ER s12e09 Episode Script

I Do

Previously on E.
Oh, man! I've been here for a long time.
I know the people, I know the department.
I just wanna put my name into the mixture.
You want me to take this? I don't mind.
Why, you think I'm rusty? you've been the one person I can count on.
That means a lot to me, that friendship.
What we're just saying is that we'll just stay friends, then.
- I told you, I have a boyfriend.
- Oh.
So, what is he, a lawyer? - A commodities trader? A dentist? - He's a doctor.
- County? - In the Army.
When's he coming home? E.
12x09 "I DO" That's the wankiest idea I've heard.
You must be shell-shocked.
Well, what are you- Wankiest? Foolish, ridiculous, possibly even stupid.
I think that's the best idea I've ever had.
I don't know what the problem is.
Okay, sweet, yes.
Best? I don't think so.
It's 10 after 7.
I have to go to work.
Just give me one good reason why we shouldn't.
God, it's a hundred degrees in here, and I'm about to die.
- You're trying to change the subject.
- I can't breathe.
Listen, you can be honest with me.
No, I am being honest, I can't breathe.
I'm not budging till you give me a good reason why we shouldn't.
- Because you've gone completely mad.
- Come on, no muss, no fuss? No family Yeah, okay, they might be a little surprised.
You think? "Hi, Mom, hi, Dad, guess what I did today?" - They'd get over it.
- No, actually, I don't think mine would.
- Well, they'll have to, because I love you.
- Michael.
It's a great story for our grandchildren.
They'll think we're crazy.
- We would be crazy.
- Do you love me? Yes, I do.
See, you already said, I do.
That settles it, that settles it.
- We're getting hitched today.
- Wait, wait, not so fast.
Will I have a bouquet? Michael.
Glenda Bardelarinski, 53.
Little head lac, CT negative.
Just move her to an exam room, let her sleep it off.
And then, a la casa.
Okay, let me know when she's set up.
Right this way, Glenda.
What's with the stop sign? She's a school crossing guard.
Doesn't that make you sick? The idea that woman is getting drunk on the job.
Small, innocent, helpless, possibly even frail children in her charge- What's happening in there? Hey, Frank.
I think they're talking about you.
- What? - Weaver kicking their butts is my guess.
She's gonna kick their butts if they don't stop yapping at each other.
- Isn't one gonna be the new ER chief? - My money ain't on the nosebleed.
- The nosebleed? - You miss almost everything, don't you? Whoa, where do you think you're going? Guy in Curtain 1 wants some doughnuts.
- Give me that.
What are you thinking? - He was gonna give me a tip.
Urine sample, Exam 3, to the lab.
I need you to run up to the surgical floor, pick up the level 1 rapid infuser.
Surgical floor? That's good.
All right, let's clear some of these patients.
I will be on today but first, run your cases by either Drs.
Kovac or Clemente.
You're on today? Good, I mean, that's good.
You just- You're always stuck in administration.
Good to keep your skills honed.
Kovac and Dr.
Clemente will share the honor of running the board today.
- Share? - Abby, head lac's ready for you.
- After you.
- No, no, after you, my man.
No, no.
Really, I insist.
Oh, well, I insist too.
- I'm serious- - I'm serious too.
Okay, Glenda, come on, come on, come on, stop it.
Don't make nobody- Haleh, your paranoid gardener needs another slug of Haldol.
- Oh, it's all right.
I got this.
Go ahead.
- I'll be back.
Okay, Glenda.
Here we go, a little stick, okay? - Aah! - Crap.
Ortho's here for a tib-fib.
Oh, crap.
- Crap, crap, crap - Nice.
Yeah, Morris signed her out as a garden-variety drunk but her IV's bleeding like stink.
Her lac's oozing around the sutures.
You know, alcoholics are often a little coagulopathic.
How was your little sit-down with Weaver this morning? She was telling me and Dr.
Clemente how charming we are.
- Oh, really? - You don't think I'm charming? I think you're extremely charming.
