ER s12e15 Episode Script


Previously on E.
He shot me.
They think I did it.
Is there anyone who can back you up? Yeah.
She's down there.
You've been accepted into the surgical elective.
Oh, my God, thank you.
I write your evaluation.
I'm the one you've got to impress.
I need you to draw a blood alcohol for a suspected DUI.
- You gotta help me, Greg.
- His blood alcohol came back negative.
It won't happen again, I promise.
It won't because you're gonna stop drinking and get yourself in a program.
Debbie's enlisted me to give a hand to a Sudanese doctor who's a bit short staffed right now.
He works out of a camp called Dumtala, in Darfur.
12x15 "DARFUR" Dr.
Carter? It is Stephen.
You startled me.
You cough all night.
I brought you some tea.
Thank you.
It is the dryness, you know.
And the sand.
It happens to everyone when they get here.
It's good.
Zahra, she made me that when I came.
And I would drink it every night before I went to sleep.
Debbie said you needed some help here.
She's a good person.
And your help will be appreciated.
So you and Debbie are?.
How long has that been going on? Well, she has been here two months, so seven and a half weeks.
You know what? You should go back to bed.
Yeah, thank you.
No, thank you.
Now we can all get some sleep.
- What's that? - It's the Janjaweed again.
You'll learn to sleep through it.
No, Bernie, no biting.
Am I bleeding? Did he break the skin? I am so sorry.
He's not usually like this.
I'll get a nurse to give him the shot.
Can somebody take a look at this wound? Yeah, we're a little short.
Do it yourself.
- Hey, what's this? - That's for you and the little bastard.
- Thanks, Frank.
- Hey, congratulations.
Thank you.
It was supposed to be a secret.
Everybody says you're puffy.
I had to defend you.
- Am I getting puffy? - You're not.
- Are you on today? - No.
Clemente will be here at 8.
Damn it, I'm bleeding.
You should get a hep panel and HIV on that kid.
Clemente's back on the schedule? Isn't it a bit too soon after everything that happened? Which I hear is similar to what happened in Newark.
- What happened in Newark? - Nothing happened.
The guy is a loose cannon.
I mean, he's a suspected murderer.
Look, Dr.
Clemente is an excellent physician with some personal issues.
That's nothing new around here.
It's the fifth time you brought me in this week, man.
Five times.
Why don't you put it all down on this piece of paper and sign? Because if I shot her, then how did I get shot? Because she went for the gun, it went off, and it clipped you in the shoulder.
Come on, man, her husband did it.
Her husband did it, okay? He was working in Jersey.
Then he's gotta have a twin because I saw a guy like him in my apartment.
If that's true, why can't a neighbor back your story up? I don't know, maybe people hate me because I play my music loud.
Because it's bull, Vic, and you know it.
Now, we talked to the doctor and your girl ain't waking up.
So if I were you, I'd get a lawyer.
This is great.
Just great.
Okay, okay.
We'll be with you soon.
- Zahra, where's Stephen? - In the back.
What's wrong? Everything.
Good radial and ulnar pulses.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
The Janjaweed shot up the reservoir.
There's a patch kit.
Tell the engineer.
- Went to Khartoum.
We can't wait.
- We have the boreholes.
We need 15 liters per person per day.
Cephalexin, Why are you being so calm? People are drinking sand.
We've been through this.
Drain the tank, patch the holes, re-treat with chlorine.
So, sweetheart, take two deep breaths and do your downtown dog.
Down-and-out dog? It's not funny.
We can't provide basic needs.
What's new? Fine, yeah.
Be like that.
Oh, I have two more but I'll just save them for someone who is listening to me.
Appreciates me.
- She was like this in the Congo? - Worse.
At least in the Congo, we had television and beer.
I'm not against anyone's religion but this place would drive anybody to drink.
Carter, I need you in here.
It's downward dog.
IV is already in.
Thought you're feeling better.
They want to go home.
Well, I'm gonna give him some medicine so we can release him.
- Who's this? - His brother, Khalid.
An artist? Let me see.
It's him and his father fighting the Janjaweed.
Tell him it's good.
Somebody needs to kick the Janjaweed's butt.
Doxycycline, single dose, ORS is one cup after each loose stool.
- Thank you, Dr.
- She's gonna take very good care of you.
Is this for me? Dr.
Clemente, how was jail? I didn't go to jail.
Called the lawyer I left on your machine? I don't need a lawyer, Morris.
Thank you.
Welcome back.
