ER s14e17 Episode Script

Under Pressure

Watch out.
Come on, Marquez.
Talk to me.
Got the fiber optic.
There's too much blood and swelling.
Bag him.
- Was the driver drunk? - No.
This was a hit-and-run.
- Eighty systolic.
- Can I get a central line? - Maybe I can try.
- This is not a teaching case.
Brenner will show his techniques to you.
Sats are up.
- All right, suction on high.
Laverne, I'm prepping with antibacterial soap.
Don't wanna get any nasty bacteria into the bloodstream or it could cause a serious infection.
Hi, it's Dr.
Where's the chopper? Fifteen minutes? No, that's cool.
We can wait.
- Looks like we have some time to kill.
- Uh-huh.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Luka asked me to pick him up.
Where is he, in the car? - At the park.
- He's not downstairs? I'm supposed to meet him there.
He said you knew.
I did know about the park.
I just didn't know he was gonna send a courier, that's all.
He wanted to make sure you packed Joe's pajamas.
They're in there.
Come here, sweetie.
Um Can you just have him, uh? - Drop him off at the hospital tomorrow.
- Sure.
Or you can do it, or whoever.
- I'm sorry, Abby.
- It's all right.
Ready for a crash innovation? You know me, I'm always ready.
- Oh, God.
- What? I already know.
Get over yourselves.
Rebecca Smith.
Front-seat passenger with PSI, tachy at 120.
- Systolic up to 110.
- Pulse ox, 95.
- Hi, welcome to County.
How's your breathing? - It hurts.
- Boyfriend, Daniel, the driver.
- Why doesn't he have a backboard? - Refused it.
He's got an arm lac.
Get a wheelchair.
Grab a wheelchair.
- Come on.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, Abby, good.
We got a lacrosse-ball-versus-chest waiting on film.
We got a 6-year-old kid who ate a live frog.
- Chewed or swallowed? - Your guess is as good as mine.
And we got a guy who turned blue from drinking colloidal silver.
I saw a photographer who tried to poison himself by drinking Wow, that's really great.
I'm sure that Larry and Laverne would love to hear about it.
- What's the rush, Dr.
Pratt? - It's a personal appointment.
- Well, how much is she? - Ha, ha, ha.
Luckily, your mom gives me a discount.
Watch it.
That's Anspaugh's sister you're talking about.
- You got a minute? - Yeah, but you gotta make it quick.
Paramedics bring in a 20-year-old hit-and-run? Yeah, he's on the second floor in Surgery.
Two from the chopper.
One abdomen with guarding.
Call Surgery.
Upper extremity lacs.
- Abby, we need you.
I'm in the middle of something now.
Brenner, your genius is required.
- Thanks, Abby.
- Okay.
Laverne, Larry, let's go learn together.
- So, what's the word? - What did you hear from upstairs? Well, you're still in limbo land.
- What are they doing? - They're cutting down the list.
Started out with 14, now they're down to five.
- But you're still standing.
- Do you think it looks good? Yeah, it looks good, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket.
- Do you know something? - Abby, I don't know anything.
But nothing will make them focus on you like getting another offer.
See you.
Breath sounds clear.
Sats are borderline.
She needs a chest tube.
With the mechanism on the - She's stable, she may not need it.
- Need what? - Lf you have a collapsed lung.
- But our x-ray vision isn't working.
- You were the front-seat passenger? - Ungh.
You must have been going pretty fast.
We found out Daniel's mom might not make it through the night.
- We were trying to get there.
- What do you want for labs? Trauma panel, type and cross four, dip her urine.
- What's his mom got? - Cancer.
Is he all right? Well, they're still working on him.
I'll go check.
- I'll prep the chest, just in case.
- But don't cut.
- I'll be a resident in two months.
- Wait for the films.
- No sign of head trauma.
- 122/72.
- Abdomen's non-tender.
- Four-centimeter lac.
Neck's clear.
- How's she doing? - We're waiting on some labs.
Can I wait with her? - Primary survey's benign.
- HemoCue's 15.
You can visit as soon as we get a few stitches in you.
Simon, Gates, go clear some patients off the board.
- You sure? - Not done checking him.
No, I'll finish up here.
Laverne can suture.
Sam, I'm sure Gates could use an assistant.
How long have you and Rebecca been together? Six years.
People keep telling us to get married.
But who needs a ring, right? We know how we feel about each other.
I hear that.
- You have someone special? - Uh, I did.
But she moved.
Come on, doc.
