ER s14e16 Episode Script

Truth Will Out

Joe's still asleep.
- He had a rough night.
- Yeah.
How many times was he up? Three? Four.
- You have your interview today, huh? - Yep.
Are you looking at apartments? What am I supposed to do? I told you the truth, that was not easy for me.
And you know how badly I feel and how sorry I am.
We're not doing this now.
What? What do you want? I swear, I don't care what it is.
I'll do it Did you think coming to Croatia and apologizing was all it would take? No, I didn't.
Well, you tell me you were weak, you screwed up.
You broke my trust.
You put our son in jeopardy.
- What the hell do you expect? - I don't know.
It I have to get ready for this thing.
You We'll talk about it later.
Will we? That's all I'm asking.
Well, we're not doing it now, okay? Hey.
- Long time no see.
I know, the shift gods have been conspiring against us.
Well, I have the perfect solution.
How about a little romantic getaway in Quebec? - Quebec? - The Little France of the Americas.
I booked us into a B & B this weekend and I thought maybe Shoot.
I made plans to do a wreck dive in Lake Michigan with the guys.
- A wreck dive? - Yeah.
Did I mention it's called Little France? I'll try to get out of it.
- Let's talk later, okay? - Okay.
- Hey, Morris, doughnut? - Yes.
- What's the occasion? Yeah, Gates.
No reports of hell freezing over.
That hurts, Frank.
If you don't want any doughnuts, big guy.
Sorry I cast aspersions on your generosity.
- Hey, Sam.
- Dr.
Frank? Labs back on my deodorant eater? - Negatory.
- Doughnut? - What are you doing? - I'm sorry, you want a jelly? I thought we agreed to keep it under wraps.
- Be cool about us.
- What? It's a doughnut, not a dozen roses.
I bought for everyone.
Sometimes a doughnut is not just a doughnut, okay? So cut it out.
Ah, there she is, Ms.
- So how was it? - It was good, thanks.
- And you did actually go this time, right? - Yes, I actually went.
- Abby, hey.
Have a nice vacation? - Yeah.
- Great.
Oh, you guys all right? - Wow, what is that, gasoline? - Underground tanker erupted in a geyser.
- Soaked head to toe.
- Tried to cap it off.
BARDELLl: We hosed him off, but the fumes were bad.
- He needs to be soaked.
Clean him.
You need to be looked at.
We're fine.
Oh, somebody get a gurney.
- Hey, put those out.
Reidy, you okay? Is he breathing? Wait, don't get up.
There's nothing wrong with Internet dating but So, what's the problem? Working in a hospital, the hours, the intensity, it can be alienating.
There's just no way to date a normal person in the real world.
You don't think that there are doctors online? Or, God forbid, other hard-working professionals who might relate " even" though they've never heard of gentinomium? Gentamicin.
I'm just saying, happiness takes up space.
Everyone has to make room in their life for it, not just doctors.
Well, speaking of gentamicin the cultures are still negative, which is good.
The fevers could be atelectasis so three laps around the ward today, okay? Oh, hold on.
I'm posting a profile of you online.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
- I'm pretending to be you.
- All right, then.
I want a tall, dark, symphony conductor who is fluent in Italian with abs of steel.
I'm on it.
- Hey, how's Mrs.
Hawkins? - Still running a low-grade temp.
The graft is infected.
Are you sure? - Well, couldn't that be a hematoma? - No.
Not with the stranding and irregular density.
Switch her to linazolid.
Take her up to O.
In the morning.
Go ahead, answer that.
I'll talk to Sheryl.
It should come from me.
It'd be weird if it came from someone else.
It's the ICU again.
Look, let me take care of this.
- I'll come back and tell her.
- Okay.
Meet me in the ER when you're finished.
We got consults piling up.
- Hey, we need a line.
- I got it.
Do I still have eyebrows? - They'll grow back.
- Burn yourself? - Yeah, a little bit.
- Make sure you get that checked out.
I got this.
No, she's fine.
