ER s14e15 Episode Script

...As the Day She Was Born

Hey, Sam, have you seen Gates? Uh Who? Gates.
Is he working today? How would I know? Broken tib-fib is next in the O.
, meniscus guy needs crutches and hip lady can go to the floor.
- You look different.
Discharge Curtain 3, give him a Vicodin.
I'm with Sam, something's going on with you.
Well, I kicked ass in my overnight, what can I say? I need you to look at my bike crash guy in 2.
- Well, call Ortho.
- I'm looking at Ortho.
Not anymore, I am officially done with my rotation.
The next time you see me, I will be back on General Surgery.
Big plans for your day off? Well, it is a big day.
Is it? What do you mean? - What are you doing? - Oh, I'm not sure.
If nothing comes up, it'll be my couch, moo goo gai pan, and "Project Runway.
" - Which is good enough.
- You're not caught up? - Oh, it's awesome.
- No, don't tell me.
I'm gonna watch the repeats.
Cable guy should be arriving in two to six hours.
- You don't have cable? - It went out three weeks ago.
- You look nice.
- So do you.
We on for lunch? Switch day, you're supposed to take me.
Oh, right.
After Pete's surgery.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I promise, we'll do it soon.
Neela? Are you decent? I'm coming in.
Neela? What is it? There was a little mix-up.
Your shift in General Surgery started 15 minutes ago.
Please, not today.
Come on.
Dry off, put clothes on.
We got a non-versive waffle-iron waiting for us in the ER.
Ah! Six-two.
You're getting beat by an old codger.
Hank, that's your granddaughter.
It's okay, Grandma, I'm about "to " - Goal! - I gave you that one.
Hank, calm down.
I swear, he acts like a child sometimes.
It keeps him young.
Sarah seems very happy.
She's with her old group of "friends " she's doing well in school, even in math, which is almost a miracle.
You've done a good job, Tony.
But wait till she's 16, starts dating, ignores everything you say.
I'm already looking into boarding schools.
- Game over.
Beat by your grandpa.
- Come on, best two out of three.
Grandpa? White meat is better.
Says who? FDA.
Ever heard of them? Jump in, Dr.
Start with a cleansing breath.
- All right, look, let's try to relax, okay? - Names, Dr.
Use names.
All right, look, Ted, Jim My name's not Jim.
Don't call me Jim.
He's Jack Spratt, he eats no fat.
That's the exercise.
Help Mr.
Spratt reframe his position using "I" statements.
- "L" statements? - Mm-hm.
I prefer white meat because it's healthier.
I prefer dark meat because it tastes better.
- Okay, look, Mr.
Spratt - I think I should be Mr.
No, I've committed to this role.
- Sounds like your phoning it in.
- Excuse me, Mr.
De Niro.
This isn't working.
Are you talking to me? You talking to me? Of course.
What's your problem? What's your problem? - What's your problem? Oop.
I warned you.
- No food in the patient care area.
- Hostile work environment.
- Stop, I can't hear myself think.
- See what he did? It's a J Code violation to have food in the desk area.
Come on, Pratt, help a brother out.
Okay, show me a brother.
- Hey, how was chief camp? - Chief camp? - Did you get a medal, wear a badge? - No, it was a management seminar.
- Thank you, Morris.
- Mr.
Yunji got kicked out of his band.
They said his blood pressure medication was making him tone deaf.
He should discuss it with his cardiologist.
I accessed the port for our cancer patient.
That line is impossible to flush.
Have Interventional Radiology take a look.
- Want a chest x-ray? - Have IR deal with it.
- They're the ones who put it in.
- That's easy.
Oh, Frank, you shouldn't have.
They're for Sam.
What? - "What a beautiful " - Excuse me.
Sam, you little You little minx.
Who are they from? Um The lady with the kid who had that fistful of splinters.
- Red roses from a woman? You're lying.
- County General.
- Who are the flowers from? - I'm never telling.
- Okay.
- I tell you about my love life.
Margot, sounded like a howler monkey in bed.
Got it.
We got a trauma coming in.
Why don't you make yourself useful? It's bedsores guy from last week, isn't it? I saw him giving you that grin.
Thought you were leaving.
Scheduling mix-up.