You find the right person, you don't let them get away.
Yeah, well, maybe she wasn't the one.
Four-oh nylon interrupted, single-layer closure.
- One percent, would that be okay? - Yep.
Sorry to hear about your mom.
It's open.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? My job was horrible.
The boss would yell.
He'd be nice, and then he'd yell: "Jenkins, Jenkins, get over here.
" I mean, if I wasn't sick with the flu, my hair would fall off from stress.
- So you started drinking silver? - Colloidal silver.
- I mean, it's like a natural antibiotic.
- It's not a good idea.
Well, I thought my sinuses would clear up.
I had a date last week and this woman actually thought I was a Blue Man.
Well, you kind of are.
No, I mean, like with the group.
Blue Man Group.
Abby, lacrosse girl's ready to - Wow.
- You see that? I get a lot of wows.
You look like that guy I saw on "Oprah.
" - Isn't there something I can do? - Yeah, quit drinking it.
The silver is deposited into your skin like a tattoo.
Nothing can help.
Morris? Larry's doing a chest tube.
Give him Solaquin.
- What is that? - Fading cream.
What Michael Jackson used.
I told him to wait.
Larry is a free spirit.
Now, a little pain is normal as the tube passes.
- What's he doing? - I had the same question.
I couldn't find you.
Where's the chest x-ray? Not back yet, but her sats are down and she lost Stop.
It could be a contusion.
Take care of the house and see your mom.
I'm not going anywhere.
- Another liter of saline.
- And up the oxygen.
- Please, I don't need you here.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I'd never do that.
Come on.
- Yo, what's happening? - Her lung collapsed.
Larry, push it.
- Oh, God.
- No, no.
This is gonna help.
See? Much better.
Pulse ox is treading up.
Thank you.
Are you all right, babe? You all right? Better.
Much better.
- I'll be right back, all right? - Okay.
I'll be right back.
I gotta call my family and let them know where we are.
- Is there a phone I could use? - Yeah, front desk.
I'll show you.
I asked you not to come.
Did you expect me to pretend this isn't happening? You could have sent a card.
It's more your style.
You know why you didn't know I was sick? - Because you never dug deep.
- That's not true.
If we weren't talking about who makes the best drinks we were talking about the Bulls game.
You never once asked about me.
Oh, come on.
We spent a lot of time together.
Doing what? Avoiding opening up? Avoiding getting personal? Look, I don't think it was like that.
You're one of those guys that likes someone on his arm but the moment they start opening up their heart, you freeze.
All right, look, I - I didn't come here to upset you.
- No, you came out of obligation.
So do us both a favor and get out.
Get out.
- So how's it going? Oh, pretty good.
Considering Luka moved out.
He what? Why? I don't know, these past few months, between my stuff and his dad he just needs some time and space.
- How much space? - A lot of space.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying not to freak out about it.
I'm sure things will get back to normal soon.
Why don't we have dinner tomorrow night? - That would be nice.
- Okay, good.
I'll call you.
Frank - here's the chart for the gymnast.
- You forget where to put it? - Out of nowhere and hit us.
No, I told you I was gonna meet you, but I need another car.
Just wait there.
We should be out of here in an hour.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Do you know where I can get some coffee? Jumbo Mart.
" being described" as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.
What did Britney do now? - Jumbo Mart's across the street.
" young couple ran into this jewelry" store and robbed the place at gunpoint.
There's still a lot more questions than there are answers right now.
This is a very active crime scene.
The police have put up the tape.
You Americans and your guns.
Scumbag kids.
That's what too many time-outs gets you.
" the owner of this local favorite" to nearby St.
Jude's hospital.
Police still are looking for the pair who got away with an estimated $40,000 worth of diamonds Sir, if you wanted coffee, it's that way.
That's okay.
I'm good.
- SonoSite's ready.
- That was scary.
You okay? Yeah.
When I made my call, the news was on.
Something happened downtown.
Jewelry store was robbed or something.
- You saw it on the news? Everything looks okay.
Supermarket down the street got robbed.
So did the gas station.
It's the economy.
People are desperate.
- You guys live nearby? - In Wheaton.
Wheaton? It's nice out there.
All those old houses.
Yeah, I worked my butt off for a two-bedroom.
Fixed up the kitchen.
- He did the roof too.
- I couldn't put a shelf up from IKEA.
Yeah, I wasn't gonna pay 10 grand for something I could do myself, you know? Hey, you got a sec? - What do you need? - It's about an Mv C.
