ER s12e08 Episode Script

Two Ships

Previously on E.
- Michael's coming home today.
- Well, hello, soldier.
Michael's gonna have a heavy patient flow.
He will be unable to make it home on leave as anticipated.
- Tony Gates.
- Dr.
- You don't like my style? What is that? - We were all here a long time before you.
We work together.
You're the new guy.
- I'm her father.
I have a right to know.
- Dad, please.
Stop it! You ever come near my daughter again, and I'll kill you.
Wasn't as cold this morning.
Thought people from the Bronx were tough.
- We are.
- Yeah, right.
Talk to me in February.
What's up? - What we got? - Martin Trudeau, 60, short of breath.
Looks like trouble.
You're telling me.
- How's the rookie doing? - She could smile more.
She's fine.
All I wanted was a little oxygen.
And these clowns keep poking me for 10 minutes.
Status post-cardiac transplant, 2001.
Think those bastards at the Mayo Clinics give refunds on bad hearts? - Marty's on a lot of meds.
- Neoral, mycophenolate, Lipitor benazepril, nicardipine, Isordil, furosemide, potassium, aspirin.
Now we got freaking Rain Man here.
- I'm taking her to Vegas.
- Lungs are wet.
Forty of Lasix, 25 of sublingual captopril.
I'll be right in.
- So how's it going? - They don't have a coat that fits.
They woke me and my neighbors at 5 a.
with that siren.
Gates is like a dog in heat.
Other than that- There is no other than that.
- Look on the bright side.
- What bright side? Pratt, your diarrhea guy's butt is exploding again.
- You could be stuck here.
- Yo, Mayday.
- Dr.
Rasgotra will be fine.
- I'm gonna go restock, Mayday.
- Thanks.
- Nice jacket, roomie.
Or can I still call you that? As long as you don't call me Mayday.
How's the ride-along? - That good, huh? - You need a fresh Steri-Strip.
- Oh.
- Yep, still a little tender.
All things considered, you got off easy.
My ass-kicking was a breeze.
All I had to do was lay there.
Beats jail time.
Here, sit.
- Heard from Gallant? - Not yet.
He got stuck.
- He's still coming home, right? - Not at the moment.
Oh, that's cool.
I mean, too bad.
- But, uh, maybe I can come home now? - No.
- No? - It's nice without you.
That smell hasn't been there since you've been gone.
- But it's my place.
- Got another run, Mayday.
You can come back on these conditions: No dishes in the sink, no using the couch as your hamper.
Didn't I let you move in? Okay, fine.
Done deal.
I'm on graveyard, I'll be back in the morning.
Oh, crap.
Admit, 2 o'clock.
- I thought you got rid of her.
- Help, please.
- Ray.
- Neela.
- Zoe.
- Oh, hey, Neela.
- Why are you here? - Where is Ray? - He's off today.
- That's not true.
He pulls doubles Thursdays so he can do Friday gigs.
I totally know his schedule.
He had a doctor's appointment.
Eye specialist.
He hasn't returned my calls.
I've been worried.
Come on, we got a man down.
- I'll tell him you were here.
- Give him this.
It's all our songs.
It's a make-up mix.
Residency office is looking for Abby.
- She's on nights.
- Lucky her.
She's on nights.
I think I know why you got fluid in your lungs, Mr.
I take long showers.
Is there anything you wanna tell me? - Like what? - Listen, your cyclosporine level was zero.
Yeah? So? So you stopped taking your meds.
Am I right? - Are you taking your pills? - Nope.
So you're wasting a good heart, not to mention my time.
You know how much the medicine costs me a month, huh? I take piles of that medicine at almost 4 large a month.
What about Medicare? Oh, please.
You gotta declare poverty for that.
You have to give up your house and your savings and your car.
Huh? Who's gonna take care of my wife? How are you supposed to if you're dead? Oh, please.
She drives me back and forth to the hospital.
I puke, she cleans it up.
And I can't make it up the stairs alone.
