ER s12e14 Episode Script

Quintessence of Dust

Previously on E.
We're gonna have a baby.
I know.
You're not going anywhere.
I don't care what Dr.
Cruella says.
- You must have impressed Albright.
- How so? You've been accepted into the surgical elective.
Really? Your dick of a husband, Bobby, has put out a missing-persons report.
I haven't seen her.
But I can see what's going on here and it's pretty low.
How long before I'm walking around with my testicles in a jar? Tell me.
Vic, Vic.
I love you.
We have no Attending for the day shift.
Clemente hasn't showed up and can't be reached.
12x14 "QUINTESSENCE OF DUST" Intractable hiccups, on his way.
Self-tanner ingestion's waiting on tox.
Freaky nail-gun girl needs Keflex and psych consult.
Freaky nail-gun girl? Yeah, performance artist.
You do not wanna know.
Pratt, who's the lucky lady? No, it's nothing like that.
Just a charity event I gotta attend to.
Don't you be coy, Pratt.
Chicago's 50 hottest bachelors are auctioned to benefit Chicago Health Coalition.
- Impressive.
- I, the 51 st bachelor, didn't make the cut.
- How does Olivia feel about this? - About what? That someone's buying a date with her boyfriend.
I wouldn't put it that way.
It's a good cause, she's cool.
Really? Your African-American girlfriend is cool with her boyfriend being put up on the block for rich white women to bid on? Take it easy, Angela Davis.
How do you know they're all white? See you.
- Who's our Attending? - Got a moonlighter, thank God.
What? They're useless.
They never know how anything works.
I conned the guy yesterday into buying dinner for the staff.
- That eggplant was delicious.
- That's great.
What else? - Tape a "kick me" sign to his back? - Wasn't that awesome? Is Clemente ever coming back? - He's missed, like, three shifts.
- Four.
- Hope he's okay.
- Hey, you met Jodie.
I bet he's more than okay.
He's probably just on a little holiday.
Fourteen-letter word for "no higher form.
" No higher form.
- Quintessence.
- Shut up.
Go ahead, try it, bet you.
Okay, Q-U-I-N-T - Essence.
- Oh, my God, you're so smart.
How did you know that? It's Shakespeare, baby.
O that is too too sullied flesh would melt- I'm hungry.
What time is it? It's time to get a new bed, obviously.
No, I'm serious.
Oh, baby.
What do you want me to do? It's dark out, huh? Okay.
Eight letters for "great haste.
" Great haste, great haste Alacrity.
Do you wanna see a movie? Yeah, I was thinking more like in a movie theater? TV's good.
- Vickie, come on.
- What? It's been a week.
I think we can go outside now.
We got everything we need right here.
Okay, eight-letter word for "brisk.
" Brisk, let me see, brisk, brisk.
How about spanking? Quintessence.
I don't think quintessence fits.
- Three hundred.
- Three hundred.
- Three-twenty-five.
- Three-twenty-five.
- Four hundred.
- Easy, ladies, it's only dinner.
- Four-twenty-five.
- Four-twenty-five.
- Four-fifty.
- Four-fifty.
- Four-seventy-five.
- Four-seventy-five.
Four-ninety, 490 is the bid.
Do I hear higher? Anybody? Six hundred.
Six hundred dollars.
Hot off the presses.
A missive from the long-lost Carter.
- Carter? Really? - Finally found a stamp, huh? Does he say why we haven't heard from him? - He's happy, he's busy.
- Or he just doesn't miss this place.
- Hard to imagine.
- What's it say? How's Kem? - Hold on.
- It's called the ER for a reason.
ER residents get to do chest tubes and lines.
End of story.
Until your hack jobs get stuck and you call us to do damage control.
Kovac, I need the force of your authority here.
I'll read it later.
You don't see me running to my Attending.
- What's the problem? - Dr.
Stalin here is invading our turf again.
Wow, Morris, you're so versed in world history.
You know what? In college, I spent a semester in Germany.
Where we studied Russia.
See? I know all about Stalin.