I just also think you're- Oh, crap.
Spilled my coffee.
She was telling us that we have to get along better, you know leave better impression - to Residents and be more agreeable.
- Oh.
- That's a lot to ask.
- You don't think I am? - I think you're agreeable.
- Well, you still think I'm full of- Active duty servicemen can get married the same day.
Watch where you're headed.
I mean, I realize it's all sex now, but 20 years down the road she's dragging you off to the Moose Lodge for folk dancing and bingo.
You know, I'm damn envious of you, Gallant.
Finding your soul mate, someone to share your hopes and calm your fears.
- Uh-huh.
- Hold your hand in the dark night, and- Good one.
Keep saying it to yourself, you might believe it.
Gallant, I'd like to offer my services in officiating at your nuptials.
- What? - I'm a Universal Life minister.
- I can marry you and Neela.
- Jer, they're looking for something legal.
It's completely legal.
I've married lots of people.
So, what are you? Like, Reverend Jerry? Actually, I go by Father Superior.
So the rumors are true? Yes.
I'd like you to be my bridesmaid.
Maid of honor, whatever they call it.
Well, normally I'd say no, because of the taffeta dress and matching peau de soie shoes but because you've had a complete brain lapse Look, we love each other.
- We wanna be together.
- But today? We thought it'd be kind of crazy, something good we can tell our Anyway, his tour's over.
What if he gets stationed in, like, Romania? He's hoping to finish his training in stateside Army hospital.
I'm not saying he's not a great guy.
He is, but do you know him? Of course, I do.
He's incredibly kind, generous- My dry-cleaning guy is kind and generous.
Where's the prednisone? Left bottom shelf.
I know him.
I do.
Does he fold the newspaper inside out when he reads it and then forgets to put it back when he is done? Clips his toenails in bed? - Drips when the toilet seat's down? - Abby.
- Likes jam on his grilled cheese? - I can learn during the marriage.
- Yes, but I don't think that's- - I love Michael and I could use a little support here.
I am very happy for you, I really am.
And, of course, I'll stand up for you.
I wouldn't miss it.
- Great.
- Okay.
Pratt, you got a moment? - Sure.
- Walk with me? All right.
This young man, K.
Thibeaux? You've been sponsoring him as a Volunteen.
He got in the surgical floor storeroom, stole a digital video camera.
- What? Get out of here.
- I don't wanna make a big issue as long as he's willing to admit it, give it back, it doesn't go any further.
- Who told you it was K.
? - The chief of security.
- One of his guards reported it.
- He's sure about this? Surveillance cameras.
Everything's on tape.
I'm sorry.
- All right, I'll talk to him.
- He's just a teenager- I'll talk to him.
Jack Gitts, 38, high-speed MVC, no medical history.
So, I've been checking: we can get the license, but they close- - Can't talk now.
- Just quickly.
Got a lead on three places.
The florist in the hospital would love to do a wedding.
- I've got a patient here.
Vitals? - Tachy, 130, shallow resps, BP, 80, palp.
- Oh, and Jerry is gonna marry us.
- What? I'll come back when you're not busy.
Page Dubenko and call for O-neg.
Did he say, Jerry? - I thought you knew.
- One, two, three.
Cantaloupe allergy is waiting for the Benadryl to kick in.
Infected nose piercing is home on Keflex.
She did it herself with a thumbtack.
That's sexy.
Is she single? And platelets are back on my drunk head lac.
- A little low, 98, and INR is 1.
- Yeah, borderline.
- Still, I'd like to give platelets and FFP.
- Yeah, go ahead.
Even a tiny bleed can become serious if she can't clot.
It's possibly a good idea, Dr.
Kovac but you do realize that blood products carry the risk of infection and transfusion reaction, don't you? - Yeah.
- Yeah, was the CT negative? There's no bleed that we could see.
Do you wanna expose your patient to those risks because her platelets are low? Scan was four hours ago.
She might have a delayed bleed.