I pass out.
Trudeau, are you refusing to take your medication? Because if you are, you're gonna go into heart failure - and you're gonna die.
- Aw All right, then, put him in Curtain 3.
We're done.
- Sam, how many nurses are you short? - Two, and the registry's empty.
You'll manage.
Here's my number.
My flight leaves at 4:20.
- I'll keep my cell phone on.
- What about Malik? - Funeral in Detroit.
- Arson capital of the world.
- Did you try Jarvik? - I called everybody.
Sam, do you want me to stay? - Oh, go ahead.
We got it, go.
- Okay, I got a flight to catch.
- Yo, Rocky.
- Hey, Inez.
- You wanna pick up a drunk samurai? - Samurai? GYN has a bed, but can't take the PID for two hours.
- I'll call them.
- Sam, why is my UTl still here? We're out of ICONs.
- Could you, please? - I got it.
- Like, before Christmas? - I said, I got it.
- Four more.
- What did she say? Same thing she said the last six times.
That's your real name? You, with hair like ray of sun, you are beautiful.
What are you doing? Looking for my underwear.
Are you on tonight? No.
Why are you leaving? I just thought I should.
- You should stay.
- I probably shouldn't.
I have a lot of stuff I need to do and Oh.
Your bra.
Thank you.
Still like ketchup on your eggs? Okay.
I'll make us some breakfast.
I think we probably slept through breakfast.
And lunch.
I can't believe he's doing this to himself.
Can you stop it? Really, what's the point if he's not gonna take the medication? He's not such a pain in the ass, you know.
He's just angry because he's been so sick.
I wish you could help him.
I'm not sure I can.
He's my life.
I'm not ready to let him go.
Take a cab.
And next time, fake a seizure.
So how about some sushi? You like sushi? I know a great sushi place.
- Does he ever stop? - Get a ring.
He's scared of husbands.
- I told you, I have a boyfriend.
- Oh.
So, what is he, a lawyer? - A commodities trader? A dentist? - He's a doctor.
- County? - In the Army.
- Stateside, I hope.
- Iraq.
- CASH unit? -10th Combat Support.
You know, I was a medic in Desert Storm.
-101 st Airborne.
- Airborne? - Did you fly planes? - Nope, just jumped out of them.
- When's he coming home? - Soon, I hope.
To prove I'm a good guy, know what I'm gonna do? I'll let you sit in front, play with the siren.
- I'm gonna buy you coffee.
- With an empty wallet? Paramedics and cops drink for free.
- Technically, you're not buying anything.
- Technically, it's the thought that counts.
Come on in.
Sorry, I won't do it again.
My foot slipped, I promise.
Scout's honor.
What took you so long? Buckle up.
What the hell's that? Monoclonal antibodies to stop the rejection.
Did I not make myself clear? I don't want it.
Well, you're getting it anyway.
And you're gonna take these too.
I spoke to your doctors at the Mayo.
They agreed to take you.
By helicopter.
- I'm not going.
- This is Neoral.
If you take this, you'll have a detectable blood level by the time you get there.
You are so wasting your time, doc.
Yeah, okay, good.
So look, this is how it's gonna go.
You gonna take these pills, get on that chopper.
You're gonna stay on your meds as long as that donated heart keeps beating.
Who the hell do you think you are? You see that woman over there? She loves you.
And I have no idea why, because, personally, I find you extremely annoying.
But if you think you're helping her by killing yourself, you're wrong.
You know, you're a miserable guy.
But she seems like a great lady and she wants to keep you around.
So open wide, Marty.
- Be careful, it's hot.
- Thanks.
The passenger jet crashed in the 5700 block of- - Child rooms clear? - And sutures and Curtain 2.
- CCU can take Jenkins.
- I'll get him up next.
- If they walk, they go to the lobby.
- I'm not moving.
Been waiting six hours with a dislocated finger.
- Lot of critical patients- - My finger's critical.
- Excuse me? - My finger's critical.
Let me see that.
- Not anymore.