So much for my day off.
- Hey, pretty flowers.
- Oh, thank you.
New boyfriend? No.
Hey, Frank, what's the date today? - April 17th.
- Already? Did you pay your taxes, or are you exempt because you're "from " across the pond? Don't.
Is this from Abby? I kept bugging her for a picture.
My God, he's getting so big.
You should get one of those.
- A husband or a baby? - Yeah.
Neela, over here.
What you got? - You're still here? Don't remind me.
"Sheryl Hawkins, restrained driver.
High-speed Mv C, car rolled three times.
" Tachy to 120.
Sat, 98.
- Five of MS, positive seatbelt sign.
- Does this mean we can have lunch? Hi, Sheryl, I'm Dr.
Do we need to call anyone? My husband.
He'll have to pick up our kids after school.
- Number's in my notes.
- It's meatloaf day.
Call her husband and meet us back here.
One eighteen over 72.
He's got a small forehead lac.
How long you been on the 42s? It'll be a year, May.
- Hey, is Lou Honeycutt still there? - Let him do his job.
- And what is this? - EKG lead, sir.
No, I don't need that.
We gotta monitor your heart.
- I'm not going to the hospital.
- You fainted, Grandpa.
I lost my balance.
You could have a condition that could lead to your heart shutting down.
I skipped breakfast.
All I need is some food.
Well, he's got a strong "pulse " blood pressure's good, normal neuro exam.
Are we going in or not? You ever send a woman roses? Only if it's serious.
- Is it serious? - No.
Well, either he's trying to get you into bed, or He already got you into bed and he thinks you need the reassurance " that" it wasn't just a one-night stand.
- Okay.
That's what I thought.
- Heh.
Hold up, I'll be right back.
Hey, I've been calling you.
Yeah, I'm sorry, things have been a little crazy.
I left you messages.
Everything all right? Yeah, just work.
I'm running late, and I'm guessing you should be inside saving lives.
- I'm waiting on a paramedic run.
- There you go.
Hey, look, you wanna grab some coffee later or? I'm sorry, I have to go.
I was running late for my art history class at UIC when this guy cut me off.
You're a professor? Freshman.
College is a little difficult " when" you're pregnant right out of high school.
Four kids, 23 years later, here I am.
Your children must be proud.
My son, Chris, is a sophomore.
He loves the fact that his mother's "fresh " Sheryl, everything okay? - A little woozy.
- What's wrong? She's tachy with a dropping crit and we're standing around.
One-twelve, not that bad.
Well, it's too fast, considering she's so calm.
We did that five minutes ago.
Ultrasound was fine.
Aorta seems a little wide, doesn't it? - You're hallucinating.
- See for yourself.
Where? You were up all night, you start imagining things.
No, it's subtle, but it's there.
With a rupture, she'd be "dead " but a dissection with a slow leak - Dead? Don't listen to her.
Sorry, I didn't mean to Morris, they need you in 2.
Okay, she's stable.
Lily will stay and monitor her while you grab a cup of coffee, or a nap or something.
Abdominal CT with a contrast now.
If they make you wait more than half an hour, bring her straight to the O.
Hey, are you okay? Something's not right.
What the hell? I read a study where smelling one's "breath " you can tell what's missing in their diet.
Well, stop it.
Make sure they're getting serial crits on her.
Then we can go get a coffee.
- Why so persistent? - No reason.
Neela, we need you for a trauma consult here.
And check co-ags too.
And stop hitting on me.
- I don't need oxygen.
It's just a precaution.
- Hank, for God sake.
- You're making this harder on everyone.
I thought you were off.
- This is Sarah's grandfather.
- Spending the day together.
- Pulse ox, 98.
Fix her.
Sometimes, you can't fix people if they're technically Shut up! Go away.
Why are you even here? We don't want you here.
She doesn't want you here.
We don't want you! Hello, sir, I'm Dr.
Rasgotra from Surgery.
I'm sorry, it's the last one.
Looks like he's afib at 130.
Okay, there's an electrical problem in the heart.
Causing a fast irregular pulse.
- You said his pulse was normal.
- It's possible to go out of afib.
We'll give medicine to slow the heart and thin the blood to reduce the risk.
Twenty of dope? - Yeah.