Look, how do you expect my residents to clean up your messes if you don't let them get training? Training for what? - Slicing hemorrhoids and doing boob jobs? - Excuse me? What he's trying to say is only a small percentage of your residents are ever gonna need any trauma skills after they leave here.
- Yes, whereas our kids- - Residents.
- need to be able to handle whatever comes through.
They need the practice.
Well, I'm with you there.
Okay, you know what, no need to get cold.
That was cold, wasn't it? Yeah, that was a little cold.
Don't be such a sissy, Morris.
You know what? I need to kick out my meth-mom in four.
- Dr.
Kovac, please, consider what- - Why don't you two work this out, okay? - I'll be covering for Clemente today.
- Again? And I have to stay off my feet as much as possible.
Hip still bothering you? Little bit.
Page me if it gets busy.
We'll be fine, Kerry.
- Hi, Dr.
- Abby.
I consented sickle crisis for the pain study - and heme's on his way.
- Okay.
We must log ER procedures for ACGME.
- So you've gotta share, Red, end of story.
- We should have Weaver chat with her.
- One bitch to another.
- I'm getting really sick of this.
Why does female plus tough have to equal bitch around here? You know what, Abby? I don't need you to defend me, thank you very much.
I don't mind that guys think I'm a bitch.
I kind of like it.
At least they respect me.
So if they don't think I'm a bitch, does that mean they don't respect me? - I got a hot appy waiting to be seen.
- Bitch.
- Exactly.
- Morris.
- Morning, folks.
- So, what price did you pull? - Excuse me? - Last night at the auction? We did a pool.
I had you at 320.
Once again, you underestimate me, big man.
I went high, 600 bucks.
- Hey, pretty good.
- That's right.
There were of lovely ladies willing to part with their cash for date with the doctor.
- Nice.
- Only problem is that the winning bidder was a dude.
A what? I'm having dinner with a guy.
Is he cute? He didn't stick around long enough for me to meet him.
Well, it's for charity.
Look at the bright side.
Maybe he'll buy dinner.
As long as he doesn't assume that means anything.
- No means no, Greg, okay? - Very funny.
Impressive how you leap from misogyny to homophobia in a single bound.
Hey, you were just calling Albright a bitch.
After you did, and that's not the point anyway.
The point is why is everybody - so bigoted around here? - No more overnights for Abby.
Kovac, your woman's starting to sound a little kooky.
Morris, I swear.
If you ever refer to me as someone's woman again I will slap you with this hole-punch.
Don't you mean bitch-slap? - Let's walk.
- I'm not kidding.
- I'm really not kidding.
- All right, they get it, they get it.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Coburn's office is calling with the amnio results today.
When is that? As soon as they open, I think.
Why don't you relax for a while.
We can do the call together.
Dexter Jenkins, 62, blunt trauma to face, chest, abdomen.
Try not to hit Morris with any desk tools.
I'm not promising anything.
Sir, what happened? Just dumb kids, they don't know nothing.
They beat him up out in the open.
Witnesses called 911.
- At 8 in the morning? - It's the breakfast special.
Sats, 99.
What do kids want with a can opener anyway? Still got their moms cooking for them.
Distal pulse is two plus.
Your what? EZ Squeeze, heavy duty ergonomic handle.
Hard to come by.
What's your plan? CBC, trauma panel, type and screen.
Some kind of stupid dare.
Okay, and add a CT scan, he seems confused.
- I am not confused.
- What's the date today? February ninth, and I want my can opener back.
Hey, you gotta have some of this.
- And this.
- Chocolate milk? Are you 12? - Yes, I am 12.
- Oh, yeah? We gotta have some of this too.
I didn't see that.
- Yeah, okay, okay, okay.
- Make some s'mores later.
I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry.
Yo, dude, my bad.
I'll take care of it.
We should wait until the end of the shift, if it's bad news- It's not.
It's not bad news.
Chances of having abnormal amnio are, what, one in a thousand? Two hundred.
Still pretty good odds.
We'll be fine.
Hi, this is Abby Lockhart, I think you have my amnio results.
Oh, hold a minute.
I'll check for you.
She's checking.
That's great.