- Guys, shut up, please.
- passenger jet at low altitude moments after takeoff.
- Terrorists? - What airline was Eve on? when the pilot lost control, eventually colliding So much for conspiracy theory, huh? Okay, that's it, folks.
Here we go.
We're about to get clobbered.
Exam 3, I want six monitored beds.
Damn it.
Ray, I got two words for you: "hard restraints.
" We can't do that anymore.
Hey, settle down.
- The warrior path is never easy.
- Start with Haldol.
Battalion chief needs another doctor.
Possible field amputation.
- Whoa, whoa.
Yeah, okay.
- Okay, I could go.
- Nope.
Not a good idea.
- I could use the experience.
Not a drill.
I'm going out with Pickman.
Congratulations, have her home by 10.
Set this up.
- City fire needs a physician.
- With experience.
Somebody with experience would be better here.
- It's a tough call.
- I've done my ride-alongs.
They'll need crikes, central access, chest tubes.
- I'm good at that.
- If he's supervised.
- We need to roll.
You got anybody? - I'm going, come on.
Okay, okay, Pratt, it's you.
But get your ass back here in an hour.
Drug box.
Airway kit.
Triage tags.
Green is nothing, yellow is urgent, red is critical, black is dead.
Oh, man.
Chief Bukata.
- Triage on the north side.
- All right, stick with me.
One patient at a time.
Sir, sir.
Sir, can you hear me? - He's not breathing, there's no pulse.
- Black tag and move on.
Watch your step.
Ma'am, can you open your eyes? Flail chest, respiratory arrest.
Trauma 1 then ICU.
Quickly, quickly.
I want you clearing exam rooms.
- Shouldn't the nurses be-? - No, you decide who stays and who goes.
- Thanks for coming.
- Where do you need us? Hypotensive pelvis.
ETA: two minutes.
Get triage in the waiting room.
- The waiting room? - It's warm, the light is good.
- You can do a better assessment.
- You're not serious.
That's how we do it.
This is like Night of the Living Dead.
Let the walking woundeds through the door, it's over.
Got me? Triage stays here.
- Abby, this is your pelvis.
Come on.
- The plane was going to Cleveland.
- I don't care.
- Eve was going to Saint Louis.
- I'll deal with it.
- So she's okay? - Who's in 2? - Altered stroke patient.
Let's park him in the hallway.
Please, yes, I need you right away.
Sir, we're gonna have to move you.
We have to move you folks- I am so sorry about my dad.
- You're not supposed to be here, Zoe.
- You're so cool for not pressing charges.
- Now is not a good time.
- Okay, but you get off at 8, right? Ha.
When I said we can't see each other anymore- Just because my Dad's a jerk doesn't mean we can't keep going.
I got my ass kicked once.
I don't wanna go to jail.
I know, but we could keep it a secret.
Like Romeo and Juliet.
No, you need to leave right now.
- You can't just walk away.
- Don't you have some homework to do? - I am not a child.
- Yes, you are.
- I'm your girlfriend.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- Forty-five-year-old, unstable pelvis.
Ninety palp after a liter.
Can you check the dorsalis pedis? - But I love you, Ray.
- Plugged earwax.
I had to clean her out.
- Whatever.
- Yeah.
Oh! What are the foot pulses? Ray? - Keep pressure while I wrap.
- Saline's wide open.
- Neela.
- What are you doing here? - Heard you needed help.
- Fire's knocked down at the fuselage.
- Let's go, Pratt.
- All right.
Woody Ebbots, 85, auto vs.
pedestrian, blunt chest.
She's not critical.
Lead her to the yellow tarp.
- How's your breathing? - It's been better.
Something fell and hit the car and the car came right at me.
Okay, deep breath.
- The driver okay? - We'll have to check on that.
Tachy, 120.
- Five liters by nasal prong.
- Got it.
- You seen a dog around here? I'm gonna give you some oxygen, Woody.
- I was walking my dog.
- A big stick in your arm.