The hit-and-run? Yeah, the kid's still up in surgery.
We wanted to know if he got a license plate.
Uh, find Dr.
He worked on him.
You guys all right? Yeah.
Just thinking about my mom, you know? I don't know where I should be.
I feel like I need to be here and there.
- Get Surgery.
- I just called.
They're closing up.
Shouldn't be long.
- Daniel, please go.
Looks like a liver hematoma.
- What's that? - Some bleeding around the liver.
- Usually heals without surgery.
- All right.
Listen, Rebecca's gonna be a while.
So maybe you should go.
I'm the only family that Rebecca's got.
She's She's stable.
Take my cell number, okay? Call me when you get to your mom's.
- I'll give you a full update.
- Daniel, listen to the doctor.
Dawn, take him off of Rebecca's admin forms.
- And you call me, okay? I mean it.
- Thanks, doc.
We need Rebecca's doctor's info.
- Is this it? I've really gotta go.
- Yeah, just sign here and here.
Oh, Sam.
They ordered a splint on your carpal-tunnel lady in 2.
- Got it.
He wouldn't let me leave if she wasn't okay, right? Don't worry, Dr.
Morris knows his stuff.
- What you looking at? None of your business.
Headhunters? What, are you leaving us? Frank, can you get the numbers to Rush, Mercy and St.
Joe's? You wanna find out who dumped the meth head in 3? - No, it's personal.
- Oh, good.
Then find the numbers yourself.
We have an update.
Maybe they caught these guys.
"Police have now released" a sketch of the suspects in the jewelry heist downtown.
If you have any information, please call their hotline.
- Again, the owner of the jewelry store Here.
This is the hospital number in case you can't get ahold of Dr.
- He is expected to survive.
Good luck.
What room? Trauma 2.
- Full eight units? Who's bleeding out? Woman in 2 took a bad turn.
I want four of FFP and 10-pack of platelets.
Hold an O.
- Fourth unit of O-neg's up.
- Pressure down to 60.
- Let's look at the liver again.
- Where are we? Rebecca? Why is the tube in her mouth? - She stopped breathing.
- She's got the platelets swamped there.
We've got persistent hypotension.
Chest is clean.
- Oh, my God.
- What's wrong? What's happening? - Belly's full of blood.
- Must have blown a clot.
- She was all right.
- She was.
We lost the pulse.
- Compressions.
Thoracotomy tray.
What are you doing? We need to open the chest and clamp the aorta at the diaphragm.
If that works, I can repair the abdominal injuries.
Sterile drapes.
Ten blade.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
- Spread them.
- Like this? Don't let me close them.
That's the ulnar nerve.
Very cool.
- I got a kid who fell off a unicycle.
I'm teaching.
Can you find a resident? - Hey.
- What's up, Mommy dearest? Unicycle boy.
A few leg lacs and a probable fracture.
- Pretty uncomfortable.
- I see what the problem is.
Your bicycle's missing a wheel.
Very funny.
It hurts.
- This is Dr.
- All right.
Can you feel this? - Can you wiggle your toes? Argh.
- Why do you ride that thing, anyway? - I'm into all types of weird stuff.
So is she.
I need a tib-fib and an ankle, okay? - We're gonna call your parents.
- No, don't bother them.
My dad's probably snaking a toilet somewhere.
In order to give you an x-ray and meds, we need consent.
I'm consenting.
Where do I sign? It's the law.
In the meantime, we'll keep you in this splint, okay? I'll be right back.
Forty thousand dollars worth of diamonds.
You know where I'd be with that kind of dough? At home, with a big bag of chips, watching a ginormous flat screen? Bingo.
What else can you do? Come on, there's gotta be something else you can do.
We're gonna try, Daniel.
Aorta's been clamped for 45 minutes.
She's been given a massive transfusion.
If she hasn't responded by now, I don't think we can save her.
She was fine an hour ago.
You said I could go.
We could explore the right chest.
She's bleeding in the belly.
- Then operate on her belly.
What about it? Can't send a woman without a pulse to the O.
She's young and healthy.
- Listen to him.
You don't know Rebecca.
- Sorry.
- No, don't say you're sorry.
Keep working.
Neela, the guy's mother is dying.
Let's at least give it a try.
We've already done everything.
We really have.
No, you haven't.
Whatever's wrong with her, you're gonna fix it.
And you're gonna fix it now.
- Close those blinds.
What are you doing? - You, close those blinds.
I'll get it.
You stay there.
Get that.