Neela, pressure's dropping in here.
The head trauma was minor, all the problems seem to be cardiac.
Thank you for your help.
Once you give me the medicine, I can go home? In a day or two.
We gotta make sure you didn't have a heart attack.
Look, this is very common.
- There's treatments that will fix him.
- Kathy's uncle died from a heart attack.
I know this looks scary, but we're gonna be extra careful, okay? - Okay? - Okay.
- Six thousand heparin? - Start a drip at 1400 an hour.
Heart rate's at 80.
You feeling better? I guess.
- I'm gonna order a telebed, all right? X- rays for Martin Sinula.
- This is Hank Riley.
- Sorry.
I got it.
Your film's cooking.
Thanks, Sam.
- You get a special delivery? - No.
Uh, yes.
Thank you.
Wanna go ahead and open your mouth for me? Okay, good, now close.
- Blank films? - Go ahead and open your eyes, sir.
No film.
I have a digital camera.
His head CT was normal.
Let's go see if those labs are back.
- Sit tight, Mr.
I'd rather lie down.
A bad concussion? Fractured radius and ulna.
- Femoral head too.
- Yeah, and look at this.
Compression fractures of T12, L4 and 5, all in different stages of healing.
That's never good.
Your signature, please.
What is this? I'm filing a grievance against Dr.
Morris and his aftershave.
- What's with you two? I think it's love.
Have you smelled him? He's like a violation of the Clean Air Act.
People in glass houses, Frank.
Hey, did you get my labs back on Exam 2? The Chem-20 machine is down for an hour.
The Radiology Attending wants you to call about the MRI in 3.
- Bettina? - Some guy named Cohen.
Your squeeze isn't working today.
I saw her walk in.
And don't say "squeeze," Frank.
So shoot the messenger.
That kid's been loitering a good hour.
The son of your broken bone guy.
- I got it.
- Thanks.
Oh, and another thing.
Golden boy called.
His flight was canceled, he won't be in until tonight.
Brenner? He was at a conference in South Bend.
If by conference, you mean fashion show, and by South Bend, you mean Milan.
- I'm Dr.
- Nick.
How's my dad? Well, he's got multiple fractures and a broken back.
That's pretty bad.
- Is your mom around? - No, it's just the two of us.
Okay, would you have any relatives that live nearby? My aunt.
- Do you mind if we give her a call? - I don't have her number on me, "so " Can you get it? Come on, we'll walk you over.
You know of anyone who might wanna hurt your dad? Um, no.
He ever talk about anybody bothering him? Like at work maybe? He lost his job about a month ago.
- What about drugs? - What? His injuries are consistent with violence.
Like somebody's been hitting him.
- Yeah, if he owed somebody - My dad's not like that.
Can I see him now? We're trying to help you.
- I'm sure you are.
Do you know who called 911? I don't know, I was at school.
So everything was fine before you left? Yeah, fine.
He was fine and now his arms are all busted, okay? I don't get it either.
Go in.
He's in there.
We never said anything about his dad's arms being broken.
Gates? I hung a second liter, I need Regulan.
All right, start with 10.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
- Take it easy, Hank.
- Any belly pain? All over.
Open up the saline, he needs an abdominal CT.
- What's going on? - It's possible that - Dr.
Morris, what's happening? - With afib, you get a clot in the heart.
A piece can break, travel to the belly, block the blood supply to his intestines.
- I need something.
- Four of Morphine.
We should start with two.
Pressure's borderline.
- Lf we open up - Listen to the doctor.
Get him on a monitor.
I want him in the scanner in five minutes.
Don't worry, sweetie.
Mommy's gonna be fine.
I'll see you when I wake up.
I love you.
Thank you.
I really needed to hear their voices.
Lucy, my 5-year-old, is very worried.
You also have a 5-year old? It was a surprise.
A great surprise, but a surprise.
Well, Lucy has nothing to worry about.
You're getting the best surgeon County has to offer, okay? - Someone thinks very highly of herself.
I was referring to you.
Scrub in.
You're first assistant.
I've been awake for, like, over 30 hours.
I'll let you do the aortic repair.
How many residents get that opportunity? None.
Neela, you have to do it.
What a great way to spend our last case together.