- Look over here.
Look over here.
- Ow! - Look over here.
- A cocker spaniel.
You seen her? Hold still.
Maybe she didn't get hit.
You would have seen her if she got hit.
- Hold on.
- Hey, Riley.
- We'll find the dog.
Take a deep breath.
- Hey, Riley! - Oh, man.
- Anything for us? Not in there.
This way, doc.
Guy in back got lucky.
Coming through.
- Up here.
- Talk to me.
Baxter Yi, facial trauma and projectile to the right chest.
Can someone call my fiancée? Airway's good.
Strong pulse, unbelievable.
- Lila Frankfurt is her name.
- Okay.
- Line's in.
Need to get him down.
- We need some foam on this.
She's waiting for me.
- Saw and a backboard, let's go.
- Baxter, you're one lucky guy.
Well, can you call her cell? I have the number.
What's the status on his wound degree? Crushing substernal chest pain, - What about his arm? - Can't feel it.
- Yeah, blood pressure's high.
- So's my cholesterol.
- You taking Viagra? I look like I need Viagra? All right, lift up your tongue for a minute.
- Hey, we need help with an extrication.
- Stand by.
Just calm down, sir.
Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of here.
- 105/75.
- That's better.
- What? - It means "thank you" in Hindi.
Had to learn a little in '44.
Army Air Force.
I flew supplies over the Hump to China.
Oh! - C-46s? - I've never been to India.
She was asleep and the window blew out.
- What's her name? - Olive.
The glass cut her.
And my son's on the second floor.
His legs are cut, he can't walk, and they won't let me back in.
- My building's not on fire.
- It's a precaution.
- I can get in and out real quick.
- No, stay here.
I'll go.
- Go, go.
- Stay here.
- Baxter Yi, passenger on the jet.
- He's still got vitals? - Blunt face, penetrating chest.
- We have a trauma room open.
- Systolic's down to 80.
- All yours, Kovac.
- I'm losing the pulse.
- Prep for a thoracotomy.
No, no, hold on, hold up.
Pressure's back.
Dressing converted it to a tension pneumo.
- Good call.
Go to Trauma 1.
- No, I can't waste a trauma room.
- He fell, like, 2000 feet.
- He's just fine with a chest tube.
- Come on, go.
Exam 3, go.
- Hey.
Hey, where the hell's Pratt? Said he'll be back with the next run.
- Pratt's out there? - They needed a doc.
- You gave away our senior Resident? - Not now.
I gotta triage.
We need our doctors here, not off playing in the field.
Okay, bag him.
That central line okay? - Yeah.
- Good.
- Hey, how's the chest pain? - Down to two out of 10.
Okay, four of MS.
Bukata, we need some help, man.
As soon as we get these two out of here.
- How's my arm? - It's hard to say.
I guess I'm lucky.
Could be my head under there.
You still live on Dearborn? Huh? Yeah, I came over here to visit my girlfriend.
I made her bougatsa.
Custard in phyllo dough.
Women love a man who can cook.
- PVC's on the monitor.
- I want you to lidocaine.
So, what, you go to chef's school or something? When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let us watch TV.
That's rough.
We could either cook or read a book.
And I never did like V- tach.
- Charge to 200.
- Charged.
Okay, clear.
Good pulse.
What the hell was that? - Hey, we can't wait anymore.
- Just one minute.
Come here.
- Pressure's staying up? - Compare the radials.
My son's in there.
- My partner went to check on him.
- He should be out now.
- He'll find your son.
- Go ahead, help her.
Pulse discrepancy.
You may have injured your aorta.
- Stop, I need my stuff.
- You're not going in.
My checkbook, my jewelry.
What is this, a police state? No, you can't do this.
- Get away from me.
- Settle down.
- No! Let me go! - Come on, settle down now.
- Hey, come back.
- Go ahead, she needs you.
Ma'am, stop.
You can't go in there.
Hey, guys! Keep moving, we got people inside.
Rasgotra, do you read me? Yeah.