What about these? Daniel, why are you doing this? What about these windows? - Cover them.
Come on, man.
It doesn't need to happen.
You don't need to do this.
- Let's just talk for a minute.
- Get this one.
- Up here.
- There's nothing to Just do it.
- The sheet.
Use the sheet.
Get up there.
Daniel, look at me.
Come here.
- Come here just for a second.
- You, come here.
Help her.
Okay, okay, okay.
Daniel, look at me.
I think you misunderstood me.
- Listen, I need you to operate.
- Okay, okay.
- Do it now.
- I am.
Ladies, come on.
You've gotta hurry up.
- Got it.
I've got it.
- Let's go.
Get down.
- We haven't got the right supplies here.
- Then get what you need.
- Whoa, what are you doing? - I'm calling O.
For supplies.
No, no phones.
- You have to come upstairs with me.
- I'm not leaving this room.
- She has to.
- We don't have a choice.
You do something stupid, I'm gonna use this.
This is Dr.
I need a laparotomy tray.
Whatever is going on, we can work it out.
- No, we can't, man.
- Yes, we can.
We can.
I need it right now.
Dawn, prep the belly.
I know you love this woman, okay? I know you do.
But if you wanna help Rebecca, we need to take her to the O.
You have to let us take her Did you hear me? I'm not leaving this room! I'm on the news.
They know who I am, all right? Morris, I need you to assist.
Please, doc.
Don't push me.
All right.
Listen, what did you do? Did you hurt someone? Did you rob someone? Let me help.
- The guys from the jewelry store? - Oh, my God.
Shut up.
Shut up.
- Everyone needs to focus on Rebecca.
We're gonna do that.
But I need you to settle down, please.
- We're out of masks.
I'll get some from next door.
No, stop.
Where you going? Get back here.
Okay, okay.
We need to have masks.
We have to have them.
I said forget it.
- All right.
- You're gonna save her.
You're gonna save her right here.
Right now, or no one's leaving.
I don't understand why you're even in Chicago.
Oleg Popov was speaking at the art institute.
Morphine's on board.
- Who's Popov? A clown.
You missed your mathlete competition for a clown? Five-oh nylon? - Go for it.
You're willing to give up nationals for a Russian clown? - Dad.
Mathlete? - Sounds serious, huh? - MIT's already got their eye on this kid.
- Dad, Popov never comes to Chicago.
- I thought you were finished with this.
Didn't tightrope walking across a football field teach you anything? - You did not.
- It was so cool.
I'm gonna get a few stitches in here.
Can you check if his x-rays are ready? - Sure, I'll check.
- Okay.
- Down to the symphysis pubis.
Let's drop an NG to decompress the stomach.
- Why aren't you operating? - We don't have everything.
It's okay, all right? We're prepping for surgery.
What's going on? Thank you, Jacy.
- Are you guys actually gonna op? - Yes, we are.
- Do you need some help? - Just leave the tray.
- Does Crenshaw know about this? - Yes, he does.
Now go.
How you feeling? It didn't go exactly as planned.
I had polyps in the distal sigmoid colon.
They couldn't do a simple anastomosis.
So that means a colostomy? No, you can't call it a colostomy.
They removed my entire colon.
I have a loop ileostomy.
Well, that's not that bad.
It's only temporary.
- It won't last forever.
- It's disgusting.
Well, you know, we could put a little Gucci bag around it.
Make it a little bit more vogue.
They said you sat there and waited through the whole thing.
Yeah, well You know me.
Sometimes I'm hardheaded.
You know, what you said to me earlier Yeah, let's talk about it later.
You were right.
I don't go there.
I never have.
I kind of used what I learned for patients in my personal life.
Don't get too involved.
Don't get too attached.
But I don't want that anymore.
Remember that day we went to see that condo? I was thinking: "Why the hell am I buying a condo? Pretty soon, Bettina and I, we We could be getting a house.
" You never told me that.
I know.
I ignored it but that little voice in my head, it wouldn't go away.
So I'm here.
And not out of obligation, but because "I'm " Because I'm in love.
Okay? I'm in love with you.
Elevate the peritoneum.
Like this? - Does he know what he's doing? - He's doing fine.
- I don't want a student operating on her.
- I need an assistant.
Well, then you do it.
You're more senior.
- No problem.
- Come on, switch it up.
I need exposure in the right upper quadrant.
We were this close.
Everything was gonna be done.
Looks like a bad hepatic laceration.
We get this house, friend gets us a loan.