Sam, you don't need coddling, right? Human fireball in the ambulance bay, I love this place.
Sats are good.
Some singed nasal hairs, but the lungs are clear.
Partial thickness burns to both the hands.
- Nothing circumferential.
Burns are minimal.
Maybe 5 percent BSA.
You got lucky.
We need a doctor on the board.
- Brenner's not busy.
He's about to be.
- Who's Brenner? - New attending.
He thinks he's God's gift to medicine.
And women.
- We can always use one of those.
- Abby, you're with me.
Admit Mr.
Sucar to the burn unit.
Keep an eye on his airway.
All right.
I gotta say, I was shocked when Luka quit.
- I always thought he'd be a lifer here.
- Yeah.
Well, change is probably a good thing, right? Is that why you cancelled your interview? I didn't cancel it.
I just postponed it.
I'm gonna see what's happening with Luka first.
You got 14 candidates going for one attending slot.
Be gone before you get a chance to reschedule.
In three months you're gonna find yourself out of a job.
Pratt, we need a doctor here.
- I'm on with Nephrology.
- Got it.
Kwan Lee, 19.
He got jumped on the El platform on Addison.
Hi, Kwan, I'm Dr.
What happened? I was waiting for the train.
These guys pulled me off the bench.
Vitals stable, All right, on my count.
Ready, one, two, three.
- I tried to run away.
- Pulse 122, sat 98.
Lungs sound good.
You have any family you want us to call, Kwan? - They're in Seoul.
- What's your plan? CBC, trauma panel, chest x-ray, see if A radioulnar series.
Oh, my God.
- It's okay.
What's his sat? Ninety-eight.
I think I said that.
Just a bit of blood.
It's probably from your nose.
I want to go back to Korea.
Chicago isn't working out.
Come on, more about your new hottie.
- Hottie is too reductive a word.
- You're killing me.
If dialysis won't unlock your A- v shunt, we'll revise it in the OR.
- Thanks, Lucien.
- Yeah, she's hot.
But she's also She's complex, innovative, "she's " She's kind of earthy.
It's completely unprecedented.
- You know what I'm talking about.
- Oh, shut up.
- Who is she? - No comment.
Where did you meet? - All I'll say is, I love this new job.
- I knew it, she works here.
Lucien, shampoo man's gonna follow up with you as an outpatient, okay? If he must.
Lunch later? - That could work.
- My office, 2:00? I'll try to make it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
She's so hot.
Missy Voltaire, restrained driver, minivan T-boned by an SUV.
Haleh, page OB and let's get the ultrasound.
- When are you due, Missy? - Next month.
My husband's gonna freak.
He's been superstitious about the pregnancy.
- Is this your first baby? - No, it's our 13th.
You did break your arm.
There's a fracture right there.
No, no, no.
I've got a critique in a week and I've got all those zDUBS to do.
What are you talking about? I'm a freshman at the art institute.
I study animation.
- Can we take his collar off? - Sure.
Laverne, come here and I'll show you how to clear a C-spine.
I'm gonna work my way down your vertebrae, okay? - That sounds fun.
- Let me know if anything hurts.
All right, you're looking for tenderness, step-offs, any other irregularities.
- How long have you had this? - I'm not sure.
Yeah, it's a bit fluctuant.
- Is it infected? - It could be a node or a cyst.
Abby, Morris could use some extra hands in here.
- Okay.
- I'm coming.
- I'll talk to Surgery.
- Surgery? - To get a second opinion.
I'll be back to explain it to you.
I got this.
I just came over to meet the famous Abby Lockhart.
I'm Simon Brenner.
Your reputation precedes you.
Right back at you.
They all have D names? How can we help? This is Missy, 35 weeks, G13, P12.
- Abby, will you do an ultrasound, please? - Sure.
- So are you Catholic? No.
- Mormon? No.
- Just really, really fertile.
Baby's very active.
- God, you should see after I eat.
- It's like Riverdance.
Chest and pelvis are stable.