Somebody, help us! Can anybody hear me? - Help! - Hold on! Hurry! She's impaled.
I got a mid-shaft femur fracture.
Get out of this building now, Neela! - Doc, talk to me.
- Hold on.
My son is in 207.
Neela, go! Get out! - My son, help him.
- Leave the building now.
- Please help my son.
- Hold my hand.
Help! Doc, acknowledge.
Paramedic Gates and a woman are trapped inside the basement! Doc, give me your location so my guys can get to you.
There's a boy trapped on the second floor.
I'm going.
- No, find a door.
Get to a window.
- Give me that.
- Neela, it's Greg.
Turn around.
- I'm almost there.
Get your ass out now.
Neela, get the hell out of the building.
Neela! - Hey, hey! - I'm in here.
- Neela, it's Greg.
Get the hell out.
- Hello! - I'm over here.
I'm over here.
- Hello! Hey.
Cover your mouth with this.
Rasgotra, come in.
Acknowledge, doc.
Rasgotra, do you read me? Are you there? - Neela, respond.
Neela! - I said, grab this girl, damn it.
- Someone's in trouble? - A friend from work.
The guys are all over the building.
They'll get her.
If this all works out, I'm baking you two a cake.
I'm more of a low-carb guy.
All right, fellas, let's do this.
- You can't just eat to live, you gotta live- - Come on.
No radial pulse.
No ulna.
Adrian, can you feel this? - Adrian.
- V- tach again.
- Charge to 200.
- Charged.
Only bodies up here.
No survivors.
- Charging.
- Amp of epi.
- Charged.
- Clear.
- Still tach.
- Damn it.
Three-sixty, intubation kit.
Starting compressions.
- Rescue 3 to Battalion 4.
- Go ahead, Rescue 3.
Leaving the second floor, 10:45.
Got a female body, no vitals.
Keep looking.
Please Get up.
Get up.
Who's next for the O.
? Avulsed ear in 2, tib-fib in 4, then him.
Haleh, thank you so much for coming in.
Glad to help.
Eve here? No.
I'm gonna tell her it's the way it is.
We're out of cefotetan and DT.
I'm gonna call the pharmacy.
And I'll get to work.
- Is that blood? - You cracked a bone in there.
Minimal chest tube output.
- Who called my fiancée? - In a minute, you can call her yourself.
Supposed to meet with the caterers and DJ.
Vaseline gauze.
Tomorrow, it's flowers and the pastor.
She'll be worried.
- Haleh? - Sam called.
Good thing too.
Home two weeks, my husband's driving me crazy.
- Glad you're back.
- Call for a portable chest.
Sats are dropping.
- Baxter.
- He's not breathing.
He knocked out the alveolar ridge, fractures Teeth 9, 10 and 11.
Must have aspirated the fragment.
Try to finger sweep.
- Another 50 of lidocaine.
- Got it.
- They ID the body in there? - Woman in her 80s.
Still looking.
- Where's my mom? Where is she? - They find anybody else inside? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He's awake.
Holding compressions.
Still V-tach.
No pulse.
What the hell-? Adrian.
Adrian, can you hear me? Your heart stopped beating.
We're doing CPR.
Keep going.
The compressions are getting oxygen to his brain.
We're gonna get you to the hospital, all right? - You had no business going in there.
- I'm sorry.
You put yourself in danger, you put my men in danger.
- Can we talk about this later? - We will.
- IC says they're moving toward the back.
- Get a water- Woody, you found your dog.
Probably blew out his aorta.
I was just talking to him.
Over here, doc.
Large-bore IV.
O2, 15 liters.
Take Mom and the kids together.
Doctor thank you.
Neela, pressure's borderline.
- What's he got? - Distal neurocirc is intact.
- You can stop being the med student.
- As soon as you stop being firefighter.
Tongue is too edematous.
- Okay, bag him a few times.
- I can prep his neck.
Take another look, I'll retract.
I'll get the crash cart.
There it is.
Got it.