I'd worry more if she had mental status changes or a focal neuro exam.
- He's got a point.
- She's drunk so that's hard to assess.
Drunk people get sober.
And careful observation is still better than any lab.
That's right.
I'd have to agree.
What just happened? They've been pulling that on me all morning.
I don't know, some sort of competitive agreeing contest? - I wouldn't steal any stupid camera.
- Did you hear what I said? - They got you on tape.
- Couldn't have been me.
- You were up there long enough.
- They had to look for that infuser thing.
Don't give me that crap, K.
There's this girl, one of the volunteers - she's fine as hell- - I went out on a limb for you.
I thought having you here was gonna teach you something.
- Then you go and do this.
- I didn't do anything.
You know what? Your father's on his way here.
So for now, go sit in the waiting room.
- But, Dr.
Pratt- - Waiting room.
- Bag him.
- Got a second line? - Vein keeps blowing.
Run first unit of O-neg.
Hold four more units ready to go.
So where's the reception gonna be? He needs central access.
They haven't decided yet.
I'd go to Baby Joon's.
La Chiquita Roja is more romantic.
Neela, place a subclavian.
Cordis and sterile sixes.
What was the other place? - The Mandarin Club.
- No way.
- That's a bad idea.
- Turn his head to the left.
- Systolic's 84.
I like The Mandarin.
- Got a flash.
Should definitely do Chiquita Roja.
Candles, white table cloths, you know.
No, Baby Joon's.
I'm telling you, martinis and chili fries.
X- rays are up.
- C-spine clear, mediastinum looks okay.
- Very good.
- So where are you registered? - What? - Definitely have to.
- Could someone get SonoSite? My ex-wife didn't, we ended up with clocks.
With my sister, salad bowls.
Seven of them.
Does anybody mind if we just focus on the patient? Okay, then.
Can we have that SonoSite, please? Neela.
Can you get away? - We need to go get a license.
- We don't know where to get married.
- We do.
Hospital chapel.
- When did we decide that? - You were busy, I thought you- - And Jerry's gonna marry us? Yeah, he has some kind of minister's license, so I- Is that really who we want? What's Frank gonna be, the ring bearer? We don't have a lot of time.
I had to make some choices.
- Are you gonna choose the flowers too? - No, no.
But you like lilies, right? - Michael, we have to talk.
- About what? - I think this is getting a little- Dr.
The groom isn't supposed to see the bride on the wedding day.
Well, we have a few details to work out.
Nothing that can't wait, I hope.
- Dr.
Rasgotra's scrubbing in on this.
- I am? Yeah.
You did that open lap in the street.
I think I can trust you in a sterile operating room.
You're not getting cold feet, are you? We'll talk later.
Are his vaccinations up-to-date? His pediatrician and I don't believe in them.
Immunizations are probably one of the most successful public health interventions ever developed.
Thank you, but it's a personal decision.
Did you know the air has He's studying the atmosphere in school.
Well, that's very cool.
He's sitting at 94, which is low, but nothing dangerous.
It probably has to do with the fluid I heard in his lungs.
I'd like to get a chest x-ray, which is nothing scary.
It's just a special kind of photograph and it doesn't hurt at all.
My uncle Deaver had one of those and we got to see all his bones.
- Mm-hm.
- I don't want x-rays, if possible.
Kenig, I'm pretty sure Stewy has pneumonia.
Well, can't you just treat it then, and we can avoid the radiation? Well, it's a small amount.
It just helps us have a look at what we're dealing with.
- Glenda's waking up.
- Thank you.
Wouldn't you go with antibiotics anyway? Okay.
He needs extra oxygen, he's gonna have to spend the night.
Okay, that will be fine.
Then, we'll hold off on the film for now, but if he gets any worse He gets x-rayed.
He says he didn't do it.
D, I don't like this any better than you do, man.
He wouldn't lie.
Come on, man.
Did he lie about the tagging? Or the weed they found in his pocket? Look, K.