After number eight, my husband got a vasectomy.
Three months later, poof, I'm pregnant again.
- His boys refuse to be held back? - Yeah, took it as a sign to keep going.
- OB's here, what have you got? - Thirty-five weeker, G13, P12.
Thirteen kids? Are you out of your frigging mind? Haleh, CBC, CHEM-7, LFTs, type and cross for four.
Do you wanna add a Kleihauer-Betke test? ER docs never remember to order that.
That's not true.
Fetal heart rate 156, amniotic index, perfect.
Let's monitor the fetus for a couple of hours just to be sure.
Continuous FHT.
I'll be back to check the strip.
- You got a minute? - Mm-hm.
I'm very curious.
Why a physician with your experience would wanna work in palliative care? Why would you wanna give up the? Emily, good morning.
- The adrenaline rush of the ER? I've reached a point where I feel I need to make a change, you know? I'm looking to refocus my energies.
- Oh, I see.
- And my father died a short time ago.
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that.
I cared for him during his illness, and I was with him when he died.
You calling me a liar? Made me appreciate - Excuse me for a moment.
- Sure, take your time.
- Please feel free to look around.
Hi, nice to see you.
Bull hockey! Cheese and crackers.
Hey, do you play cards? - Uh, sure.
- Good, I'm dying for some real action.
Actually, I'm dying of cancer.
We'll play five-card draw.
Nothing wild but the dealer.
Sit! - Luka Kovac.
- Walter Perkins.
You visiting family? No, I'm actually here for a job interview.
- Oh, what line of work are you in? - I'm a doctor.
I used to work in the ER at Country General.
- Can I have three? - Used to? What? Did you get fired? No.
Well, why in Sam Hill would you wanna work here? Every morning I wake up, there's another empty bed.
Let's just say I'm trying to make some changes in my life, okay? You want some advice, run from this place and don't look back.
Take me with you when you go.
Straight flush.
You wanna play for money? He's distant and angry.
It's like not one thing I do or say isn't wrong.
It makes sense that there would be a period of time like this.
After I got over there and I told him, I kept waiting for it to get easier.
I kept thinking, okay, the bad part's gonna be over now.
It's not easy to be patient.
I don't know, he's planning things.
You know, without including me.
He's applying for jobs without discussing it with me.
He was looking at the real estate section today.
What does that mean? This is what you signed up for.
He gets to make the next move.
You get to wait.
You always use propofol for reductions? Mm-hm.
It's a great drug.
Short half-life, easy to titrate.
It's very safe.
Shoulder doesn't seem to wanna go back.
Do you want some countertraction, old boy? - No, I'm good, thanks.
- Ortho prefer a scapula manipulation.
We should let Skye here take a shot.
You look fit enough to pop that thing back into place.
- I'm more about finesse than force.
- I'll remember that.
Fine, Dr.
Wexler, take a shot.
Okay, Simon.
- We can take it from here.
- Then take it.
We're good here, thanks.
- The shoulder's in.
- Did you stop the propofol? That was fast.
- I'm good.
- Yeah.
Even the new attending recognizes that.
- Brenner? - He's the kind of guy you wanna hate.
But somehow can't.
- I totally know what you mean.
- Yeah, totally.
Hey, you gonna fix my arm or what? - It's all done.
- What? The sedative we gave you can cause you to lose the minutes before we gave you the medicine.
Milk of amnesia strikes again.
Okay, all done.
Can you run that to the lab for me? This is what I thought America would look like before I came here.
I wanted to come here ever since I was 10.
Sounds like you were a very ambitious kid.
That's not what my parents thought.
They said art was a hobby, not a career.
Well, my family were the same.
Science or nothing.
Hi, I'm Dr.
I've come to check out this neck thing.
I could not afford the tuition, but I sent my portfolio anyway.
And you got a scholarship? - Partial.
My parents had to give up a lot to send me here.
- I'm sure they're very proud, Kwan.
- I don't know.
I didn't expect people to be "so " - I don't know.
