important for all of you to get checked today.
Because Brian gave us chlamydia, right? Listen, I- I know you're all experimenting but having sex at your age and with people you don't have any feelings for You- You may regret it later.
Look who's awake.
I'll call your daughter for you, all right? You need that line for your medication.
Do you wanna be treated, Mr.
Taslitz? If your heart stops or you stop breathing do you want us to use heroic measures to keep you alive? Or should we stop? Blink twice if you think we should stop.
There's the occlusion right there.
Connie? Hey.
What's up, Frank? You're in the cath lab.
What are you doing to me? You had a heart attack.
If we can open up the blockage in your artery, it'll save you from surgery.
LAD's down to nothing.
Those cells are marching through single file.
- TIMI, zero-to-one flow.
- What's that mean? You are gonna give a 2b/3a inhibitor? You just watch the pretty pictures, and leave the medicine to me.
- PVCs.
- Another 50 of lido.
- What's happening? - Pratt you are disturbing my patient, and bugging the hell out of me.
Why don't you wait outside.
Fine with me.
Take care, big man.
Don't go.
Please stay.
Think I'll stay a few minutes - if you don't mind, doctor.
- I do mind.
- Wow.
- Yeah, wow.
Well, at least the ER's slow.
Closed to traumas, closed to transfers, closed to ambulances.
Thank you, Dr.
Hey, IR called about Mr.
Rojas, the driver that he hit.
They embolized a small retroperitoneal bleeder.
He's gonna be fine.
- What about his son? - Still in surgery.
I pulled his old charts.
The tank guy.
Back strain, broken finger, nosebleed, five Psych consults, no admissions.
Distant history of cocaine and amphetamine abuse.
Probably nothing that would've convinced Psych.
Pressured speech, paranoia and delusions of grandeur.
- Abby.
- I missed a drug-induced psychosis.
Psych saw him five times.
He never met admission criteria.
- Don't beat yourself up over this.
- I'm not beating myself up.
The guy came here looking for help, I let him go.
That's just what happened.
Sam's looking for you.
And Mrs.
Delyanov has tight wheezing and her urticaria is back.
She's on- Excuse me.
Do either of you work in the Emergency Department? - Yeah.
- I'm trying to find my husband.
- What's his name? - Francis Martin.
He works here.
My daddy answers the phone.
He's in charge.
- Frank? - Yes.
Frank Martin.
Someone just called and said he was sick.
I'm very sorry.
He had a heart attack.
Oh, my God.
He's up in the cath lab now.
Oh, my God.
What are they doing to him? Angioplasty.
It's a procedure where they take a balloon and unblock a blocked artery in the heart.
The cardiologist can explain.
- Neela, will you take them upstairs? - Yeah.
I'll show you where to wait.
- Mr.
Taslitz, can you hear me? - He blinks all the time.
- It doesn't mean anything.
- His systolic's only 62.
His PO-2's even less.
He was satting well before.
He was alert.
Taslitz, I want you to blink twice if you can hear me.
- He's not following commands.
- I connected.
- He wants his suffering to end.
- What's up? - You guys need me? - No.
I asked him to come.
- He's my patient, Sam.
- I just wanted someone more objective.
- Pressure's bottoming out.
Down to 40.
- No pulse.
It's P.
What are we doing? Starting compressions.
Amp of epi.
- This isn't what he wants.
- Epi, Sam.
Guide wire's through the occlusion.
Wonder what's for dinner.
You're hungry? That's a good sign.
They used to fly us in a hot meal every time we were in a firefight.
He's looped on the Versed.
Let's hear some vitals.
ACT's 220, pulse, 87, respirations, 24- Tay Ninh Province.
Second of the 22nd Mechanized Infantry.
I'd hear those first enemy rounds: So you know how to use a bazooka.
- They could use you outside right now.
- It's funny, when you're that close to dying I'd be thinking: " I wonder if it's beef stew tonight.
" You're not dying, Frank.
Vessel's pretty angulated.
Want a shorter stent? No.