's a good kid, but right now, his judgment basically sucks.
I wanna talk to this Doctor - Dubenko.
- Yeah, the security guard too.
D, they don't wanna press charges, man.
But they're accusing my kid, I just wanna talk to them.
Banana bag is finished and she took a few ice chips.
Who are you? I'm Dr.
You're at County General.
Let's see if you can sit up on your own, okay? She should be sobering up by now.
Glenda, can you squeeze my hand? Let's see.
Try and squeeze my hand.
Squeeze my hand.
Come on.
Can you open your eyes? Glenda, come on.
Over here, right over here.
And do you know who I am? Who are you? Must have cleared 30 patients and no one's brawling yet.
See? It's not that hard, is it? Like the man said: "Can't we just all get along?" Sam, weren't we sending the cracked Broviac up to IR? - Don't you want a CBC first? - Yes, you're right.
- Sam, the labs done on Mrs.
Garvey? - Just checked, be another half hour.
Weaver, the search committee meeting has been moved up to 12:30.
All right, Jerry.
Thank you.
- Dr.
- Dr.
There's something not right about Glenda.
Hey, that sounds like a movie, like, Something Not Right About Glenda.
- A body snatchers thing, shaky camera.
- Morris.
I wanna re-scan her.
Really? Why? Because she's altered.
- But she's a drunk, how can you tell? - Dr.
Clemente, why don't you-? Why don't we let Dr.
Lockhart present the case? - Absolutely.
- She's disoriented.
She's repeating questions.
I just wanna get another CT.
- How long here? - About six hours.
Luka, your malrotation in Exam 4 is puking blood.
- I'll check back.
- Yeah, well- Is she responding to commands? Yes.
Hand squeeze and eye opening.
Rule of thumb, if the patient's exam is non-focal and responding to commands, just observe and wait.
- Dr.
Clemente, Ortho on line 2.
- Yeah.
Okay? Yeah, I'm gonna re-scan her.
Call CT, let them know we're on the way.
Have the blood bank send a unit of FFP and six pack of platelets.
- You sure about that? - Yes, I am.
What's this, your bachelor party? There's not gonna be one of those.
Well, you didn't give me much time to plan it, having your wedding today.
I don't think there's gonna be one of those either.
What? So I don't get to be your best man? I mean, you were gonna ask me, right? I don't know, man.
I- You know, maybe this was just all too fast.
You know, man, I think she's scared.
Well, it is kind of a strong move to the hoop, man.
Yeah, but I was gonna ask her before.
But I- You know, over in Iraq, guys got married the week they shipped out.
I know, because I worked on them.
Arms missing, legs gone.
Faces half blown off.
But they were in the most pain about pain they're gonna cause somebody else.
So I told myself, if I ever made it through this- And you did.
- So you asked her now.
- Yeah.
Well, I- I mean, kind of, I- Kind of? Is this French rap? Supa Crew.
- Do you understand what they're saying? - I can't understand any of them.
- You want contrast with this? - No.
Oh, ugly.
Glenda? Glenda? - Hey, stop the scan.
- Few more cuts and we're done.
Stop the scan.
Get the Code Team up here now.
- Excuse me.
- Move.
- Come in.
Hyperventilate her.
- What's going on? - You can see.
- Equal breath sounds.
- Abby? - I got this.
- Sats not picking up.
- Fifty of mannitol.
- So, what happened? - Meet Glenda, my altered drunk head lac.
While you were jerking off, she was bleeding in her head.
- BP's 170 over 110.
- What did you tell her to do? Same thing you would have, observation but she was responding to commands at the time.
- Go order the platelets.
- I already did.
If I'd waited for you to sign off on this, she'd be dead.
- Neurosurgeon is ready for her.
- Can we agree she needs to go to O.
? Good.
- Throwing PVCs.
- Can't see well enough to find it.
Get control blindly, Neela.
Here, give me your hands.
What do you feel? The liver, the edge is smooth.
BP's dropping, 66 over 35.