- See something new every day.
- All right, settle down, settle down.
Fifteen liters by mask.
- Nice work.
- You did great.
- Probable MI with refractory V-fib.
- - Trauma 1.
And an ischemic right arm.
- Be right in.
- I'll be right in.
You know, she needs to get to the suture room.
- She doesn't need the suture room.
- It's a complicated lac.
Nope, not that complicated.
What, you've never seen a zipper before? - Any chest pain? - My belly.
Probably just broke a rib.
- It's his liver.
Scoop and run.
- Soon as we get another rig.
- We don't have an ambulance? - We just sent 30 patients in.
- Heart rate's up to 140.
- Because I'm in pain.
- Maybe.
- Elevate my legs.
Shock position.
I need to stick your belly.
Peritoneal aspirations? Maybe you should numb up my- It's positive.
- Splenic lac? - More likely hepatic.
- I was hoping for spleen.
- Do we have lap pads? - Just burn dressings.
- Ten of them.
Push etomidate.
What are you doing? Tony, I need to sedate you, open up your belly and pack off your liver.
- What? - Can't be serious.
- Do I have your permission? - Will you go out with me? I need to do this.
- If you didn't have a boyfriend, yes or no? - Yes.
I'm all yours.
Okay, bag him through this.
From the subxiphoid to the symphysis pubis.
Still V-fib.
When's the last time you saw her? I told you, we were a block apart.
Resuming compressions.
- Amiodarone's onboard? - Five minutes ago.
Should've kept an eye on her.
- Pronestyl drip? - Infusing.
You could've done better? Wouldn't let her into a burning building.
Sure wouldn't have left her.
You're doing okay, Adrian.
- Take a break.
- I got it.
Greg, go.
Adrian, we're doing what we can, okay? All you do is point, okay? UNSURE (OF WHAT'S HAPPENING) We're using all the medication we can to fix your heart.
Sometimes it takes a while.
Anything else? FAMILY You want your family? We called and they're on their way.
Fifteen-foot fall.
I packed off the liver.
Whoa, whoa.
In the field? Damn, girl.
- He was about to arrest.
- Pressure's up at 100 systolic.
- Was he awake? - I had etomidate.
It's always the quiet ones.
Always the quiet ones.
Look, I'll take him up to the O.
Let Dubenko finish what you started.
You got big huevos, big brass ones.
They look good on you.
I had no idea what else to do.
You okay? Need you on a pulse ox.
- No, I'm fine.
- Yeah, you sound terrific.
- No, I'm okay.
- Singed nasal hairs.
- Indicates substantial smoke inhalation.
- I just need to wash up a bit.
- I would hate for you to stop breathing.
- I'd hate that too.
- Neela, come on.
- Can I at least pee first? I'll get you a bedpan.
Ninety-four in room air.
That's not great.
- There're some expiratory wheezes.
- Those will pass.
Or get worse.
I'm a bit worried here.
- Hello? - I'm sorry.
It was just Today was so Terrifying and amazing.
There was no labs, no x-rays, no rapid infusers or cutdown trays.
Just me.
I mean, maybe it's the adrenaline, but I feel high.
I need to go back out.
Sounds like I should call for a psych consult.
- Still patients out there.
- Yes, and they're being handled.
Excuse me, Abby.
Dubenko called from the O.
Alice Watson died on the table.
Okay, thanks.
- Patient of yours? - Impaled abdomen.
- From the crash? - Mm-hm.
- Where are her kids? - Exam 2.
You need to be monitored.
Hey, Abby? How's he doing? Lung is up after two chest tubes.
We're going up to ICU.
- So I stopped breathing? - It was more like holding your breath.
- But I could've died.
- Theoretically, yeah.
Think you were in more danger on the plane.
- Hm.
I cheated death twice today.
- You're very lucky.
I guess I should feel bad, or guilty, or something.
But truth is I feel happy.
I have a second chance.
I'm calling off the wedding.
You might wanna sleep on that.