That's great.
That's great.
That's great.
Thank you.
Get down.
- Oh, yeah, kill me.
- Come on, come on.
Come on.
Oh, God, I gotta get you a Velcro belt, huh? Yeah.
- Kiss your husband with that mouth? - Oh, God, Bobby.
Oh, my God.
Did you really think it would be so easy? Make yourself at home, man.
I asked you a question.
Yeah, well, it sounded kind of rhetorical, you prick.
I wasn't talking to you, my love.
I was talking to Vic.
You know, Bobby Bobby, I know we got a lot to discuss, you know.
But breaking into my place is not gonna get it done.
Because we're adults here Anyway, how did you get in here anyhow? I got lots of experience getting into dumps like this, Vic.
- Oh, yeah? - Because, you see I spend every day staying three moves ahead of scumbags like you.
- Scumbags? - Bobby, get the hell out of here.
Okay, this, all this? Over, okay? Button up, get your stuff, and let's go.
Jodie, get your stuff.
I'm not gonna go anywhere with you.
Okay, listen, you and your wetback boyfriend have had your fun- You know what? You take things too far.
Now, you gotta go.
- Smart thing, chimichanga? Stay out.
- I'm in it now.
- Jodie- - I filed papers.
You what? I called my lawyer, and I want I want a divorce.
A divorce? Hey, imagine that.
Oh, come on, baby.
I flew all the way from Jersey to fix this, okay? I mean, I know I screwed up.
- I'm so, so- - Don't, don't.
I'm so sorry.
It's too late now, so I don't Too late? Too late? You don't think I can just leave you here like this, do you? I think What? I think that you're gonna have to.
All right, Bobby, why don't you just call her later, man? And probably, she'll talk to you then.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
All in all, it went well, didn't it? Yeah.
Frank, do me a favor and call central? Order me a new scrub top.
I spilled Betadine all over my shirt.
Scrub top? You can't wear scrubs on your man-date.
Oh, no, no, you're misusing the term.
A man-date is two hetero guys hanging out for dinner and a movie.
See, this is a "date" date.
Keep it up, you're gonna get smack-smacked.
Hey, I feel you, bro, I dated this chick four times before I realized she had an Adam's apple.
So how's Carter doing? Same old.
Saving the world, counting the money.
I tell you, if I was rich, I would be in Italy, not Africa.
It's for a good reason, Frank.
Think there are no hungry kids on the Amalfi Coast? Pratt, can you write for morphine for the infected branchial cyst? - Sure.
- Hey, she's still here? Yeah.
No surgical beds, Albright's boarding her until the O.
opens up.
Give me that.
Excuse me, doctor.
If the ER is gonna babysit your surgical patients have the courtesy to write the damn orders.
I don't have time now, I'm late for a sympathectomy.
You're gonna be even later.
I'm forbidding my residents to write orders on surgical boarders.
- You can't do that.
- Oh, yes, I can.
New policy.
Fine, have it your way.
Your chief's a little penis.
Don't let her talk to you that way.
- So, what do you think? - About what? The baby's sex is right there on that amnio report.
Did you know that the X chromosome carries three times as much genetic material as the Y? - And you didn't ask.
- Do you think that's why men are simpler? Look, some nurse in Coburn's office knows the sex of our baby and we don't.
- Isn't that weird? - It's a little weird.
- So? - So? So? Coffee and apple juice, please.
Two coffees, please.
I don't know.
It just makes it seem so real.
You're 16 weeks, amnio's normal.
It is real.
Is there anyone we have to tell? You should probably tell your mother.
Oh, yeah.
I was thinking I'd hold off on that.
Until when? - Until he gets- - Take care.
Come on, Jodie.
I need help.
I need help! Somebody, help me! Fine, you're gonna be fine.
- Must have lost a liter in the car.
- Why didn't you call an ambulance? - It was faster this way.
- Can you hear me? - Caught us off-guard.
- Carotid's weak.
- What's open? - I'm here.
Trauma 1.
What happened? Entrance wound is left chest, lower right quadrant and flank.
Out of nowhere, I wasn't expecting it.