There's a defect.
There's a tear in the SMA.
Over 1900 cc blood loss.
Losing the battle here, guys.
Direct pressure, Neela, control it.
That's it, hold steady pressure.
Hold it.
Clamp the bleeder.
And we have liftoff.
Systolic's coming back.
Great job, Dr.
We just have to run the bowel before we close him up.
- Irrigate with 2 liters.
- Neela.
Welcome, Dr.
Your bride-to-be here just saved this guy's life.
- Michael, what are you doing here? - I need to talk to you.
- Suction.
- Well, now is not a good time.
- I just wanted to tell you that- - Michael, please- Tell her what, Dr.
Gallant? Go ahead.
You know, when I was away thinking about you gave me some other place to be.
Someplace peaceful, where I could belong.
Now, maybe all of this has been too fast and I know that's scary and maybe I didn't ask you the right way.
But I just want us to be together.
So I'm asking you now, Neela.
Will you marry me? Will you marry me today? Harry Royman, 70, fell through ice playing hockey on a pond.
- Doing what? - I know, it sounds stupid.
- Not only does it sound stupid- - Dr.
Perhaps, you'd like to let us hear the rest of the case.
- Hey, I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
Altered and hypothermic, temp's too low to register.
- He's not shivering.
- Heart rate's 74, BP 100 over 47.
- When is the ceremony? - Not sure yet.
- Okay, let us know.
- Yeah.
Hey, Frank, where's Jerry? Left early to get into his ministerial mode.
This better be happening.
We got a temp coming to cover the desk.
It is, Frank.
I'm off.
Cleared it with Dr.
- Okay.
- So we need to go get a license? - And rings.
- And rings? We'll call with the details.
You are coming, right? Yeah, went home at lunch, got my best suit.
Wish us luck.
You're gonna need more than that.
What do I know? Repeat rectal temp, portable chest, EKG, CBC, chemistry, coags.
Crackles, might have aspirated water.
- Sats only 88.
- He needs an airway.
- I got it.
- Dr.
Uh, yes, 8020 etomidate, hundred sux.
I hope it's okay, I made the paramedics bring me with them.
- It's fine, Mister - Spevacek.
There's a pond where we grew up and a few of us dug up our old skates knocked the puck around, you know, for old times.
Bolus a liter of warm saline and call Respiratory for a vent.
Rectal temp, 86.
- Suction.
- Osborne waves.
He's at risk for an arrhythmia.
All right, now.
Prep for bilateral chest tubes for pleural irrigation.
Um, with all due respect, Dr.
Weaver, peritoneal dialysis is better.
Greater capacity for heat exchange, warms the solid organs faster.
It's an interesting approach.
That's what the Navy SEALs do.
Proceed, Dr.
Okay, Betadine and a DPL tray.
So you never actually saw him? Told you, I see him all the time.
He's always up here sniffing around.
Sniffing around? He's not a dog.
He likes this girl that volunteers.
You know what I mean.
Sorry, they've been at this for a couple of days.
How many people have keys to the storeroom? - That info isn't for general release.
- Then let us see the tape.
- Gotta get the chief's approval.
- So call him.
He'll be back in an hour.
So we got no chief, no tape and he didn't even see K.
I don't check every room every minute of the day.
- Maybe you should.
- Darnell.
He would have seen it wasn't my son.
Okay, okay, we'll talk to the chief.
We'll get the tape.
It takes time to rewind, run the tape forward Holds 24 hours, not like you can just punch in.
I got time.
You going somewhere? We'll be here.
Come on, man.
- Core temp's 88.
- Up a couple of degrees.
Hang another liter of warm saline.
Gotta tip him on his right side.
Got the head.
- Can I help? - We got it.
Thank you.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
- Okay.
- Just a few PVCs.
- Why are you doing this? - Drains fluid through the abdomen.
- How long does that take? - Thirty to 60 minutes.
- Human meat takes time to thaw.
- Dr.
You sure we can't get you a seat, Mr.