What do you think? It's probably an infected cyst, I can do an I and D if you want.
- What's an I and D? - Incision and drainage.
I'll open up the area and clean it out.
Open it up? I don't understand.
It's a simple procedure.
It's to make sure the fluid doesn't reaccumulate.
- Can this wait until I'm home? - It's hard to be far away.
But you're here now, so let us take care of this.
Brenner, labs are back on your guy with the ear worm.
One step ahead of you, Frank.
Wired to receive lab reports, I get them anywhere, anytime.
- Really? - Yeah, sure, take a look.
Doesn't that raise confidentiality issues? Loosen up, Greg.
Oh, excuse me.
If I'm the uptight one, then this is bizarro ER.
I was thinking about you.
Get a sputum sample from the homeless guy.
Nursing man needs a new diaper.
And swab the dripping ulcer on the diabetic.
I was gonna have Dawn help you, but you could handle it yourself.
- Anyone seen Dr.
Brenner? He's around here somewhere.
Yeah, he still has a few more asses to pinch.
What was that, doctor? Where did you find this guy? He's a piece of work.
- Is he? Yeah.
I don't wanna be the boy who cries wolf - He's a wolf.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
Did residency in the finest hospital in Melbourne.
Maybe so, but he ended up without a clue on how to Uncle Donny.
To what do we owe this pleasure? - Uncle Donny? - You're his uncle? My sister had a brief disastrous tryst with an Aussie back in the '70s.
I've been trying to lure Simon to the Northern Hemisphere for years.
Squeeze in a lunch at the Faculty Club? I'd like to introduce you around.
You can survive without Simon for a few hours, right, Greg? - Definitely.
Excuse me.
Is my wife here? Car crash, very pregnant? Missy and the baby are doing great.
And you, young lady, you must be Daisy.
Aye? Your mum told me all about you.
- I'll take you to her.
- Thank you.
Sam, can we get some videos for these kids in the family room? Meet me out front in five? I am so glad this is all working out.
I heard the attending interviews were today.
What time is yours? - I postponed it.
- Really, why? I'm still trying to get used to the time change, I mean.
- Well, it's good to have you back.
- Thanks.
It's a child-life emergency, please.
I have the Swiss Family Robinson here.
I'm not kidding.
A DVD player, a Nintendo, a coloring book, I Steal from the PICU.
Yeah, I don't care.
- Do you think we could talk later? - I'm a little busy now.
That's why I said later.
If it's one of those amends conversations, I'd rather not.
It's five minutes.
It's all I'm asking.
Look, Abby, this It's not a good day for me, okay? When they told me it had spread, there was no one for me to tell.
So I figured, that's it.
I'll go back to Cayeux.
Where? Cayeux-sur-Mer.
It's a little town on the coast of France.
I spent some time there in the service, right after D-day.
I met a girl.
I promised her when I left I'd see her again someday.
- Did you? - No.
But when they told me I was dying, I wanted to go " and" then the doctor said I couldn't.
There wasn't time.
Now look at me.
Stuck in this place.
Could've been to Europe and back five times by now.
I just made my first trip back home to Croatia in almost 10 years.
And why did you stay away so long? Two.
When I left, it was a difficult time.
I was determined to forget everything.
Forget what? It's much better now, it's an amazing "place " but back then, you know, things were bad.
There was a lot of chaos and destruction.
Oh, you mean the war? When I left, I thought I'd never go back.
It's called healing via secondary intention.
The hole gets smaller as the wound heals from the bottom up.
Did you like it there when you first got there? It was lonely, but it gets better, give it time.
- Trauma 2.
"Hey, it's Simon, is that Sam?" You got me.
I just got a lab report back on my new phone, wanted to let you know.
Sparkling's fine, and the grilled radicchio.
Anyway, cytology came back on the Korean kid, Kwan Lee.
- Dr.
Brenner, you're on speakerphone.
- High-grade large-cell lymphoma.
- Dr.
- Kid's got cancer.