- So how did you survive without me? - Oh, we did our best.
- Oh, yeah? - You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Why? Are people talking about me? Well, they're concerned.
They just wanna make sure you're all right.
That's all.
Well, tell them not to be so concerned about me.
You didn't have to come back so soon.
What is that supposed to mean? Yeah, well, before Morris or somebody starts a blog I wanna set the record straight.
I didn't shoot Jodie.
But how did you know about the blog? Oh, that bitch.
- Give bolus with a liter.
- Wait up.
Hey, Kovac.
Hey, wait up, wait up.
What have you got for me? Good to see you, but you're not on the schedule today.
Weaver said I could come back.
I'm head of the ER, not Weaver, and I don't think you're ready.
What are you doing? Giving me the slow walk to the door? - I'm looking out for you.
- I can take care of myself.
Thank you.
More importantly, I'm looking out for patients in here.
Patients don't need to be protected from me.
Kovac, we've got a 14-year-old, auto versus peds coming in.
- Go home, Vic.
- I am home.
You're not working today.
Come on, put me back on the schedule.
Kovac, come on.
Fourteen-year-old hit by car going 30 or 40.
My leg.
Distal deformity of the left lower extremity.
- What's your name? - Jose Rodriguez.
- Jose, remember what happened? - I got hit.
Let me guess? Flute.
- Tuba.
- Sorry about that.
- LOC? - Nope.
- A and 0 times four.
- Vitals? Tachy in the 120s.
Resps, 20s.
BP, 110/78.
Okay, Abby, you take the airway.
Pratt, you run it.
Let's go.
So how long is your wife in Paris? I don't know.
- So how long are you with us? - How long do you need me? It's hard, huh? Keeping relationships going, doing what we do.
I have a sweet lady friend in London named Grace.
Whenever I'm in town, we fall in love.
When I leave, we fall out.
How does Debbie feel about that? She has the exact same relationship with some Spanish photojournalist.
What happens in Darfur stays in Darfur.
So when do you think these people will be able to go home? Who knows? The government funded the Arab militias to find and kill the rebels.
So they burned the villages, killed the men, raped the women.
Whoever survived wound up here.
The Janjaweed have turned this place into the Wild, Wild West.
Kofi Annan and Colin Powell, they called this genocide.
And the Congress, they just went on holiday.
I guess 300,000 dead and a million displaced persons aren't enough to get involved.
Does not matter whether it is Somalia or Rwanda, Darfur, New Orleans.
When the faces are black, the world moves slow.
Is she doing what I think she's doing? Yes.
She is quite a woman.
Hey, how much for the yoga class? It's free.
What happened? - Is it a stomachache? - Yes.
He also has diarrhea.
Mother's gone to get wood.
He doesn't know where his father is.
Let's take him back to the tent for supervised rehydration.
It's okay, we'll fix you up before your mom gets back.
I'd let him keep it, but what happens when the battery dies? It becomes iTrash.
Help, help.
She needs a doctor.
You bring a towel, I'll go get a stretcher.
Tell Zahra to prep the procedure room.
- She's tachy at 120.
- BP is 100/60.
Two liters of saline wide open.
She lost a lot of blood.
Hope it's just from the lacerations.
Looks like a nasal fracture probably an inferior orbit blowout as well.
Chest is clear.
Get these lacerations cleared, see what we're dealing here.
- Why did she leave camp? - To get firewood for their families.
- Why don't the men go? - The men would be killed.
- IV is in.
- Okay.
Let's get 2 of morphine.
And I need two suture kits too, - Gada, where's your husband? - We got a lot of blood down here.
What is it? We have lacerations and contusions to the external genitalia and upper thigh.
- No.
- We need to examine her.
- Doesn't want to be examined by men.
- She needs- - I know! I know.
- For STIs and HIV.
- Okay, so get her husband in here.
- Do not tell him she's been shamed.
- Shamed? - Their word, not mine.
Sudanese men sometimes disown their wives after rape.
When Gada awakens, we'll let her tell him what she chooses.
We're going to regionals.
I miss practice, drum major will bench me.
Hey, Pratt, Endocrine saw your IDDM kid, so he can go.
- KJ's dad is out here asking for you.
- Just got a little guarding here.
Ultrasound and call Surgery to come take a look.
Have them follow up tomorrow.
- Where's Darnell? - Right here.
Take your time with discharge instructions.
I always do.
- What happened this time? - I got in a fight, man.
It's no big deal.