It has to cover the lesion if we're gonna prevent acute re-occlusion.
I can wiggle it in there.
Half of my unit was black.
They were all cocky SOBs, just like you.
Some of your best friends, huh? Yeah.
Shanks he was shot right through the left eye February 12, 1967.
Davis Bauer, Woodward.
None of them made it.
None of them.
All right.
That looks good.
Inflate to 15 atmospheres.
You know what you are, buddy? You are what those boys could've been.
- Frank.
- He's out.
Inject contrast.
Pulse is up to 125.
- Pressure's dropping.
Sats 85.
- He's perfed.
- He's bleeding into his pericardium.
- Give me a covered stent now.
Pressure's 65 over nothing.
Maxed out on dopamine and Levophed.
No pulse.
- How much longer we going, Deb? - Okay.
- Holding compressions.
- No.
V- tach.
Charge to 200.
- Do it.
Shock him.
- Clear.
- No change.
You're torturing the guy.
- Keep going, please.
- Charge to 300.
- Last time.
- Sinus tach.
- We got your father's heart beating at a normal rhythm, but he needs medicine - to keep him from another arrhythmia.
- Don't stop.
Don't stop.
His heart is beating.
Run a liter of saline wide open.
Lord, another one.
- Can't you stay in the ER? - Family's here.
What happened? Artery's so calcified the stent cracked it.
Muffled heart sounds.
- Tamponade.
- Heart's surrounded by pressurized blood.
- It needs to be drained.
- All right.
Run dobutamine, 10 mics.
- Pericardiocentesis.
- I'll get it.
Needle to me.
You, stop.
This is not the ER.
We do things a little more controlled here.
- Let me help.
- Pressure's dropping, 80/45.
- You have to up his cardiac output.
- I'll have a stent in 90 seconds.
He doesn't have 90 seconds.
- Systolic's down to 71.
- I can draw off 50 cc's.
- That'll buy us some time.
- Dr.
Kayson? - Just don't lacerate another coronary.
- All right.
- PVCs.
- Now you're putting him into V-tach.
Okay, once you get ectopy on the monitor, you just pull back a little - and like magic.
- BP's coming up.
- Ninety-eight over 60.
- Almost 30 cc's of blood out.
- O.
4 is ready.
- All right.
Let's roll.
One lucky needle doesn't make you a cardiologist, Pratt.
Where is he? On Ashland.
It's the only way he can come.
The roads are all blocked.
They'll stop him.
They will.
He can't get past the snowplows.
Now they can throw his ass in jail.
What he needs is an eval and a Psych admission.
What kind of eval does he need? "Have you ever stolen a tank?" Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You'll have to stay back.
Forty-one-year-old male, three GSWs.
- Where was he hit? - Chest, neck, shoulder.
BP, 108/72.
- Tachy at 112.
- Arterial bleeder.
I need more gauze.
Deep breaths, Mr.
- I said I was coming back.
- I can't get a radial pulse.
- He's not going anywhere.
- Cuffs stay put.
Welling, you need intubation, a chest tube and O-neg.
Morris, get your ass over here.
BP, 78/56.
- Hang two units on the rapid infuser.
- He's hard to bag.
Can't get a good seal with this blood- I need suction.
Two more, then he's tubed.
- Sats are falling to 86.
- Tube him? - I got this.
Let's push some sux.
- Crichoid pressure? Yep.
He has a GSW to the neck.
BP's falling down with his sats.
Lot of blood in there.
Okay, Yankauer.
Got it.
I am in.
Bag him up.
Good breath sounds on the right.
Sats are only 68.
Not coming up.
- Might have pneumo on the left.
- Prep chest tube.
- I'll do it.
- No.
Carter - he's not.
- He was my patient.
- Yeah.
He was, and look what happened.
- Morris is up.
Chuny, set him up with Betadine.
- Betadine and a 10 blade, please.
- Heart rate's only 48.
- All right.
Fifth intercostal space- - In the midaxillary line.
I know.
Blunt dissection.