Node's full of blasts, looks very aggressive.
Tough break for the - It's an infection.
That's what you said, you said there was an infection.
- No big deal, that's what you said.
- It's probably early.
- It's good that we caught this - Shut up.
I don't have cancer.
I'm 19 years old.
- I was mugged, I don't have cancer.
Settle down, okay? Get me out of here.
- I don't have cancer.
I want to go home.
Get me out of here.
- What's going on? I want to go home.
- What did you give him? Propofol.
This never happened.
After all he's been "through " he did not need to learn he had cancer over the speakerphone.
Okay, so your plan was to erase his memory.
He could be allergic, he could stop breathing.
- I know the risks of propofol.
- He's waking up, come here.
- He's a terrified kid, all alone.
- We could've helped him deal with that.
This was gonna haunt him for the rest of his life.
However long that is.
Why not take it? - Start over, do it better.
- That's not how it works.
I know how it works.
It's our job to deal with the consequences " you" can't pretend it never happened.
Oh, well, thank you for the lesson.
Look, I'll review the slides at oncology and confirm the diagnosis before I tell him.
He's my patient, how about I deal with it? - Hi.
- Hey.
So how long do I have to stay here? I'm kind of starving.
Well, Sam could get you a tray.
No reason he has to be NPO, right? Listen, Kwan, is there anybody here in Chicago that could pick you up? Oh, I'm fine on the el.
I know, but just After the procedure and everything I would feel more comfortable if there was someone to drive you home.
Is there anybody from school? A roommate, maybe? My RA might come.
She's kind of weird, but she's always been nice to me.
Okay, well, let's call her.
Thank you.
So, what brought you to Chicago? County General.
I thought I'd dive into work and leave everything behind " but" it's not so easy, you know? On a good day, you maybe delay death for a while but you never really beat it.
You should try standup comedy.
- You're a gloomy bastard.
- Sorry.
So, what made you decide to go back home then? My father got sick.
And I thought I can maybe fix things, you know? Bring him back to Chicago, find him the best oncologist.
He wouldn't leave.
You know? He wanted to He wanted to stay in his country, surrounded by the people he loved.
He decided he wants to die there, like that.
Good for him.
At first, I felt angry.
You know? Betrayed.
Why? Because he didn't wanna fight? But, eventually, I let go of it, you know? I just tried to be there for him.
So, what? You learned you can't fix things? That made you feel this might be a good place for you? Kind of.
Two pair.
Two kings and two fours.
Aces over eights.
I believe they call that the dead man's hand.
Hey, listen.
If I'm canceling the hotel, I should let them know.
It's the wreck of the "Northerner.
" Schooner from the 1800s.
It's been there for over 200 years, it should still be there after this weekend.
Uh Okay, Little France will have to wait.
I'm sorry you went through all that trouble.
I feel bad bailing at the last minute, and I really wanna do the dive.
What if I came with you? - Do you even dive? - I have once, in Belize.
Kind of hated it, but I could hang out on the boat mix martinis, wait for you to come up.
It'll be cold and boring.
Really? I'll see if there's room.
- I've had it with Brenner.
- Anspaugh's Australian love child? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that nephew story's just a cover-up.
Brenner's not so bad.
You know, I think he has a refreshing energy.
And I think you've got a man-crush.
Don't be ridiculous.
"Wha?" I see the way you look at him.
Just because I can see the appeal of another man Forget it.
Having an extra attending might make it so you can spend time with Bettina.
- When's the surgery? - I have no idea.
- We broke up.
- Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Please tell me you didn't bail on your sick girlfriend? No, I didn't bail.
She did.
- I have to respect what she wants.
- She wants flowers, cupcakes.
Women love cupcakes.
- Are you listening to what I'm saying? - Yes, I am.
Bettina is pushing you away because she's afraid to depend on you.
If you don't see that, you're an idiot.
Oh, wow.
Thanks, Morris.
But you know what? I don't need romantic advice from a guy whose only lasting relationship was with an inflatable doll.