- Some cat at this restaurant.
- You been drinking again? Damn, man.
I blew it, okay? We had a going-away party for a buddy at work.
I had a few.
Next thing I knew, me and this kid got into it.
- But you're supposed to stay clean.
- You my sponsor now? No.
I'm your boy who you promised you'd come clean to.
Look, I'm not gonna kick this overnight.
What I need from you right now is to fix me up before KJ gets down here.
- I don't want him to see me like this.
- Then stop coming in like this.
Hey there.
Jodes? How are you doing? Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been around much.
I just I got a lot of problems.
Things are really messed up, baby.
Look, I can see you're mad at me.
- You been going to the meetings? - Hell, yeah.
It's hard, man.
What happened in there? Kid got hit by a truck.
Come on, hold still.
He gonna be all right? Who knows? Where is she? Your wife was attacked outside the second checkpoint.
- She okay? - She will be.
Shamed? She was badly beaten.
See her.
I can see her now? Yes.
Come with me.
It's this way.
Oh, Gada.
There are bruises to her chest and to her abdomen but I don't think that there is any damage to her internal organs.
She live? Yes, we gave her some medicine to help her sleep.
She has many cuts but they're not so deep and I think the stitches need to stay for one week.
- She cut there? - Yes, but I think it will heal very well.
There shouldn't be any scarring.
Sir? Sir? Sir.
Sir, wait.
What happened? - I brought him in to see her.
- Did he see the wound? Yeah.
The slash on the thigh is the mark of rape.
How the hell was I supposed to know that? Where are you going? - I'm gonna go get him.
- John! Chuny, what are his vitals? Pulse, 97.
Resps, 20.
BP, 102/58.
A hundred percent on room air.
Heart rate's a little high.
There could be occult blood loss.
- What took you so long? - Our favorite surgeon has arrived.
I was with the Crohn's girl.
Why isn't Albright helping you? I was given strict instructions to handle ER so she can scrub in on ileoanal anastomosis.
- What have you got? - Tier one trauma.
He should've been seen first.
I heard he was stable.
Thought I'd get the acute obstruction first.
- It's fine.
- No.
He needs an ex-lap, that takes time.
Ex-lap? The ultrasound was negative.
What's an ex-lap? Abdominal pain, tachycardia and a good mechanism.
That's a bleed until proven otherwise.
Guys, that's basic Trauma 101.
Get Albright or Dubenko down here to evaluate.
- I'm sure they'll agree with me.
- Serial hemoglobin? - Thirteen to 11.
- Probably dilutional.
- Am I gonna have surgery? - We're not sure yet.
This is the ER.
I'm gonna need a CT of the chest and abdomen.
Get a portable, Chuny.
Would you forget the scan? - It's a waste of time.
- I don't agree.
CT shows a bleed, - he's going to the O.
- If it doesn't? - He's going to the O.
- Not necessarily.
We'll OBS.
OBS? That doesn't sound good.
What do you gain from the scan? - Other than giving him radiation? - Pratt.
A chance to spare him from an operation he doesn't need.
Sense of what we're dealing.
Surgeons don't like surprises.
- You're not a surgeon.
- Today, I am.
Just give her a break, Pratt.
Listen, I got a lot more experience with pediatric traumas than you do.
Kids are tricky.
They have a huge reserve.
They maintain normal vitals for a while, but, believe me, when they crash, they crash hard.
CT scan is part of a complete workup of the patient.
- It'll take 15 minutes.
We got time.
- I don't think you do.
- It's my call, Pratt.
- Dad.
Are you okay? You have to tell Monty I won't be able to play tonight.
Don't worry about that, son.
The officer wants to ask you some questions about the accident.
Did you get a description? He was a black dude.
- Blue pickup.
- You see the license plate? All I remember is that the side door is smashed and the grill was crushed.
Oh, and there was bumper stickers.
Lots of Bears bumper stickers.
Malik, take a break.
- What's up? - I need you to take a break.
- What's wrong? - You still drive that old truck? Yeah, why? Because that kid you were so curious about, the one who got hit says the guy who hit him was a black dude, who drove a blue pickup.
Million of brothers drive blue pickups.
Not talking about a million brothers.
I'm talking about you.
Did you hit that kid? - Yo, Greg.
- Answer me.
Did your drunk ass hit that kid? I didn't mean to hit him, man.
It was a accident, man.
I swear.
It was an accident, man.
I didn't mean to hurt that kid.
I swear to God.
I think it's this one.