Expecting what? Expecting what? Stop the questions.
Get the resuss going.
Okay, Abby, take the head.
Sam, get her on a monitor and start working on access.
- Where's Vic? - I'm right here.
Right here.
He shot me.
What is that? Morse Code for "get me the hell out of here? " Nervous habit.
Well, that looks like D, F, and B to me.
No, this is A and D minor.
What, are you a musician? I got this Yamaha mini-keyboard I like to tap things out on once in a while.
Found it on some heap one time.
Couldn't imagine why anybody would wanna throw that out.
Gone for good now.
Little bastards smashed it all up.
So, what kind of music you into? I stay with what I know mostly.
You any relation to a Brick Jenkins? He was a bluesman from the '60s.
Dad used to listen to his records over and over.
Played with Muddy Waters, BB King? Even Big Bill Broonzy right before he died.
Nice to meet you.
We take care of stuff like this every day.
Worse than this.
You think this is something? This is nothing, baby.
- Go ahead, Abby, tell her.
- You need to make room.
- Tell her she's gonna be fine.
- Liter of NS.
- Six units of O-neg and call the O.
- I'm so sorry, baby.
What? Who shot her, Vic? Who shot her? Her husband shot her.
What, you think it was When she said he, she meant her maniac husband who showed up with a gun.
- That's who she meant, didn't mean me.
- Where? At your place? Yeah.
You don't believe me, do you? Sure, we believe you.
Hey, tachy at 138.
Barely has a gag, poor respiratory effort.
Sats aren't coming up.
She needs a tube.
Why don't you sit down for a while? Hey.
Abby, use a seven-five.
She's tiny, but she's got a huge mouth and a small little airway.
- Okay, okay.
- I'll put it in.
You want me to put it in? Systolic's only 72.
- Here's the 10 blade.
- Hey.
You're not working right now.
- I heard what happened.
- Good, maybe you can explain it to us.
Where's the 10 blade? Tell me, where's the 10 blade? I gotta do something.
I gotta do something.
If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't be in this kind of way.
Oh, man, you all right? - I'm good.
- Hey, man, you're bleeding.
- Just a scratch.
Everything's fine.
- Come, let's take a look.
- Come on, Vic.
- She needs me.
Come on, get on this gurney now.
- Sit down, sit down.
- Listen.
- Can you listen to me? Nobody's listening.
- I'm listening.
- They think I did it.
They think I did it.
- Okay, all right.
- Look, you've been shot.
Come here, man.
- Impossible, man.
Good distal pulses, wound looks through and through.
- I need the infuser.
- Hey, go for it.
The bastard shot me, Sam.
He shot me too.
Sam, you believe me now? Sam, you believe? Suction and more cricoid.
- Sat is 74.
Can you see the cords? - Yes, I just can't get the tube to go.
She's bradying down, 58.
- Okay, pull out.
- I had it for a second.
- Come on, pull out.
- Why don't you try 7-0? - Kovac, how about more- - Seven-0, 7-0.
Somebody close that door, please? Remember I said to page me if anything came up? - This would fall under that category.
- Well, we got it under control medically.
- What do you got? - Two.
Clemente's girlfriend, Jodie Kenyon.
Multiple GSW's to chest, abdomen and flank.
Attending next door with a bullet in his arm.
Okay, I'm in.
Hang another unit of O-neg and rush the blood bank.
She needs type specific fast.
What she needs is the O.
- Paged them 10 minutes ago.
- When we need Albright, she's MIA.
Okay, page Dubenko.
We can't wait.
You wanna explain what happened there? I don't understand.
I didn't cut the nerve.
But you didn't look for it either.
You got lucky.
- You were there when I made the cut.
- Don't be defensive.
Don't make excuses.
Nine-one-one page from the ER.
Can you hold it? I heard Gallant got called back by the Army again.
- That's gotta be hard.
- Actually, he didn't.
He re-upped.
Well, he's certainly got a strong sense of duty.
- Introducer.
- Another 200 cc's of blood on the floor.
Sixty units of pack cells going up.
Cordis is almost ready.
- Only 10.