- Two years later, payments double.
Deep instellate.
Came home and found a foreclosure notice on my door.
I don't know.
Doc, hey, we never meant to hurt that old guy.
We just wanted to get the rocks, sell them off, keep the house.
- Guys, look at this.
- What? Cardiac activity.
- What, is she better? The heart's beating on its own.
See? I knew it.
You were right.
He was right.
Now all you guys need to do is finish operating on her so Rebecca and I can get out of here.
All right? Come on.
We'II, "uh " We'll get a helicopter or something.
- Something to take us somewhere.
- All we did was open her up.
- We haven't repaired anything yet.
No, it's working.
Right, doc? It's working.
It's working, right? Yep.
Yep, it's working.
If we can fix the liver, we have a chance.
Then keep going.
Because she's gonna make it.
Come on, keep going.
Pick up some needle driver.
You broke both your bones in your lower leg, your tibia and fibula.
I was gonna take pantomime class next week.
We're gonna take him into Trauma and do a reduction under fluoro.
Uh, what? They put the bones in place using x-ray guidance.
- Does it hurt? - We'll put some good stuff in your Iv.
- How about some etomidate? - Twelve mics.
I'll see you.
I'm gonna call Charlie and tell him I need the rest of the day off.
My dad doesn't get me.
I'd give my left testicle to go to clown college in Florida.
- All the greats study there.
- He's just looking out for you.
He doesn't like clowns, and he doesn't like circuses.
- I feel like he found me on a doorstep.
Every kid says that at some point.
I don't wanna sit around miserable all day working for retirement.
Sounds pretty insightful.
You must have given this a lot of thought, huh? I pay attention.
That's all.
All right.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Watch that monitor back there and look at the x-rays while I manipulate your leg, okay? Impressive.
- You got a deck of cards? Not on me.
I also don't have a tubular stockinette.
All right, I'll be right back.
Don't juggle any needles.
I need a suture pack.
- Cut.
- Now the liver's oversewn.
- What are you guys doing? - Exploratory laparotomy.
- Why aren't you in the O.
R? It's too busy.
All right, let's check hemostasis and unclamp the aorta.
- Whoa, whoa.
Clamp it.
- What happened? Did you mess up? - I thought you fixed it.
We're trying, Daniel, okay? We need more blood.
Eight units.
No cardiac activity.
Resuming compressions.
- Did her heart stop again? - It's a retro-hepatic injury.
- She's torn the liver off the vena cava.
What? - Someone's gotta spell that out for me.
- We need to isolate the liver.
The main blood vessel from the liver has been torn.
It connects to an even bigger vein.
It's very complicated.
Well, you can do that.
Come on, doc.
You can do that.
Two-oh silk and an SH needle.
- Come on, doc.
Vascular clamp.
All right, gently.
Elevate the left lobe.
How's that? Come on, you did the other thing.
You can do this.
I'm trying.
Five-oh Prolene.
Come on, try harder.
You see this thread? If we can sew the veins back together and stop the leaks, she will have a Run, Neela! You take another step, I'll shoot you.
You hear me? I'll kill you all.
- Okay, everyone, this way.
This way.
- What happened? We'll explain everything when you get outside.
- Please, through the doors.
- You in charge? Sergeant Deturno.
- Where are the people who got out? - Over here.
- Are we gonna get seen? - Sophie, can you help him out? - We have shuttle buses.
- Have you called County Dispatch? Yes.
Close us to trauma.
Close us to all paramedic traffic due to internal disaster.
Dawn was in there.
So was Larry.
I want you guys down the hall.
Make sure the patients are cleared.
Tell me about the guy.
He's out of his mind.
He thinks his girlfriend's gonna wake up.
- Who's still in there? - Neela, Morris and Gates.
They're playing along.
Come through here, please, and exit to the street.
- Have you seen my son? - Uh, he's probably outside.
- No, no, I checked.
He's not there.
- What room was he in? - Trauma 1 with Gates.
- Then he's still back there.
- You left my son? - Sir.
- Sir.
Hold up.
- My kid is back there.
- The police will get him.
- After this loony kills him? - He's got nothing to do with this.
- Sir, listen.
You're putting him in greater danger.
Now, let us do our job.
- Come on.
I'll take you outside, okay? High chromic.
- Where is everyone? They're evacuating the building.
They probably have the place surrounded, man.
If you had minded your own business, everything would've been okay.
This is about Rebecca.
Don't do anything you're gonna regret.