This one up here with the Oxfam logo on it.
What did he say? He said Lwendo went to find the Janjaweed.
- It happened by the second checkpoint.
- You cannot do this.
- We can stop him.
- It's dangerous.
- This is my fault.
- It's Lwendo's fault.
He knows it's suicide to leave camp.
- That's right.
You'll get yourself killed.
- So could Lwendo.
Look, I'll go.
At least I know where it is.
You stay.
You drive.
Is my dad still here? He's outside.
No talking.
You have to hold still.
Liver and spleen look good.
- How's he doing? - Why are you here? Follow-up on my patient.
- Vitals good? - I've got this.
- You don't.
- Why are you here? Dr.
Pratt was concerned you were not receptive to his input.
So concerned that he had to page me out of the O.
to come see this patient.
- Went over my head.
- Make sure we don't miss anything.
I'm doing what you said.
I'm getting ER to work up their patients completely.
No, not really, since you're the one here doing the CT.
Heart rate is up to 125.
Got some fluid in the retroperitoneal fossa.
That could be blood.
Scan's over.
Retroperitoneal injury wouldn't show up on an ultrasound.
- Jose.
- He's hypotensive, non-responsive.
He was talking.
His heart rate was in the 90s before.
Get two units type-specific.
Send off another set of blood cultures.
Change to Zosyn and up the dopamine to 10 mics.
Hey, whoa.
You skipped her.
What are you doing? We rounded on her 10 minutes ago.
Don't think so, I didn't see new orders.
Come on, I need to know what's going on.
I'll catch up with you.
She's off pressors, stable from a cardiopulmonary standpoint.
We're just waiting for her neuro status to declare itself.
So, what are you gonna do now? What are you gonna do? Sit back and twiddle your thumbs? Is that what you're gonna do? We're gonna wait.
That's all we can do.
What's up? How does it feel, Vic? Who is this? How does she look now? You still wanna touch her? You sick, twisted piece of- Yeah, I might not have finished the job but it's still a beautiful thing.
The cops are all over you.
You wait, man.
You wait till she wakes up and starts talking.
- Because you'll be in a world of hurt.
- Keep dreaming, buddy.
You got out of Jersey okay.
You're not gonna pull that off this time.
- Oh, you don't think? - She was mine.
You never should have touched her.
Is that kid gonna be all right? I don't know.
He's up in the O.
, trying to stop the bleeding.
- Look, man.
I messed up, man.
I'm sorry.
- I went out on a limb for you.
I risked my job to cover for you because you promised me you'd get help.
I'm trying.
All I do is think about drinking.
I wake up, I want a drink.
I walk down the street, I want a drink.
I see the winos on the corner and I'm jealous.
I think to myself, "If I could get through raising KJ get him through college, then I could be there with them.
" - Come on, man.
- Are you listening to me? This is serious.
I'm not proud of it, but it's serious.
What's serious is that kid could die.
And I know that, and I'm sorry for it.
But what else you want me to do? Turn yourself in.
- What did you say? - You heard me.
Look, you talk about raising KJ to be honest, right? You got him working up here to teach him integrity and respect.
How's he supposed to learn that if you just get away with this? I ain't going to jail.
You've gotta turn yourself in, D.
What does he think he's gonna accomplish? For men like him, pride slips away on a daily basis.
They can't provide without getting killed, so their wives must do it.
Then the worst happens.
He's had enough.
Just wants to be a man again.
This is one of the places.
Doesn't seem to be anybody around.
Let's go a little further.
Look, John.
The farther we go, the more dangerous it gets.
Now, I'm sorry, but we are going to turn around.
How is she doing? She wants to know where Lwendo is.
Tell her we have doctors out looking for him.
- Her children.
- They're here.
I'll get them.
Come on.
Your mother's awake.
- What is he asking? - He's asking if we have weapons.
We don't have any weapons.
We don't have any weapons.
We're doctors.
A woman was raped, we're trying to- He says shut up and so do I.
- I'm just saying that they can help us.
- John.
Look, John, there's a lot of corruption.
- Government, military, police, everybody.
- They could've helped us.
But then the U.
would prefer to have conversations with criminals like Salah Gosh.
Salah Gosh? Your government flew him to Washington to get intel on the war on terrorism.
They wouldn't be able to do that if they started pissing off Bashir.
They wouldn't be able to get their hands on the oil out here either.
Let's go a little further.
It is too late.
A little further, please.
We are going back.