Can't get a BP.
- Come on, Thora-Seal and autotransfuser.
- What's going on? - It's about damn time.
Double GSW.
We can't get a surgeon down here.
We just got the page.
We've been calling your chief resident for 15 minutes.
Go check out the other room.
You know what? Let's focus on the patients here.
We'll deal with that later.
Hi, here for surgery.
How's she doing? How's Jodie? Having trouble with her blood loss.
He's got a through and through GSW to the deltoid.
- Oh, no.
- Neurovascular okay.
He'll need angio.
- Hemodynamics? - Fine.
- No occult injuries? - No.
- You do a thorough head-to-toe exam? - Yes, doctor, we did.
Tell the blood bank to send out another 10 of packed cells, two of FFP.
Need your portable defibrillator.
- She's coding? She's coding.
- Whoa, easy.
No, it's a precaution for the trip upstairs.
What are you doing for her? What we do for any trauma patient.
Fluid, access, blood and pressors.
Platelets and calcium, platelets and calcium Myocardium loves calcium.
Dubenko, give her calcium! - Getting harder to bag.
- You hear me? Up the rate, do the best you can.
Best you can? Best you can, my ass.
They need me in there.
- Let us take care of you.
- Easy! - I'm not gonna let her die.
- She's not gonna die.
You know you can't say that.
You know you can't.
Try to relax.
I'm not perfect, I've messed things up in the past.
I know what to do with a shocky GSW.
And so does Dr.
Kovac, I assure you.
- I got to go, she needs me.
I gotta go.
- Dr.
Clemente! I got to go! I got to go! - She needs me in there! - No! Hey, take it easy.
Settle down.
Settle down.
I got to go, man! Calm down.
- Settle down.
- No! You're restraining me? We don't use hard restraints anymore.
True, but since you're spraying blood on my staff, I'm willing to bend the rules.
What are we looking at, Neela? - Renal pedicle? - That's a question, not an answer.
- Well, Neela? - I don't know.
It's the renal pedicle.
Albright, decide to grace us with your presence? Sorry, got stuck in the ICU.
- Metz.
- What's our next move, Neela? Find the bleeder? - Find the bleeder.
- Before that? - Isolate the hilum? - Before that.
I don't know.
- Intraoperative, IVP.
- That's correct.
Fifty cc's of contrast, get the portable x-ray tech down.
- Hi, remember me? - I'm busy, Morris.
Oh, you're busy, okay, all right.
Is this your writing here? Sure looks that way.
Electrolytes, d-sticks and neurovascular status every 15 minutes on a branchial cyst? - I was making a point.
- So am I.
My department doesn't have time to carry out tasks - on patients who are only boarding.
- Let's talk later.
We're busy.
Either scrub out to rewrite orders or come do them yourself.
We've got a lady open on the table.
This isn't the best time.
Neela? I can't hear you, you're dead to me.
Lucien, please make it stop.
Oh, look at you, going to your Attending like a little penis, punk, sissy.
Jessica, would you take care of this? It's getting very annoying.
This is a complex anastomosis.
Don't you think I should stay? We'll be all right without you.
Please, go.
All right, dissect the mesentery.
I heard she tried to kill him and he grabbed the gun away from her.
Well, his wound is definitely self-inflicted.
He's a cagey little bastard.
Think he shot her and covered it up? Oldest trick in the book.
I heard they were having sex.
All right.
Come on, guys, we all have our own problems, right? - Right.
- You're right.
Hey, I'll come get you when your boyfriend gets here.
- Where's Clemente now? - I sent him up to angio.
- In restraints? - We let him out once he shut up.
What do you think happened? I think he's a complicated guy.
Hey, Ray.
Let's keep the chatter to a minimum until we find out what went down.
- Yeah, sure thing.
- All right.
Hey, I picked this up in Trauma 1.
I think it belongs to one of your patients.
Who? Jenkins? Yeah, you know, the old homeless guy who got beat up by some kids? Yeah, I got it.
What's this, doctor? Expanding hematoma, lacerated vessels.
That's an ER answer.
I want a surgeon's answer.