With sprinkles.
Damn it.
What, can't you help? - Me? - Yeah, I can't reach the Zofran.
I don't know, Sam, what if someone sees us? They might get the wrong idea.
Do you have to be a dick? - This porridge is too hot, this is too cold.
- Porridge? I don't know how to act around you.
I gave you a doughnut, Sam.
A doughnut.
Nobody cared.
And you're acting like I got down on my knee and offered you up a ring.
Stop being so nutty.
Sam, we need you in here, now.
Oh, God, it hurts.
No bleeding.
What happened? I don't know.
She was fine five minutes ago.
Baby just had a decel into the 70s.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Shut up.
No, it's not.
I'm not okay.
What's going on? She never did this the other times.
- She's having contractions.
- I can see that.
- You think she's abrupting? - I don't know, seems to fit.
Missy? - She's hemorrhaging in her uterus.
- Pulse ox, 66.
Okay, Sam, grab some O-neg.
- Get the airway box, we're going up.
- Up, where? She needs an O.
I'll explain it to you on the way.
Honey, something's really wrong.
Squeeze in the blood.
- I wanna see the kids.
- I know, I know, you're gonna be okay.
What's going on? Oh, God, I need to push.
No, no, no, wait.
You have to wait.
I can't.
I need to push.
Hang on.
- Damn it.
- Everybody out now, go, go, go! We're going back.
We'll deliver here.
- That's an arm, Abby.
- It's way out of our league.
There's an increased risk of cord prolapse shoulder dystocia.
- We're not set up to do that.
- She's gonna bleed out.
- By the - Treatment for abruption is delivery.
We can do it now or wait until both mom and baby are hypoxic or dead.
Go, go, go.
Okay, people.
Move out of the way.
Coming through.
It's rotated at a weird angle.
Where's OB? Kid's gonna have a brachial plexus injury.
- Systolic's 71.
- This is taking too long.
- Head's the biggest part, takes time.
- Heart rate's in the hundreds.
- Forceps? - No.
Vacuum? No, not yet.
I mean, I don't know.
Put her in McRoberts.
- What? - Put her legs up.
- What's the matter, is the baby stuck? - I just need to turn it.
Have you done this before? - Call OB, we're screwed.
You're not helping.
Is that meconium? - Does anyone know what they're doing? - Shut up, everybody shut up.
Morris, suprapubic pressure.
Sam, get her legs back now.
Brenner, get ready to bag.
And Missy.
- Missy, next contraction, you go.
- What? - Okay? Okay.
Down and through.
Head's out.
That's a girl.
- All right, bulb suction? - Baby had a presenting arm.
And you delivered in the ER? Mom was bleeding out, baby was bradycardic.
You did it, you did good.
I told you 13th time's the charm, right? - Well, then, nice job.
Why, thank you.
Did you hear what we just did in there? Well, what Abby did, rather.
Gotta give credit where credit's due.
- What is wrong with you? - Excuse me? Are you a sociopath? A sadist, stoned? I don't understand how anyone can give a cancer diagnosis with such a lack of sensitivity.
I was talking to his nurse, not the patient.
You were on speakerphone.
And I swear, it was like you were smiling when you said it.
I didn't realize that, and I'm sorry.
- But what's done is done.
- No, it's not, it's not done.
We have to live with what happened today and it makes me sick.
You know, I heard that you were tightly wound, but I had no idea.
Get the hell away, before I throw that thing against the wall.
What's the deal with the chopper run? We've been suited up for 15 minutes.
Dispatch called, there's a wind advisory.
They closed our helipad, so they sent it to the CALP.
Were you planning on telling us, or leave us hanging? Maybe he likes us in yellow.
Well, your secret's safe with me.
It better be.
- Okay, I gotta work now.
- Okay.
Saved the last one for you.
Frank, you are an officer and a gentleman.
Thank you.
- Lucien.
- Skye.
I don't think you should join me on the dive.
I shouldn't? You don't wanna be on the boat all day by yourself.