Oh! What? What? What is going on with you? - It's not cholera, is it? - I'm fine.
- Spironolactone.
- You have hepatitis.
Schistosomiasis as a child.
Left me with a few liver granulomas.
What is that? That could be them, huh? So, what happens now? He'll get booked.
Probably post bail.
My dad's going away, isn't he? We're going to go back.
There's nothing more that we can do here.
- They're gonna kill him.
- And they'll kill us too.
Stay still, John.
Say nothing.
Lwendo, stay with me.
Stay with me.
We've got multiple GSWs to the chest, flank and legs.
Bagged the femoral artery.
I need a clamp.
Start an IV.
We're just one hour to camp and another two to the surgical hospital.
- John! - Don't worry, Lwendo.
We're gonna get you back to camp.
Damn it.
I need some suction.
I need to intubate him.
We can't even do that at the clinic.
Lost the pulse.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you're awake.
You're awake, baby.
I was so worried about you.
What happened? You don't remember? Gunshots.
And Bobby - Bobby shot me? - That's right.
That's right.
You think you can tell the police that? Is he in jail? No, no.
Not yet.
Not yet.
But we're gonna be okay.
How long am I gonna-? How long am I gonna be like this? Oh, baby, it's gonna be a while longer.
About a week or two.
Your mom's coming out to take you home.
Not my mom, Vic.
It's just gonna be for a little while, that's all.
You gotta do it.
We're still gonna be together, though, right? Don't you leave me now, jerk.
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
You just take it easy, all right? I'm gonna get your doctor.
I'm headed out.
- Is somebody coming to pick you up? - Yeah, I'll stay with my aunt for a while.
Hey, KJ, look.
I feel bad about all of this, but you gotta understand- It's not your fault.
I mean, every time my dad picked me up from school I could smell the alcohol on him.
- He's gonna get the help he needs.
- Thanks to you.
- KJ- - All my dad's other boys They just help him get out of trouble but you're the only one that makes him step up and take responsibility.
That means a lot, Dr.
A lot.
All right, man.
- Oh, damn.
- What was all that about? How's the kid? A tear in the mesentery opened a small artery.
- Easily controlled once we got in there.
- He's okay? - Yeah.
- Didn't drop his pressure? - He didn't code on the table? - No, Pratt.
The case went well.
All right.
Thank you.
Well, I'm sorry.
You were right, I should have listened to you.
Oh, forget about it.
He tolerated the anesthesia okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
You're lying.
What's up? I I know who hit that kid.
It's all my fault.
What do you mean, it's your fault? The cops brought in a friend of mine a while ago for a blood-alcohol level.
I drew my own blood, switched the tubes.
What? He swore to me he was gonna get help.
That kid almost died.
You just said he was fine.
He's got a pulverized leg, he needed blood transfusions he'll be on ventilator, he's in the hospital for weeks, you call that fine? All right, I made a mistake.
Look, Darnell's not a bad guy.
At the time, it seemed like him going to jail for DUI wasn't gonna help anybody.
It would have helped Jose Rodriguez.
- He wouldn't be in the hospital now.
- I made him turn himself in.
You think that's enough? So now what? You gonna tell Kovac or something? You got your friend to own up to what he did.
Take your own advice.
How about CĂ©line? Or Jewel? Have you been going through your CD collection again? - I love Jewel.
- Well, yeah, me too.
I guess, but not for a name.
What about Charo? Or Liberace? How about we give him the name of the first person who walks through the door? - Seriously? Okay.
- Sure.
Well, maybe not.
- Hey, what's up? - That's great news about Jodie.
- Thanks.
- We were all happy to hear it.
Maybe now you could put me back on the schedule, huh? - Give me a second.
- Mm-hm.
Hey, Vic.
You'll need to undergo an evaluation by the Impaired Physician Committee.
Come on.
You're not serious, are you? Medical, drug testing, psych.
You're serious.
- Yeah, well, I don't need that, okay? - I do.
Fine, fine.
Whatever you need, man.
- I'll do it for you, okay? - Okay.
Son of a bitch.
You're screwed, buddy.
Yeah, she's upstairs telling the cops now everything you're doing.
Right now.
That's right.
We're gonna get you.
We're gonna get you.
Hey! I can't get Gada to rest.
She's inside with the children.
Maybe she won't have to wait too long.
Lwendo? Lwendo? Lwendo.
What's he saying? It's from the Koran.
From the earth God created you to the earth God will return you.
And from the earth, God will bring you out again.