A little late for that now, you think? What was that? It's my patient.
I gotta get him upstairs.
No way.
No way.
- His leg, it's broke in four places.
- Yeah, that's not my problem, is it? Look, the kid can't move.
He can't get blood to his foot.
He'll lose his leg.
You want that? No one is leaving here till Rebecca's fixed.
You understand me? Damn it.
Let me take a look at that.
Cut short, right to the knot.
All right.
What are you doing? Look, Gates is right.
You want him to be able to walk, right? Yeah, don't put this on me, doc.
I just wanna get my girl help, all right? Daniel, Daniel, he's a kid who's petrified.
You ever been petrified? How's the repair coming, Dr.
Rasgotra? Not bad.
I'm just tying off the bleeders.
Heart's filling well now that it's clamped.
See? We're doing okay.
Let's not get the kid into this.
All right, get her in there.
Out of the way, out of the way.
Sam, we need the criticals taken care of first.
I'll be right back as soon as I can, okay? Hey, Frank, can you help me with this? - Excuse me.
Let me through here, guys.
I'll take it.
Were you inside? What happened? - Can you move out of the way? - Do you mind? Excuse us.
Have you guys seen Neela? - She's inside.
- What do you mean? She's in trying to repair a cable injury.
- In the trauma room? - She told me you knew.
Why would I let her do that? - He had a gun on her.
- What? Why don't you fill him in? Excuse me.
We need this area cleared.
- Excuse me.
Is there any news? - No, nothing at all.
If he gets out of this alive, he can unicycle to Russia for all I care.
If I find out anything, you'll be the first to know, okay? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, please.
Stay behind the barricade.
- Hey, you guys can't go back there.
- This guy's good.
He's a doctor.
Get him to the ortho clinic next door.
Thank you.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Hey.
You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Good.
Glad you're okay.
Hello? Uh, yes, good, okay.
The blood-bank tech's in the hall.
No, no.
Tell him to go.
She needs it, Daniel.
She needs more transfusions.
We'll stay here.
You go.
You get it.
Kick it.
Kick it down here.
- Is there anything else I can get you? - Just give me the blood.
We wanna work this out.
- This doesn't have to happen like this.
- Give me the damn blood.
- Unclamp the aorta.
- Okay.
Clamping again.
- Hello? "This is Sergeant Deturno.
" I'd like to talk to Daniel.
Hold on.
They wanna talk to you.
- Hello? - Daniel.
Sergeant Deturno.
- Yeah, what do you want? - We wanna help you, Daniel.
If you wanna help, figure out a way to get me and my girl out of here as soon as she's better.
Then nobody gets hurt.
How about that? We can't get you anything until you let me come in and talk.
I don't wanna talk to you.
Daniel, this is the hard way.
Let's make this easier, huh? Yeah, yeah, you wanna see hard? Keep running your yap.
Daniel - Lf we could wake her up, we would.
- Shut up.
This sucks, I know.
- I know losing someone - We had plans.
We were gonna get our house back.
We were gonna put a patio in the yard.
She wanted to plant a garden.
You should say goodbye to her, Daniel.
It's time to say goodbye.
The sooner you do this, the sooner she can let go.
- Then you can go see your mom.
- My mom? She died five years ago.
Pancreatic cancer.
I was with her when she took her final breath.
Okay, okay.
So you've been through this before.
- I get it.
- Doc, I won't do it again.
You don't have a choice, Daniel.
Okay? Because she is not waking up.
Okay, now, you have done everything.
Everything that a man would do for his family, even today.
You were trying to get your life back.
I get it.
Anyone can understand that.
- I never meant to hurt anybody.
I know, so why start now? Even if we could get her back her brain has been deprived of so much oxygen she would be bedridden, unable to talk or function.
- Don't say that.
It's true.
Don't say that.
It's true.
Is that what you want? Or what she would want? When I stop these compressions she's gonna leave us.
And you'll do what's right.
You remember when we met at the coffee shop that night? That wasn't the first time I'd seen you.
The day before, I was walking down Hill Street and I noticed you going into the bookstore.
So I went in and hid behind a bookshelf and watched you work all day.
I remember you were reading "Goodnight Moon" to some kids.
And I thought, "How can I get a girl like that?" You know? I'm so s I tried to fix it.
I tried to make it better.
It wasn't supposed to go like this.
Why don't you hand me the gun? And I can tell the police it's over.
I'm sorry for putting you guys through this.
You tried, doc.
I know you tried.
It's okay.
Just pass it to me.