It won't be any fun.
You mean, it wouldn't be any fun for you.
- What? - I might get in the way.
Spoil your playtime with the boys.
Is that it? - Lucien.
- What? How come I've never met any of these boys? - You're not really doing this, are you? - Doing what? Look.
I've tried to be cool with your fluidity and your independence.
I've scolded myself for being envious of your dive buddies your climbing club, your bike team.
You don't need to be jealous.
They're all friends.
- I happen to have a lot of guy friends.
- Yeah, you do.
You do.
In fact, you have a pathologic need to solicit male affection.
Excuse me? You think I don't see the game you're playing with Brenner? Forgive me for being slow.
- I'm finally getting it now.
- Get what? The whole love-the-one-your-with thing is nothing but a bogus justification to screw anything that catches your eye.
Well Good.
Good, you finally figured me out.
And you're absolutely right.
I've done everybody.
Pratt, Morris, Gates.
Security guards, Mel, the Roach Coach guy.
And I'm having a damn good time with Simon Brenner.
We've worn the varnish right off my desk.
You know, it's too bad.
It really is.
I was starting to let my guard down with you.
Bought this to keep you company on my dive.
- Skye.
- Gotta run.
- Scheduled a quickie with Frank.
- Wait.
- I thought you left.
- I'm just working on a project.
- I really wanted to tell you - Yeah, you know what? I am really not in the mood for your righteous disapproval right now, okay? - Abby - I know I'm supposed to take it.
But not tonight.
And tomorrow, I promise, I will bend over.
Abby, stop.
Good job today.
That's all I wanted to say.
All right, look, I know I've been judgmental.
I just That I grew up surrounded by people with problems, big problems.
I watched them dig themselves into a hole and not really try to get out of it.
And maybe that's not you.
I hope it isn't.
I'm working really hard for that not to be me.
I know.
Sometimes it's hard for me to be real rah-rah about it.
I hate rah-rah.
- All right, well, night.
- Night.
Oh, Dr.
- Hi, Abby.
- Hi.
Um I know I postponed my interview today, but that was a mistake.
I don't know why I thought I should wait, because I shouldn't.
I wanna be an attending here.
And I think I would be a good one.
So I was wondering if, maybe, you could squeeze me in tomorrow.
- Or the next day - I have a few minutes right now.
Come on in.
Honey, listen, a B in history does not ruin your chances of being appointed to the Supreme Court.
Yeah, listen, my doctor's here.
I gotta go, okay, honey? Okay, I'll call you later.
I love you.
My son, Tommy, is so hard on himself.
I mean, it's sad.
When I was 15, my greatest ambition was to date a boy with a car.
Sheryl Uh-oh.
What? I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just, "uh " You've developed a postoperative infection.
Well, I knew that.
That's why I'm on the antibiotics now.
Right, but now the aortic graft is involved.
And tomorrow we're gonna have to do a surgery to clean it out.
Hopefully, that will be it, but You know, Dr.
Dubenko was gonna tell you hours ago.
But I felt I should do it.
And then I couldn't.
All day long, I've avoided this room and I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
It's not like I had big plans for the morning.
Sheryl, I've given hundreds of patients bad news.
I don't know why I'm being so crazy.
- Don't know why I couldn't tell you.
- Because we've become friends.
It's sweet.
Damn it, I don't know why you got infected.
Just Just bad luck, you know.
Something that statistically It's okay, Neela.
Don't cry.
- Yeah, but you've been doing so well.
- So? You go back in tomorrow, you do what you have to do.
I survived a ruptured aorta, right? I mean, not such a big thing after that.
I'm gonna have the same surgeon, right? - Definitely.
- Then I'm gonna be fine.
I'm gonna be just fine.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How did it go? - Good, good, I took the job.
You did? You don't know how badly I wanna tell you I'm fine.
That we can work everything through and find a way to fix it.
- Luka, you know you don't need to - Or that I could forget and go on.
But too much has happened.
I have to move out.