Which vessels? Systolic's only 92.
Neela, which vessels? The renal artery splits into the anterior and- Stop vamping, we don't have time.
You either know it or you don't.
Extravasating contrast, left kidney's been hit.
We're aware of that, Victor.
With a hilar injury like this, sacrificing the kidney is probably the way to go.
Is the hilum completely avulsed? Because if not, you ought- Please, don't tell me what I ought or ought not do.
- Yeah, well, she's a friend, okay? - You can watch from the Obs deck.
- A good friend- - Obs deck now.
One peep and you're out.
So think you can save the kidney? She's young.
We should try.
What's your plan? I don't know.
I've never done this before.
Look, it's just common sense.
If I weren't here, what would you do? Lucien, I just wanna point out you are here and you are the Attending.
Rasgotra? Clamp the hilum for a vascular exclusion.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but if you clamp the hilum you're gonna starve the kidney of blood.
Please continue.
Find the bleeders and seal with fibrin.
Repair the renal artery with an omental patch.
How much time after clamping the hilum before the kidney starts to die? About 45 minutes.
No, no, no, it's not about 45 minutes.
That's 45 minutes tops.
That's tops.
Go for it, she's all yours.
You're not gonna let an ER resident go and clamp the hilum.
You will stop talking now.
- Or I'll remove you.
- She's not a surgeon.
- I'm working on that.
- You're gonna be working on that now.
Lucien, look, this isn't a teaching case.
I want you to do it, Lucien! I want you! Stop playing around, man! Her pressure's gonna bottom out! Hilum's clamped.
All right, 45 minutes.
The clock's ticking.
Change the orders.
This means war, you know.
Change the damn orders.
Nice work.
She's been driving us crazy all day.
Refuses to learn our names, calls us all nurse.
She refuses to learn our names too.
She's only interested in learning the male residents' names.
I hate women like that.
Why are you still here? My fridge at home's empty, I was hungry.
Want a bite? Didn't I see you eating one 20 minutes ago? - This is my third.
- Third? What are you, pregnant? What? What are you talking about? - Oh, my God, you are.
- You're crazy.
- You are, aren't you? - No.
You are totally pregnant.
- So what? You're in love with Albright.
- No, I'm not.
Oh, Morris.
Come on.
- You shut up.
- You shut up too.
- You shut up first.
Shut up about what? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
This came back on our GSW.
Want me to send it up to the O.
? No, I got it.
Ray, help Morris clear the board while I run upstairs.
- All right.
- Help me? What was that? I need help all of a sudden? No, it's not really all of a sudden.
I'm taking Mrs.
Irby in to see her father.
Oh, okay.
You need help with that? - No.
- Exactly, that's my point.
Your father's in here, ma'am.
You been doing some snooping around, young blood? Well, I thought your daughter should know.
Congratulations, princess.
Sounded like a nice ceremony.
We wanted you to be there.
Didn't wanna show up for your special day looking like this.
- I would have paid for a suit.
- I don't want that.
I don't want your money.
This doctor told me what happened today.
Stupid kids.
He needs to have his sutures removed in a week.
Come home until then, Daddy.
Nat and me, we got a nice place over in Old Town.
You can have your own room.
That ain't me, Sarah.
Ain't never gonna be.
How's she doing? That was the 12th unit they've hung so far.
I looked for you in angio.
Well, you didn't miss much.
The bullet missed the brachial.
This came back on Jodie.
She's positive for cannaboids and coke, Vic.
Well, you know, this is irrelevant to her treatment.
I don't know why you'd send this in.
What are you, Big Brother? Come on, standard trauma labs, man.
You know that.
- And you might have mentioned it before.
- Why? Would it have affected the resuscitation, changed your management? - Let's be real.
- Maybe you should know that she's a Scorpio and she's allergic to clams.
Would that help? So this why you didn't want us evaluating you? You were worried what we'd find if we sent in your urine.
You know, you're a really good guy, and I like you.
But right now, it's time for you to shut the hell up.
I just hope your story's good.
Yeah? What story? - The one about how you didn't do this.