You're only going to Pedes Surgery.
I'll still see you.
Actually, I'm going to Pedes ICU.
- What? Doing a non-surgical rotation? - I wanted to talk to you about You're gonna spend the whole month dialing dopamine and weighing diapers.
- You're letting him do this? - It's his call.
- Well, that's crap.
You had to sign off.
- Neela, I You only have five years here.
You need to make every month count.
You know I'm right.
Okay, let's talk about this later.
I'll see you inside.
- Have you seen my case of Groovitas? - I don't know, ask Frank.
No, that's exactly what he wants me to do.
We agreed, no food on the floor.
Groovitas is not food, it's a liquid life force.
Have my first can at the start of my shift, second one midway through my shift.
I can't do this.
I can't.
I cannot work under these conditions.
That's it.
This is war.
What great war wasn't fought with tape? I don't know.
Maybe you misdialed.
I called twice, both times it was wrong.
So do you have an aunt or not? Look, all you're doing is asking stupid questions.
- So fix him up and let us go home! - That is not gonna happen soon.
His x-rays show he's been beaten.
We need to figure out who's doing this.
You don't know what you're talking about.
- When you fight, does it get physical? - Sam.
- Do you lose temper, throw punches? - We don't fight.
- Come on, now.
- It's you that's hurting your dad, isn't it? Just wait.
Stupid bitch.
- Hey, what the hell was that? - I'm just doing my job.
By berating the kid in the middle of the ER.
Something's going on.
I'm trying to figure what the story is.
You do not storm into the hallway making accusations.
If you have a problem, you discuss it calmly.
- Or just run it by me.
- Somebody has to take the initiative.
What's that supposed to mean? While you moved on to the next patient, I'm the one who's in the trenches.
I deal with the family follow up to make sure we didn't miss anything.
And now, I'm the one trying to figure out what's wrong with this guy.
You learn that in chief camp? Might wanna ask for your money back.
All right, back to work.
Mind if I sit down? First of all, Nurse Taggart, she had no right to accuse you.
She overstepped her bounds and I'm sorry.
But some of what you told us, it just doesn't add up.
Look, the last thing any of us want is for your dad to come back here in a month with more broken bones.
- Lf you know anyone who could have - Look, no one hit him.
You know that for a fact? Yeah.
He fell in the kitchen, all right? - I'm the one who called 911.
- Paramedics said it was anonymous.
Yeah, well, I disguised my voice, tried to sound older.
Why would you do that? Okay, about two years ago, my dad was in a car accident and they made me stay with a foster family.
I'm not going again.
So there's no aunt.
I was hoping if you thought I had someone you'd just leave me alone.
And you say your dad was just standing there and then fell? Yeah.
- You gotta give me something more.
- Look, I don't know, all right? I guess he has been acting kind of weird lately.
He's fallen a couple of times.
Today was definitely the worst.
Look, he was making a sandwich in the kitchen I hear a thud, I look over and he's on the floor.
Just let me run a few more tests and see what I can come up with.
Hey, wait a second.
You're not gonna snitch to Social Services? Let's just see what I can figure out about your dad first, okay? You had to tube him? - Dropped his sats in Radiology.
- What are you talking about? - We're helping your husband breathe.
- They read the scan? - Big clot in the SMA.
Hank? Hank? - No, we had to sedate him for the CT.
The scan shows a large clot blocking the main artery to his intestines.
- What do you do? - We need to Dr.
Morris? We need to restore blood flow to his bowels.
That means surgery.
- Surgery? Today? - Not necessarily.
What about TPA? No, I don't think that's the best option here.
What's TPA? It's a clot-busting medicine that could help.
But if it doesn't, we've delayed an inevitable operation.
That could cause a stroke or MI.
Surgery is the best option here.
If that's what you think.
Page Neela.
- I want a hematology consult too.
- You are wasting time.
- Not if it prevents Stop it.
Just stop.
I want co-ags, serial crits and neurovascular checks q-hour.
- Got it.
- And stay on the vent.
- Acidosis is the last thing she needs.
- Got it.
Why neurovascular checks? To make sure she's perfusing her extremities distal to the graft.
Still haven't forgotten what you said about Pedes.
I'll talk to Lucien soon.