Spevacek? Harry lived across the street.
Must have been 15 kids up and down our block.
We played hockey all winter.
I fell in the ice once.
Harry pulled me out.
Then today Harry fell in.
I tried to help him.
But I couldn't.
Just, you know, a little out of practice, I guess.
I'm sure you did all that you could.
- I hope so.
- He's in V-tach, roll him.
- What's happening? - No pulse.
- Get the crash cart.
- Starting compressions.
When I get upstairs, will I get my own room or do I have to share? I'm not sure.
Stop complaining, you already got to skip school.
I don't see why I couldn't stay in the gym.
- I'm missing practice.
- Patricia, please.
- Do you know how much longer it'll be? - Well, I can page the pediatrician on call.
Are you still doing okay? Clear.
- No change, still V-fib.
- Again.
Charge to 360.
He's not gonna respond to shocks until we warm him up.
Resume compressions.
Sam, 100 milligrams lidocaine IV.
Excuse me, Dr.
I think we should use bretylium instead.
What? They took that out of the ACLS guideline years ago.
But there was a study in the '80s.
That's your reference? Something from the '80s? Yes, it is.
It clearly showed bretylium to be the anti-arrhythmic of choice in hypothermia.
Core temp's up to 89.
Three hundred and fifty milligrams of bretylium IV.
Given his immigration from Vietnam you got to consider- Right, but if you have hepatitis C, INH's gonna be a disaster.
- Liver function's fine.
- Hey! - For the moment maybe- - Hey! Stewy Kenig, 5-year-old, with fever and cough.
Nontoxic, with bilateral crackles on exam.
Sats 92 on room air, 100 on 5 liters.
Mom's freaked out by radiation, refused to chest x-ray.
So treating presumptive pneumonia with amp and azithro.
CBC's pending, got 20 per kilo of NS and is being admitted to Pedes since, although stable, I can't send him home with an 02 requirement.
That's the plan.
Do you concur? - I don't know, azithro? Have you tried- - Do you concur? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
The chief of security met with him, McCauley kept stalling then finally came clean.
There was a theft but there were no video tapes and no suspects.
- No tapes at all? - No.
did nothing wrong.
Camera's missing and this fat-ass figures it must have been the black kid.
There was absolutely no excuse for it, it was an unconscionable thing to do.
- Where's McCauley working tomorrow? - Not here.
Listen, Mr.
Thibeaux, from what everybody's been saying it sounds like K.
's been doing a great job here.
He did not deserve this and I'm Well, I'm very, very sorry.
On behalf of the entire hospital, I apologize.
Why don't you go tell that to K.
? Yeah.
- Sure you don't want anything? - Thanks, man.
I guess it always all comes down to the black check, doesn't it? No matter how good your job is, where you live - how much money you make- - In the end, cops pull you over for driving through a white neighborhood.
I'm done with this place.
I'm not doing this anymore.
The hell you ain't.
You're coming every day till you've finished your service.
That's right, I'm gonna make sure you work harder than any other volunteer in there.
No more going out for doughnuts, chasing skirts.
Man, what for? They always gonna be on my back no matter how good I do.
Yeah, it's gonna be like that forever, so get used to it.
Can't think about it.
Just live your life and do your best.
Gotta stay in the game, K.
Otherwise, they win.
Look, I'm sorry about all this, man.
All right? Where is everybody? Hi, I'm Maureen, can I help you? - Who are you? - I'm the temp.
Are you out of high school? I'm 21, but I have my mother's cheekbones and my father's chin.
Everyone always says that combination makes you look younger, so Hey, you're still here? Looking for Ray.
Got patients to sign out unless I wanna wear this to the wedding.
- I can take them.
- Oh, I can do that.
Sorry, Luka beat you to it.
Let me walk you outside.
- And you would be? - I'm Maureen, the temp.
Well, hello, Maureen, the temp.
Are you-? I know what you're gonna ask me, and I'm 21.