Stay superior to the rib.
I got it.
- Thirty-two French on a curved vascular.
- Run of six.
- I can't get it in.
- I'm losing the pulse.
- Carter.
- He's got it.
- Keep your finger in the track.
- Chuny, open the crash cart.
- Stand by to start compressions.
- No.
I'm in.
- Hook up the Thora-Seal.
- Right.
Sats coming up.
Sinus tach's 113.
Nice work, Morris.
Hang two more units.
Let's get him to the O.
Strong carotid, good breath sounds, BP's up to 60 systolic.
- Kick the brake.
Are we clear? - Yeah.
- Can I scrub in? - No.
He's- He's gonna be okay.
We saved him.
Luka GYN's admitting one of Brian's friends.
PID? Upper-tract chlamydia with a huge tubo-ovarian abscess.
They'll try antibiotics.
I hope she doesn't need surgery.
She could lose a tube.
Going home? Another hour.
Wanna get some coffee? I'll wait.
No, thanks.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Are you ready? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Thank you.
It's very kind of you to sit with us.
It was always my worst nightmare when Frank was on the police force that I'd get some call from the hospital.
Can't ever stop worrying, can you? Dr.
Pratt will find us when he has any news.
You know, Frank took this job because he wanted to put more money away for Janie.
It's all he ever thinks about, is his Janie.
I'm sure he talks about her all the time.
But he loves it here.
Comes home with stories all the time.
He always makes the workday very interesting.
You're Neela Rasgotra, right? Frank always says how bright you are.
And how well you're doing.
That's very kind.
Frank's always been a people person.
They should be taking him up to the ICU in about an hour.
He won't open his eyes anymore.
He might have suffered more brain damage when he wasn't getting oxygen.
After he gets out of the hospital, it'll be hard to take care of him at home.
We can help you find a good long-term facility.
Do you think people get what they deserve? No.
Not really.
I was 17 when he got hurt.
Tim Landau called from the floor of the shop.
I thought it was Dad calling to see if I was home from school.
He called every day since the fifth grade.
He wanted me to be there when he got home because my stepmom would still be at the restaurant.
So we'd be alone.
You and your dad? I'd take a shower and wait in my room.
He liked it when I left my hair wet.
We can go to Beat Kitchen or Liquid.
I heard it's very hip.
Dancing? You just wanna go home? We can dance there.
You don't wanna dance.
- Gillian.
- Are you in love with her? The nurse? You know I'm jealous.
I don't have any right to be, but yeah.
You're okay.
But we had to open up your chest to bypass the blockage.
So no more nachos, no more piroghis.
Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life, Frank.
I'm in hell, right? You killed me.
You and your faithful Indian companion.
Daddy? Daddy? I wasn't scared.
I wasn't.
That's my good girl.
You're my- My brave girl.
Hard to believe he was an officer.
And a husband and a dad.
And a bigot.
That too.
- Bypass went well? - Yeah.
Less than 30 minutes of pump time.
Kayson says you're banned from the cath lab.
Nice work, you two.
Corday, they need you in O.
I'm already late for dinner.
They said it was 911.
So the guy's head comes off and then these spider legs grow out.
It's really cool.
You should probably close your eyes.
We rented The Thing and Evil Dead II.
Have you seen them? - Nope.
- Well, Mom got me McDonald's - but you could probably order a pizza.
- Alex, why don't you head upstairs.
Isn't Luka coming up? Put the popcorn on.
Two and a half minutes on high, okay? It's cold.
They said it was gonna snow.
Luka, I'm tired.
Gillian went to a hotel.
She was at your apartment last night, wasn't she, when I came by? Yeah.
You talked to me and closed the door.
And like five minutes later I was probably still on the stairs.
I'm sorry.
God, I am so stupid.
I really- Whatever.
You came here to say something, so say it.
It's freezing outside.
I screwed up.
I just wanted to apologize.
Just tell Alex I said- Just tell him I'm sorry I couldn't stay.
His movies scare the crap out of me.