- That's not necessary.
- The Pedes ward.
- Sabotage your career.
- He's not You need 10 months of surgical electives.
- There isn't time to fool around.
- It's okay.
No, it's not.
You won't graduate on time.
When you're looking for jobs, you'll be behind I'm not taking it as an elective.
I'm switching specialties.
What are you talking about? I don't wanna be a surgeon.
What did he say to you? Dr.
Dubenko's been very supportive about this.
I told him I would work with you, mentor you, and for what? So he could eventually squeeze you out.
Damn, it's the ER.
Stay here and call me with Sheryl's next crit.
- Don't worry, I'll handle this.
- I'm not worried.
Harold Zelinsky, you will be a great surgeon.
You're supposed to be.
I'm not gonna let one person get in the way of that.
- Is that for Hank? - Yeah.
His K's 3.
2, so Morris wants 40 in the bag.
You okay? Yeah, just, he's not the best surgical "candidate " " but" I can't get Becky to listen to me.
Well, you know what your problem is.
You don't know how to talk to women.
- Yeah, that's my problem.
- Mm-hm.
Well, I'd teach you, but it's gonna take a really long time.
I'll put this up.
Onset of pain was an hour ago.
He's infarcting everything from the duodenum to the transverse colon.
- We have to correct this.
- With surgery? Well, we were discussing TPA as an alternative.
I'm talking about local TPA.
Well, it's a good idea in theory.
It might not work? And we would lose valuable time.
Riley, if we get Radiology here, you can get another opinion.
If they have a good record with TPA with catheter it might be worth considering.
But if we wait too long and his bowel dies, he's at risk for sepsis.
What's sepsis? It's an infection.
- I just wanna do what's best for Hank.
- Why don't we talk to Radiology? - Enough, why won't you listen? - Surgery is not the best You'll never change.
You can't ever let someone else be right.
Let's do a liter of saline an hour for two hours.
- Hey, Dr.
- Hey.
Any news? His hormone's causing too much calcium in his blood.
- That made his bones break.
- His bones are brittle.
It doesn't take much to fracture.
- This is just gonna keep happening? - No.
He can have surgery to remove some glands and his bones will be strong again.
- How long is he gonna be in the hospital? - About a week.
I really don't wanna stay with a foster family.
All right, tell me something.
How do you get to school? My friend's mom.
She picks me up.
- What do you do after school? - Bus tables at a diner.
Get home around 7.
You could take care of yourself while your dad is in the hospital.
Seriously? What about the social worker? As long as you come in every day and visit your dad and check in with me " I'll" take care of the social worker.
- Thanks, Dr.
- No problem.
Hey, what's going on with Sarah's granddad? - Eh.
Could be better.
- All right, well, keep me posted.
I hope you're right about this.
Me too.
Sorry to hear about Julia.
Oh, thanks.
I'm fine.
Seems that way.
Julia's plane hasn't landed in Bangkok and you've already moved on to Sam.
Actually, she went to Nepal.
- What are you, jealous? - Please.
- You go from relationship to relationship.
- Lf it doesn't work out, I move on.
Yeah, well, think about someone other than yourself.
What does that mean? - Sarah, maybe.
- You wanna go there? You would rather be with the wrong person than be on your own.
In the wake of these failed relationships, it's a girl in need of stability.
I give stability.
I help with her homework.
She can talk to me about anything.
About how there's a different woman in your bed every month.
The surgical consent forms.
Before you sign anything, please read it carefully and understand all the risks involved with Hank's surgery.
I, "uh " I'm not sure.
Well, there are always potential complications.
This says brain damage, death.
You said Well, right now, the benefits of surgery outweigh the risks.
But he could die, this says he could die.
No, no, there's gotta be a better way.
This is not how we were supposed to spend the day.
We were supposed to be out with our granddaughter.
Not stuck in this godforsaken hospital.
I know it's a lot to absorb.
Maybe you were right.
Do the TPA thing, then he won't need surgery.
Hank should have the surgery.
You said it wasn't necessary.
You said Becky, Dr.
Rasgotra is an excellent surgeon.
If she and Dr.
Morris recommend this, then we go for it and we trust them.
We'll all do everything we can to make sure this turns out right.
Okay? More traction on the pancreas.