- Why, you think I did? It doesn't matter what I think, Vic.
Only important thing is, is there anyone who can back you up? Yeah.
She's down there.
Hey, catch.
- Cool.
- Got it at the Boston game.
- They killed us.
- Oh, yeah, that kind of year.
I haven't seen you around.
My mom said I was too distracting.
She wants you to study hard.
Yeah, she said I was definitely going to college.
That's good advice.
Sounds boring.
Besides, I wanna drive NASCAR.
I'll tell her you're here.
Thanks, Luka.
Hey, Chuny, let's see if we can get a taxi voucher for Dexter Jenkins.
Oh, already gone.
He left AMA, didn't even sign his discharge.
He did? Yep.
What do you want me to do with the chart? Let's break it down, I guess.
Oh, Pratt, I forgot, your date's out in chairs.
- He is? - Been here about half an hour.
Oh, don't keep a young man waiting.
And allow me to say, that's the prettiest transvestite I've ever laid eyes on.
Transvestite? Where? Oh, that can't be him.
I had you guys going, didn't I? Write post-op orders, page me for evening rounds.
How often we check renal function? BUN and creatinine BID.
Okay, go.
Just so you know.
That wasn't cool.
What? You deal with ER scut, I scrub in on traumas, got it? - You weren't answering your pages.
- That cutesy shtick with Dubenko? That isn't working either.
I write your evaluation.
I'm the one you've got to impress.
I'm not trying to impress anyone, I'm trying to get- You get this: You ever crowd me out of the O.
again, there will be payback.
This is crazy.
I di- Dr.
Mind if I come in? Yeah, sure.
Look, I wanna thank you for taking care of her.
We did our best.
I know you did.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, I'm just trying to get out of here.
Alex is at the triage desk.
- Yeah.
- We chatted a little.
Oh, good.
Hey, I just wanted to talk to you about something.
Yeah? Uh, about me and Abby? Luka, I know about you and Abby.
Everybody knows.
And I really hope it works out.
Really, I want you to be happy.
There's a little more to it.
Abby and I, we're We're gonna have a baby.
- What? - A baby.
I just didn't want you to hear it somewhere else.
I appreciate that.
When is she due? July.
Hey, do you know where the Reglan is? Because we're out of Compazine, and Chuny's mad at me for not restocking.
Not that you would know, doctors never know- Try the bottom shelf.
Right behind the Yes.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Have a good one.
Yeah, you too.
I remember now, Jodes, I remember.
It was Hamlet.
You know the part where he says that man is this and man is that.
Noble and intelligent, like the best thing on Earth.
But then he says to his two buddies, he says: Yet what is it to me, this This quintessence of dust? Like he's, you know lost.
I heard they were able to salvage the kidney.
Yeah, but with the loss of blood and the long anesthesia time You know how the brain is.
The police are here.
They went to your place.
The ICU Attending wants to keep her intubated and sedated longer.
They found marijuana, cocaine, some unprescribed medications- We should keep her 02 consumption down.
They think you did this, Vic.
Did they find the gun? No.
Am I fired? Not yet.
Okay, why don't we start by you telling me why in the world your friend Henry would think he has to buy you dates? I had a bad break-up a few months back.
I think he got sick of listening to my single-girl woes.
Plus, he figured I could use a change of pace.
You mean you never dated a doctor before? Something like that.
- Good night, Pratt.
- Good night, Ray.
Figured you'd be long gone.
Good place to pick up some change.
I'm not gonna talk you into anything your daughter couldn't.
She's upset.
She'll be all right.
She figures this is how it's gonna be.
Every few years, she'll get a call from a hospital or cop get a quick "Hi", "Bye" from her old man.
Until the last call comes in, and it's the morgue.
Let me get you a sandwich, at least.
Another couple hours, I can buy my own.
Come on.
So how's a young fellow like you know about Big Bill Broonzy? Oh, I'm kind of a buff.
LPs, CDs.
I got a big collection of everything.
I used to be in a band.
So, what can I get for you? BLT and a Coke.
All right.
Hey, Maggie.
It's me.
I have some good news, Mom.