No, I have been sleeping my whole life.
I never do what I wanna do.
I never say how I really feel.
- I'm not in love with her.
- Maybe you two should talk about that.
Screw that.
Screw it.
No more messing with "could have, should have, would have.
" Carpe diem.
All right.
Well, good luck with that.
Besides, I'm pretty sure, um, I'm gay.
- Getting tired? - No.
Pratt, this is Adrian's girlfriend, his brother and his uncle.
- I explained everything.
- I'm sorry.
We gave him every kind of medication possible.
Nothing's working right now.
He's awake.
You can talk to him if you want.
Hey, you hang on.
Everyone's coming.
Pratt, check it out.
I guess she's okay, then.
- It's alive.
- They shut down the Dan Ryan.
It took me two hours to get here.
Where do you need me? - How about Peoria? - How'd we do? - We're still here.
- No ICU boarders? - None.
- And we're reopen for trauma? Yup.
Hey, call housekeeping for T1.
Pharmacy's here to restock.
Excuse me.
Could someone please remove these? Go for it.
- Sir, why are you restrained? - I have no idea.
Hey, Sam.
- More Sianis family members.
- I'll be right there.
- Sam, what is Haleh doing here? - Exam 2's going up to 4-West.
- I gotta help Pratt with a trauma.
- Did you bring her back? Haleh's one of the best nurses in town and we're getting our asses handed to us.
I did whatever I thought I could.
Good move.
- You need a chest x-ray.
- I told you, I'm fine.
Tell the kids I'll check on them in the morning.
- Come on.
- Please, I've been on for 16 hours.
- Yeah, well, what if your lungs get worse? - I'll call 911.
Stay at the hospital.
You can sleep in the call room.
- I need to be at home tonight.
- That might not be safe.
If I start to die, you'll be the first one I'll call.
- Fine.
I'll come and stay at your place.
- It's not necessary.
Okay, is there anything, anything I can say to get you to stay? No.
- I slept with Luka.
- Yeah, nice try.
I can bag.
So how is this gonna go if you stop? There'll be lack of oxygen to the brain.
He'll pass out, like going to sleep.
- Is he gonna be in pain? - He's had a sedative.
He's comfortable.
And you've done everything? Yes, we have.
What, you want us to stop? Are you ready? No.
Nine forty-two p.
I'm sorry.
- He was a lucky guy.
- He's dead.
A lot of people loved him.
They all got a chance to say goodbye.
All right, you gotta stop calling me.
No, because we're done.
We've been done.
- No.
Why? Because you're not listening to me.
Let me say it to you really nice and slow for the last time.
I don't love you.
Go back to your husband.
I'm not going back to him- Hey, Dr.
You know, you and I should have a little sit-down.
Yeah, probably.
No, I think, like, definitely.
We're both captains on this team here.
If we break down, the whole machine breaks down.
We can't have that, especially on days like today.
I agree.
Oh, because, see, I thought I was the incident commander.
- I thought I was clear- - Know what? Let's talk tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow's great.
I'll be here all day, 8 to 8.
- Rough night.
- Yeah, I'm glad it's over.
Yeah, me too.
Did Baxter get upstairs okay? Oh, he's fine.
Not so sure about his fiancée, though.
- Listen, I was thinking that- - Sorry.
- No, you go ahead.
Go ahead.
- No.
No, I was just thinking about Uh, I was thinking about what happened last night.
It was nice.
"Nice"? Yeah.
- Wasn't it? - No- Ha.
Yeah, of course.
- But? - What? I don't know.
I don't know.
What do we do now? Not sure.
For a long time, even when we weren't connecting a lot you've been the one person I can count on.
I feel like that too.
That means a lot to me, that friendship.
Me too.
So? Maybe we should just leave it at that, then.
I don't know.
I don't wanna lose that.
But if that's what you- That's what's the best.
So, what we're just saying is that we'll just stay friends, then.
Need a lift? No, I have some stuff I need to finish inside.
- Good night.
- See you.