- Where do we access the SMA? Neela? Neela, course the artery.
Inferior to the uncinate process, superior to the duodenum.
Vessel loops, help me get distal control.
Oh, crap.
Lap pads.
- Suction.
Systolic down to 90.
Hang another unit.
I can't see a damn thing in here.
Did we nick the IVC? We sheered some venous tributaries.
Start with hematocrit 5-0 protein on a C-1 needle and cut into the vessel wall.
Let's go.
Was I acting crazy? It was the calcium talking, but no worries.
So when I get home, Nicky has to wait on me hand and foot, right? It couldn't hurt, just to be on the safe side.
Yeah, sure, of course.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Right after school.
- I just gotta be at work by 4.
- All right.
- Thanks again.
- You got it.
Never have I been so happy to be wrong.
Sometimes go with your gut other times, you gotta force yourself to be objective.
Yeah, I should've slowed down.
Yeah, and I could've taken a few cleansing breaths.
I'm taking this new management course.
So how's that going for you? Well, I'm working on conflict resolution.
So you got a few weeks to go, huh? Stop breathing so loud.
- Stop tapping your pen.
- Mouth-breather.
- Pen-tapping garden gnome.
- Garden gnome? All right, guys, guys, come on, now.
All right, wait, look.
Archie, Frank, just tell me what's wrong.
- Morris is an idiot.
- One at a time.
- Frank's a hypocrite.
- Okay, look.
Starting your sentences with "I feel.
" - I feel like Frank is a big, fat hypocrite.
That's not what I meant.
I feel hurt.
Because Archie had a party and he invited everyone but me.
That's very good, Frank.
Can I go again? I feel like Frank is hypocritical, because he told me he hated sushi and karaoke.
I didn't think you'd wanna go.
I could've grabbed a burger on the way over there.
- What about the karaoke? - I don't wanna do it.
I don't mind watching you make an ass out of yourself.
I'm sorry.
I'm so Come here, you big lug.
I'm sorry.
Can I buy you a cup of coffee? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Keep his fluids at 125 and CBC in an hour.
- Surgery is over, Hank.
- We got the clot out.
Can we talk? All right, I'll buy you lunch.
I'll meet you in recovery.
Whatever you want.
I have 52 cents.
I haven't spoken to Lucien either It was my decision to leave.
Lucien had nothing to do with it.
- What? - I'm not cut out for surgery.
- Of course, you are, you - No, listen, I'm not.
I see how much you've given up.
And I admire that, but I wanna have a life.
I don't wanna end up alone.
No offense.
Oh, come on, you're young.
By the time I finish my residency, I'll be 26.
If I wanna do a fellowship, I won't be done until I'm 29.
Twenty-nine, Neela.
You might as well just put a bullet in my head.
You're over-stressed, you just need a break.
Neela, it's over.
Was I not a good teacher? Did we not spend time together? We both did our best.
Well, was it something I said or didn't say? It's not you, Neela.
It's me.
So you think they can do the pull-through at the same time? They do everything they can.
- Just give me one minute.
- But it's a real possibility.
I see.
- Hey.
- Hey, Greg.
I didn't know you were on today.
I'm not, I'm just going over a case here with Grant.
You know each other, right? - Grant Hayward.
- Yeah, I've seen you around.
What were you talking about? That Wilms kid we scanned? No.
It's a crazy adrenal tumor.
Took up the whole abdominal cavity.
We're talking about me, Greg.
- You're not allergic to roses, are you? - No.
These are really beautiful.
And kind of embarrassing.
I had a good time, I wanted to let you know.
Yeah, well, I heard that the other night, loud and clear.
No, you know, I like you.
You know, it's not just about - Keeping a full dance card? - Right, it's not just about that.
I was gonna use you and abuse you and then throw you out.
Why would you do that? Doctors have been doing that to nurses for years.
It's karmic retribution.
You want me to play nurse? I'll try anything once.
- Hey, Archie.
- Hi, Archie.
Sam, I figured it out.
You're sending them to yourself, right? - You got me.
- Ha! Good night, guys.
Everything okay? Last weekend, my college roommate had a baby shower for her third kid.
Who does that? I don't know, somebody desperate for attention.