But I have my mother's cheekbones and my father's chin.
Everyone always says that combination makes you look younger, so - Is that what they say? - Yeah, so TEF with aspiration, going up for a bronch.
- Jellyfish sting- - Jellyfish? Yeah, it was a pet.
Obs for 30 minutes and then home.
Stewy, my little guy with pneumonia is hanging out on 02.
Pedes has seen him, we're waiting on a bed.
A well-presented plan, by the way.
Yes, I had to do something.
Well, like you said, I'm not good at being agreeable.
I didn't say that.
You implied it.
I said, it was a lot to ask, and it turns out I was right.
- Not that I'm happy about it.
- No, of course not.
I'm gonna be really late.
Are you coming to this wedding? It's in the hospital chapel.
I don't know.
Lots of things to finish up.
- I'll see you at the reception, yeah? - Right.
Charge to 360.
Again, 360.
Sinus rhythm.
And we've got a pulse.
- Ice hockey dude is warm and alive.
- Welcome back, Harry.
- Temp's 90.
Want more warm saline? - No, keep him at 90.
Auto-induced hypothermia will protect the brain.
- All right, everybody, way to go.
- Is he okay? Your friend's gonna spend the night in ICU.
But he's stable and he has a good chance for recovery.
Thank you all so much.
Spevacek, you are absolutely welcome.
Okay, take out the DPL catheters and get him a unit bed.
Hey, it was a good job, man.
- What's going on? - Suction.
- Heart rate's dropping.
- Give me cricoid.
- Abby's pneumonia patient? - Is she gone? - Honey - Let's worry about the airway.
Respiratory distress, not moving air.
Send the blood gas.
- Tell me what's going on.
- Pulse is 47, pull out.
No, I got it.
I'm in.
Hey, baby.
Okay, good.
Color change.
His oxygen level was dangerously low.
We had to take over his breathing.
X- ray's up.
No, it doesn't look good.
No wonder he's hypoxic.
Hey, Kovac.
Took me a while to get the mom to agree.
She didn't want radiation.
Not Stewy's biggest problem, but interstitial infiltrates.
Look here.
Maybe staph aureus? Could be MRSA.
We should add vanco.
Check out the white count.
- 0.
4? - It should be through the roof.
Unless he hasn't any left.
Then this is PCP pneumonia.
Any reason for this kid to be immunosuppressed? Chemo? Steroids? Nothing in the history.
All right, who's gonna ask the mom? Mrs.
Kenig, the type of lung infection your son has - We ran a number of tests- - I didn't say you could do that.
He was about to stop breathing.
We needed to know why.
The tests showed your son has pneumocystis pneumonia.
It's a type of infection we only see when the immune system is not working.
We'd like to test your son for HIV.
And if he does have the virus, we can recommend medications- Here we go with the viral theory of AIDS.
Invented so biotech companies could charge people 50 bucks a pop for some bogus test when they're actually dying from real problems.
- Excuse me? - Real problems? Pollution, drug addiction, toxins, but nobody wants to deal with those.
It's better to call it a virus and sell a vaccine.
The easy fix.
I have talked to 50 doctors since I've been diagnosed and it's always the same thing.
HIV causes AIDS- Wait, wait.
You're infected? I'm not infected with anything.
I carry the HIV virus as do millions of other healthy people.
You don't believe HIV causes AIDS? - No, I don't.
- Oh, lady, you're nuts.
I was diagnosed 14 years ago.
I haven't been sick a day in my life.
So you didn't take AZT while you were pregnant? - Why? - Oh, I don't know.
Prevent your child from getting AIDS, which is what Stewy might have.
Are you so sure AZT doesn't cause AIDS? Everyone knows it suppresses the immune system.
Lady, you are out there, okay? I'm a conspiracy freak too, don't get me wrong.
- Drug companies are trying to screw us.
- Doctor.
Your child has a life-threatening disease and you jeopardize his life to prove your theories you're just as bad as they are.
If he dies, will you be happy? Dr.