Maybe Sheryl had it right.
I should have popped out four kids and then gone to med school.
Kids? You want four kids? Oh, I don't even know if I want kids, but if I did, I couldn't have them now.
I don't have time to do laundry, have sex Wait, meet someone, then have sex.
You could meet someone.
You know, I turned down a date last week so I could sleep.
The closest thing I have to a personal relationship is Harold Zelinsky a 19-year-old intern, and he just dumped me.
You have a personal relationship with me, right? We're friends.
You know what? Go home.
You're tired.
I'm 31 today.
It's your birthday? Oh, Neela, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.
Oh, don't worry, nobody did.
Happy birthday.
I'm sorry I don't have a candle.
Thank you.
No, don't eat it.
That's disgust That's disgusting.
It's been out since morning.
Spit that out.
I can't do this.
You know, I fell asleep in the shower this morning and Well, it doesn't matter.
But I realized, I'm going through life as if everything's okay.
But it's not.
Come on.
Well, what are you doing? Pity party's over.
- Here.
What do you see? - A happy family I see a mom who was this close to dying from a torn aorta.
You made a critical diagnosis and performed a flawless anastomosis of a bifemoral y-graft.
And in there I see a grandfather who could have died from an ischemic bowel.
Thanks to you, he'll be eating filet mignon soon.
- Yeah, but - I don't "care " how many babies people have or how many dates you miss.
Very few people could have done what you did today.
You have a gift, Neela.
You have a gift.
The minute you start comparing yourself to others is the minute that you forget you're doing exactly what you were meant to do.
Your shift ended 15 minutes ago, you should go home.
You look like hell.
Will he be able to walk his horses? For shorter distances to start with, but yes.
He loves that.
Maybe lay off the air hockey for a little while.
He kept beating me, anyway.
Thanks, Neela.
Sure thing.
I get a colonoscopy, and every year, it's fine.
I guess I was starting to believe that it wasn't gonna happen.
Which is ridiculous, because in my family it's not a question of if, but when.
If you get the surgery, you'll have no chance of getting colon cancer.
So you'll be okay, everything will be fine.
Until I develop a post-op desmoid or hepatablastoma.
- Or thyroid cancer.
- Oh, you don't know that.
I was born with a defective tumor-suppressor gene.
Colon cancer is just the beginning.
Why didn't you tell me? You showed your hand.
- I knew you weren't cut out for this.
- I can handle it.
Really? You wanna change my colostomy bag? That's touching, but I don't think so.
Look, maybe in the past You weren't a hundred percent committed when things were easy.
So don't try to tell me now all of a sudden that you can handle it.
- I don't need your pity.
- It's not pity.
You shouldn't go through this alone.
It was my choice to end our relationship.
You don't have to call, don't have to check on me.
- This is not your problem, Greg.
- Bettina.
I'm letting you off the hook.
I got you some food.
I figured you and Sarah must be hungry for dinner, huh? Oh, thank you.
Listen, Hank is gonna be here for a week.
So until then, I think Sarah would love it if you would stay with us.
Thank you, that's very generous.
I'm sorry for how I treated you.
It's been a stressful day.
Not just today.
I remember the first time I met you.
You were this messed-up vet back from the war running around with my daughter.
Yes, I was.
Meg used to say you changed, that you grew up " but" I didn't believe it, not really.
Until today.
Thank you.
- How's he doing? - Very well.
When we restored the blood supply to his intestines they pinked up.
- That's a good sign.
- Thank you, Dr.
Well, I'm about to go off duty, so I'll check on him first thing.
- I'll be there.
- Okay.
Listen, about what you said, me dating Sam.
Yeah, um, about that.
I said some awful things, and I'm sorry.
To say I'm sleep-deprived would be a massive understatement so I would just like to blame it on the frontal lobe malfunction and call it a day.
- Lf it's okay with you.
- Sure.
Hey, Mayday.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Neela Rasgotra.
Oh, I know, I'm sorry.
And I was stuck at work.
Well, can they come tomorrow? Well, how hard is it to hook up cable? Three weeks? Well, I'll leave a key under the mat.
Yes, I'm serious.
Look, I'm a doctor.
And I'm single.
All I have is "Project Runway.
" Hello? Hello?