Clemente, I'll take care of this, okay? She knew she was infected with HIV, she did nothing to protect her child.
It's the most moronic, selfish So you're saying you never even had Stewy tested? No.
What about Patricia? - There you are.
They're waiting.
- What's going on? Scheduling conflict.
- You could have put a note.
- And you, on time.
- Take one.
- We're stealing their flowers? Just take one.
- Where are we going? - Come on.
Child Life took Patricia up to play some video games.
I asked about their father.
He's not in the picture.
She will let us treat the pneumonia, but won't consent to an HIV test and doesn't even wanna discuss medication.
If we don't get this boy on a cocktail How do people get like this? When my son Alex was 5 the doctor thought he might have meningitis.
Wanted to do a spinal tap on him.
I'm a nurse, and I didn't want him to do it.
I was worried and scared.
I didn't want anything hurting my kid.
I don't want anything hurting Stewy.
Stewy is already hurting, Mrs.
Everyone is entitled to their beliefs.
But the truth here, in this room, right now, is that if you let this go on there's not gonna be a doctor that can help him.
He only has you.
Why do we have to go through the kitchen? Because Michael and Neela are waiting by the front door.
- It's not a surprise party.
- Oh, Abby.
Oh, man, this isn't every bride's dream come true.
Come on.
That's a nice tie.
Thanks, and a lovely outfit as well.
Better without the lab coat.
- What are we waiting for? - I've no idea.
Where have you been? Take that and that.
- Hey.
- What happened to the chapel? - Scheduling conflict.
- Yes, I know that.
- No, but - Shh.
She still won't change her mind about Patricia? Says she's a healthy young girl.
She doesn't need any testing.
Gonna have to get a court order.
Well, at least she's gonna let us help Stewy.
One out of two, that's something.
- I'm going up with them to the PICU.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey, so the wacko finally gave in, huh? - No thanks to you.
Yeah, look, I'm sorry about that.
I don't know.
I just had to yell at her.
I just Listen, I hope there won't be any hard feelings but Kerry let me know I'm gonna be the new ER chief.
That's awesome.
That's awesome.
You know, when I withdrew my name, I was hoping they'd pick you.
- You withdrew your name? - Yeah, I just have a lot of stuff going on.
Long story, man.
You're the best guy for the job.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Going to the wedding reception? - I'd love to, I really would but Maureen here, way in over her head.
Doesn't know where the forks and knives go.
I'm gonna supervise her a little bit.
If you know what I mean.
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
- Do we have to call you "chief" now? - Very funny.
If you're interviewed, do they say: "We're here at County talking to Chief Kovac.
" They don't do it that way.
I'm just saying I think it's cute if it's a guy.
And if the chief is a woman? I don't think women should be put in positions of leadership.
Do you? Peanut? Young love.
They just have to show it off to everybody.
Here's to discretion.
- Propriety.
- Maturity.
- Well - No, no, not that.
Yeah, yeah.
That will be me someday.
Yup, that's gonna be me.
I should have said something earlier.
Excuse me? I should have said something earlier.
But I want you to know that I have a lot of respect for how you handled that trauma today.
And there was some truth in what you said about me being up in administration.
I'm a little out of practice.
But I want you to know that I'm gonna start spending more time down in the ER.
Morris! Yeah! Now, we really want to thank everybody.
Well, you said that already.
When we get settled, I want all of you to come over and visit us.
And you can all come and visit me tomorrow morning at work, 7 a.
Really, we love you all, thank you.
Yeah, and we're leaving now.
Good night.
- Where they going on their honeymoon? - My apartment.
I don't remember Okay, well, thanks for the ride.
- That bad, huh? - No.
I would just keep your day job.
What? You never sing in the car? You know, when you're alone? Sometimes I do, yeah, but you're not alone in the car.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just kidding.
Would you like to-? - Come on, we can make it.
- You try running with a sari on.
What a day! What a night! We're actually married.
Do you really think we should be doing this? I do.